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    Thanks. I felt better today. Not to worry, there's no way I'd say my own vows twice. I'd just read directly from my script I can see it being a Monty Python Sketch. Thanks, I think it really is. Yeah, I'm glad I took the time off. At what point does the gif depict something weird? Does that not happen at everyone's dinner table? I was today, and it paid off. Yes, part of me is sad I didn't get to lift this week, but if I had tried things would only have gotten worse. Today is a good day. I had a normal breakfast, then went with Mi Prometida to Austin to get a new vehicle to replace the one that got wrecked over Spring break. We ended up getting the same year, make and model as the old one, but a different color, with lower mileage, and all the options maxed out. We ate at subway while the paperwork was finalized, then came home and showed the car off to her parents. They took us out to a steakhouse, where I had lamb chops and a bunch of other stuff. Did not track dinner, but it went way over. I only had to take Pepto Bismol once and that was after lunch. I'd say I feel about 95% right now. Still gonna wait till Monday to work out again. There was a time when a week like this would have reset me back to zero, and I would have had to start my momentum all over again. However, in my mind, I'm still where I was before I got sick, and just had to take a break to heal.
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    Rangers, week 1 is done and now we face week 2. These weeks come at us and try to get us to stop working on ourselves, to believe we are not worth being healthy, anything to get us to stop. And week 1 came at me and I got sick the first day. I did one twenty minute yoga session the whole week, and no other workouts. I abandoned my eating goals and ate what didn't make me sick. By traditional measures, week 1 got me. But I was not defeated. I chose how I responded to week 1, and I accepted that I was sick, made getting well the priority, shifted my tactics, and I am well. I did not give up, I adapted. This is not to praise myself, but rather to give hope. No matter what week 2 throws at us, we will not be defeated because we will choose to win. When the outcome is decided ahead of time, all that's left is to figure out how that victory is going to be achieved. We may have to adapt, we may have to change things around, we may have to search inside of ourselves and learn some things, but decide with me, here and now, that week 2 is defeated before it leaves the gate. Whatever is thrown at us, we will endure, we will adapt, and we will overcome. My brothers and sisters, we are the Rebellion, and what's more, we are the Rebellion's Ranger Corps! We have harnessed the power of RangerBrain and focused it, making it a power for good, strengthening ourselves, speeding up, becoming more agile, becoming mentally tougher, so that whatever is thrown at us, we will be victorious. To paraphrase A. A. Milne, Adaptation is what Rangers do best! The wonderful thing about Rangers Is Rangers are wonderful things, Their bodies are turned into wonders, Their brains want to do all the things! They're strong and fast and bendy and fun fun fun fun fun! But the most wonderful thing about Rangers is You're never the only one!
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    Thanks for the advice and support. I was on the fence about this one, and you guys helped me make the decision. I did end up going on the training run, and I'm glad I did. There were only 6 of us, but now I'll have a little more confidence when I go for the race. The run itself was really nice. Some icy patches, but some great run-able stretches. The group leaders did a really good job of making sure the pace was ok for everyone. The club has a really good attitude that "no animal gets left behind," but sometimes the execution of that can be difficult. Week 1 Report Run 120 miles: On track, 35 done this week. 50 hills [9 week challenge]: On track. 7 done. 50 negatives: On track: 15 done (along with 2 solid gym workouts). Daily Dare: Consistent effort. Have tried every dare so far. Execution not as great as I hoped, but I don't have much control over that. There was a pushup dare this week, and I was dismayed to see how much progress I've lost in these within a couple weeks...or it could have been an off day. Protein tracking: Doing well. 2 weeks down, I think I've learned that I seem to be getting enough protein. That's good to know and I can move on to worrying about other things after a couple more weeks. Week 2 Outlook: I'm a little ahead on some goals, which is good. I have a friend staying with me for a few days starting tonight, so I might not be able to get quite as much done this week. I'll just fit in what I can.
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    The pic didn't load but if it's the same sword as in the link it is indeed very Paladiny. The pic came out fine, and it always makes me smile. Just don't mention Alaska... Yesterday was good. After work Mi prometida and I got invited to a friends house for brisket. Yes, he smoked it. It had a dry rub. Nobody but his wife (and we all picked on her for it) put BBQ sauce on it. I had a burnt end. I had too much and don't regret it. We also got to hang out with some of my friends and mi prometida met a new couple, whom she liked. She is so much fun to go do stuff with.
