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  2. We are about an hour from the lake district, it took an hour and a half to get to Ambleside where this walk started! It was amazing!
  3. Monday Update I had a grocery delivery to my mom's and my parents were going to bring it over but when they got in their car it wouldn't start. They asked me to drive over and collect it, and when I got there my mom said she was sad because they'd been looking forward to leaving the house so I bundled them both up in the car and bought them to my house for a mini garden soiree. Neither of them had left the house at all since early march and I made them a mini picnic in the sunshine. I took them back home in the late afternoon and retired to the bath until TH finished work. I stand shoulder to shoulder with every person of colour in this world as they fight for the basic rights I am automatically granted on the basis on my skin colour. I was immediately driven to drink after watching that shower of utter lies and we had beers in the garden, then I made honey roast gammon for dinner. We spent more of the evening in the garden, but down at the bottom where the trees are and it was really nice to have a bit of a change of scenery. The way my garden is designed (we inherited it, there is no way I'd be able to design something this beautiful) it's split into two parts and separated by a bamboo screen so it's like having two gardens. It really is lovely. We watched some tame TV before spending the night on Twitter watching the world continue to burn. We watched Trump's conference. I have a lot of feelings but I'll leave them on Twitter. Also, nice to see Ebola making a comeback, 2020 really won't quit will it.
  4. Week 4, Day 1 Sunday Weekend: (0/1) Morning walk: (0/7) no walk today Workout: (0/3) Jump Rope: (1/2) 20+ min Dishes/Clean: (1/7) dishes Vegetables: (1/7) salad Creative/Garden: (0/7) Water the Garden: (1/7) rain In Bed by Midnight: (1/7) yes Week 4, Day 2 Monday Weekend: (0/1) Morning walk: (0/7) oops Workout: (0/3) Jump Rope: (1/2) Dishes/Clean: (1/7) Vegetables: (2/7) salad Creative/Garden: (0/7) Water the Garden: (2/7) watered In Bed by Midnight: (1/7) I think I kept reading past midnight, but it's a little fuzzy I forgot about an early work meeting and didn't have time for a morning walk. One of my zucchini plants didn't survive being chewed on. The other one isn't looking too healthy. The leaves are kind of yellowish and it doesn't seem to be growing much.
  5. Although I maintain she cannot and has never been able to sing, I am a Britney girl. Although I don't much like her music. Except this one which is a workout playlist staple.
  6. I see it! I feel exactly the same. Normally, I'm right there at a protest but it's too dangerous for all my family right now. I am wondering if this is what our government are banking on though. Christina definitely has the best voice.
  7. @mu

    Run Raptron Run

    ha ha ha!! brilliant! ❤️ LOLZ Totally makes sense to me
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    Waanie experiments

