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      Not sure where to begin, need some help with something, or want to make a suggestion? This is the spot!

    2. Rebel Introductions and the Respawn Point

      New to the Rebellion, or did something go wrong and you're Respawning? Welcome, soldier! Post your story here, your battle plans, and what you plan on bringing to the table.


    3. Rebel Army Base Camp

      Talk about whatever the hell you want here. Well, almost anything :)


    1. Current Challenge: 12/3/2023 to 12/23/2023

      Come one, come all! Our 5 week challenge has officially begun!

    2. Previous Challenge 10/22/2023 to 11/25/2023

      Come one, come all! Our 5 week challenge has officially begun!

    3. Adventure Parties and PVP Challenges

      Looking for a party to adventure with, an accountibilibuddy, or want to create a PVP Challenge? This is the place!

    4. Daily Battle Logs and Epic Quests

      Working on your own Epic Quest? Or just looking for daily accountability? 


      Start your own thread and keep track of your workouts, food logs, and/or accomplishments here. Nothing says accountability like letting the world read what you're doing.


      *NOTE: Daily Battle Logs and challenges are completely independent of each other - you can have one or both.


    1. Rebellion Meet Ups

      Looking for Rebellion members in your area, or want to set up a Virtual Meet-up? Interested in doing an event (race, meet, etc) in your area and want to see if other Rebels want to join? Post here!


      Once your meet-up is set, feel free to add it to our Community Calendar!

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      We've all gotta eat, right? :)

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    • Exactly. Could be a vampire film. I don't judge.     So you'll report back whether it's unisex, yes?
    • I look forward to reading your report on the Spanish chicken dish.    
    • ...or the only thing...   I'm pretty sure I'll be able to apply some to Husband's neck while he's sleeping. He sleeps through anything...
    • It's a very malty ale with some hops and spice to it. Goes well with rich holiday food.  
    • Close enough! And it's still relevant to my life because I'm supposed to pick out shrubs for the front of my house and it seems like a big decision and I don't know shrubs.    ------   Hoof trimming went well! She said I actually do quite a good job. Daisy has easy feet and she's mostly patient for me. This was my fastest trim yet. It was nice having someone there to confirm things.   
    • Excellent goals!   I hope you have a great time at the beach!   Mr. Harriet is right, he is the only one who will be paying attention to you. If other people look at you, they will probably be admiring your hair.  
    • I went for a walk before work, which was lovely (and chilly). I am going to do holiday shopping on the way home. I have work to thank for getting me to shop so early. My team is sponsoring gifts for a needy family, and the LGBLTQ+ group is sponsoring a donation box. Both of those are due early next week. I will take advantage of being at Costco to pick up boxes of fancy cookies for the neighbors.   Things are starting to look up at my work. Our two newest people finished training this week. The schedule for next week looks better than it has in three years, even with people out. I am seeing a glow that might not be a train.     Aikido     Hmmm. Elf might like Choco Musk. We already have a pannetone sitting on the kitchen island. We watched Hogfather together last year, so I'm pretty sure it is in Dumbledore's subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime.   So your ideas are on target, but not timely for this year. Spa things tend to be good for Elf. Dumbledore is difficult because he buys the stuff he wants.     🤣😆🤣 My weapons partner said it looked like I had strangled a smurf after I tied my hakama yesterday.   I did not look like a smurf because all the blue was on the lower part of my gi top. I was wearing blue leggings on purpose so they didn't show anything. I gave up on regular gi pants a while back. Leggings are much more comfortable.
    • I didn't know you were interested in aikido. Your local dojo looks like a good group of people. I strongly recommend watching at least two classes before signing up. That will give you a feeling for whether these are people you want to spend time with every week.   I hope you had a great time at the parade!
    • Light stretching   20 kg KB Clean and Press 2x7 20 kg KB Squats 2x7 20 kg KB Rows 2x7   Close Hand Push Ups 2x10 (shoulders and wrist are feeling rough)   Energy is pretty low. Taking it easy tonight! Live to fight another day! 😂    Heavy stretching 
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