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    I have been known to craft a pun from time to time. Welcome back! Can't see this right now but if it's what I think it is I've seen it before, probably when you posted it after i said something about Texas. Today is a good day. Made it back into the gym for lift day, Squats and bench. Bench went well, squats were rough, I pushed as hard as I could but didn't get in all the reps. Today is 5x8 after a 10 rep warmup. I feel 100% recovered now Lunch/dinner was amazing as well. Roasted sweet potato with fresh rosemary, garlic, avocado oil salt and paper for a side. For the main course I cooked pork chops in avocado oil till they were done (5 min a side at medium high heat), then cooked a couple strips of bacon in the same skillet and set them aside. To that skillet I added 1/4 c chicken broth and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, then shredded brussel sprouts and chopped apple and cooked for about 5 minutes, adding salt and pepper to taste. Presumably the bacon could have been crumbled into the sprouts but you all know good and well I ate the bacon while the sprouts were cooking. Got over 200g protein today too! Calories for today: Totals 2,626 215 99 219 3,165 38 Your Daily Goal 2,656 166 118 232 2,300 38 Remaining 30 -49 19 13 -865 0 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Fiber g
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    We take our cold drinks rather more seriously down here. I believe it, but I've never heard of it before. Today is a good day. I rested, fully. No Yoga even. I was feeling well enough to feel restless and guilty for resting, but when I tried to do things I was reminded resting is a good idea. I finally felt my appetite come back today, though indulging it was uncomfortable (but only uncomfortable, no emergency evacuations required). My routine has been shot, I'm calling week 1 a wash. I'll respawn Sunday or Monday if I'm feeling well by then. However, I'm gonna stick around, and I'm not giving up, just being realistic with myself. Healing takes time, and I've learned not to be foolish and push too soon. Went over on calories for today, I don't think it's gonna set me back given how little I've eaten so far this week. I would have counted today as a variance under normal circumstances. Totals 2,503 217 119 126 3,457 22 Your Daily Goal 2,310 144 103 202 2,300 38 Remaining -193 -73 -16 76 -1,157 16 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Fiber g
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    Mudstacle Mayhem! Today was Mayhem (the name of the event, not literal mayhem) and we had an absolute blast. Mayhem is kind of a competition, but not one that anyone takes seriously. You have just over an hour to complete as many obstacles as you like, in any order and as many times as you want. You get points for completing obstacles, points for completing with a complicator and points for entertaining the marshals. There were a few obstacles that are common - like traverse lines and monkey bars - and some more technical obstacles like spinning monkey (also known as wheel world) the weaver and Helix. We did every obstacle (10 in total) once before we ran out of time, there was a little running between each obstacle and we spent a fair bit of time just messing around and trying to make the marshals laugh to earn more points. I managed to complete all the obstacles, some with the complicator. Here I am on an obstacle (not sure of it's name) which I completed with the complicator - using every other rope The best part of the day was completing the spinning monkey. The first time I tried it I completely bottled it as it just looked so intimidating, but once I got on the first wheel, I found that it's actually not too hard, as long as you keep the momentum going. The funniest part was when I stayed on one wheel and went round and round while telling the marshal the best recipe for a victoria sponge cake (did I mention that no one took this seriously? ) I'm really surprised and impressed that I had the grip strength to hang on for that long! We didn't win, or even come in the top ten, but then there were some amazing obstacle racers there, so I wasn't expecting a great score. I'm just happy that I managed to complete everything. I hope Mudstacle do this again next year as it's probably the most fun I've ever had on obstacles. I'm also feeling really confident in my ability right now and I'm hoping this feeling stays with me going into Monster Race next Saturday.
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    Today is a good day. So far I haven't thrown up (vomit free since Monday Morning!) despite being uncomfortable since lunch. Dinner as I listed above did not make anything worse, so I'm grateful for that. Lunch was carrots sauteed in ghee with lemon juice, sauteed squash and zuchinni, and chicken cooked with garlic powder and fresh dill. It was better than my stomach gave it credit for. Totals 1,848 187 75 115 2,560 19 Your Daily Goal 2,420 151 108 212 2,300 38 Remaining 572 -36 33 97 -260 19 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Fiber g Looks like the forum issues are affecting how I copy and paste from MFP. I'm calling Plague Protocols TM until I feel 100%. Goals for time being are: Eat what doesn't make me puke and, Do yoga if I can.
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    Hahahaha, nice. I will be guided by your wisdom, Snuggles-sensei. Hobby news: finally got out to the garden today! Just over lunch, so we didn't have a lot of time, but we were able to get the first round of lettuce planted, transplant a wayward asparagus, and tidy up the scattered winter debris. Something had taken down most of the fence extensions (I suspect deer), but I have new twine coming in tomorrow to secure them back up. The ground cover did a great job, although the weeds grew through every possible hole in them, and exploded around the compost bin. The rest of the week is going to be cold and nasty, but Saturday is looking good for working on the strawberry bed after parkour. Let the gardening begin! Before and after:
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    OK. I wasn't gonna do this, but I really did have an amazing experience when we first got here yesterday, and I felt this inkling into something I want and need, a type of self acceptance and rejection of standardized ideals... and not just that, not just me. Something bigger than that... a type of sexyiness and attraction across the board for anyone walking with that kind of confidence and self love. You guys know what it's like with the BS you see on instagram and places like that. Stages pictured, great angles, dehydration etc. Well... this morning we went out and saw some amazing art, visited the botanic gardens, had brunch, and then, with my food baby, I went and tried on bikinis. And I got one... sort of. (Separates from separate stores, but they fit pretty well and I'm A-OKAY with what I'm seeing.) I took a few pictures to "share my breakthrough" (feel good about myself? prove I have the courage? does it really matter why?) and it felt like I was wasting my time trying to get the "right" shot, the "right" angle. Fuck that noise, I have a pool party to get to. Here's a handful of out takes that all prove the same thing, that what I got is adorbs, despite if I'm flexing or not, if my bottoms are catching my belly in the most flattering way or not, if I'm backlit or not, whether or not I've gained a few # during this metabolism crisis, right in time for my bathing suit vacation, cause you know what, my damn is heath is more important. Now to get back out in the sun and enjoy every second.
