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THE NEXT 6 WEEK CHALLENGE STARTS MONDAY, JUNE 9TH. [Challenge Forum] is now live!

Helpful Links to start the challenge:
[Challenge Instructions]
[Challenge Rules Subforum]
[Challenge FAQ]
[Role Playing] - Creating your character and rolling your stats
[Guild Leaders and mods] - If you have questions or issues these are the people to ask :)

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      22 Jul

    Nerd Fitness needs daily log on reminders to be a thing. Because I want to post. I just forget. ._.

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      22 Jul

    hee hee hee, i just read my very first post from feb 2013. Reminds me of how much my attitudes toward food, exercise, and healthy living has evolved

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Guild Leaders and Moderators!

Jan 28 2013 02:13 AM | spezzy in Announcements

Here is a list of your guild leaders and moderators :)

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Guild Crests!

Apr 11 2013 12:59 PM | spezzy in Announcements

Hi Everyone!

You may have noticed that some of us have the crests of the guild that we belong to under our information when we post :)

If you haven't, it looks like this:
Posted Image

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New Albums/Options

Jan 31 2013 03:50 PM | spezzy in Announcements

I have added two categories to the Albums page.

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Is fitness superficial?

Rebel Army Base Camp Today, 11:52 AM
My significant other and I have a very different views on fitness.   I've learned and think that the fitness is fundamental to well being. I changed diet, incorporated body weight training. As a result, I lost a lot of weight and gained some strength. My body looks pretty good for an old guy...
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From Orc to Uruk Hai

Daily Battle Logs Today, 11:12 AM
Hey everyone, My name is Daniel and I'm 26 years old.   I used to exercise around 14 hours a week including playing an awful lot of rugby which gave me that fantastic rugby players physique.   Cruised through school and college with references to being a brick -cough- house.   Then...
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Squat and Deadlift Form Check

Form Check Today, 09:20 AM
Short version of my workouts. I was doing SL 5x5 last summer up until rugby season started. Once we got into season I changed the workout with advice from my coach to decrease weight, increase volume, and keep my heart rate up between sets. Prior to changing it up, I got to: Squat - 285, Bench -...
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Questions for Warriors

Teach me about the guilds! Today, 08:48 AM
Hi Everyone!   I just finished my first challenge and am thinking about joining the Warriors for my second but I need some advice. My last challenge was:   1) no grains, beans or legumes 6 days a week 2) no dairy 4 days a week 3) yoga or lift 3 days a week (no alcohol 2 days a week)...
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Beginner bodyweight workout changes

Help! I'm new to fitness and have questions! Today, 08:21 AM
I've had some success with the bodyweight workout on the site but I'd like to add/substitute dips and chin ups/pull ups.   My question is, should I do those on top of everything else, or substitute them for push ups/rows or [insert exercise here]?    Thanks
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