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    Race Report: I think I was nervous because I've wanted to do this race for 30 years now, every since my college girlfriend came back from it and told me how cool it was. The race is huge, they said 2100 people started. They slot you based on prior results and since I didn't have any I started near the back with 2000 people in front of me. I took my helmet off for the pledge of allegiance, but people started moving halfway through. I lost some more places being patriotic and the getting my helmet back on. The neutral roll out through town was really fast. ~20 mph in back, probably a lot faster up front. Shortly after we started there was a shallow grade and I could see the entirety of Main Street. It was packed from curb to curb with bikes all the way across town. It was pretty cool. The race wasn't exactly a mountain bike race. It was on cross country ski trails, fire roads, jeep track, and double track. So it was very wide open, but it was totally rolly, the entirety of the race was either up or down in short segments. I spent the first half of the race passing people. I'm guessing 700 people. It was awesome. At the 20 mile mark I had settled into a group going my pace. I'd lose places on the hills, but gain on the flats. The 20 mile mark also featured an old race tradition. It is on Pirate Hill. There were a bunch of folks in pirate costumes cheering, heckling, and passing out rum shots. In the old days you got a time bonus if you took one, but I can't imagine they actually kept track. I also got my favorite heckle of the race there. I was spinning up all the hills in an easy gear and Pirate shouted at me, "Pedal harder you slack-ass!" Later on some guy yelled at me, "Pull it together Speedy, you're letting us all down." I kind of liked that one too. Anyway. Things were good for the first 30 miles, if I mathed correctly I was on pace to finish in 2:45, which I would have been very happy with. At mile 27 I ate a GU and my belly rejected the noxious sweetness. Right after that was a steep, rocky climb that was about a mile long. A group stopped in front of me to walk so I couldn't keep riding. My legs objected to walking and my quads cramped up bad. At the top of the hill I was in anguish and some guy helped me rub some life into my quads. My legs kept cramping until mile 34, over those few miles I easily lost a coup,e hundred places. For the next couple of miles the side of the trail was littered with guys stretching or rubbing themselves. I noticed that cramps were contagious. If I flopped off my bike with a cramp 2 or 3 other guys would too and if saw a guy flop off his bike I'd start to cramp. I decided my brain was being an asshole. I told it to fuck off and started singing 80's songs to distract it. It worked, I mostly stopped cramping and was able to up the pace again, but no where near as fast as I was going before. I finished at 3:37 in 1329th place out of ~1850 finishers. ~220 out 290 in my old guy category. I don't think I did well enough to move up much in the starting gate next year. At the finish I got off my bike and started walking and every muscle south of my glutes cramped at once. I was able to walk them out though. There was a big party at the end, I ate a lot of food, but my belly didn't want to tolerate beer which made me sad.
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    In the morning I'm going to hammer. In the afternoon I'm going to balance my checkbook. In the evenings I'm going to run (slow jog, slog, whatever) On the weekends I get to ride my bike.
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    It does seem like the marketing team got drunk on a Friday and just phoned in that part of the box. Weighed in at 255.5 and 43" even on the waist. I had some interesting developments yesterday. At church we had a guest preacher and I heard the best sermon I ever heard before about forgiveness, including any I had ever preached. The guy managed to both include solid Biblical principles about forgiveness as well as how to keep proper boundaries after forgiveness. He emphasized that forgiveness is NOT forgetting, but rather letting go of the anger and bitterness associated with an event, as well as choosing not to seek revenge. Wisdom indicates one should not forget certain things, but rather have boundaries so you are not set up to be wronged again in the future. This clicked with the healing process in regards to my ex. I realized (along with discussing it with Sra. Tanque, who was super helpful with all this and very supportive) that I had sub-consciously been worried that if I didn't stay angry or scared I wouldn't maintain boundaries with my ex and be vulnerable. Instead, by healing further and letting go of pain and fear, I can more calmly set those boundaries, and if they are ever pushed against I will be in a better position to stay firm with those boundaries. Then at work I talked with someone who sounded like he was dating and living with someone with similar issues as my ex has. We talked for a good while. Then later that night I get paged back to the unit, and guess who wanted to talk to the chaplain? That's right, the guy's girlfriend/common law wife. I was convinced it was going to be a terrible visit, but instead I was able to sit with this person and actually get through a little bit. Now, realistically, the person isn't going to change much after one conversation with me, but that's not why I bring it up. The relevant part to me was that I could identify behaviors in this person that reminded me exactly of my ex, but instead of freaking out I was able to stay calm and work with this person. The way I explained it to Sra. Tanque was that it helped me humanize people with these issues, and further the forgiveness of my ex. It was a very blessed day.
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    It's completely arbitrary. The first time I did it, I had a bunch of appointments to make and people to contact. I think I left it at ~5 things. More recently it's been about 10 things because it seems like a satisfying round number. I guess I make the list so I could theoretically do most of it in a day, if I worked really hard. But it's full of things I procrastinate on , so that hasn't happened yet. Or maybe you meant how do I set my limit for how much sushi I get to eat ;-) ...there isn't really a limit, but it's always been two rolls of carry-out. Glad to see you back! Today/Week 0 I went ahead and did the race, and I'm really glad I did. It was a 10 miler with some decent hills. I was able to hold a consistent pace just below 9 min/mile and ran all the hills. Because I was holding a steady pace, I got to pass people gradually throughout the race. The last mile, a woman had caught up to me and I could hear her right behind me. I was feeling fairly strong, so I decided to see if I could beat her. Knocked out an 8:12 for the last mile and did beat her. It's been YEARS since I've raced another person like that. It was pretty fun. I was originally planning to tack on 2 slow miles after the race, but that seemed kind of pointless and miserable so I skipped it. This week I haven't done much to count toward my challenge, but I've kept up with my main non-challenge goal of following my running plan (marathon in 2 weeks now). I did one round of "Ab Ripper" (and was sore for about 3 days). I've almost finished reading my current book, so I'll be ready to start on the books for my challenge in a couple of days. Sushi list: Today I ordered a birthday present for my soon-to-be-4-year-old niece. Since I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this thread, I guess I can tell you guys that it's a Tinkerbell dress. She LOVES fairies. Haven't actually finished anything on the sushi list yet, but I've started on 4 of the 10 things.
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    this is not going to get old. Today, I have not gotten done what I wanted to. I am going to the gym this evening, but I am making no other promises. So there has been an escalating racial violence issue at the high school my kids attend. Tonight, the high school football game was cancelled (and forfeited) because there was a social media threat of a shooting during the game. Today, our local PD had cops on site at school and a large number of kids either left early / stayed home because there was such a concern about what was going to happen. I'm going to get slightly political here, so buyer beware:
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    Rangers Week 1 stands before us, defiant, deceptive, and dastardly. It will lie to us, it will try to cheat, it will make anything but healthy choices look appealing. It will tell us there's no point, that we are going to fail eventually, so why bother putting the work in now. It will tell us if we don't get it right the first time it's all a complete failure, so why even bother trying. It will give unwanted spoilers for The Last Jedi just for pure meanness. We, however, have proved over and over we are stronger than the obstacles we face. We know that something is always better than nothing, that no hard work is without some benefit. We know that perfection is not about a lack of flaws, but the maturation process we gain along the journey. We are not responsible for results, we are responsible for the effort we put in. We are strong, we are adaptable, we are Rangers. The Ranger Corps does not give up when things get difficult, we adapt, improvise and overcome. When week 1 tries to sneak around behind us to tell us lies we grab it by the throat, punch it in the face and toss it off a cliff. We are going to win this challenge, and we are going to defeat week 1. Your success will not be determined on Saturday at midnight. Your success is going to be determined right here and now. Decide for yourself, whether you are going to give up or whether you are going to succeed. For if you decide right now that no matter what comes, no matter how hard, you are going to make this week work, then you have already won. Now the results at the end of week 1 may not be what you expect, and things may happen you could not prepare for, or prevent. You may not get to do everything you had planned. But if you decide right now that you are not going to give up, and that you are going to find a way to win, then week 1 is the one who has failed before things begin. You have the power to choose. Use it well.
