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Rules of the Rebellion

Jan 04 2011 05:58 PM | Steve in FAQ

These are the rules that explain who we are, why we’re here, and what we’re doing. If you’re wondering if Nerd Fitness is right for you, look no further than this list. Hopefully the ideals that we stand for resonate with you – we’d be glad to have you.

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Nerd Fitness Code of Honor

Sep 17 2012 11:25 PM | spezzy in FAQ

Here is the code of honor that we follow here in the Nerd Fitness Rebellion.

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Kettlebell Storage Solutions

Gear Questions, Recommendations, and Reviews Today, 12:53 AM
So, my gym set up is rather small, but I recently acquired some more kettlebells and I'm really struggling to find somewhere to put them that isn't in the way. I've got 2 x 16kg bells, 2 x 24kg bells and 1 x 40kg bell. Ideally, I'd want some sort of vertical storage to minimise the amount of spac...
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My Program for the past 3 weeks

Programming Yesterday, 11:08 PM
Okay I have been working on the program a while. Mind you I never really stretch with my workouts which I have been told can lead to issues, so yeah. 30 squats 15 push ups 15 knee-push ups 15 full crunches/lifting my legs instead/with my upper body 30 lunges 15 diamond push ups 15 d-p on knees 15...
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Advice requested - back to move forward, or forge ahead?

Programming Yesterday, 08:02 PM
So. About 3 months ago, I started lifting again after a couple years of not even looking at weights. I pretty much just jumped in with 5/3/1, sans bench press, but now I'm questioning that decision (not ignoring the bench, but starting with 5/3/1). Haven't had any type of programming before, othe...
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HeatherAllyse: Chapter 3- Phoenix Ascendant

Adventurers Yesterday, 04:27 PM
Chapter 3- Phoenix Ascendant The curse ran rampant and the cleric, intrepid though she might be, fell to hew knees. Her body ached and her heart hurt. She sat there, not ready to bow but feeling so very, very heavy. Her mind reeled- what had she done wrong? What could she possibly do to make thi...
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The Fall of a Cleric

The Respawn Point Yesterday, 03:14 PM
You know how the newbie section has an entire section on planning and making accommodations in the event that you get sick/get hurt/can't train like you used to?    As it turns out, that is actually a thing you have to look out for. I didn't think ahead. I didn't anticipate my mood tank...
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