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THE NEXT 6 WEEK CHALLENGE STARTS MONDAY, JULY 28th. [Challenge Forum] is now live!

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      30 Aug

    My absence of late has been due to the new job that I was fighting so hard to earn... It REALLY takes up a lot of my time, far more than my old responsibilities did. I'm just at a "tread water" level of focus on my personal fitness while I take care of my Marines. I'm not gone, though. Just biding my time. :D

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Guild Leaders and Moderators!

Jan 28 2013 02:13 AM | spezzy in Announcements

Here is a list of your guild leaders and moderators :)

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Guild Crests!

Apr 11 2013 12:59 PM | spezzy in Announcements

Hi Everyone!

You may have noticed that some of us have the crests of the guild that we belong to under our information when we post :)

If you haven't, it looks like this:
Posted Image

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New Albums/Options

Jan 31 2013 03:50 PM | spezzy in Announcements

I have added two categories to the Albums page.

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How advanced calisthenics changed my life.

Bodyweight Strength Training Today, 02:20 PM
Im new here, but I already have fallen in love with this community. Right now im 18 at 195 pounds(looking to get to 175-180)  In highschool, I was a football player and a wrestler, heavy weight at around 260 pounds. I lifted weight like my life depended on it. Bench, squat, deadlift, those g...
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life is leading me to Paleo

The Pub (Off Topic) Today, 02:03 PM
really it is. i found out there is a slaughter house in the next town a farmers market every Wednesday, mom and grandma have gardens and mom has some very spoiled healthy chicken who are laying eggs now, even a cross fit gym is in Springfield maybe Ozark but i'm not sure. and i've lost my job in...
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clean eating, crossfiting and no weightloss- advice

Weight Loss Today, 01:29 PM
hi everyone, im new to this site. So apologies if im posting in the wrong place to post this. But you all seem to be much more clued on to this stuff then i am.    Im female, 140 (but sometimes up to 142 ) and 5'4, and last time i checked body fat it was 23% this was back in April. i ha...
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10 Week YAYOG Group

Accountabilibuddies Today, 12:23 PM
This is a group for people interested in doing a 10 week program from the book You are Your Own Gym.    Start day September 8th (last day to join is September 10th)   This program will run through the next challenge and into the beginning of the next. I will start a new page accord...
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Thank You NF

The Woot Room Today, 02:25 AM
Morning all, I just wanted to say thank you to the whole Nerd Fitness community. 10 months ago I made a promise that I would get down from 98 kilos to 88 for my wedding day. As of today (and my wedding day) and thanks to everyone on here, I smashed it and am currently sitting at 84 kilos. More...
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