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    Today was the Beijing Kids Spartan race. it was 1.6km (1 mile) and had 11 obstacles. They let the parents run together with the kids if they want to help them through obstacles if they get stuck, but I was disappointed to see in almost every instance of a kid having difficulty the parent saying "skip it and do the 10 burpees, it's faster than trying to finish the obstacle". This was for the open section so time didn't even matter. Seems to me like these parents misunderstood the whole point of OCRs. Skipping the obstacles to save time, and giving up at the first sign of difficulty seems to be the exact opposite of what these things are all about. Of all the kids going through the race, Ghostlet was the only one I saw who successfully completed every obstacle (although there were a bunch in the back we couldn't see). I don't have the official time yet (Mi Vieja guesses It was around 15 minutes or so) or the official pictures, so here are some I took during the race: And some Mi Vieja did for sharing on social media
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    First, an introduction. (It's pretty much the same as the one I included a couple of challenges ago, but now I'm going to start including it at the beginning of each challenge.) This challenge is about refocusing. My last couple of challenges have felt a bit aimless by the end, so I want to try to fix that. So, I'm focusing on a few simple and straightforward goals that will make a world of difference if I can stick to them after the challenge is over. There are three main quests, each with an ungraded side quest. The grading this time around is going to be different. It's going to be about maintaining streaks. The longer the streak, the harder you work to keep it. Or at least that's the theory behind grading it this way. We'll see if it works! When I hit one of these numbers, I get a point: 3, 7, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28, 31, 35. Quest 1: Schedule Create, update, and follow a weekly schedule. I need to balance my time between, working, commuting, job hunting, volunteering, hiking and training, sleeping, and last but definitely not least, self care. Side Quest: Stop hitting that snooze button! Getting straight out of bed makes for a much more productive day than trying to fall back asleep. Besides, snoozing just ends up making me more tired. Quest 2: Log Food Write down everything I eat and drink. And then post it. The idea is, if I put all of my bad food choices out in the open, I'll feel bad about those choices and start making better food decisions. Or at least less bad ones. Side Quest: Only use change to purchase coffee and other convenience/fast foods. This will either stop spontaneous purchases, or lead me to carrying a ton of loose change all the time. Quest 3: Meditate Do one meditation daily. I have a 20 day streak on Headspace, so anything in that app counts. Side Quest: Practice mindfulness. This is about being in the present with whatever task you're doing. Like, say I manage to jump straight out of bed in the morning, but I'm still pretty groggy so I drop by the convenience store on my way to work and buy a cup of coffee with some change I found in my bag. I got out of bed on time, I deserve it! So, I get to the work kitchen, and find an empty space to enjoy it. Observing the smell, the temperature, the way it feels when I drink it, the taste, etc. Actually enjoying it instead of mindlessly drinking it while I check the event board.
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    How much do you think I've learned from helping you ......perhaps not. Like the soap that looked like whiskey, this is how we know there is a line. Or as someone said recently, there's always someone who will push a good thing too far. This is an appropriate response. This is another appropriate response. It would totally go with broccoli, either prepared separately as a side or thrown in with everything else. Today is a good day. Weighed in at 255, with the waist at 43." I went for a walk, got 4.57 miles in 1:30:58, and burned 636 calories, because I knew dinner would be a variance. I know everything up to and including lunch was 1698 calories. I had a small mediterranean salad and a slice of pizza (pretty big slice) for dinner. The conference is in a downtown hotel next to River Center Mall, so I had dinner in the food court. There was also a dairy queen, and I had a small PUMPKIN PIE BLIZZARD! because how could I not? It was probably over on calories, though with the walk I still had 1248 calories to go to hit my goal for the day, so I dunno, but a it's a variance either way. The actual classes start tomorrow. I may not get on here much on Wedensday, hopefully I'll have time to catch up on Thursday. No workouts likely tomorrow either.
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    9/14/17 Thursday I woke up hung over without having done any drinking. I gotta assume I have the back-to-school plague. I had it last year at this time too. I tuned my bike and replaced the tire goo. It made an unholy mess all over the patio. Some times I think I'm old enough to take my bike to the shop and let someone else get messy. Tomorrow I'll buy some race food, pack my bag, go on a little ride and I should be good to go. At school I saw a Kindergarten class. I know they know the Pete the Cat story because McDonalds is giving the books out, so when I went by their line I did a funny walk and sang, "I love my blue shoes, I love my blue shoes..." Now they look for Pete whenever they leave their class. I may be stuck walking funny and singing all year long. I'd just get my K license if I didn't have to do student-teaching again. Pete: Goodnight nerd friends.
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    I haven't posted much in zero week, but it was a pretty good week. Thursday I made applesauce from our apples Friday I made home made spaghetti sauce from the tomatoes in our garden. It wasn't too hard to make. Quarter tomatoes, place in pot, cook about 10 minutes, place in food mill. The food mill separates out the peel and side, so you don't have to peel the tomatoes. Then a cooked it with onions, garlic, and basil and oregano from our garden. Added hamburger and served it to my friends on Saturday night. Game night we played Settlers of Cataan, which we haven't done for a while , and is one of my favorite still. We also played Reverse Charades, a hilarious party game. Instead of one person acting it out, several people act the charade, and one guesses. Saturday morning I did the Elements work out. It is a 4 day a week work out, but I've really struggled with getting the 4th day in. Saturday was a super busy day. I went to a friend's house to help her with a wedding reception party, and then came home, and had friends over for game night. Really tempted to bail on the workout, but it is a short workout, and I thought I would see what I could get done. Finished it in 30 minutes, including warm up and stretching after. First day of challenge , rest day. I may go for a walk later, or may not, whichever I feel. I'm feeling super draggy. Not sure if it is because of the busy week, or that I had too much sugar at the church picnic, or both.
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    Yeah it's all good. I knew it wasn't really reason to panic. It was like the simplest interview ever omg. Cross your appendages they reach out for an in-person interview.
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    My mom came up to me recently and told me she had learned this new word on the radio, "adulting." Had I ever heard of it? I told her, "of course, like, 'Adulting is hard.' You know, like paying your bills, scheduling doctors appointments, holding down a job." She was so impressed she immediately ran off to tell my dad that I know all about "adulting" and can use it in a sentence so it is a real word. Now I laugh every time I see it. But seriously I hope your cover letter writing goes well and you get a great job and please your professors.
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    Okay, now I want to call you the Divine Master Tank.
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    Lately I’ve been doing a lot of haphazard challenges where I just pick a couple of goals I think I should work on and go for it, but I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels and not really making any meaningful progress. This time I’m going to focus on laying some groundwork to get into position to tackle my bigger goals in future challenges. That means... Finish Kondoing my room. A clean, uncluttered, tidy space is key for my mental comfort and productivity. I started this two challenges ago and have now begun on “miscellany,” so it shouldn’t be too difficult to finish that and “sentimental items” this month. Finish transcribing the Crisis Core script. For some reason after ten years we still only have a translation of the Japanese script online, and it’s missing some crucial info. Plus the official English script was translated really differently so I’d like to have this resource. Since I don’t participate on tumblr, producing this is a good way for me to connect with the fandom community. Includes all plot script, NPC conversations, DMW scenes, text on various documents Zack finds, menu options, and maps of areas densely populated with unnamed NPCs, including NPC locations. I have a lot still to do on this so finishing completely is kind of a reach-goal. If I can get through at least one chapter a week, that’s a good start. Get back into the habit of writing regularly. A friend and I are doing a weekly writing exchange with a due date (Wednesdays at 10pm) so I should be covered for this, but I need to not make excuses or cancel on her for any reason. Begin job search. As you can see, none of these are exactly physical fitness related. However, they all have a direct impact on my future health, happiness, and resilience. Clearing out my room will create a physical space for me to exercise (stretch, GMB Elements, etc), and help prevent the mental clutter and unease that comes with untidiness. The Crisis Core script is a big item that’s been lurking on my “to-do” list and I’d like to cross it off to free up some mental space. When I write regularly, I feel more creative, more energetic, and more productive. And by beginning my job search, I can make tangible progress towards improving my professional situation. Getting a new job will also impact my ability to move out of my parent’s household, which would relieve emotional stress.
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    Today is a good day. Lifting didn't happen, but I did NF Yoga water A. Lifting will therefore happen tomorrow. Eating was ok at lunch today, there was pasta with alfredo sauce and some uninspired chicken (chicken breast that was dry) and some generic salad. I did go back for an extra plate but passed on the cake this time. It's almost 5:30 now and I'm still not hungry. I went up 5 pounds on the scale this morning to 260, and my waist was up to 43 1/8, probably a bunch of water weight, but still not good. I don't think I've mentioned it on here, but when I went to the Doctor's office last week he reminded me of something I had forgotten. In the spring my blood work showed my A1C at the bottom of the pre-diabetes range. That makes it a lot more real for me. At work every day I see the results of uncontrolled diabetes and have always sworn that would never be me. Now I have a warning sign. My next bloodwork will be in March. It's time to get serious ya'll. This isn't about looking good anymore, it's about not having kidney failure, going blind or loosing a foot. If you've never seen long term dialysis patients, it's no way to live, trust me. Next challenge is going to be really focused on eating. I'm also considering using my EAP from work to get some counseling sessions to discuss eating. I know what to do, in fact I have for years. I'm not doing it, and not taking advantage of free counseling sessions that might help me get to the bottom of it would be foolish. I also restarted my affirmations today, at the conference I came up with and wrote several times some new affirmations for myself that I'm going to make a habit of writing every day. The conference was good again. We had another session in the morning, and "affinity groups" in the afternoon (basically meeting with the same flavor of chaplain, public saftey, health care, etc). The session was more about the long term effects of trauma on the brain and the body, and about emotions and their purpose. It helped me process some more of my history with my ex wife. Part of forgiveness is humanizing and having compassion for the offender, and discussing the effects of trauma helped me do that. I still am not going to restore any semblance of a relationship, but now that is because having a healthy boundary is a good idea, and not because I'm scared or angry. She came up to me first thing and asked a simple question, I said no, and that was it. She didn't bother me the rest of the day. I didn't want to be around her, but I wasn't upset about it. Something else happened too. There were military chaplains there recruiting, and for the first time in my life I didn't feel anything when I saw them. For a long time I wanted to be in the military, and for most of my adult life I wanted to be a military chaplain. In fact my introduction post on NF talked a lot about getting in shape to be a National Guard Chaplain. There was some desire to serve there, but a lot of it was wanting to be in the military because it would mean I was ok. I think if I had been in I would have invested too much of my identity in being a military member. When I'd see recruiters I'd feel compelled to explain why I wasn't signing up that exact day. I'd be jealous of their uniforms. Today I felt fine. Some of that is being a police chaplain scratches some of that itch, but more of it is about being comfortable in my skin, and the healing that's going on I discussed in the paragraph above. Did I mention today is a good day?
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    Don't think this means we're gonna go driving off a cliff together. The conference has been good, see below. Yes, it was amazing. Worth a variance. OMG Puck, you have to get that and describe it in detail. That looks INCREDIBLE. The girl actually said, "it comes with Whipped cream, is that ok?" I had to ask her to repeat it because I kinda couldn't hear it and kinda couldn't believe she actually thought she had to ask. I've only gotten that a few times, but... You would go to DQ and McD for those separately? OH, the FEELZ! The sad reaction was for the quest bar that didn't get eaten. I've already started looking for them this year. I don't know if it's going to be doable for pumpkin week, but a November trip to Enchanted Rock would be awesome. This explains a lot That was an epic weekend. Bathtub Scotch FTW! My guess is some of those issues involve the GI Tract. DAMMIT BIG SHOW! Welcome aboard. Not sure I'd want to be around him after he ate a 2 year old bar. Green tea flavored ice cream is good, but it's no pumpkin. Today is a good day. The conference was good. I weighed in and measured my waist, waist was the same, weight was the same. It will probably go up tomorrow. I limited myself to one plate of food at lunch at the conference but it wasn't paleo, and I snacked on the finger food tonight at our small group for church. Incidentally, our pastor (who wasn't the one who preached Sunday) was excited to hear about the buzz about the sermon from Sunday on NF. No workout, as predicted. I get out earlier from the conference tomorrow, so I should get lifting in. So remember when the sermon on Sunday was about forgiveness and I had a breakthrough about my ex? Guess who was at the conference today, in the same class as me? I didn't panic, and actually exchanged a few civil words that I initiated. I stayed away from her after that though. The morning session was about a theology of trauma, and we talked a lot about....forgiveness. It was really helpful. It confirmed further the things that came up on Sunday. I'm still not crazy about the idea of being around my ex, but there is no more fight or flight response.
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    Yo Aloha Hola Oy! I am baaaaaack! I had a baby 6 weeks ago, and am feeling that it is time to respawn! I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting new ones as I work to get healthier and hopefully get some of this baby chub off. I hope to feel more like myself by the end of his challenge, since having a baby definitely changes your body and how you spend your time. Due to some health issues, I wasn't able to workout almost at all my last trimester of pregnancy and with all my food aversions returning the last few weeks, my nutrition wasn't all that great either. Like, I can make macaroni and cheese without looking at the box kind of healthy. My newborn should basically be made up of macaroni and pop tarts. Fortunately, she's made up of squish, snuggles, and cute stank faces instead. A brief introduction about me: I joined Nerd Fitness last year and was active on the boards for a few months until I got pregnant when I had zero energy for anything besides the bare necessities. I am a chemist by trade. I love reading, podcasts, hiking, and binge watching shows. My personality is a cross between Leslie Knope and Linda Belcher. I have a broken sesamoid bone in my foot that makes some exercises difficult, and I'm working on finding exercises I enjoy that don't exacerbate the pain. I love sugar toooo much. I'm a hyper emotional person, made even more so by all those new-mama hormones. I struggle with trichotillomania, which means I sometimes pull out my eyelashes when I'm anxious. Basically, I have a lot to work on. I have a tendency to use a lot of gifs and memes from whatever show I'm watching at the moment. Currently, it's Bob's Burgers. I organize my life via bullet journal. And I apologize in advance for how much I talk about my baby, cuz I'm low-key obsessed with her and all her baby-goodness. Now enough about me. ONTO THE FUN PART. Nutrition Goals: -Each breakfast MUST have protein (egg white oatmeal, scrambled eggs, protein shake) -Lunch MUST have a serving of veggies -Log everything I eat on MyFitnessPal I've noticed that if I do these three things, other healthy habits fall into place. Fitness Goals: -Go on a walk with husband and baby 3x/week (this is usually ~2.5 miles) -Exercise at least 2x / week, 3x if baby naps well (this will usually be spinning for 15-20 minutes followed by NF yoga but will possibly incorporate pilates and Cassey Ho workouts off YouTube) because having a baby really messes you up! My body is so so weak and wiggly and odd shaped now! I need some muscle and to get moving again. Good luck all! Let's do this!
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    Yesterday went well. Our summer changed abruptly to fall.We needed the rain, I am thankful for it. But the sudden change has me missing summer a bit. However, I did go for two walks yesterday. One in the afternoon.The sun came out, and it was warm enough that I took my jacket off. Then hubby and I went in the evening. It was rainy, but not for the whole walk, and it was just a short walk. Did my workout. I received my Hawaii scrapbook.Love how it turned out. I didn't do my math yesterday. I keep saying I am going to do it when I am less busy, but that doesn't happen. Today I am setting the timer for 15 minutes and working on it. I can fit in 15 minutes. Today's workout was the HIIT for the mini 9/18/17 Monday Warm up Hollow hold 20 x 2 Spiderman 10 minutes -breaks as needed 30 dead hang 20 sec hollow hold, 30 sec hollow hold Wall handstand 15sec, 20 sec Cobra L arm Lounge chair Forward fold Very rough at first- just worked on first progression for about the first 6 minutes. By the end it was smooth, and I had a good feel and flow to the movement. Then moved to the second progression.That upped the difficulty. I found my arms quickly tired, so I took several breaks. I did something different this time. I hadn’t done this before, because I didn’t know how to do it with running a timer. But I stopped the timer occasionally, and reviewed the demo video. I had watched it last night, and right before I started. But sometimes I need to try the movement, then I have a question about where my feet and hands go, and want to re-watch the video. I hate to kept the timer going, because it sucks up time. Before I had just tried to remember, but this time I looked at the video. I think this method worked for me. Bear to bear Worked on keeping my butt up. My turns are still a bit sloppy. I didn’t video it. Nexct time I will so I can get some pointers. I decided I wanted to work on my handstands again. I haven’t in over a year. I got stuck at kicking up into the wall, and was frustrated, so I put them aside for a while. Now that I’m a member of the posse, I decided it was time to start up again. Watched the tutorial. Worked on hollow holds, Did a few against the wall holds, really working on good form, tight legs, hollow hold. Hope to do some more this afternoon. Tuesday Elements warm up Ankle raises Jump rope 30 sec on 30sec rest x 5 HIIT workout High knees/ squat/high knees/ jumping squat x 3 then switched to jumping jack and squat as knees were sore 5 sets of Rolling pistol 5 Hollow hold 30s Light row 20 minute Stretch Wrist is a bit sore, so did some lacrosse ball rolling- I think I am changing my mind about working on the handstand.With Elements that may be taxing my wrists too much. I’ll keep doing the hollow holds, but wait until later to do handstands.
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    Hey guess what guys, I totes have a challenge! MAN do I ever need it. I took a bit to sort out in my head, and is incentives based since swag tends to keep me on the straight and narrow. So. Without further adu! TRAINING 3X per week: Upper body workout 3X per week: Lower body workout 3X per week: Core 3X per week: Cardio Upper and lower both include physical therapy stuff I need. Core is a block I can add to any workout. Cardio can be 30 mins steady state, HIIT or tabata session on the elliptical, BW, or with equipment, or a Les Mills class at the gym - I'm thinking about getting certified to teach these, so I have to try them anyway. All of this is on a spreadsheet that should help my round out on the fly workouts. WORK 3X per week: Study 2X per week: Schedule and Program 1x per week: Schedule and Test I need to get back in the habit of studying. Right now this can mean just reading a page or 2 over coffee or at night, but will hopefully graduate to 30 min sessions. I need to block off specific times for writing programming, which is also easing into needing to test programming. MINECRAFT 5X per week: 1 hour or less of play during day breaks on week days 2X per week: Only 2 sessions of group play, including Sunday night get togethers 5X per week: Casual play allowed over coffee in the morning on workdays so long as the game is CLOSED by 8am Where have I been lately? In the beautiful and booming town of Lapisfel that I'm crafting with several new friends. I haven't played on the regular in a long time, and I've NEVER played socially like this before. I love it. But it's a time sink. Restrictions need to be enforced so I can continue to enjoy and not have to strip it from my life. Regular play is fine at night so long as I'm not following behind on my other goals. I haven't had a hard time going to bed on time so not including that. NUTRITION 7X per week: Eat fucking breakfast asshat. Just eat it. 4X per week: 64oz of water VOICE POINTS This last thing on the chart is too unpredictable for checkboxes, but important enough to include. Every time I catch myself telling someone how I truly feel instead of holding it in somehow, I put down a little sticker. INCENTIVES There are a total 164 chances for success. The awesome Minecraft decal For an A (>145 boxes) $20 spree at Bath and Body Works, my new obsession. (130 - 145 = Voice Points incentives: For every little sticker I get, I can have a bauble like a pin or sticker, or I can trade in 5 stickers for something up to $5.
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    Day 6 Update I got a workout in early (a butt and gut workout, followed by an elliptical session), then we had company over so I cooked burgers for everyone. It was good. Because we'd had such a huge lunch we then only had some snacks for dinner but I used yesterday as the one meal a week I don't have to publish (I'm sure you can all imagine what half a packet of crisps and a cookie looks like) and I didn't track calories either. We spent the evening playing Mario Kart and chatting, and we carried on chatting in bed and we were up way into the night but I had an important epiphany and everything suddenly makes sense. I overthing everything and it's exhausting (this is not the epiphany, I've known this most of my life). Today is going to be awesome.
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    I enjoy them. Ok, I'd be very willing to try that. Yesterday was a good day. I ate way too much. We had a lunch paid for by my department at Olive Garden. I had soup, salad and breadsticks. I had two bowls of Chicken Gnocchi soup, probably three plates of salad, and 4-5 breadsticks. Then I went out to eat for dinner with Sra. Tanque and one of her friends and got Chinese. The scale this morning said 258, and the tape around the waist said 43 1/8. Today should be healthier, the only non healthy option is the Cake we are having for my mom's Birthday. I'll be making a paleo meatloaf with roasted butternut squash and parsnips that I've made before. Next week I'll spend at a conference for Chaplains of my denomination. It's here in town at a hotel, so I can stay at home and drive in each day for the conferences. Lunch will be provided, so that's four days I am going to use willpower not to go crazy. I should still be able to get my workouts in. The conference is Tuesday through Friday.
