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    On the last Friday of this challenge mi Prometida and I get the keys to our new apartment. I'll be moving in June 28th, she'll mover her stuff in on July 5th and spend a few nights with her parents. On July 8th, we get married. In addition to the normal goals, i'll be packing my apartment as we put the finishing touches on the wedding. As you might imagine, I'll be sitting out of the challenge that begins July 9th, but I'll be back after that one. Goals: 8 Lift days. Straightforward same goals here. 6 Walk days. One 2 mile walk, four 3 mile walks, and a 4 mile walk. 6 Yoga Days. I'll do NF Yoga Water A&B, Fire A&B, Star A and Yin. Domestic Rangering. Do Laundry, Clean Kitchen, and bathroom, and mop and vaccum once per week. I'll have the added bonus of packing up. The goal is to be mostly packed by the end of the challenge. I hope to get the kitchen and bathroom set up at the new place on the Saturday of the challenge along with my bed so I can start staying over there before the big move. Food: Still to cook paleo with only two variances per week. No bells and whistles, this is the time to focus and get stuff done. In other words:
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    ~HAPPY ZERO WEEK EVERYONE~ Hey, do you guys remember Aeon Flux? ^^^ I LOOOOVED that show, back when Mtv did some crazy cool experimental programming. And this is what this challenge will be about. Things that RedStone loves!!! There will be challenge goals, and there will be rants about why I'm doing this. Eventually. But for Zero Week (ZERO WEEK ) I'm only focusing on one thing - share one thing everyday that I love. If I don't have time, I don't have to write any crazy lengthy explanations or anything nuts like that, so no excuses. Just post. Here's to another round wonderful people!!!!
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    Hey mister! Yeh back!!! I try not to stress about keeping up... I think this one is about following threads and how the forum code is a tricky slippery eel... last month was... math education? Maybe? Alls that matters is the many GIFS. GLORIOUS GLORIOUS GIFS. YASSSSSS BROBA!! BROBA!!! BROBA!!!!! _____ Soooo, you know what I love? ZERO WEEK!!!! I also love feeling like a beach bum, and also self care. The last few days were tough. I napped briefly between clients and decided to have a hot tub soak after last call. Hot tub --> rinse --> sauna ---> PJs with flippies and home. Towel and suit hung over the rail of the front porch at home... I feel like a Santa Cruz surf bum and I love it. (Locals only bitches!!! JK that's not how I roll ) I love this idea. The people need to know. Late night work out, chill and soak or just shower and head home in jammies. It's magic. That's a happy RedStone...
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    (This song has nothing to do with anything. I just stole the phrase from it. And like it.) ************************************************** “What if we trusted ourselves, believed in our basic worthiness, believed that we would be OK even if things didn’t work out as planned, believed that we are loving, kind, and innately good human beings?” I've been having a hard time articulating what I want to do this challenge. I've been adding one new habit per challenge this year, with the idea that I'd accumulate 10 healthy habits over the course of the year. But something's a bit off, even though the new habits have been going well. So at first I thought I was just going to take a break for a month to let the new habits settle in more without adding anything new. But then I was trying to articulate WHY I felt I needed a break and what exactly it is that's been feeling off. And it's a couple of things. My progress has begun to hurt me. I’ll work out three times a week and think “ugh that wasn’t as good as the workouts I was doing last year!” instead of “Yay! I did all of my workouts!” And that’s a problem. That’s a stop drop and roll problem. I need to stop and fix it before I move on. Simultaneously, even though all of my habits are worthwhile and positive, I feel like I just don't have SPACE in my life right now to just enjoy things, and I'm not sure if it's the fault of all the things I'm trying to do or something else entirely. I take everything completely seriously, and that's both an incredible strength and a danger. So this challenge, I’m going to stop, drop, and roll. I’m going to take a break from my one-habit-per-challenge approach to the year. There’s no right way to do things. There’s no one thing or even list of things that I HAVE to do to enjoy life. Or to succeed at this challenge. And right now that sense of needing to make progress is robbing me of something else important in the present. And I don't just mean video game time. So this challenge, I both have a goal and don't have a goal. I guess it's a meta-goal, because I'm incapable of completely taking a break. I want to BASK. I want to bask in how lovely and beautiful the world is. I want to bask in how amazing it is that I can run a mile and think it’s no big deal when I used to DREAD running a mile. I want to bask in the fact that I have a boyfriend who I can cuddle and touch and play with. I want to bask in the feeling of working late into the night during an aikido class because we all love what we’re doing and we love moving and learning together. I want to bask in the feeling of sunshine or the pleasure of playing a video game. I want to drop anything that I can’t bask in. If I’m reading a book and I’m not actually getting pleasure from the experience, I want to do something else instead. I want to celebrate what I’m accomplishing. I want to hit all of my scheduled workouts and say "Woo! I'm awesome!" instead of anything else. So for this challenge, I can only post updates about what I bask in. I can complain about unrelated things too, of course. I'm not a monster. But I can't just post a list of everything I've done for the day. I can only share the basking. I'm hoping this will help reset my mindset in the direction I want to be going. So maybe the song has a little bit to do with the challenge. I want to emphasize to myself that there's no one right way to do things. I want to fall in love again with everything I'm doing. And If I'm incapable of loving it, maybe it's not something I shouldn't be doing.
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    Thanks, it was amazing. Yesterday was a good day. No GI issues, so I'm thinking I can handle one scoop of the powder. I also didn't drink it, but used much less water. Maybe that has something to do with it. I used a variance yesterday and calories were closeish to target anyway, though it was panera bread so I was basically carb loading. I did NF Yoga Fire A, cleaned my apartment and did the minimizing I had planned. Two big black trash bags full of stuff to throw away, which I did, and 1 and a half to donate (haven't yet). That will help with the move. No calories because I didn't track dinner. It was over, as I have said. I do want to point out as well Mi Prometida and I have spent the last two evenings building with legos. She mentioned wanting to play with them at some point, assuming they were buried beyond recall. They were in fact easy to find, so we've been building stuff, mainly space ships. She and I have different building styles, and it's fun to see how we make stuff. I told her last night I never, in all those years I was building stuff, thought I'd ever be building stuff with a hot girl. I also mentioned younger me (like 4th grade through 6th or 7th) would not have believed LEGOs with a girl would be fun.
