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    • This man sounds like an emotionally immature twat waffle and I am glad you no longer work for him.    I shall absolutely be making this!! I also love barley, so I might bump up the barley content also. I shall have to see how the UK measuring conversions hold up.    Hope the prep was successful        
    • I am not sure I am equal to a full report. But my week of adventure has come to an end. Was it all plain sailing? Nope. Not even a little bit. But adversity makes us stronger. I was pretty glad for it to be over on Day 5, for a number of reasons. But a day or two reflection and honest to goodness, if I had the chance I'd turn round and do it again tomorrow, if the guide were different. Wouldn't mind a tad less rain, either . Don't let my moaning deceive you. I still had a wonderful time out on the water. I think I love canoeing, and the rain really wasn't much of a bother. Once you're wet, you're wet . And you're active enough paddling - when paddling that is -  that you don't really get too cold. Thankfully, my system of dry bags and keeping dry and wet things separate (not to mention a No Wet Clothes in the sleeping area rule I imposed on myself) really helped the comfort levels. And it's given me the confidence, on this second outing, to say 'hey, I think I can handle this'. Maybe a couple lessons in solo canoeing as opposed to a tandem, but there is a sense that 'hey, I paddled through a storm. Hell, I camped out in a named storm and didn't fold, not even a little bit'. I had a couple rough days (ironically, the guide accidentally triggered a panic attack on day one* and he kinda went downhill in estimation from there, plus I found it a little harder to gel with the group. Nice people, but not those who I felt comfortable around the way the other group in May felt like friends after the first day) The positives though, were there. I tried the Scottish dish of Haggis, neeps and tatties and very much recommend it, it is delicious! I got to hang out with a friend I made on the May trip, and his other friend. I got quite good at getting my tent up within a few minutes, and navigated myself through a couple low moods WITHOUT letting it impact or spoil the trip, or (I hope!) being too obvious to the others and affecting anyone but myself. I just needed a little bit of solitary reflection (easy enough since there was much more waiting around than last time) and reframing mindset. I am proud of that. Past me would have called it quits, or let it get to me and sullied the whole thing with a negativity no one needed, or could possibly benefit from. This time, I was able to recognise that I was simply feeling a little vulnerable, a little bit alone and lacking the feeling of safety you get when you have complete trust in the guide (or at least, the people around you). Naming it made it easier to accept that it was valid, but unhelpful and set it aside.         The weekend was spent hiking a short route, recovering with three very affectionate doggos, one of whom decided that on me or in the crook of my arm was the best place to spend the night and I could not have agreed more) and thinking over the adventure and what I learned from it. Namely, that I am not ENTIRELY the person I want to be yet. Anxiety still holds me back in powerful ways that it really shouldn't. But I am taking positive steps in the right direction. More than that, I know that I truly AM made for an adventurous life full of challenges and pushing myself. Because even with a sub-optimal experience, I was ready, a day later to start thinking, 'what's next?'       *Sort of not his fault. We stopped for lunch just as a downpour started and the wind picked up. For some reason, I get cold very, very quickly. So, everyone was a bit cold and huddled over the tea and coffee flasks, making wraps and  I'm sitting there shivering and slightly blue, unable to stop my teeth chattering or bring my cup of tea to my face without the violent shivering spilling half of it, within 5 minutes of stopping. The guide was a bit worried I was getting hyperthermic and decided to put a blizzard bag over me. It's very enclosed and also it was over my head and around my throat, I couldn't immediately see the opening for my face, and my brain immediately activated Panic Mode and I ended up struggling to breathe even more. Was a 0/10 experience moment for sure. That, incidentally, is not why he went down in estimation. 
    • I did it! I caught the bus and rode to the college student center and wow, did you know you can't get on campus unless you're faculty or a student? Anyway, after showing the guard my ID and the conference schedule, they let me in to walk around and see where I'll be presenting.   I did that, then caught a bus back. I'm pretty certain that by the time I got to my stop that there were more people on that bus than in my undergraduate graduating class. I walked back to the hotel and ordered some food. It should be here in another 20 minutes or so, which is just the right amount of time to take my shoes off and settle in with the requirements of the State Library Analysis paper.   Thinking good thoughts 
    • Another hot as balls day. I trimmed Daisy's feet today and I am exhausted. The worst part is that I'll need to work on them in a week. They are so long and I have no clue when that happened.  Maybe the grass she's on now sped up the growth. Who knows. I'm also trying to find a farrier at my new barn because they would obviously be better at this then me...which should be easy because there's like 3-4 that come but I'm not part of the group chat so I have no clue.   I'm close to 5k steps today. I'm hoping I'll get a bit more energy back (and the sun will calm down) then I can take Winnie for a walk.     