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    Thanks. I think I'd be good with our typical students, but I think I'd fail our high needs students and I'd probably under teach the high achieving students. But it'd be fun. --------- 9/15/17 Friday I didn't wake up sick. That was nice. School was fine, nothing worth mentioning there. The rest of the family went to a neighborhood church festival while I prepped for the race. On my ride the bike, my legs, and my back all felt good, but I'm not fast right now. I'm hoping for a three hour finish, but it's been a while since I've had a real training ride, so I may be substantially slower. I had a weird moment on my bike. I was biking through a busy section and a drunk couple was having an argument. The guy grabbed the lady in anger. I slowed down, made eye contact, and he let go. I rode on, but quickly thought I should check on her. I did some slow figure eights around the neighborhood and each time they were a little calmer, by my fourth pass they were on their bikes and heading for the train station. I always second guess myself here. I know I'm not a man of action, I overthink things before getting involved. I wish I would have stepped in right away and talked to the lady and made sure she was alright. Chances are she would have yelled at me to leave her boyfriend alone. Maybe I could have gotten into a fist fight and gotten that out of my system
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    Week 0 Day 2 Yesterday was really rough day, pretty much beginning to end for.. reasons. It was a very emotional day. Luckily, @deftona picked up a Transatlantic vibe and was there to help out. The day did turn out better in the end, but as these things some times do, it got worse before it got better. Power - I was planning on pushing my gym day to Friday but then remembered I'd be busy on Friday. Plus I really wanted to get out of the house. It was the best timed lift session ever as I was put into a rage of fury just before I left the house. I took this out on the weights and had a great session. I won't have time to get 2 sessions in this week so I included bench with my deadlift and OHP. Spreadsheet updated. Unfortunately, my fury burned up my energy faster than anticipated. Sledgehammer Shenanigans were lame and short-lived Grace - None Wisdom - Emotional eating was a thing but was careful to give into the smarter options. They had curly fries in the cafeteria that I had already planned as a variance. When I got down there they had chicken fritter bites, which I had planned on ignoring. I did ignore them, but the line was really long and by the time I got through and paid, I had changed my mind. I went back to add the chicken bites. This just replaced my eggs and sausage. Snack was an apple and some cheese. I got to the gym late and knew I'd be getting home late and would be distracted when I got home. I opted for Jimmy Johns after the gym and that hit the spot quite nicely. No other snacking. Counting lunch as a variance, but it was planned. Freggies - 2 Variances - 2/3 Wonder - The only wonder in the day is that the day ended on a positive note. The issues of the day got put to bed about the same time I did.
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    Chicken and pearl barley stew and wholemeal honey oat loaf. 801 calories for dinner (444 for the stew alone which is one of the ten recipes I want to collect) and I finished the day on 1779 calories which I think deserves extra credit because the bread smell was driving me crazy but I didn't have any more.
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    That sounds awesome, looks good too. I see stuffed peppers. Those look great! If it makes you feel better, my HEB didn't have any pumpkin pie ice cream yet, so I settled for mint chocolate chip and a pumpkin beer. I'll eat it on your behalf. I consider it Halo Top, and the difference in taste is worth it to me to be able to have a whole pint. Today is a good day. I haven't made dinner yet, but it's gonna be good. I'll describe it later once I've eaten it. Workout was Deadlifts, OHP, and Lat pulldowns. It went really well. At the doctor's office I had gained 7 pounds since the last visit five months ago. It was probably more than that last month, it's coming back down now. Cleaned upstairs and took out the trash and recycling.
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    Wednesday Broke free from the business of my workday and hit the trail during lunch. I was stuck on a coding problem that wasn't offering an obvious solution and so instead of continuing to plow through, I stepped away, grabbed my trail shoes, and went to my happy place. As usual, the answer came to me in the quiet, and I was able to implement the solution when I got back to work. Youth group has started up again. Last night was our kickoff and we played Ultimate Frisbee, which should be wide-open and fast-paced, but teenagers tend to stand around a lot doing nothing and it was a lot of run, stop, run stop. My jersey will be here today. I'm stoked and I'm ridiculously nervous. Run: Goal: Run a minimum of four days per week. Result: 3.5 miserable miles on the trail. Between the heat (85degF, welcome back, Summer) and the fact that I didn't eat until afterward, I felt like I was dying. Strength: Goal: Strength Training Classes 2x per week. Result: Nothing scheduled. Goal: 16 pull-ups per day, at least 8 with the towel Result: 12 pull-ups, 6 with the towel. Eat: Goal: Be at or under my macro goals every day. Result: KCal: 1,647 Protein: 124g Fiber: 27g Sodium: 2809mG. Could have had a second protein shake before bed but I wan't hungry enough after slamming one down earlier in the evening. No Excuses.
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    I've broken this year down to 3 big chunks of long challenges leading up to major fitness events. Chapter 1 was about preparing for the Crossfit Open 2017, Chapter 2 was about preparing to run a Tough Mudder in Ireland next to @Jarric and now Chapter 3 is about getting ready to run the Spartan Super in Sparta on November 5th. I've also kept up a wrestling narrative, where I’m playing Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 and doing the Road to Glory challenge, essentially creating a newbie 18 year old alter ego in some backyard wrestling promotion as I try to headline the Main Event of a big promotion’s Pay Per View event. Technical details and rules can be found here. I am using the game’s database of characters, but set in 1997. Considering the first TEW was set in 2005, it's pretty early in that universe and if played well, I should have the chance to rise together with the game's most famous characters. While so far I've used my Guild Leader powers to move the same thread across challenge forums until each chapter was complete, I've realized it makes it hard for people to keep up with the narrative if they've missed the start. Also, since I will be tweaking my goals for every challenge cycle anyway, I decided I might as well set up a new thread to continue where the old one left off and help people get back in track with where me and my storytelling is. Now I'm not sure how much of my personal stuff I've been sharing here lately, but on top of my recently discussed paycheck issues I've had a lot of things going wrong and it's got me in a real bad mood. The latest thing came a couple of days back, when I got the confirmation mail for my Spartan ticket. You see, my Crossfit box is sponsored by Reebok, who also happens to be into the whole Spartan thing, so they offered us 60 spots on the race and of course I applied for the Spartan Super. The confirmation mail said Spartan Sprint and it turns out the arrangement is to run the latter as a team. To quote the late Macho Man, that put me Misunderstandings and financial pressure be damned, I wanted to do the Super and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Since there's no option to cancel the Sprint ticket now (plus the peer pressure of running the thing as a team) I went ahead and signed for the Super on top of it all. "Why not both" is the Ranger mantra after all. If @EricMN can travel around and do Spartan weekends, I can do more than just look up to him;I can be inspired enough to run a Super and then a Sprint on the same day. Considering I've already run a Super and needed to push myself further, this feels like the right thing to do. It also feels like madness, but let us not dwell on what happened to the last person who spoke of madness in Sparta. Instead, given the wrestling narrative of my challenge, I'm sticking with Macho Man Randy Savage. Think in cases like that it's mandatory to also tag Macho Man @Teros Savage as well. Wheels:How you get there matters As spectacular as it would be to get to the Spartan in a shiny silver robe next to the SRLF on a throne that's carried by man-slaves, I'm going for something a bit less grandiose. It's been too long since I got my motorcycle license, too long since I've meant to get one but for various reasons never did. This year I made it part of my roadmap for a reason and I'll be damned if I don't ride my own to Sparta (unless the SRLF tags along, in which case we'll probably go by car, but regardless). Despite my financial troubles, I'm expecting a good one-off pay by the end of September, which coupled with the late paycheck from work and the next one hopefully coming in faster, should create a hefty lump of cash I should quickly invest in a motorbike before reality settles in and I start spending it to plug holes in my budget. Life happens once (a.k.a. YOLO). Nutrition: Quantity control It worked, so I'm sticking with it. My diet's pretty solid all around in terms of quality, what I really need to keep in check is the quantity. Bullet Journal: Seeing is easier than remembering Bullet Journalling will continue. I've notived I tend to drop the habit after a couple of off days, so I need to keep it as a goal to make sure I update the agenda. Morning routine: Cup of coffee in the big time Domestic Rangering worked last round so to take this goal to 11, I'm going back to my army days, where every morning began with a standard routine of getting dressed, making the bed, eating breakfast, shaving and cleaning up the barracks. The civilian version I'm going for is a routine of breakfast, personal hygiene (teeth brushing, shower etc), feline care (food and water bowl check plus emptying the litter bin) and housework (laundry, trash, dishes, sweeping the floor etc). Obviously, the getting dressed part is optional and can go between any of the above. Life decisions: Way into the twilight zone So my new job is better than the previous one, but I'm still not thrilled and it's not just me being disappointed because of all the payment issues. The subject isn't what gets me going, the money is way too little for my qualifications (no arrogance here, I'm getting marginally more than the lady who cleans the worplace thrice a week) and from the looks of it, this initial setup phase of the institution I'm working for seems like it'll go on for much more than originally expected, meaning my work will be a lot more administrative than I'd like. On the other hand, this collaboration with my professor doesn't look like it can bear much fruit in terms of employment, at least in the short run and I'm not too fond of living on my parents' cash for a few years before work picks up. I'm keeping in touch because I love the subject and I could get involved in a few research projects (plus the prospect of a potential PhD down the line) but that's about it. I gotta find another way and I gotta do it fast before I'm stuck where I currently am. Goal here is to think some things through, shoot out some CVs and actively work towards a career shift. P.S. This challenge cycle is supposed to go until October 14, but I'm stretching it all the way to my Spartan weekend on November 5th because this is my challenge and I do what I want with it!
