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    In January I had finally found a rhythm after months of dealing with my work schedule that let me be consistent with workouts. The last challenge was shaping up to be the more consistent with workouts than the last several. Then halfway through the challenge my schedule and work locations got changed. Now I get to find a new routine. Routine is very important for my fitness; I have to burn enough willpower to do something regularly. Having to adapt all the time makes that far more difficult. I'm still not sure what is going to work, so this is going to be more experimentation for me. I have found not taking a break for zero week is helpful, so I'm tracking 5 weeks worth of goals. What I want to Accomplish: NF Beginner Body Weight Workouts: 7 over the course of the challenge. NF Beginner Kettle Bell Workouts: 4 over the course of the challenge. NF Yoga: 4 sessions over the course of the challenge, probably the Water B workout. Walks: 5 walks of at least two miles over the course of the challenge. That part is easy. Figuring out when to do them is hard. The easiest one to schedule is the KB workout on Wednesdays. That's when I'm at the police substation (I volunteer as a Chaplain there) and that is where the KBs are. Monday and Thursday I am at a hospital (Chaplain again, but at least it's a paying job) an hour away from our apartment, and by the time I get home I am very tired from the drive and it is difficult to find the energy to work out. Tuesday I am off completely (No work or volunteering) and can usually do either Yoga or a walk (the BW workout is unwise given I will likely do a KB workout the next day). Friday and Saturday I work 3p-11:30p at a downtown hospital. A workout on Friday is easier, and going in at 3 I have plenty of time in the morning. Saturday Sra. Tanque is home, and I often don't want to work out. Sunday is now a day off, and while I do generally volunteer at church there is time in the evening to workout, though I often don't want to. What's going to help is to figure out what takes the least amount of willpower to get started (once I start a workout finishing is comparatively easy) on whic days. Wednesday is already locked in. Tuesdays are fairly easy to start. Training myself to workout on Saturday or Sunday is probably going to be very helpful. The other component is eating. I am still over 300 pounds, and fixing what i eat is the only way that is going to change. Sticking with intuitive eating is probably my best bet. Right now I'm in that dangerous phase where I understand the principles intellectually but am in the grind of sticking with it till the results actually show themselves. My fellow perfectionists know what a dangerous time that is. Constant required effort with little to show for it is going to feel like failure no matter how well I am sticking with the process. I'm simply choosing not to give up.
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    Dr Deffy’s Holistic Hotness This is the challenge in which I move out of the trap I have found myself in, that being the “fur coat and no knickers” approach to fitness. It’s no good looking peng on the outside if I’m not wearing knickers on the inside. Or something. So I spent most of last challenge not doing anything I said I was going to do but that’s not all that unusual. I often do this because I tend to overcomplicate this stuff with silly rules and extra bits I never actually do. Those bits are always unnecessary, so long as I am showing up to the gym, giving 110% and eating fairly well I hit my goals easy peasy. Only I haven’t been doing either of those things either. There are two aspects to this thing. The outward appearance and the inward stuff that goes on and I am not very good at balancing them both. So in this challenge I am going to work on it all. I have been reading The 4 Pillar Plan and I think it’s all common sense, perhaps with a little bit of bullshit thrown in there but Dr Chattergee is so delightful I am willing to overlook that. My favourite part of this book is where he was clearly asked by his photographer to go forth into nature and just smoulder for a while, and he is a little embarrassed by it all which honestly is the very least he could do. I digress, but I am not going to be following the 4 Pillar Plan although I have used it as inspiration for my Holistic Hotness programme. My goals are the same as ever. I want to look peng. To do this, I have to eat well and exercise. And I mean like really eat well, not say I am going to eat well and then go to McDonalds twice in one week. Something I did steal borrow from the 4 Pillar Plan is to further define my usual Don’t Eat Like A Dickhead rules to mean anything that has 5 or more ingredients on the label is now verboten. This makes it a little less wishy washy. So I can eat anything I already have but I can’t buy anything else that breaks this rule. This does not cover things I eat out of the house with other people so I cannot eschew my healthy lunch again for Awesome Chips and call it kosher because it ain’t. This will take care of the internal aspect of food in that the food I eat will be of better quality, and although I am definitely not tracking, I also have to be mindful of calories to take care of the external aspect – the weight loss bit. I also want to give more effort in the gym. Cardio gets me skinny and I love it. But proper training will make me strong and ensure I have the knickers to go under that fur coat. I want to work on strength training more. I am not going to set any specific rules in any of my goals for this challenge because I just ignore them immediately anyway, but I want to comment on what I have done to reach my goals that day. Food porn will probably happen. I very much doubt I will be in a position to Post my Boast any time soon but you never know. I want to make sure I am treating my body properly and giving it the attention it needs. Skincare will be important, I will be exfoliating and bringing back the moisturising of the body parts I can stand moisturising. It’s pointless looking hot if nobody wants to touch me. So that’s the looking peng part but it’s not as vapid as it seems in that I want to be a better person, cause less damage to this big lump of rock I inhabit and I want to learn stuff as well. More knickers! It’s no good looking hot if you don’t stand for anything, or have nothing interesting to say, or you’re a horrible person. My gran always told me that a person could be beautiful outside but if they were a horrible person inside, the ugliness of the person inside would burn through that pretty veneer. Admittedly she had some weird ideas but I am willing to go with her on this one. I will pay myself more attention, check in on how I am feeling, ruminate on aspects of my life and there will be lots of self love happening in this challenge too. I want to be kind to myself, treat myself, drink lots of herbal tea in the wintry sunshine on the patio and have lots of baths. New challenge, let’s goooooooooooooooo!
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    Time to get back on track. 1. Post daily - good or bad. I need accountability. 2. Simple & Sinister - do the S&S program a minimum of four times a week. The complex, changes daily, sport-specific program isn’t getting done. 3. Ride the trainer - zone 2. Build the base and condition the butt. 4. Stop eating after dinner. Pseudo IF to cut out unneeded snackage.
