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    • Also currently feel like a heathen bc grandad texted me and I can't seem to make myself answer him.    Tonight's shift is rough so far. Really looking forward to going home
    • Thanks. Yeah, when I think 'This thesis has to be  30,000 words it gets scary. Gotta break it down lol     You got this. I look forward to hearing all about your bike adventures!               Okay. Go time. About to head out for a very wet 50km!
    • 😂 This was just in time given how bitter one of my ex-employers reacted when I shook my head fervently saying I don't have a new boyfriend in the planning at the moment. Just job and house and life.
    • I shall do my best!   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ramadan habits: I didn't get a lecture in, but then I wasn't really expecting to either.   Eating/drinking: I have almost drunk my water. I may or may not eat - I haven't really been hungry, and I haven't lost any weight that I've noticed, so I might be all right.   Exercise: This was never going to happen today. The physio will though, I will make sure of that.   Reading/posting: Again, only one.   Fridays when I work the Saturday are always a bit of a whirlwind. Get home, get food, start ttrpg, post update, go to bed early enough to try for enough sleep is really pretty much it.
    • YOOOOOOOOO if we get the electrical service upgraded I might be able to get a mini fridge in my room! fucking game changer if that becomes a thing. cross your fingers kids.
    • Thank you    Thanks.  I am glad I didn't go with my initial instinct which was to lecture   ---------------------------------------   Yesterday was Friday and on Fridays Ghostlet gets out of school early.  "Early" being 6pm instead of the normal 8pm so not exactly early by any normal standard.  Usually Friday is his no homework day, the one day every week when he doesn't have to do homework.  Normally he just spends the evening on his phone or playing xbox, but that we are getting into spring and we actually have some daylight left when he gets home he wants to start spending some time outside.  Because he is really enjoying he football experience at school, he suggested that we go outside and throw the ball around as our new Friday tradition.  I love this idea so that is what we did.  We don't have enough room in the yard to run a lot of pass patterns so we mostly just tossed the ball around.  To keep things interesting we spent a lot of that time trying to throw left handed.  It felt really weird but we finally got so we could get some reasonable form and accuracy.  It never did feel normal though.  In any case it was very fun   When Ghostess got home we gave Wraith her bath.  She hated the bath as much as Phantom did and hated the dryer as much as Lich did      On the plus side, her ringwork looks like it is responding well to the medicine.  Hopefully it will take less than 2 months to clear up    
    • Got a call back from a doctor, for some reason getting in as a new patient is a whole Thing instead of one phonecard. They're supposed to get back to me Monday to finish registration.    Idk if I said but my supervisors never did actually talk to me. I haven't seen team lead since last week and the main supervisor who said he'd talk to me has been around but not said anything XD things have calmed down but I'm still out here babysitting this trainee who doesn't want to do anything. She's real sweet but she only wants to do one part of the work, complains if we don't get off early, makes less effort the further along the night goes (meaning I have to check her work more as the night progresses bc she starts leaving errors) and tries to tell me to slow down and not work so hard even though I'm the one it comes down on if there are errors left behind for first shift to deal with XP like ma'am I will stab u with these tin snips don't talk to me 😅
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