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    After doing so well on my Whole30 (-17.8lbs & -2 inches to almost all my measurements) I want to keep galloping ahead. I’m not going to do a whole30 but I want to continue some of the eating habits and this time get in more workouts. I’m going to use this week to come up with a way to track my progress and I’m moving back to points. Points : 100% = 244 : 75% = 183 - Will be added to my Jonesy's Fun Adventure I learned a lot from my whole30 and I don’t want to lose that knowledge. I also don’t want to restrict myself as much. I need to find a good balance and that is something I’ve always struggled with. Food No soda, No snacking, No sweets(occasional sugar in food is ok just no candy, cookies, etc), No eating out. Exceptions : Fancy coffee on Monday and Friday, Events, Work outings, Special Meals with Friends or Family Weekends have no restrictions. Points : 5 per day for good days - 3 per days if I slip I feel like I started out good last challenge and then got sick. I also found an archery club that has $5 Introduction to Archery classes every Thursday, except during Fair times (next one is 9/28). Exercise 5 days each week (at least 20 mins) Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat/Sun (Rest Days Wed - may be sub for another day if something comes up, Sat or Sun) Try Archery! Points : 20 per 20+ min workout - Bonus points for Archery: 50 I can’t skip my responsibilities and I’m running low on funds. Budgeting is a priority and I thought I’d try donating plasma for some extra cash. I went in on 9/9 and have to come back since I donated blood in August. Forgot about that. Life Daily Cleaning Bujo before Bed Weekly budgets Donate Plasma Points : 1 point per each Weekly Game Goals : Each week I will draw a quest from my list of quests from Jonesy’s Fun Adventure. Redraws are ok if I know for a FACT I won't be able to accomplish. Points : Points based on Game and count as extra credit!
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    Did not see that coming. I thought this thread was going to be all about innuendo and another acronym... I didn't even know sagging boobs could be firmed up, and that prevention was the only possible option. Mi Vieja will probably be interested in the info, but I have no idea how I can bring it up without creating problems "So I was talking to some ladies on the internet about their boobs..." is probably not the best way to start a conversation
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    I'm Severine and this is my first challenge with the rangers. I was in the rebel guild for a long time and finally decided it's time I branched out a little. One of the reasons I stayed so long with the rebels was my difficulty in choosing a guild. I like bodyweight training and rock climbing, I like walking and hiking and exploring, I like barbell-based strength training and aspire to do more of it, and one of my goals is to condition for running and do a 5K sometime soon. Oh and I am doing a lot of work on mindset stuff and just recently started meditating. Plus I just got sucked into OCR stuff by @Sylvaa and @NeverThatBored and @fleaball...so a little bit of almost everything. Eventually I decided that if my problem was my inability to choose between a million different things, there is a decent chance I belong with the rangers. It helped that @Tanktimus the Encourager sweeps periodically through the forums, proclaiming the supreme friendliness and general excellence of his home guild to anyone who will listen I'm in an interesting transition period of my life right now. This past winter, I shut down my small farm and since then I have been teaching ESL at a local community centre, trying to figure out what comes next for me. I was in farming for ~6 years and in law before that, but for various reasons neither of those professions feel like the right place for me right now. I do enjoy teaching ESL but am not completely sure if that's where I want to stay indefinitely. One thing I do know is that I really enjoyed running my own business, and am currently leaning toward starting starting my own little company, whether it be ESL tutoring or one of the other ideas I have. Transition times can be a great chance to establish new habits and re-evaluate priorities, so this is a great opportunity. However, times of unrest where I don't have a firm routine are also the times I am, historically, most likely to go off the rails and relapse into really unhealthy old patterns. So I want to be vigilant and make sure this is a time of progressive unrest rather than regressive. I struggle with anxiety, binge/disordered eating, and insomnia, and these are all things that are easier to manage if I have a solid foundation of healthy behaviour and self-care, so there's a lot of incentive. Food is my biggest health challenge, both recently and throughout my entire life since I was a preteen. Heh. It's funny: that sentence is a bizarrely sanitary way to represent decades of tears and self-loathing and denial and dysfunction and food-based self harm. I don't want to go into the whole story but I feel like I need to signal it's there, underneath everything. Anyway. This challenge I'm going to focus pretty heavily on food and try some brave/scary new things in that area, as well as work to solidify and improve exercise and mental health habits for a well-rounded approach. My hope is that this challenge will get me on an even keel and prepare me to start some more ambitious training for the October challenge, so that I'm less unready when the Spartan Sprint rolls around in November. THE GOALS! FOOD Bright line ban on foods that I have repeatedly shown I cannot handle in moderation: Chocolate, ice cream, fast food of any kind, soda of any kind including calorie-free Note, this is the scary/hard part. But I also have good reason to think it's the right approach - I did this once before just with chocolate and it was shocking to me how much easier it was to cut it out than to try to moderate it. I felt awesome. So going to bring it back and expand it to all my binge trigger foods. No caffeine after noon Food tracking every day Minimum three servings of freggies a day Calorie deficit when averaged over the week ACTIVITY Exercise for at least thirty minutes every day. Most days my basic exercise is a 30-minute walk in the morning. In addition, once per week find an interesting bit of nature to go walk around in for at least 45 minutes. This good for me both physically and mentally. The Japanese call it 'forest bathing'. Autumn is my favourite season so this is a delightful time to do this. Start the Elements training program from GMB and do a minimum of three sessions per week. MINDSET AND LIFE Meditate using the Headspace app every day (preferably earlier in the day but not required) Update my Hobonichi Do at least one thing from my giant to-do list every day Spend at least ten minutes a day on foreign language learning Go to bed by 11:30 Go to therapy every week So there we have it. These goals represent a good picture of what balance looks like for me and if I can get all of these habits as a default mode of living it will be a powerful platform from which to launch myself into a dazzling array of ambitious and exciting new projects and adventures.
