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    • Yesterday morning was awful. Smoke woke me up whining at 515am so I got up thinking he had to go out. When I moved to get up, I realized I had the biggest knot in my back near my ribs on my right side. It STILL hurts horribly this morning. I could barely breathe without crying it hurt so bad. So I let the dogs out, put some CBD icy-hot type cream on the best I could by myself, and curled up in step-daughter's bed with the pups (she's not here until summer and didn't want to disturb anyone else) to try to get more sleep. Then I ended up over-sleeping and giving myself not only a headache, but I slept awkward due to my back and gave myself an awful crick in my neck. Needless to say, I was not a happy morning person yesterday.   Self-love: Saturday I was super proud of my jaw bone being so prominent. I held my head high which only made it stand out more. I was happy. Yesterday I was a lazy bum. We kept "busy" but not active busy and I felt the laziness which means I didn't feel particularly good about myself, either. No negative, just neutral which is still good.   Journal: I did it all. Yesterday I was late getting up and moving and then didn't journal while I drank coffee (not in the right mindset) so I postponed it almost until we left. Thankfully I had just enough time to knock it out.   Workout: I did do my bodyweight strength and C25K W2D3 on Saturday. I was slower and we didn't go on the trail. Good thing, as we found out the park doesn't open until 8am anyway and you have to pay to get in (we're both veterans which I believe they said had a $0 fee, but I could've read that wrong). I'm back at it today. I'm dragging, though. Woke up in the middle of a dream and I'm just plain not feeling it. Its going to be a rough day with the sleepies. Even the dogs are super chill and sleepy, which is never the case in the mornings. I have bodyweight and C25K. I'm a little nervous how this knot in my back is going to impact my workout. I guess I'll find out in a few minutes for bodyweight and about an hour the run. Also, the run is stepped up this week. I'm not sure I'm ready. 1.5 min run, 1.5 min walk, 3 min run, 3 min walk, 1.5 min run, 1.5 min walk, 3 min run, cool down. Oof! I struggle with the 1.5 min run, I'm really not sure how 3 minutes will go.   Unsure if I've noted that I have dialed back my bodyweight strength since I started running. I no longer use the kettlebell (20lb) when doing squats or lunges like I was previously. My legs are getting a double workout between simply bodyweight and then running up and down the hills around my house, so I dialed it back until I've built a little more endurance and strength to do both and use the kettlebell. Now I only use it for the single arm rows, but it's there and reminding me to keep building. It is slow, but slow is better than not improving at all.   Nutrition: I was really good Saturday but destroyed it Sunday. Granted, I didn't work out yesterday so I had less calories to play with. Our real estate agent (and friend) was hosting a BBQ for his clients and I ended up eating that for lunch plus a small dessert. Then we went out to dinner as a family and despite not being hungry, I got food. I felt weird not ordering anything and just read off the first thing which was a fried fish and shrimp platter. I ended up eating all the fish and shrimp with my excuse being "protein!" Hah. I felt awful and overly stuffed after. It was a late dinner, too, so I went to bed with that awful overly full feeling and it showed on the scale this morning. Ugh.   Today should be better. The man is off work and running errands. Dinner will likely be on me, which I have a recipe I'd like to try and I'll pre-log it once he gets up and is alright with it (assuming he has no other dinner plans already). No clue lunch but I do have salad fixings so I'll likely go that route.
