10th Anniversary Special (What we've been hinting at)

This announcement is no longer active

The Guild Leaders have been teasing a big announcement (at my direction). We have partially let the cat out of the bag. The very first NF Challenge started March 1st, 2010. March 1st, 2020 falls during the next challenge. That will mean the next challenge is the 10th Anniversary Spectacular! We are going to be celebrating a decade of NF challenges! 

Part of how we will celebrate is to reflect on what our time with NF has meant to us. When zero week goes live I invite you to spend some time in your challenge posts looking back on what forum participation has done for you.

Part of how we will celebrate is inviting new people to join. If you are comfortable posting about NF on your social media, I encourage you to let people know about the forums. If you are REALLY comfortable, I ask you to post your challenge thread for the upcoming challenge once the new forums go live.

Part of how we will celebrate is to grave rob resurrect use necromancy bring back forum members who have fallen by the wayside. I encourage you to reach out to the ones you can reach outside of the forums. For the ones where you only know their user names, tag them in a post. If their defaults are still set so that they get an email when they are tagged you may be able to reach them that way. Several wayward guild leaders have already returned.

Finally, and the info we've really been holding on to, is that STEVE KAMB HIMSELF is returning to post a challenge with us! That's right, the OG NF Rebel is coming home to challenge with us. You don't want to miss out participating in a challenge when the founder is along for the ride.


There is a thread in The Pub that started with guessing about the surprise, let's use it as a discussion thread if anyone wants to react to this announcement: