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  2. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] In My Head

    Yeah, I've read some articles about this too. How, particularly for girls, their self-worth gets linked to the quickness of responses / likes / etc... It's so scary, because it is hard enough being a teenage girl (note: I'm sure it's not that easy to be a teenage boy, but my experience isn't in that area)! To be fair, she doesn't always. But we've been working really hard on explaining why we say what we do and how it might impact how she feels. We've had some success recently, so I think it was easier to convince her.
  3. wildross

    Bigm is here

    What's the line from Mr and Mrs Smith? "I'm often surprised at the twists and turns in life" while they are dancing right before she tries to blow him up with the grenade in his pocket. Things are going. Moved back to Ohio. Still work for Red Hat in Florida. Still lifting, though 2018 was a pretty blah year for that.
  4. Mistr

    Chemgeek comes out of the Fade

    I hope you get to spend time with your relative and that things go as well as possible under the circumstances. Crisis survival mode makes perfect sense. Hang in there.
  5. TGP


    the leaderboard CAN allow two entry for the same exercise but it would pick one of them (I think it picks the first one). for comparison sake, i think you should just put your best efforts into your list (just as you are saying).
  6. jstanlick

    [Sylvaa] In My Head

    I'm glad she listened to you! I've had to remove devices from my daughter's possession to make this happen at times. It seems so hard for them to not be looking for or answering messages all the time. Glad everyone is home from the hospital! You've had quite the busy few weeks!
  7. Mistr

    RES: If I could turn back time

    Yay for doing all the working out and the 5k last week! Clearly your eating is also close to plan as shown in your weight. Keep up the momentum!
  8. Shello

    Shello's 2019 Kick-off Unchallenge

    Teens and social media is a terrible combination. THanks for the tracking alternatives. I've been trying to watch portion control at the very least. Thanks. It has been a blessing that she has been able to be so open with me. Acing it is way better than I could have hoped for. I felt pretty clueless at the time. But now we'vwe talked to her counselor and she has a treatment plan that makes sense and an appointment with a psychiatrist in a couple weeks. Thanks. Thanks for the support. Thank you.
  9. Manarelle

    Grandkai's New Year & return to NF?

    Sounds like that might have been necessary for mental health, though, a vital part of physical fitness.
  10. TGP

    elizevdmerwe - There be Dragons

    I know of places around here that have tried game nights. sometimes board games (like chess) are included but I've found that they, fall short compared to video gaming.. so my expectation is that if you have more kids than game consels,etc that might be a little bit of a problem.* still. its gone well, where I've seen it tried. Kids will Definitely love Video games; and video gaming if wildly popular compared to chess. as a parent; you may or may not find game requests reasonable. some games have edgy content. I've also seen kids that become too competitive or disruptive-- but that's a danger during any youth event. but back when I helped with boy scouts* we did try this game night idea as a legitimately good scout experience. I don't know Quite how to explain this; but my experience is that something Kids would prolly rather not do and doesn't seem that fun to them; can go well and kids can actually like and learn from it on the other end of the scale are things kids would LOVE to do and would definitely prefer doing. there's not a lot of learning- and problems can happen when kids get excited, and competitive. video gaming would likely be this kind of activity. it could go great! but I'd keep the kids under a lot of supervision. in scouts, we had Most of problems, either when the kids were doing stuff they like doing or when they were bored. my previous experience is with Boys Scouts specifically. so I'm not sure how relevant (these experiences) are Generally, its always solidly good to look for a way for your kids to make friends doing favorite activities. I hope you find or create that kind of experience for them. its seems that leaving or staying is a difficult and even anxious decision. so much disruption, expense and effort to move anywhere- not to speak of moving internationally, I can understand the enormity of that. during my last move; life got very, very disrupted and I'm not sure it was exactly for the better. my wife in particular is not happier here. * I want to point out that I haven't been a scout leader for a good 7-8 years and that some experiences are even much older than that. in Computer terms, 8 years is like an eternity and I am not so confident about knowing the way that kids feel about video games. there
  11. ladyofthebog

    Lady of the Bog is Trapped by Old Man Willow

    also. something that gives me hope/at least tempers the despair. this poem by the late mary oliver: has me thinking about summers here in oregon, northern california: languid and freckled like me. Honey At The Table It fills you with the soft essence of vanished flowers, it becomes a trickle sharp as a hair that you follow from the honey pot over the table and out the door and over the ground, and all the while it thickens, grows deeper and wilder, edged with pine boughs and wet boulders, pawprints of bobcat and bear, until deep in the forest you shuffle up some tree, you rip the bark, you float into and swallow the dripping combs, bits of the tree, crushed bees – - – a taste composed of everything lost, in which everything lost is found.
  12. jstanlick

    Salinger's eighteenth challenge!