    • rest day wooooooooo   how are you today?? xxx
    • Sending love Harriet ❤️ xx
    • Hey Shaar! Great start ❤️   What is for dinner tonight? xx
    • Hey all. Happy monday ugh 😑    haha although its quite sunny (then cloudy, then sunny again)   I had a meeting this morn, went well. I have a lot of work to do this week. Need to make a diary as i keep forgetting stuff to do.    The weekend was fine, i was a little bit stupid and drank ALOT on Saturday night.  felt rubbish yesterday about it. And hungover.    Today i have bits to do.    - Take medication - Write work diary out for week - Put laundry on - Wash dishes/do bins - Go to shop for bits for dinner - First draft for funding application complete - Email about toolkit support - Walk Bronze - Have a bath/relax   Feeling drained. Feeling like i need to make changes.  The past two days ive not hit my 5000 steps 😩    Why am i so rubbish ???   Not sure what to have for dinner? ANY THOUGHTS?   xx
    • Thanks Shaar ❤️ xx     Yes very lovely ❤️ xx       Hey good to see you Sky!   Thanks for kind words ❤️ xx         Thanks TC  xx
    • I used to have super oily skin and hair because I washed once, sometimes twice daily with harsh stripping soaps so my body started overproducing oils to make up for it. I had to train my body back by slowly increasing the time between showers to let it know it's okay, I'm not stripping all those good (within reason) natural oils. I used to not be able to go more than 24 hours of no shampoo without looking like I dunked my scalp into a pot of oil. It looked and felt awful. Then I learned more about that and have slowly shifted to washing less.   My shampoos are Prose brand, made based off a quiz I take every few months to update how my hair is acting, where I'm living, what type of water I'm using so they can adjust the formulas. It's less harsh and doesn't seem to strip oils as bad so it doesn't trigger my body to overproduce them in between washes. If I wasn't becoming a sweaty disgusting mess every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I'd try to push for longer than every other day/third day wash. Today is day 3 but I'll be getting sweating in the next 2 hours once the sun is up so I'll be washing today.   I am envious of your 7 day. Mine would be absolutely unbearably awful at that point, even with multiple water wash/refreshes. The ends might look nice, though, as the natural oils may have finally made their way down that far hahah!
    • That's an awesome idea! Try if you have a chance. And I think it'll fit perfectly to how I imagine you. You know, running with the dogs, riding horses and so on  A free soul.    I also wanted to learn make-up some time ago, but finally decided nothing feels as wonderful as fresh skin with zero make-up, so I gave up on this plan. Dancing sounds fun though! It might be difficult, but I think it'll be extra satisfying when you get it!
    • Welcome one, welcome all. I expect more familiar faces to show up, so might as well put the tea kettle on.   Not sure what happened last night, but the older of my cats was so fed up with my bullshit, he had to wake up and physically bully me into putting the phone down at 2:43am. I'm serious, he was this close to slapping the damn thing out of my hands. Not that I'd blame him.   Wait, I probably know what happened last night. Or at least I can explain it. So I had a work emergency on Friday, apparently I messed up some procedure during my first days on the job and it came up months later to essentially cost me a case for technicalities. Not that it wasn't doomed in the first place, but I digress. The "colleague" handling it at the court hearing rushed to inform management before they even got in touch with me, whereas instead,  the one I'm more frequently collaborating with 1) came up with some sort of patchy solution on the fly, 2) took the blame for all this due to them not keeping an eye on me during my first weeks at work and 3) got to hear the riot act by management over the phone. Just goes to show you how different people can be in their behaviours. I am, of course, immensly appreciative of the one and planning payback on the other. Not because I'm vengeful or it'll fix anything, but I need to set limits and there have to be consequences for such shitty behaviour.   You know that "Inside you there are two wolves" meme? Well, inside me there's two Hindu deities.  One is Ganesh. Wise, cute, chubby and chill  The other is mufuggin Kali   That artwork I used for my meditation goal in the opening post? That's supposed to be an artistic interpretation of Kali. I'm pretty sure as Sunday turned into Monday and my mind subconsciously braced for the stress of returning to work under such circumstances, her concept stuck around, from using that image while posting my challenge to staying up late at night looking up all sorts of weird stuff you look when you're tumbling down a youtube rabbit hole at 2am   On the bright side, I found this "Bollywood meets Mortal Kombat visual FX" gem
    • What is an engineer boot? I may need these boots.
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