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    • I'm glad you got out and yeah, maybe it was the kick up the bum Ken needed.   Hope Dave gets better soon 🤞
    • Yesterday's walk went better, and I didn't sleep through watching TV.  So, I think I'm on the mend.  Hubby is also doing better.  LTL's appetite has returned.      I have to keep reminding myself that we had mild cases .....   Each of the scraplings clawed at Chris-Tien before she shook off the surprise to raise her sword. She cursed the decision to leave behind her armor this morning as the second monster's claws raked a shallow gash along her left arm.     "Kill them," yelled Tomlin as he grabbed a nearby pitchfork.  "Use fire if you can!" he added as he stabbed wildly at one of the two shrub-like beings and missed.      Chris incinerated the scrapling nearest her and tried to do the same with the beast nearer to  Tomlin, but her spell rolled off it harmlessly.  It rounded on the paladin immediately, ignoring Tomlin's attempts to stab it.  A second, deeper gash joined the first.  The creature's small size seemed to be giving Tomlin a hard time, and he missed again with his pitchfork,  But Chris had no trouble hitting this one with her sacred flame, ending the battle.   With a scream of wild fury, Tomlin stabbed the burning scraplings, having no trouble hitting them this time, until the burning wood scraps were scattered around and the pitchfork's rusty  tines began to bend.  He obviously had been holding grief and anger inside and had finally found a suitable way to vent it.     Stepping back, he brushed he hair out of his eyes.  With his easy smile back in place he said with forced brightness,  "Glad that's over. Want a souvenir?"     Chris accepted a clawed hand as a specimen to examine later .... possibly checking with the local druid, Roi, for information.  Unfortunately, the day was  drawing to a close, and -- given the day's happenings -- it might not be a good idea to wander around in the dark.  Besides, those gashes hurt, and the blood was sticking to the torn shirt.     With the intention of heading back to the inn to recover, Chris began to bid the herbalist goodbye, but he shushed her and asked, "Before you go, and you join me for a moment?"   With a barely audible sigh, Chris did as he asked.  Once inside, he gave her a small box filled with vials.  "This is a philter of remembrance.  It will inspire extremely vivid memories for about 10 minutes ... or until the perfume is washed off."  He hesitated for a moment with a far-away look in his eyes before continuing, somewhat vaguely.  "I was going to give it Maybelline for our wedding, but I can't stand to have it in the cottage anymore."   Gravely, Chris-Tien accepted the gift and slipped it into her pouch before finally making her  way back to the inn for a hot meal, some rest, and her armor.    
    • 09/11 - 153.9 09/18 - 155.1 09/25 - 152.9 10/02 10/09 (birthday weigh in!) 10/16 10/23 10/30 11/06 11/13 11/20 11/27 12/04 12/11 12/18 12/25 01/01   I don't deserve this weigh-in. I've been hovering all week in the 154-155 range, feeling bloated, and just not doing well overall. I start off doing good,  but then fall right off after lunchtime. I think the saving grace was that I splurged and had ice cream after dinner and took my lactose pills. Those magical little pills must've not only dropped off any bloating from my ice cream, but all the other bloat I was holding on to all week. I still feel puffy, but I'm shocked at the sudden decrease in the scale (I was 154.4 yesterday morning for reference). I've got salad kits to supplement tonight, Wednesday, and Thursday dinner plans as those dinners have no veg included. I didn't plan lunches so I found a chicken & orzo soup (similar to chicken noodle) I have nearly everything for to prep for lunches this week instead. Workouts are going to be iffy - storms this morning mean no workout. Scheduled to run but my back doesn't do well with storms (read: spasms, stiffness, nerve pain/radiation) so no run or strength. Tomorrow will be up at 3am-ish as I'm too light of a sleeper not to wake up with the Man leaves for his work trip (plus I'll have to wrangle dogs once he's gone) so unsure if I'll be able to fall asleep and feel rested enough to run. Will have to decide this week's workouts day-by-day.
    • Sabotage!   I had the opposite problem this week--my 'official' weigh-ins are Saturday mornings, so that's what I recorded; but I hopped on the scale again Sunday morning for a sanity check and was down another 1.7 pounds after only 24 hours.  I really wanted to amend my records because crossing that first 10-pound line means that I'd be over halfway to my 12-week goal and I'd get to eat ice cream.  But the stickler in me prevailed and I'll just have to wait another week--provided that Friday's barbecue doesn't skew things too badly. 