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    Luke Skywalker: Oh, come on! How could you know my father? You don't even know who I am. Oh, I don't even know what I'm doing here! We're wasting our time!Yoda: [sighs, looks upward] I cannot teach him. The boy has no patience.Obi-Wan Kenobi: [voice emanates from nowhere] He will learn patience.Yoda: Much anger in him, like his father.Obi-Wan Kenobi: Was I any different when you taught me?Yoda: He is not ready!Luke Skywalker: Yoda? I am ready! I— Ben, I can be a Jedi! Ben tell him I'm rea— [bangs his head on the low ceiling] Ow!Yoda: [to Luke] Ready are you? What know you of ready? For 800 years have I trained Jedi. My own counsel will I keep on who is to be trained! A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one, a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away to the future, the horizon. Never his mind on where he was [pokes Luke]. Hmm? What he was doing. [paces around] Adventure. Heh! Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things. [turns to Luke and points with his walking stick] You are reckless!Obi-Wan Kenobi: So was I, if you remember.Yoda: [still looking at Luke] He is too old. Yes. Too old to begin the training.Luke Skywalker: But I've learned so much.Yoda: [looking toward the sky] Will he finish what he begins?Luke Skywalker: I won't fail you! I'm not afraid.Yoda: [grimly] Oh! You will be. You will be. Main Goal I'm planning to to to Blue Mountain, Ontario, in October for the 2017 OCR World Championships. I could register right now as a Journeyman as I have completed the requisite three or more qualifying events since the last Championships. I don't want to just show up as an enthusiastic course-filler, though. I want to qualify as an Age Group competitor by earning my spot through competition. The black one on the left is what I'm after. How realistic is this goal? On July 30, 2016, I finished 24 minutes behind the OCRWC qualifier time for the 50-54 age group at Savage Race Chicago.This past February 25, I ran the Spartan Sprint in Arizona while sick as hell and finished 15 minutes behind the final OCRWC qualifier time. I am working with a running coach who has given me a plan to increase my speed over distance. I know I'm getting better, but I believe I still have time to make up. I've used my 10k time as my guideline for improvement, since it's the same distance or longer than my two A races for this year; over the past year and a half, I've knocked about 10 minutes off my PR for 10k and am working to trim even more off by the end of July, when my two "A" Races are held: Savage Race Chicago, July 30 Conquer the Gauntlet Des Moines, August 5 What will it take for me to get there? I now have 10 weeks to close the gap on my competition. I'm still slow enough over distance that some solid dedication will trim off large chunks of time, though. As I identified before the last challenge, it's going to take me, getting out of my head, casting off my own perceived limitations, and pushing beyond my comfort zone. What I want is still on the other side of comfortable. I'm not going to let the two races in this challenge cycle - the Chicago Spartan Super and Sprint on June 10-11, and the Minnesota Spartan Sprint at the end of this cycle on June 24 - alter my training toward my goal. I'm going to be doing a boatload of hills between now and June 24, because if I don't, I will die on the ski hill here at home, but that won't replace anything in my schedule, and it will make me a better runner overall anyway. The Chicago and Minnesota Spartans are B (Chicago Sprint) and C races on my calendar, and will be run accordingly. I will not be risking injury or fighting my way off-trail (like the hard-core "ON YOUR LEFT" people who expect others to yield during a section of a bushwhacked single-track and then leap through the brush when you can't, while cursing loudly) during either one of these events. I aim to enjoy all three, and if an OCRWC qualifier occurs at any, well, that's great, too. I've got ten weeks. Goal: Faster I've become faster than I was - three of my last four road races were all personal bests, and the fourth met a goal time - but if I want to be faster, I've got to run, consistently. Two challenges ago I put on more consistent miles and started getting the hoped-for results. Last challenge I got a new running plan from my coach, Josh, and I just set a PR in a 5k in terrible conditions at the end of the last challenge, even though I missed my own personal goal time. Now it's time to put on some significant mileage and be able to sustain those paces for longer, in order to achieve my goals. This will be the schedule for this challenge: Week Zero: 3 miles VO2 Max Monday, Hills Tuesday, 4 miles Lactate Threshold Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday for consistency, Hills Friday, 10 miles Saturday, Incline Trainer Sunday Week One: 3 miles VO2 Max Monday, Hills Tuesday, 4 miles Lactate Threshold Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday for consistency, Hills Friday, Badass Dash followed by 4 mile trail run Saturday, Incline Trainer Sunday Week Two: 3 miles VO2 Max Monday, Hills Tuesday, 4 miles Lactate Threshold Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday for consistency, Hills Friday, Chicago Spartan Super Saturday, Chicago Spartan Sprint Sunday Week Three: 3 miles VO2 Max Monday, Hills Tuesday, 4 miles Lactate Threshold Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday for consistency, Hills Friday, 10 miles Saturday, Hills Sunday Week Four: 3 miles Monday, 3 miles Tuesday, 3 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday, Minnesota Spartan Sprint Saturday (this is also my annual Youth Group Mission Trip week, hoo boy), trail run Sunday Yes, I'm planning on either running or climbing hills almost every day for the next 10 weeks. This is what it's going to take. Goal: Stronger This has been working, but they moved one of my lift days at the gym. I'm replacing it with Boot Camp due to convenience. I need to be more consistent with my own body-weight workouts. Part 1: Week Zero: Lift Day Tuesday, Boot Camp Thursday, Obstacle Academy Friday, OCR WOW Weekend Week One: Lift Day Tuesday, Boot Camp Thursday, Obstacle Academy Friday, Badass Dash Saturday Week Two: Lift Day Tuesday, Boot Camp Thursday, Chicago Spartan Super/Sprint Weekend Week Three: Lift Day Tuesday, Boot Camp Thursday, Obstacle Academy Friday, OCR WOW Weekend Week Four: Youth Group Mission Trip where I'll be doing manual labor all week, MN Spartan Sprint Saturday Part 2: Continuing the Grease the Groove pull-up training method I stole gratuitously from @Big_Show. I'll be recording the total number of pull-ups completed every day, not just full dead-hang strict pull-ups. I wanted to average at least 20 per day over the last challenge, but it was more like 12-15. I'm aiming for 15 to 20 per day this time around. Part 3: Also during the last challenge, I tried to accumulate 200 push-ups per day; this wound up being more like 60 to 120 per day. I'm going to try again, shooting for 120 to 200 per day. Not hard if I get in a few sets of 20 during my workday at my desk. Challenge Plan Summary I can do this. Goal: Smaller I know my macros work. I'm still trying to refine so that I meet goals based on my daily needs; I'll be sticking with what I set the last time around, because actually meeting these targets daily was not so much "hit and miss" as "stormtrooper-level miss". 10 weeks of dedication to attempt to meet a goal I set before the first of the year. That's only two challenge cycles; not quite the home stretch right now, but I can see it from here, and I need to be ready. Here we go. We all know what Yoda would say here.
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    As the video and title might suggest, this challenge is all about the spreadies!* Just as my last challenge I'll continue to do a bunch of circusy things like handstands and pole, but this time the challenge will be points based, and somewhat more focused. On the surface that is, mainly I just wanted to use the word spready a lot. My overall aim is to collect 200 points over the course of the challenge, which might be a tad ambitious. I’m feeling pretty good right now as I'm on a good streak, but we’ll see. I’ll use zero week to experiment, keeping in mind that my main focus has to be on my performance on Saturday! To even things out a little I’ll give myself 5 points per performance practice this week. *If you haven't watched the video yet, go watch it. I'll wait. #1 Spreadies to the gods My handstands are slowly coming back and I’ve started to get enough control to move around in them a little bit, yay! My kick ups are still far from consistent, but it’s fun to play around with different positions. 5 points for freestanding straddle/splits handstand work 3 points for work in headstand or wall drills #2 Ground dwelling spreadies I know I’ve complained about this about a million times, but miss feeling bendy! My middle splits are surprisingly good after a decent warmup, but my front splits are oh so sad, especially on the right. I’ve just been so scared of re-injury that I’ve simply neglected to stretch them. But now that I’m back in the air I can’t pretend it’s not a problem anymore. 5 points for active flex or deep passive stretching 2 points for extra post workout stretching 1 point for foam rolling or mobilising #3 Spreadies in space I really struggle with keeping my legs straight when inverting, and it’s not a micro bend either, it’s just fugly. I don’t think it’s so much a strength issue, but a control and maybe a flexibility issue as I’m quite tight behind the knees. Also it drives me crazy that I can’t always get into an outside leg hang cleanly. But it all starts from the invert. 5 points for each practice on the pole or other apparatus. 3 points for relevant conditioning exercises. #4 Orbiting spreadies Honestly I’m just adding this goal so I could write orbiting spreadies. But I would like to get more comfortable on spinny pole. At the moment it just feels like I’m going to get flung off the pole and die. 2 points for playing on spinny pole, even if it’s only for a few minutes. BONUS GOAL Tentacle spreadies I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS TITLE MEANS, except that this goal is reserved as a food goal. I just know that I really need to normalise my eating, but I'm not sure how yet. Ideas are welcome. If they fit the title even better.