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    BuJo entry: Today's scheduled workout: Wolf "Maximum Effort!"
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    Day 8 Update I woke up starving yesterday morning, probably because I was a little hungover, and I successfully ignored the gravitational pull of greasy foods and I had yoghurt and fruit instead. I did a workout - an upper body dumbbell and a kettlebell session followed by a slightly shortened (to 45 minutes) elliptical workout. Then I took TH to one of his many medical appointments and the nurse was running late so I ended up sitting in the office for over an hour, reading filthy stuff in Cosmo. After this we went to Ikea to sort out the mattress and they were so wonderfully helpful there, they have arranged to send us another one out via a van, and collect the old one at no extra cost. They recommended us lying on all the mattresses before we chose one to try and get one that suited our needs better. Well, I sleep on my stomach with my legs spread so it must have made for funny viewing for everyone else but if I am dropping a few hundred quid I am going to make sure it works. When we got home we had salad for dinner and I called my sister, moisturised and went to sleep. A great day with all my goals aced. Picture of dinner to follow.
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    Today is a good day. After church I went to pick up some distilled water, and while at the grocery store decided I didn't want to cook. I got some sushi (our grocery store has people who prepare it in store in a little kiosk). I got Tuna Poke with rice, and a brown rice California Roll, i also had a strawberry cheesecake Quest bar. Dinner was tuna, mayo and some steam in bag Brussels Sprouts with butter sauce. All within calorie tolerances. I think I mentioned this week I have a Chaplain's conference here in town (so I can sleep in my own bed, yeah!) Tues-Friday. Tuesday it doesn't start till 3, so I can get my normal routine then. Wednesday it goes all day and I might not get a workout in that day. Thursday it ends at 3p so I can workout then, Friday it ends at noon, so no problems there. Lunch will be provided Wed and Thursday, so I'll eat as healthily as I can that day. Tuesday I'll have to eat out for dinner, again I'll go for as healthy as possible. Calories for today: Totals 2,238 161 98 186 6,187 33 Your Daily Goal 2,310 144 103 202 2,300 38 Remaining 72 -17 5 16 -3,887 5 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Fiber g
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    Hooray! Welcome! I'm always open to writing advice. I mostly deal with fanfiction so there's a lot of room to be awful but I try not to go there hahaha. My main fandom is really old so there are not a lot of preteens producing crap. Bad writing stands out. Luckily grammar and sentence structure has never been a problem for me but like... how do people insert drama so neatly into their stories??? HOW??? (I mean I've seen it done well I just... can't replicate it...) A wobbegong is a type of shark. Be prepared to see a lot of shark gifs and such. There's a little more to it than this, but it is sort of based on this premise. A wobbegong is indeed a type of shark (a type of types... there are like 16 "wobbegong" species or something). The real issue comes from "Wobbegong" being a pain to write out all the time and kind of not intuitive to spell (just like it sounds! but people misread it and then misspell it all the time, which I always find very amusing. One time someone called me Wobblegong, it was cute). A while ago @IAmInfinite asked if it would be ok to shorten it and I gave blanket permission to everyone to do so, although it was in a little side-thread so I think not many people saw. Nicknames make me happy, so later when Infinity popped up in a thread calling me "Wobbe" I mentioned it always makes me grin and how much I love nicknames. Then Flea joked about calling me "Sharkface," which quickly evolved into me actually registering a NF forums account with that handle. So now Flea always calls me Sharkface and Infinity calls me all manner of variations of Wobbegong (but usually Wobbe or Gongo). Then towards the end of last challenge I was having a rough time so Flea posted a cute shark gif for me. I replied something along the lines of "moar sharks always plz" and suddenly everyone was posting shark gifs. Which I absolutely love. So far people have kept doing it this challenge, so maybe Zeroh's right and we'll continue to see a lot of them? (I'm hopeful it will be so hahaha <3 <3 <3 sharks) Since beginning to declutter I've been able to travel so much lighter and it's AMAZING. I used to be one of those people who would just overpack like crazy, but now I get by with just a backpack. I'm very excited about this, since I'm going to be moving to a foreign country soon and it will be helpful to not need to bring a whole stuffed-to-the-gills Volvo wagon-load on a plane. Not that I would anyway, of course, but just in general being able to pack lighter is fantastic. Best of luck with your own decluttering! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST I felt so awkward about that spoiler note and now I feel so much better. It's really cool to watch!!
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    YOU GUYS WHAT IS THIS. Page two in 21 hours! @Bean Sidhe is gonna get here any minute and accuse me of becoming Flea! Hello everyone and welcome~! Thank you all for your support, please keep up the great conversations. It is most of what I'm here for, hahaha. So far this week I have met all my challenge goals except the CC one: On Tuesday I met with a former JET and did an informational interview. On Wednesday I banged out three (intentionally very short) chapters of a fanfic I'm writing and presented them for fic exchange. On Thursday I did a burst of sorting and got through a majority of the miscellany that had been sitting on my floor. I've been picture documenting my konmari process and I will find a place to upload the before/during and after pics at some point, for anyone curious. There are still two large boxes of stuff from the closet to sort through, the stuff in the bins under my bed, the CD tower, and the stuff in two of small drawers I forgot about. However, all of the things piled on various bookshelves have been done, all the stuff in my vanity, and most of the junk in my closet has all been dealt with. Finally, it wouldn't be a Wobbegong challenge without some wild animal driving me bonkers at the beginning, so I would like to add that for the past few mornings I've been enjoying watching what appeared to be a friendly pair of towhees inspect the sideview mirror on my car as a potential nesting site. Then yesterday the male decided it would work except the window was slightly annoying, so he started DIVE BOMBING IT. MY CAR WINDOW. Ugh. I went out to discourage him and found a bunch of tiny peck marks! Grrr. I gave the birds a stern talking-to and so far today they haven't approached my car. This is the California Towhee, for those curious. It's a fairly unremarkable bird about the size of a robin, easily identified by its unusual orange butt.
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    The mint chip wasn't bad, but it wasn't impressive either. The Pistachio was good for me, the salted caramel and the peanut butter flavors were good, as well as the cookie dough. I do too, when I find it I will get it and I will eat it. Dinner was great. I took a 12 oz link of pork/venison sausage and cooked it in oil and set it aside. I then added more avocado oil, a diced onion, a cut up apple, and a yellow bell pepper with salt and italian seasoning. I let that sit on medium for about ten minutes and added the sausage back in, letting it warm back up. I served that and put more oil in the pot and added 6 oz baby spinach with garlic powder, salt and balsamic vinegar and wilted the spinach. It was awesome. Totals 2,583 200 131 193 4,547 39 Your Daily Goal 2,656 166 118 232 2,300 38 Remaining 73 -34 -13 39 -2,247 -1 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Fiber g
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    Hahaha, I guess not? Here is a picture of him wearing his dog backpack because I am a tyrant and make him carry his own water and snacks when we go for hikes >.> This is just the manifestation of messed up stupid cultural norms, in my opinion. You're a woman, level-headed, coping well, and don't have kids or a partner so there's an assumption that you'll fall into caregiver mode and take care of whatever family need you. It's bullshit and you should ignore it. At least it's confirmation that taking a break from Lyft was the right decision? I've seen a lot of people on NF tackle social challenges like this. Maintaining adult relationships, especially outside of familiar contexts like school or family, is a legit skillset and a thing that does not come automatically. It's not a sign of being messed up that you don't know how, any more than not knowing Korean or ballet. It's a skill like any other: you can study, make a plan, practice, and get better over time. Might not be a good time to make it a priority, but when you're ready, you can figure it out. Yeah I could pass around a survey and see if anyone is surprised you make spreadsheets for fun but I expect the unanimous answer would be 'lulz of course she does'
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    Finally finished writing the sushi list. This ought to keep me out of trouble for a while.
