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  2. scalyfreak

    Mike Wazowski Gets Basic

    For me, the ones I barely have the energy to go to end up being the most helpful ones. It's like doms - the best way to get rid of them is to do another workout. Glad the therapy helped!
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  4. Zaporogue

    Hello World

    So, to continue this long journey, and before putting some photos, here are my first epic quests. Reasonable future quest list : I will be someone who'll cheat diet less often in order to keep my progress steady 10 XP I will be someone who has lost 5kg permanently in order to look good and feel better about myself 30 XP I will be able to run 30 min in order to be able to breathe normally/get better sleep 25 XP I will be someone who exercises for 3x1h a week in order to get fitter and stronger 25 XP I will be someone who'll eat less cheese :'( in order to lose weight 10XP Scotland's 2020 summer trip: Prepare a hiking trip to Scotland 25 XP Get to hike Scotland with my best friends 15 XP Take plane tickets and book hostels 10 XP Look for good hiking gear 10 XP Organize myself to get free time to go to Scotland 10 XP Get info about Scotland's hiking place and trails 10 XP Cheers!
  5. Thom Stépan

    So here we are........again

    Great to see you back Seven. Sent from my CPH1725 using Tapatalk
  6. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski Gets Basic

    Important disclaimer: I'm not sure I've fixed it yet, nor am I an expert here. With that out of the way, he put a medicine ball under my bottom position - it appears that I was going an extra little bit of range of motion that was way beyond parallel and having me lose tension in my glutes and lower abs in the process. So that little bit less ROM and focusing on a strongly engaged front core seemed to help me maintain body tone throughout my high bar back squats. YMMV and we'll see how I do next week, but I'm tentatively excited with the results. Daily update: Had a bit of an anxiety meltdown by the end of the work day yesterday, but thankfully I didn't show it / take it out on my dance kids (confirmed with coach for feedback) Had a therapy session today - I wasn't looking forward to it but I was really grateful I did it Worked from home today to be more productive and happier - I'm very much enjoying that it's hard for anyone to interrupt me without my consent today "CrossFit" today happened at lunchtime, and it was kind of a snooze of a workout - but I think it was intentionally programmed not to be that intense since the gym is set up to do the open workout on Friday (whether or not I go remains to be seen - it's also a day with a long dance practice for me and I may decide to save my energy)
  7. @mu

    Mad Hatter does handstands

    Nice flailing! For your trap twinge, have you tried a lacrosse ball on the rhomboid, and then on the trap with arm extensions? These 2 really help me when I get a knot in there (I can it feel up to the neck sometimes). For HS hold counts, for a while my internal counts were usually over the real ones. I'd say banana 1 banana 2, then oh I need to lock my left arm, banana 3, damn I'm starting to fall over, banana 4, banana 5, not pikiiiing, banana 5 or banana 6? where was I? ok banana 5 to be safe, banana 6 and so on But in recent times, I have been getting a bit more accurate.
  8. @mu

    Fall wizardry

    Total rest Sun-Mon-Tue. On Tuesday I really wanted to handstand but nope I was strong and gave myself a complete rest. Floating between 2-3 on freshness and 3-4 on motivation. But today I really feel the difference in my body and a bit more rest will definitely not hurt. Wed: juggling class, we went though lots of stuff, not sure I remember everything. Just that apparently I do the "cascade" (the first 3 ball figure) the “wrong” way, instead of throwing inside I throw outside. And honestly my brain is having a hard time doing it the other way. Lots of exercises with 1 ball, 2 balls and clubs (only manage 2 of those). And some contact and throws too. Nice and gentle for my ab. It was a very nice class! I should add some movements like those to my warm-up. Thur: aerial, left upper ab is still a bit tense at times when I have to raise my legs but it's getting better. I'm pretty sure now I torn it a little. Again dance/movement quality exercises at first. Then some conditioning. Then a climb review and I work on a tic tac descent after a review of last week's transitions. I practiced more on the right but also did my bad side. And then I showed some of my ball tricks on silks. It has been a while! It was difficult but I managed to show a few things (a feet climb, an invert climb, chair with a ball throw - if you remember I had practiced that one a few months back in a challenge, a ball hold against the silk with the head, the cloth line figure with the ball stuck between silks, a windmill). Not always very pretty but the teacher saw what I meant And he actually started making up a story around it, like having a bag with lots of balls of different sizes, starting with a big one and finishing the routine with tiny paper ones. He is definitely a creative In any case, I'll bring it back and work my technical stuff with it as he suggested. I'm very happy about that bit! That + the juggling class makes me want to do more than just flex conditioning with that ball again. I definitely lost a lot of endurance and knowing where to hold the ball for what bit etc... (synchronization stuff I guess). I have been so so on Persian, reading but less than usual, or not at all erm. Life is just very busy. I finally received my account balance from the UK, that took 3 months, but it's in, yoohoo! At least that's sorted. Health insurance is also progressing somewhat, but it's not quite there yet. Work is still going well so far. My bit of work is joining the life cycle of the main product a bit earlier than expected and it's currently in staging and will go in production next week. And I'm starting work on another bit, also security-related but much more legislation-oriented and I'm spending a lot of time on EU regulations and French policies. So I'm very busy on that front as well because it's a lot of info to swallow to get the starting specs right. Infrastructure is a pretty tough one (but fortunately I don't have to make decisions on that one, just brainstorm options on some little bits). I'm planning to rest a bit more and maybe do some parallettes this week-end but keep it nice. Perhaps do some on my hands! I bought some HS blocks, not sure when they will arrive.
  9. Lateral Planet

