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  2. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax rolls into April (incubating pt. 5)

    So I started logging my workout yesterday and my phone died. Let's see how much I remember. Front squat 45x5, 65x5, 75 2x5 Butterflies standing 8ea hand 3x8 Barbell rows 75x5, 95 3x5 Dumbbell OHP 20ea 2x8, 25ea x6 Back squat 95x5, 145 3x5 Some band pull aparts Deadlift 135x5, 185x5, 200x5 - last two sets switch grip, chalk no gloves. Definitely feeling my hips change - the front squats seems to stretch things out well. More on this later. And hey! I hit 200lbs! The deadlift felt easier than the back squat. Time for a form check on my squats.
  3. scalyfreak

    Grumble Finishes Strong In Story and Song

    It's a pre-apetizer to adrenaline potions?
  4. Harriet

    Raptron: Season Finale

    I don't know what mystery adventure club is, but it sounds fun! Do they at least tell you what shoes to bring? I like this. This is a good way of looking at it.
  5. Emma

    Emma had a rough year

    Bloodsucker found and destroyed. WOD done. Bed stripped, bedstead pulled out from wall, mattress flipped (not an easy job when one's ceiling is only 7 ft high), thorough cleaning done. Off to rehearsal.
  6. I actually think it might be better than the original... And there’s not many remakes that you can say that about.
  7. theophilus

    Theophilus's Retreat to Move Forward

    Second run of the week this morning; really great going out, then turned around and had 20mph winds in my face the whole way back.
  8. Ann of Vries

    [The Books of Vries] Carry On

    Week One Update No major changes from the Midweek update. On Friday I made some sugar-, dairy-* and egg**-free banana muffins as test run for Rowan's 1st Birthday Party in April. He's 1/4 Korean (from my side of the family), and my mother will be by next month to celebrate his Doljanchi. I don't want to do a big sugary cake, so I'm trying to find something that I'm happy with him eating and am okay offering to the babies/young children of my friends who will be attending. They turned out all right. I'm making another batch this weekend with some modifications. Side bonus--relatively healthy snack material, especially for me to grab in the morning. My weight continues to drop. I was getting suspicious of this (batteries dying?), because I don't feel like I'm doing enough to warrant it. But Mr weighs himself regularly and feels the scale is accurate. I'm just a jot from my pre-preg weight. I don't see it when I look in the mirror, though! I know some of it has distributed. I have a lot of muscle in my arms and core that didn't used to be there (all that baby-carrying). But still, more pudgy in the stomach area than I'd like. I'll just continue on. Hopefully my body will catch up with the numbers XD Most of Thursday got eaten by our annual pilgrimage to dentist for check-ups and cleaning (he's like an hour and a half away--two hours on the way home because of traffic issues--but he's been Mr's dentist for like 30 years and he's really good). Friday and Saturday we were homebound because the little guy is quite poorly. He's been getting lots of cuddles and milk. Despite this, I'm still making good progress on a new jumper for Rowan, and while I'm not getting a lot written in the journal, I'm still thinking about the things I've been exploring in its pages. We have friends invited for boardgames and dinner tomorrow. That should be good. - *Mr and I are both lactose intolerant. We'd probably be fine with regular milk and butter for this recipe, but we don't tend to keep it in the house so I used the almond milk we had instead. **Rowan is allergic to eggs. And, I believe, something else I haven't been able to isolate. He's got an allergy panel scheduled in a couple of months.
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  10. Harriet

    Harriet's Tiny Habits Continued

    They promised us food and a free t-shirt for volunteering to help set up the Chinese martial arts tournament. I was wary about what they might consider "food", so I packed no fewer than three bars, hoping not to have to eat them. The work was actually quite tiring, I did about a million side lunges whilst taping down tarpaulins. Oh, and there was neither food nor t-shirt to be had. And having left the house at 11 and returned at 4:45, a time frame that spans my usual snack, lunch, and second snack, you can probably guess how many bars I ate... I was so tired that walking home felt really hard. I finished off the day with a reasonably healthy* home made dinner prepared yesterday. Stirfry with shredded chicken and peanut sauce (peanut butter, dried granulated garlic, lime juice, brown sugar, sriracha). Then I ate cheese and chocolate out of pure fatigue-induced indifferent recklessness and went to bed at 9pm because I was exhausted and almost every major joint in my body hurt, making every activity including reading suck. Slept for 10.5 hours. *I figure a meal of mostly veg and meat to which I add a little sugar is healthy. I'm still probably getting much less sugar and salt from my home cooked meals than from restaurant or packaged foods. But I looked at how much sugar is in the clif bars, and how much we're supposed to eat every day (google says 25g for human, 50g for superhuman warrior...but will do more reading to try to determine if this is industry sponsored nonsense or sensible guidance) and realised I'm probably going to have to give up the bars as they have 22g or more than 4 teaspoons each. That's way too much, I think, for an everyday snack food. Then again, what do you guys think about eating sugar immediately after heavy lifting? Have read some suggestions that this may be less harmful.
  11. Grumble

    Grumble Finishes Strong In Story and Song

    I can neither confirm nor deny. In other news. Pancakes for breakfast! Homemade, and Almond extract is exceptionally tasty.
  12. Valette

    Time to Cut - Any thoughts?

