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    • How's the first week wrapping up? Did the high of defeating the Boggart help with hitting those goals? 
    • Sorry to hear about the family death. I personally had similar experience recently and a few years ago and sending you love. Hope you are able to heal where you need to and rest when you need to.    I also realized we are at about the same weight currently. Our journeys are different but nice to give the wave of "yay you made it to the 270s!" As I personally struggle on getting lower than 270. 
    • Well, the PT and walking streak ends at 4 days in a row. Bowling last night, and tweaked my back a bit. It was hurting last night, and this morning it still does. I tried to stretch for PT, but that hurt too. I can walk around, but there is random pain. So rest day it is.   Last nights sleep was actually ok, though I got to bed a bit later    Been gaining weight this week too, so going to have to watch that. It's been nice getting in the walks. Hopefully, one rest day will be all I need
    • Ah, okay, groovy. Sounds like there will be options if you can just get it started. Good luck ❤️ 
    • No, the thing is, the organisation is a CIC.... and it is important to me to keep the accessibility at forefront. So no charge to enter the space, free workshops (or very low cost/donation)   There are a number of ways to develop income strands, such as being commissioned by other institutions to teach how to make art spaces accessible, to talk about my own experiences etc. This is something to build towards, my confidence defo holds me back, but i do get a lot of requests to talk.    Also, 'selling' packages of the toolkit/comfort zone, to other galleries. An option to work on.    Renting part of the studio to another 1/2 artists another option.    For the initial start up .... .it is finding the right help. A crowdfunder is defo an option. x
    • Goal: 3/5   Oops. Got a little too busy for my own good yesterday and got lost in doing stuff instead of sitting still. That wasn't the goal.   Strength-wise, it was a leg day yesterday. I've traded out Hinging and Lunging for now in favor of Hip Thrusts and building toward what's called a Nordic Hamstring Curl. A few reasons for this: Since I got a bee in my bonnet about getting back to swinging a 32kg kettlebell, I've been hitting swings a couple times a week, which means I'm working a dynamic/explosive Hinge pattern twice while everything else is getting worked once. Add in a dedicated Hinge day and the Hinging I need to do for Farmer's Carries and Suitcase Carries, I just got the sense it was a bit much. More is only better up to a certain point and all that. Hip Thrusting has direct carryover to grappling. The Hamstring Curl is reputedly another bulletproofing exercise for the knees. I'm building up to it at the moment and it's a long way off, but I've noticed that my knees actually do feel better on days that I do the related work. Grappling was good yesterday. I got paired with a hot-headed two-stripe white belt who was half my size for class, who really tried to take charge of how things were going to go between us. I let him. I'm not getting paid to be an alpha or whatever. Although, when we did situationals afterward and his game plan fell apart and I pretty much just passed and swept him at will... well, I won't bother denying that I was deeply amused. Could have probably subbed him if I really wanted to, but I don't really care about that kind of thing so much now so I didn't pursue it.   Only had one possibility of getting subbed, which I managed to foil, but I don't really understand what survival looks like. It's a behind-the-back kimura, which is basically a shoulder lock applied with the arm facing down/toward your feet. I've figured out one survival mechanism for it, and I know the block for it, but I was hit with it in a position where I couldn't achieve the block, and I had to use my position to stop it. It was a near thing, and I honestly think if the clock had run any longer, I might have gotten got with it. It's something to research further, which is proving a challenge for the moment, but if I can sink some time into it, I'm sure I can figure it out.   But, uh, yeah, haven't gotten submitted in the past week or so. Not even by the colored belts. That's... a good feeling. I like it.   Anyway, today is today. I gotta catch up on some work for the cases. As usual, circumstances beyond my control have affected my ability to actually close the cases and make decisions, and it's annoying, but it's nothing new. In terms of the writing, the story took a turn I didn't necessarily plan on and I think I need to assess where I am and where I'm going and if my characters make sense here. Softer work, not exactly the same as putting prose to page or plotting and planning, but I think it's good to do it now rather than later.
    • Oh, that's beyond awesome ❤️ Would the exhibitions and workshops bring in money? Would the whole thing run on grants or are they just needed to get it up and started?
    • Yesterday's number   I got to bed on time, but really didn't sleep till like 1:30. Just kept tossing and turning.
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