Nerd Fitness Code of Honor

  • Here is the code of honor that we follow here in the Nerd Fitness Rebellion.

[b][size=4][size=5]Everyone is welcome here. [/size][/size][/b]Remember rule number one of the Rebellion? We don't care where you came from, just where you're going.[list]
[*]Mocking, harassing, or belittling another forum member or another forum member's form of training, diet, or lifestyle is not allowed. Suggestions, advice, tips are more than welcome - there's a difference.

[b][size=4]We never leave our wingmen. Ever.[/size][/b][list]
[*]We're all in this together. We started off that way, we end that way. Sure, we may have disagreements, and we may discuss all of or opinions - but at the end of the day, we're all on the same team. Every member plays an important part of this rebellion, so please be careful that you're not cutting down your own allies with careless words or posts.

[size=4][b]When you join, you're in for life[/b][/size].[list]
[*]Know of a member who you haven't seen in a while and know how to find them? send them a message and find out how they're doing. it may just make their day. We exercise because it's fun (rule number seven) but sometimes life can take over and it's easy to fall behind.
[size=4][b]You can't outrun your fork, and fat is not the enemy.[/b][/size][list]
[*]A lot of us are huge fans of the paleo diet here, but that does not mean that it's the only way to eat - vegans, vegetarians, people who eat grains - everyone is welcome here.
[size=4][b]We question everything[/b][/size][list]
[*]We're going to be doing a lot of reading and researching all over the internet and sharing our findings. All I ask is that [b]if you link to a site that could potentially be not safe for work (including sites that the content is perfectly clean but may include pictures of people wearing tiny pieces of workout gear) just put a quick note after it so we know[/b]. Even if someone isn't at work, their 5 year old could be sitting with them, you know?
[size=4][b]We train with conviction and intelligence.[/b][/size][list]
[*]We post that way too. That means we don't link to offensive or illegal material, either
[size=4][b]We take care of business.[/b][/size][list]
[*]Yup, we get shit done here. When we're here, we're [url=""]collecting underpants[/url] - but the majority of the time, we're in phase 2. Posting about Phase 3 (Profit!) in the Woot Room is great. Before/After photos are not only allowed, but encouraged. Underwear/bathing suit for these is fine!
[*]All pictures posted must be "work safe". I know you may find a photo of someone in lingerie inspiring, but everyone may not. Yup, I know a lot of "fitspo" fits into this category - you can link to images you find inspirational as long as they are not nudes, pornographic, or offensive - just warn us that they could potentially be not safe for work. Keep in mind, I fully am saying that this is also at the moderator's discretion, and I may change this rule at any time - I just understand that it's hard, being in fitness, to say what is appropriate and what's not.
[*]Affiliate links and posts created to directly promote your business or make money will be removed.
[size=4][b]"We Take Pride in Ourselves"[/b][/size].[list]
[*]We're doing our best to be the best we can be, every day. Nerd Fitness is not your generic fitness site - we train as naturally as possible (rule number three) and we take pride in being different. We remember that everything we post and write is a reflection on ourselves and the rebellion.

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