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    It's cheaper if you rent the truck yourself and hire the movers seperately. Moving companies with the truck and movers together charge per hour what hiring the two separately will cost for the whole thing. I can't see this as I'm not at home but given your post history I'll assume it's an awesome motivational pic. Thanks. Glad to have you along for the ride. 47 days to the wedding, today is a good day. I got up after having a weird dream that affected sleep quality. However, I recently got a new pillow from the purple mattress people (I have the new mattress we'll be using as well but that won't be set up till we get to the new place) and it's helping to resolve some neck issues, so they kind of cancel each other out. I made myself get to the gym to lift, today was squat and bench. I'm leaning more and more to trying a new program once we get back from the honeymoon, probably juggernaut as I've seen several on here say they like it. I was pretty tired, so there was a nap between lunch and work. Lunch was really good. It started with a couple of sweet potatoes cooked in the microwave (way faster than the oven, the potato button on my microwave works really well). One was for lunch and the other for dinner. In a pot I cooked a couple garlic cloves, some sliced radishes (I didn't slice them very thin) and a chopped red bell pepper in some avocado oil. I then added some ground beef and some chili powder and ground coriander. It smelled amazing. To that I added a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes. That got served over the sweet potatoes. It was topped with this really interesting sauce I made in the magic bullet. I took a quarter cup of raw cashews and put them in a bowl with some water (enough to half cover the nuts). I put that in the microwave for four minutes; the cashews absorbed all the water. The recipe called for pouring two tablespoons boiling water over the nuts and leaving it covered for fifteen minutes, but I liked my method better. I put the cashews in the magic bullet with 1/4 c water, grated lime rind, the juice of that same lime and a clove of garlic. I blended it and poured it over everything else. I don't know how to describe the taste but it was good. Calories for the day Totals 2,652 208 132 167 2,813 60 Your Daily Goal 2,652 165 118 232 2,300 38 Remaining 0 -43 -14 65 -513 -22 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Fiber g Someone at work who asked about the wedding gave me the "Happy Wife Happy Life" line at work as unironic marriage advice. This person meant well, but I was tired from the poor sleep and wasn't happy about it. I stayed mostly civil, but I indicated the happiness of both of us was important. The person reiterated the phrase. I said "My happiness counts too." The person doubled down and told me, "If she's happy, you will be happy too," and totally meant it. Again, it was not intended unkindly, but it basically implied my emotions are totally based on another person and what I actually think and feel is irrelevant because of my gender. As someone who was in a very, very toxic relationship in my past marriage that was something not easy to hear on a day I was already tired. Fortunately the elevator door closed before I could really unload, but I was pissed. I'm better now, but man did that get under my skin.
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    ______ Seems perfect for day 1 Things I like: Dissonant strings, tremolo Things I don't like: Being told what to do
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    I guess I should recap the challenge as well, tho looking at the original bujo tracker it feels silly. Things I did: ~Rx Train as per~ ~Rx run as per~ I am not going to be including any fitness goals for the next challenge. It is distracting and unnecessary. ~"Read Articles"~ As work continued this took on different forms. Constant education is the name of the game and there is 0 shortage of this. I wouldn't say that I specifically pulled up an article every morning, but I'm constantly around new information and somedays it even feels like overload. Things I sort of did: ~Weighed in only 1 a week~ The first 2 weeks I weighed in twice, on consecutive days, and say up to 5# difference. The last 2 weeks I weighed begrudgingly and saw little to no difference. I will not be weighing regularly next challenge, nor will I include it in the challenge. ~Take Fish oil~ actually went pretty well, a few fall off days when I just forgot. I will continue to take it for another month to see if it makes a difference ~Meal Plan~ I did this until I started working. I miss it, but my schedule is confusing. I may include a nutrition challenge next month. ~Plan 3 Treats~ Again, did this in the beginning. It did not have the effect I was going for exactly, but the spirit was good. Ultimately, this last month has been hit and miss for ED and mental stability, but I maintain that I'm headed in the right direction and not tracking has been a good part of that. Things I did not do: ~Special OCR training~ there was enough in my program and work keeps me more than physically active. Going forward I will do more specific trail running as part of my program, but if feels unnecessary to add more. ~Clean Anything~ I... should probably do some of this going forward ~Mortgage Stuff~ Kind of waiting on Mr Red here. I did what I can, now all I can do is... nag _____ All in all the goals of this challenge were pretty meh, and as ordained, the challenge itself was a flop, but realistically, I started out with a lot of work question marks, and finished with a lot of different kinds of work question marks. I ran the OCR and it was super fun and offered the highlight of the month - HANGING WITH NERDS!!! All in all, I have a new normal to contend with, one that I'm excited about and happy about, and is very very active! This is good! It's what I've been working towards, and I think I should probably go ahead and do this: New Challenge placeholder is up, expect lots of music and weird film, and all things RedStone. We're going for a self expression challenge next!!!
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    Sooooo We went and did the thing! And it's the last day of the challenge! I am very happy that this challenge is over. Okay, first OCR impressions first, then challenge recap! Warrior Dash weekend has been a pleasure. @ArgSki77 came out on Friday afternoon and it was stupid hot in my house so we sat on the deck for awhile, then went down by the river where there are a few nice foot paths and had a casual stroll about. We had a nice walk, which was cool because I had decided to ditch my lift in favor of feeling fresh for Saturday. Funny enough, we ran into Mr Red on the trail who was totally randomly there for the first time ever for unrelated reasons. Dinner in the out skirts of town, and then brunch the next morning near the race with @Sylvaa <3 and <3 @NeverThatBored. I made big talk of pancakes, but we all loaded up on eggs and reasonable things of that nature. I drank inappropriate amounts of coffee. My first impression of the OCR... and the impression I got as we walked in to the grounds... honestly.... I didn't expect it to be so muddy. I know that sounds silly, but I kind of thought that that was specific to tough mudders. Sure... some dirt... splashes here and there, but seeing the people heading to the hoses afterwards - that much mud??? WHAT??? It was... a lot of mud. Everywhere. I was in way over my head... Sylvaa and NTB BUT OKAY. So I was going to get muddy. Fine. We get in to the event and get sorted, and rendezvous with @Rebel Pilot Gar There was some standing around, and warming up (sort of, I forgot my strength band in bag check...) and me going to the port o potties 400 times cause inappropriate amounts of coffee. Then we kind of decided on a wave (we all had similar/different times), lined up, and waited for the pyrotechnics to send us on our merry way! Then the race! We took off, and it wasn't the elbow throwing shoving situation I kind of imagined. Groovy. We all politely jogged in place/waiting for each other to get through the bottle neck. The first few stretched were the longest, ups and downs in a beautiful piece of mountain property. I ran a bit of of in the beginning and then rendezvoused with most of the party to do obstacles. We walked and ran the paths depending on how we felt and had a run in with some district (3?) nerds at one point. (I'm guessing 3 cause pretty good shape, well fed, and in awe of a district 1...) The obstacles were fun and not enough, I could do with a whole park of them and forget the running altogether! They were also pretty easy, imo, other than a few that preyed on fears like heights and the dark, and I'm glad this was my first, a good low pressure trial run through with knowledgable folks... they tell my the spartan will be more challenging. The hardest one for me was the last one, the seemingly unnecessary mud trench pass where you get in the mud and navigate under barbed wire. This is basically where everyone got actually muddy, and I got stuck for a bit after loosing my footing from the ground... THE MUD WAS SO THICK I could barely move! I ended up getting flipped on my back like a turtle And then the after pictures... well I look a little dejected... We hung out after, hosed off in the freezing, not sexy coed showers, wiped off and changed (SO MUCH MUD IN MY BRA) and used our free beer tickets before heading back. The sky had been cloudy all day and I think we got a little exhausted from the quiet sun that needled our skin. Mr Red def got a sunburn and I think Sylvaa said the same later. Argski and I were both pretty wiped when we got back, and did the pizza and movies before crashing. Civil War Avengers was kinda serious flavor for me, so I finished it off with Ant Man, which, whatever, was adorable. Sunday would have been an awesome time for more decom, but the inlaw are visiting so we walked town and got foods and did some things. It was nice, but with visiting and work, the next few days are going to be hectic and I don't think I'll be able to have a chill day until the end of the week. All in all I really enjoyed the dash, it was awesome to hang out with everyone and play on some crazy and silly obstacles, and I'm absolutely looking forward to the Spartan! There is talk of a viking themed one in September... I'm treading lightly with commitment, but seriously considering. So far as training goes, I think i'll swap my distance running for trails out back, it seems that a little more incline/natural obstacles will be useful and probs continue strength and agility as normal training goes. More monkey bars...
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    Mi Prometida and I are blessed in that our love languages match up really well. We have the same primary and secondary languages. For those not familiar, the idea of the book is that people tend to express/receive love in one of five general ways, Physical touch, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Gifts, and Words of Encouragement. Most people, when they look at it, tend to like all five, but for most people there is a specific order, so one person may like gifts every once in a while but gifts are in fifth place, whereas another may have gifts as primary but not care much about quality time. Physical touch isn't just about sex either, it includes a pat on the shoulder, an arm around the waist, scratching the back of the neck, etc. If you and your partner have different primary languages, it's worth the time to learn to express love in that person's language.
