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    • Got that list all done. Packed and drove to the camping.... and turned around and came home. Love the roof box, it was easy to set up and has more room then I was thinking. Plus I think it looks cool. We just were both disappointed by the campsite/campground. The water wasn't going to be good for fly fishing for trout which is the point of this camping trip.  Although the site had a nice view...  it was wedged between 2 permanent camper set ups which you could see in your peripherals. There was no privacy and it and it felt like camping in someone's backyard so we decided to just cut our losses and go home since it was so close. So far we don't regret the decision and now we know that campground isn't for us.    Yesterday I made fake Thanksgiving dinner and it was delicious ❤️ unfortunately I ended up with a wicked headache in the afternoon which persisted into today. But the food was really good. I had a low mood night with the headache and I was sad/crying because Rook has been struggling to stand up on tile floor and yesterday he got stuck going up the stairs and if I didn't go check on him he could of fell down them. So I was looking up quality of life checklists. I think he still has life left in him but I'm so worried he's going to hurt himself. I did get carpets to put down where he likes to lay down on the tile but he refuses to lie on them end I'm guessing it's because the cool tile feels good. So I just need to help him out when he wants to get up. I also barricaded the stairs because we aren't doing that.    Todays been a pretty chill day so far. I'm in a better mood and my headache eventually broke. I've been vacuuming up fur tumbleweeds which makes me always feel so productive. I want to bring Winnie somewhere fun but the sun is bright and I don't trust my headache has completely gone away yet. So my goal for today is to get outside at one point for a walk or to play frisbee and I'd like to paint.  
    • The goal is to make my butt so great the whole world wants to hold it in its hands.
    • Week 3: 👎 👍 👎 🤞 👎 👎 🤞/👍 🦇 📝 📝 📝 🖇 🖇 🖇 🌽 🥔 🍌 🌽 🥔 🥕 🥬 🌮 🥔 🎸 🦇 🖍️ 🐙 🎸 🤹 🛒/🎸/ 🏰   I had fun at the pumpkin patch: approx 1 mile was walked, but I also got some samples of activity by swinging, teeter totting, army crawling, and rock climbing. There were also animals to feed and pet - a sleepy cow, some nervous chickens, some curious goats, some hesitant alpacas, some showoff peacocks, some snugly bunnies, and some adorable piggies. I was happy to feed the round bellied piggies snuffling around for food. I got to scritch them, and they were so cute! The best moment of my day was bending over and petting the piggie who flopped at my feet like my cat asking for belly rubs. 😍   When I got home, I played bass. I'm officially declaring it the source of my shoulder pain, though I don't know if it's bad use of muscles pain or new muscle development pain. I've put on tiger balm several times, and did do my ACNH stretches to ease out the muscles.   They're still achy today, but that might also be because I stayed up til midnight with imperfect posture building a Lego set from the Legos I have - I built the original yellow Lego castle from 1975. Nobody said it had to be yellow, though. 😉 I'm considering designing a scale model of it for the fun of it. 😅 My brain also says the set should be played with, and that my nieces would play with it, but I also know one would immediately tear it apart, and despite knowing that's its inevitable fate, I'd rather be the one who brought about its demise. 😂   Hope the pictures bring a smile to your face! ☺ Have a good rest of your weekend!
    • It took about an hour for Roi to recover his ability to shift back to human, although with watering eyes and a red nose.    Not fully recovered from polypox, the druid was still able to thank Chris-Tien profusely.  "I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't you who came to the grove.  Polypox is a hard disease to catch .... it must have been from that old stirge.  It bit an infected shifter somewhere in these woods before it bit me."     Chris nodded, "Yes, I encountered one on the way here.  Squashed it with my canteen, I'm afraid."     Roi sighed.  "Probably just as well, old and separated from its swarm like that ...." the druid considered for a moment.  "I want to give you something as my my thanks."  Before Chris could protest that she needed nothing in return for a good deed, Roi handed her the silver brooch from his cloak.   "It is the Silverstar and can remove one curse.  It was a gift from Solaine's predecessor at the Temple, but I've never needed to use it. "   Tucking the brooch in her pouch, Chris took a deep breath before continuing.  "Roi, I have to ask you.  Were you infected with polypox before Maybelline's death?"   "Can't rightly say for sure.  I wasn't sniffling at first, and it took a few weeks for the sneezing and changing started around the full moon ....."   "Any gaps in your memory since you got bit?" Chris continued.   "Oh, am I a suspect now?"  Roi roared in laughter.  "Far as I can tell, I don't have any amnesia.  Today with the first time I had a completely uncontrolled change in form, actually."     "Can werewolves be infected with polypox?"   "Well, yes.  Anything that shifts can get it .... why?"   Chris-Tien considered for a minute.  "Was it a full moon when Maybelline died?"   The druid thought back a bit.  "Yes .... now that you mention it.  She died about that time.  Maybe even on the night of the full moon."  Roi looked at Chris, "You might be onto something there."   "One last thing ...."  Chris pulled out the scrapling's claw.  "Could this have been the killer?"   Roi took the claw and shook his head.  "No, this wee thing was not the killer.  Whatever mauled the victims was much larger.  You should look at what's left of the girl.  You'll see."   With that, Chris took her leave to let Roi rest and finish recovering.      
    • When I was in the ninth grade, pi kept me up at night. Then, one spring afternoon, I asked my Algebra 2 teacher if you could have imaginary pi. I nearly had to be admitted. Thank you, Alan Becker, for illustrating how problematic this was, and the beautiful path to acceptance.    
    • Another hike on Verbier. Last time i went in January snd it was covered in snow.          
    • I'm still working my way back to normal, but I am making progress.   Week 3 was definitely much better than week 2, and by the end, I was thinking of doing some strength training.  I resisted (ha ha), but I was really happy to finally be done with laying about.     Damage to the Shadow Had a really good week on the MIND diet tracking.  I ate a lot of whole grains during the week because toast is easy to make and eat I walked every day except for Thursday, which ended up being a schedule-challenged day.   Yesterday, I even made it through a 2-mile walk! Damage to Me We did a lot of takeout since hubby and I are both still recovering.   On the whole .... not a lot of progress against the Shadow these past two weeks.  I'm still ahead on points, but I'm not going to be able to finish it off in two weeks.  Still, the exercise of identifying what I do to derail my own progress has been very helpful.  
    • Isn't the goal to get people to want to hold one's own butt?
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