    Plus you got a big thing crossed off your list for today with the batch cooking. That will pay dividends as the week wears on. From the outside looking in, they are getting better. You're accomplishing stuff every day. Try to focus on what you did achieve rather than what you didn't. We can always find things that didn't go as planned or how we would've liked them to go. And most of us forget about the good things as soon as they're done. Like we expect things to go right and don't get excited when they do. It can feel like a grind at times, I get that. But, you're getting better. Some days may have not gone as you'd have liked, but taking a step back on the whole, you're moving forward. Stay with it. You got this, Sal!
  13. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] In My Head

    Updating is HARD right now. I'm alive, and actually very well. Just - shark week and adjusting to a new normal made me dig my head in the sand and not be online at all. Which is fine. I have not gotten to the gym like at all this week (since last Wednesday!). Which tanks my mood (and not in the good Tank way). Luckily, I am back on the road (which means a more normal schedule) and ready to hit the gym tonight. I am also retaining water like a crazy woman (seriously, 3 lbs does not show up in 36 hours, nor do clothes not fit correctly that quickly). So I am currently drinking ALL THE WATER! Everyone is home from the hospital. They got discharged Thursday night with the promise of keeping a doctor's appointment Saturday. While I am very thankful that the hospital is concerned for a teenage mother, it has also been kind of annoying. I keep reminding myself that not everyone has a support system like my daughter does. Baby P had a high bilirubin reading on Saturday, so we had to go for some more blood work to see how he was looking, but even that came back more normal than anticipated. He's still looking a bit jaundiced as of last night, but it's slowly fading. He's got another follow-up today, so hopefully all will be well. My step-daughter has decided she also wants to do cyber school, so we are starting the paperwork for her. She's going to trial for the rest of this year and then reevaluate for the fall. I am definitely okay with this as I feel that her friends have a huge impact on this whole anxiety thing. Like, of course, all of them have been diagnosed with anxiety, so of course everything she does is a sign of anxiety. And then they get worked up and get her all worked up and then it's so much worse. For example, this weekend, she broke up with her boyfriend. It was a good decision to make. She had already decided that it would happen by the end of the year (he's a senior and she is a sophomore, so this is the last year they would be in school together anyway), but he is more into her than she was into him, so she decided to break it off earlier. Her friends started making her all upset over it. Finally, we just told her to ignore their calls / messages until she got more calm.
  14. ladyofthebog

    Lady of the Bog is Trapped by Old Man Willow

    so i take back everything i've said up until this point about weaning off antidepressants being fine. my brain feels like... you know that scene from braveheart when the scots are running into battle? that but in 4 dimensions and there is like 5 armies of scots all running at each other. i'm reminded of my destructive tendencies, tumultuous years. (lana is my guilty pleasure) i feel terrible. just terrible. also like this was a terrible, no good idea. ah, well, keep on keeping on. this song calms me:
  15. jstanlick

    jstanlick attempts to heal and carry on

    WEEK TWO IN REVIEW Quick run down of goal attainment... 1) Walk at least 5 days a week. The days I didn't walk, I was running. So, I'm going to count that as close enough. Plus, I walked 5 days anyway. ACHIEVED! 2) Determine what exercise I can do and do it 3x/ week. I didn't get to 3x. However, I did get twice. So, I'm closer each week. Not achieved, but getting closer. 3) Control the carbs. Made it all days. It was a little harder this week. Not sure why. Must be asking a lot of the body as I felt hungry most of the time. Need to up the fat intake I guess to make up for calorie expenditure. I dropped a couple of pounds on the scale as well. I wasn't trying to drop more weight. I kinda want to add more muscle mass. Tricky part seems to be doing that while keeping the carbs low to control my blood sugar. I'm debating adding a few days of IF each week to see what that does to the blood sugars. I obviously survived while sick. I used to do IF until the diabetes diagnosis and they told me to stop doing that. But, medical research I've found seems to contradict that advice. Anyway, goal achieved! 4) Me time. Much harder this week. I had something going every night to the point I was feeling kinda frazzled. But, still managed to grab some time each day for some quiet to help keep things together. Achieved. 5) Secret goal. Tis not a secret anymore. So, this one is complete from the original goal. I'm going to modify this to have at least one post a week for the rest of the challenge. Achieved! 4 out of 5. Back to zero week production. Hoping to hit 5 out of 5 this week. Depends greatly on if I can keep myself from doing too much and suffering a setback. On to week 3!
  16. Manarelle