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    You get it. Also, unsolicited advice out of the blue on elevators is seldom received well, even if the advice is good. I know the person, it was poorly delivered good intentions. This person has a rather unnuanced view of the world, and is not prone to looking deeper at the things said. What annoyed me was in trying to get her to look deeper she just doubled down and didn't consider what I was saying. I agree with all this. Also, I've read some really interesting things that agree with you about the Addams family, saying essentially Gomez and Morticia had one of the healthiest relationships on television. It's no fun. Thanks. Planning ahead helps with the calorie sniping. What I need to remember is I am indeed a grown man who takes care of himself, regardless of the thoughtless advice people give out. I think another dimension to the frustration is that chaplains get taught not to use those adages for the very reasons you mentioned. Don't be a dick is always good advice, regardless of context. I don't know how to make a joke about that and still be civil. As I mentioned before, I was in a relationship like what you describe, and I was miserable. It was a one way street most of the time and it completely drained me, and I came to realize I was being emotionally abused. I don't know the context of what you are describing and it takes a lot of effort not to see it through my own lenses. I do think it's unwise to base happiness on someone else's emotional state, that's it's own kind of emotional immaturity.
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    ^ This. We can't exactly push for gender equality and empowerment of disempowered women with one breath and then slot men into gendered stereotypes with the other. /politics As long as both partners are doing their best to help each other out, support each other, be there when things are crappy and contribute to making things less crappy overall, then they're doing their part and the relationship will be fine. Part of that is realising which things are burdensome that one can help with, and when it's okay to take the lead or let the other person take it. Any person with a hint of empathy is capable of that and probably already doing it; trying to be more conscious of it is always good. Morticia + Gomez = Relationship Goals
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    Yes, because we're both reasonable adults in a healthy relationship. What's important is she's as interested in keeping me happy as I am in keeping her happy. In my past relationship that was a one way street, which goes to explain why the statement bothered me so much.
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    Yesterday I started a bit late, 9:45, sort of oh I've earned my reward I can coast now. Not the best attitude, but it's improving. It was an active rest day. Walked to my hair salon. Then we went to a baseball game in the evening. As a thank you for helping someone at work, my husband had been given some tickets that the company gives out as rewards. ,The seats were a couple of rows behind home plate, which was super fun, as we never get that never of seats when we buy our own tickets. I had some tacos, which is a much better choice than hamburgers and fries, and plus as a Ranger it was my Ranger duty It was a good game, we were ahead, and then the other team tied it up in the 8th inning, but in the 9th we got another home run. I was a bit afraid we were going to go into overtime, which is not only way past my attention span, but I was already tired. I've been doing really good about getting to bed no later than 11, which is good for sleep, but the downside is about 10, I start winding down and really just want to get in my pj's and read a book. Today; Made a decision to sleep in a bit so didn't start until 10. Did my workout, then did my 20th day of TGUS. As I was doing my TGU with the 30lb, and I was tired, I realized , wow after a heavy ring workout, I am able to do 5 reps of TGU, who would have thought that a couple of years ago? I am a reminder to all of you just starting out who feel so weak, and like you will never be strong, that if you show up and do the work you will have results. Realized that I've been logging my workouts in the notebook but never here so today I will post it: On rings: top position hold 5 secs x 5 assisted dip ( meaning most of the time my feet are on the ground) 8,10,10,10,10 knee pushups 12/12/12/10/9 plank 20 sec x 3 mountain climber 10 x5 TGU with 30 lb 5 reps
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    Plenty o fiber. It may be just the particular whey protein by itself. I haven't seen any, I'll keep an eye out for it. Today is a good day. I got 3 miles in today and got some housekeeping stuff done for the wedding and the upcoming move. Dinner was Korean Beef with Apple Power slaw. I took 1/4 c coconut aminos, two big cloves of garlic minced, a big chunk of fresh minced ginger, 1/5 tbsp sesame oil, 1.5 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp rice vinegar and some paprika and used that to marinate a 1.55 lb flank steak that had been blade tenderized in the store. I cooked it to medium in a skillet and thin sliced it, then I boiled the leftover marinade for two minutes to make a sauce. I served that over the apple power slaw. I mixed 1/4 c olive oil, a fresh squeezed lime, 1/2 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp rice vinegar, 1 tbsp honey, and fresh chopped mint. I added a package of power slaw, half a sliced red onion, and a chopped granny smith apple and stirred it up. It was garnished with sliced green onion. Mi Prometida took a picture: I ate twice that much I had posted calories but I realized MFP calculated the meat wrong. I have an extra 245 calories to eat!
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    Deffy Goes For Gold Yes I have picked a theme so uniquely British and of the 1980's it is quite possible nobody will get the reference. I think even I am technically too young to remember this, it just has legendary status in my house because as my mom never tires of reminding me, as a 2 year old I was obsessed with Henry Kelly and nobody knows why. But I digress. The aim of this challenge is to amass coinage and earn some good old fitness loot. Doing certain tasks earns me a pitiful amount of money that will add up over time and I can buy myself rewards and fun stuff with the earnings. I have made it so things I am automatically doing (like eating 5 a day, reading my ten pages and drinking approved fluids - things I have an intact streak for all year) aren't worth anything, I have to overachieve in these areas to earn for doing the things. All sums are paid on a daily basis and nothing can carry over (so if I eat 8 portions of freggies one day and 2 the next, I earn nothing each day for that task) Things worth money are: Eating 10 portions of freggies [10p] Drinking 2 litres of water (it has to be water) [5p] Following my skin care routing both morning and night [5p] Each 500 cal deficit in a day (has to be a whole 500, no rounding up) [5p] Each 30 minutes of cardio (again, no rounding up) [5p] A Darebee workout (must be completed on the hardest level for points) [10p] Eating the meals I have scheduled [5p] Applying body lotion (all over or nothing) [5p] Face mask [5p] Yoga session [10p] Stretching properly both pre and post workout [5p] Daily Dare [5p] Completed the weekly to do list (payable once per week) [25p] Stick to monthly budget (payable once per month) [500p] Per unique milestone (5p) But as well as not earning the bonuses for doing the tasks, some of the tasks are worth penalties for not doing them: Exceeding maximum calories (-25p) Per missed task on the to do list (-10p) Not eating the scheduled meal (-10p) Exceeding the monthly budgets, even by a penny (-750 points) I also have a section on my spreadsheet where I can award extra money on a discretionary basis for good stuff. Big weight loss milestones will be included here but other stuff can be too. The Loot! Currently on the list of "shit I want" is: a dehydrator, a breadmaker, a squat rack, new healthy cookbooks, fitness gear and a sports bra. There is also fun stuff on the list like Sims expansion packs, and some self care stuff like Lush bath bombs and fancy shampoo. The idea is, if it is on the list of loot then I cannot buy it with regular money, it has to be Going For Gold money. I have been trialling this format since Wednesday and it's working really well so far. I have already amassed a lofty £2.55 (please, no begging letters) and this is just the pace I wanted to earn the loot at so I think the amounts are pretty much bang on. It's working to motivate me well and I am excited for the format to continue so............ New challenge.... goooooooooooooooo!
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    This is it, what you have been waiting for, the poop challenge! Or the colon health challenge, if that is more your style. Which would be a shame. This idea started as a joke, but then I was told by at least one person, they would be disappointed if I didn’t do it. If you think this is going to be a log of my bowel movements though, you will still be disappointed. I’ve had multiple bowel surgeries and have the official diagnosis of SLOW COLON. Hahahahaaaa. Doctors are hilarious. Okay, onto this challenge. Build a Log Cabin Water: 5 bottles of water per day (mine are 22 oz, so around 100 oz) Eat and log here which high fiber foods I ate each day (use bullet journal to keep a running list for reference/ideas) Cardio 2x per week, any amount, this helps with regularity (still training for the 5k in October) Post daily poop facts (aka colon health shit) as appropriate That Outdoorsy Cabin Life Check garden/plants daily Try to make 1x week cardio be outdoors
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    And hey again, I've been extremely busy during the past challenges and it's catching up on me. I always feel tired and I'm having blood tests done to see if anything is off. I'll post a full challenge after the results.
