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Third time's a charm...

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#1 Onagh



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Posted 06 February 2013 - 09:44 PM

This is now the third time that I've tried to introduce myself. I keep starting a post and then chicken out and erase the thing. One of my current goals is to become more outgoing and what better place to start than online where I'm basically anonymous, right? Baby steps I guess. ;-)

So here we go...

Hello. My name's Amanda but I usually go by the name onagh (oo-na) online. Not really sure why...it's just the name I've stuck with since playing the first Diablo. I'm currently going through some issues in my personal life and have decided that this is probably the perfect time to make some changes.

I've been fortunate to have never had much of a weight problem, though I have put on some weight since turning thirty (three years ago...lol). My real problem has always been strength and just my level of fitness. I go through periods where I will decide I'm going to get in shape and then go to the gym three to four times a week for three months only to then stop going for six months. During those gym trips I would focus mainly on cardio...running, the elliptical, etc. When I was feeling really brave I would use the weight machines...which after reading many articles on this website I see I won't be doing anymore.

I started going back to the gym in Mid-November and again focused mainly on cardio...I have managed to lose ten pounds which is about how much I had planned on...now I want to start working on strength. I started the Angry Birds workout last week because it seemed like a good place to start...plus my first real strength goal happens to coincide with level three of push-ups (50 real ones!). Currently I can do about ten of the modified push ups at a time before having to rest...but I think I may be ready to try fifteen at a time tomorrow! Of course I'm motivated by my wanting to get stronger but I've decided to throw in a little extra motivation...once I can do those 50 push ups (and I will!) I'm going to buy myself that awesome Nerd Fitness shield tee! It's so cool! Lol! My ultimate strength goal is to be able to do pull ups...but that's a ways off right now.

Anyway...I don't really know what else to say so I guess that's it for now. I plan on competing in the next challenge...right now I'm still trying to figure out SMART goals for it (the timely part is the hardest to gauge). So I'll keep you posted!

Live long and prosper!

Half-Elf Adventurer Level 1 STR: 1 | DEX: 2 | STA: 4 | CON: 4 | WIS: 3 | CHA: 2 Live long and prosper.

#2 Beanalicious1



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Posted 06 February 2013 - 10:54 PM

Hello Amanda!  Or Onagh, I still don't know if it's proper to use a real name or not.  Since you offered your though, I'll offer mine!  Name's Daniel, pleased to meetcha.


I've only been on this forum for a couple days, but it's already been really supportive, and I've yet to see anyone be negative anywhere.  It's refreshing, fo shizzle.

Regardless, you sound like an awesome person, and I think you'll do well here :D  You already took that first step of posting a message, right?  The rest is going to be a cakewalk.  Which...since I'm going paleo...is probably just a steak with the word "cake" burned into it.

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Goals - 50 concurrent push-ups, 10 concurrent pull-ups, lose 80lbs

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#3 Onagh



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Posted 07 February 2013 - 10:04 PM

Nice to meet you Daniel! Thanks for the welcome...and good luck with the Paleo! I kinda wish i was at a place where i could make that big a change...but babysteps right? I totally agree with you about the lack of negativity on this forum...it is truly refreshing after being say everywhere else on the Internet.

Half-Elf Adventurer Level 1 STR: 1 | DEX: 2 | STA: 4 | CON: 4 | WIS: 3 | CHA: 2 Live long and prosper.

#4 telemon



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Posted 15 February 2013 - 01:59 AM

Welcome Onagh!
I'm fairly new here too. I have been finding these people and Steve's blogs to be more motivating than anything I have encountered elsewhere. Regardless of what your goals may be, I'm sure that you will find the support you may need here.
Kudos on losing the weight! Many people would have found that challenging.
I'm using the Angry Birds workout as well and can tell you that you can build some real strength just doing body weight exercises. Adding free-weights into the mix, if you have access to them, can spice up your workouts and help build power.
I hope you find your time here to be well invested.

Telemon Hollowbones
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#5 Michael_Blacksmith



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Posted 15 February 2013 - 08:30 AM

Welcome to the site! When looking at diet changes and wanting to work toward a goal I found that changing one meal a day is a great way to start, then when you are ready for the next step just add another meal.


Best of luck and stay with it.

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#6 raging3vil



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Posted 15 February 2013 - 02:49 PM



Keep up the push up regimen. It's such a no-frills exercise, but it does wonders for the body. It also makes you feel awesome when you can crank out those high numbers. Keep pushing and you'll be at 50 before you know it!

Human Ranger - Lvl. 1

Kettle bell junkie

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