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    • Hey, well done with the sugar monitoring. The critters are very sneaky.  chart is super.    love the black paper bujo, so pretty. Did you have to get special pens for it? Also does it have dot?
    • Health I spent my lunch break at the dentist's office again. This time they took off the temporary cap and put the real crown back on, so no walk during the lunch break. We walked after work instead.   Mana Meditated in the mornings.   Stamina Coffee in the morning, same amount as before. Pero with milk and honey in the evening.
    • So the workout plan I am doing Anabolic , by Mindpump. calls for workouts only 2 days a week. They said if you were super advanced you could do 3. I figured it was a consistency thing.  They wanted you to nail down the consistency of two days a week before you did 3. I figured, I've nailed the consistency, so I was doing 3. Well, I was listening to their podcast, and the reason is that they want you body to have time to completely repair itself, so that it will build more. Huh. Then you do their trigger sessions the others days. Very light resistance band work. So, I am doing that. Instead of a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workout, I am doing a Monday and Friday. I did do a bit of core workout, because I feel the need to do something. Then mobility and a light rowing session. It was dumping down rain, so I did the rowing instead of walking. Really hard for me to not do three day a week workouts. I feel like I am so behind, as I didn't start working out until I was in my late forties, that I don't want to waste time. But, I am going to follow the workout as written and see. It's just for this phase, and the next phase is 3 times a week.
    • One of the things I've learned while exercising is to embrace the fact that I will suck at new things 😃Yeah, GMB has some interesting movements. But, it is good for balance, and to build smaller muscles that you don't always work on.
    • My plan is : I'm following the reverse diet plan, which is similar, except you start with bulking and then go to cutting. Right now I'm  bulking.  My calories are just 50 calories a day short of my goal which is 2,300 calories a day. I'm going to up it to that, and keep it at that range through the month of March. I weigh myself 3 times a week, and take waist measurement. If I start seeing big increases, I'll adjust as needed. We have a mini vacation planned at the beginning of April, so my bulking/ cutting is timed around that. Ideally, I would like to start the cut earlier, but the timing didn't work. Mid April will start my 500 a day calorie deficit. By then hopefully, the weather will be nicer, and I will be gardening and going on long walks.  My  goal is to cut for 6 weeks. But, if at 4 weeks , I'm feeling fatigued, I might take a week break. After my cut, I will work slowly up to maintenance, and then do a short bulk before I do a new cut. The length depends on how long my cut was (aiming for it to be about equal time) I'm going to play that a bit by ear. The idea is to find the balance between moving forward on my goal, but not burning myself out. I will experiment with the timing. Pretend like I'm designing a game, it needs to be challenging enough to be fun, and like you've achieved something, but not so hard  you just quit.   I'm focusing on losing inches rather than weight. I want to lose about 4 inches around my belly. I'm guessing that is about 25 pounds.  At a cycle of 6 week mini cuts- that might  take 4-6 cycles, which if you include bulks, might take a year. That seems a long time. Also, on that schedule I end up cutting in October.Just as our weather is dark and cold. So, I might eventually take longer cuts. But, right now 12 weeks in a cut sounds daunting. And I want it to feel like a goal I can achieve. So, I'm giving the cut a shorter time frame.    In my bulk so far, I haven't gained any weight. If I do gain weight in subsequent bulks,the plan is to keep it small.  
    • My thoughts on this: It is actually really encouraging to hear that it isn't all about will power.Diet fatigue is a real thing. Also really helpful reading the steps to cure it. I was feeling slightly guilty that I have  "wasted the last year" because I wasn't focused on losing the weight by tracking calories. But, I did a lot of the things that recommended. And I kept working out. I  have focused on eating protein, and balanced meals. And now I'm ready to track calories, and in a much better head space about it all. I like the plan of tracking at least a couple of weeks after cutting.  
    • Yeah smoothies are fun! I like spinach ones too! Sneaking in those leafy greens!
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