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    Update: Note: I have not yet gotten stuck in a door Being on the road is essential to my protein goals apparently. I actually hit over my goal yesterday! I got a C25K day in yesterday and did a strength workout Monday, so I am on track to a 100% week. (Will insert tracking picture later this week). Lots has happened at the Sylvaa household this week - most of it hilarious. My daughter had 5 teeth pulled yesterday (they were all baby teeth - she is almost 15 - that were interfering with adult teeth placement). Mini-Sylvaa on laughing gas is the best! She got in trouble for trying to talk while they were pulling said teeth and kept telling me about "the woman in pink" who was a dental assistant or hygienist who was assisting the dentist. Also, we paid off both our vacation and the flights to Mexico. We used my frequent flyer points for the flights as 6 of us traveling to Mexico is pretty pricey. Which brings me to my next great news: most of the family wants to get in shape for our vacation! My husband is frustrated with himself and is kind of at a loss. Like, he wants to start eating healthier, but if there is junk in the house, then he'll totally eat it. So making something for the kids and a different meal for himself is not an option. I did some reading on willpower and ways to combat not having any and it was pretty interesting, but nothing he was willing to bite on yet. My son has decided he wants to get "swole" for vacation and was not very happy to hear that eating better would be a big part of that. He's willing to give it a try though (my son is 16 and is about 6'1" and 215. He's not actually a horrible eater - mainly because we don't keep a bunch of junk in the house. But he will binge on it if we get it. He's stayed about the same weight for a few years now, so he's actually thinning out, but he definitely needs some guidance when it comes to food). My daughter has also decided she wants to start getting in shape for Mexico and she wants to start a blog with me. So more to come on that.
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    I did NF Yoga water A, and it was just about all my system could handle. It was the right choice. I have no control over the fact that I got sick. I have complete control over how I choose to respond to those circumstances. I can always adapt. I had a regular lunch today and I wasn't ready. I've kept everything down thanks to a steady stream of pepto-bismol shots and am at work. Going back to a BRAT like dinner tonight, in my lunch bag is crackers, bannanas and unsweetened applesauce. (and a spoon, but I'm not going to eat that, just use it to eat the applesauce. Course, it could be a good source of iron....)
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    Week 1 Recap! All is going according to my master evil plan. Missed one day of mobility but I think I've finally figured how to make it a part of my daily habits. We shall see how Week 2 goes. Thought I was going to have to miss a day of squats but medical thing was okay, so I got to do them. I forgot to water my house plants yesterday! However, this is only a once a week thing, so I will do it tonight and then I can finish coloring in that box. Sunday Recap bought a couple tank tops I like to wear under my t-shirts, then I went grocery shopping all before 8 am... spoiler alert, it seems like every month my grocery cart is more and more produce and less and less anything else. Winning! read more of Norse Mythology. I have about 75 pages left and I'm super exicted to start the Bill Bryson one about hiking next. talked to Mr. T about joining Sierra Club at the end of this challenge made baked falafel! remembered my evening mobility! it generally felt like a lazy day but looking back that's not half bad. Also, I stayed in on Saturday night and cleaned and did meal prep so I feel somewhat ready to tackle Week 2.
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    Day Fourteen Update It was mother's day yesterday so I made my mom dinner. She doesn't really like food (I inherited lots of stuff from my mom including most of my face but I did not inherit this which would have made my life a lot easier) so it was puzzling to think of something to make her, but I slow cooked beef and mushrooms in red wine and herbs and then baked this into individual pies and served it with buttered leeks and peas and herb roasted carrots, parsnips and savoy cabbage. She really liked it which made me happy, and she loved the brioche bread and butter pudding I made for dessert too. Because dinner was quite heavy I ate minimally all day and my calories were fine, I did a 45 minute elliptical session and a Killer Butt workout but no 90DOA session because it was cardio heavy with lots of jumping and I need to do that in the kitchen because it's on the ground floor, instead of my gym which is upstairs but TH was working in the kitchen. I tried on one of my tartan shirts that hasn't fit me properly for a while and it fits perfectly (well, as perfectly as off-the-rack shirts fit my body). I think the last time I wore this shirt was to watch Spain beat Italy in the 2012 European Football Championships, so I am smaller than I have been in almost 5 years. My weight isn't lower though, not quite yet. But it goes to show that body composition and weight do not perfectly correlate. This is a lesson illustrated by DFG this week too. Everything else got done and I have almost finished Dune. I should finish that up either today or tomorrow, and journalling, freggies, water and the daily dare all got done too. 100%
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    It is in deed, as the salesman said yesterday, "the internet has taken a lot of nonsense out of the car buying businiess." Europe is by and large more pedestrian friendly. Almost, I plan to get back to workouts next week. Dawww, thanks. Truth, and that's just in town. What a lot of people don't realize is that in Texas the explosive growth happened after everyone got cars, so the city grew out away from downtown. When you do your city planning with the idea that everyone has transportation, things get laid out differently. And if you include the rural areas, Texas is the size of a large Eurpoean country. THere's a lot of "in between" out here to put in the middle of one place an another. I grew up on 10 acres of land, and that's considered small.
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    Overslept a little, so shortened my run a bit. Was supposed to do 6 miles with the middle 4 at a faster pace. Ended up doing 3 with the middle 2 faster (0.5 warmup/cooldown on either side). My Garmin decided to count my miles much slower than reality (seriously, I was on a marked path and could tell, though not soon enough to get accurate splits). Finished it off with 4 or 5 hill repeats. Why is it so hard to count??! Sesame Street does better than I was doing today Daily dare this morning and gym after work. Not a bad day even though it got off to a rough-ish start.