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    LOL oddly enough, cannoli isn't a big thing for me... at least it wasn't! I absolutely enjoy them, but it was just one of those rando things that hapenned one day and stuck! Mostly because cannoli and Spike are basically the same size... I kind of imagined him wanting to roll around wrestling with it _____ Todays Biz! It would be good if I got some yoga in later too... I was going to go to a class at the club after my last thing, but that thing fell through so I went home for laundry and dishes and the chores that have been piling up for awhile now. I should also be watching FMA soon... that may happen. I haven't really mentioned food ish... I sort of have been having trouble with timing lately and am paying the price. I'm currently on a stomach repair diet, small quantities of very plain foods, more often. Somehow I feel both starving and painfully full at the same time. I'm taking an antacid regiment and some DGL as recommended by @Laghail (Fortunately I love licorice flavor and it's rather pleasant!) Otherwise, kind of sort of getting the hang of my crazy schedule!!! T&F 2X WAC 10X Banded Reverse Shoulder Press 10X Dive Bomber Pushups 10X Flat Ring Rows BB Clean and Press 5X5 75# BB Floor Press 4X6 87.5# 3X Circuit 12X Ring Pushups 12X DB Lat Raises 12# 12X DB Upright Rows 15# And something I really love... when I got home this afternoon, earlier than expected, I opened the back door to throw a wad of PB into the woods for the squirrels. I was going to shut the door again, but the wind is rustling through the trees and there are some birds and I was very very happy about it. I love forest and rain sounds. Enjoy!
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    W0D2 Best performance practice yet! I haven't practiced anything since Sunday, but yesterday I spent the entirety of our super boring weekly meeting visualising the routine and that really helped. The routine and the counts are decently solid in my head now, though there's still a short sequence towards the end that is not solid in my body. And I still seem to mess up at least one thing every time I do it, usually because of overthinking or by getting slightly off balance and missing my timing... But it's getting there! Plan for the rest of the week: W Performance practice + handstand class. Plus a morning swim and sauna with colleagues if I wake up in time! T Day off work = performance practice x1000. Plus hopefully climbing. F More performance practice S Performance day!!! S Climbing if people are going, otherwise something else. Spreadie count: 5 SP
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    There are so, so many good comments on here. I find relationship building and communication super interesting (good thing it's part of my job, too!). @darkfoxx mentioned Acts of Service. I will second that, as a recommendation for The 5 Love Languages. The book is corny, but the idea that people have different ways they show love and different ways they want to receive love was really enlightening to me. Read it with my hubby (hubby to be at the time), but it helped me out most with understanding my family (huge gift givers, which is something I never understood as a Quality Time person). The way my hubby and I do things is to focus on the other person's happiness, but we both understand that we are responsible for our own selves. Mr. Vibrant doesn't like dirty dishes out ever, and I don't care that much. He cleans the dishes usually, but I clean them knowing it will make him happy. That kind of thing - even though neither of us qualifies as Acts of Service - helps every day feel good to both of us.
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    Anyone who gives you marriage advice in the form of an adage is probably not someone you should be listening to because they probably think it holds more truth because it rhymes and that's just idiotic. My marriage advice - ignore everyone else's advice because your marriage is unique and you know each other well enough to not have to rely on empty snatches of poetry to guide your way. Although I must add, I find the advice "Don't be a dick" to be useful in every situation but I am pretty certain you've got that down already.
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    If only we could see the things that have hurt other people...! But there's this way of talking about marriage and relationships, where "the woman is right, and the man is like a big kid who just doesn't understand". This way of seeing relationships is especially prevalent in commercials (unless it's a car commercial, then the woman usually sits in the front seat and stares at the man with a "you drive this car like a man!!!" look on her face ), and it sucks! At its worst, it's harmful, and even if it's not at its worst, it's boring. We don't know for sure where the elevator person is coming from, though, or what has hurt her in the past. Maybe it was a badly phrased attempt to encourage you to listen to your wife, but since it's such a common thing to say, it translated badly. And the indication that you, as a man, don't do that automatically, is annoying. Blargh. People!
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    Oh man the happy wife happy life thing really got my bristles up. The best marriage advice I've received is to pick the fights that are important and don't argue about unimportant stuff. I like the be not unequally yoked phrase but this is a little different. Eg are dirty dishes worth arguing about? Is it worth making each other unhappy? They'll get done. If it's important to you that they are clean, clean them but you can't expect the other person to adjust their priorities to yours and it's not worth arguing or resenting each other over it. I try my best not to keep a tally of contributions and generally if I don't feel like doing some chores I just don't do them and I don't nag the Texan to do his. We've been much happier since we started that approach. It meant that for six months we have lived in squalor because I decided to stop stressing about it and it took him that long to notice. But just five minutes ago he just asked me if we can spend the evening tonight deep cleaning the apartment and he's happy to start it on his own while I'm at gym. No nagging, no roster, no passive aggressive notes, appreciation for stuff done and forgiveness when it isn't.
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    The race went really well, thanks! Much better than expected in fact! It was a beautiful day, if a tiny bit warmer than would have been optimal. This is by far the busiest start line I've ever been at (of 3 ) with the best part of a thousand people crammed in waiting to go. I couldn't hear anything the announcers were saying from back where I was nervously waiting to go. The race started a little late and I was just eager to get going by the time we crossed the start line! My legs and my body felt a lot better today than during any of my training sessions over the last two weeks and I was able to maintain a consistent pace for most of the race. I did start flagging hard in the last mile or so although the post race analysis of the GPS data shows me that it felt a lot worse than it actually was (the split was just 10 seconds slower than my average) I'm still waiting for the official results to come in but by my reckoning I'm about 15 seconds outside my PR that does kind of suck but considering how I've been feeling this week I'm really happy about it. I'd basically written off my performance going into it and to get so close feels like something of an achievement in and of itself.
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    I need a coffee but I'm too lazy to walk 850 feet to a Dunkins across the street. I have a title for my next challenge and a vague idea for a theme and how to implement it, but no idea what goals to do. Mostly because I've attempted and failed the same goals so many times it seems useless to try them again. I also have zero faith in myself to stick to goals. Le sigh. Stepped on my parents' ancient bathroom scale this morning in my pajamas and it was not only 10 pounds less than I expected to see, but less than the last time I weighed myself at home. On April 2. I'm trying not to put too much faith in it because I honestly don't know how accurate it is, but I'm allowing myself to take a little bit of comfort in it today.
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    I'm spectating at Tough Mudder today (running tomorrow) and I've just seen a team with the best OCR team name ever: The Filthy Mudbloods. Genius.
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    We kept waiting for @Owlet to teleport in but no luck! The nerve to stand us up! Maybe a malfunction with the teleporter? But yeah it was a lot of fun And anyone who promises not to be an axe murderer is allowed to visit. Photo evidence that we hung out! Future shenanigans (wherein I am hopefully less nervous??) would be cool with me! Be warned though, people, we might need @Countess D'If or @Sylvaa or someone with persuasive authority if we're going to get @fleaball drunk because research has shown she won't get herself drunk and I lack the gumption and/or ability to convince anyone to do anything
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    I feel like every challenge, I am in the same place. I have been stuck in a horrible headspace for quite a while and it's getting worse, not better. I got on the scale last Thursday or Friday and was back down to closer to where I should be (5 pounds less than where I have been trending for the past few weeks), yet all weekend (and even into last night) I was so down on myself. I went to dinner last night with my coworkers and was mentally beating myself up on the walk to and from the hotel because my reflection looked fat and lumpy. I want a perfect body I want a perfect soul I sit here and tell people to love themselves and find peace with who they are, but I haven't been able to successfully do it. And I know that this is more about physical appearance - that healthiness can't be defined by a body type or a weight or even a catcall (you know, if that's your jam). But my discontent with my body is getting in the way of my goals. At the end of the day, if I don't look better to myself, I don't care what my body can do. I want to feel beautiful. And I know all the rhetoric, it's just not clicking with me. So I'm really not looking for the, "but everyone is beautiful" crap. I want you to noticeWhen I'm not around I've been super busy recently with real life and I've neglected a lot of the interactions that I enjoy on here. I've been a pretty crappy friend to some of my normal peeps here (sorry if you are one of them). I enjoy being here and interacting and having a part in people's lives. But I am also finding that introvert-mode is hard and being too outgoing on a forum is just as hard as interacting in real life. People'ing is hard and I think it's getting harder for me (can we just discuss that there are two people I don't know in my team room and I don't know how to handle this? They are nice, but them being in here is freaking me out). I'm torn between whether I need to pull back from people and just give everyone a crumb coating or try to add some roses to existing relationships. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here What is this challenge even about? I'm going to run 3 x /week because I want to. Apparently, there is a running trail near the hotel - which I will not be exploring this afternoon as it is raining. I'm going to work on school stuff because I want to be done. I'm most likely going to be doing some other things because I feel like it. And I'll do a little soul searching.
