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#66: 01/01/18

This challenge is a special beginning of the year 4-5 WEEK CHALLENGE!


For those of you who are ready to start now, the challenge will start January 1st and will run through February 4th, for a total of 5 weeks.


However, we totally understand that many people are either traveling, crazy busy with the holidays, or just finding Nerd Fitness for the first time the first week of January - but we still want you to join in on the fun! If you're in this group, your challenge starts anytime in the first week of January, and still runs to February 4th. Your challenge will be the standard 4 weeks. :)


After this challenge ends, on February 4th,  we will go back to our normal schedule in which each challenge lasts 4 weeks with 1 week off in between.


  1. Level 1 / First Time Challengers

    New to Nerd Fitness or is this your first challenge? Start here!

  2. Rebels

    Unsure of what class you are, or don't want to pick a class? Then you're a rebel!

  3. Druids

    Yoga/Tai Chi/Meditation Group. Druids are one with nature. They specialize in being one with themselves, finding balance in everything

  4. Adventurers

    Adventurers are our exploring guild! Adventurers are into exploration, travel, hiking, rock climbing, cave diving, sky diving, etc.

  5. Monks

    Martial Arts Group. These monks can kick your ass with their fists and feet, and they will do it before you even knew what happened

  6. Assassins

    Strength, flexibility, fuctionality. Assassins want it all. From beginners to experts in bodyweight training, Assassins put their skills to use as climbers, dancers, gymnasts, traceurs, aerialists... The world is our playground. The only tool needed is you.

  7. Rangers

    Cross Training and General Fitness Guild: Rangers are a hybrid of Warriors and Scouts, built for strength AND endurance. A jack-of-all-trades but master of none, Rangers are well-equipped for any situation

  8. Scouts

    Endurance Sports, Running, and Walking/Hiking Group! Scouts can cover great distances in a short amount of time. Built for distance and efficiency rather than strength and power, these guys can outlast any animal on the planet

  9. Accountabilibuddies

    Gather your friends! Make a group! Because walking the path with other is always more fun

  10. Warriors

    Strength Training Group! This tank is incredibly strong and powerful, pushing weight like it's his job. Ego. Check it at the door to the Warriors Guild


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