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    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize, Elvin Toboggan Ryder

    wow how menacing! yes. I'm VERY glad to know you were armed and Aware of the threat. do Keep yourself Safe! sometimes I think the that the sooner you get to New Zealand; the better!
  3. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize, Elvin Toboggan Ryder

    I had a bit of a close call this afternoon. Was sitting in the car (parked on the side of the street), waiting for Rocco's dance lesson to finish (he was inside the studio at the back of the house). This is the first time (in almost two years) that I've ever thought something fishy was going on there, and that I felt I might have to act. It is a poor neighbourhood, but not really bad, and it is close to a big police station (although that doesn't mean anything). Anyway... was sitting in the car, facing the wrong way, because the lady wants all the cars parked on one side of the street, so that traffic can still flow. So my driver's side was next to the grass verge, with my door locked, but the window open. The street side passenger door was locked and window rolled up. I was reading on my cell phone, but keeping an eye on my surroundings by looking around every now and again. A big grey BMW SUV drove slowly down the street, which caught my attention. It was coming from behind me, and as it came closer, it got slower, until it crawled to a stop next to me. It actually drove about half a car length past me, then reversed a bit till it was nearly opposite me on the other side of the street. There was basically a little bit more than a car's width between us, as another car drove between us at that point. I looked directly at the driver, and he was watching me as well. He switched off his car, then got out and went to fiddle with the bonnet of the SUV, but he never opened it, didn't even really push his fingers in underneath the bonnet, but kept looking at me every now and again. Then suddenly he lay down on the ground and looked like he was fiddling with something underneath the car, but I could actually see his fingers clearly and he wasn't really doing anything. Still looking over at me every now and again! I checked my cell phone for the time (to know how long before Rocco would finish), heard a door and saw that the passenger had gotten out and was starting to move around the man on the ground, but when I looked at him, he stopped dead in his tracks and turned to fiddle with the bonnet too. He and the guy on the ground said something to each other, looking at me again, at which point I decided that I'm rolling up my window and didn't take my eyes off them! The passenger came around the front of the car, still looking at me, but then bent and looked at the wheel. Then looked at me over his shoulder! At this point I was in two minds: no way could I drive away, because Rocco was still in the building behind me, so my two options of defense were, switch the car on and ram the guy(s) if he/they came for me, or get my fire arm out of my purse. But my biggest fear is the police always warning you that you cannot shoot a guy in self defense if he doesn't have a visible weapon, so I put one hand on the key in the ignition and looked straight and hopefully very threateningly at the two guys, but I was nipping inside. The passenger said something again to the other guy (still under the car), as I could hear the murmur, but not the words, then suddenly got up, rounded the car and got back in the passenger seat. Then the guy under the car jumped up and got in and drove off. Not very fast, but faster than before they stopped. I didn't read any further and kept my eyes on the road the whole time after that. Luckily Rocco came out about 10min. later, and we went home. When I told Brandt my suspicions (because maybe I over reacted or read the wrong things from what I saw?) he thought it was definitely two opportunists looking for an easy target, but my vigilance put a stop to their attempt. He told me that I have the right to defend my property with a fire arm as well, and that given South Africa's state of crime, I cannot be held accountable if two guys stormed me and I shot them in self defense. But this is South Africa, and well, with things going the way they are going, I am not that positive about my chances in court, in such a situation. I seriously think I had a guardian angel who protected me, because why would they not take the chance being only one woman in a car? I can't get over the way they constantly looked at me.
  4. Ann of Vries

    [Keeper of the Flame] On Patrol

    I had this problem before I was a parent, too XD More of one now, though....
  5. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    Jakkals, 2019, nommer 6