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    I just got my new programming in and it is just in time for this Challenge cycle! As usual, looking over the next six weeks...... Week 0: May 20 to May 26 - Program Week 1 Week 1: May 27 to June 2 - Program Week 2 - Memorial Day Week 2: June 3 to June 9 - Program Week 3 Week 3: June 10 to June 16 - Program Week 4 Week 4: June 17 to June 23 - Deload Week most likely Week 0: June 24 to June 30 - We will figure that out when we get there! Hmm. Not much going on this time around! It is getting ready and looking down on myself, I realize that I am nowhere near ready for Beach Season! HA! Just kidding of course! Here's what we got going..... Quest 1 - Keep Lifting I just got a new program! Here is what it looks like. It's five days. Day 1 - 15RM Squat, 2x15 backoff, DB Lunges, Clean Pulls, Ham Curls, Core stuff Day 2 - 3RM Front-Squat, 3x3 backoff, 3x8 OHS, lat pulldown, push-ups, OH KB carry, shoulder raises, sit-ups Day 3 - Clean complex, 4x4 deadlifts, pull-ups, push-ups, 5RM OHP, 3x8 OHP backoff, Rows Day 4 - Snatch pull, squats, RDL, KB row, upright row, farmers carry, more core Day 5 - CounterFit So it looks like a lot of accessory work for the next four weeks. Quest 2 - Keep Eating It looks like my target macros are..... 1040 Calories - 260 Carbs 1044 Calories - 116 Fat 900 Calories - 225 Protein Next up is politely explaining to Miss Broki that this does not even add up to 3000 Calories and I am going to starve. One thing at a time. I am pretty sure she meant portions, 35% + 35% + 30%. For those of you who missed pieces of my last Challenge, I gave her some say in my macros. As Tank put it..... "He chose poorly." Quest 3 - Don't Die Track the number of times I die. The last time I died was on April 1, 2017. So. Number of Cycles: 4 Number of Deaths: 4 Date of last death: April 28, 2017 I swear it is a monthly cycle.
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    In April/May I was completely derailed from my goals. Now my goals seem like an insurmountable and mountain that is as difficult to climb as the cliffs of Insanity. However I'm going to continue on and make small steps to get back on track starting now. Ok, so let's set up this challenge! Go to the gym at least 2x/week Resist sugary treats with an allowance of no more than 2x per week. Don't go out to dinner more than 2x/week This way it's simple, it's measurable, and it's a start in the right direction. One of the hardest things has been getting back into the gym. I'm hoping that by the end of the month I'll be back to going to the gym 4x/week, but for now even just going 2x/week is better than what I have been doing. I will be posting pretty much everything I eat and what I do at the gym to keep myself accountable. I have found myself having less energy and my knees have been hurting more since I stopped my routine. Time to get back into it!
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    I am Rhovaniel. One day, I will earn my place amongst the Dúnedain. For now, I am a Ranger in training, and I have much to learn. I have something of an unsettled challenge ahead of me. I have my holiday in the Lakes, where I hope to do more challenging walks than I have done previously, my driving test, and I’m in the middle of de-cluttering my house. I am also determined to nail my nutrition. So much so, that I am going to try to avoid unhealthy desserts (fruit, yoghurt, home-made stuff made with healthy ingredients don’t count for this) completely, except for one, maximum two days, in the Lakes. One is my birthday, and who doesn’t treat themselves on their birthday, and the other will probably be in the second week of the holiday, maybe. Other than that, I’ll do my best to stay away. Either way, my schedule may change but my busy-ness is far less than it was in previous months, so I’m going to return to narrative for this one! Zero Week Goals: 1. Drink nothing but water, and lots of it. My aim here is for 2.5 – 3 litres a day, with no other drinks. No juices, definitely no fizzy drinks, etc. (The fizzy includes sparkling water, sadly. This one is more to try and control my IBS than anything else, but the health benefits are a definite bonus!) 2. Track everything, and keep it clean I need to get over my calorie counting aversion, but I also feel that if I rush headlong into it, It’ll fail just like all the other times. So, this week I simply need to log everything I eat, starting today. It also needs to be way healthier than I have been eating. I’m going to batch cook some eggs and roast some sweet potatoes in a bit. My aim is to make each dinner ½ vegetable, ¼ carbs, ¼ protein. Lunch is going to be trickier, but I just need to be sensible. Eat some salads, or smaller portions of leftovers. Breakfasts tend to be a shake (BlendActive is a godsend, so little clean-up makes it super easy), or porridge. Either one is fine. 3. Plan my activities in the Lake District I go away for the second half of the challenge, and rather than our usual, ‘let’s wake up and see where the day takes us’, I’d like to have at least 5 planned walks so that we don’t end up either having a lazy day or meandering around trying to decide where to go. Martin tends not to want to walk all the time, so one or two of those planned walks will be ones I feel I can manage solo, if he decides he doesn’t want to do much that day. Which also means they have to be places I can access without a car from where we’re staying. Luckily, Keswick is quite central. I got places to choose from 4. Do not, I repeat, do not miss a workout The last challenge, at least two weeks went by where I missed one or more of my workouts. BreakPoint is in 6 weeks, and more than that, the Lake District isn’t a beach holiday. I’m going to need a Ranger’s body as well as a Ranger’s mindset (I mean, come on, I’m gonna be walking up fells and mountains and round beautiful lakes and stuff. The place is practically a Ranger’s Paradise). Rewards and Penalties: I’m adding in some rewards this time around too, so it’ll hurt more if I don’t complete my goals (and give me extra incentive to complete them, of course ) Penalties: One Goal missed in a day: 10 burpees. More than one Goal missed in a day: 20 burpees. Total Failure of a day/missed goals more than 2 days in a row: 2 sets of 20 burpees and forfeit the second dessert variance. Rewards: Still working on these. But as I will be away, and thus without access to a gym, for two whole weeks at the end, if I manage a perfect week on all goals, I get to buy either a kettlebell or a set of dumbbells to take with me on holiday so I can still do some strength work. If I get another perfect week, as a bonus I get to buy a foam roller so all that hill walking doesn’t ruin my legs. The rest I have yet to figure out…
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    Captain's Log, Stardate 0.2 Calories: 1882 Water: at least 5 bottles Fiber foods: atkins bar (11), apple (5), Total: 27g a very low day for me. I had free lunch (low fiber) and then also I didn't add all the vegetables to MFP for dinner. I'll make up for it today. Gardening: pulled some weeds around the seedlings, which in this case include volunteer tomato plants I'm going to start reporting daily calories. I'm starting on a cut this week but I don't have a calorie goal for right now. Just accountability to post here, which is usually enough for me to self regulate. Poop fact according to the internet: "In WWII, German tank drivers in Africa used to drive tanks over camel poop for luck. Allies responded by planting land mines disguised as camel dung. Germans got wind of this and began riding over dung that was already overrun with tank tracks. In turn, Allies made mines looking like overrun dung" Also here's my favorite toilet gif: I looked at far too many poop gifs while writing this post and if you'll excuse me I'll be off to look at some kitten pics.