    Thanks! The vacation was really productive in that sense . Today is a day in which I'll prepare for going to the office again: getting groceries for the rest of the week, cleaning a bit, and making sure that everything is a good state in general. I might even shave my legs!
  9. Tuesday => press to HS session As this week is deload-ish, I stripped my warm-up to the strict minimum, removed blocks and flags training, and it was nice. I might actually keep that format for press to HS during the week. More is not always better, and I can't do everything... I hit a new PR on tuck head in from wall entry, I managed ~25s from a wall entry: straight head in entry from the wall 20s hold => free standing head in transition 5s hold (10s) /done tuck head in entry from the wall 10s hold => tuck head in entry from the wall 20s hold => free standing tuck head in transition 5s hold pike head in entry from the wall 10s hold => pike head in entry from the wall 20s hold => pike free standing head in transition 10s hold /done After that I worked on the transition but it's difficult to get, more than pike where the weight of my legs is kinda helping with reaching a fuller shoulder flexion. I haven't found the key yet to unlock that transition in tuck. Then I had some light bulb moment with negatives. L-sit I'm still touching the floor. To stalder, on my first attempt I bent my legs and touched the floor. Watching the video, I realised that the only reason my feet were touching was because I was bending... so next attempt, I kept my legs as straight as I could and it worked! Not fully controlled but I landed it! It's just a brain thing really because I CAN keep my legs straight. I suspect something similar in L-sit but I moved on to press. Which also felt good. A tiny puppy started coming up at about 6-7 cm and I fixed it. Then I was tired and stopped there. Ha nope I tried to do hanging leg raises with my new ankle weights (3kgs each) and I barely made it to a L-sit (could not hold it). Stopping momentum when coming down was also a bit hard I just did 3 and couldn't be harassed to challenge myself further. It's deload week! Here is a video log with tuck head in and negatives:
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  11. Oow i almost forgot to post this one from saturday:
  12. This felt so very hard. It was like running through syrup. It was hot and there were but small parts where i felt like i was running in a nice pace. Mostly it was just a very awkward run. I was so glad i arrived at my destination. And i was even more impressed by my avg. It felt like i was going at least 20 sec / K slower. Hopefully this was on odd one out! Thanx Trip for the support, well appreciated!
  13. Today has been slightly better. Work was frustrating. Details I won't go into, but something I need to have access to was finally approved for me. Something went wrong with setting it up, however, and even after 2 hours working with the help desk, not only do I not have access to it, but my email is only half functional. They were out of ideas, so the issue has been elevated, but that means I'm stuck with things as they are until someone decides to call me back. And I still can't do my job. Husband found another surprise in the bathroom. Nothing huge this time, but super annoying. There's another layer of wallpaper under the one we had halfway removed. Doesn't look like it's on all the walls, thankfully, but it's going to slow things down. The new exercise challenge started today. It's called "Sun's Out Fun's Out," hereafter to be referred to as SOFO. As makes sense for something like this, day 1 is a test. I'm glad it was today and not tomorrow, because I'm not too sore yet from the 50 I did yesterday. For this challenge, they have you set a metronome at 40 bpm and go up on one beat, down the next. I got 8 before I couldn't keep up with the timer. And I did them on the third stair, which is down one from what I was doing before. I thought it was about time to go to a lower elevation, and it looks like I was right! My goal is to do at least 8, since that was my score today, with no modification by the end of the challenge. Maybe that's asking for too much, but we'll see! As far as the country falling apart goes, I haven't heard any booms tonight. I would say that's good, but I think it's courtesy of some very strict curfews. I had a meeting earlier today interrupted by several coworkers getting emergency alerts informing them that parts of the city were under curfew starting at 1pm! This is a couple towns away the other direction from where the fireworks were. It was apparently bad enough that they called in the national guard. And it is not a huge city! I really do think we are currently in the run up to something paralleling 1930s Germany. And I don't want to be here when that happens. I always wondered why therewwere a bunch of people in Nazi Germany who didn't leave. Surely they could see what was happening? Could they not tell what was coming? Well, now I know, and Husband and I are starting to look into moving to Canada.
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    Flea Gonna Do Stuff