    Proud of you that you still go, even with sore ankles. Apparently there is snow on the way this week... winter caught it's second life now. With regards to the castle, I read (this is mentioned in a history-based comic book I bought for the boys) that it was at first intended to just be a smallish fort for defense against sea based attacks. It was originally a squar-ish wooden structure built close to the beach, and when they started building in earnest, it was at first a four-pointed structure made of a clay-mixture which continually fell apart and had to be constantly fixed. Then after that the five-pointed castle was started on, further inland, as they realised that they needed a "main office/quarters" that could defend inland and sea. Everyone (except the high officials of course) had to climb in and help build: slaves, free workers, burghers (people living and working in the settlement), special mason builders that came via ship, etc. They specifically called it a Castle and not a Fort, because it was surrounded by it's own community with post office, baker, gardens, farms, black smiths, etc. But there was also a ring of forts built to protect the outlying farms and houses against attacks from some Khoe-Khoen-'clans', which would sell/barter/trade cattle and sheep, then steal them back. Which was why fencing, and thick bushes/hedges (wild almond trees) were planted, a section of which can still be seen today in the Kirstenbosch Gardens. I also read somewhere that this might have been the first time that some cattle were branded/marked in the Cape? But I can't find that link anymore, so can't state that as a fact. Anyway the building of the Castle has a lot of interesting detail (which I'll leave for you), the one thing which I read a lot about in Cape History romances (don't laugh) was about "Die Donker Gat"! The Dark Hole in the Castle, was real! It was the prison, or dungeon of the castle, and especially governor Willem van der Stel, had a lot of people thrown in when they dared to go against him! When the British were in charge they used the Dark Hole at one stage to store ammunition and weapons in, but it was (surprise, surprise) too dark and damp.
  6. Elastigirl

    Fonzico eats like a Goddess

    I love this! The only modification I might make is to maybe give yourself levels, so you don't run into the well I already failed mindset. Maybe 100 calories is free , 200 calories 20 burpees and on up for every calorie?
  7. bdwilson

    Who R U?

    Oh no! I hope it can be repaired or replaced soon
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  9. Sciread77

    The Adventurers of the Lucky Vale II

    I am largely a believer in science, though I take most science news and announcements with a grain of salt. The fact that the process has error correction built in and that over time there are incentives to challenge any existing knowledge base when we have new evidence leads me to trust it as the best available knowledge and representation of reality that we have. There are failures, to be sure, but science communication and reporting are unfortunate weak leaks. As an example, the infamous study and retraction on vaccines by Andrew Wakefield, which has caused us to waste untold amounts of time and money to, oddly, gather veritable mountains of evidence showing their safety due to (sadly ongoing) public fears when those efforts would be better spent fighting cancer, allergies, autoimmune disease, or eradicating more diseases. Science is not religion, however, and there are things that it really isn’t designed to handle that religious groups provide. People need a sense of community and meaning in life. I wouldn’t call supernatural-based religion required for that, but without something to fulfill those needs it’s frighteningly easy for some evil secular belief systems like Nazism to sneak in. I have a problem with people having an end goal of “the eradication of religion” because it’s shortsighted. It ignores the good that comes from it as well as ignoring the bad that can occur when people leave but have nothing good to replace it with. I’m more of a “we’re all in this together” kind of guy.
  10. RES

    Mistr works on her base

    Finally caught up on your thread, what a wonderful thing to read! I'm glad things are going well for Elf!
  11. bdwilson

    BD's in for Round Two

    Right. So, the past week has been wonderful at illuminating just how fragile my routine is. Something of a benefit in that, as I thought it was pretty sound, but turns out it's made of dominoes. Anyway, my exercise plans have not recovered, so at this point I'm taking one active thing a day, even though that's not what I planned for the month. I might have to look at how high I'm prioritizing this for the next challenge, as it's clearly not my top priority, given what I've been intent on fitting in during my thrown off schedule. My sleep has also been thrown off by this, even more so than usual, so for the last week of the challenge I'm going to focus on getting that back on track and coming up with less fragile routine, or at least Schedules A, B, and C, so I still have a plan if real life intrudes. Oddly, I'm keeping up with the meditation habit, though it was in the evening rather than the morning a few times. Given that's usually the first thing to go, this is something of a surprise. I'll take it!
  12. Akura

    Akura's Advanced Assassin Studies

    I have been super tired and unmotivated all day long. But I got a few little things done. In particular, I had a small epiphany about what to talk about in my thesis defence presentation. Day job -:- to-do list:   Started to create lecture notes for our teaching platform. I haven't done that ever, so it was pretty hard to get into it. It took me basically all day, but I finished the first topic. Night job -:- game dev: Made some improvement on my blog post from yesterday. Since my thesis defence is in 16 days, I might prioritise that during the next two weeks... Keeping fit -:- dieting & working out Went to an Italian restaurant with my fiancée. So, definitely more than 2000 kcal, but not too much more. Blending in -:- guitar & Go: We came home late, so nothing here.
  13. GoodDoug