    traaki koolaidmans into 2019

    Nice work on the backlog, that's tough to face down and start cleaning up. The zesting thing sounds neat, is that for your own stock or to make as gifts/ to sell?
  17. Rinna

    » shaar reawakens - a prologue

    Fleece lined leggings/tights. Edited to add: I guess I’m lucky. My wild turkeys seem to be mortally afraid of cars, and humans. Thank the good Lord. Couldn’t handle being chased/attacked by a group of them.
  18. jstanlick

    jstanlick attempts to heal and carry on

    Pretty good, Sal! I think. Getting better every day anyway, and how can I ask for more than that? Well, I'm kinda greedy, so that's how Yeah I hear ya, Rho! Caution is not always my strong suit. Especially coming off an injury. I soooooo want to get back to where I was that I really need to fight myself and make myself slow down. But, so far so good.
  19. Rinna

    Salinger's eighteenth challenge!

    This isn’t necessarily bad. I often have toast with peanut butter, never been a huge jam person. As long as you don’t eat the whole loaf of bread, or the whole jar of marmalade, I don’t see a problem.
  20. Manarelle

    Akura travels the eightfold path

    That sounds emphatically not fun, but nice job on getting out and doing it.
  21. Salinger

    TGP makes a daring escape!

    glad you are both ok great job at the chess too! xx
  22. Manarelle

    Elennare Starts 2019 Strong

    Convenient, if annoying. Hope your stomach is feeling better. I don't think I'd heard of fixed weight barbells. That does sound tough to rack, if you've pushed yourself on reps. Did you find more pans? I have one cast-iron pan that I use for daily morning scrambled eggs and I love it.
  23. Today
  24. jmk

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    I am so sorry. I pray for peace for you during this time. Don't let go of your hope. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  25. jmk

    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Poem post - My son got in trouble in school and he goes to a private school so we weren't sure what the outcome would be. I couldn't sleep or eat and the poem was written from where I was at that moment. They are letting him stay under strict probation. I believe he can do it and grow from this. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  26. TGP

    TGP makes a daring escape!

    Hey Guys! I'm thawed! we ALMOST made it! we had to bail at 4:30am. our plans were good and the equipment worked well; but we were just too cold during the extreme conditions. I think we both learned alot about what we have to work on... but I'll lay it all out in a big entry (complete with pics), in the next few days. trying to get a sense of how this affects my exercise program. technically, the walk TO the campout was pretty small. 0.4miles one way. Altogether I went back and fourth 7 times ; making it 14 one way trips; with some additional mileage for finding the spot and gathering. and in addition to that there was ALOT of gathering! my step counter shows it all equaling a heck of a lot of distance. I can honestly say in three days I feel like I did an enormous amount of work; but not in a way that would compare to the normal 3 hour hike. I'm just not quite sure this was good exercise. idk; maybe this is being silly. it was a good experience with my son; and lots of time spent outdoors. that's all a solid win. I honestly think that Brennon is more disappointed about leaving at 4am than I was... but I know a person in danger of hypothermia when I see one. I was NOT going to let anything happen. Brennon views these camping experiences (now) like I view my big hike. a matter of skill and strength. and he is obsessing about it a bit. You know you're obsessing about something; when your fall short in truly uncomfortable, unpleasant conditions... and you want to try it again! we're holding it once a month MAX. as I told my son, a little tongue in cheek, I really ALMOST want to go on these camping trips as it is... it goes without saying that I'm Very proud of brennon for toughening out a hard outdoor experience. --- In other news; I'm doing pretty good at chess (with more winning than losing) and still trying to unlock better habits. unfortunately, big showstopper camping trips kind of interrupt the schedule. it truly frigid today; but prolly worse for some of you.... the Wind chills in the Northeast are Insane! -25 *F or colder! I'll see if I can get back to normal. --- I also failed my agility quest on the MINI. I'd try to write something up on that thread, too. as there's a bit of a story about it.
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