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  1. we got to work out at an amazing gym today - http://www.santacruzstrength.com/ just did 5x5 deadlifts at 275 and then 5x5 squats at 85kg which is 65% for both. then some super light accessory. didn't even bring my squat shoes or belt on this vacation which is good for me mentally. great to get a real workout in. excited to start meet prep!
  2. Hooooooooold up I train at Hyde Park Gym. I won't be at the ASF meet but only because I'll be in San Antonio at a different meet. I feel like we must know each other... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 1) went to boss of bosses 2) super inspired to warrior again 3) maaaay use my magic mod powers to be one the rest of this challenge but otherwise I'll be warrioring again with y'all next challenge for sure Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Wide feet here. Romaleos And the adidas power lifts both fit me great - I just buy the men's sizes which are wide than the women's version. The reebok cross fit lite trs are great for wide feet as well. I have nano 6's for my sneaker of choice and love them. Wide toe box. Did not like the 4's or 5's. Other heeled shoes - adidas adipowers were too narrow. Ristos were good. Haven't tried the new cross fit lifters. Innov-8 ran narrow on me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I've got a lot to update, but for now: * meet is over. Ben won best raw lifter. He did an extremely comprehensive meet write up on Reddit if anyone is interested (this may be more warrior territory but posting anyway ): https://www.reddit.com/r/powerlifting/comments/4yxv5q/meet_report_m29raw_1906191_563_wilks_at_boss_of/?st=IS8CPYBO&sh=1e0e8dd6 * We spent a night in Napa and San Fran and now we are in Santa Cruz for the next few days. Just training at hotel gyms so far though tomorrow we are going to a real gym. * I maaaay have changed my training goals but one of my goals was to figure that shit out sooooo maybe that's done? All for now. On my phone. Enjoying this trip Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. quiiiick checkin in california things going well whole foods close to air bnb so easy to eat healthy did a super quick light workout today otherwise just walking a ton and stretching! meet is tomorrow, weigh ins are over so now it's just relax and sleep and go tomorrow it was weird this morning seeing a bunch of amazing lifters i only know of from following them on the instagrams in real life (the meet is a pro powerifter invite meet). the internet creates this thing where you can learn a lot about people and their training without... actually knowing them. and then it's weird seeing them IRL
  7. Hellllooooo Rangers! I'm back for a second round here in ranger land. This challenge is going to be a bit different for me becauseeeeeee... dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn wait for it..... .... the start of the challenge I will be on Vacation GOAL ONE: Go on Vacation I'm on vacation Weds 8/17-Fri 8/26. And after that, I'll have 3 weeks of challenge, so this will be kind of like a "challenge light" - going to keep goals super simple and small. I am not working at all, and haven't decided if I'll be checking in here or not (since I'm trying to not do anything work related,and even though this technically isn't a part of my job, anything Nerd Fitness is work related). THIS IS A HARD GOAL FOR ME. I want to work all the time. So stepping away is a goal. My boyfriend is competing (in powerlifting) that Saturday, and then after that we're exploring the area in California the meet is in. So the first 2 days will be low key while he preps for the meet, so I'm planning on having those be normal workout days, grocery shopping, etc. I'm not setting any rules on diet or fitness goals, really, though, for while I'm on vacation. I'd like to get a few workouts in, make sure to keep up with my daily stretching, and make sure to remember to eat so I don't lose too much weight while I'm gone. I'm really not big on unhealthy foods and not being on schedule or having food ready to go I tend to forget to eat or just say "oh, I'll eat later I'd rather do this thing now", so if I do end up eating something unhealthy, I probably needed the calories badly. Soooo that's the first week of the challenge. GOAL TWO: READ AND PLAN This is basically reading up on a few programming things and then making a plan for the next few months. I want to keep swimming but also want to compete at least one more time in powerlifting and decide if I want to continue to do that competitively or do something else. This includes a few things: 1) By the end of my vacation I need to have programmed through the end of the challenge, and by the end of the challenge I need to have loosely programmed through my next meet and solidly programmed through October. 2) Schedule swim lessons for when I get back from vacation and/or join swim team (depending on how programming looks) GOAL THREE: DROP 5-8LBS YUP. While i'm not unhappy at the weight I'm at, and I enjoyed bulking constantly for a good 8 months, I'm just happier when my weight hangs out in the low 150's and not the low 160's - fitness wise and physically. GOAL FOUR: SECRET
  8. So the recent discussion of if a pullup is a realistic goal, I thought it would be really cool to make a compilation video of Nerd Fitness Lady Rebels doing pullups. Want to take part? Do one of two things: 1) Upload a video to your gallery here (http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/gallery/) and then shoot me an email with the link to it. 2) Email me a link to where I can download the video (youtube doesn't work, because I can't edit and add it to my video). Dropbox or even just emailing it works great. ALSO if you could include a sentence stating that we can use you in our compilation video. This is the only thing we want to use it for, so it wouldn't show up in anything else, I promise And include what you would want your name to appear as, and your general location. Thanks (and here's mine! http://instagram.com/p/gJCmvFRoAX/)
  9. Hey guys! Use this thread to post your 20 second Berserker Mode Success Stories! (No idea what I'm talking about? Check here.)