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    It's no secret I'm not a patient person. One of the hardest things for me to deal with is I didn't get this way overnight, and I can't fix it overnight. Fixing it takes consistency, building habits that will last, not just get me to the goal and then going back to what I was doing and losing all progress made. I've learned a whole lot about what DOESN'T work for me lately, I've also learned that I can't abuse my body the way I used to when I was younger, recovery takes too damn long now! I've been following a couple podcasts, one is Not Your Average Runner, the other is Phit-N-Phat, NYAR talks about running at any size and age, realistically. She also stresses the importance of not quitting on yourself, habit rather than motivation, and other types of good stuff. Phit-N-Phat is a woman that lost over 100 lbs and kept it off 24 hours at a time. She's where I stole the line "I didn't die or get pregnant" from. She talks about being realistic, making a 24 hour plan and sticking to it, (if you're going to have 12 hershey's kisses for breakfast, put it on your plan! LOL) and a lot of don't follow a diet unless that's how you're really going to eat...make it sustainable. If you want to eat Paleo or Keto for the rest of your life, fine, but don't do it to get to a goal weight and then go back. Pay attention to how you feel, are you really hungry? Are you bored? Are you eating your feelings? A lot of other good stuff from her too but I'd be here all day and I do have to work at some point The goals... Lose 50 lbs (total) by October, 31st, that's 5 lbs a month January - Done! February - In progress The plan.... 1. Three runs, at least one strength training a week 2. Eat on plan, only when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full 3. Keep up here, post on my own thread at least once a week, and try to sleep (season is soon, sleep will be a challenge), take time for crochet projects and working through my kindle list each day. I already drink at least 64 oz of water a day, more if I need it so I'm not putting that back on, bills and paying down debt is pretty automated now so leaving it off since it should just be what it is from this point forward.
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    Depression is a bitch. I need to make it MY bitch. After I complained to my therapist (a lot) about the fact that I can't bring myself to care about challenge goals even though I want to make all kinds of positive changes and actually care about myself, she pointed out that depression makes it hard to think/care about the future. In retrospect... duh? So apparently I need to work on not being quite so depressed if I want to make progress on anything else. Boring. Daily Goals (tracker): Take a fucking shower. Eat a fucking plant. Do some fucking stretches. If it takes under 5 minutes to do, do the fucking thing. There are a million and one things I could be working on, but these 4 feel like the most effective attacks against the things that hold me back. We'll see. Currently making a list of extra credit things I can do to improve how I feel but I really need to focus on these. I'm super fucking pissed that I'm at a point in life where I need to make it a goal to shower every day, but such is life. This post and my glorious return by the fact that I have therapy tomorrow and for some reason my therapist disapproves of living in a depression cave and keeps asking about the last time I talked to my friends; turns out "uhhhh..." isn't a great answer. (Sorry.) Also, is it just me or is the Rebel GL position the NF equivalent of the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher??
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    I used all my creativity powers on the 12 week accountability challenge, so this is just a simple goal challenge: Goal 1: Maintain my weight I don't really have a strict SMART goal for this. Mainly just do the things I know work: Eat veggies and meat and enough good carbs, drink water, eat to satiety, eat slowly, track on MFP part of the time. But I don't need to be super strict on this , it's really just a most of the time thing. Over the holiday I ate a bit more than I needed and started letting some old habits slip in, so last month and this month I'm just gently reminding myself of what works. I don't need a strict goal, but I would like to post it here for a bit of accountability. Goal 2 : Keep up with my 12 week goals; https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/112867-longterm-goals-find-the-fantastic-beasts/ Konmari tidy our house, and finish my California scrapbook Goal 3: Meal plan on Friday I've been meal planning, but doing it on Monday. But on Monday I want to devote to house decluttering. Friday works better anyway. If for some reason it doesn't happen Friday, it needs to happen Saturday Back story: I joined NF back almost in the beginning, 7 years ago. I was a fluffy 47 year old who never did any strength training, who was finding groceries too heavy too carry. I found NF and discovered all the cool things I could do, and found a love for just seeing how strong and flexible I could get. I've done bodyweight, kettlebells, rings, and now I'm doing paralettes. I'm set to finish my paralettes program this challenge, and think I will do kettlebells for a bit after that is done.
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    I refuse to grow up. I love unicorns. I will always love unicorns. Oh well. Another day, another challenge. I wonder sometimes why I bother. I don’t know the last time I completed a challenge. So, I’m gonna make this one the one I complete. Yeah, right. I am gonna try, anyway. Goals: Continue intermittent fasting. Add in some form of exercise. 4 days/week. Walk, elliptihell, yoga, video, bbw. Something. Anything. Continue my daily bible reading. I am doing a read the bible in a year deal on the bible app. I have successfully completed month 1. Keep the dragon at bay. It’s been a struggle lately. I’m pretty sure it’s partly weather related. Moar sun = less sad. Plus, stay active on the forum. Remember I have frenz here. Y’all got my back. I *may* treat myself to a pair of apple AirPods should I complete the challenge. Maybe. My main point is: I AM worth the effort. I deserve health and happiness. I do.
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    No shiny theme, I just want to keep going and ride the positive momentum from last challenge. No time to lose! This challenge will be quite similar to the last one, little goals but with a sprinkle of shiny this time. HABIT GOALS Sleep I tried waking up at a certain time last challenge but it failed miserably. I'm going to try something else this time. Aim to go to bed at 10 pm, unless I'm hanging out with friends or something like that. Actual bedtime before 11 pm is good though. Get out of bed as soon as I wake up, unless I'm reading a book. Even if it's 5 am like today. It's an experiment, but I suspect that getting too few quality hours is better than adding a few rubbish snoozing hours with the added benefit that hopefully I'll sleep better the next day. Doodle I finally started to pick up drawing last year, aaaand then I dropped it. I'm going to set a reaaally easy goal and that is to draw daily, but even drawing something like 5 circles count. Every day is glute day Do my shiny new flexy program 2x/week. Preferably the whole thing every Tuesday and Thursday. But if I don't have time one day it's fine to complete the modules on a different day. Old stuff Keep doing my daily morning warm up and make sure to eat breakfast as that worked really well last challenge. BONUS SHINY GOALS Attempt to learn the fish flop Try to learn the exotic pole routine I started learning Pole PvP with @lucky fire dragon! I'm also going to keep my positive actions list from last challenge, but I'm going to do an experiment where I post one negative thing along with the positive, plus a fix on how to make it better either the next day or a future challenge.