    • You're rather like me - I cannot count a halfway done weigh in. I must have the full scale measurement. I hope TimovieSon's match went well. I hope you get a delightful weigh in next week with a nice difference
    • Cold is mostly defeated, thank the gods. I ended up staying home all Friday - had a couple remote meetings, but mostly rested up (and didn’t get any of my actual work done  ) Even had to miss social book club that night as I didn’t want to spread this virus around! Instead had a relaxy girls’ night in with kid 1, went to bed super early, and slept like a stone.   Saturday I felt better after all that sleep! Went out to the farmers’ market with hubs and kid 1, gave youngest doggo an extra walk (she passed by a pre-football student party and got many pats and belly rubs), walked downtown with kid 1 to the local punk rock market, tried burek for the first time (yum! Spinach and feta and flaky goodness), hit up our favourite lil downtown clothing store and bought a rhinestone tie and a star spangled blazer, got bubble tea. Then out to see Phantom {LOVE}   Sunday I finally buckled down and made a list and started doing useful things. Caught up on a few of the most late and derelict work tasks; biked to the gym and did my lifting workout plus leg exercises prescribed by physio guy; prepped up sheet pan Greek chicken for the week’s lunches; reviewed pieces for vocal auditions this week. Not as fun of a day as Saturday, but it did feel good to end the day with a productive feeling. And we had a fire in the fireplace + soup for dinner so some strong cozy vibes.   today’s mostly pretty unstructured for a Monday, so going to poke around at work tasks but also hit the gym for water running!   In other news, I’m low grade mad because weight is up several pounds over the last few weeks  need to be more consistent hitting those macros I guess!
    • W3 Sunday:  one Dr Pepper, only water thereafter.  Lunch was beef enchiladas with red sauce and cheddar cheese.  I was snackish in the afternoon, and after trying to appease it with cheese and nuts I added a whole carrot and a fresh apple--that finally quieted the brain weasels.  Dinner was grilled boneless skinless chicken thighs and a large baked potato topped with scallions and plenty of butter.  That made for a very satisfying day moderately under target at 2087 kcal.   Day off of church duties meant that I got to sleep in real nice and slow-play the morning until service time.  When we got home I made my lunch and then did very little until the evening, then I went out back to practice chipping for an hour or so.  A fine day and a good start to the week.  👍
    • I hope Dave recovers quickly! I also hope your map-workings are successful and painless
    • I had a win: I spent under $150 for groceries for this week. I think this had more to do with my planning (and tonight's dinner request which I had everything for already) than the Man being gone for 2 dinners (he should be home by dinnertime on Thursday, *knocks on wood* )
    • Greetings Lovely Beings,   It's been a stormy one. I had a beautiful light show before bed with the non-stop lightning in the distance. The storm hit through the night and is continuing to a lesser degree - mostly rain with a couple rumbles of thunder. Power went out for a short bit, but it came back pretty quickly. Both dogs were scared and therefore snuggled up as close as can be to me. I love when they're cuddly, but last night was uncomfortable. All my injuries were aggravated by the storm (normal) and Harley hates being close to Smoke in bed so I had one on each side of me needing calming attention. This, naturally, forced me to spend the majority of the night on my back. Not ideal as I'm feeling rather stiff and painful this morning.   Today's workout was a run but considering it is still raining rather hard with a bit of lightning and thunder, I'm foregoing that. The Man travels tomorrow (flight leaves at 6-ish in the morning so he'll be out of the house about 3-ish am. Yay me, light sleeper who will wake up to him getting up). If I can manage with the sleep disturbance, I'll run tomorrow, weather permitting, and do a strength workout sometime through the day since I won't have to worry about him interrupting or me disturbing him while he works. Otherwise, I'll stick to just strength tomorrow and work my schedule somehow to accommodate. I may end up only getting in 2 runs because I'm not sure how else to squeeze in 3 without doing 3 days in a row. That's future me's problem, though, since I'm not sure how good she'll be feeling. Today, if the weather clears up, I'd like to take an evening walk with the pups to make up for this morning. Especially as I won't be able to take them with on the run days I do while the Man is gone (he'll be back Thursday about dinner time if there's no flight delays or cancellations). I'll be sure to take them for a walk, weather permitting, every day, be it morning or evening (or both!) The poor Harley is all in my business trying to get my attention because she wants to walk right now as I type this. Still raining, sweetheart, it's not happening.   Tonight's dinner is, by request, my chicken bacon ranch stromboli (sorry, no link. I'll figure something out for y'all-- try this). It's a bit of a calorie bomb so I'm going to have to keep mindful with breakfast and lunch. I totally didn't plan out anything to meal prep for myself for lunch this week, either, so I'll have to improvise with what we have available. Maybe a chicken orzo soup of sorts? I have some leftover carrots that need eaten up, and some chicken. And plenty of orzo. I also have spinach I can chop and mix in. I think I'll do that. I have everything except the celery for this one and I'll add spinach to it to up the nutrition.   Self love yesterday was to go outside, breathe the fresh air blowing in from the storm, and watch the natural fireworks before it got close enough to be dangerous. It's not often we get a light show that we can go outside and enjoy so I really took advantage. It was so much better than football in the moment haha! I grounded myself and really focused on feeling the energy and cleansing it brought with it. Speaking of grounding, that was an added bonus - extra grounding time last night! For this morning it was much of the same in bed as I took my time getting up once the Man was already up and moving (he took the dogs so I could finally move). I also stirred in my coffee intentions today.   And one little celebratory win for me: I spent under $150 for groceries for the week yesterday! That's the only spend and it was well under budget so I'm very happy. Especially as I paid for lunch Friday on the unexpected trip out.    
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