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      CHALLENGE UPDATES   03/24/16

      Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey!  Based on the feedback we are going to move forward with 4 week challenges with a one week break in between.   The new challenge forums will be up the day after each challenge ends - enabling users to start their next challenges early if they do not want a week break in between - your challenge will just then be 5 weeks  Remember, these challenges are for YOU - and regardless of the exact rules, should be done the way that helps you succeed the most.   The dates for the rest of 2016 are as follows: 4/3-4/30 5/8-6/4 6/12-7/9 7/17-8/13 8/21-9/17 9/25-10/22 10/30-11/26 12/4-12/31