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      02 Sep
    Horsley Child

    Almost nine months down the road, I'm back at the university (it's going great, and I'm finally taking that Russian course that I said that I would). Started HIIT training with yoga on alternate days; thinking about Tabata when I'm in a bit better shape. 5'2", 115 lb. No idea about BFP. My diet's actually been better since I've been back to college. I'm pretty excited to get back to taking care of myself, you know? Now I need to learn some follow-through.

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      02 Sep

    Hello mattress my old friend, I've come to lie on you again.

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      02 Sep

    Counting down to lunch........

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Rules of the Rebellion

Jan 04 2011 05:58 PM | Steve in FAQ

These are the rules that explain who we are, why we’re here, and what we’re doing. If you’re wondering if Nerd Fitness is right for you, look no further than this list. Hopefully the ideals that we stand for resonate with you – we’d be glad to have you.

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Nerd Fitness Code of Honor

Sep 17 2012 11:25 PM | spezzy in FAQ

Here is the code of honor that we follow here in the Nerd Fitness Rebellion.

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Plateaus and me.

General Fitness Today, 06:28 PM
I have officially plateaued, and I couldn't be happier. I have been climbing up Mount Fitness for about six months now. It has been a trying journey rife with missteps and switchbacks. Always climbing. Always pushing. Always focused on the sky. Lately though, I have been stuck at an impasse. A de...
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I'm breaking free

Daily Battle Logs Today, 06:25 PM
As one does, you hit a point where you realise there can be so much more. And I believe there will be.   I am breaking free from the chains of illness, solitude and fatigue and I will fight to live the life I've wanted for so long.   To start this journey I did spend 4 months bringing u...
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Nerd Camp Roll Call

Monks Today, 03:42 PM
  MONKS!!!   As you might know, Camp Nerd Fitness is coming soon! (Sept 30th-Oct 4th!)     I will be there as a representative of the monks and I'd like to know which of you guys is going so we can work together as ambassadors for our guild.   As part of the welcome par...
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Click here for Dmitry Klokov...

The Woot Room Today, 02:33 PM
And also me   My CrossFit box hosted a two-day seminar with Klokov this week. He thoroughly plumbed the depths of my inadequacy in olympic lifting, but holy amazing learning opportunity, Batman! And also, videos of me getting instruction from an Olympian, that's handy too.    
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First Weightlifting Meet

Powerlifting and Weightlifting Today, 02:27 PM
Hi All!   I recently got the bug to compete and decided to sign up for my first USAW weightlifting meet.  It's scheduled on November 8, so I have a few months to prepare for it.  Anyone have experience with oly meets?  Any advice for a noob to the meet scene?   Thanks! Ni...
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