    Rookie Does Things

    I feel like my boobs just winced in sympathy Good luck! Sounds like you're on a roll, and that looks like a solid plan for the next challenge. House stuff and finances are going to be a big focus of mine too. Every time we get towards the end of the year I start thinking, where the heck did all that money go??
  10. @mu

    Fall wizardry

    I felt like average in the class (on hands). Some people had a much better hold, and some people were learning to get confident free-standing. And everybody did the bottle thing, it was very much like on your feet, some keep their hold, others lose it a bit, but it was well spotted and once the fear has settled, it's just like on your feet, only a bit more tiring. But we had no complete beginners. At least the fear bit that can be quite big in adult classes was quite limited I thought.
  11. @mu

    Raptron Ramps Up

    ACRO! Awesome meet seriously, I mean your numbers are HIGH. I'm super impressed that your squat is so closed to your deadlift at that scale. Super impressive quads powaaa! That bench is also BIG!
  12. Lateral Planet

    Lateral Planet Takes A Break

    Thanks! They did, but one of the things getting me down was that our broadband wasn't working, so it looks like I've been in a funk for days but actually I just haven't been able to update Wednesday was kind of lame, so I did get myself a bowl of ice cream (no Netflix, though, thanks to stupid Telstra). Thursday was better, and Friday's shaping up well so far. All week I've managed my two goals of drinking some water and not sleeping on the couch, but I'm getting keen to start ramping things up again next week!
  13. @mu

    KB Girl and the fight for women's rights

    It's always hard to assess from the "inside". From here it looks like you do a lot. You get used to a rhythm and not having it may feel odd, lazy (maybe guilty?) but it's not really. This week I'm "fully resting" (still biking and going to 2 classes...) but I can tell my body is very much appreciating some rest. oh my I hope she will recover quickly. Glad to hear it's minimal risk! I was also surprised. I heard E. can get a paper to travel internationally when they are processing his passport for visa renewal. But it was the first time I had ever heard of it and I was quite surprised. Have a great trip!
  14. analoggirl

    A. Redefinition

    Holy moly. That went pretty alright today. It is so nice to work with people like my group. I enjoy the fact that unlike most people, I do not have a set few of people I always do an assignment with, it is really priceless that the relatively few group projects I have had to do these last 6 years have all been with different combos etc. Meant that I also had one terrrible experience but that also really held up a mirror in front of me. Most were so-so and 2-3 were really satisfying Team work. Now to get to bed before I go on a philosophical tangent. Last week. Really want to relax my muscles in the morning + work out in the evening. Have my morning and evening routines on point again.
  15. aramis

    TGP takes another chance for an adventure

    Yes, most moderate climate places have this beautiful autumn show Here is Plum and Walnut in southern Poland, merely couple days ago. Sooo much better place than paved sidewalks (IMHO). Softer, quieter and - oh the sights! I only run 5K (yet), but running in the fields is so much more fun than on the streets... (I live in rural area, so fields are easily accessible ). And be bloody proud to be one! Cheers!
  16. KB Girl

    KB Girl and the fight for women's rights

    The emergency passport was actually no problem at all, very easy to get. And it’s bright pink. I don’t think they’d give the same service to non-citizens here either though. So I went from the Netherlands to Chezch republic by plane, then a second plane to Slovakia.. and then crossed the border on foot to Ukraine. Quite the adventure. But we have arrived and we were on time for weigh in despite being held at the border for 2 hours. It wasn’t entirely unexpected because we were leaving Europe. Makes you appreciate the ease of it more. ‘It’ being no real borders in Europe and the same currency and mobile internet wherever. On the plus side we just had pizza and drinks with 4 people and had to pay roughly 12€ which is around 15 dollars maybe?
  17. Sloth the Enduring

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    Ok. That’s really weird. I don’t use my real name on forums or anything because it’s too identifiable. I can’t search their forums (phone issues) right now, but I’m going to investigate.
  18. Ann of Vries

    [The Books of Vries] I am the Dream

    Two rebels have successfully met! Had a nice pub dinner with @oromendur. She has the photographic evidence, though. The Enting liked her so much that when we split up to find seating, he went with her O_O
  19. Elastigirl

    Elastigirl Welcomes Autumn

    Yeah,I was surprised , first because I hadn't seen your name on the forums, and I didn't realize how old the forms were. Pretty sure it was you. Put your name under spoiler in case you don't want your secret identity revealed I like the feeling the rest of the day. And it does seem to get me energized for the rest of the day
  20. Elastigirl

