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  2. Happy belated bday! And ahhh, so many good things. Outdoor walking and playdates and celebrations and lifting. ❤️
  3. Yes, there are. And they have a lot of money and a lot of political power.
  4. Loved that story, because I can relate. One idea that has helped me, that I took from the book Lean and Strong by Josh Hillis, is to name the three top values you have. For me it is Faith, family and fun (and not just because of alliteration😉) Adding those in to my decision making process helps somewhat. When I am out with friends or family, and the voice says I need to celebrate with everyone and eat more of the yummy food I listen, but when I am at home just having a normal dinner I can remind the voice that I would rather stick to my normal eating and save the bigger eating for times with family and friends.
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    Run Raptron Run

    Day 11.5 Busy day of work and errands. I got to lift again, and I'm just going to keep being excited about that. I did triples instead to tone down the volume a smidge because I was still so sore from Wednesday. I lifted in the shade of a blooming tree with a nice, steady breeze. It was actually gorgeous despite being in a parking lot, ha. Squats: 4 x 3 x 215# Bench: 4 x 3 x 130# Bulgarian split squats: 3 x 10 x 25# DBs Half kneeing single arm OHP: 3 x 12 x 25# DB 🏋️‍♀️Lifted!!! 🚶‍♀️Walked a bunch 🌳Hung outside for a while 🍤Cookout with QP Day 11.6 Saturday, we got iced coffees and made breakfast and then I hopped back home to shower and change for a social distancing birthday party in the park and went to my friend's place after for a fire pit visit with s'mores, more beers, and talking with folks I hadn't seen in months. We were all pretty far apart and adhering to the social distancing recs for the most part. 🎊Birthday in the park 🔥Social distancing fire pit with s'mores 🚶‍♀️A bit of walking around, but way less than normal 🧘‍♀️Morning stretch session 💻Video chatted late into the night Day 11.7 Much of my Sunday was spent protesting. Afterwards, I took a nap and ordered Chinese food entirely because I got a craving after some person with brain worms told us "if you don't like the country now, just wait until China takes over." Ha. Weirdly, only this instagram post is refusing to embed... but little protest sign with the classic children's book statues in the park: 🏃‍♀️Jogged 3.5 miles -- I made the mistake of having a kind of oily and very onion-y breakfast that seemed to give me some kind of upper stomach indigestion and heartburn while I ran, so I stopped early. Oops. PB&J only for future morning runs, haha. ✊Police brutality protest 🧹Cleaned the pantry 📝Journaled Jogging 2/4 Pulls 3/3 Handstand 5/5 Flexibility 1/2 Leg: 2/2 So! I will probably not be trying to jog 4x a week going forward, haha. Now that lifting is and option, I'll aim for 2x per week jogging instead and lift 3-4x.
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    Heidi: Endings

    The pre-zoom emails have left me emotional and feeling unseen. This is going to be a tough moment, and stillness and Truth will see me through. The National Guard is patrolling the streets of LA. I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache, drooling and disoriented. In other news, The O'Briens by Peter Behrens is delightful, and my sourdough bread is great. I think I'm going to start In the Skin of a Lion next.
  7. I have learned this lesson the hard way. They also don't stick to the dish as easily in my experience. Saturday/Sunday Going to keep it brief. After my update Saturday things went downhill fairly quickly. I watched the launch, and then wrote the recommendation letter, but then some local protesting turned to unrest in my city, as it did in many cities. I had a lot weighing on me because of the mental strain also combined with poor sleep led me to poor nutritional choices and gave in to comfort foods and activities as self care, TV watching, napping, pizza, and little/no movement, etc.
  8. You seem to be doing really well Doug proud of you xx
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  10. Why do we fall ... we fall so that we learn to pick ourselves up ... I've had a few challenges recently: Long hours at work combined with a long commute. Home redevelopments. Injury & minor surgery. A new job with new pressures ... and stressors. Studying commitments. Which lead to: Skipping working out. Stress & comfort eating. Not doing things I do to self care ... so I can 'Save time' to work more. Depression. Anxiety. Stress. So I'm here now ... reaching out for support so that I can pass it on and do the same. So I can face the new challenges in my life: First child is due ... in about 4-5 months. Pushing forward whilst being on lockdown and not being able to leave the house ... Warning ... there may be topless photos ... think ... Thor ... Endgame & not Infinity War ... Sorry in advance I want to socially pressure myself and track progress. Who's with me!?!? Let us RISE together.
