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    • Victory!   (They are adorable.)
    • True on both accounts   Thanks.  We do have a plan.  I am on call this week if someone needs to stop by the hospital (the hospital doesn't let us just hang out there), and there are two families that live close by that are making sure things are running smoothly for the family at home.   I am doing better, thanks   ---------------------------------------   Well, this week I am on to phase 3 of this 4 phase challenge.  I have sworn off all snacks and have been trying to keep my original plan of 1 meal and one healthy snack per day, along with a workout session.  It has become apparent after a couple of days that this is not workable for me so I am going to up to 1 full meal, 1 small meal and a healthy snack from today.  Hopefully this will give me the energy I need to get those workouts in.  I need to get my nutrition dialed in over the next week or so before I start work the first week of March.   Weather this year has been a bit strange.  For the first time in more than a decade we have gone the entire winter with some snow on the ground.  We got a really heavy snowfall just before Christmas and it has stayed cold enough that there were still a few patches hanging around.  Yesterday we got another heavy snowfall so it looks like we will have snow on the ground for a little while longer.   In some good news, Wraith has finally accepted Phantom and will allow him to come near her.  I got a picture of all three cats sleeping in close proximity for the first time ever  
    • Health Walked during lunch. After work  I was planning to walk again, but it started raining heavily, so I changed my mind.   Mana Meditation again this morning. It was very nice.   Stamina Same six cups of coffee as before. Also sipping Pero again this evening. It's growing on me, and I am quite certain that it's better for me than the bourbon I used to sip in the evenings.  
    • 2024 - Year of Progression Word of the Year: Consistency  Sleep: 12 Hrs Water: 3/4 Liters Weight: 240.4 lbs   Meals:  10:00am - 1/2 Bowl Overnight Oats 12:30pm - 1/2 Tuna salad sandwich, Bell peppers w/ hummus 3:30pm - Yogurt, oatmeal cookie 4:30pm - 1/2 banana 6:00pm - 1/2 Steak salad, 1/4 cup lentils  9:30pm - Peanut butter     Fitness: 1 Mile Walk Lifting 1 Mile Walk   Language: 0 Portuguese Lessons  0 Spanish Lesson   Reading: 0 min   Meditation: 5 Min   Notes: Zonked out during my workout, didn’t eat enough before so I had half a banana during my workout and that seemed to help.   Did better on water today, still could have done more. Will work on that tomorrow.   Lots of work and service work today. Didn’t get to reading or language work. Goal is to do better tomorrow.   Did manage to make a nice of tuna salad with some fresh baked bread courtesy of Mrs. ReturnOfTheDad and some veggies:   Training Notes: 2 Positives -  - Maintained most lifts  - Left arm is feeling better 1 Negative -  - went down on squat reps
    • One of my cats had hyperthyroidism, for which the best non-pill treatment is radioactive iodine. We dropped her off at the vet, they kept her for about a week while testing her with a Geiger counter, then let her come home. She was still radioactive, just less so, so for two weeks we had to limit contact with her to 30 minutes per person per day. That meant locking her up while we were sleeping, hence the dog crate. (She's doing okay now. Might be slightly hypothyroid, but we're hoping that's a side effect of the urinary tract infection she had.)   It was yay!   And thanks! It feels like I'm finally making some progress on this.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Nothing. 2. I worked on the podcasts a little bit while waiting at the dentist's, and I will pull a few books to return to the library before I go to bed. 3. Nothing conscious on my part. I had my ego built by someone complimenting me on how well I had helped them at work, but nothing self-constructive that was my own initiative. 4. I feel like my brain is trying to find ways to talk me out of taking a walk tonight, so it will likely be a very short one.   My tatting class went well, I think! All of the children who were signed up came, and one of the parents stuck around too. One of them caught on extremely quickly; I barely had to teach her. Two others learned pretty fast, but were still making beginner mistakes at the end. (They will be fine if they practice.) The other two (the youngest of the bunch) struggled more. They had the right motions, but were very awkward. One of them will get better if she practices. I'm not sure the other one cares enough to improve.   Work went very fast, and I have to get up early tomorrow, so I had better get on with choosing my books to return before bed. (Seeing the pile go down as I return books for real, rather than just putting them back on the hold rotation, is also exciting!)
    • Bible before screens;yes Workout clothes on bed ready for work out; yes For workout I  did stretching, my trigger session (that takes about  6 minutes) and a walking video. I could have gone for a walk outside. It was dark and gloomy when I started stretching, but the sun came out as I started the video. I decided to just stick with what I was doing.
    • Not much exercise.    Diet,  not a focus I know,  but it has been getting better.  I've been just eating less and not being all wrapped up in concern for calories, protein and all that.   I've also been researching polyphasic sleep.  Sleep is one of the big struggles of mine, particularly oversleeping which cuts into morning walks and workouts. This week I'm experimenting with 6 hours at night of core sleep with a 20 minute nap before work to add a couple hours to my day.    Other than that I'm focused on preparing my house and all for Great Lent. I'm also switching back to night shift in two weeks. I fell a bit behind on bible reading last week/ weekend but got caught up last night. 
    • I had to look this up. I never  watched  Charmed.
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