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    • Hello all, i have just created a website that relates to fitness and relaxation products. I want to tell people that the fitness in our lives is not only the exercise but also the relaxation time. I need your feedback on the website and if you like some of the products i suggest you can buy them. They are from amazon, as i am an affiliate associate.   Thank you very much!    https://c1997k1997.wixsite.com/fitness-maniac?fbclid=IwAR1bJgIAK3pnOmukoU0LjyYFBUmTpZ1FQer8u80aWW4kA9UPRbgJyexOyKU
    • Jup, I'm trying to do it more often again, and this morning I got through the 10 minutes without problem and my body feels much better for the day ahead!   Bujo is a shorthand for bullet journal, which is basically a booklet with just dots instead of lines. I use it mostly as an agenda and todo-list tracker, but there are people who track a lot of stuff and/or are very artsy with it. I currently have a monthly calendar + todo-list, and every week I make a weekly planning and weekly todo-list. Then every day, I have a daily todo-list and appointments. I use it just for my private life, so it typically does not need a lot of space. I currently also track on which days I played the clarinet, used my bullet journal and read. I notice that I am reading every day even though it is not a goal of mine, and I would like to play the clarinet a little bit more often. Anyway, a bullet journal is a tool that is very versatile, and I switch how I use it fairly often.
    • You might need to work on your bracing, if your lower back is bothering you. A gentle warming up with dynamic movement might help as well, but it's the bracing that's really important to protect your back. Also, if you work out less than once a week, in my experience the soreness will always come back. It's more productive to work out at least once a week, or if that's not feasible, to start more gently. Anyway, I hope your back is feeling better today!
    • Are you surviving the garage project?
    • @Kishi, do you have a moment to talk about this?  
    • The streak of walking in spite of the cold rain continues! I went 4 miles today up the local school letter mountain. Do they do that in other parts of the world or is the local high school or college putting their initial on a nearby mountain/hillside overlooking the town just a US (or maybe more specifically west-US) thing? Well anyway I hiked up the 'M' today. What's funny is the town I drive to a couple hours away for my college course also has an 'M' trail. I need to hike that one too sometime and should do it before the snow and ice. Well while it wasn't as cold today, only 40 degrees, it was raining pretty good and by the time I go home both the dog and I were soaked through. Was a nice hike with views over our city, but I won't be doing it in the rain again. It's pretty steep in places and the rain made the mud very slick! Had to let Lillie off leash a fair bit on the way down (but didn't see anyone so didn't feel too bad about it) as she was about to make me fall on several occasions. I didn't really plan to hike up there, just kinda kept going. Didn't have a timeframe for having to be home and honestly I enjoy the cold fall rain too. Gives me an excuse to wear my wool hat from Germany that I love. To warm to wear in the summer and in the winter I need something to cover my ears, but it is perfect for keeping a cold rain off. Wish I had more excuses to wear it. The fact that wearing hats isn't really fashionable for day-to-day anymore is a real tragedy. You can see the 'M' lit up on top of the mountain in the one pic. I didn't get a good pic from all the way on top as it was in the cloud when I got there but these show where I got to and where I started at the bottom. It was almost dark by the time I got home. The pic below is from a few blocks away but I can't actually see it from back at my house.   Also it seems I am no longer limited by file upload size. Must have been a new forum user restriction. Expect more pics of my adventures in the future.    
    • I see you mention WHM frequently in your logs and you mentioned that it was helpful for you (in spite of what that one therapist said). I'm curious what it is that you do for that and what you feel you are getting out of it. It recently came onto my radar and I'm curious to research more about it, but wanted to ask people who have actually done it what they think. I do need to go do some of my own research too but was curious. Thanks
    • Yeah, I think it's definitely something I need to bring into the light and sit with for a while as part of my long-term strategy.    I am definitely feeling better than I did this morning.   It's wonderful to have a safe space to share when I am feeling vulnerable.    OMG that feels so accurate.  And then I spent half the day feeling like Humpty-Dumpty trying to pull it together again.  This makes me feel like I need to gird the tower with back-up plans in case life happens and I can't follow my affirming routines.  Like some if...then scenarios.   Thank you for that insight.
    • Thank you, I did rest well.   Today is a good day. Work was frustrating, in that I had a plan and then things came up and the plan had to be altered. Part of the job, and not existential frustration. Dinner was take out but I made caprese to go with it because a colleague had gifted me with basil from her garden. Caprese seemed the best way to honor the basil. Little Bit tried to get fussy at bedtime, but I'm getting better at talking very calmly through her fussing and in gamifying bedtime. Tonight she had to unlock her stories and songs that were locked behind the wall of listening. Listening earned her badges that could be used to unlock a story. No workout.
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