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    I Am Awesome My name is Jonathan and I am awesome I cannot even express how hard that statement is for me to write, let alone mean. This is going to be a departure from my normal challenges because I don't think they are useful to me at the moment. Fair warning, some of this stuff might get a little deep. One thing that those people that know me really well will already know is that I find it really hard to take a compliment. Indeed I find it impossible to take a compliment. Even harder still I find it impossible to give myself any worth or to believe that I am worth anything to anyone else. It may or may not have come to anyone's attention that I tend to deflect compliments. I'll disagree or manuviour my way around them. Those of you who have followed me for any period of time will also know that I'm really freaking confident in my own abilities. My ability to push myself and my ability to set myself a huge monumental goal and hit it. I often find it very hard to reconcile these two viewpoints of myself. It boils down to this. I have a lot of confidence in what I can do. I have a very low view of myself as a person. This challenge idea came to be after something really horrible happened. During a conversation with @Mr_Willes and @Charlie_Quinn some really, really nice things were said about me. Enough to make me well, if I'm honest. Rather than simply accepting the compliment my brain had an absolute melt down with it. Perpetuating my own feeling that I am simply a terrible person for having that reaction to them. I've spent a lot of the last few days thinking and talking this out with various people. With some very frank and open discussions about it along the way. I don't like myself very much. The purpose of this challenge is to challenge that perception of myself. That isn't a S.M.A.R.T goal or anything that is easily measured so I'm going to formalise this ever so slightly. Say Something Positive Say something positive about myself. Thanks to some very very good friends of mine I have been inundated with nice comments recently and I've got a lot to go with. The goal is as stated. Just say something nice about myself every single day. If I can qualify it all the better. Challenge the Negative. Identify and and challenge a negative thought about myself once per week of the challenge. I don't expect this to be easy. Life Habits I'm struggling with keeping my head above water in my life right now but there are a couple of small changes in habit that I want to make. Organise: I've got a daily planner. I want to get into a habit of using the planner to keep myself in check. Meditate: 5 minutes a day. Read: A little every day for no other purpose than entertainment. I started The Hobbit this morning. It is old familiar and easy to read. This is my challenge. I'm tempted to add the other things that I will be continuing with. Weight loss and exercise but I'm just not going to. Those things will be happening and I will probably talk about them but they are not what I need to work on right now.
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    (it rhymes~) *runs in like some kind of maniac* WOWJEEZ it's new challenge time already??!? Where does the TIME GO.... Hi guys, it's me Shaar, and here's where I'm at right now in my crazy chaos life!~ I'm at a new job and it's been rolling for two weeks now, and I'm starting to get settled into more of a routine and schedule. I've been thinking about my goals and while I wish they could contain consistant fitness, right now, I need to admit that just can't happen. With everything going on it's just not a current priority, and I'm okay with that. BUT, I've got a lot of big plans and ideas simmering in my little bard brain, and to get back to my unstoppable furyhearted self I've gotta do it the right way and start with building myself a solid foundation!! That's what this challenge will be for - setting a baseline with consistent habits that have definitely fallen by the wayside while I was unemployed/stressed/in the pit/etc. SO. My goals are as follows: 1. STAY HYDRATED. It's so dry here y'all. Cold northern winter air and oh hey I live on a mountain now cool, it's doing a number on my poor skin. I'm not used to this AT ALL and my poor dry irritated face is coping the best it can, but I need to drink more water. I can tell I'm not drinking enough, I'm thirsty a lot and my energy levels dip and ugh. My goal here is 60oz of water per day! 2. EAT (AND SNACK) RESPONSIBLY. Now that I have a real schedule again I need to make batch-cooking my lunches a priority. I've been doing this already for the past two weeks but I also want to expand this to include - buying smart snacks to stash at work, and NOT forsaking my homemade lunch to go down the street to Moe's or something. 3. STAY OUT OF THE CANDY DISH. Hrrrgghhh okay we have a candy dish at work and I've been eating candy out of it ok I ADMIT IT. They're so good though it's those little hard fruit candies with the soft filling. I will allow myself ONE (1) candy per day. NO MORE. 4. WRANGLE THE SLEEP SCHEDULE Here's a toughie, phew. Last week I had a hardcore insomnia streak during my second week of work and almost lost my mind. Things have evened out since then but I still find myself waking up at 3am a lot of times for no real reason other than ???? [insert any reason here really, it's all nonsensical]. I know my system will even out eventually but right now I need to get to bed at the same time every night. This may be subject to change, but right now my goal is for weeknights, to be in bed by 10pm and set my alarm for 6:20am. (Earlier in case of inclement weather.) 5. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS. EVERY DANG DAY. I just edited this because I'm at lunch and almost forgot my vitamins AGAIN jfc shaar get your shit together here Okokok I think that's all for now. I have more plans and ideas I can't WAIT to put into action but I have to be careful not to let my RangerBrain take over and, yeah. ONE STEP AT A TIME!! <3
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    Hello. My Name is Charlie, and I am a I started CrossFit in December. My head has been dunked in the barrel of Kool-Aid and I've taken a giant gulp. I've not gone 'full wanker' yet, I'm only going twice a week and I currently don't start all sentences in a conversation with 'at my box...' or 'when I was at CrossFit the other day...' But you know, early days. This challenge is more of a battle log for CrossFit. I've been running the same goals forever, because my long term goals haven't changed. I'm still training for OCR's and looking to qualify for the OCR world championships.This means as well as CrossFit, I'll be running three times a week and bouldering once a week. EMOM, AMRAP It's getting a little dull and it's pointless to put my running and bouldering as challenge goals, as they are now pretty much part of my routine. So this challenge is just going to be a little fun place for me to write crap, post pics of WOD white boards CrossFit and talk nonsense WOD, Metcon. Feel free to join in with the crap talk and post dumb memes and gifs. CrossFit