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    So one major quest chapter in my ongoing campaign against the demonic forces inside my head (wow, that really makes me sound nuts... ever done an exorcism, @Tanktimus the Encourager? ) has been developing a Power Phrase to held center myself, ground my thoughts in reality, and focus on the facts at hand. Unfortunately I missed this class at Camp NF but Maddie was so kind as to meet with me 1-on-1 over Zoom and help me brainstorm some coping mechanisms and categorize my thoughts on the subject. I still haven't nailed down my Power Phrase though because I'm a scatterbrained perfectionist - and believe me, that's the worst kind you can be. One quote which has stuck with me over the years, as I mentioned before about John Wick, is Fortune Favors the Bold. While I've chanted that to myself on numerous occasions it really only applies in occasions that call for that good old 20 Seconds of Courage. The Power Phrase I'm in need of and working on must pull me out of the darkness and force me to dwell in the moment, the present, and muster my willpower against my own anxious thoughts. Another I have been clinging to, and one that matches much of the advice I've received of late, comes from Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Your focus determines your reality. It goes hand in hand with acknowledging the behaviors and thoughts that trouble me, cross-referencing them with fact, and moving forward. It doesn't eliminate the anxiety unto itself, but it has prevented my being sucked down a dark hole into angst and worry so far, and that's progress I'll eagerly accept. At some point you have to chose to forgive others for the behavior that inadvertently triggered you, and yourself for feeling that way. Once forgiven, it's all mind over matter from there. Your focus really does determine your reality. Maybe those haughty Jedi were onto something after all. Sorry to hear, I wish you a speedy recovery, old friend! Here's a healing Flash of Light sent your way...
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    I'm enjoying my get-away. The hotel is located downtown, so we end up walking to shopping and out to eat. Before we left, I went looking for good places to eat, and found a donut shop that sells vegan/Gluten free doughnuts. When we got here, I looked it up again, and it is only a block away from our restaurant. Guess what we'll be having for second breakfast while we are here? Today I had a double chocolate doughnut, and a big mug of hot tea. Weather isn't the best, but not the worst. Light drizzle, and kind of cold. We went shopping. Lots of cool stores, Native American crafts, and small art stores. The shopping area is an eclectic mix of shops with lots of historic buildings. We ate lunch at a barbecue place. Started off my morning doing the daily dare challenge- up and down planks. Kind of a nce way to get moving without too much exercise. We are on the fifth floor, sometimes we've done the stairs, sometimes the elevator. The hotel is an old historic hotel that has been refurbished. The stairs are kind of nice. You know how most hotel stairs are just sort of like fire escape stairs? Well, these are actually on a staircase in the middle of the hotel, nice pretty wooden bannisters. Last night we ate at a Lebanese restaurant. I had chicken and crispy cauliflower. I thought about having the gluten free cake, but it wasn't vegan. And if was described as decadent, and I remembered how I'd just told @Sloth the Enduring that baked good can contain more dairy than you think. So I skipped it. Oh, and this place had the biodynamic wine ( like I get at my hip GF restaurant at home) so I guess it is a thing. Not my picture, but this is a picture of the cool steam clock in the shopping area. The picture doesn't show it, but the glass is clear and you can see the inner workings of the clock. It had a chain pulley mechanism, that lifted up several metal balls, and then as it rotated around dropped them. We sat and watched it for a while. Everyone else was taking their picture in front of it, we just sat and watched it, figuring out how it worked, I think we may be nerds,
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    Today's Training, in pounds Goblet squats 1 x 5 at BW 5 x 5 at 50 Deadlift 1 x 5 at 45 rdl 1 x 5 at 95 1 x 5 at 125 1 x 5 at 155 BB Row: 5 x 5 at 95 Mobility Stuff AND I have been at 1780 calories or below every single day so far this challenge (including zero week!). PERFECTION, I am flirting with it!
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    It seems like pictures or gifs of varying sizes are what is fucking my posts up. I tried submitting the last one with and without and it initially posted, I tried to edit pictures in, and then it blanked on me, and now I've lost it again entirely. Seriously losing my fucking mind over this... Anyways. Forgive me for not replying to all individually but this is becoming a Demon Battle of epic proportions and my delicate psyche cannot handle it. Long story short, I went spelunking through the netherworld of Google, taking countless questionnaires and even going so far as drawing up a spreadsheet to analyze the most accurate MBTI personalities types like a checklist of which traits I do and do not embody. It was most likely the attraction of a popular culture icon and an unhealthy portion of reporting bias which lead to my clinging onto ENTP. Because everything else I've checked into suggests I'm squarely ISTP. I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise to turn out Introverted Thinking. She's like 7 years younger than me and in university but she has worldly experience the likes of which I cannot even comprehend. I owe her thousands of dollars in therapy back pay, but she simply gets it. Even the last couple of days I've been getting in my head a little bit but there's nothing to stamp those thoughts into stone so I haven't been letting them set in. A little winged imp of a negative idea pops up, I let the little fucker settle in and get comfortable. I peer at him closely, recognize he's nothing to be concerned with, and squash him beneath an armored heel. And boom goes the demon. I really really really like the idea of taking the opposite Path to that which your feelings are dictating. It actually sounds really difficult, like a Mythic difficulty raid, but I'm going to throw that onto my self-care toolkit. At this rate I'm going to be a veritable Batman of mental well-being, haha. We're not worthy of your presence here. Queen of the Nerds!
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    Step goals on point Fam #queenshit My plant bloomed while I was away Stan Lee Skype session #MomoaMonday
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    I bench pressed 65lbs today! That was a fair bit more than I thought I'd be able to do. I knew I could do 45,because I've basically benched my kid who weighs about that, but I was not expecting to get 65.
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    Today's training in pounds Squats 2 x 5 at 45 1 x 5 at 95 1 x 5 at 135 5 x 5 at 165 OHP 2 x 5 at 45 1 x 5 at 65 5 x 5 at 80 Hit exactly 1780 calories today.
