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    • oh gosh these enormous photos will devour us all 😳   Time for a list! walk doggoes make breakfast, pack lunch walk to school compile society data for FormerStudent approve CurrentStudent's purchase on uni financial system think up questions for ExamStudent (tomorrow's the day!) attend seminar water running, shower at gym walk or bus home track food practice songs for solo audition review songs for regular vocals (old and new!)
    • Week 2, Friday Walk: 1.0 mile Gear: yes Dishes: yes Work: yes (I think?)   Week 2, Saturday Walk: hike/scramble 7.6 miles Gear: wasn't home Dishes: yes Work: N/A   Week 3, Sunday Walk: no (was doing SAR related stuff, but not much walking/hiking) Gear: no Dishes: no Work: N/A
    • Finding things to love within the guidelines is certainly one of the more challenging aspects of dieting, but I feel like it pays out in spades when you do.  Have you been able to conduct a recipe hunt, or does that conflict with your Unplugged goals?
    • From what I could tell, she loved it.  And so did my brother.  He was eating one of her brownies when she called me.     + Funny how that works out.  We just started season 3 of MMM last night.  We're still watching seasons I had seen before but there's a lot I had forgotten.     So far I am really liking how they handle different things.  I paid for the yearly upgrade plan.  It was cheap and I liked the bonuses.  I am being a little obsessive over the logging but I think that's usually how it is when it's a new app.  I need to find ways to back off so I don't get burnt out like usual.  
    • 9/11: 172.5 9/18: 172.0 9/25: 172.7   My weight has been all over the place this last week, but it looks like today landed on an "up" day.  Yuck.   I did finally get somewhat of a plan for eating more healthily put together, with the intent to really start today (yesterday had some planned "off plan" eating).  I have not, however, made it to the grocery store, so I guess I'm not starting it until tomorrow at the soonest.    It occurs to me, however, that I have been hanging out in the low 170s for a while.  6 months to a year ago, I was stuck in the high 170s.  So, as frustrating as it is to not really be seeing the number change, I did manage to somehow get my "sticky spot" to drop like 5 lbs.  Even though it's not what I want to see, it's not nothing!
    • Welcome back to your challenge.  Nice updates to the goals.  What language are you learning on DL?
    • Starting Weight 271.2 9/11: 269.7 (down 1.5) 9/18: 270.4 (up 0.7) or 268.6 (down 1.1) 9/25: 269.3 (down 1.1)   Again my Sunday weigh in was lower than my Monday official weigh in.  I was in target Sunday so I expected it to drop a little bit more before this morning's weigh in.   But I am down just over a pound from last Monday's weigh in so at least that's consistent.  I am struggling a bit with expectations and feeling like it's not enough.  But I just move on because it's just 1 pound at a time.   I also started tracking on the Lose It app.  I have given up on tracking but @Snarkyfishguts has been giving it some positive reviews so I figured I'd give it a try.  It's a good intermediary between the busy MFP and the not enough info from Noom.  I also like how they look at your calorie budget from a weekly perspective.  I am feeling a little obsessive about tracking.  I get caught up about whether that was 1 and thee quarter cups cups or 1 and two thirds but I tend to eat the same things over and over.  Once I get my stuff saved I think it will be easier to back off a little.     This week's struggles - 2 dinners out with family and concession stand dinner at a game Friday.  DDG and I are planning to try and just order one thing and share it so we'll see how that goes.   Dinner plans all fall on the best nights for workouts so I'm not sure I'll be able to get 4 workouts in.  I'm not sure I'll be able to get 3 in.  
    • Might have to add this to the list!   I'm struggling today friends.   It was a good weekend, and Vivian and I got to see each other on Saturday after all since the band competition was rained out. We had a lovely visit both days, and soem good conversation about communication and upcoming visits and scheduling things. This is right and good.   I started knitting an 8 strand celtic knot and drove myself a little batty with it while watching Mythic Quest, which, as a show, is cute but was getting a little stale by episode 4. I decided to watch episode 5 just to see if they got some fresh air into the story and the characters, and I was absolutely unprepared for the wonderfulness that is the stand-alone episode "Dark Quiet Death." Absolutely brilliant, this is a whole movie, and I am changed by having watched it. It's as good as the "Blink" Dr. Who episode (though completely unrelated content wise).  Honestly, watching the actual show for episode 6 was such a letdown that i only got ten minutes in before turning it back off and writing instead.   I'm having a lot of feelings about  ~*all the goings on lately *~ and writing was the right thing to do. I was up late as a result, which was foreseeable and led to a slow morning. Everything feels as though it has just stopped raining and is about to rain again, even though it is not, currently, raining, and this is true for my emotional landscape as well as the actual weather outside my window. Some of the struggle is from having so very much on my academic task list to square up before leaving next week, so I opened up Canvas and posted to this week's discussions for two of the three classes. This is a good beginning, and it helps.    I checked in with the two projects I need to deliver this week and made some scaffolding notes and assigned a work session on the calendar (tonight and tomorrow night, repectively), and this helps, too. I need to see how far I get in one work session before getting any more anxious, and if I get somesignificant work done on these, I can focus more on the presentation notecards on Wednesday evening. This is good and right. All will be well.   The post for the third class needs specific references to the text book, and I've scheduled that analysis for lunch period tomorrow. I also canceled acupuncture for tomorrow afternoon since the interim acupuncturist has a vaguely snide attitude and I'm simply not up for dealing with it, which is why I rescheduled two weeks ago. I dropped the retired acupuncturist a note asking him to let me know when he's resuming limited services. If this means I never have acupuncture again, so be it. We'll jump off that bridge when we get there.   Work this morning was full of the same stale contentiousness as last week and the week before that. I found a game that is kind of cute: https://oubliettestudios.itch.io/oubliette   All reamains quiet on the Western front.
    • Monday Strength: I did rowing and a walk Stoicism: I pushed through the quitting wish with the rowing.  Spirit: Ähm. I forgot again and now I'm too tired to care. Structure: I did journalling, gym, study, art, chores, reading, and German. I only did half an hour of study and of German, but I had more chores today. I have really not been sticking to the diet well--I've had sugar and alcohol quite a few times. I am so sick of diets. I just want to eat pasta and toast every day like normal people. Oh well. I'm sure I can find some things I love. I might need to put some love into cooking. Today I'm roasting red peppers, onion and whole garlic cloves with the intention of blending them into a sauce to use on gnocchi. Gnocchi is not really on my list of whole, nutritious foods but whatever. Bell peppers are. 
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