    We hang-dry all our clothes. Hang them on the evening and they'll be dry by the morning after. Your grown up brother should know these things and not rage about not being able to wash! I mean, wtf? Good on you for not going out of your way to solve a problem that isn't even a proper problem!
  15. Week: 4, Monday Quarantine Status: Full lockdown Guidemap Daily yoga, meditation or breath work - Daily creative exploits: current project(s), picture of the day, yoga pic of the day, weekly recipe post - Weekly grocery shop - Weekly constitutional walk as long as the weather allows - At least 2 social interactions with IRL people per week Nutrition Breakfast: A little leftover sushi rice with butter scarfed 10 minutes before yoga class Lunch: A second thing of grocery store sushi Dinner: Beyond burger night: lime-made English muffin bun, brown mustard/chipotle Choula burger sauce/sauerkraut/Kewpie mayo & Fritos - which I was super happy to find. Apparently they’re not popular here - no grape jelly to be found, either Snacks: None Did I eat like an asshole? Ish Did anything try to kill me? Nope Did I eat a vegetable? Kinda? Did I drink enough water? Maybe? Support and Connection Did I support my Herd? Yep Did I interact with “IRL” humans? Nope Feed My Sense Of Well-being What did I learn today? Guess What was my project for the day? Also take a wild guess Activity What did my yoga practice look like today? Back at it with a Zoom class Was I able to go on a walk this week? Not yet From Tuesday morning: Was up at 3:30 with a poo pup - Odin again - it wasn’t liquid, but it was real soft and it was in the middle of the night, which is unusual. Continuing to monitor to see if this is a thing thing. But yeah - didn’t sleep well after that. Apparently the couple barks I heard him let out were hours before and unrelated - also weird - aaaand of course Freya was ready to jump up and party. We all kinda went back to bed, but I wasn’t sleepy so got on my phone, got hit with more protest stuffs + aaaaand a text bitching about looting from my father. I spent hours of fitful sleep both planning my Animal Crossing island & arguing with said text before replying back with a call to pay attention to not only *who* was doing the looting but what the police response looks like when contrasted with the anti-mask demonstrations in the same area. Hoping the argument is going to fizzle there —— buuuuuut I have a feeling it is not going to. This is the same one who refuses to wear a mask because ‘Murcia & they aren’t an effective protection from *getting* COVID. And jobs. There’s eventually a jobs argument in there - but it’s further down the line. Le sigh. At least there are new bugs and fish to catch and a new wedding season event to play in my game - DH also has a new map(?) to explore in his - I think they’re blowing up some dam or something ... We have agreed that this week all semblance of not-gaming is off the table and that’s ok. With promises that effort will be made so this doesn’t feel like a roommate situation. We shall see if effort is put forth. I baked my weekly bread, am making DH’s favorite sushi rice accompaniment to dinner for at least half the meals, and have plans for another sushi night Friday if we don’t eat the 4th planned dinner then. Depends on whether Thursday is a leftovers night or a real food night. I think I remembered to buy all the ingredients for each meal this week - I did a woeful job at that the past 2 weeks, forgetting first the chicken to go in tacos and then managing to lose a can of coconut milk for a Thai curry I wanted to make. We shall see also if I make it to today’s HIIT class. It’s supposed to be at 12:30, but man I’m wiped - and don’t have weights - aaaaand my elbow is acting up probably from gaming and typing around sleeping dogs. Like, y’all are balanced on my knee and my wrists are resting on a dog rib cage, making my shoulders twist and hunch unevenly and my one hand and wrist hit the keyboard at an uncomfortable angle. Mental note: When IKEA opens, add a tray table lap desk thing to the list. Also on that list: a more comfortable chair for the patio for lounging with my feet up + a Dutch oven for bread baking + rugs with pads for the bedside to dampen what are apparently mini elephants if one can believe the hype. There was something else I wanted at IKEA, but I can’t remember what it was. OMFG. Almost forgot. The neighbors (I think the screamy people right next to us) have possibly gotten a karaoke machine. There was hours of h-o-r-r-I-b-l-e overwrought singing coming from the hall. Like Don’t Want To Fall Asleep or whatever that Space movie Aerosmith song is overwrought. They also tried to sing Hozier. And possibly Cold Play? Since @Heidi has inadvertently sent me down the rabbit hole (thx for “Caroline” being stuck in my damn head on repeat) - the Facebook 10 songs with no comment challenge has not helped here - I at least had good counter music to jam to. Pulled up my library on Google Play - listened to everything I’ve got from Violent Femmes, Social Distortion and the Toadies as an antidote. Must bump something off the list to add Never Tell to the Facebook thing.
  16. Sounds like the last few months at least have been rough with you, that’s a whole lot of suck you’ve had to deal with, I’m sorry. I saw your introduction thread and I have to admit I was a little worried for you at the time — but it’s clear you’ve already done a lot of work to start getting to a better place. It’s tough to make big changes in just two weeks, but it means you can lay the foundation for the next challenge being really great for you. With covid messing with all our daily routines and piling extra stress on us, your sleep schedule the other night might be more familiar to us than you think.
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    Iyashi: Dawn

