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    • Still alive, just haven't had the mental bandwidth to post an update.  Will do soon, hopefully!
    • Sorry for the late update, things have been a bit crazy(ier than normal).  I have indeed decided to bow out of this challenge.  Mostly decided for me by my scale deciding to behave somewhat erratically.  I suspect it needs a new battery, and I don't want to replace it just before packing it up in a box to move across the country.  At worst, it needs to be replaced entirely, and if that's the case, again, I don't want to bother just before moving.  So, I'll see you all in August!
    • Hi all. OMG i am restless and stressed. it is making me stress.... im too hot, then too cold..... i am tired but i cant sleep? I have work to do but i cba.    ......  SO ANNOYING
    • OK the room doesn't look as bad as I was expecting tbf - it's a lot but it's mostly spread out so looks a lot worse than it is (I'll try to find a pic from my room in my parent's place when it was at its worst for ref!) If you have another room that can be the 'base' for sorting and then have spare empty boxes that you can start separating into the categories, including one for 'to get rid of'   It sounds like you're not likely to make much progress with the getting rid, but I find it a lot easier to get rid of things I haven't opened (or mostly 'full') as it shows I haven't used it at all, and I like to think about all the crafty people out there who would LOVE to make use of all this stuff.   ETA - I couldn't find a pic of my room, but found one of the loft which would have been fuller if there was actually floor up there... It is now almost clear as I just brought down a box at a time, took them home and sorted them myself    
    • There are so many things that I could do to help if I was local to my friends. In this forum, I am happy to help by listening and helping you reflect on what you have said.
    • So, it's been a week. And I mean that in the tone of A Week.   Spoilered for animal death and bodily fluids. Also, LONG and slightly ranty     Oh, and on Tuesday we also had our AC replaced. That at least went smoothly.     Needless to say, between all of the kitten drama, and contractors (both the pavers and the A/C), hubs and I are a bit wiped out. Oh, and the well pump house is still rotting and the fridge is still leaking, so we aren't even done with all this.   Oh, also I have a doctor's appointment this morning and another one next week (routine stuff, but still need to manage all that)     So, workouts have been non-existent. Walks ditto. Snacks and drinks are under control, though. I really would like to get more movement in, but ONE MORE THING to juggle at the moment seems like Too Much. Am I justifying? maybe. Could I get 20 minutes of SOMETHING in in the morning (especially now since there are no foster kittens in the house)? Probably. But I just Cannot at the moment.
    • Plan for today Avoid YT Shorts foot lotion praise music work am Spanish bottle of water time outside     read You are Here and/or practice mindfulness while outside Cook Chicken and Artichoke  Chair yoga Start catching up on NF brush and floss Shower pm Spanish bed by 10
    • Does "incognito mode" or "private browsing" (or whatever it's called in your web browser) work to get around this? I know this works for me on my work laptop...
    • sidebends 🐝  those felt nice and stretchy
    • I thought it had been only 1 week since I posted this but I guess not.  I wrote down chores, hung up a board, told people what they should be doing and I'm upholding my end of it (sweeping/vacuuming/washing floors). I have all my stuff organized and put away. Everyone in the kitchen has a shelf.  Then *they* start leaving other crap everywhere. Not throwing out garbage on time so we missed the recycling week (recycling comes every other week instead of every week, which is stupid).  Dishes still pile up.    Oh and on top of all of this, Ladyfriend's mom went to the hospital TWICE since my last post.  Oh, and creditors are now coming for us - apparently Ladyfriend's uncle uses medical transportation over a decade ago so now they want $50,000 and after talking to a lawyer, apparently that's something they can legally do.  Ladyfriend has no idea if there are credit cards and other shit looming so for all we know, we're living in this house on borrowed time.   I've made the decision: I'm moving out.  The fact that no one can take care of themselves.  Everyone is living in garbage.  I have no privacy.  I barely have any room to myself despite this being a massive mansion.  I can't take dinner getting pushed past 9pm and then I'm woofing down delivery multiple times a week - the fridge is full but whose stuff is it? I don't KNOW!  Not mine.  There is literally nothing organized. I've been fighting an uphill battle for 6 months and my last post was about dragging people along to try and help them because it's clear they can't function.  But I also know that after going to the Dr's, that I'm 380 pounds, get shit sleep, haven't been to the gym like I want to, and eat garbage at all times of the night.  I'm chronically depressed and anything that used to make me happy (hopping on here, playing games, working on art projects) just feels like an inconvenience so I lay there like a lump and watch tv and nap throughout the day to try to 'catch up' on sleep in between my jobs I work.  So I'll go to work and get home around 1, lay down, set an alarm, maybe fall asleep for a little bit, then head back out and go to work 3-7pm.  Then I get home and everyone is in the kitchen area, talking loudly and I don't want to socialize.  There's talk of getting more delivery and I'm indifferent to making a decision on what to have.  People don't know how to shut up and decide things and conversation gets side-tracked for like an hour.  Finally food is figured out so now it's after 8pm and 6 months ago that would have been me drifting to sleep on the couch for a few hours, but now that's when I'm eating stuff that will make my stomach hurt because by now I'm anxious and irritated and my stupid food-addict brain thinks making the same mistake 100 million times in a row is a good idea in the moment. Rinse and repeat multiple times a week.  I can't do it.  I'm better off being alone.  I texted my sister that I'm coming home.  Maybe I'll spend weekends at this place but I'm so done with being here and not being able to function.  For my mental health, I need an environment that isn't a shitshow.  I dealt with all this back when my mom died.  And I've said before - none of this is MINE to get through.  It's not MY dead dad. It's not MY dead uncle.  Ladyfriend's crap isn't mine.  Warren's crap isn't mine.  Oh, and Ladyfriend and I were talking last night about all the credit card stuff that might be coming and that $50,000 and how she is probably going to have to sell everything and she talked about moving in with me.  I got a shudder up my spine.  Her....bringing HER disaster to where I lived. I just can't.  I think something about yesterday is the straw that broke the camel's back.  The thought of having to live like this any longer is horrifying to me.   I think that my birthday being earlier this month was another wake-up call.  I'm not going to live to 40 if this stays the way it is.  I feel like my back is against the wall now and it's do-or-die time with weight loss and getting my shit together.  I'm slowly getting my LICSW hours from the jobs I'm working so I think it's projected that sometime early next year I'll be able to take the exam.  When that happens, I've reached the top of my career and there are a 100 jobs available that will cater to me and pay me a crazy-good amount and it'll be smooth sailing.  Between now and then, I need to be hyper-focused on my eating and exercise.  How can I be a good therapist and tell others about good mental health strategies and healthy coping mechanisms when I don't practice what I preach?  So although it's going to cause waves, possibly end the relationship with ladyfriend; I'm moving out.     Ladyfriend's uncle died.  Her uncle's partner was Warren.  Her uncle was like 70 and this guy is 40 so it screamed 'gold-digger energy' to me at first but with how devastated he's been, I guess it was a serious relationship. Why is she enabling him?  Because she's a coward Why are you enabling him? I'm not - I've told him multiple times he needs to get rid of shit.  I've advised him 'as a friend' and 'as a therapist' and told him he can't live in a small room that is basically a mausoleum to his dead partner and expect to get better in any way.  And last weekend I told Ladyfriend that we need to stage an intervention and we did and we made him donate/throw out 2 bags of clothes. It's not nearly enough but it's a start and it's more than he's done the entire past 6 months.     That's where I'm at, but I always find this stuff to be interesting.  
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