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THE NEXT 6 WEEK CHALLENGE STARTS MONDAY, JULY 28th. [Challenge Forum] is now live!

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      29 Jul

    Adding Meditation as a goal was the best thing ever for me. I would have destroyed something (solid or the fridge) if it wasn't for some quick techniques.

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      29 Jul

    You know what's awesome? Being able to look at yourself in the mirror and think, "I dunno why I ever thought I was fat." Progress is being made and it starts in the mind!

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      29 Jul

    Post-workout muscle soreness, how I missed you... seriously, it's the best! Knowing you properly targeted muscle groups is an awesome reward.

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Guild Leaders and Moderators!

Jan 28 2013 02:13 AM | spezzy in Announcements

Here is a list of your guild leaders and moderators :)

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Guild Crests!

Apr 11 2013 12:59 PM | spezzy in Announcements

Hi Everyone!

You may have noticed that some of us have the crests of the guild that we belong to under our information when we post :)

If you haven't, it looks like this:
Posted Image

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New Albums/Options

Jan 31 2013 03:50 PM | spezzy in Announcements

I have added two categories to the Albums page.

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FreddyMcFred's Prophecy Says Move

Assassins Today, 09:53 PM
Gotta do some more moving. I didn't perform at the level I wanted to during the last challenge because my desire to be more awesome lost to the temptations of video games. Not my proudest time. I think I've got most of it out of my system though, as long I don't do something stupid like buying a...
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Challenge Three: Istrix and the Ultimate Unsuck!

Rangers Today, 08:58 PM
I sets some goals for the last challenge:   MAIN QUEST: Reconstruction:  I have successfully torn down the ragged, bloated body I sported 6 months ago.  I've become a svelter (I love that word!) more streamlined version of myself before, with an ability to run around 4 times furthe...
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Brand New

Rebel Introductions Today, 08:55 PM
Hi!  I am completely new to this site, but only moderately new to working out, getting in shape etc.  This place seems right up my alley!  Now I just have to figure out what to do!       I just read the class email, and it seems that I am on the way to Ranger at the...
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Spider-Dan's road to China

Monks Today, 08:34 PM
Hiya! (or should that be hai-YAH?)   Well, sadly this is my first NF challenge of 2014. I've been challenging myself all year long, but now it is time to really turn up the heat!     Main Quest - reach 8% body fat. currently somewhere between 10 and 11%.     Goal 1)...
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[HaniHoney] 1st Challenge - Let's Make an S Line: Get...

Level 1 Rebels Today, 08:23 PM
안녕하세요! 많이 반갑습니다~  I am HaniHoney - but you can call me Hani for short. I recently married a Korean so I gave myself this Korean name ^.^   Now let's talk about why I'm here. I have a very small body frame, which is a blessing in some ways and a curse in others. I can gain 10 pounds with...
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