    YES! Kitty kitty kitty kitty. Kitties make everything better.
  18. SkyGirl

    Iyashi: Dawn

    Thank you for checking on me, Sloth, and I'm sorry to go AWOL! This weekend was extremely busy and I was barely on social media at all - my neighborhood is in a weird little "pocket" tucked back from the big roads that go through this area, so things are totally quiet and normal so far and I am fine. ❤️ I was actually shocked to log on this morning and see how serious things were, because I was not online much this weekend and I had no idea what was happening. Some of my friends and coworkers are close to the riots but they're all safe so far as well. In my own personal bubble, things have been their own kind of rollercoaster - I found out this weekend that I was chosen to adopt Soji, and she's ready to come home as soon as this week! 😮 So yesterday afternoon I cleaned out the side of the room where I'll put her food dishes and store her food; tonight I quickly ordered her litter box, litter, food, treats, and one more toy as a welcome-home gift; and tomorrow I need to clean out the mountain of cardboard boxes that currently occupies her litter box space. The way I've been handling recycling without touching too many public surfaces is to have Nicolas stand on the sidewalk below my balcony and watch out for other neighbors as I throw the boxes over the side, then either he takes them to the dumpster, if he's feeling energetic, or if he isn't I come down and take them myself. It's actually kind of fun to throw things off the balcony and they usually end up hitting the bushes and scattering chaotically across the sidewalk, which is also entertaining. So I have to do that tomorrow - while, of course, leaving a selection of boxes for her to use as beds, play spaces or destruction zones. Beyond the logistics, I'm so excited for her to come home and I can't wait to meet her!! On the down side of the rollercoaster, I found out this afternoon that a very important friend/mentor of mine from college passed away unexpectedly over the weekend, and that really shook me up. She was not only a good friend to me, but to several of my siblings as they went through school as well. When I was paralyzed with indecision about what to do after my awful first year of grad school, one afternoon I was extremely upset and emotional and really in a bad state; and she drove half an hour from her house to campus just to come pick me up and take me to her farm. I sat in her kitchen and talked through everything that afternoon as she fed me freshly picked peaches and goat's milk - and I think she may have been the first person to utter the now-famous phrase, "Honey, you know what you want to do. You're just afraid to admit what you really want." ❤️ I'm going to miss her terribly, and I hope to be even a fraction of the incredibly strong person she was. I barely ate or slept this weekend and I'm still recovering from that, so I'm headed for bed as soon as I wrap up these tasks (ordering Soji's things, sending a couple quick messages). Counseling was canceled today and I'm very grateful because she would have yelled at me for still not taking care of myself. I'm going to get back on track this week. Stay safe, love each other, spread as much beauty and empathy and kindness as much as you can, and I'll write more tomorrow!! ❤️
  19. Congrats man! Sounds like you’ve already made a lot of your goals. Nice job on the pull-ups and sprints.
  20. I bought some elderberry tincture for the immune system. It has honey in it. No idea it is really helps or not, but it tastes better than your fire water sounds (though it's usually the nasty stuff that's the most powerful right?)
  21. Day 23 - June 1 Today was two Grokker workouts, because my entire body was feeling tight and only one kata. Kata 91/100 Home workout: 19/25 Read: 16/25 Blog post: 0/1
  22. Day 22 - May 31 Today turned into kata fest. I ended up doing eight katas and some extra hip work. It wasn't along workout but it was pretty good overall. Kata 90/100 Home workout: 18/25 Read: 16/25 Blog post: 0/1
  23. You're doing great! Anaerobic zone is for sprinting, which I don't think is in the C25K program. You can't run in the anaerobic zone for more than a couple minutes before the lactate build up makes you stop. Just remember it is always okay to run slower! If you are out of breath then you are probably running too fast. The HR zones on these watches are set to a default. You can usually change them in the settings. It sounds like your heart rate is lower than this watch is calibrated for since running until you can't catch your breath is definitely harder than easy. You are getting a solid workout.
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