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    I think you guys might be the only ones who can appreciate my, idk, labor of love? Last night I spent the whole night making a workout playlist (whittled 56 songs down to 15) for my new HIIT Treadmill playlist. I then downloaded a recording app and started recording. I recorded the playlist I just made and for each interval I said what speed and incline I should be at. Now when I go to the gym I don't have to worry about looking at a piece of paper! Tonight I need to make another recording for my HIIT Bodyweight workouts! Hopefully going to test it out this weekend and see if I die, I mean see how it goes.
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    , Last challenge for my prize, I bought a Moana T-shirt. I decided it was time for another Moana challenge. Moana is the daughter of an island chief. Moana learns that the reason the fishermen are no longer able to catch fish, and all the coconuts are rotting ,is because they are under a curse. The demi god Maui stole the stone heart of the goddess Te Fiti. To save her people, Moana needs to learn to sail, find Maui and convince him to return the heart, and then continue her journey to return the heart to its rightful owner. Goal : Moana learns to ride the waves Upside down, spin three times a week- At the end of October we will be taking a trip to Disneyland and Universal Studios, where we will ride roller coasters. For a lot of my life I avoided roller coasters. Now I think they are kind of fun. But my stomach needs a bit more convincing. The best way for me to convince my body that spinning on a ride is fun, is to spend some time spinning. It will also help me in the spring when I train on the rings. Goal is to do some sort of rolling or spinning move 3 times a week. That may include; forward rolls, back rolls , skin the cat, etc 2 points each day, 2 bonus points for a perfect week Goal: Moana learns new skills and completes her journey Completed by the end of challenge 10 points for each/ 5 points for half way completion Finish through pg 145-I’ve lost momentum on this and need to get it back Choose pictures for scrapbook Finish Elements GMB program Week 41 of my Bible reading program Write a list of the home remodel projects/discuss with hubby prioritize them Write a list of to-do’s for vacation Finish to do’s for vacation Swimming 2 times (1 time is 5 points) Mulch laid on garden bed Bonus: 10 points Plan out scrapbook pages Finish through pages 145 Start remodel task 80 points Moana has returned the hear to the goddess and sailed home.Prize earned. 50 points returned the stone, but has not returned home,choose a small prize
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    Got all tense at work today and felt completely useless and unproductive by the end of it. Was shocked when I reminded myself that I had actually accomplished the top three things on my list. Very glad I had already planned to go to yoga. During the opening meditation-y stuff, I didn't really try to clear my mind, but instead tried to figure out what the heck was stressing me out. It was mostly two specific things that had happened at work (not huge deals...one of them a project in a state of disarray that's largely beyond my control, and the other an annoying discussion at a staff meeting that just pushed all my buttons). It made me feel better just to have identified what the heck was swirling around in the bottom of my mind. I'm super picky about yoga. I've been trying out different teachers at a nearby studio. I liked this teacher the first time I took her class. Today was the second time...I still like it, but now I can see that it's very scripted and repetitive. I don't think I could do it more than about once a month. Challenge goals: 2/8 on yoga now 4.25/45 on planking...and still optimistic about getting in a couple minutes tonight (if that push-up "entry fee" doesn't kill me first) Read first ~20 pages of lobster book. It's really well written. Don't know why I didn't finish it before and why it's been sitting on my shelf so many years. 3/10 on the sushi list. Dealt with some financial stuff yesterday. Pretty psyched...traveling for my marathon in about 10 days. Yesterday I realized I had completely forgotten about a friend (really more an acquaintance/colleague, but a cool one) who had moved into that area. I was listening to a trail running podcast, and thought he might like it and that I should send him the link, then I went EUREKA!! I emailed and we're gonna meet up for a run together and maybe a beer. Can't believe I didn't think of that sooner. My brain just didn't make the connection.
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    TH looked horrified when I told him we were going to lie on all the mattresses because he hated the idea of it for some reason. So I told him we had to have sex on our favourite, just to make sure. And that's the story of how we got banned from Ikea.
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    Week 1, Tuesday! Meh. I'm feeling rather stressed out today. Being stressed out has lead to me snacking on the inevitable sweet treats at work. All the pastry was eaten. I'm not happy with how this has been going recently. I don't want to spend all my time complaining about my job but it is what is stressing me out right now. That and some unexpected bills. I don't know. Time to relax. I'm out of the office tomorrow. Taking a trip into Oxford for a conference. I don't expect food to be great tomorrow either but I'm going to try and do my best. Running 5 miles this morning on the dark hilly trails. It was wet and muddy. I decided it was a great time to put a few miles into my mud run shoes while the conditions favour them. They are great for running on mud and grass but they don't feel good on slick pavement. Thankfully the route I take up and over the hill has very little pavement and is mostly muddy trails and grass. I'm going to be wearing those shoes for the spartan so it makes sense to get some time in them. I've never had any problems in running in them but I don't train in them often enough. It was a fun run, quite hard in sections, especially when the hills get really steep. Tomorrow i want to see how long the run is if I beeline up the hill. That'll add a big section of paved road to the mix but I'm curious about that route. The hill is far steeper but the distance should be a lot less. I'm aiming for maybe 3 - 3.5 miles. If I'm feeling particularly masochistic I might do a set of 30 burpees when I hit the park at the top of the hill. Strength and Conditioning: Rest day Recovery: Stretched. No rolling Food and Water Food = bad. Too much pastry. I did drink plenty of water. I'm becoming more and more aware that I really need to do something about my caffeine intake. I couldn't tell you how many cups of coffee I have on the average day but it is many more than 4. I might start recording it.
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    Dinner - Chicken leg meat, gorgonzola, coleslaw and lemon thyme couscous with salad. 714 calories for dinner, 1844 calories in total for the day. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
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    This crossection of counsel on squat farts is why I love you people.
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    Yeah my dog is not happy. We think that he thinks I'm the warrior of the household because when he's afraid he hides behind me or under my desk. And I'm just sitting here looking at him, like...dude, there is nothing I can do about this. Coyote goes for you in the yard? Sure thing, I'll grab a rock. But the storms are your problem, fuzzypants.
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    It was completely a point well taken. I was nervous about buying them. Last night I was kind of exhausted after the very random day. I cashed in my sushi reward from last challenge. Time to finalize that next sushi list! I might steal from @Katrin the Morag and add some mopping to my list. A couple days ago I tried to do a long tempo run and my body "noped" it. I did it today without too much problem (10 miles: 2 easy/2 tempo/2 easy/2 tempo/2 easy). After work a friend came over and we did Ab Ripper together. So glad I have friends that will do dorky exercise things with me.
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    Last night dinner. Had food processor out getting ready to make Indian relish today so decided to make some cauliflower rice. I took a head and 1/2 of cauliflower and pulsed in batches. Froze a quart bag and used the rest to mix in with a pound of ground beef, and a pepper/tomatillo mix ran through to processor also. Combined all that after draining hamburger and saluted. Than added some black beans and chille powder and cumin. Took some peppers from garden and stuffed with mixture than topped with cheese and baked. It looks like a lot of cheese but it wasn't. Also whipped up a little salsa and topped with sour cream and cilantro