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    • It takes time to adjust to changes like getting up that early.  Looks like you're doing pretty darn good at it!
    • But that is what you look like.  It's a different view of you, not photoshop.  It's as valid an image of you as as the other straight-on pose.
    • OK, proper update time!   I have a trip to Huntsville next week to meet my new team. Which isn't a problem, I'm fine with that and would like to meet the people I'm working with now. Only, my manager is there as well, and this morning she told me that while I was there I needed to have a half hour meeting with her AND HER MANAGER.   I've talked to him before, and he seems like a decent guy. I'm glad I'm not going to have an in-person one-on-one meeting with my manager. But on the other hand, I can't think of a single reason to have a meeting with both of them that's going to be good for me.   So, that's what I'm currently freaking out about. To the point where I didn't eat for most of the day. And I've got over a week to worry about it. So none of that is great, and I truly don't see any way my current situation is going to improve.   Yesterday I went to practice. As I was getting ready to walk out the door, Aunt Flo arrived. And she brought bad cramps, but those didn't show up until I was halfway to practice. So, I was basically dead before we even started skating. And then we did a bunch of endurance type stuff, so I was completely dead by the end of practice. And I had to sit out for the last 10 minutes or so because my knee started hurting (I think because the muscles elsewhere in my leg got super tight from the endurance stuff).   I had to help Little One with his homework literally until I had to run out the door for practice, so I didn't have time to call the recruiter. But I found his email address from something else he'd sent me and sent a follow up email this morning.   This evening, I got a call from him! He apologized for the delay, and said it was because he got tied up with another project they've got him helping with. He's currently checking with the interview team for their availability and I could have an interview as soon as Thursday!
    • Oh. Okay, yeah, that is how my brain works, so I will probably avoid it then.
    • I don't understand this question. "Posing" is essentially to hold a movement still, and everyone moves (well, most of us who are alive do). The point of posing is to show off yourself the way you want to be seen. This is the same reason we wear specific types of clothes, do our hair certain ways, wear makeup and/or jewelry, et cetera. It's a means of choosing how we come across, to set the narrative of how we are seen, to control what we can control of the visual non-verbal message we communicate with our appearance.   Or to rephrase, the point of posing is to show off yourself and how stunningly beautiful you are.   No. don't argue with me on this. You are beautiful.   And if you're not willing to believe that, that will come with time. While you're waiting for that to happen, pretending that you're gorgeous and acting like you know you are, goes a surprisingly long way.   
    • So far, I like the plain greenish lentils best. The French green lentils are a little smaller and don't have a strong flavor. I made them with chicken stock, so if they have a delicate flavor that might not be apparent. The red lentils came split and cook up into a paste rather than distinct units. The color and flavor are fine.   I think all the lentils I've cooked so far would benefit from more spices and additions, like onion or garlic. I have dahl recipes I can use. That will be the next batch. I still have several meals worth of French lentils to use up. _________________   I have been doing pretty well on my challenge goals with very little free time. Work continues to be too busy. I have been better about staying on task and leaving on time, which cuts down on my forum reading time. Getting more sleep pays off with me being more cheerful and dealing better with the things coming at me. I have been going for lots of walks, doing some aikido and some core yoga. I tried playing my phone game again for a week and decided it was not worth the time.  I finished knitting the socks I started in June! Photos later. I have done my part of the household batch cooking and cleaning activities. I'm leaving the rest for other people more successfully than in the past Some zen. A lot of days I am doing other things instead. I am going to be going on a trip this weekend. Hopefully there will actually be more down time than my last several trips. We are visiting an old friend in the LA area. Possible excursions include a drive to the mountains or to the beach. I need a new knitting project to take with for the airport/plane time. Work just gave me a crochet kit that makes a family of cacti. That might just be the thing. I hope to have time to catch up on everyone's threads, but no promises.
    • Light stretching    Hindu Push Ups 2x13,10 Squats 2x20 Close Hand Push Ups 2x16,10 Lateral squats 2x6 (L&R) Ab Wheel 2x5 Superman 2x60 sec V Ups 2x6   Ring Rows (45° lean) 2x10 Ring Tricep Over head Push downs (45° lean) 2x5 Ring Pull Ups  2x3,2 Calf Raises 2x25   Heavy stretching 
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