    DaemonCorax reconciles

    Ugh, sorry you've been sick. That's a pretty high fever. Glad you are better. For me, unless I consistently work on pull ups, I lose the ability to do them quickly
  21. RedPandaOne

    Red Panda One gets back on the wagon

    It doesn't hurt to experiment, so I think I may give different beans a try. I really need to get better at posting in here. Though tomorrow will be the last day of the challenge for me. I'm off to Disney World and Universal on Saturday!!!!! I met again with the nutritionist last week. She was surprised that I hadn't lost any weight. We discussed medications a little bit more, but I'm still hesitant. We also talked about meal replacement. I had told her the couple times I tried with the shakes she gave me, I was back in the kitchen after an hour because I was hungry. She suggested having the shake and a piece of fruit. I've been trying that for the last couple mornings - mostly because I ran out of cereal and didn't want to open a box before vacation. I've been doing the shake and an apple with peanut butter. I've been good until lunch. Though I'm wondering if I make my own shakes again if they'd be more filling. Something to test when I get back. Have I exercised? Nope, and my lungs are paying for it. Have I moisturized and flossed? Yup, and my skin and teeth are loving it. Have I actually tracked protein and calories? Nope. I think next challenge I'm only going to have two goals: Exercise Track
  22. DaemonCorax

    DaemonCorax reconciles

    I'm better. Interesting development is that I've lost so much weight from working/feeding baby/being sick that I'm back under 140 now. My fighting weight was around 137-138, so I'm basically there. I feel skinny and weak though. This week we made a concerted effort to spend 10 minutes working out in the basement every evening. Yesterday we went to the gym. I still basically climb the same grade, but my 5 rep back squat went from 160 lbs at 39 weeks pregnant to 95 or so lbs now. Skinny. Oof. The 10 min nightly in the basement is mostly focused on core and shoulders for me. My core stability is a lot better, but certain things like high stepping on one foot while climbing are pretty weak. My body isn't great at retaining shoulder strength it seems, so my goal there is to be doing strict pull-ups again by December. More oof.
  23. tracer-actual


    Thursday - Stimulation Training Day AM Work Training Back Squats / Push Press / Hang High Pull 5 @ 70% 5 @ 75% 3 @ 80% 3 @ 82.5% 3 @ 90% 90kg / 60kg / 60kg 95kg / 65kg / 65kg 100kg / 67.5kg / 70kg 102.5kg / 70kg (failed after 2 reps) / 82.5kg 108.5kg / 60kg / 72.5kg Accessory work: 4 times of: - 8 x Plank to Push Ups - 8 x Deadman's Pushups (Burpee with dumbbells, but the top part is a clean) - 2 x 12.5kg DB - 8 x 1/2 Hanging Leg Raises PM Simple KB Swings (from Pavel) Every minute, do 10 single arm KB swings (each arm) for 5 minutes. 100 swings total. 24kg KB.
  24. tracer-actual


    Wednesday 16 Oct 19 - High Performance Recovery Training Day AM GST Work - Ring Rows - 5 x 8 - 5 x Superset of 10 x Elevated Ring Pushus / 5 x Dips KB Flow Get link Tempo Intervals Assault Bike 20 Sets of 0:15 @ 70% / 0:45 @ easy recovery PM Simple KB Swings (from Pavel) Every minute, do 10 single arm KB swings (each arm) for 5 minutes. 100 swings total. 24kg KB.
  25. tracer-actual


    Tuesday 15 Oct 19 - Stimulation Training Day Interlude period was spent training. Got some PT done, but not as structured as normal. AM GST - Russian dips - 5, 5, 5, 5, 4. Keep at them - Feels like it is continuing to improve in form - Ring Rows - 15, 10, 5, 7 - Did 15 reps each set, but marked where I needed a break or lost tempo. Fatigued in this at the moment - Elevated Plance Leans - 5 x 24s - Felt good, should film Work Training Deadlifts / Floor Press / Pendley Row. Approx 2:00 between sets for Deadlifts, 1:30 rest between sets for others. 3 @ 70% 3 @ 75% 3 @ 80% 3 @ 82.5% 3 @ 90% 115kg / 80kg / 70kg 125kg / 85kg / 72.5kg 130kg / 90kg / 75kg 135kg / 95kg / 77.5kg 142.5kg / 100kg / 80kg
  26. Activation routine - 5 10s plank, 5 10s superman fly, 20 slow lunges, 20 slow pushup, 5 min run Main routine - 5 rounds of 1 minute on 1 minute off hands off explosive push-up followed by high plank knee tuck My reps was 9-9-9-9-7 lost steam at the last set 186 calories (18.6 chips, couldn't get up to 20 :() with 175 bpm Stretch - some yoga stretches for knee and back Used soft pad to reduce impact on my shoulder (left one had arthroscopy) and elbow. Not too happy with my pushup form yet would love to get some advice. if you are going to try this out let me know your rep counts, calorie and heart rate also.
  27. Rookie

    Rookie Does Things

    NOOOOOOOOO I forgot my sports bra T_T Well yall might get to see why a good bra is important for riding sigh
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