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    Thursday Goal: Road Training Plan: 3 miles Result: 3 miles. I had to force myself to get it done because I wasn't feeling it. My focus determines my reality. My ankle is going to be fine, it's a soft-tissue issue; there's no pain on impact, only when my foot points in certain positions. Improved mechanics will help with this, along with continuing to strengthen the tendons and ligaments. Goal: Strength Training Part 1: Plan: Lift Day Result: I was smoked at the end. Part 2: Plan: Grease the Groove pull-ups. Result: 16 pull-ups. Goal: Plate Training Plan: Lift Day Result: KCal: 1950 Protein: 151g Fiber: 39g Sodium: 2742mG WAY short on calories because I went heavy on vegetables when I should have had a couple sweet potatoes instead. Everything else was where I wanted it, and since I hit my protein and sodium goals, I'm... okay-ish with this. That is why you trail Well done, my friends. Eagerly awaiting our local trails opening so I can do what I don't hate.
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    I’m Flagwaver and I enjoy obstacle courses. *Hi, Flagwaver.* I used to do obstacle courses every three months. They weren’t really OCRs and I really didn’t have a choice with what I wore, but I loved them. For those that are interested, I was a soldier and regularly volunteered to run the Obstacle Course, Confidence Course, and Heights Course. It’s not exactly comfortable in a full uniform, but it is still fun. I’d have to say that my favorite obstacle is the Cargo Net Climb. I’ve been climbing cargo nets since I was a kid and learned how to do it right from a Marine (grab vertical, step horizontal). The last time I ran a course was January 2009, just before I got out. With that said, I’m currently out of shape. I’m working out in preparation for my first OCR: Warrior Dash Portland. It’s in October, and I might try an OCR before then if I feel comfortable doing it (and there is one running within range). It will be the first, but I’ll be using it as a kick-off for the various OCRs in the area. So, yeah, that’s where I’m at.
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    Spot on! I've seen examples of that on your thread, and every time I read it, I think...yep, I know what that feel like ;-) Thanks DJ! The tarot is fun. I have a friend who is more "into it" and experienced in reading than I am. For me it's sort of like a guided meditation/reflection. He "believes" in the cards a little more. But I think his perspective is interesting. He says the cards are good for giving advice, but are really bad at predicting the future. I'm not really sure what to make of that. If I have time tonight maybe I'll post a little more about my reading. As I promised, today was mostly a rest day. DD in the morning along with some yoga. I really needed the yoga for my upper back. Been tracking calories and protein. Tomorrow supposed to be a big challenge day...running with some speed and some hills, and gym after work.
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    Tuesday 21st March I got home a little late from work and it was starting to get chilly, so the thought of ditching my run did cross my mind. But I ignored that thought and went out and a 25 minute easy run. Updates are really short when you only have one goal!
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    That "No feeding after midnight" rule always seemed way too vague. At what point after midnight can you start feeding them again? You want clearer rules if the consequences of not following them are so horrendous. If someone quotes Python to me, or understands when I'm quoting Python I instantly know I'm going to like that person. Unfortunately, it's something that happens very rarely. I've noticed that formatting buttons randomly disappear and reappear lately too. It's really good fun, if you ever find yourself in Brentwood, check it out (although, I know there are some other OCR training centres that are closer to you) Everyone should have an adult playground! I just wish this one was closer so I could go more often. It does sound crazy to do a run to recover from a run, but weirdly, it works. My legs were a bit achy before I went out last night, but a nice slow, easy pace helped to loosen everything out and this morning my legs feel back to normal. It's important to know your audience when you do this. Not everyone appreciates The Penis Song, or Sit On My Face.
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    March 16- April 11 There are no more villains in Metroville. Metroville is once again a quiet town. Which is good, unless of course you are a bored superhero. The Incredibles haven’t had a mission in a long time, and while they are happy that their town is safe, they feel restless. Sitting at home, watching the Avengers for the 5th time, Mr. Incredible sighs. He remembers fondly the days he and Frozone would go out chasing the bad guys. Elastigirl swtiches between staring at Facebook and watching the movie, daydreaming about the time they took down the Omnidroid. They are startled out of their daydreams by a knocking at the door. Wondering who it could be at the late hour, Mr. Incredible makes his way to the door. Before he has time to answer it, the door opens and in walks Frozone. Before Mr. Incredible even has a chance to ask why he is there Frozone excitedly proclaims “Are you all ready for a mission or what” Mr. Incredible slaps him on the back, “You came at the right time buddy” Elastigirl nods and says, “Slow down, let’s hear about it first, “ Frozone grins, “Well I was just sitting out home minding my own business...” “Uh, huh’ Elastigirl skeptically says Frozone continues, “Well, I may have, ahem, access to a top secret Villain scanner, and I may have heard that over in Centerville, there is a Super Villain going by the name Red Ghost who is terrorizing the town. The police are unable to stop him. And there are no heroes protecting the city. Guess that leaves us”“ Mr. Incredible looks at Elastigirl, “Sounds like the town needs our help” Elastigirl grins, “Guess we have a mission” Challenge Points: Less than 30 points- Red Ghost is able to defeat the Incredibles and destroy the town 60 points- the Incredibles are able to hurt Red Ghost, but he is still damaging the town 80- Red Ghost is severely hurt, however , he can still heal and come back to work his destruction 120 points- Red Ghost is defeated 150 + points the town is very grateful, gives them the key to the city, and asks for their future help in protecting the city Challenge Goals 2 points per day for each goal,5 points for 5 days completion Drink Water- 64 oz a day Morning Routine Read Bible Kitchen tidy Drink water Start 9:30 Mobility Squat 3 min Life Bathroom painted- 20 points Bathroom accessories bought- 20 points Scrapbook planned- 10 points 10 pages in scrapbook – 10 points Try new food- 5 points Make a new recipe- 5 points Finish 14 Days Mobility Prescriptions- 20 points 6 pull ups- 10 points Invite someone (non family or game night) to dinner – 20 points Something out of my comfort zone- 10 points Notes: My husband has off the first week of the challenge. We are going away for a few days, and then going to work on our bathroom remodel. Not going to bother with keeping score that week. Vacation food I will enjoy, and do my normal. That is, enjoy the food but don't eat like an ass. Plan is to do some geocaching, and lots of walking. More details on my workout plans and food thoughts:
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    I'm back from vacation. I had a great time. I got to spend some time with my niece and nephew and my brand new baby nephew. I did a terrible job tracking my goals though. I started off organized but by Wednesday I was only tracking water and diet soda and by Thursday I wasn't tracking anything. My brother has been eating really healthy recently so we worked together to try and stay on target. As usual though, we started off making great choices and each day got slightly worse. There were plenty of cookies and treats around to lure us but for the most part our meals were healthy. No workouts happened. I still managed to lose just over a pound. It's not much but considering that typically being around my entire family results in a 5 pound gain I think think this is pretty phenomenal. I did use what free time I had to get some school work done. I didn't get as much done as I had intended but enough so that I am not currently stressed. It was too hard to stay focused when I'd rather spend time with my family, particular the little ones. I did manage to complete my crochet gift for Baby Bert (who has a real name now but I'll still with Bert here). I struggled with it until the very last night and then everything miraculously came together. I'll try and post a photo.