  11. Happy birthday! Time off is always time well spent.
  12. Hey, guys! Sorry for being MIA. I really should have warned you that was going to happen... you know how I'm never around on weekends because I don't have to work, and thus I don't turn my computer on? Well, I was on PTO last week, and while it was hardly a fun vacation, I did get the time away from the virtual office, so my computer stayed off the entire time. I don't like using the forums on my phone so... I vanished. But things are actually going pretty well! As I said, it wasn't exactly a fun recharge, but I did spend a lot of time being a lazy couch lump, which wasn't my plan (as usual for me, I was thinking I would COMPLETE ALL THE PROJECTS and my brain and body were like, how about nope), but which I really apparently needed in order to recharge. Sleep was weird but a few really good developments did occur. I took starlet for two walks most days, so I was walking A LOT every day, which was pretty great actually. I spent time outside and got some movement in and did an activity with my kid that we both enjoy. I've been drinking a ton of water. And today was my fourth day of lifting first thing in the morning in the last 5 days! I did take my birthday (Friday) off from lifting, but otherwise I've located enough spoons somehow to talk myself into a brief workout first thing in the morning before baby wakes up (and now, before signing on to work). I do literally just one lift per day, either a 5x5 or a 3x8 depending on how much time I have. I did squats Thursday, bench Saturday (my wrist is finally allowing this!), deadlifts Sunday, and OHP this morning. I'll cycle back to squats tomorrow. It's not super sophisticated, but the simplicity is working for my brain right now. Hopefully I can keep it up now that I'm back to work. Today was a real test of willpower, but I did it, so hopefully that bodes well. Let's see, what else...... on my birthday, my two closest friends came over after starlet was in bed to hang in my backyard and eat cake. We sat a solid distance away from each other and we had to coat ourselves in bugspray AND burn citronella torches, but it was still a nice little hangout. On Saturday, we went to my parents' place for dinner and tea from the samovar, so I felt properly loved and celebrated this weekend. A few people dropped off gifts and I was really touched because starlet's birth mom sent me a small gift and a heartfelt text. It was really sweet. We've expanded our circle again to one of our mom friends who has a son 3 weeks younger than starlet. We had a couple conversations about it over the last week and all of the adults involved decided that we were being pretty careful in our everyday lives, but that we were seeing clear effects of the lack of socialization on our kids. So we had a little outdoor playdate (trying to keep everything outside for ventilation's sake, even though we're all also staying home otherwise) and will have another this week. It was really cute to see starlet and baby B together. They're both so unaccustomed to other kids at this point. She's walking really well and he isn't, meanwhile he's saying a handful of words and she isn't, so hopefully they can learn from each other and develop their social skills a bit too. 🥰 Aside from that, I've been playing a fair bit of D&D (recaps coming later) and doing housework and yardwork. We have a little backyard garden now, starlet's playroom is done, and I unloaded a massive number of donations to the VVA last week, so I no longer have boxes of unwanted stuff in my basement. I'm doing pretty okay!
  13. GoodDoug stared at the apparition, "What the hell are you?" "I am one of the spirits of the cave! We are here to help you!" Another light blue spirit faded into view and said, "Don't listen to that one, not all are trying to help... well they are trying to help, but not in a way that is apparent." The first spirit did an angry twirl, "I resent that..." GoodDoug gawked at the scene. He thought to himself that he really had been too long alone in this cave. This week has been about quieting my mind and looking for the truly helpful voices in my head. Some of them say, "Go ahead and eat that, you've done your exercises." In some cases, the voice is right and I should eat that plate of eggs and sometimes it is wrong when it tells me to eat the tenth and eleventh cookies that day. Sometimes it tells me to take a rest day... is it telling me to slow down and not burn out? Or is it telling me to be lazy? This cave is full of spirits, all meaning well, but some are wiser than others. I need to work hard to figure out which ones are the wise ones. Week recap: Food was much better. Even our anniversary dinner was good and I ate dessert (homemade chocolate mousse that was ridiculously great) in moderation. The girls made cookies, and I ate them reasonably this time. I cooked quite a bit, and continued making bread. I made a brilliant brioche with cinnamon sugar swirl yesterday... I'm getting better at this bread thing. Exercise was great, I ran twice this week and I've done GMB Vitamins or handstand practice most days this past week. Creativity and meditation were good, I haven't done some of the things I said I would... maybe this is the week to get on those. Especially spending some time free drawing or drawing from a lesson. I'll try and get on that. Gratitude is a little easier. I need to be better, but practice is what gets me there. Thnx for reading my rambles here!
  14. Hmm. I suppose you didn't figure out why you lost motivation? I lost motivation once because of trying to find the toilet so I could get water. Some other times it's too mother fking hot to run at 32 degrees in the noon.
  15. Ow. That sucks. I wonder if I should stop myself from checking emails out of working hours really...
  16. So noted. (One of these days I will use tortillas for something other than burritos!)
  17. Breakfast: 250g okra 200g oyster mushroom 100g chicken breast 1 tomato Lunch: 60g chicken 70g black beans 250g brocolli 25 jump squats 20 push ups, feet on a chair 15 reverse crunches 4 sets Dinner: 90g chicken 3 chicken drumlettes and 2 mid wings 200g turnip 20g carrot 5g dried shrimp 50g barley and half a tomato as I curried =P Snacks: 12g milk chocolate pennies 10g roasted soy nuts 2 cashews
  18. My Workout: (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays) Mornings: Jump Rope (single jump) 30x Bear Crawls +-10m x2 Walking Lunges (from next week) 10x up and down driveway (Up and down count as 1 rep) (Today I did broad jumps over the tire, then flipping the tire over (way too light), then broad jump again - 10x) Afternoons: Pushup-Walk-u-downp tire 10x (this is harder than it looks!) Russian Twist 10x Rope Pull Tire (will double up) +- 10m x 10 Stretches Boys' Workout: Mornings: Jumping Jacks 20x Bear Crawls +-10m x2 Rope Pull +-10m x10 (they love this) Afternoons: Incline Pushups on tire 10x Pop Squats (jump on flat tire with double feet - do a squat - jump off) 10x Rotary Torso (they love this one too) 5x each way Stretches Then on a Saturday I'll do Jump Rope 30x (single jumps). I'm so proud of the boys. They struggled a bit on form on the rope pull, but they managed it just fine. It really impressed them how strong they've become by doing the body weight workouts before being allowed on the computers. They tried to race each other on the tire pull. It was neck on neck! Of course the cat and dogs joined in the fun, and they had to stop every now and again because the cat jumped the ropes, or the dogs grabbed it, and tried to run away with it. Lucky there was a tire connected to the ropes. That was nice!
  19. Welcome back - I also just returned from 4 years away (not that I was here much the first go around). FM is tough and theres just so much unknown about it, but good for you for doing the walking anyway. So many others just quit.
  20. Good luck brother!
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