• January 2017 - Tanktimus the Encourager

    Tanktimus the Encourager

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    Tank, deadlifting at Camp Nerd Fitness.


    Huge congrats to Tanktimus the Encourager, our very first Rebel of the Month here on Nerd Fitness.


    Tank has been a longstanding, very active member of our community since 2012, and I couldn't think of a better person to give the first ROTM to (and just to talk about the impact Tank has had on others - out of 200 answers to the recent survey I put out, over 50% of people mentioned Tank as someone that has made a positive impact on their journey - that's HUGE).

    As a part of this, I asked Tank to answer some questions about his journey and picked his brain about ways we can succeed as much as he has 


    Take it away, Tank! 


    Tell us a bit about yourself
    My real name is David Tankersley (which got shortened to Tank a lot, and then got lengthened back to Tanktimus). I'm 35, in San Antonio, and a Hospital Chaplain. Currently Engaged and super excited about it. I'm a proud member of House Tyrus and a very happy Ranger.


    How long have you been a member of the rebellion? How did you find us?
    I joined August 13th, 2012. It's the same day I joined the forums. On a whim, I googled the phrase "nerd fitness" and Steve's blog popped up. That was back when it was just the blog and the forums. I set up an account as soon as I learned there were forums.


    Tell me a bit about your daily routine
    It varies depending on the day of the week, I work Mornings Friday and Saturday and Evenings Sun-Tues. Wednesday I usually spend the Afternoons at a place where I'm a volunteer chaplain. One constant is breakfast, bacon, eggs and coffee when I get up every morning. I usually am up between 7:30, whether I'm going to work that day or not. I have found that incredibly helpful. I will usually cook for lunch or dinner, and make a big enough meal to split in half. If my Fiancee is coming over she gets the other half, if not I have the second half either for dinner that night or lunch the next day. My workouts are also on a weekly schedule. I lift twice a week, usually either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday. The other days are either walking or Yoga. I shoot for five days a week working out.


    What changes have you made to your batcave to help you succeed?
    The biggest changes are in the Kitchen. I eat paleo for all but 2 meals a week, so I simply don't buy stuff that isn't paleo. (A trick I learned from an old article Spezzy wrote on the blog). That way when I'm hungry I get something healthy.


    Biggest success since you joined?
    It's hard to point to one specific event. One of the things I often tell people on the forums is "Success is the accumulation of the consequences of good choices over time." I think the biggest success is the progress I've made since coming back to the forums in the Spring of 2015 (I had dropped off the boards for about 2 years by that point). I'm stronger, more flexible, and way happier since I came back.


    What are your tips for success?

    Remember we are on a journey. Success isn't a single accomplishment. Rather, it's a change in mindset, in lifestyle, in seeing ourselves differently than the we ever have before. Success isn't built on one good decision any more than it is derailed by a single bad decision. It's cumulative, so the more positive changes you make, the more successful you become. The only way to lose is to give up.


    Biggest failure? How'd you bounce back?
    Like with success, there isn't a single incident. Several times in my adult life I've gotten my weight down close to where I wanted it, then quit focusing on being healthy and gained a bunch back. I bounced back by forgiving myself and starting to focus on being healthy again. Lately I decided I was no longer a fat person, and therefor I no longer do fat person things. 

    What's the biggest tip you could give to a new recruit to the NF Rebellion?
    In the words of Douglas Adams, "Don't Panic." There are many changes ahead of you on the road to being healthy, don't try to make them all at once. Start small and set yourself up for success. For sure head over to the forums at rebellion.nerdfitness.com It is the most postive, healthy place on the entire internet. And when you do start, no matter what happens, no matter how badly you think you've failed, DON'T. STOP. EVER.'


    Any other parting words
    To anyone reading this, remember, you are awesome. When you begin to truly believe that, you will be unstoppable.

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