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    Week 1 Update: I had to do some math in the corner Hey look, a normal workout week for me! Woot Woot! Running went well. Instead of doing twice on the treadmill, I waited until the end of the week and got two runs at home. My neighborhood is nice and hilly, with enough cul-de-sacs that I can run the same distance, but not the same route, without leaving the surrounding area. Along the same lines, doing two strength workouts at the beginning of the week (on the road) was much easier and fit in better with my time frame. Oh look, I skipped yoga - who would have thought? Going forward, I think that yoga needs to be a priority early in the week so I don't just skip it. Because I will skip it. Protein did well until the weekend (Thursday could have been better, but travel days are weird. I hopped on an earlier flight, so sacrificed protein for family time). I had to meet my ex on Saturday to get a paper signed so my daughter can get her passport. I don't talk about my ex a lot because it's a pretty painful subject. He's not involved with the kids, but has just enough rights to need to sign off on her passport. True story: he didn't remember her birthday. I'm pretty sure my kids are 100% done with him at this point. Needless to say, we had Taco Bell for dinner and I do not regret it. I needed to work on my school stuff than I did. I have one more paper to be graded this week, so it's do or die time. Dear people with thighs quads and glutes: how do you find leggings that fit well? So running this weekend, I continuously had issues because my normal winter running pants will not stay up around my waist. How much give can I expect out of a pair to compensate for Thunder and Lightning? Also, obligatory cat pic:
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    Week 1 Saturday/Sunday Update I knocked it out of the park this weekend! Here's way too much detail about it: Saturday Sunday Week 1 Overall Summary 7/7 smoothies and 6/7 salads - off to a good start! My food addict side is fighting me by feeling whiny and snacky, but I think it will regulate over time as I keep doing this. I feel so nice in the morning drinking a green smoothie~ my body really does prefer it to carb-heavy foods, as I learned on Sunday after the farmer's market food. I like that with this approach, I can just adjust dinner to adapt for different goals. If I need to lose more weight, I can focus on having those dinners be paleo, for example. It makes things simpler. Morning routines were so-so. I got up, brushed my teeth, touched my toes, etc, and that was all pretty solid, but I've been slipping on taking the time to do some GMB work or yoga in the morning. I got back to that this weekend, and I want to make sure to include it going forward. Walking was so-so. No real excuses here - it was cold and I just am so tired of it being cold. I did about 11 miles out of my ideal 16. Not terrible. 3/3 GOOD FULL WORKOUTS ( + 1 KB swing day), 2/2 runs (1 5K and 1 speed mile) - this is actually the best week for workouts I've had in a while, even though I stuck them all on the weekend I think I did only 1 yoga session all week, which isn't great. I've been feeling stiffer since the end of the yoga revolution challenge, so I need to be more attentive to that. FF and wrist stuff was pretty good once I took some time to make sure I properly learned the stretches
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    Ah, you still live in the fantasy world where adults know everything and always have a plan. I'll let you in on the secret: we don't, we've just learned to roll with the punches. Life never quits throwing you curve balls (unless you're expecting a curve ball, then it tries something else), so you just have to set your priorities and do what you can. Once you can manage that consistently, other people will consider you an adult. But most of us never actually feel like normal, capable adults for any extended period.
