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    • Health Wednesday: Lunch break walk. Thursday: Lunch break walk, and then a walk after work.   Mana Wednesday; Morning meditation. Thursday:  Slept really poorly, and accidentally napped during meditation. Ah well.  It happens, and my brain clearly needed the sleep.   Stamina Wednesday: Six cups of coffee, and a large mug of raspberry-hibiscus tea after lunch. Thursday:  Same again, but Pero instead of herbal tea.   A "cup" is a subjective measure that can be anywhere from 4 oz to 8 oz, depending on where you look. So I measured the amount I drink in the morning, loosely, using the size of my thermos mug and number of refills, and I have concluded that my 6 cups of coffee are about 40 oz, or in more universal terms, about 1,100 ml.  So that is still more coffee than I should have. I've already set up the coffee pot for tomorrow, and I'm not redoing that, so it will be the same amount again tomorrow.   Then  I'm switching to black tea over the weekend, and will go down to 4 cups per morning next week.
    • I neglected to take a nap on getting home from work. As a result, I faded very quickly after my D&D game and crashed for ten hours. I got a token amount of podcast weeding done, and did not walk.   1. My next scheduled event is on Saturday. Actually, if I can motivate myself to get up early on a non-work day, there are TWO things on Saturday. Will be nice to finally get a tick in this box! 2. I will finish out the podcasts tonight. I also did some work with the masses of old work files that I have during my planning time at work. 3. Despite compliments at work, I had to fight a little here today. I'm not in the mood tonight, but tomorrow I'm going to try a meditation session. 4. After this post.   I have social events over the next few days, but no work, so I hope to move on from podcasts to my book pile. It is going to be hard to make decisions about what to keep and what to let go. But it is going to be very nice to see a pile of books that can go back, so that my space is tidier and I can actually see what I have and am excited to read everything I have checked out.
    • Wow Rookie, on your sketches, the bottom ones of the dogs are absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!! Gorgeous sketches!    xx
    • Yep, agreeing with Everstorm, you nailed the protein. And even though you didn't hit fiber, you still got a decent amount.
    • Thank you! 😊 🥰 Thank you! 🤩 Thank you!!
    • What happens if  you don't go as heavy?  How is your sleep? What about the stress in your life?Heavy lifting is good for you, but it is a stressor. If your body is already super stressed, it may just be too much.  I'd see what focusing on lifestyle does, and maybe just doing your lifts about at a 6 RPE. I know it's not as much, but if you could do it consistently, it would be better than going all out and getting sick.
    • Eat a banana and drink some green tea if you ate too much salt. One meal wont wreck your diet. The human body is constantly in motion and working things out and if you are consistently eating well and moving, a couple meals here and there wont hurt  
    • Hey! All good ❤️ glad you are back   Thank you! I still need to paint in my changes in real life. Digital is always easier haha   ---   I didn't end up painting. But I did a tiny bit of reading (like a paragraph haha), played with the dogs and did some sketching. I also did a lot of tiktoking because that's what my brain was good with. I'm very congested to the point I have a mild headache from the pressure 🥲 it's not fun.    Sketches featuring tigers, rooks, a Jake (wandering cottage dog), a Winnie and 2 Wesley.   
    • Day 9  report   Warrior's barracks:  Did the following exercises: Kettlebell ladders--needs more work Daily Dare 30 single legged bridge & 30 second wall sit   Veggie plan: still eating veggies; but mostly raw ones   Athenaeum: Nothing today   Monk's Temple: Bible: prayer 👎 Reading plan 👍 Memory verses 👍
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