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    • That teambuilding sounds like fun, how was it?
    • Thanks! I'm still really happy that I did the run .   Saturday I took another restday since I was still very sore. Sunday I did first a kettle bell class and decided that the strength training class would also be fun. It was a little bit too much, mostly for my central nervous system, but it was a lot of fun and I don't regret it. I feel like I'm getting the hang of KB movements, even though I know that my technique has a lot of room for improvement. It's now good enough to just participate in the training, and I feel like I'm making progress. My grip strength for deadlifts afterwards was not great, as expected, but that's fine. It's good to know that 7x3x80kg is not a problem for the rest of my body at all . Monday I went to work during the day and orchestra during the evening, so there was no time for exercise. Still, quite some biking was done. Tuesday I got the first week of my new programme from my trainer, and I like it so far. It's a combination of strength training with some KB work in, so that I can prepare for the KB longcycle competition and also generally just get stronger. Everything felt relatively light, except for the negative pull ups and rolling pistol negatives. I liked it.   Today my mood is going up and down like crazy, which makes me realise that I'm not quite yet in the mental space where I want to be. Tipping my cup of tea so that it fell on my keyboard really broke my mood, but fortunately all keys still work. The keycaps are of poor quality, so I actually had to repair some of them by glueing a tiny plastic thingy to the keycap. I managed, all seems well, but I'm now still in a shitty mood. It will probably pass some time around clarinet lesson, so that's probably alright. I will take it slow today, and hopefully be full of energy again tomorrow.
    • It's hard, isn't it? I had to do it at the end of my PhD as well, and even though I still have a copy of most files backed up, I have never even connected that drive to my computer. I think it's good that you did this, and hoefully it will also help in letting go of this job. I might have missed it, but what will you be doing next?   You blood pressure sounds really nice by the way, I think it must be close to the ideal. I hope you can at least lower some of your medicine soon!
    • Hey TG good to hear from you   Glad the knee problem wont need surgery!!! Hope that you are feeling good xx
    • More from Brig.        
    • I have be at rogue level if I want to emulate the Miss of Misdemeanor     No one is more glad than Wraith 😜    -------------------------------------------------------   Another great day yesterday.  Not 100% because I forgot to take my vitamin C, but I got all of challenge goals in.  That means another successful heist.   Residents in Tianjin were nonplussed when they discovered that their knock off of a major London tourist attraction couldn't be found   In other news, I have started practicing some new skills recently.  For most of the last few years I have been working on some gymnastics stuff at the park but mostly focusing on just the high bar.  Then on Sunday night I had a weird dream about being able to do all kinds of cool tricks on the parallel bars so I obviously decided I should start trying to learn some skills for real.     Video below is from my firt attempt at the beginning of a routine      
    • Very cunning. May it leap out at you and demand to be used.
    • Beautiful photos! I also struggle with periods of low motivation. Wish I could tell you how to prevent them, but alas, I don't know.  Procrastination plus guilt is the worst combination, though, because it is not even truly restful.
    • Hey all....morning. 6am here. Cloudy so far, but due to brighten up later on.    Yesterday was nice. I built one of the sun loungers, have the second one still to do but needed to break off as was hard work haha   Napped, did zero work, and read for a while again  my kindle is amazing haha   Had a bbq in the eve, which was nice. Rested a lot. Which was needed.          Today i really do need to get back into work mode...   I feel like im allowing things to sort of drift away, almost? I have no desire to do any work - its a bit stressful really.    I will start by writing my work diary out for the next 7 days. That may help focus my thoughts.    Another thing is zero exercise i have put on 2lb this week. So the 2lb i lost last week is back on!! Not surprising tbh as i havent been to the gym.    So today - gym session. Walk Bronze. Need to just stop overthinking it all.    - Take medication  - Write work diary - Keep on top of emails - Go to the gym - Walk Bronze  - Clean/sort kitchen out - Laundry on - Package catalogues up ready to post - Post office (if i have time) - Plan meals / eat well - Drink 2 bottles of water - Go to the shop for milk/eggs - Shower/read/relax   Hope everyone is doing well x    
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