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    I've seen that around, wondered what it referred to. Thanks for the clarification! Parkour news! Well, ok, kind of parkour news. The 401(k) class was more breathing, balance, and flexibility work. The teacher made a statement that people who are more flexible tend to be worse at stability exercises (planks, qm balancing, etc), because it's harder to lock things in place. I'm sure there are all kinds of qualifiers on that statement, but it does make me feel slightly better about a couple movements I am just struggling with. Good class, but again, no actual parkour. White band class was okayish? Felt like a pretty light workout, surprisingly, since I was the only adult and they just threw me in with the kids class (yaaaaay). Worked on the kong vault more, which I don't feel like I'm progressing on at all. A thought occurred to me as I was listening to the teacher encourage someone else, though: we encourage others/ourselves because, let's face it, you're going to suck at things - a lot - at first, but the only way to get better is to keep doing it and failing until you improve. So encouragement is just a boost to keep us from not giving up while we're in the sucking phase. It seems so less profound when I write it out, though. The kids finished the class by playing assassin tag (the person who's it "stabs" someone with a rubber knife to pass on the it-ness), being disinclined to try to match the kids' energy, I instead worked on cat hangs and... got it! Improved my hang time significantly, with no pain, and even managed to do a leap to cat hang, catch with bent arms, and lower myself into cat hang with no problems. Months and months of pt and weights have paid off! Now to improve the leap, and then work on top-outs. Gotta keep finding things I suck at and making them better! One of the reasons I didn't mind a light parkour day is because I went home, showered, and immediately headed out to the garden. I try to do one major "upgrade" per year, to balance costs vs entropy, and this year it's the strawberry bed! We got a couple bags of dirt, some inexpensive edging, and repurposed ground cover that's cut wrong for this year's planting to keep the dirt in, and ta da, new tiered strawberry beds! It took my coworker and I a little over two hours to clear away winter weeds, thin the old strawberries, place the edging, cut the ground cover, fill in the bed, and plant the new strawberry plants, and that's only one side! The goal is to do the same on the other side, then put a 1' path down the center with stepping stones and creeping thyme, to make harvest easier. We also got the rest of the lettuce as well as kale and peas planted. Needless to say, between parkour and the garden, I'm pooped, but definitely feeling accomplished!
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    Friday [x] mobility Starved all morning for the medical work on my arm in the afternoon. It ended up being a sort of bust. After injecting the contrast dye, they figured out there was nothing they could do without doing surgery. So the good news is that I can lift normally next week. The bad news is that I did all that and didn't even get any good drugs! I remembered to do my mobility in the evening by doing it right before getting into bed for the night. No work goals cuz no work. But even though I took the day off I did some work email in the morning and had a catch up phone call with my boss before he goes out of town. I am calling that accomplished. Saturday [x] mobility [x] 15 minutes of glute/ab work [x] cardio (30 min elliptical) Got up early to go to the gym. I can't do upper body work just for 48 hours after the injection on Friday. So I did my paused squats, hip thrusts, other glute/ab stuff, and 30 min on the elliptical. I was trying to get there to get my favorite squat rack, the only power rack. I feel bad... There was a guy benching in it and I asked him how many sets he had left and he said he would move to the bench bench and wouldn't take no for an answer. I guess that worked out? We went out for brunch to try a new place that I thought was going to be divey. But it was AMAZEBALLS. They gave us two free FRESH hot crispy on the outside warm and soft on the inside cinnamon donuts. Also, the table I picked HAD A GOAT POEM. Things I need to accomplish on Sunday [ ] water my home plants [ ] daily mobility
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    Good news: Made it to the gym -- took a kettlebell circuit class instead of kickboxing today, just because the schedule was more convenient. Bad news: I'm dead now. ^ above: me So -- today (when I'm done being dead) -- not much, actually. A little cooking and cleaning house, GM prep for tomorrow's game. Meditate this afternoon. Hopefully some Xbox/TV time is in the cards. I'm one workout short for this week, counting Mon-Sun, so I'll probably do a run in the morning to hit my exercise target. I listened to a Ninja Warrior podcast this morning. (@Twilight, it's an episode about Ultimate Beastmaster) What have I become? I don't know. @karinajean, @Asa Pond -- I did my measurements this morning (just realized I have not taken photos though). YOUR TURN I put on half an inch on my biceps! I thought I was imagining it. Those pull-ups, y'all.
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    Your post reminded me I don't think I posted a picture of our calendar! One of the challenges with my kids is that they aren't a fan of repeating meals too often. Granted, we can probably eat Mexican about 5 times a week and that would be okay with them, but chicken? They would probably die. Quick recap: my step-son is the least picky kid. With the exception of tomatoes, he will at least try anything and enjoys most vegetables. My kids are next - they eat most anything, but definitely prefer things cooked one way (and usually the exact opposite ways). My step-daughter is a horrible eater, so we just kind of try to work around her. So we got THE CALENDAR: As things come up, they are added to the calendar. We also track who does the dishes and what we have for dinner through the month. So we try to not repeat main dishes more than once a month. This way, if they aren't a fan of something, they don't have to eat it every week.
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    In the spirit of holiday bumming around, here is my Zero Week Mach II planner! On Wednesday! Not going to get into it much since I have a date with brunch, but challenge goals this week will be more like guidelines than actual must do goals. Super mega chill, have fun and let myself do it is the name of the game, no supossed tos. Embracing the beach bum/glam fashion and I love it! Wore a crop top out last night and felt sexy AF, even with my glasses which I rarely wear out, but travling all day and napping and I was tired and felt sexy anyway I was worried about how I would feel surrounded by all the college age spring breakers on the beach, but no, this is a joyful place for body positivity for all sizes. I dig it. OK! Off to brunch. Happy Zero Week take 2/hump day everyone!
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    Day Nine Update Yesterday was a much better day and everything converged to mean I had to take care of other people instead, mostly strangers. It was strange how it happened, and it started pretty much first thing. I got off the bus and an old lady fell over at my feet so I helped her up, sat her on a bench and asked her if I could get her anything. She said no, but I chatted to her for a little while anyway because she was really embarrassed about falling over in front of people. When I got to work my colleague was having a problem that I talked to her a lot about, and then I had a client with social anxiety disorder so she needed extra care too. I think this is just what I needed - putting other people as the focus for a while so I could see that actually, I got this. I'm fine. Food was good, I didn't have any breakfast but I ate jerky, fruit and nuts on my way to work as a light brunch, and I had turkey and spinach curry for dinner. Freggies were great and my appetite has come back enough that I feel ok to eat when it's time for meals, but I am also ok to stick to a smaller amount of calories which is pretty much the ideal scenario. Everything got done to 100%.
