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    My professional life is inextricably linked with my faith. For those who don't know, I am an ordained minister, and work as a hospital chaplain while volunteering as a police chaplain. Something that's come up a lot at work in conversations with my supervisor is that getting to the next level in my chaplaincy is tied in with my spiritual formation. This is the Formation part of the title. Another aspect of my faith relevant to this challenge is the idea that for Christians, our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. in much of Western thought, especially Western Christian Thought, the influence of Neo-Platonic philosophy (thanks largely to Augustine of Hippo) has meant many Western Christians have seen spirit and flesh (their bodies) as separate. However, this was likely not the view of Jesus of Nazareth, nor of Paul of Tarsus who wrote the passage I quoted above. They both saw the body and soul as different but inseparable parts of one whole. To me that means my health and fitness goals link perfectly with my spiritual goals. That's the Integration part of the challenge. Finally, in my professional life I have procrastinated all summer about actually completing an application for a doctoral program in ministry. That procrastination will not stand. That's the Application part of the challenge. Therefore: Formation: Each day at least once during work and preferable more often than that I will spend time in the Hospital's chapel in meditative prayer. I will journal each day at work. The subject of that journaling involves self assessment of some technical aspects of connecting with patients I won't go into here, as well as my thoughts on how the formation is affecting the technical prowess Integration: I will continue to follow the practices of Intuitive Eating I will lift I will Yoga I will walk Application I will get that application sent off before the end of the challenge.
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    Too Much? Nah, Sylvaa is making a comeback (hopefully!). Strap in and let's do this! But first: an introduction! Hello! I am Sylvaa - your bubbly, happy Adventurer's GL. I am a 30-something mother of 4 kids, two cats, one dog, and an unofficial extra child or two. I work as a consultant, so my schedule includes a ridiculous amount of travel (80%!). At my highest weight, I was about 250 lbs and have lost over 80 lbs over the course of my super long journey (I started on my journey about 12 years ago. I've had a lot of plateaus and speed bumps along the way, so I can definitely empathize with people who don't see progress every challenge). I like gifs, memes, exclamation points, research, and data. I've recently been feeling kind of ... lost. It's been a culmination of a few things; being without a project, waiting to see what happens with some decisions I've made, dealing with my brother living with us, and having to see what happens with my husband's cholecystectomy. I also finished my MBA a few months ago, so my regimented schedule hasn't existed to the same extent that it had before. It's been super difficult for me to get back into the swing of things. I recently got back from a 10-day vacation, finally got the laundry caught up, and am ready to get back on the horse. I'm also going to be very introspective (as usual if I'm being honest) to get back into the swing of a pattern. Goal 1: Health & Fitness - I truly struggle with exercising regularly, even though I enjoy doing so. I like running and have had luck sticking to running plans. However, I'm not fast or good at distances (yet!), so it is frustrating. I also don't know that I want running to be my full focus as I like doing other things too. I also currently am without a gym membership. Truthfully, I do better at working out in the gym, but my schedule is such that it's not really worth the money to have one. And I am really bad at working out at home because I don't have a dedicated workout area. I restarted the Nike + Run app. They have a Get More Fit Program where you can set the number of days. I set the program for 3 - 4 days, which usually gives me 3 run days and 1 cross training. My goal is to stay current with the weekly plan. Bonus points if I do any yoga. I have a ton of Yoga With Adriene e-mails sitting in my inbox that I need to do. Goal 2: Home - I have amazing news this challenge! My brother is finally moving out! He gets the keys to his new place tomorrow and will get the majority of his stuff in by this weekend at the latest! *Dances* What this means, is that I get my Den back. Also, it means that I'm getting an official office area! I've also been slacking on cleaning because he's been on nights for the majority of his time staying here (so I've not been cleaning while he's sleeping). I hate doing chores, so it's super easy for me to find excuses, but I hate having an unclean house more. The main goal for this challenge is to get the Den renovated. This includes a deep cleaning (he's really messy) including the carpets, ordering and putting together new desks and chairs for the adults, mounting the tv, and potentially buying a new chair or two and lights. Once he isn't sleeping here anymore, we are going back to a Saturday morning cleaning schedule. We turn off the internet, make the kids turn in their electronics, and clean the house before everything gets turned back on. Goal 3: Connect - My husband is having his gall bladder removed on Thursday. If everything goes well, this will be a quick and easy surgery. If not, he'll be out of commission for a lot longer. This means that I'll need to be sympathetic, take over more duties around the house, and find some ways to save money if he runs out of PTO. I'd like to take this challenge to connect with the people around me more. I have a number of cookie recipes in my e-mail inbox. Between cookies and yoga, I have close to 100 unread e-mails! So once a week, I'm going to make a batch of cookies. This will also keep the grocery bill down as the only sweets in the house going forward are going to be homemade. I also need to finish getting my daughter's boyfriend registered for school. Yes, he's still living with us. No, he's probably not leaving until he graduates (CPS closed the case as he is safe and dad doesn't care). I've also got to read three books by the end of August to stay on track with my Goodreads goals. I'm currently working on two, so as long as I make a little time for myself each night, I should be good.
