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  2. Kishi


    Right. Like one of my long running frustrations is over not having time to deal with my issues, and now I do and I'm frustrated with those instead. Yeah, for real.
  3. raptron

    Mike Wazowski: Settling Back into Routines (or "Routines")

    GOOD observation. Though I do wonder (completely speculating from the outside) that your need to constantly be ON all the time may mean you could actually benefit from more down time in general? Though not at the expense of sleep. Just having total RELAXXX mode (not trying to hit some kind of metric for how successful your relaxation effort is even!) can be very helpful. Yesss. Excellent.
  4. Mike Wazowski

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    Hahaha the downside of evidence-based methods of doing anything. Sometimes, the evidence tells you truths when you'd really like to be told a lie that makes you feel good. And I'm staying out of the programming discussion because I've read so little recently that I don't have much to add. Though I have seen elsewhere (probably Layne Norton's instagram) that challenging volume matters, not just volume per se.
  5. Mike Wazowski

    JessFit's Time to Grow

    OMG those dachshund race photos are the cutest! And CONGRATULATIONS on being an official homeowner - that's got to feel good, and best of luck with all the moving stuff, fingers crossed your whole process is as smooth as possible!
  6. Mike Wazowski

    CM basks in the midnight sun

    Sounds like a truly amazing end to the week and weekend!!! That breakfast sandwich description had me drooling, and I just finished lunch!
  7. aramis

    aramis on his way

    June 18th: sleep - ... workout (running) - done veggie in every meal - done protein - lunch 101g, dinner - 17g, supper 62g - 180g total. On point again. I introduced running program "None to Run" as a progress from my interval jog/walking. Looks promising.
  8. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    June 17th Nutrition: Breakfast - none Lunch - chicken stew, grilled veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, carrot frozen mix) - 696kcal, 98g protein Dinner - potatoes, fried fish, stewed cabbage, tomato - 331kcal, 17g protein shake - protein powder on water - 120kcal, 23g protein Supper - quark blended with frozen blueberries and dash of 30%fat cream, handful of almonds - 597kcal, 39g protein Drinks - black coffee, water. Morning coffee with 100ml whole milk - 60kcal, 3g protein Total 1804kcal, 180g protein. Quark with frozen fruit taste almost like ice cream. Almost. I added cream because a) it's low fat quark and it's sort of dry, b) to add some smoothness. Next time I'll buy some Greek yogurt and try it as a base. Workout (running): Something about 4 - 4,5km (forgot to switch gps on), 35 min. I introduced running program "None to Run" as a progress from my interval jog/walking. Since I already did some 1 min jog / 2 min walk, I decided to move right to week 4 - 1,5 min run with 2 min walk, repeat for 25 min. I'm tired, but I definitely enjoyed it
  9. scalyfreak

    JustCallMeAmber and the brain

    Scheduled meltdowns in a safe and secluded place. Wholeheartedly endorse and recommend this.
  10. scalyfreak

    Scalyfreak prepares for battle

    Another day, another mini boss. Work Life goes on...
  11. Harriet

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    Interesting. Nuckols has said elsewhere that the number of hard sets matters. It seems like RPE, or percentages paired with reps, are supposed to help us estimate how to get a hard enough set. But the percentage + reps doesn't always work for picking the right difficulty because people have different spreads between their different rep maxes. I guess 60% x 10 reps was supposed to be relatively hard for you but it wasn't because you're not the mythical average beast. Good to know. RPE actually sounds pretty sensible. But do you mean you tend to go too hard? I have been finding myself in the RPE 9.5-10 range every workout, and it's a bit much. It's built into my linear-ish programme, though; if I succeed in getting the assigned reps, I increase the weight. And the jumps of 5lb are relatively large for me. So I'm almost always just getting the reps, or failing some. I failed a bench and a squat yesterday, for example. I think I'm going to reduce the volume of my 3-5 rep, max effort main lifts and add in more steeply decreasing back-off sets instead (these should still feel plenty hard). And I'll add in more lower weight, higher rep secondary lifts - something in the 8-10 range that feels like an RPE 8, I guess. Yeah, I can do fewer reps of low-weight OHPs than I can other lifts. So far, anyway. That's what the volume work will correct! Death or GLORY!!!!
  12. Mike Wazowski