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    okay, so i went to the doctor. she referred me to a sleep specialist (a different one) and offered me trazadone or ambien. i'm not ready to take either, so will see what the sleep specialist says after i get the appointment. she also gave me a prescription strength anti histamine that at least doesn't have the tylenol in it. so we'll see on that.
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    So funny I forgot to laugh I did the math once. Rhode island is smaller than Bexar County where I live. Tell 'em Large Marge sent ya. Maybe this will help
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    Cross post from my challenge thread. I did an event today - the one I mentioned a few days ago with the crazy rig - and got to play on some fun obstacles. And @EricMN, to answer your previous question, the whole sequence on the rig was ball buster, gecko wall, log balance beams, spinning monkey, tip of the spear (is that what it's called?) second spinning monkey. They weren't running the whole rig as part of the competition, but split it down into separate obstacles, so I didn't do the thing all in one go. I will get to attempt the whole thing in May though. I can't wait.
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    The third their should be a they're oh god I'm so sorry *runs* *but first cooks up a big vat of chicken soup and puts a bunch of blankets in the dryer to warm them up for all the sick rangers lately!!!!!!!*
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    Leaping lizards, it's bigm! I realize it is kind of funny to be having my most Warrior-ish week while assassining but thank you all for putting up with the iron and flexing. I promise to take some more assassin-y videos during practice and play. Day 1.4 I worked on front handspring front fulls from the tumble strip (which is like a strip of regular spring floor rather than a strip of bouncy trampoline) onto the resi mat. THIS OPENS UP A WHOLE NEW WORLD FOR MEEE. I bet I can get them on the floor by the end of summer. Did a bit of round-off work on low beam and some basics on the regular beams. That was really it. I didn't want to do bars because of rip + bench testing on Friday and everything else was super packed. I am stoked regardless. Conditioning: 1/2 Pull-ups: 1/2 Play: 1/2 Budget: $0 [$28] Bench and squat testing tonight -> drag race s9 premiere at my friend's house -> 90s night dancing for a birthday celebration = very tired Raptron tomorrow. BUT DON'T WORRY, I'm just planning on bringing my bricks with me to practice + stretching + maybe working front hs + front + fronts and from there -> straight to a hike with @CourtnieMarie and @ArgSki77. I'll knock out pull-ups tonight post-testing (probably), hiking with a load counts as conditioning tomorrow, and then Sunday I may not have much more left in me than play.
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    Don't think I need to do an exorcism in your case buddy (I have never done one before. While I believe real demons exist, I've only ever encountered one person in my life that made me wonder about posession, and that person was not wanting to change things) you're slaying those demons yourself. This is some weapons grade wisdom right here. I maintain the power to forgive is one of the most important in all the human arsenal. It is the only way to break the power of the past, and to break the power of those who have wronged us.
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    I use to tell random people that their mother was a hamster, and their father smelled of elderberries. Surprisingly it didn't always go well.
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    Last year I spread them over a whole challenge, so I definitely approve of the weekend idea :-) ------------------ Today did my normal Tuesday run ....so happy I have a "normal Tuesday run" because I'm almost always a little lacking in motivation. It's easier just to go into robot mode (I'm looking at you @Jarric). The other thing that helps me through Tuesdays is Zombies run. So far I've been too cheap to pay for the app, so Tuesdays I listen to my weekly episode. After work I really didn't feel like going to the gym. I think my body was tired, and I'm not sure whether going really did any physical good or not. The value was just in showing up to keep the routine. I'm not exactly sore from the sun salutations, but my arms are worn out...it's hard to lift them! Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day. I'll do the daily dare and maybe some gentle yoga (not sun salutations!!), but otherwise really looking forward to the rest.
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    Day 2, Week 1, O:CSD Remember how I said I didn't do much yesterday. Well, I did less today, but today I had a good reason. I'm actually impressed with myself. I woke up today and did my meditation and stuff. I noticed my whole torso was stiff while meditating but I didn't know if it was due to the subject of the meditation (Opening to desire) or because of how I slept or something. It turns out, it was probably because my stomach was seriously unhappy. While going on the walk to pick up my stepmother's new shoes (the errand she asked help with yesterday), my stomach became hangry. Yes, my stomach aggressively said "I'm hungry and I'm going to hurt because I am hungry". I've had this before. The best thing I can do is eat something small (a carrot today) to calm it down so I can cook food. Then I should spend time resting without anything tight around my stomach, like having pants buttoned and such. I guess some might call it bloated, but I don't know if that is what it was; whatever it was my stomach hurt if I had something semi-tight around my stomach. Despite this, I went to my second appointment of the day to talk about contraceptive options. Ultimately I'll stay with my pill for now because switching to a pill-less method might mean... (moving to spoiler) I got back from that errand, still feeling my stomach was unhappy. So I laid on my couch and binged on Elementary season four (I just got it on DVD... I'm planing to keep it). Today, I feel no guilt over the binging since I actually felt bad. Plus, I handled three more communication tasks. One of them having me call Italy to stop a triple order of the Vibram shoes I ordered this weekend. I'm a-getting some sweet shoes for my travels. Black pair of KSO EVO One black pair and one mint/turquoise pair of VI-B I ordered the size I had on the pair I bought an wore out last year. (Bought them in May, used them basically every day and in late August I noticed a hole in the sole. Might have been some problem there that I didn't notice when I got them, but anyway...) So I did two errands and three communication tasks. I'm mostly confirmed at the Italy fitness retreat for six weeks. Plus, I finally sent the email that will get me some money back for the electric cable mess that is still not quite finished. Oh, and I got confirmation this afternoon. The bank details for the buyer is complete and on Thursday I'll be signing my house away to be sold.