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THE NEXT 6 WEEK CHALLENGE STARTS MONDAY, Nov 10th. There is a two week break this time! See you soon rebels!

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[Role Playing] - Creating your character and rolling your stats
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      27 Nov

    I was always wondering how stronglifts would imrpove abs. Now that my squat is 60kg (weke6), I am starting to get it.... :D

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      26 Nov

    Loving the hungry girl recipes and swapping foods. Also i really like my new job and i'm moving more because of it. no working out though but i'll get there. and i feel better about myself too.

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Rules of the Rebellion

Jan 04 2011 05:58 PM | Steve in FAQ

These are the rules that explain who we are, why we’re here, and what we’re doing. If you’re wondering if Nerd Fitness is right for you, look no further than this list. Hopefully the ideals that we stand for resonate with you – we’d be glad to have you.

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Nerd Fitness Code of Honor

Sep 17 2012 11:25 PM | spezzy in FAQ

Here is the code of honor that we follow here in the Nerd Fitness Rebellion.

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welcome to my post and thank you for reading! I have spied around this website and the forum for a little time now, trying to find the right foor to cross the threshold. It was the left foot. Now it hurts, I should've been more gentle.   I am done with doing nothing. For over a year now I am...
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Bears vs Lions Live Stream
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