    JustCallMeAmber and the brain

    110% agree. Healthcare in the US is such an opaque market - you never know what anything's going to cost when you're making the treatment decisions (and often, your doctor doesn't know either), plus there are so many overlapping things to navigate that it's near impossible to know how to make the optimal choice for you or your family. I dunno if this will help, Amber, but a strategy I've found some success with (that I need to bring back) is time-boxed venting / meltdowns. Like, I'll find a secluded room (or go to my car or something), set a timer for 5 minutes, and let the frustrations and whatever else come venting out, then collect myself and focus on solving the problem from the new curveball. Because a "don't lose your shit at all" strategy didn't quite work for me, knowing I'd have a time and place to let it all out really did.
  13. raptron

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    Which means doing all the research is cool and all, but you still gotta put in the work and see what happens. I love Greg. Their podcast is kicking off and very goofy and chock full of dry humor (but also great content).
  14. CourtnieMarie

    CM basks in the midnight sun

    brewed awakenings - next RI trip, let's do itttt part of why i still commit to these challenges is that otherwise i wouldn't stop myself and say hey, dude. you actually did a lot, okay? Week 4 – Monday I went to the gym on a Monday morning – that felt great squats 95x5 115x5x4 ez bar curls 50x5x5 underhand cable pulldowns 105x5 110x5x4 lying toe touchers 10x2 DL 135x5 the day was stressful though. period started, I had a cry sesh at work, there is so much work. luckily, the goals meeting for my dad went really well, I’m just kind of waiting for the next insurance hammer to fall. I wasn’t able to see him though bc he was still at his doctor appointments in boston. I went home and did some yoga, including bridges and clamshells. cooked dinner and prepped snacks for work today. Fitness: 2/5 runs, 5/5 workouts, 3/5 bridges & clamshells, 8/30 yoga Sleep: 0/3 midnight cutoff, current avg 7h37m the plan. M: AM gym; visit dad; PM yoga T: PM yoga W: AM run; visit dad T: AM gym; work book club F: AM yoga; travel to maine S: 5K; bachelorette things S: groceries; meal prep
  15. Mike Wazowski

    Press to handstand cont.

    That CONTROL on the lower! Seriously so impressed with your progress on your handstand skills! Bike weight makes such a difference - it was life-changing when I got a proper commuter bike back when I was biking to and from work (~10 miles / 16 km each way - it got to be too much on top of dance stuff). New job still going well?
  16. Salinger

    The Star-Spangled Miau With a Plan

    Oh Mia, sorry you feel sad today. Sending you lots of love. xx
  17. Mike Wazowski

    Mad Hatter navigates the event horizon

    I second the above - as someone who's still in the process of chasing down a diagnosis (navigating insurance is NOT fun) but just having the framework and looking at possible coping strategies has been really helpful for me. 100% agree with tron and @@mu - are you holding yourself to a superhuman standard, Hatter? I'm sometimes guilty of that. More a fan of hygge personally. But that's just cause I really like blankets, kalsarikannit is a close second.
  18. Deckard Gainz

    Deckard studies the Skeleton King

    I made it through the weekend! Friday kind of sucked, but my fiance enjoyed the wedding so I'll just count that as taking one for the team. Saturday was difficult but satisfying. In addition to taking two full truckloads of brush and old furniture to the dump, I also cut down and dug up a gigantic old weed bush, for lack of a better term, and a few smaller ones too. I had them all cut down and out of the ground by myself in about an hour. I was sweating balls but my friends that had taken the first trip to the dump to unload were pretty impressed that I had finished by the time they got back. My friend whose house it was, was super appreciative. He was originally going to wait to do that until a different day and have to rent a truck again, and I was like "nahhh we've got 2 hours before the dump closes. We can do this!" And we did. I was also grateful that the 2nd "wedding" we had to go to was mostly just a housewarming party. We didn't have to dress up or drive out to some remote location, it was very casual, and a nice way to relax after a long day of yard work. I think I hit my Fitbit calorie goal by 5pm, which is the 2nd fastest I've ever hit it besides a different day when I did 3-4 hours of yardwork last July in like 95 degree heat. Sunday I got to be pretty lazy, which was necessary. I still mowed the grass, folded some laundry, and did some odds and ends tasks that made the day not completely worthless. Still, I didn't sleep too well over the weekend and I should have made some of that up Sunday night but I didn't. Yesterday (Monday) I was back to the gym. It looked like this: Deadlift @ 315 (~75%) 1x8 1x7 1x6 2x5 ~5 second hold at the end OHP @ 115 (~70%) - 2x7 2x5 Leg press - 4x10 @ 630 DB Bench press 1x10 @ 50s 1x10 @ 60s 1x8 @ 60s 1x5 @ 60s Good mornings - 3x10 @ 135 Decline pushups - 1x10, 1x8, 1x5 DB lat raises @ 10s - 2x10, 1x5 Back still hurt, either from sumos last week or from digging in the ground on Saturday. Overall effort was kind of mediocre, probably due to lack of sleep and no pre-workout. I'm taking today off and I'll be back to it on Wednesday, so hopefully not too sore by then.
  19. Mike Wazowski