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    Knightfall Everyone can be broken. Everyone will meet their match and break like a wave on a cliff but it's not the fall that is important. The story isn't that a human can be broken that even the indomitable can falter. The important thing is what happens after. The choice to stay lying on the ground. Beaten and broken. Or to stand and and fight on. Okay, okay so a Batman themed challenge isn't the most original thing I could have come up with and it's not the first time I've done it either! I'm in a little bit of a creative slump, so I decided to go with an easy one to warm myself back up to the idea! The fall is both physical and mental. Anyone who followed the end of my last challenge will know that I recently picked up a running injury which has really kicked my legs out from under me, so to speak. However my bigger concern right now has to do with my eating habits. Over the last few months they have been getting worse and a lot more erratic. I've had serious weight problems for more of my life than I haven't and I can recognise when my eating behaviour has gone from troubling to down right destructive. Battling Bane! Right now food is a huge destructive force in my life. I struggle to emphasise how much of a problem it is for me. So here goes. Spoilered because talk about eating disorders and whatnot gets a little deep and goes a little long. TLDR: It is imperative that I control my binge eating. I usually don't advocate an all-or-nothing approach but I do find that this is what works for me. I need to track all my food. Plan in advance what I am eating and stick to the plan. My exact calorie counts aren't worked out yet but I'm going to stick with 2900-3000 for this week and adjust depending on my activity levels. The moment I go off plan things spiral out of control quickly. I want to add something on top of this and I'm essentially asking for a volunteer. If and when I feel the impulse to binge eat. Talk to someone about it before I pull the trigger. I've been feeling a little bit of a hypocrite recently when I've urged people to talk about their problems while I've refused to do this little thing. People have offered this before but I always feel horrible about adding my burdens to theirs. So I'm asking explicitly if there is anyone who honestly wouldn't mind if I sent a half hysterical message about wanting to eat an entire loaf of bread because thats the only thing thats edible within grabbing distance. In an ideal world I would never need to send that message but I've been getting myself into that state a lot recently. Onto much less difficult subjects: Recovery: I'm injured. I don't have a plan other than not running right now but I am seeing the physio on Thursday afternoon and I should have a better handle on what I should be doing from there. If all goes well I have a half marathon race on September 2nd but I am prepared to skip it if needed. Getting in Bat Shape! Meanwhile to focus on what I can do! In week 0: Monday: Cycle workout Tuesday: Lifting, Benchpress Wednesday: Cycle Workout Thursday: Rest Friday: Lifting, OHP Saturday: Sunday: TBD but I have a race entry for a looped event. Still hoping to be allowed to do 5 or 10k The general shape after week zero will be to have 4 lifting sessions and 3 cardio sessions per week but that is subject to change and I'm waiting for the physio appointment to work out the details. My focus this time round will be more on strength with the cardio sessions being much lighter than normal. However Squats and deadlifts are still very much TBD. Greasing the Groove: Finally I want to improve my pull-ups so I'm adding a little GTG type of work into this. 5 Pull-ups per day over the course of the day. May increase or decrease after each week.
