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  1. My gym is half kg and half lb plates. Yup. At least they're round.
  2. Yes I love deadlift bars <3
  3. Yeah I decided I was going to want to wear it at the meet so I should get used to pulling with it now My last 4's last cycle were at 365 and at a 10. I'm about a week and a half ahead on programming numbers wise (I was planning on hitting 385 for 4's my last week of 4x4 in 2 weeks) so I feel pretty solid about everything.
  4. also today's deadlifts: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMC-i-Sl2Cj/?taken-by=staciardison
  5. Today's workout rocked. Deadlift - 4's at 380/365/365/352.5 Bench Press - 5's at 165/160/160/160/155 Front Squat - 8's at - 45/85/105/135/135/135/135 Hollow Holds
  6. This was my attempt to get Madi a place to sleep since when the beds weren't near eachother, Vella would just go from one to the other depending on which one madi was on to kick her off. poor madi
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  8. Yeah! And that's still my ultimate goal but it looks like if the numbers go as planned I should be able to hit 403 on my openers. Pretty sure I have picked the USPA meet (the other is RPS, which is less stringent from what I've heard). And thank you! It's been so long since they've moved and I've been focusing so much on form and fixing weaknesses that it felt like it would never actually move. Glad to see all the hard work and patience finally paying off Also TMI but Monday was a bad day of the month to be squatting, girlwise, so that did huge things for my confidence. Squat --> Bench --> Squat --> Rows --> Abs is proving to take much longer than planned and I ran out of time D:
  9. SADIE!!!!!
  10. I was going to ask where the deadlifts were but here they are. Congrats on the PR Also come back warriors miss you.
  11. hah that's if I hit all of the numbers I want and make weight got my nerds with me though so I at least think I can do anything
  12. also squats from today!
  13. you should just buy your tickets now because it's happening