    • FWIW, I've always said that challenges are "doing" things rather than "posting" things. If you can't make time for here because you've got stuff to do, that's honestly fine and probably as it should be. Means you're kicking ass and taking names, or alternately that you're busy surviving bad times and need that energy for yourself, and that too is fine. (not the bad times part but the part where you're taking care of yourself).   So don't worry about making time for us. It'll come back when it does. We'll be here when you're ready.
    • Yea! Build up a habit of waking early, then add things to that once the waking is a habit 🧡
    • Tuesday, 12:30pm.   I have been getting up extra early the past two days, so that's an improvement! Getting more things done, you know? Some me time. Haven't exercised yet aside from walking the dog, but I'll get there.   Work is still a bit stressful, but I'm learning things. I just have to keep everything steady. Keep myself calm. That's what meditation is theoretically for, haha. I had better get on it!
    • Jogging/ 2x10 minutes @8.5   Havent don’t this in a while and was not too bad.
    • Let's see ..... Monday ......   It ended up being a busy day, unexpectedly.  One of my tutees texted for help on a paper, and when I went to the center, my car tire was low.  So, got hubby to drive me to tutoring.  Then took care of the the car.     I definitely had more energy: got a walk in the woods got groceries hubby and I both got our flu shots (before he's traveling for work again next week ....) made some home-made hummus picked what are probably the last of the tomatoes for the season (there are a few left on the vines .... they might ripen .....)   As it turned out, LTL and family also got their flu shots.  So, today, he's been a bit under the weather and seems to have an ear infection.  Our daughter picked him up to get it checked out at the doctor's office.     We did get a walk in the woods already today (yea for the all terrain stroller), but I'm hoping to get in a little more exercise today.     The mayor was the first stop of the day, and Chris-Tien was shown to her office as soon as she arrived at the town hall.  The huge mastiff was still accompanying its master, standing impassively besides the desk.   Her honor got to the point quickly.  "There are two strangers hanging around the edge of town, making our folk nervous.  Plus livestock and other valuable items have gone missing.  I want you to check on the reports .... these bandits may be related to Maybelline's death."   While Chris was not so sure that the two strangers were connected to the murder, she kept her opinion to herself.  Something nagged at her, as if the mayor was not sharing all of the what she knew about the incidents.     "Give me your map of Langston," the mayor ordered.  When Chris complied, the half-orc circled an area to the north of the town.  "Search this area and remove the bandit camp.  With force, if necessary.  And stick to the forest paths.  People are already anxious enough without seeing another armed stranger on the roads."   The paladin accepted the map with a bemused expression and took her leave, heading north after she exited the town hall.  Although the mayor's mind was made up, Chris resolved to keep an open mind herself.  
    • It's very distressing that my friend keeps not being well enough to come play. In her absence I made the call that her character left the establishment, but had given no clues of her present whereabouts because that needs to stay up in the air for the rest of the group.   They followed up on the only lead they had regarding their absent allies - that Esmeralda may have been sent to the town square for demonstration of the baron's displeasure with any Vistani entering the city. They did find her there, entering the square heavily in disguise (two halflings in a trench coat, the sorcerer wearing an apron from the tavern, and the barbarian wearing an executioner's hood and a cloak to hide the trick of tying Izek's demon arm atop his own... grotesque and wonderful! 😆) and after chasing off the spectators they released all the people from the stocks (three men, two women including Esmeralda, and two children)   Next, they went to the stock yard only to find Rictavio's wagon is missing (and they might have encountered him in the woods on the way to "pay a visit" to the Vistani camp, but they carefully skirted the woods as they circled the town of Vallaki to get on the west side and venture back to Krezk to deliver the stolen wedding dress. Due to the late hour, they decided to stop at the tower for the night, but as they passed the crossroads they began to notice scarecrows in the area that weren't here before. 😈 The life cleric cast Detect Magic and was able to identify them as magically animated objects with evil intent. The twilight cleric determined that they're acting like Weeping Angels. 😈😈 The mist got heavier and swirlier and the visually obscured scarecrows are encircling the group, but that's where I ended the session. 😈😈😈   I have other plans preventing game night next Monday, but depending on the missing player's schedule and communication, we might find out another night next week what happens to Poppy and the rest of the group. Otherwise there'll be an extra week before we resume. 👿 At least everyone is on edge. 😈   I seem to have no resolve for exercise. 😣 Not sure what to do about it.   I have decided to get a tall stool against which to perch while playing bass so I can hold it better by being in a standing pose (but not having to stand while playing for fun) and hurt my shoulder less by practicing the right positioning. I haven't figured out yet what place to go for said stool, but that's the quest ahead for me.   Week 4: 👎 🤞 👎 🖇 📝 ❔ 🥔 🌿 🌽 🎭 🦇❔
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