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Kassar starts out.

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#1 Kassar



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Posted 03 February 2013 - 09:11 PM

Hello fellow Nerds,


I am a 32 year old nerd that has come to the realisation that despite me trying to convince myself otherwise for years, I am unhealthy. While browsing the net a couple of weeks ago I found a Nerd Fitness article about levelling up your life that really hit home for me so I checked out a few other articlesand start reading through the forums. It was like I have finally found a place for my inner Nerd to call home.


Through the years I have put on a few (lot) of extra kilograms that I have been inspired to shed. It was a shock for me to weigh myself and realize I was at 107kg, not sure why it was a shock I drink a lot of coke, eat a lot of chocolate, and after reading up on this website I find out that Lasagne sandwiches are doing me no favours. I have (had) a mantra that
everything tastes better in bread.


I work as an assistant manager at my local pub and my timetable varies widely making it hard for me to get into any sports or scheduled activity, so I will have to get creative with my schedule but I have a dog that would love to be walked more often that he gets now, and a 24 hour gym I can easily get access to.


I have already started making positive steps yesterday my wife and I did the grocery shopping and loaded up on eggs, meat, fish fruit and vegetables. I am planning on eating a diet more in line with a Paleo diet without committing 100% but I am cutting way back on bread, chocolate, coke and pasta.


Also today I managed to get up early and take my dog for a ½ hour walk. I have also made an appointment to go see a doctor for a basic check up and am going to get a referral to get a blood test done so I have a solid base for a base line for when I start the next 6 week challenge.


Anyway I look forward to making some friends and getting healthy


#2 Michael_Blacksmith



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Posted 03 February 2013 - 09:24 PM

Welcome Kassar!


Sounds like you have started to make some positive changes so far :)


Remember, the past doesn't matter, every moment that you are conscious you can decide and build the person you are going to become. Tomorrow is what we DO and Believe today! Congrats on making the first of many steps forward.

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#3 Laureleye



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Posted 04 February 2013 - 10:36 AM

This is a wonderful plan.  You can actually do a lot of workouts with no gym whatsoever.  You can do one of the body-weight workouts (beginners body weight, angry birds, hotel room) with no equipment at all - you'll find this if you click the NERD FITNESS tab, and select the free resources.  Combine that with some walks or intervals on alternating days, one or two rest days, and you have a workout program.  Click on the challenge FAQ, and join a guild so you'll be ready when our next challenge starts.  Welcome to NF.

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#4 Kassar



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Posted 04 February 2013 - 09:53 PM

Thank you for the encoragement, I have seen mention of the angry birds workout but hadn't stumbled onto it yet. I think that is a work out I can make work for me. I think I will join the rangers for the first 6 week challange the description sounds like what I am out to achieve I am trying to bring back some of my old DnD style role playing for my posts and battle log but that is another muscle that hasnt been flexed in a long time so I am a bit rusty :playful:

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