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  1. So the last week has been kind of rough. I have an ear infection, so went to the doctor to get the drops to fix it. They also gave me an anti histamine to help me sleep because between my allergies and my ear, I haven't been able to sleep. But that was great, because I slept so well this morning I slept right through two hours of alarms. I swear, I'm not always a mess like this. I've been on some sort of antibiotics for pretty much every week for the last month which is super rare - eye infection, ear infection, so super super super small things but before this I hadn't needed to go to the doctor except for a physical in a very very long time. Coupled with my back I just feel like I'm falling apart. Yesterday I took some time to "get my shit together" and cleaned my apartment, which was embarrassingly dirty (I hadn't done dishes in a good week). Challenge wise, I haven't meditated yet, but I will 3x this weekend for sure. Maybe that will help my mindset say positive while I'm falling apart Yesterday I did 600 swimming yards in sprints, every... 50 seconds. So I started at :00, then :50, then :40, then :30, then :20, then :10, etc. Today I lifted. Deadlifts 225 for 2 sets of 10 Hip Abduction, Adduction, and Reverse Hyper Then 1/2 a mile sprints, exactly how I did it yesterday. On a positive note, I was upset that my swim times Monday and Tuesday were longer than normal. I thought I was worn out or something but it turns out that pool is meters and the other one I swim in is yards. Thought since it was the same company they would be consistent. Guess not! Has anyone tried any of the swimming fitness trackers? I've been looking since I'm so bad at math during my swim... And the strokes per minute options sounds rad.
  2. It felt normal, which is great. here's to hoping the same tomorrow...
  3. today i went back to the gym. i know i said a week off, but. I did squat 135 for 3 sets of 10 bench 100 for 3 sets of 10 cambered bar good morning 45 for 3 sets of 10 lat pulldowns 50 for 3 sets of 10 chest supported row 25 for 3 sets of 10 pec dec 20 for 3 sets of 10. kept everything at 50% or under. i'll be doing yoga water A shortly. Back in the pool tomorrow.
  4. haha well lifting and swimming and yoga IS more fun than most other forms of entertainment. Right? hahahaha yes. Though I miss my warriors Taddea, yes it's so hard to see everyone doing all the things I want to do them too.
  5. I'm pretty excited to try it - I'm doing swim to the end, tap the end, turn around, so I'm sure a proper turnaround would shave a loooooot off of my time. I've always wanted to learn it. Hopefully won't have to worry about the latter problem ever But I bet. Holy change of dynamics. Right now I'm spending to much money on gyms --> Pool membership ($57), Lifting Gym ($53), Second lifting gym ($25), and I'd like to sign up for a yoga studio that has some workshops I'd reallllly like to try out. (handstands, arm balances, backbends). Hopefully lifting gym will turn into one lifting gym soon. Luckily I rarely go out so this is my entertainment budget. But still.
  6. today! I decided to try out a pool that's 50% closer to my apartment. unfortunately, even though it was empty, it is 100% shittier and outside. Outside sounds great in theory unless you are me and it's texas in july. Even reapplying sunscreen every 20 minutes I ended up almost burnt. Soooooo I'll be going to the further away pool from now on Anyway, I swam for an hour, I wanted to see if I could keep up with the swim team because I haven't even tried swimming over 25 minutes (and sprints at that). So I swam for about 40 minutes just messing around with different techniques and stuff and then ended with doing this: on the minute every minute, 1 length with pull buoy 1 length free style 1 length kickboard for eight rounds.
  7. Thanks guys @Rurik Harrgath - I look at it like anything else, if I want to get better I need to reach out and ask someone who knows - and going in being like "i have no idea what i'm doing teach me all you know" takes a lot of the daunting away and replaces it with exciting.
  8. In much better news, I went to my swim lesson yesterday and there was a substitute instructor, who I liked very much. I'm at a completely different level than the other people in the class (I can already freestyle and basically can handle myself in the water) so the instructor taught me two variations of backstroke and breast stroke and let me practice on my own while she was working more in depth with the other people, and I could just ask questions and she'd give a piece of feedback here and there. The aquatics director came over at the end of the lesson to talk to me and told me that she thinks I should be doing the master's swim team, and not in the lessons, and that if I'm picking up the strokes that quickly than it shouldn't be a problem that I don't really know them yet. The only thing is that she said since I don't know the underwater turnaround thing I might need a private lesson for that, but thats it. So she invited me to try it 2x this week without any commitment or paying for it or anything so I'm going to practice the strokes I learned yesterday today and tomorrow and then go Wednesday and Friday
  9. hahah sometimes you literally just don't know - like keeping my butt down on the bench. It's helpful for me to actually SEE it. Or I'll be pushing through a lift and think it looked like complete shit and watch the video and be happily surprised.
  10. Hiiii okay so lets talk about this last week and the upcoming week, because unfortunately I have a challenge change. I hurt my back a week and a half ago, it's all muscular, but lifting aggravates it, and I need to let it heal. I've been lifting this week just taking it easy, but it's not getting better. So I'm playing it by ear, but this week if I don't lift, it's not against my challenge, it's actually against what I want. I'm seriously thinking of taking the week and just swim, walk, and yoga and then come back strong. Going to play it by ear but right now that's the plan. I found a yoga studio that looks decent and has some workshops on weekends that look great, so I'm going to check them out tomorrow. Of course, that completely screws up my entire program which was supposed to end August 17th, but I don't really have a choice. Trying to push through it seems to be making it worse, and lifting with my back not being 100% muscularly is just asking for a spinal injury and one week of lifting and one program isn't worth that. Everything else is still on. Swim lesson tonight, meal prep, I'll meditate and lots of stretching.
  11. I would LOVE to have a coach, but even when I have one with me, it's great to film and then we review the film together.
  12. I actually looked into the master's swimming clubs, they meet for an hour 3x a week here which totally isn't bad - however the only stroke I know how to do is freestyle... so I need to learn breast stroke, back stroke, and butterfly first and get some basic tech skills. They suggested a few private lessons first which is probably the route I should have gone (and will go!) if this reading and practicing on my own thing doesn't work out. Yes - I get STARVING. It's a total body exhaustion which is completely different than anything else I've ever known. Thankfully it's 100 degrees out in texas so as soon as I walk outside I get that heat hunger suppression.
  13. Madi was featured in an article about this! http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/news/2016/07/15/pokemon-dogs/87106186/
  14. ha, i have been walking a lot but even with my extra battery my phone can't handle Map My Run and Pokemon Go so I'm seriously considering a fit bit.
  15. math and any sort of exercise does not work. i often lose track of swimming laps too. i need an abacus next to the lane...