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    • You are wise to look at it this way, IMHO. It took me such a long time to get to a point where I wasn't overly worried about precision. It helped me, oddly enough, to learn that calorie counts on packaged foods can legally (in the US) be up to 15% off. And of course I knew that even the official counts for whole food items like broccoli, chicken, etc. that come from USDA research can be off because not every head of broccoli or chicken is the same. So, I finally realized, what's the point of obsessing about precision when the data I'm using to track is itself an approximation? It helped me adjust my view of calorie counting from "I am measuring the number of calories I eat so I have completely reliable data" to "I am tracking calories as a tool to remain conscious of what I eat." It's a lot easier and less stressful (and, I would argue, ultimately more helpful) to be more relaxed about it.     I know exactly the kind of game you mean. I almost always end up enjoying them once I settle in, but the first time around it's always a little bit of a headache. Many of the games I like best (Viticulture, Wingspan, etc.) fall into this category.   I'm very impressed by how active you are, btw. You've got a really well-rounded routine.
    • This is amazing. Straight out of Skyrim.
    • It's nice to know I'm not the only one. But I'm fairly sure Mr Harriet became a responsible adult at 18, if not beforehand, and that he is not faking it. Maybe there's something to be said for giving your kid a bicycle and a train ticket and letting them roam the city unattended.     Well now there are three of us. But how many out there are not pretending? I know they exist. They look JUST LIKE US. 
    • That's weird.  I have never ever had any exercise that gave me the option to speak and nothing for writing recently.  No idea why.
    • I have now scanned so many planets and moons that I have more survey data than I can readily sell and have loads of money.  I still haven't figured out what to spend it on yet.  I thought maybe a nice ship but I can steal all the ships I want from space pirates (I currently have 8 I think?) and carrying all legendary equipment that I found along the way.     The 20 dinner thing is going very poorly.  I have a nice long list of foods I can make when I was doing my 5x5 challenge back in 2020 but I just struggle to get motivated to cook stuff that takes more then 30 minutes to make.   That sucks, I hope you get to play it because it is a lot of fun.   + I haven't looked at the settings options yet, but I will give both of these a try to see if I like them   HAHAHAHAHAHA   I am in this picture EVERY DAY!  all 3 of those things you  listed are a daily staple, and I am sure whatever else was in there is probably also a daily occurence     -----------------------------------------------   Class work has been pretty good this week.  I made it to the park 4 out of 5 days, with only one day missed because we had some workers come over to waterproof our windows.  I have a constant Duolingo streak going since the start of the challenge and I have already memorized one of the 2 songs and the other only has the last page to go (of 4 total pages).  Food has been hit and miss, but overall more hits than misses.    I had a weird interaction on Wednesday that I want to share.  One of the regular guys at the park always has a bunch of interesting stuff to talk about and I have learned a lot of history and culture stuff from him.  Well this week he comes up to me and, I kid you not, says to me "Things would be a lot better if we hadn't abandoned the old gods"  I have heard this line many times, but never outside of fantasy games.     Specifically he was talking about the Sun and nature worship of the Mongols (he is Mongolian ethnicity).  He kept going on about back when the Mongols worshipped the sun, they were the most powerful people on the planet, and the only reason Europe exists today is because of Khan's unfortunate untimely death.  I wasn't sold, but he sure made a solid effort to try and convince me  
    • Yeah, I hear you on the chocolate and this:  feel bad --> eat chocolate --> feel better" neural pathway gradually morphed into a "feel normal --> eat chocolate --> maybe feel even better?" unconscious strategy. And when eating too much chocolate made me feel bad, well, it's probably no surprise what I did when I felt bad. The irony.   I've tried various strategies. Right now I'm trying moderation, with sorta good results.         
    • Do not doubt the trolling experience of Thomas Nightingale. He's been doing it longer than most people. Over a century of trolling.   Training Performance Report   Officer: Sara Kingdom Date: 22/09/23 Department: Special Assessment Unit     Formae   Daily Crura impello   Bonus  Boxing practice Yoga  Visiting genii locorum     Even Days Tabula scindere Orantes scindere Dorsum scindere recta, crux, obliquum & ramosa          Reminders Electrolytes           Score:       Magical Ritual   Cast one circle a day Ground energy once a day         Score:        Recovery   2 hours training started before noon. 6-8 hours sleep. In bed by midnight  Bonus: 6pm schedule check-in and support tasks       Score:       Silentium Mentis   Mindfulness Metta Body Scan       Score:       Home Front Reintegration   I'm afraid I'm out of touch with the modern resources on shell shock and nervous exhaustion and the like. Do one thing a day related to 'mental health' education or improvement.       Score:       Record Keeping   Make a daily plan Journal practice Make a weekly and monthly plan       Score:       Space reserved for office use   Date rec'd: Initialed by:   Form ID: Zulu Foxtrot 18.C.68-v2-Jun-1977 (ZF.18.C.68/1977.06) (Supercedes form 64B from Nov 1932) For internal use only. Sensitive records. Not to leave the Folly.  
    • Coffee always has something creamy in it. That's an important element of coffee.
    • I don't anticipate bad prose being a problem, no. It may not be the story or style you're in the mood for, and thus warrant putting down after a good college try, but the technique isn't gonna suck. That's pretty safe.
    • Thank you.  Not necessarily, but when it goes wrong, it goes So Very Wrong Yes. When the toxic coworker isn't calling the tune, our team is excellent at communicating and it's smooth and painless and effective.   The increases for the Varsity Neckwarmer are done. Just a few more inches of knitting as established.
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