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    Please note that while we do have rules we follow in chat, this chat room is not endorsed or moderated by Nerd Fitness. We simply wanted to provide a place for our members to chat.


    Also, since we use IRC, and usernames are not reserved - therefore, people may not be who you think they are (so if someone is logged in as an admin forum user's name, there is no guarantee it is actually them). Please chat at your own risk. :)



    • Follow all of the Forum Rules.
    • Chat is a safe place for you to share about life, feelings, fitness, and whatever else.
    • Treat chat like you would with any group of people.
    • Don't...
      • Be a creeper (but if you're of the creeper race, we do not discriminate).
      • Be debbie downer.
        • We all have bad days and we totally allow and want you to vent in chat. It's why we're here. However, don't come to chat if all you want to do is complain.
      • Flood. Don't post over and over and over just to be annoying. This can happen if you paste something very long.
    • Do...
      • Ask us questions! That's a huge reason why we have chat... to answer questions about NF and Fitness!
      • Share with us. We want to get to know you.
      • Vent. We want to be there for you when you're having a hard time.
      • Woot. We're excited for you when you hit that PR!




    Wait, we have a chat?

    • Yep, and believe it or not... we still have lots of members who have never used it nor actually realized its there before.
    • If you've been around on the internet for a while, there's a good chance you've heard of IRC (the oldest chat protocol on the internet). That's what we use.

    Where is it?

    • Where indeed! Click "CHAT ROOM" at the top of this page.
    • Or if you're familiar with IRC (and I'll explain more about IRC below), just join #NerdFitness.

    Do we have chat rules?

    • We do indeed. They are the same as the forum rules here: NF Forum Rules.

    How do I...?

    • Read under "How-To" below.

    Who is Q and ^Aragorn^? They never talk.

    • Q is a quakenet bot that controls the channel so no one can take over our channel.
    • ^Aragorn^ is a bot that logs chat and generates statistics.
    • Bots allow NF to control the room and ban trolls.


    How do I change my nick (name that shows for you) in chat?

    /nick whateveryouwant


    How do I emote?

    /me does things.


    How do I send a personal message (PM)?

    /msg name message here


    Or click on their name in the members list and click "Query" or "Message" depending on your client. Some, you will only need to click.


    How To


    How to join NF Chat.

    • Pros
      • server: irc.quakenet.org
      • port: 6666, 6667, or 6668
      • room: #NerdFitness
    • Noobs
      • A client is an app that allows you to access the room and talk. There are many types on many platforms. If you just want something simple, just click "CHAT ROOM" at the top of the page and you're good to go.
      • Here's a list of our commonly used clients.
      • The first thing your client will likely ask you to do is to choose a server. If it's a dropdown list, you need to locate "Quakenet". If you need to type it in, use: irc.quakenet.org
      • If it asks for a port, use: 6667
        • ports 6666 and 6668 work also.
      • You will also need to tell it what channel to join: #NerdFitness
        • ​Some clients you will have to type: /join #NerdFitness
      • That should be all you need to connect.

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