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    So I haven’t given up. I don’t feel I am getting anywhere, but hey, I am still here and last challenge went pretty well. Spoiler has basic background info. So winter is very much here. While it will warm up at the beginning of the challenge, that doesn’t make the things coming up easier, but rather harder. The good news is, my dad is returning to work this week for the first time since his stroke. My birthday is in this challenge and we are in our new normal of what things will be with my parents. The family drama is still here and I am actually kinda of worried about how things will go with my birthday and them. I am being reminded regularly that if I DON’T take care of myself, I could end up unable to care for my family. I see it almost daily in caring for my dad (and it’s not my dad showing me). Add to that, tonight we were talking about old times and Eldest Agent’s friend seemed amazed that A) I was ever small once, B) I was ever young once and C) that I could honestly do some flexibility moves he can’t. All of this being said means I need to get my act together and do my boxes. So much of me wants to do ALL THE THINGS right now and see improvement and see progress. But it isn’t there yet. So I keep trying. This challenge will be similar to the last 2, in the “Do X number of things from a category a day”. This has helped because some days I can do more, but most days I do at least SOMETHING. I increased the number of things I need to do in a couple of categories I added a thing or 2. The plan is: Strength (Do 4 of 9) – To have the physical strength to keep going Balance ball crunches Wall Sit (sec) Side kicks Leg lifts Reverse sit ups sit ups Knee to Elbows Push ups Balance Ball push ups Flexibility (do 6 of 11) – To have the flexibility to bend when the world wants me to break Wrist Extension Stretch Upward dog/Child pose Meditating Groot Lord of the dance Yoga (ankle above head) Butterfly Ballet/toe Touch Sitting Fix/Shoulder stretch Warrior 1 Warrior 3 (Eagle bird thing) Side stretch Forward bend Life and Family (do 10 of 13) – To remember what is important Play with Cats NF time Do something for internship Spend time with Agents Check Seedlings Plan Be in bed by 11:30 Floss in morning Floss before bed Work on one thing off of Part B list Daily One good thing Water a plant Homework time daily Fighting Chaos – Clean these daily (Do 4 of 7) – To prevent some chaos by having things ready to be used Pennisula/Island Table / Half wall Desk Bathroom up Bathroom down Clean off door to basement Clean off Dresser Fighting Chaos – Purge or organize (do 4 of 8) – To finally control some of the physical chaos that contributes to the problem Front room Computer room Basement 3 pages out of recipe binder Clean off nightstands Counter over dishwasher File 1 thing a day Purge 1 thing a day Walking (Do 2 of 4)– To increase my ability to go the distance when needed (stupid format issues) Walk 10500 steps Walk 15 minutes a day 7 hours with 250 steps Walk to Mordor Fuel (Do 8 of 12) – To ensure I have the nutrition and energy to keep going (more dumb format issues) No eating after dinner No stupid sugar Track breakfast Track Second breakfast Track Elevensies < 3 bottles of tea Eat Yogurt Daily Eat Bananas Daily Eat dried Apricots Eat Breakfast Eat Lunch 120 oz of water Overall there is 64 possible points, and to get the correct amount for each goal, I need at least 38 pts a day. I am hoping for more each day. I still feel like accepting that this isn’t working and this is where I am going to be is a thing. But I am here and I am trying and that is all I can do. I may not have much to run on, but I am hoping that continuing where I am, trying to increase what I do will do something. As a result, I am going to believe that this will get me there. That maybe, just maybe I can do this
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    Welcome to Salinger's nineteenth challenge! Hello hello! February time, and a new challenge to sink our teeth into. No real theme here, mainly as i never remember to keep them up. But also as i want to stay simple. Last challenge was difficult. Depression had its claws in me and i struggled with coping, many days were just me, surviving, lying on the sofa, crying. But i feel a little better this weekend and the new challenge makes me feel a bit revitalised and ready to go... So here are the goals: FITNESS Go to the gym three times a week. (i now have some sort of workout plan!) Go to the Peak District one day within the challenge. (a nice hike in the countryside) DIET Eat healthy, nutritious food. (Track food 4 days a week) Drink more water (3 big glasses per day) Just one takeout during the challenge LIFE Meditate each evening (just 15 mins per day) Finish book and choose the next one. Finish residency proposals and keep making art. Self care. (shower, brush teeth, drink tea, treat yourself to a biscuit, play with Jackson & Jules etc) See friends more often, call them more often. Simple and hopefully do-able. I just want to create habits that stick, and ensure my physical and mental health improve. I want to run, jump, climb, play football, play tennis, go on hikes....all these hopes and dreams and no motivation to do the work to get there. This must change NOW!! Peace x
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    You know, I thought I already did an extreme challenge. Maybe I'm just losing it. Oh well! Fun fact: back in the early 2000's, in my avid WoW playing days, I was a guild member of <Extreme>. This experience completely ruined my ability to ever play another MMO (or any guild based game really) forever. If we are being honest, it wasn't really a great time for me personally, but the added support of my guildies helped me mentally. I'm still friends with a number of them, which is cool considering it's been over 10 years now since I've played. This challenge, I'm going back to the days of Vanilla WoW, babies, and the first step in losing weight for me. There will be old school stories, maybe some videos. But most of all, Sylvaa finding some fire. Warrior: Our main tank was an undead warrior named Lavrute. Lavrute was probably 10 - 15 years older than the majority of us, and he was literally the best. He is why I have a soft spot for older guys (how you doing Sloth?). Lav had more responsibilities than the rest of us, but he was always on and prepared for raids (more than anyone else). He also had this obsession with obtaining the Hand of Justice. Much like a solid tank is the backbone of a good raiding guild, using my journal is the background of a good system. Sylvaa will update her journal daily. Priest: One of our main healers was Tazren. Tazren was solid and dependable. A large number of us would goof off (probably too much), but he was always there to get everyone back on track. He actually became a good IRL friend for a few years, but we lost track of each other. Priests are essential to keeping everyone alive. So is water. Sylvaa will drink at least 64 oz of water daily. Druid: Back in Vanilla, druids were a broken class. They were jacks of all trades, masters of none; as long as all trades only included healing in raids. I was debating as to whether or not I should use myself here, but decided not to. Instead, I'll talk about a super important druid; Varsh. I loved this guy. We shared a character for about a year while he was deployed and got to be super close. I tried to find him a few years ago, but I have no idea what happened to him. Druids needed to be prepared for any number of scenarios and had the ability to battle res (which really could come in handy). I need to make sure my body is ready for whatever comes its way. Sylvaa will work out at least 3 x / week. Mage: If you played Vanilla Wow, you may have noticed an abundance of cocky mages. My guild obviously had their share, including Vixdean. For some reason, my main job as a druid was healing the mages, which turned out to be hilarious and frustrating all at once. Mages knew their worth as damage dealers and expected the respect due. While I know my worth, I need to work on staying focused and completing tasks associated with that worth. Sylvaa will complete at least 5 tomatoes of work daily. Warlock: Warlocks were the kings (and queens!) of DoTs. They weren't huge damage dealers, but could make or break fights when they got tough and people started dying. We had two main warlocks, Jordaina and Lylith. I mention both because Lylith is a good friend and I have a fun story to tell later about Jordaina. Like DoTs, sometimes it's takes a little bit to hit goals. Sylvaa will daily by making reading part of her nightly ritual.
