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    • I think expanding your lunch time to an hour is a good strategy. I have an hour lunch and it is enough time to get a short workout in. Or do to a couple errands, or take a nap if those things are more important on the moment.   See you on the next round.  
    • Literally going to put my sheets in the wash right now, got interrupted by stupid people. Humidifer will happen when I get back to my room. Thank you for the harassment. 
    • That is such a great poem! Thanks for sharing it!
    • One of my favourite poems:
    • It is the Vernal Equinox! HELLO SPRING YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED!!        Today was a good day, to borrow the wisdom of Tank. I got to the gym today (with only one 'doh!' moment of going back into the house for my gym bag, luckily I hadn't actually left the driveway before I realised) and decided I wanted to keep it simple, so I took my time and I lifted the things. Workout  below   Work was a little frustrating. My boss is going on annual leave next week and I think he thinks the building will collapse without him. He's been very repetitive in 'we need to do this, we need to do that'. Reminders that it is on my list go unheard. So, I sigh and try to be patient. He is used to being a department of one. Having someone to manage is a learning curve. He just happens to be a slight pain in the rear end during said curve. Still, a far better work environment than where I was working upstairs, and for that I remain very grateful.    Other than that, a day of wins. I gymed, put the bathroom bin out before I left this morning and I have just put the dishwasher on, so that's my cleaning task done. I didn't buy coffee OR takeout, woo!         The gel pen colours aren't showing up so well here. The darker circles are supposed to be purple, but the pen is very dark. Tomorrow, I shall use a different colour. Tbf, the pens in general are darker than I expected. But ah well. The silver circles are for 'Not today'. SO, takeout and coffee didn't happen, and today was not a run day. When both runs are done, or 3 gym days, the circle will be gold, for Goal Complete.       
    • I played some this past weekend since I have the game pre-ordered. I went with the rogue and had an absolute blast! I'm excited to get him to lvl 20 (currently lvl 13) so I can unlock the wolf pup backpack gift you get for getting to lvl 20 during the beta.      I am also excited to test out the Necro and Druid . Productivity will hit an all time low this weekend!     Thank youuuuuuuuu   I'll keep that in mind when things get stale during my challenge - which I know they always do at some point around week 3 lol.   Wolf
    • Nothing corrects alcoholic fatty liver disease except dealing with the alcohol.   Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is not caused by fructose. The only known causal relationship is that it's part of the standard suite of metabolic issues linked to high insulin levels (obesity, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, etc). Any carb-heavy diet can cause it, and there is some probability it has, if there are other elements of the metabolic syndrome showing up (like weight and cholesterol).   Whether those liver numbers are high due to metabolic syndrome, alcohol, or a combination of metabolic syndrome and alcohol, that's anyone's guess. But since cholesterol is also on the list, seems most useful to start with the metabolic syndrome approach, and see how far it gets you.     I would hesitate to overwhelm Sal with rat studies. To someone who isn't fascinated by the science, the details of individual studies are more likely to cause panic and confusion than communicate information.   Plenty of drinkers do keto; the reduced tolerance they report is an issue to know about, if she's interested in trying keto. (And she may not be.) Keto might improve her mental health, for this or other reasons; that is also a thing that is reported by a significant minority. Maybe it'd make cutting down on drinking easier, at least on a physiological level, if that were Today's Problem. Her weight might be very responsive to it, or not. But it's not too useful to overpromise. These are complex issues with complex pre-existing causes, and diet is not a magic bullet for solving anything. What it can often do pretty reliably is shift a few numbers on some blood test results, particularly for people with markers of metabolic syndrome. In other areas, it's at least of possible value, and unlikely to work against you.
    • That's awesome! I look forward to seeing it!
    • Great to see you as always Tank!   Aww, thank you. I tinker with a few lines of narrative is all, at the moment. But I'm glad you like it. I miss proper narrative challenges   Ah, thank you!     EG! Thanks for being here     This is a very good point, actually. I do need to refine it, but essentially, where meal prep is my default. Meal prep is what gets done because it has to, and the idea of just grabbing a ready meal in tesco or worse, takeout on the way home, is something past me did. Once a month is actually an interesting idea. I want to look into if that's something that could work for me, just making a giant batch of things and freezing them    It looks like it MIGHT happen, just a few days later than planned! Woo! Thank you! I see it as a very simple thing, since there's no drawing or such like. But it makes me happy.    Thanks Sal! Glad to have you.    Me too, that would be beyond awesome.    I will absolutely be taking photos, don't worry. SO GLAD TO SEE YOU BTW WOLF!     Hey Rurik! Cheers!     Thank you! It's very functional, rather than pretty, but we shall see!     Ha, thank you! Yeeeeeaaaah, it's just a little bit far 😅 
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