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    • Yes the needles caused moderate stress. I meant outings/being away from home in general and why it's tiring.
    • I hear ya. Lockdown just demolished my fitness base. I'm really annoyed about it.
    • This is a more distant tomorrow than the one I planned on, but oh well. A summary.   Ongoing habits:   Exercise: I did a decent but not perfect job at doing exercise when I came home from work. Generally when I failed, it was either because I was too exhausted or because I was being sabotaged by family members. I can't do a lot about the family members, but I could have a backup plan for what do do when I am too tired/sick/injured for Plan A.   Prayer: I did better than last month, but there is still a lot of improvement to be had here. I do want to celebrate what I did do though, because it IS improvement.   NerdFitness: I did not read as much as I had hoped, and did not stay anything like caught up. Sadness.   Purging: This fell apart a bit at the end, but mostly I did something small every day, which was the plan.   Tasks: The list has grown, but I did work on it. Probably I need to work on it more so that it stops growing. Please list, stop growing.     New shiny things for this challenge:   New People: This also fell apart as the challenge went on. I do feel like this is important to do, but I am going to have to schedule myself dates where I do x thing, rather than wait and see how I feel on the day (when I will remember too late and then do nothing). I did realize this earlier in the challenge, and then didn't take action on it.   Read: I have done a pretty good job of reading daily and have finished three books (I think) this challenge.   Long-Term: There was progress made here, but it was also a nebulous thing that I would often struggle to do on the day. I think the takeaway here is that I need more precise "do this" goals, rather than "do something in this family of things" goals.   I will put up a new challenge when I figure out what I want to do for the challenge.  
    • I 'll have a juicy  8 oz Ribeye, and  oh yeah, most people order drinks, so I'll take a cider too. I would have come here earlier if I'd known  about the grill.
    • I'm a black pen human, too. I embellish with colour and stuff, but all of my actual writing is in my favourite black pen. 
    • I start Hogfather this weekend. 💀🎄
    • Right, fine, fine, I'm awake.   Goal: 24/28   Not bad. Not bad at all.   The last three days were holidays, and so they were shoo-ins for getting down and up on time. And with that, the challenge comes to a close.   On the whole, I think it turned out pretty well. I'm trying to get myself to the point that I get down to sleep and wake up at a reasonable time, rather than an hour or so before my alarm. That tells me that my internal clock is set such that I'm going to be up sometime before the times I'm getting up. I need to figure out what my circadian rhythm actually is and, you know, honor it.   That's going to be a longer term project than I'd like to admit. When the work week started up again, my night life came back with it and I've been staying up later as a result. I get up in time for work again but I'm getting up late again as a result. 2 steps forward, 1 step back.   My knees are doing better on the whole and I'm actually going to be changing some stuff up as far as my leg training goes to better facilitate healing in the joint. I've gone back to Overcoming Gravity and found some additional information that I think I can use to make my knees strong. It'll mean walking back some of the weighted work I've been doing, but I don't think that I mind. I see this as a chance to repair some places that I didn't know I could, and I think that fixing up weak links in the kinetic chains are going to let me get more strength out in a healthier and happier way than just beating up my muscles and hoping for the best. Dunno how it's gonna go; I'm charting some relatively unknown territory here.   Hmph. As if that's enough to turn me away.   Anyway, challenge ended and I wasn't here to say job well done to folks, which is frustratingly common for me these days. I'm thankful for all y'all what stopped by on your rounds, though. Y'all having the grace to reach out even as I don't does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Although it is certainly under-appreciated inasmuch as I do anything about it.   My thanks to @Mistr, @Scaly Freak, @Sovalis, @Tanktimus the Encourager, @DoubleTrouble, @Whisper, @Chaser Avens, @spiralpoet, @Jackdaw, @shaar, and anyone else I missed along the way.   A quiet holiday challenge awaits.
    • Thank you!    ---    Small check list for tomorrow - check that I have cash - grab extra rainsheet - pack tools - pack stool 
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