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    8/6/18 Monday I was allowed to sleep in and then Mrs. Sloth took me to brunch at the bar & grill down the road. We spent the day at the water park. I don’t know how to frolic in the water so I spent most of it floating around the lazy river. i went on an afternoon/evening ride. As soon as I got on the bike I felt good and felt like I looked good. As I was leaving a golf cart full of drunken moms whooed at me. Bleary-eyed drunk and in need of glasses they may have been, but I’ll take it. The ride was glorious. The roads in this part of Wisconsin are designed for high speed milk trucks and are really nice to ride on. After a couple of hills that I crawled up, I hit some false flat and gentle hills. I put the hammer down and rode at a furious* pace. Several miles less in I saw a turtle in the road in the path of a monster truck. I threw my bike down and chased this turtle off the road. The thing about turtles is the are really fast after they’ve been basking. I had to do the hokey-pokey to catch it. My legs were seized up after that and I cursed the lizard king for making me choose between my legs and the turtle. A mile on I saw a squished turtle and I knew my sacrifice wasn’t in vain. My legs came back to me and I set a pace that was only a slightly less furious. I got got to the edge of Black River Falls, which is a cesspit of meth dealers, and was hassled by some teens in a Jeep. I decided to turn around instead of going through town and set a furious* pace back to the water park. I got in 42 miles in total, the bike computer said an average of 17 mph. Perhaps not stellar, but honestly, it was as good a solitary ride as I’ve ever had, even in my wayward youth. The kids were missing when I got back. I was assured they were fine. They were still gone when I got out of the shower and it was getting dark. I rode all over the campground looking for them, but they eventually wandered back on their own. Afterwards we had birthday tacos, lime-a-ritas, and cake. All-in-all it was a good birthday. *furious only in comparison to my normal tepid pace.
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    *Shudders* I'm frighteningly excited to see this movie! Meg is about a megaladon shark that terrorizes the oceans. It's based off the books written by Steve Alten. I've actually read the first three (or in the process. I'm almost done with the 3rd book). They are cheesy, but I love feeding my fear with sharks. Fun fact: sharks scare the crap out of me! Specifically, Great Whites. They also just happen to look like the scariest thing on the planet. Good thing there's a thick...very thick piece of glass protecting that little girl...or else. So anyways, sharks scare the crap out of me, yet, I'm fascinated with them at the same time. My wife thinks I'm extremely weird because of this. I dunno, I can't help it. I LOVE a good shark movie. Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, The Shallows, 47 Meters Down. Most shark movies are pretty stupid too. Like, Sharknado...all 6 of them. The CGI on the shark(s) is what draws me in, and Sharknado doesn't do it for me, lol. I digress lol. Ever since I first watched Jaws, I've been terrified of these monstrous fish. So, we're going to have a little fun this challenge and take my increased time spent swimming and turn it into something swanky. Back when the Shallows came out, I actually had a full fledged challenge written out but never ran with it. So, I'm taking elements from that for THIS one . I'm also combining elements for a Steam game called Depth. You can either play as the shark or as the diver in an arena type setting. If I do well this challenge, I'm making the game purchase my challenge reward . Goal 1: How Fast is a Great White? Great White's can get up to speeds of 25 mph in the water (125 mph in Sharknado...) and my goal is to out swim....KIDDING. Not gonna happen. I'd be lucky to get up to 2 mph in the water. My goal is to simple swim 2-3x a week on my off days, which is Tues/Thurs/Sat. The goal is to work on technique, speed and power. I would also like to test my lung capacity and see how long I can hold my breath....and THEN try and beat that time by the end of the challenge! Possible Points: +3 END, +1 DEX Goal 2: Eat Like a Great White (or Megaladon) Great Whites are the largest predatory fish on the planet. They. Eat. Alot. That's my goal as well. I want to swim hard and I know that burns a good chunk of calories, which means I'll need to replace them afterwards. I'm sitting between 185-187 right now and want to maintain that weight OR gain weight via muscle by the end of the challenge. Once again, before/after photos would be nice. Before Pics: Possible Points: +2 CON, +2 WIS Goal 3: What Waits in the Shallows? I'm writing again. While working on some bigger stories, I wanted to entertain y'all with a shark thriller of my own. It'll be a short story with little installments spread throughout the challenge, so be on the lookout for those . Possible Points: +3 CHA I want to add a 4th goal...but I need to meditate on it. So, I'll just post what I have now and update later on. Goal 4: Swimming is ALL about Pulling I need a strength goal, so I'm taking a node from @jonfirestar this challenge and doing GtG pull-ups. Let's shoot for a ladder set of 2-3-5 each day and anything else is just extra. Possible Points: +3 STR, +1 DEX Welcome to the Wild Blue Yonder, y'all!! Wolf