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    46 Days to the wedding, today is a good day. I got up having slept well, but apparently not enough. I made today a complete rest day which I think was a good decision. Did my grocery shopping in the morning, and then for lunch I modified a recipe. I bought some pre-spiralzed zucchini, and some pre-spiralized butternut squash. I put that in the microwave for 2.5 minutes. I added a thin sliced red bell pepper. Then I toasted 1/4 c chopped almonds, 1/4 c chopped walnuts, 1/4 c chopped cashews and 1/4 c pepitas (not chopped) and added that to the veggies. I also chopped some fresh basil and added that. I cooked a pound of shrimp in avocado oil, and added that. I then made a sauce of a juiced lime, 1.5 tbsp coconut aminos, 1.5 tbsp white wine vinegar, 1 tbsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tsp fish sauce, mixed it up and dumped it on everything else and mixed it up. It was amazing. I took a nap before work, again a good idea. No advice has been given yet on any elevators, so another win. Calories for today: Totals 2,304 125 131 185 4,103 39 Your Daily Goal 2,310 144 103 202 2,300 38 Remaining 6 19 -28 17 -1,803 -1 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Fiber g
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    (Note: I picked that phrase to quote because it was the perfect distillation of my whole issue with the "Happy Wife Happy Life" BS; otherwise I'd quote way too many people in one post ) So many problems with that phrase - even with the "good" interpretations. 1st, there's the outdated idea that men are dolts who have no idea how to behave in a relationship ("You mean now that I'm legally and spiritually bound with another person, I might have to think about that person, too? Thanks! That never would have occurred to me!") 2nd, there's the equally outdated idea that women are emotionally-dependent...well, dependents, who need someone to manage their emotions for them to "work right." Like putting gas in a car so it goes. But in this case you put in flowers and nice dinners, and get ironed shirts and a clean house. Grrrr. Those two somehow get twisted together so the worst sentiments about both sides gets expressed. 3rd, it reduces what should be a partnership to the level of a barter system. If you give X, you can expect Y. Finally, and the most important to me is: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE ANOTHER PERSON HAPPY. (sorry about the shouting. just had to let that out.) We can do things that please our partners, we can be considerate of our partners' feelings, we can do things that show our partners that we cherish them, and we can meet our partners' expectations of us within our relationships (assuming that said expectations have been expressed and are reasonable). But we cannot make them be happy. Happiness is the individual's responsibility. Full Stop.
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    Almost forgot yesterday's biz... @Taddea Zhaan's nfo about BLs reminded me... Monday T&F Activation (forgot) 4X BB Circuit 55# 5X Muscle Cleans 5X Strict Press 5X Front Squat 5X Bent Rows 4X Performance Circuit 5X DB Clean 30# (ist set 25#) 5X Lateral Hurdle Jumps easi 10X Rope Rows 5X Alt Med Ball Pushups easi 2X TRX Core Circuit 20X Knee Tucks 20X Mountain Climbers 20X Lat Rocks easi
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    Hit four plates on squat this morning, so that's one less thing. Depth was suspect, I'll try to hit it again 6/5 and I'll use a cam this time. The day began with my junkyard dog (see link 1) raising a racket at 4:30am, but in her defense, she was bored. Taking that monster on a longer walk tonight to get that nonsense out of her system. Anyway, gave up on sleep around 5 and I'm making coffee with an aeropress (see gif 1), but I didn't adequately tighten the filter and the pressure caused a coffee explosion (see gif 2). If this is the ceremony I need to enact to hit squat PR's, I'm game, just wish there was an easier sacrifice I could offer.
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    Challenge Wrap-Up As per usual, some things went well, some things didn't, and I fell off when I went on call this past week. What went well? Let's check in with my goals... Goal: Faster My training plan changed a little at the end of Week One, but it wasn't a dramatic change. I missed almost all my planned incline trainer work, and I generally missed at least one run per week; also, I'm doing a terrible job of getting in long runs on the weekend. This makes it hard to be more consistent on long runs. Duh. And while I set a PR in my 5k this past weekend, I missed my goal time because I have not been training consistently enough, especially the past couple weeks. This isn't going to make me a better runner come July. Old me would have this reaction: New Me is having this reaction: Oh, I had plenty of pouty moments on Saturday, but I've also spent some time looking at the data from my run from Runkeeper and FitBit and there's positive trends that I can build on. But I have to build on them, it's not going to happen by itself. Goal: Stronger Another mixed bag. My schedule changed again, and I'm having motivation issues with the gym because I just don't feel like I belong anymore. Another problem with my own head that I need to overcome. Part 1: Missed the majority of my bodyweight days, and now my Thursday lifting days have been moved to a different time. I need to adapt. Part 2: Grease the Groove Pull-ups has been mostly a success, although I have gone through lulls. I'll carry this forward for sure. Part 3: Never did reach 200 push-ups per day. It was an aggressive target. I re-set my thought process on this to be "up to" 200 per day, but I need to set a realistic floor here going forward. This isn't a failure, but I can do better. Goal: Smaller I didn't do great here, especially the last couple weeks. I've been battling Birthday Week overeating and the residue of it ever since. Not ideal. If I were to do a strict grade - which I do not do because I have enough self-denigration going on most days - I'd say I hit about a 50% on meeting my daily goals. I can do better. Much better. Transmogrification was a partial success. Additional data is needed. Time to reassess and move on; I'm not done. 68 days until Savage Race Chicago and 7 more until Conquer the Gauntlet, and I aim to meet my goals on those days, with no excuses. They don't give these out to those with good intentions; they give them to those who put in the work.
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    Following - now searching for "tank wedding"... Have fun and enjoy this part!
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    As I was writing this post, a fire alarm went off in the hallway and I had to go hang out outside until the firemen came and gave the all clear. A surprising number of people were just kind of meh about it and went back inside, which baffles me. And then it started raining. >.< Fun night. At least I practiced good safety skills. Week 4 Weekend Update Friday - I don't remember a lot about the day itself. I didn't do guardian journalling but I did get some work done. Not as much as I'd have liked, but I got one major thing done at least. Beyond that, I did a bunch of chores getting ready to head out for Warrior Dash. I drove down and then Sylvaa and I went to an outlet mall and got our walking goal in for the day while she looked at running shoes. I was 30 minutes late because I accidentally turned on to the highway WHEN I WAS LITERALLY 2 MINUTES FROM THE HOTEL and had to go on a 30 minute detour to get back. I was not brave enough to do an illegal highway u-turn in rush hour traffic. #directionfail Saturday - the gang met for brunch. I totally forgot to bring a shirt for the race so I had to stop at Wal-Mart to grab one quickly and we ended up being really late. D: I guess I could have just run around in a sports bra instead. We all had different start times but they weren't watching us too closely so we all managed to leave at the same time. I don't know our times exactly, but we finished in roughly an hour, I think? @Rebel Pilot Gar outran all of us and finished it a bit under an hour and I think the rest of us finished a bit over an hour? @RedStone is unsurprisingly a bamf and soared through everything - she bounced across some moving platforms that I could barely stand upright on and pretty much ran up the side of a wall instead of using the ropes. And I'm pretty sure @ArgSki77 walks faster than I can run, so that was also very impressive! It was great to meet other rebels and do some fun stuff together. My shins were surprisingly still yelling at me after that ill-advised run last weekend, but it wasn't too bad. The race itself was kind of lackluster. The hike/run through the woods was very pretty, but the obstacles themselves weren't really a test of anything and were more just amusing things to play on. Poor @Sylvaa didn't get to launch me over a single obstacle! There were some long stretches where there were no obstacles at all, and it really felt like there should have been more of them. At the end there was a water slide into some water, which I NOPED at because of the whole questionable-ability-to-swim issue. After that, we got to wade through a thick pool of mud to the end. The t-shirts are nice! Very soft! Redstone invited us to hang out some more, but I'm a nervous traveler so I was anxious to get on the road. Which was totally silly because it's an easy drive. Ah well. I got back and picked up some Thai food. The place is right by the grocery store, so I ended up grocery shopping while I waited even though I didn't have a meal plan. Which was interesting! I ended up buying tofu and lamb, both things I don't usually eat. Sunday - I threw a 35lb kettlebell in my backpack and attempted to ruck two miles. It was pretty awkward to