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  2. it went about as well as it could do. I was on with good people, so that helped. We're certainly trying anyway! I've been very acutely aware of my shortcomings with communication so I've tried my best to work on it and remain as open as possible, and it's definitely paying off. And I'm relieved about the D&D group too!
  3. Well this look is a change! Nice! Will have to get used to where what is. This has been one hectic week. I didn't do my exercises. Did other stuff - functional fitness at its best. Try getting up from your chair 200+ times, walk 2-3 steps to the printer, change paper (flip it over because it doesn't want to print double sided for some or other reason), walk back, sit down for a couple seconds, repeat... I couldn't print sequences (like all odd pages, then turn over all the pages and print all even pages) because I had to print things in different orders, from different readers for
  4. Alright, closing up this challenge as the next one is about to begin! Haven't had a lot of time lately between getting used to a new routine (and cohabitation for the first time in a long time), work, Thanksgiving, and forum updates, so haven't been updating, but just because I've been busy! For Thanksgiving, we decided to do a Warcraft theme, here's a summary image since insta embeds aren't working, but here's the full post, too: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIGrYYWgihC/ FINAL GOALS: [SORCEROUS SHIELD] - Mobility 30 minutes per day. Missed 3-4 d
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  6. Seriously - the new design makes me want to buy the new one because it looks so much better, but that'd probably be a waste, unless I gift the one I have, haha.
  7. Thanks. Me too. The chiropractor visit happened and I have felt relief. Still have some soreness but that's not uncommon after having my back this messed up. The muscles get used to being out of alignment, and when the back gets straightened there is some residual discomfort as they get used to being back in place. I remain hopeful I am on the mend.
  8. First off I love the mug Sra. Tanque is happy for you that you, like her, have found a man who can cook. Regarding a sign that would make the anxiety go away about your relationship: If you got such a sign, how would you learn how to deal with your anxiety? All that would do is remove an anxiety trigger. The anxiety itself would remain. If you don't get the trigger removed things will be harder, but you will learn things you never would have otherwise about how to deal with the anxiety.
  9. Wow... goal wise, i totally failed this challenge. Not sure what i was thinking there, but it was pretty bad. Oh well. There is always the next one... It is Saturday and 7.30pm. I havent eaten very well today...too much beige food....i have a bacon butty this morning, then a steak slice for lunch and a mince pie this afternoon. Thats all awful awful. I will make a salad i think. Soon. I feel sad and stressed and anxious. Thinking I am over tired. I will likely try to do nothing this eve, and have an early night. I also feel sort of sad
  10. You totally have a look at the end that conveys "Oh. Well. That was easy." It looked effortless, too. Congrats on a successful challenge! Shin splits are an ironclad reason not to run, so that you can run again in the future. Can't wait to see where you go next!
  11. Not only killing weights, but the running circuit, too. Very nice! Sounds like you had a decent Thanksgiving, replete with socializing, spatchcocking, and dessert making. Also, heck yeah to leftovers, I don't get people who dislike leftovers. They're so handy.
  12. PaulG

    Mu's 5 efforts

    This challenge has been great to watch! You’re exploring movements I didn’t even know existed. It’s a good reminder how important it is, when learning movement, to have a willingness to explore and try new things... and a willingness to take lots of video. You have to hand it to the tutorial though, it cleared it right up. Step 1: Bend the leg Step 2: Wave the leg
  13. Tips on keeping your knives in good shape, and forgive me for any information you already know. Except for the steak knives (and that isn't a hard and fast rule) NEVER put them in the dishwasher. Corrosion from being wet dulls knives far faster than use. Always hand wash and dry right away after use. That alone will keep the knives sharp far longer than a lot of tips. Also, get a good knife sharpener. I recommend something that sits on the counter still while you draw the knife over it. Get one that at least has two stages (coarse and fine). You'll see ones that have more than two
  14. So cool that’s almost worth having just to look pretty on your bookshelf.
  15. Well done on the challenge. A knife block- cool!
  16. Wow what an interesting week it has been. My anxiety has continued to do me dirty as I struggle to eat, and my allergies have come behind and swept up the rest of my sanity leaving me only half functional at any one point. But I'm mostly coping well and honestly that's all I can hope for. My food situation is iffy. I'm not really eating enough, but I'm getting some GI spikes because of all of the anxiety and I probably need to be lessening the amount of fodmaps I'm eating. I haven't really had the option with all of the thanksgiving stuff xD Next week it'
  17. Recap of last week: Nov. 23rd "Simple" S&S routine 10x10 one arm swings 32kg - 5 min 1 min rest 10x1 get-ups 32 kg - 10 min -------------------- Nov. 25th "Simple" S&S routine 10x10 one arm swings 32kg - 5 min 1 min rest 10x1 get-ups 32 kg - 10 min -------------------- I ordered 40kg 'bell and it came on Wednesday, yet I didn't try it out till today. Nov, 28th "Simple" S&S routine - untimed 2x10 one arm swings 40kg
  18. Leg waves look deceptively simple but they're super hard to do well! Nice! Even if you found this challenge a bit difficult/frustrating overall finding excitement and new ideas in movement is a really wonderful outcome!
  19. I love the word spatchcock too - but this is what I think of. 🙂
  20. Yeah that definitely doesn't sound right. Glad you were able to get it looking good, and I'd place money on it tasting just fine, too. (P.S. I love the word spatchcock, and that you use it at least yearly. It's so linguistically satisfying.) Hope the throat scratchiness went away and you got back to be hale and hearty in time for the feast!
  21. I never had an autocorrect but the red line still shows up under misspelled words.
  22. No time like the present to get back to goals. Aside from the leather arm guards (which is cool that you get to overlap goals), what sort of creativity stuff are you into? Love this. Making it a default to work exercise into the day without even thinking about it.
  23. Yeah, that's why I was looking to see if there were any good musicals/ plays that I could sing to. Their pop music seems stuck in 90s techno, which gets old REALLY fast, listening to the same background beat with different voices on top of it. All the other "musicals" I could find were either downright lugubrious operas or garishly primary-colored kid's plays. Their music seems to have the same gap their literature does - it's either kids' stuff or painfully dense adult material - nothing for teens/ adolescents to encourage independence, individuality, or exploration (because those aren't enco
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