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    • I'm sorry you are struggling, Sal. Maybe you and Bronze can get out for a walk and some quiet.
    • I somehow not only didn't do damage to my weight loss with the off-plan eating, but as of this morning, I am down a pound and a half from where I was a few days ago! Which is a lot, but I'm also not complaining. Might start to get worried about things if I keep losing at that rate, though. Don't expect that to happen, however.   I took it easy Friday and Saturday, and "just" did some walking for my exercise. Today was supposed to be 2 hours of travel team practice, because I thought 4 hours if I had also gone to regular practice first would be too much. I only ended up skating for a bit over half of it, though.   On my way to practice, when I was a bit over 5 minutes away, there was a car accident 3-4 cars in front of me on the road. I didn't see the main accident, but I did see one of the cars finish crashing! It made a giant mess and blocked most of the road. There was one lane left semi-passible, and after a few minutes people started driving both ways through it (madness!). The more crazy part was all the people who decided to drive through the middle of the accident where all the debris was. I pulled over, got out of my car and went to see if there was anything I could do to help. There wasn't, because almost everyone was fine and the ambulance was only a few minutes away and the person who needed it wasn't hurt that badly. So I went back to my car and waited for directions from the emergency personnel.   I ended up arriving 15 minutes late instead of the 10 early I was on track for, and then it took another half an hour for me to come down from the adrenaline enough to think about skating, which resulted in me missing most of the first half of practice. But what I skated for was good!   I uh, did not have an on-plan lunch after all of that. But, the chocolate shake and kimchi fries were delicious and exactly what I needed, even if they weren't optimal. I do not feel the slightest bit bad about that choice. 😊   Anyway, on with the rest of the week, hopefully with less crazy.
    • Goal: 11/15   Not much to report about today. Mats were open for strike tutoring and so I made it out. It was good, despite how long I've been off/felt off. My movement quality is preserved; I'm just a little rusty on distance management, which tracks if I'm being honest. Shadowboxing can only do but so much.   Maybe that's a reason to go back to  a gym, since the one that's walkable actually has a bunch of heavy bags, and I could use that for practicing distance.   It's a thought. A compelling thought, even though I can't manage my time well enough now to do all the things that I want to do just as it is. Because the issue has been that I'm doing my strength work too late in the day, and the gym is open later, so that could mediate things somewhat.   But the counterpoint is that this could just as easily work out to one of those things where I'm "training for the training I want to do." I certainly don't want that to happen, and assuming that I'm going to get stuff sorted and make mat time happen, I don't know how to constructively throw additional gym time on top. I'm trying to go from "one a day" to "two a day" and added gym time would make "three a day," which... is just a bit much, I think.   Which means that the gym is just a substitute for the mats, but how much do I want to pay for substitute work? I don't know.   In the meantime, I made it work today. Time to let tomorrow be sufficient for its own troubles.
    • pre-pruning half of the vineyard: turns out an uncle made me a timely offer to buy it off me and I've decided to be smart rather than prideful and take the offer. This one is off the list (and I didn't do it). trimming the hedge around the castle: I've been 'saved' by the snow. I may have jumped on the first excuse available but the snow that went down Friday night lay a fine layer on the hedge and my garden and was enough for me to call it quits. studying what vegetables to plant and harvest when: March: carrots April: onions carrots cabbages potatoes May: tomatoes (very high chances that won't work at this altitude but I'll give it a try anyway) carrots cauliflowers broccolis June: basil fennels July: broccolis chinese cabbages go to sleep at a minimum 6 hours before my planned waking up hour: I haven't tracked that efficiently and don't know if that was actually reached. eat delicious meals throughout the day: half done: it has been done on some days but missed on many too. preserve my free friday: half done. My phone was shut down though I did spend the day worrying about what needed to be done workwise.   Lessons learned: don't spend time thinking you have to do the thing: do the thing. if you are too spent to actually do the thing: don't do the thing, don't think about doing the thing, sleep and recover (that will help you not being spent and actually being able to do the thing). don't let yourself be eaten by work. You have your domain to handle, be worthy of it.
    • I love that !!!!   I wish we could make the dream come true xx
    • I hear that except change art studio to craft she shed.😁
    • Day 11 report (Saturday)   Warrior's barracks:  Rest day       Veggie plan: ate a ton of veggies   Athenaeum: No crafting today   Monk's Temple: Bible: Church
    • I've done Letterboxing; but not geocaching. 🙂
    • Thanks everyone!  I am getting some “down” time today.  The hubs took Maple to training so I could just have a morning off.  And rather than fill the downtime with my to do list, I pampered myself with a nice bath and had breakfast.     🏋️‍♀️ (body) No weights yesterday but I did get a brisk walk with Maple and took our monthly trip to a local shopping district to stock up on some items we needed.  This is a workout because we walk several blocks with bags.  Yaya for farmer carries!  No food was logged but I did get a ton of water in.  I slept in this morning and it felt glorious.    🧑‍🤝‍🧑 (Social) Spent time with minion #2 with the shopping, and then window shopping for another dress for minion #3.  We have my niece’s quinceanera this August and minion #3 is one of her godmothers.  After said window shopping we spent the evening playing Catan until almost midnight.   💸 (Money/Time) Spent money on our monthly haul of items from the shopping district and then ordered Taco Bell for dinner.  This was so I didn’t have to cook dinner and I could fully focus on playing Catan with the family.    🌻 Nothing really on this yesterday except for taking a nap.  Today I am making a cold press Orange and Grapefruit oil (part of @Darciana inedible alchemy stuff..THANK YOU!) and prepping Bougie for some bread that I need to make later in the week.  I am contemplating a weekly/monthly spread for my Bujo and possibly actually using the Nerd Fitness Epic Quest tracker to gamify some of the things I wish to get done.  Or maybe I will just spend the rest of the day daydreaming about all these lovely things.  
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