carry around. JB suggested doing 'power hiking' which I think means rucking since my shins won't let me increase mileage much, so I wanted to experiment. I'm so tempted to just give in and buy a ruck plate, but on principle I also feel like I shouldn't need to buy something just to carry a heavy bag. I went to the local EMS, which is going out of business, and bought some hiking pants. Between JB and getting a bit winded on hills during the race, I feel like I need to up my hiking game. I used to hike a lot in CA, but I don't hike as much here because the hikes are in the woods and I never feel like I have the right gear to fend off bugs. I've been wanting to buy hiking pants for like a year and now that won't be a barrier anymore. IDEALLY I'd like to ruck while hiking, but the kettlebell setup is probably still too awkward for that. Hmmmm. I did some meal prep throughout the day, and generally did some other chores and read some comics and hung out. I've been feeling pretty disheartened about my fitness level decline this year since my wrist nonsense, and I'm really annoyed that I'm not supposed to do pushups right now because I really need to work on my pushup and dip strength! I'm feeling generally discouraged about my inability to commit to eating well too. So the combination hit me today and I was feeling pretty bad. So I really wanted to do a 3rd workout for the week. If nothing else, I want to be able to say I'm doing 3 strength workouts/week again. I think that's important for my mindset. So I did a bodyweight workout at home. Still kind of awkward because of the wrist workarounds. I tried some pushups while gripping bars so my wrist wouldn't be flexed, but it still bothered me a bit. I did some bridges for volume instead of small sets for strength/progression, and something clicked. It felt better than my workouts have been. I think I need to add more volume work into my workouts, at least until I can get back to doing the full program without wrist limitations. ALSO I GOT THE TIRE BACK ON MY BIKE! WOO! Week 4 Overall Walked 15.5 miles overall, not including the Warrior Dash. I also walked every single day. I'm comfortable saying I hit my mileage goal for the week. I rested my shins after that stunt last weekend, and did some running during JB's sandbag workout and during the dash itself. It wasn't my usual mileage, but it's enough to count for this week. As usual, morning guardian journaling happened Mon-Thurs and not Fri-Sun. Guardianing my way through work was so-so. My boss mentioned she was interested in having me help with more consulting with clients because she likes how direct I am or the way I put things or something, which is the nicest thing someone has ever said about my lack of communication skills and ability to conform to social norms. 3/3 workouts, baby! 2 OCR workouts and 1 at-home workout. Yoga was notably lacking, and I'm feeling it. I continue to struggle with how to make yoga as much of a priority as everything else. I did not do Elements at all this week because I was adjusting to a new schedule with the OCR stuff. I'll get back to it for the coming week. For next week, my main focus is just to repeat my success with 3 workouts per week. I have Aikido so I can't do the OCR workout on Monday, which means only one of those and 2 at-home workouts. I'll use the at-home workouts to continue exploring how to create a more satisfying workout by combining strength progressions in some exercises (pulling exercises, hanging leg raises) with volume work in others (bridges, squats). I'll also pick up where I left off at the end of last week with Elements.
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    I am now back in Sweden and feeling absolutely clobbered with tiredness. I even slept 3,5 hours on the flight (which is at least 1,5 hour more than usual and when I sleep I really mean something slightly better than cat napping). So I might lose a couple of days to jet lag, which would suck. It is almost 19:00 and I can't wait until 20-21 when I could reasonably go to bed and not wake WAAAAAAY too early or actually sleep for WAAAAAY too long to get to morning. Also, I now have a dinner date with my best friends in Stockholm tomorrow to celebrate my birthday one day early. It'll be nice to go to one of my favorite restaurants here. PS. I'll do a challenge review/recap hopefully tomorrow. Today is the day I count as the last day of the challenge because mon-sun challenges fits better for me.
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    Challenge Wrap Up To say this challenge has been a mixture of highs and lows is a bit of an understatement. The whole premise of the challenge this cycle was to make it though in one piece. I did that, if by the skin of my teeth. I'm going to get the lows out of the way first because there is no point in dwelling on them. My non-race training hasn't been nearly as consistent as I'd hoped and this was mainly down to bouts of sickness that struck at two separate points in the challenge. During week1 and week 3/4. Both of them had me bed ridden for a couple of days and not wanting to workout/run for more. On top of that Tough Mudder kicked my ass and my recovery from that was a little longer than I'd have liked. I want to point out that part of what I wanted to learn from this challenge is what kind of recovery time I would need coming off of a race and/or OCR and I've got a much better idea of that. The sickness over the last week did leave me a little depressed because it felt like my body was betraying me. I'm feeling much more myself today. Nonetheless I feel that my lifting, in particular, has suffered quite a bit these last few weeks and I'm unsure where I'm at with that right now. To a lesser extent my food has been going downhill the worse I've been feeling and I'm struggling somewhat to get control over it. I feel like I've moaned about these things ad nauseam. Onto the highs!! I had a few big goals going into this challenge: Run a race. Complete an OCR Run a sub 1 hour 10K These goals were tied to three events. Two 10K races and Tough Mudder. The goal I had for my first race was simple. Turn up and finish. I was using it to practice getting to the start line because I'd never run a race before. At least not since high school. Since I started running I've done it alone and the idea of running in a crowd did have my social anxiety dancing all over the place. I did turn up and I ran, what I still believe is, the best run of my life. I ended up smashing my 60 minute target by over two minutes! Tough Mudder was a big daunting beast in the middle of the challenge. The hardest thing for me was getting myself to the start line. Once I was there I had the time of my life. I enjoyed every second of it. Even the 1,300 feet of climbing and the dumpster of ice water I not only beat it, I massively out performed my expectations, failing only 2 obstacles and getting to the finish in just under 3 hours. And today I had my final 10K race. I really had my doubts about this one leading into it. TM really took a lot out of me and getting sick a week later didn't look good for this race. In the end I was able to let go of my expectations and just resolve myself to turn up and have fun. I did that and out did my expectations. I would have liked it if I had a faster pace in me but I did well enough that I'm proud of my performance and not at all disappointed. It was a lot of fun to run with so many people and I really enjoyed it. I still came in well under 60 minutes and 5 weeks back I wasn't even convinced I was able to do that period! All bosses defeated. I'm happy with my outcome but I'm also ready to get back to some normality tomorrow! Not that it has stopped me from looking for new races
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    Starting my day off right: calling my stupid fucking insurance company because they're stupid. Have done literally nothing challenge-related since I came home. Probably did my mantra Monday morning because that became a routine, but that fell apart as soon as I got here. I've done literally nothing else. Which is not surprising because this challenge was already a wash anyway. It largely came down to, "I'm so stressed that I don't have time/energy to do the things that will make me less stressed." Hopefully with all the free time in my future I'll get these routines locked down so that when I get a job and have other shit going on I won't have excuses. Hung out with @Severine and @Dagger last night. They're cool people. And not axe murderers. There was also yelling at each other and I'm pretty sure at one point Dagger pulled, "What would @Tanktimus the Encourager say?" Seriously, there are enough actual nerds on this site that we should have figured out teleportation already. Someone's slacking.
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    Fun story: Just found out my yearly corporate weekend is the week directly following my Spartan Trifecta weekend. Nothing screams corporate dedication than showing up looking like you fell down a couple hundred steps.
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    Sam The-War-on-Sodium-Needs-to-End Ashen It has totally ruined me for other grocery stores. I gave the protein powder another try last night to find the last calories. I made a pudding like thing with the protein, cocoa powder, maple syrup and a little water. It tasted good. I'm gonna not have any of the protien powder today to see what happens. It may only have been a dosage issue or something. Final calories last night. Totals 2,677 135 145 207 3,364 22 Your Daily Goal 2,701 168 120 236 2,300 38 Remaining 24 33 -25 29 -1,064 16 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Fiber g
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    zomg, @Dagger is here (I'm calling her by her real name, which is so weird) and in moments we'll be heading out to meet @fleaball. Much excite!