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  1. Thank you! I've found myself really interested in the transitions lately and follow a ton of people on IG who are so good at it and I feel like I fall on my ass more often than not... but slowly getting better? And the #CampMagic is real. Being in a place surrounded by other people who just accept you and you're not afraid to be you is a rare, rare thing.
  2. Thank you! @Sam Ashen yeah i just don't have the first million yet SOON. Now to pick my next goal....
  3. I hit complete adrenal fatigue after nationals last year - all the travel, camp, never being able to sit down - did it for me. For me I ended up injuring myself due to it, but really - time off, slowly coming back. Lots of light swimming, walking, then lifts at 30-50% for like 3x10, then 50-60% for 3x8, and then going back into a full blown program. Lots of walking is the magic. Keeps you moving, is great for you, and if you can find a great walking meditative state it helps your mind grow. Make sure you don't come back to a full blown lifting program until you are 100% ready MENTALLY. That's the key.
  4. GUYS I DID THE SOCIAL THING HERE IS THE PROOF. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. hahahah i love this.
  6. HA i so wish.
  7. I MISS YOUR HUGS SO MUCH Yes I clean it every day And I got the toothbrush at Target IIRC! It's in the kids section. You should get, um, Bianca one Love you so much girl, it's been so great to see how far you've come in such a short amount of time. Would you have thought at camp 2 years ago you'd be pulling 340lbs (WITH EASE) at the comp????? So so so so proud of you that you decided to push and start believing that you could do it too Absolutely amazing.
  8. This isn't directly related to this challenge, but two years ago I set up a savings goal I wanted to hit before my 33rd birthday (which is October 11th of this year, btw - so in a few weeks). And I did it
  9. Austin? No! Ew! What! STAY AWAY FROM MY CITY. You know all my feels about this already but I came here to post a dancing gif anyway
  10. it's the best - it lights up and makes lightsaber noises and tells you when your training is complete after 2 minutes
  11. Yessssssss. Exactly. I still want to do other things and not feel guilty about it. I'm glad I'm not alone <3
  12. Here I go with the crying again. <3 You guys are the best and I couldn't be brave without the nerds behind me This is going to be a tough challenge. But I've got the #PostCampHigh so lets go for it.
  13. Officially started today! Meditated first thing. Starting photo! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. yeah, easy. it's too bad we ran so late - the next day a few people took 4ths for PRs because we finished early.