    I just want to follow this up by saying the method has been successful and thank you for your words of wisdom!! I dropped 6lbs without any excessive soreness, fatigue (unrelated to grad school LOL), or complication.
  13. Emma

    Emma had a rough year

    Sleep: bed at 12:30, up at 7:30 awake intermittently. Nice nap yesterday afternoon. Eat: on plan. Methinks the plan needs tweaking. Exercise: PT yes, gym yes, walk no. Blood sugar back down. The scale number held steady today. The problem is there was a week and a half where I gained 4 pounds and I want the numbers going back in the opposite direction. Getting annoyed. A few weeks ago i decided I was tired of planning and shopping and cooking and cleaning the kitchen so I signed up for a meal delivery service, Bistromd. (To be totally honest, what I really want is a nanny who will cut my sandwiches in triangles and take me to the playground and tuck me in bed after reading goodnight moon. I've been an adult for about 4 years now and I'm tired of it.) The plan was three meals a day and two snacks, nutritionally planned out and delivered to my door (frozen). Immediately after signing up, I was bombarded with emails of weight loss tips and I realized Bistromd was actually a weight loss plan. And that little rebel inside me kicked in and I ate and ate and ate. Sigh. When I realized what my little rebel was doing, I canceled the plan. And that's how I gained 4 pounds in a week and a half on a weight loss program. The food isn't all that bad, really, just not to my taste. The meals have more vegetables and more protein than your average frozen dinner. No nap will be had today, rehearsal 10-3 and then straight to work. On the upside, I will likely be able to get in a good walk if the weather stays clear. Now I need to do laundry and change my sheets and find that greedy little bloodsucking spider that's been biting me at night.
  14. Yeah, that one hurt a bit. I told her to find the remake of the Karate Kid* and go from there. *It's just as good as the original. I will fight you on this.
  15. Harriet

    Lag a'mhuilin Never Learned How to Eat

    I also mostly eat in front of a screen - my laptop. And I'm also struggling with eating for reasons other than hunger. It's good to see someone else trying to tackle this. Keep going!
  16. Harriet

    Grumble Finishes Strong In Story and Song

    Spaghetti <3 Oooh, I'm starting to get sympathetic pre-marathon nerves. Wait, nervousness is just a false interpretation of performance improving energetic buzz.
  17. Ooof. We've got someone of similar age in our aikido class. I made a joke about her being Jackie Chan. In response I got a blank stare "Jackie who?"
  18. Nomad Jay

    What's everyone reading?

    I ended up dropping Dark Serpent, which is a shame since I really wanted to like that book. I may have to find something earlier in the series and start from there. Currently reading A Tale of Two Subs, which is about a submarine disaster during WWII. The author does a great job of conveying the psychological terror the sailors must have been going through, so I have to read it in small doses.
  19. Guzzi

    Get a life Guzz! (Take 2)

    Yeah, today is another rest day. It sucks to bet his weak and feeble but it is what it is, you just gotta Suck it up Buttercup!
  20. Nomad Jay

    Passed my first Kyu test

    I passed my first Kyu test for aikido on Monday, literally the first martial arts exam I've ever taken. Afterwards Sensei told me I moved gracefully and that I was ready to test three months ago. For a guy who generally feels like an elephant tromping through the world (I am a large man in a world of small people), that meant a lot to me.
  21. Hiroro

    Hiroro Gets Her Head On Straight

    YOU GUYS I JUST RAN 10 MILES AND I FEEL AWESOME!!! This was yesterday, heh Week 1 Day 5 Breakfast - broccoli/cheddar/pita strata Lunch - meatballs, 1 tiny pizza, 2 pretzel bites, 2 chicken nuggets, 2 sliders, bite of brownie, 1.5 beef skewers, 1 pig in a blanket, 1 large cider, 1/2 large beer Happy hour - 1 wing, 1 mini taco, carrot sticks, 2 pretzel bites, 2 glasses wine Snack - most of a bag of corn nuts Veggies - 3.5/5 - I took strata instead of veggies because I need to eat it up Workout - 2/3 Mind - 5/5 Meditation. Also went to therapy, check Gave myself a half point for the strata - it was fully intentional and I wanted to eat something healthy-ish to avoid stuffing myself with appetizers. Also since I've been eating just veggies for breakfast, I'm going through leftovers much slower and I need to eat up this strata. My therapist encouraged me to sign up for the fitness coaching since I need the accountability, so I'll get that rolling this week...for some reason I feel like I need somebody else's permission to spend my money.
  22. Rinna

    Saving What We Love: Tanktimus' Mindset

    I LOVE James Bond. My BF and I would watch the movies when they came in T.V. I had a hugemongous crush on Roger Moore, and wanted to be a bond girl so bad. (I was an ugly duckling, and my young mind saw that he loved them and I wanted to be loved. It was all so glamorous.) Then I grew up and realized that bond girls were shanky ho’s, and that it was the wrong kind of love.But I still love James Bond, and have all the original on dvd.
  23. Sloth the Enduring

    Get a life Guzz! (Take 2)

    It seems like you ramped things up pretty quickly. Don’t be afraid to slow down and recover.
  24. My bf’s oldest boy (11yo) didn’t know who Keanu Reeves was the other day, and he had never even heard of The Matrix!
  25. Nomad Jay

    Scouts Camp 2019 : From jungle to the beach

    I'm not doing a formal challenge this go-round, but good luck to all y'all.
  26. Nomad Jay

    Scouts Camp 2019 : From jungle to the beach

    I'll be well past 5K at that point (or should be), but I'm happy to serve in an advisory capacity. How may I be of assistance?
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