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    Local time is 11.13 pm. It's Sunday night. I should be asleep, but I'm not. I was in bed for an hour, wide awake. I finally got back up. This strategy often works for me. I'll go give it another try after I finish this post. Last challenge didn't go so well for me. I started pretty strong, but I lost all discipline in the middle. I became obsessed with one form of exercise, to the point of not wanting to do any other. Ironically, I had set out at the beginning of the challenge to avoid this very thing. In week four the obsession faded a bit, in part because my doctor and I have upped one of my meds and that seems to have shaken me out of it. So this challenge I'm trying it all again, basically with the same goals I had last time. Food - not exactly a measurable goal, because I'm still following Intuitive Eating principals. But I will do my best to report on how well I follow them each day. Even though there isn't a measurement to track, I still need to hold myself accountable here. It's not numbers, but it's still a healthy habit that needs work and requires discipline. Exercise - As with last challenge, I want to try to exercise every week day. Mostly this will be either taking a walk, doing a KB circuit workout, or doing sets of BW exercises. Any intentional exertion counts. I just have to try to do something every day. I have had really good discipline in the past, so this challenge I'm striving to regain that constancy. Daily Reading - I want to build a habit of hearing the Daily Reading every M-F when I get to work. There's no reason not to; I just have to build the habit. Guitar - this is my lowest priority but it is a self-care item that I want to keep in the mix. I want to practice at least three days each week. Any amount of time with it in my hands counts. I think that's enough to get on with. I'm still studenting, and it's still taking a lot of my time, although the work load in my current classes is less than I've had in the past, which is what will make it possible to take walks some days. I'm still working on my goodreads goal. I'm still striving to be engaged and present with my wife and kids and home and church and job. Good time management continues to be a necessary. If I want to achieve all of my goals, I don't have time to mess around being lazy. Roosevelt called it the Strenuous Life. I think it's good goals to have.
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    Hi. I'm 32. I'm a mom of one very spirited 4-year-old girl. I have a loving husband. A super-sized dog. A great (but stressful, and time-consuming) job. I volunteer my time for an arts program for teenage girls. I take dance class. I like (love) to play video games. This is me: (Just Kidding, I'm not actually a slug... I need thumbs and hands to type all of this, obv) After the end of the day, all I want to do is sit on the couch with a big bag of Doritos and watch prime time television and play Switch.... because Goal 1: Save Money. I spend a LOT of unnecessary money buying food at work, and the food I buy is NOT great for you. It's incredibly easy to spend because it's a badge swipe and it deducts from my paycheck so I never actually see that money. If I pack lunch I can save upwards of 25$ per week. If I took the 5 minutes every night to pack a lunch, that's $25 more dollars in my pocket at the end of the week. If I don't spend that money, it pays for my entire families gym membership every month (see goal 2). Success Criteria: I will pack a lunch for work 4 of 5 work days per week. (1 point per day lunch packed, total 5 per week) I will get afternoon coffee one day per week, only on days lunch is packed. This will be tracked via my Google Calendar goal tracking. Goal 2: Get Moving. I'm a slug, we've covered this already. I would rather snuggle under a blanket and watch TV than move any time I'm given the option. I feel gross, I'm tired all the time, and I jiggle in places that no one wants to jiggle. I want to love my body, I want to feel really good, I want to be a good role model for my little girl. We're asking her to move every day, how can we do that if Momma does do the same? Success Criteria: I will attend a minimum of 2 Group Fitness Classes per week. I will attend my regularly scheduled Ballet and Modern dance classes Wednesday evenings. This will be tracked via my Google Calendar goal tracking. Goal 3: Stay Organized. I'm also a cluttered mess. For real, there is disorganized chaos everywhere in my life. My desk at work is a mess, my bedroom is a mess, my car is a MESS. I know this is playing into my stress and anxiety. So... Success Criteria: I will tidy my desk at work before I leave for the day. I will put all of my laundry away by the end of the day it's completed (AKA... no clean clothes laying around). Subgoal: I will go through my dresser within the first 2 weeks of this challenge and clean out any clothes I have not worn in over a year and donate to charity. (Goal Date: Feb 25) I will clean my car within the first two weeks of this challenge. (Goal Date: Feb 25) Subgoal: I will tidy my car weekly after the initial deep clean. If I can do these things above, and I still have time... then I can feel better about catching up on Grey's Anatomy or finishing the next world in Kingdom Hearts III (omg... it's sooooo good). So, there it is. Let's do this!!!!
