• Basic Rules and Guidelines

    The basic guideline of the 4 Week Challenge is simple:


    Pick 3 diet and/or fitness quests, and one level up your life quest, and work to complete them over the next four weeks.


    A quest is simply a goal that you'd like to complete. These quests are completely up to you, though we recommend you go through our Goal Setting (LINK COMING) worksheets to help you create your goals.


    The NUMBER ONE THING that people say prevented them from being successful in their challenges is that they tried to make changes that were TOO BIG or that they tried to do TOO MANY things all at once.  Please keep this in mind when creating yours :)We'd much prefer you create quests that are small and will help you build healthy habits than set huge quests to completely change your life all at once. If you think the quests sound too small, they are probably the right quests




    NOTE: Just starting out and need help picking your quests? Does the idea of picking out your own quests seem overwhelming (it's common for it to!) The Nerd Fitness team has created a LEVEL 1 CHALLENGE that you can take and customize and use. These are the items that we suggest you use as quests if you're just starting out and have no idea what to do. YOU CAN FIND IT HERE.


    Create a thread in the challenge area of the forums, declaring your quests.

    The challenge forums are separated into CLASS or GUILD sections.


    If you're just starting out, post your challenge in the LEVEL 1 section. This is for people doing their first challenge, and offers more assistance to help you get started with Nerd Fitness and the challenges. If you post your thread within a guild, it will be assumed that you know how all of the things work, sopPost your challenge thread in the LEVEL 1 subforum.


    Full class/guild descriptions are here.


    If you'd like to pick a class or guild, here are the basics and some SAMPLE activities that someone in that guild might focus on. Obviously there are many different activities - you can join the guild that you want to and thinks fits you the best.


    If you want to change at any time, do it! (meaning, you can do one challenge in one guild, and the next challenge in a different guild)

    There's no formal way to join or un-join a guild other than selecting it on your own.


    • REBEL - if you do not want to pick a guild. You can stay a Rebel as long as you want - there are many people who don't WANT to pick a guild, and that's fine. This is a general fitness guild.
    • ADVENTURER - exploration, hiking, climbing, travel.
    • ASSASSIN - bodyweight exercises, gymnastics, parkour
    • DRUID - yoga, meditation, tai chi
    • MONK - martial arts of any sort
    • SCOUT - running, swimming, biking, endurance sports
    • RANGER - crossfit, general mixed training (running AND lifting, for example)
    • WARRIOR - powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman


    Update as much or as little on your progress in your thread throughout the challenge.

    Your thread is your place to do whatever you'd like! Some people find it beneficial to update daily, others weekly.  Update your thread as much or as little as you want.


    Encourage and help out other challengers.


    Part of a 4 week challenge is also participation, and encouraging your other challengers - this isn't a competition - we want everyone to do well.


    This isn't a requirement of the challenge - if you're a lone wolf type, that's fine!


    You'll be posting about your successes and struggles in your thread, and the more help and encouragement you offer others, the more you will get in return, the more accountability you'll have, and the more friends you'll make (some of my closest friends today I met doing these challenges in 2010!). 


    That being said, we want you to be out working on your goals, not sitting on the forums all day - so there is a balance :)


    At the end, review your challenge and grade yourself.

    End of challenge grading worksheets can be found here.



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