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    • Yeah, I'm feeling sorely tested. Breaking news: they're still giving me the run around. Now he's not in until 11. 😭
    • That voice is NOT a friend ❤️    Also, those are absolutely normal emotions  
    • Thank you, Darciana. I hope so too.   The State Library Analysis is due on October 1 and has five points for consideration; it's to be 8-10 pages long.  He posted a 16 minute video of "exta tips" to help us with this assignment, and of course I've already done a 32 minute outrage routine, in which I could have just watched the stupid thing, really. Yes, I'll watch it, becuase you know he has some hidden easter egg that needs to be included in the paper and that only appears in this last-minute video. I will watch it over lunch break before meeting with Philosopher James.   I have zero motivation or engagement with the State Library Analysis assignment, and it needs to be detail-heavy, since it's for The Pedant. The two together mean I'll need to build it like a Lego: one  small instruction page at a time. The professor gave us an extra two days, but I'm not certain that will be helpful since, in theory, I'll be in NY during the extension.  I'm planning on taking each point and doing 2-ish pages (not to go over, mind you, because that is eaqually bad). Today's piece is an analysis of how the state library spends its money.   I talked with the schedulers and the earliest MRI appointment is Tuesday 10/3, so I'm considering changing my departure to Wednesday morning. The presentation is Thursday. The only thing is that there's a good chance we're looking at an obstruction, and if so it's going to need to be addressed quickly, so there's a decent chance I won't be going at all. This has me completely bummed out, as you might expect.   I finished the research discussion post and have turned that in. I have zero motivation or energy today, probably a result of the flu and covid shots, but also my Anion Gap level is trash and that's distracting (becuase WebMD thinks everything is a rare, terminal, incurable disease, please light your hair on fire now).    Until anyone tells me otherwise, I think I'm just going to go gently about my day, make a pot of tea, and rest as best I can. All will be well. ❤️ 
    • Got a walk yesterday after LTL went home.     He's still recovering and had a fussy day .... so we got take out burgers for dinner.     Today, other than dealing with remaining congestion, I feel pretty normal.  We'd skipped the paxlovid this time but might figure out how to get it for next round.  A few members of the extended family did get it (son-in-law, sister-in-law, nephews ..... yeap all of the family in Minnesota had it this week!!!) and said that it seemed to help.     I dread going back to the gym.  Not today yet, but probably at the end of the week.    
    • Thank you! I wasn't expecting such a beautiful sight this morning so it really caught me off guard to look over and see that as I crested the slight hill. If I wasn't already breathing heavy from running, I'd say it took my breath away 😆 I knew it was one of those I had to share, though. My hope is that it made someone smile or relax a tad bit.
    • Absolutely! Here you go: Banana Bread Overnight Oats   Thank you for your recipe! It sounds delightful and I may up the barley, too. I typically like my beefy soups to be thicker/chunkier, bordering on a stew. Anything with chicken can be more watery/soupy. I'm weird like that. I'm all about the crockpot/slow cooker, though I don't use it near as much anymore. Cooler months is when it really puts in the work, though, as I'll simmer soups all day in it.
    • Well... I'm not saying that eating junk food and staying up too late on the weekend made me sick, but I'm not not saying that, and going by my tracking table that's sure how it looks, tho I suppose it tis the season for colds and flu. I broke my walking streak. Just laid up on the couch all afternoon after work yesterday feeling lousy. No actual fever but chills, aches, a cough and a bad sore throat. Covid is negative (at least so far) luckily. Just a good reminder to keep working at staying healthy.   Week 3   M 9/25 TU 9/26 W 9/27 TR 9/28 F 9/29 S 9/30 S 10/1 Intermittent fasting 10-7 11-8           Calorie intake 2800 1,100           Daily Bookend Routines 6 7       *weekend *weekend Homework / Reading     Journaling & Meditation (Tues, Wed, ...) Curfew 9 9:30           Steps 7,100 1,500           Avg Daily Distance Avg. 1.9 mi Workouts (Tues, ...)   I'm of 2 minds about the week-long goals. Like journaling and Meditation. So far it's in the red but is actually on track for being blue for the week. Early on in the week it looks like I'm doing quite poorly, but then as the week progresses it balances out. On the other hand it's a reminder to stay on it and keep up with it to get out of the red. IDK. Just a thought I pondering. Might mix that up for next challenge. Maybe keep individual day cells and compare with where I am so far for that week, but merge them as I go through the week. I've also added all tables so far to original post of this thread. I like seeing the collective progress so far rather than weeks taken individually. Another thought for next time. Maybe I'll rotate the table 90 degrees and have the dates descending for the duration of the challenge.
    • I've used HelloFresh and was quite disappointed in the quality, as well. I was in the Army at the time so the convenience of having meals already planned, groceries "done" and only needing 30-ish minutes too cook before eating was wonderful but now that I work from home, absolutely not.   I hope your imaging provides some answers so you can bounce back into the best possible health. Sending healing love your way ❤️
    • That sunrise is GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing it, I'm so glad you got to see it in person!
    • Sorry the key situation has become a whole ordeal.  I'm sure the shoulder pain does not help, either.  I hope your day gets better.  
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