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    This challenge will be split into two parts: Part 1: The first 2 weeks of the challenge (3 if we include zero week) will be in Sanya (a.k.a. the Hawaii of China). I will be doing a lot of the regular tropical island stuff, like going to the beach, lounging at the pool and playing Mahjong until ungodly hours of the morning. Also, there will be tons of junk food. My in-laws stocked up on cookies, choco pies, chocolates and all kinds of nuts and fruits. So the challenge part of this is going to look like this: Challenge the First: Food Fight. I am going to be honest with myself and just admit that snacks will happen. I will try to stay away from the sugary stuff and focus on fruits and nuts. I won't get too worked up if sugar happens (it will) but be mindful and try to make relatively smart choices. Challenge the Second: Move That Body. There will be two primary obstacles for working out. 1) I don't have as much workout clothes so I will need to do laundry at least every other day to make sure I have something to work out in. 2) It is super hot out once the sun comes up, so I need to get up at a reasonable hour so I don't get heatstroke. Both of these are doable but will require effort. Zero week will be especially difficult because of Chinese New Years, but from week 1 I need to be on my workout game. Gymnastics stuff is included in this Challenge the Third: Backwards Momentum. This is going to be the connecting objective for the challenge. Every day I need to be spending meaningful time (at least 10 minutes or so) going backwards (in combination with getting inverted). Most of this will be kicking up into handstands, but I also want to be doing other backwards things like back bridges, (ground) kips ups, fish flops, backrolls and the like. Ultimately I will be working towards back handsprings and backflips, but I am not expecting that to happen just yet. Challenge the Fourth: Be Sketchy. Just before we came down to Sanya, I started to learn how to sketch. I only did a couple before I let it completely slip, so I want to make it challenge item because I always do better with accountability. Part 2: The last 2 weeks of the challenge will be back in Beijing, so I will need to be getting back into my regular routine. I will have a lot more control over everything at that point, so that is where things will kick into high gear Challenge the First: I Will Cut You. I have been really lax with food for the last few months, what with Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chinese New Year. Once the holiday season is over, I want to really start working on getting my sugar intake under control, so this challenge item will be about getting rid of sugary snacks. I am not looking to eliminate all sugar because that is unrealistic, but I will stop cooking pies, brownies, cookies, and cakes because I usually end up just eating them by myself, and I don't need that. Challenge the Second: Tap Out. Regular workout will happen, but I want to get better at giants, and that is going to require getting better at taps (kip swings to build momentum). Tap swings will happen every time I am at the park, with the target of getting to 100% vertical at least once per session. Challenge the Third: Maintain Backwards Momentum. I want to keep working towards those back flips, so I will sign up for the trampoline park and go there once a week to work on back flips. Other backwards movements (particularly handstands) will also be part of the program. Challenge the Fourth: Get a Job. As much as I enjoy not working, being unemployed is not ideal over the long term, especially because private school for Ghostlet is going to be very expensive and that is coming up in about 18 months. This doesn't have to happen immediately, but I need to start putting out feelers and start laying some groundwork, so that I can take advantage of any opportunities that come up. I am putting this up now because I have it ready, but I am going to keep with my old challenge until Wednesday (Tuesday is Chinese New Year) Let's go back things up!
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    Welcome one and all, to Ye Relatively New & Mostly Still Fancy Leaky Tankard: Ranger Guildhall for all of your general chatter needs and wants! As has been tradition throughout our storied history (except those dark times when we were Guildhall-less), make yourselves comfortable while we wade our ways through Week Zero in preparation for the start of the second 4 Week Challenge cycle of 2019! There's a rack by the door for your cloak and and armor, enchanted of course - if you find your personal stash overflowing with legendary gems, enchanted armor, or dungeon crawl detritus, and require us to store anything for you, ensure you hang onto your voucher to reclaim your items! Also there will be a surcharge added to your Guild membership dues. Officer Ranger Blacksmith Charsi is has upgraded her smithery workshop out back to Level 3 and can now readily craft just about any non-Legendary artifact, armor, or weapon. Personally I wouldn't trust her with anything too shiny though, she's still refining her art (and never call her a Blunt Instrument if you value your teeth!) Shem the traveling trinket merchant is back and has smartened up in an attempt to re-earn 'friendly neighborhood' back to that glamorous extended title. Guildhall Management is reviewing the request this month. As with last month, Shem has set up a bazaar across the muddy road out front. It seems to have expanded significantly, business must be good! Ranger HQ is that beautiful (relatively) new rampart structure out in the courtyard (stop by to partake of that somewhat fresh new fortress smell) should you have questions or need anything of the Guild Leader or Ambassador team, and Innkeeper Bertrand can handle your nutrition, beverage, and entertainment needs as always! Glad to have you back, Rangers! Pull up a chair and enjoy a song while we prepare ourselves to jump right into the February challenge!
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    Hello guys! One of my biggest problems right now is discipline. I know what I want to do and what I need to do to make it, but I tend to trip off the wagon a lot and it makes me not want to set any huge goals for me out of fear - because the goals are small I manage not to fail spectacularly. This obviously has to stop, because if I only keep to what I know I can do I won't challenge myself. So I need to make discipline itself into a habit. I am worth making an effort for and sitting around doing nothing will not make me better or stronger. And I want to be both of those things. Last challenge was a good way to dip my toe back in. So now we have four goals: Fitness: incline countdown This is pretty much me tackling something really hard - I have a total of 1 000 inclines to do this month and by the 28th (so middle of week three) I should do every single one of them. Do I incorporate them with other exercises? Do I do sets of 5 or 6 all day? It depends on the day. I have started with this already - 70 down, but missed yesterday which means I'm already behind and need to catch up one of these days. This has the added benefit of me getting used to the fact I am an exercise person. Big life goal: book, exam and classes Week Zero - read your entire book, fix stuff and send it to the editor. Get your classes set up. Week One Two and Three - classes and your one exam. Do them. Study and work. Habits and discipline: 80% completion for all monthly trackers; complete all of your monthly goals The trackers are all mostly to do with curbing procrastination and fixing my sleep, along with making good habits stick. Mostly boring stuff like - turn off computer at 10 pm, do the dishes, make your bed, get up from said bed, meditate, exercise, don't procrastinate, etc. It's a table in my planner that I tick off. I will count these at the end of February and I will decide if I succeed. Goals are a paradox cause some of them are included in this challenge. Some of them are - write 15k words, finish the book you're reading, call people you need to call. I have also been experimenting with time blocks, aka I do my to do list for the day and then time block the day under it. Will give my thoughts on this as I go. Miscellaneous: two narratives for the challenge Cause I like writing, and I want to pursue the narrative I started last time.. These don't count in the word count thing. As you can see the goals are mostly ending in the middle of week three. After that we get new ones.