    Pack. Move. Unpack: Tanktimus Relocates Forum Headquarters

    When people brought up home birth with my wife, the mess was the big thing she was worried about. Even though you can get home birth kits that are basically large tarps that cover everything. Personally, I worried about other things...
  14. bdwilson

    Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos – Try and do something

    Two more weeks, you can do it! I hope they go by fast for you. It sounds like that'll be a load off. My challenge is, uh, derailed But I'm trying to roll with it.
  15. Fonzico

    Fonzico eats like a Goddess

    Anything! Everything. I mostly keep junk food out of the house, but I will find SOMETHING to eat no matter what. Hehe yes, I love it! For real though, maybe I need to institute more punitive consequences for myself... Let's say, if I eat after dinner, I have to do 20 burpees the next morning...
  16. Sunmage

    Sunmage - Frequency

    Week 2 went along fine. Week 3 was vacation. Went well, too. I failed on Sunday, as I felt down About going back to work and everything. Today I just relaxed after a night with bad Sleep.
  17. iatetheyeti

    iatetheyeti: never ready

    Week Four, Update One After having a think, I've decided that my rough plan for this week is to survive it. I'm not in great shape right now, it will not improve until I get a day off, and my first day off (in eight days...) is Friday. I will do my best to stick to my challenge goals, but I will also not beat myself up too much if I can't quite manage that. The important thing is that I at least try, because trying and failing is better than accepting it as a forgone conclusion and not trying at all. Next update might just be Friday.
  18. iatetheyeti

    [iatetheyeti] Battlemage Vol. I: Beginnings

    Today has not been great and tomorrow is not looking like it'll be any better thank to the ridiculous shifts I'm pulling. Still. Trying to look on the bright side. Rise: 0700 Morning routine: Yes Inactive hours: Four in total, I think. Illness/injury: The usual suspects caused by the weather and lack of sleep. Evening routine: On time. Bed: 2200, I think? The humidity has been a horror today, and that's a sure sign it'll be difficult to sleep tonight. Which is great because I'm in work first thing... We've been promised a massive thunderstorm, but it's taking the long way here, I think. It'd just be nice for this air to get a little clearer and a little easier to breathe. And if it comes with rain, even better!
  19. iatetheyeti

    [iatetheyeti] Battlemage Vol. I: Beginnings

    You're right, it might be a little win, but right now little wins are major things. Thanks And I'm hoping for some extra sleep too! Trust me, I know! The fan is having to wait until payday, unfortunately, but that's not too far away.
  20. GoodDoug

    Cheetah gets back to business.

    CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome
  21. You sound like you are doing great right now. Good on you for slowing down to recharge the batteries (physical and emotional) At my job, new hires get pushed in headfirst. I think it is part of our culture here to do that. It means that you have to get good at interrupting people to ask questions and have to be good with asking what look to be obvious questions of very busy people. But, given that is the culture, for the most part everyone is willing to help. I will always stop what I'm doing to answer questions or help people because so many have done that for me over the years. I still ask questions of people that are too busy to answer them, but still get answers. I guess what I'm getting at is that you shouldn't feel bad for interrupting people, as they likely had the same experience when they started. It can be hard to remember that, but getting you up to speed means you will be more productive and helpful... and hopefully your coworkers know that.
  22. raptron

    WhiteGhost is Nephalem

    We're both up to no good most of the time, so I think it's totally fair. SO HARSH. Sounds like you guys are enjoying ALL OF THE FOOD.
  23. GoodDoug

    Inazea kicks names and takes ass

    I think you are doing great, and best of luck getting that perfect week!
  24. raptron

    Recovery and down time [Manarelle]

    YES. Perfect.
  25. GoodDoug

    Starpuck: Journey through the Mire

    Tank and the others are all giving great advice. Paying off the credit card every month shows potential creditors that you can make monthly payments. And any payments you've already made on the car show that you can do it as well. Getting rid of the debt now, and saving back up for the down will be great for your actual financial health. Are you worrying about this because you are just a natural worrier, or is is it easier to worry about this than some of the other stuff you have to worry about? Paying off the car is a concrete step, and sometimes it is scary to make a concrete step like that, especially when you are so unsure about the next step. We are all here and ready to give encouragement and advice. We know you can do whatever it is that will make you happy in the end. We are also here to give you a kick in the butt if you need that as well. Just let us know!
  26. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    Lightning cleans her mind palace

    So sorry to hear, and praying for your daughter (and you).
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