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    Nerds, comrades, friends, GREETINGS! Welcome to........ The Big One. The start of the ULTRA. MEGA. SHAAR RESPAWN CHRONICLES. So a quick recap from my last challenge, if you’ve lost your mind in the interim (like me) or if you’re new to these bardly parts - TL;DR, my house sold and is about to close this week, I’ve separated from my partner of 11 years (we live together and are still extremely close, which may make this harder), I’m quitting my job of 6.5 years in 2 weeks, and in the last week of August we’re loading up all of our crap to make the final road trip to move out of NC to MA for me, and NYC for them. Oh, and I’ll be bringing my heavily drugged-up anxiety ball of a cat. >:] Phew. Needless to say this a big, if not the biggest, turning point of my life. There’s a lot at play here mentally, emotionally... everything-ly, it’s been a lot of work to get to this point, and it’s finally here, and HOO BOY HOWDY BUCKLE UP YOUR SEATBELTS KIDS. My last few months have been nothing short of unpredictable and chaotic, and pretty much every aspect of my life has been in a quiet flux and is about to change real soon. Neat!! *^_^* (I’m v. much looking forward to the end result, FWIW!!!) So, my last few previous challenges have all led up to this one. The big one. The start of the real deal mega-frickin’ respawn. And, like the previous challenges, this one has only one goal - survive. I know I can do it, I’ve gotten through so much already, I only hope I don’t take a massive beating along the way. It’s like when you’re getting close to the boss room, and there’s a nicely placed save point, and you’re just kinda like “....Oh.” You know what’s coming. After the boss you get to like, go back to town and repair your gear and take a load off while the plot progresses. But you gotta do the hard work first. I’m going to do my best to take care of myself along the way - making sure I eat enough, get proper sleep, try not to let anxiety ruin my schedule of the aforementioned (because it has already), and try not to overthink things. One day at a time, take care of what’s in front of me, and then move on from there. Once this challenge is over everything will be done and dusted!... Right? (RIGHT.) And I’ll be able to continue my respawn and move on to more focused work - regaining my fitness, retooling my career, ENJOYING MYSELF, yes yes, all of these things! So I’ll get through it in the only way I know how - running and screaming and not letting anything get in my way. It’s worked so far.... Right?! I've got a lot of things I need to take care of so this challenge will also likely feature list after list of crap that I can check off as I move forward. HERE WE GO MY DUDES~ <3 [edit] OH THIS CHALLENGE WAS MY 10000 POST THIS IS A BLESSED AND SPECIAL THING !!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDD
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    Hoooooly shit y’all. Just had the cardiologist appointment and I’m totally fine. All of my preemptive arguments I had prepared were unnecessary. She said the structure of my heart is fine, there’s no heart attack in my future, the fact that it’s beating fast but not on a constant basis isn’t anything to worry about right now. Before I even got to bring it up she said she didn’t want to put me on medication. If it goes on like this unchecked there could be problems in my future, but right now there’s nothing to worry about. I just need to exercise and work on reducing stress and eating better and all that. It feels super dumb but I'm about ready to cry with relief. Possibly just because I was stressed about this appointment and also super defensive before I even met the doctor, so now that adrenaline has no outlet. But holy shit yay. I was sort of using this as an excuse not to exercise either so now I have to go buy some workout clothes and actually drag my ass to the gym. Meh. Actual challenge update (ha) and replies later. Now I have to go return super duper overdue books to the library and then go to the dentist. Womp.