    Raptron Coasts

    Ooh, now I need to try this sometime! I just assumed it was totally impossible and you were superhuman (you still are, but this particular video isn't evidence of that fact).
  20. Kishi

    Shotokan forges ahead

    Daily training is cool, but I have to admit, it does get in the way when it comes to doing other things like writing. Martial Arts in particular scratch both the training and artistic itches, so it's hard to find a way to doing other artistic things when you dedicate so much time to the one. Or at least, that's my finding.
  21. miss_marissa

    The Long Night

    Hi ya'll sorry for being late on this post. I got very into completing my week 3 challenge and then have a crazy work week this week. Enjoy!
  22. Today
  23. I really need to remember that the hubby doesn't hear all the stuff that a doctor says to him or he doesn't ask the right questions. So the one hour I needed to spend with him this morning turned into 2.5 hours plus an hour later today when it was all said and done. I should know better. It went well. But the procedure was 1 hour and then we had to wait for him to come out of anesthesia and then he wanted food. AT home he got mad at me because i followed him in the house (to grab my lunch!) and then told the oldest spawn of ours she is not to get in a car with dad today because that is what the doctor said. She has a orthodontists appt this afternoon that the hubby was going to take her too, but no driving for him per the doctor. So I have to take off from work some more today to take care of that too. I'm a little stressed about getting my hours in this week and the extra time away today only made that worse. I can stay late tonight to make up some of it.... <sigh> I have been feeling bloated the last two days so I'm trying to choose smaller meals (I suck at portion sizes!!!) No exercise happened last night but I got to bed before 10:30pm. I'm having trouble being confident these days... There is so much going on in life right now and I'm managing it all but not with confidence. It sucks and kind of pisses me off. So I'm looking for that kick in the pants boost that I need. I'm not finding it externally so must be that its lost somewhere in me...
  24. Miaulin

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    *insert super plus x1000 pompom-shakery with confetti, glitter, streamers, and a lightshow*
  25. RogueLibrarian

    RogueLibrarian trains like a Jedi

    I feel pretty good about all this. Lovely day. That's my secret, Cap. Brain weasels is apt. I'll get over it, or through it. I have strategies, but unfortunately they all take *work*. Unfortunately this is the first year we're not going to Dragoncon, so this is purely hypothetical. I promise to alert you all if and when.
  26. Anim07734

    Manarelle pays the rent

    I haven't finished the build yet, but I'll be cutting a face shield to make the visor for a Mandolorian helmet at some point. I also liked the cheap sunglass lenses suggestion. Or you can look around for a place that sells replacement lenses. I got new lenses for my Oakleys for ~20$ because the style had been discontinued. And they make a huge variety of sizes and colors to better match your mask/helmet. If it were me, I'd probably get a couple cheap Zorro-style masks and play around with different lense options until I found one that worked. Then use foam and worbla to make the final shape over the top. Depending on prescription/UV requirements, you could also try just stretching fabric over a mask template. That worked well on my brother's Grifter mask to get the white eyes.
  27. Miaulin

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Awww what a lovely cat :3 Please try not to feel bad for feeling bad - depression is a nasty beast, and that isn't your fault. Working despite it is a Lot, good on you <3 Your lunch sounds great!
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