• Level 1 - First Challenge Suggested Quests

    Are you just starting out or looking to respawn and need help putting together your challenge? It's very common for people to get overwhelmed trying to put together a challenge - even if you know it will be fun once you get started!


    To help out, the NerdFitness team met and put together what we would suggest you do for your first challenge. 


    It is what we suggest you do for your challenge based off what we have seen work for other rebels in the past. A lot of these may seem like small quests, but they're not! The goal here is to start creating habits and build momentum.


    Feel free to copy and paste and use for your own challenge (make sure to follow the 'pick 1' or 'pick 2' directions! don't do all of them!)  Use as much or as little from this as you'd like.



    Diet (pick two)

    • Swap out one soda per day with water
    • Eat a vegetable with one meal every day
    • Reduce fast food consumption by 50%
    • Take one processed snack you have each day and replace it with a healthy protein, fruit, or vegetable
    • Substitute one sugary coffee drink per day for black coffee or tea.


    Fitness (pick one)

    • Walk every day (5 minutes) - this could even be in the form of standing up at your desk and walking around the office.
    • Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 1x a week
    • Participate an active social game, like frisbee or kickball, at least once a week (preferably with your family or friends who are also trying to get started!)


    Level Up Your Life (Pick One)

    • Put $1 in a jar (or savings) every day
    • Notorious for being late? Start with making Mondays special - on Mondays you are never late for anything.
    • 5 minutes meditation daily
    • Say one positive thing to yourself each morning when you look in the mirror
    • Have troubles keeping the kitchen clean? Clean for 2 minutes each night before bed or first thing in the morning (when you're waiting for your coffee to brew, maybe?). Focus on one small area and keeping that one clean, and then once you're good at that one, start to expand it.
    • Floss at least 15 seconds each day
    • Reduce caffeine consumption by 50%
    • Make small talk with at least one person each week (or day!) you wouldn't normally (could be on your commute, at work, in line at the grocery store)
    • Have a 5 minute dance party each day
    • Go to bed 10 minutes earlier each week
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