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    Thanks! The power of memes compels you! The power of memes compels you! Truly the Lord works in Dank ways Today is a good day. I just worked out. Due to several factors I'm not lifting during zero week (a decision I made an hour ago). Mainly with going in at 1 instead of 3 my mornings are shorter and lifting and cooking are difficult to both work in. I'm shifting bedtime and wakeup time back a half hour each week till I start waking up at 6:30 (i had been waking up at 8) but this is only the first week and I'm only getting up at 7:30. What I did was that same Tai Chi video. I then tried doing some self directed Yoga, but wasn't discplining myself to hold poses long enough, so I tried to find something online. I did a beginner Yoga video from You Tube (one of Aidrenne's) but it was too beginner so I stopped it. I began NF Yoga Water B but stopped 2/3 of the way in because exhaustion. I used to be able to do the water videos and barely break a sweat, but that's when I was doing 2-3 yoga videos a week. I'm heavier now than I was then, so holding my body up takes more energy. I also don't have the endurance I had then because I haven't been walking as much. I also had done stuff before hand (the Tai Chi, the first two attempts at Yoga). I therefore have chosen not to beat myself up about it. I'll update later today with what I cook for lunch.
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    Week 0, Tuesday! Today had all the hallmarks of being a really bad day but I think I was able to salvage it and it all worked out. I'm not 100% on all my goals but I made up ground and feel like I made the best of a bad start. The long and the short of it is that I woke up at 5, after a fairly restless night, got ready for the gym and then just didn't leave. I was 'okay' with that decision for about 30 minutes until I got extremely frustrated with myself. After much self anger I got off to work. As you might understand this act and this reaction had a very real chance of simply spiralling out of control with thoughts of "well I ruined today already so screw it" When I got to work I looked at the huge cheesecake that had been put in the fridge overnight and somehow simply shrugged and ignored it. Now there is nothing special about there being cheese cake in the fridge at work. Or the cake that had been left on the top. For reasons my workplace is often loaded with masses of confectionaries and that simple fact probably helped. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted but the temptation was momentary. I wasn't at all hungry, which helped. The day then proceeded to be exceedingly boring but thanks to a long conversation with a few other nerds on facebook the day went quickly. That probably also helped. Especially when I realised I'd forgotten to pack my protein bar. I use that thing as a bit of a crutch, I admit but I got home I cooked up dinner and felt okay. I left it about an hour then resolved to get on and do the workout I'd skipped in the morning. I own some weights but no bench and only about 70kgs in total. Nonetheless I put together a bit of a circuit and did a workout. Which further helped. It did make one thing clear. One of the things I did when losing weight was workout in the evening because it helped with my eating habits in the evening. I really prefer to do the work in the morning so that's a little frustrating. Anyway consider today a success even if it didn't go exactly to plan. Battling Bane: Really very little temptation. I'm actually surprised TBH. Getting in Bat Shape Workout consisted of pushups, pull-ups, barbell rows, RDL, Curls, Standing Skull Crushers and squats. The weights were light and the exercises were done for 10 reps (apart from pull-ups which were 1-2 reps) in a complex/circuit fashion - no rest between exercises a couple of minutes rest between rounds. Had I gone to the gym the weights would have been significantly heavier and the workout a lot longer and slower but I worked up a sweat and am happy that I got something done. Greasing the Groove. Total of 10 today between the day and the workout. Didn't have to resort to negatives, which I'm honestly surprised about.
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    Deffy Feels the Power of the Gladiators! Do you feel the power of the Gladiators?! Can you face the challenge of the CHAAAAMPPPPIIOOOOOONNNNSSSSS! So I decided to keep hanging out in the 90's because those 90's vibes ain't going nowhere. I wanted something to spur me on to make me be more of a badass and what better than a bunch of freaking gladiators. They're all so inspirational, but mostly Jet because if I looked that great in high leg knickers that's all I'd wear too. So this challenge is about doing everything I can to be strong and powerful and badass and put my body through the ringer to see what I am capable of. I am going to fast. I am going to calorie count. I am going to spend a lot of time on my elliptical and I am going to do lots of deadlifts. There wasn't an Gladiator with a massive arse but I guess that means there is a slot left for me. Goal One: Get a body like Jet. Fast! Calorie count! Buy some shockingly high legged knickers and wear them all the time. Do this in them. Profit. Goal Two - Be Fearsome like Shadow Does Shadow look like the kind of guy to wuss out of a workout. HE DOES NOT. Continue my streak