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    Something is different. Something is… weird. Scalyfreak stops and cautiously looks around, while her free hand slowly goes towards the hilt of her sword and begins to loosen it from its sheath. Something is wrong. Not only is one of her perpetual Demon Twin Companions missing, the one that is not missing is sullen and silent. Instead of whispering, the demon glares quietly, and hisses every now and then. Something is very wrong. Where is the other Demon Twin? Since the absence of one of the Twins is deeply disconcerting to her, Scalyfreak draws her sword and raises her shield, and slowly advances on the remaining half of the Terrible Twosome. “Where is she?” The demon huffs and glares, her body language and her vicious snarl suggesting she fully blames Scalyfreak for whatever has happened. After hesitating a few moments she begins backing away, still accusatory. Scalyfreak’s eyes narrow in suspicion, and she move closer, only to have Procrastination run away from her, for the first time ever. That would have been very gratifying, if it wasn’t so strange and unexpected. Scalyfreak shrugs, sheaths her sword, and goes back to reclaim the backpack she dropped on the ground when she thought she was about to fight a demon. To her great surprise, a small imp-like creature is sitting on the backpack. And to her great dismay, the imp creature has opened a pocket on the side of the backpack and is playing with the contents! “Hey! Get away from those!” Scalyfreak rushes at the little imp, brandishing her sword in the hopes the creature will become frightened and leave. Those jars and bottles were quest rewards and they're valuable! As expected, the imp-creature bolts, but not far. It stops, looks longingly back towards the bottles that are scattered on the ground around the backpack, and then slowly begins to creep closer again. When Scalyfreak begins packing away the bottles and jars, the little creature actually whimpers in the most heartbreaking puppy-like manner and reaches a small clawed hand towards one of the jars. Scalyfreak hesitates, sensing that the creature is curious but not malicious, and turns towards the little imp-like thing. “Can I have that bottle back now?” The little imp-creature hesitates and clutches the bottle closer, and even pats it in an almost loving gesture, and slowly begins to back away again. “Okay, okay.. how about this? You give me back that boring brown glass bottle, and I will give you this bottle with the pretty bright red cap. Trade?” Scalyfreak holds out the offered (cheaper!) bottle to the little imp and waits, hoping the creature will accept the trade. An after a moment, the little imp-creature does... it comes closer, drops the brown glass bottle and snatches the bottle with the red cap, then dances out of reach. And it looks so familiar... Scalyfreak blinks, looks again, then blinks again and looks one more time. “Holy shit. Self-Indulgence?!?” I won? I won... I won! Self-Indulgence has not technically been defeated. She has been bribed and coerced to stop attacking me for as long as I feed her skin care products, hair care products, and colorful makeup. But it still counts as a big win, because as long as I keep feeding her these things, the threat she used to present is gone. Gone, gone, gone! My current challenge will focus on establishing a pattern that will keep Self-Indulgence contained in her current non-threatening and distracted form, while keeping up with my lifting and meditation. 1. Physical Stress Management 1a. Walk with Happy Sidekick every day. Because HS has arthritis and this is important to keep her happy and pain free, and because walking for 15-20 minutes is good for me and makes a big difference for keeping a positive and anxiety-free mindset for me. 1b. Go to the gym when I am scheduled to go to the gym. If something comes up that legitimately prevents me from going to the gym that evening, I will rearrange my workouts and make every effort to still get there three times that week. 2. Mental Stress Management 2a. Mediate every morning. I am good at doing this Monday through Friday, and I suck at doing this on weekends. Weekends will be the focus of this challenge. 2b. Continue working towards improving sleep habits. This means continuing to respect my bed time, to use meditation techniques to help me fall asleep sooner rather than later, to continue to avoid coffee in the afternoons, and to get out of bed and get going when the alarm goes off in the morning. 3. Happiness factor: Continue with the side quests that carried over from the last challenge 3.a Declutter and tidy the desk in my dragon cave. Completing this quest unlocks 3c. 3b. Read Harder 2019. Pick books and start reading. 3c. Spec out and pick parts for the new computer build. Not available until 3a is complete.
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    Harriet’s Year of Transformation: Act IV So I made some major changes in Act I, but the daily habits I tried to introduce in acts II-IV crashed when I got sick, when we went travelling, over Christmas when we had visitors, and when I got sick again. So I need to wind it back and be wiser about my strategy. Instead of changing everything with the lovely wave of motivation that comes from a new challenge, I am going to inch forward with tiny steps that I hope will form disruption-proof habits. They need to happen at a specific time because without that cue, I spend the whole day vacillating about whether to do the thing now, later or not at all. It eats up my mental energy and it means I only get things done if it’s a good mood day. I also need things so small that I can continue doing them even if I am sick or suffering some other negative status effect. I’m going to add one or two tiny things every week. I’ve already done a week of getting up and dressed at 7:30am (7/7). I will continue tracking this. Zero week: -Cleaning: After I get back from grocery shopping, I will do ONE thing to make the house tidier. For the first week, it should be really tiny and take no more than a minute. On gym days I will immediately put the laundry on after getting back from the gym. -Spearmint tea: it will allegedly help with my skin, but in order to see if it works I have to drink it daily. This at 10pm before I go to bed. I shall put an alarm on. I will determine what to add week by week according to how well the previous habits are going. Barbelliversary Also, February marks the end of my first year of lifting. I have never, ever stuck at exercise for this long, ever. I'm giving myself a respectful nod of acknowledgement. I did this: Bench 22lb->85lb Deadlift 66lb->160lb OHP 22lb->60lb Squat 45lb->100lb Row 22lb->70lb And, um, bodyweight 135lb->145lb
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    Well, after a rough start to my (less than) triumphant return (and to my overall 2019), I’m here to try again. I recently turned 30, and I’ve decided that my 30’s are going to be awesome. My main goal for the year is to shift my headspace from reactive to proactive, and this includes changes in a lot of ways. Finance: Reactive life I’ve been living: Constant panic about where all my money goes when there’s little left at the end of the month Proactive life goal: Make a budget with hubs and stick to it 2. Work: Reactive life I’ve been living: Procrastinate until everything is happening all at once and I am way behind and stressed out trying to get it done. Proactive life goal: Schedule your tasks into your day. 3. Self-Care Reactive life I have been living: Eat my feelings when I need to Proactive life goal: Build healthy habits such as: journalling, meditation, going regularly to therapy, and taking my meds 4. Fitness: Reactive life I have been living: Go to the gym based on whether or not I feel like it when I get up. Proactive life goal: Daily home workouts, and home gym by 2020. 5. Food: Reactive life I have been living: Eat out because I don’t feel like cooking, or eat easy junk Proactive life goal: Meal plan and meal prep ingredients 6. Organization: Reactive life I have been living: Clean EVERYTHING when the whole house looks like a sty Proactive life goal: Keep to your cleaning schedule and don’t let it get too messy. 7. Hobbies Reactive life I have been living: Hobbies? What hobbies? Who has time for these? Proactive life goal: Make time for writing and finish my books Of Those 7 things, 4 of them are non negotiable and will be the focus of my first few challenges of 2019. These include WORK, SELF-CARE, FOOD, AND FITNESS. These are the things that are unavoidable in my life because I either can’t escape them, they bring me joy, or not changing the problem causes more stress than changing. The other three categories will make me happy, but I need to get focused on these four first. Self-Care: Everyday MUST INCLUDE ONE of the following: Journalling Reading (30+ minutes) Therapy Meditation TAKE YOUR MEDS EVERY DAY!! We have succeeded if: We are successful 85% of the challenge (24 days with at least one self care strategy and meds) Food: Plan menu and purchase groceries on the weekend IF from 8pm-12pm EAT WHOLE FOODS LIMIT 1 sweet snack per day We have succeeded IF: We are successful 85% of the time 12 out of 14 meals compliant with standards of whole foods Each week’s meals are planned out 6 out of 7 days per week are compliant with snacking rule Fitness: Do a daily home workout 6 days per week Do yoga before and stretches after 5 out of 6 workouts We have succeeded IF: We are successful 85% of the time 20 workouts out of 24 Yoga and stretching 21 times Work: Plan out your week in terms of assignments and grading needs on the weekend Grade at least 2 assignments 5 out of 7 days a week Organize Cartlos and your classrooms a little bit every day Come up with a schedule for updating your calendar, calling parents, and logging grades We have succeeded if: We have (and use) our schedule We have utilized our planner every week We organized 17 days out of 20 We graded 17 days out of 20 Bonus points: Time Blocking (1 point for each day we do it and follow through) Healthy choices eating out (one point for making healthy choices out) Consistent bed time (Bonus point for streaks of 5 nights that we are in bed by 10) House feat: Bonus point for a 5 day streak of house stuff.
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    A NEW RANGER ENTERS THE RANKS Ok, I only slightly promise not to cause too much trouble or drama, @RES will vouch for me So, for the uninitiated let me give you a brief synopsis on me: just turned 42, male, married, Michigan born and bred, seriously needing to be healthier. So, with my obsessions with film and TV in tow, I bring you my new version, Calibre 2.0! Now, for my first journey with the Rangers, I'm going to expand on parts of my previous challenge, work in some newness, and see what else bubbles up to the surface! For starters, here are the primary goals (may add if desired): Food - eat at least a piece of fruit daily! Exercise - workout for at least 15 mins 3x a week, one involving walking So far a basic start but I've got thoughts and plans I hope to work in before Week One. Let's do this!
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    It's still going to be a quiet challenge from me and no promises I won't fall off again like I did the end of last challenge. Tax season is about to kick into full swing and I just don't have a whole lot of spoons Goals: Exercise - This is just to keep doing what I've been doing; kickboxing three days a week and lifting two days. This went really well last challenge and my goal is to keep it up. Food - As the title said, I'm cutting carbs. Blah. "Wait, the vegetarian is cutting out carbs? What will she eat?" I'm cutting grains, added sugar, rice, and potatoes. Beans and peanuts (let's be real, peanut butter) are staying. I'd been thinking about cutting grains for a while since what I'm doing is great for maintaining but it's obviously not working for cutting the last bit of fat I want to lose. I read Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Body and am reading Joel Fuhrman's Eat To Live, and while they're very different philosophies (and both a bit crazy tbh) they both agree that refined grains, sugar, and potatoes just don't do you any benefits. Also dairy which I've been wanting to limit anyway. The added benefit is it actually moves me towards a whole foods plant based diet which is my ultimate eating goal So we'll give this a fair shot. For the most part I think it won't be too bad but breakfast is going to be a challenge. No oats and no jelly means my go-to breakfast is reduced to peanut butter, which is awesome...but not as a stand alone meal I don't like eggs and want to cut them out too so that's not an option. I'm experimenting with tofu scrambles but I'm realizing that since I don't like eggs I'm also not a big fan of egg substitutes. So there we are. Let's get this going I guess
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    So, coming off the success of my first ever challenge I'm going straight into challenge #2. My main aim is to get control of my life and health. Easy, it's just 2 things! :-D I started really nicely with challenge one, found a good rhythm at the gym and learned a lot about my eating habits. Therefore... Go to gym twice per week Don't eat if not meal time. Ie not in front of telly, not with board games et Attain Level 3 of nerd fitness diet (No liquid calories <I will allow myself milk with tea, I mean I am British!> Reduce carbohydrates at dinner to none) Book at least one bank shift per month They are relatively simple yet challenging enough that I will feel stretched. I think I'll have a "soft opening" this week and warm up into the challenge!