of 3 x 30 cardio minutes per week, do at least 10 x 50 kg deadlifts every day (or at least more often than not per week. Sometimes I am full of chicken and I don't want to vomit). Push self, get hench. Get a big fat booty. Goal Three - Be at Least Half as Stylish as Falcon. As much as it pains me to admit it, I could never pull off Falcon's mullet which is why I learned how to layer my own hair because every hairdresser I have ever been to has inflicted something like that on me because they don't seem to understand my hair. I do want to buy more clothes and look better in them, hence the calorie counting and training. Also lotion but we all know this won't happen lulz. Something Something Wolf. Yeah, I'll be honest there is no link for this one but I can't make a Gladiators challenge and not have Wolf in it. Wolf was the heel and he was great at it. For Wolf's goal I want to find a house. Or at least get closer. So be frugal and keep saving money so we have as much as possible when we come to buy one. I also want to keep my current house nicer so I want to deep clean every single room in my house at least once this challenge. And I mean deep clean. Secret Goal - Saracen Dayum son, how d'you get so foine... CONTENDER... READY! 3.....2.....1..... New challenge........ goooooooooooooooooooooo! (Apologies to anyone expecting American Gladiators. This is a bunch of hench British chaps and wenches. Sorry to disappoint)
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    let's go with a fun moana beach theme for this challenge which involves a beach wedding and the final days of summer! Challenge goals: get in 5 workouts per week; 2 of them being weights - i worked in 1 weights day/week last challenge. now it's time for 2 or more. go on a 5 min walk once per week - at least 5 minutes. i have the time for a walk i just need to do it. under 1950 weekly calorie average - this is a hard and fast max calories until the wedding. i don't want to be super uncomfortable in my dress. i've got 3 weeks. do i wish i had a bigger dress? yes. can it be altered? no. do i freaking love my dress so much that even if this cut doesn't work i'll wear it? yes. per usual: track restaurant food track yoga things. 8/10: moulin rouge 8/11: brewery crawl 8/12: baby shower 8/18: clean apartment thoroughly 8/19: pack for wedding; plan for labor day 8/20: send final headcounts 8/23: leave for ptown! clean glassware for centerpieces, put together welcome bags 8/24: hand out bags, nails, check in dog watcher, rehearsal 8/25: IT’S OUR WEDDING DAYYYYYYYY idek what happens after that.
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    I thought my integration approach might appeal to Druidic sensiblities Thanks. Today is a good day. I did some Tai Chi from this video and then did some Yoga. It left me feeling very centered. Lunch was Kung Pao Chicken. I cooked some green onions in butter and set them aside. I cooked brown rice with sesame oil, soy sauce and garlic. When it was done the green onions went back in the rice. The main dish was chicken cooked in avocado oil and sesame oil with salt. I set it aside and in the drippings cooked two cloves garlic (minced) a red bell pepper finely chopped and some green beans. (We are spice wimps so we didn't make it spicy. The bell pepper was instead of chili pepper). I cooked that for five minutes then added the chicken back in with some chopped peanuts. I added a sauce with 1/4 c water, some honey, some rice vinegar, some soy sauce, and some arrow root powder. I let that cook for a few minutes then served it over the rice and topped with more chopped peanuts.
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    I know I'm super early, but I need to post this in my morning so I can get on with the day. This motivation won't last forever. For anyone that hasn't recognised the middle quote in my signature (and who could blame you if you didn't), I'm a Buffy and Angel fan - despite their many flaws. And one of my absolute favourite characters to ever be on either of those shows is none other than the queen bee herself Cordelia Chase. So I thought it was a great time to do this theme (including gifs). (do I need a spoiler warning for a forum with Nerd in the title?) And also, for this challenge I am choosing to ignore the travesty that is Angel season 4, because that was not Cordelia so it doesn't count. *sticks out tongue* This idea came just before I found this article: Essay: The Assassination of Cordelia Chase. And I personally have always identified with her, even when the writers gave her some questionable lines. She was always the realistic one, and even when she was altruistic and empathetic she never forgot to put herself, if not first, then at the very least second - something I have trouble with. She is allowed to be materialistic, practical, and the hero, and she is blunt and calls people out on their crap. I love her self-confidence (even her fake one) and her inner strength. I like that she doesn't flaunt her intellect but uses it nonetheless, and suffice to say I identify with her acing the SATs but not being able to go to college because of someone else's dumb decisions. She wasn't Buffy, and she didn't try to be Buffy, and I think, in the end she was the only one of the original gang that actually grew up. And with that, the challenge: Main challenge goal: Pharmaceutical technician qualifications, aka "ace the SATs" goal- While this will take a lot longer than the 4 weeks this challenge gives me, I am kicking it off on the right foot. I will get in, find the books I need, and study my ass off. And not let the million other things I need to do cause me pressure that leads to me not doing anything. "Angel Investigations, we help the hopeless" - Let's face it, the woman ran the business side of things perfectly. Without her making him a legitimate detective Angel would have creeped out more women than he helped. This is my 'stay on top of trackers' goal, same deal as last time. I also have a quest that might help with this. "The crossbow" goal - Gif says it all. This is my fitness one. I'm switching things up by dedicating to the Athena's Playbook Darebee plan, because, come on, and adding things like running and hiking and extras when I feel like it. It is varied enough that I feel like I can do it and not get bored. The Evolution - Just like much of Cordy's evolution was emotional and mental, I will keep focusing on my mental health path: Take breaks when you feel riled up. Breathe, or break the conversation and give yourself space. Calming practises. Work through it. Figure out why you feel the way you feel. People don't need to know your emotions. Project a calm image and find a way to speak clearly even when you don't feel clear. This will stop me feeling even more annoyed when people try and 'help' but their help is saying calm down. And it will help with the bad type of vulnerability I feel when I am not calm. Don't feel responsible for things other people need to do. FEEL. For fuck's sake, just feel your emotions, they are not a bad thing. Phrasing. Use the words 'hate' and 'try' less. The first one in regards to things I just have a general dislike for and the second in regards to things I want to do. It sounds simple but it's one of these things that you catch yourself doing and it changes your worldview. Now, for the part of my challenge that is the Cordy quests - experiments that might be a success and might not, either way I learned something: Dennis the ghost quest - My chores are hampered by the fact I live with another person. To fix this I will: a) ask the person to not help me when I'm cleaning because we have different methods; b) focus on my mess and the mess that might not be only mine but that I care more about (so I know we won't get our wires crossed); c) work on not feeling odd that I'm cleaning with someone else in the house - chores that I can do alone will take precedent, chores that involve other people will be done when those people cooperate and I will not feel guilty about that. I think it, I say it, it's my way quest - Speak you mind. Something bothers you? Someone is being an idiot and it affects you? Say it while you're calm and it hasn't ruined your life enough for you to be boiling. Have an opinion about a topic? You know the person appreciates your advice? Say it. You already like saying I told you so. Well, duh/I'm not a sheep quest - self-confidence. I have it in my head. I don't have it around other people as much as I want to. I'm me. I'm awesome. Other people should know I know that. You didn't just hurt me, you gave away my clothes quest - Clean out things you don't like, need, or use, and invest in things you do, things you'd miss if someone, oh I don't know, donated all of your shit right after you got kidnapped. This has a counter, that is currently on 0/5 (though one portion is half-way done) for places I need to do the clean out on - so once a week is plenty. One of those places is not solely mine, so I will give myself the point if I try and not get into an argument during it. The second portion of this quest is spending related - I am a stupidly frugal person, to the point where I don't invest in things I need without feeling weird about it. I will work on not feeling weird. And lastly: If I don't do everything I have set out to do this challenge, I can do my best. We take what we can get, and any progress is good progress. Not striving for perfection here, it doesn't exist. We strive to be badass and to rock. Whatever that entails this time. And with that, we're off! I'll try and update frequently as always. See ya!
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    So, first things first, my official nerdiversary was August 2nd, but this challenge last year was my first challenge. I went back and looked at it, and Stribs from the past had some pretty good ideas, though she was a bit too ambitious and get knocked on her butt when school started. So here we are again, just a girl versus 90 seventeen year olds, trying to survive. Last year, unfortunately, my definite #1 priority was them. I was drowning in work swearing that’s just what it’s like to be a teacher, but that ends now. This year, it has to be me, my husband, my sanity. I go back next week Thursday for teacher work days, and I am going to use every minute of that time to set up a classroom environment that has me grading less, facilitating more, and making time for my husband, my hobbies, my friends, and myself (not necessarily in that order). I have included school goals even though we will only be in actual school for a week or so this challenge, but I need to start off right!! Category 1: School Commitments I know I Have After School: Save Promise Club (meeting x2 a month) Cosmotology club (meets x2 a semester if last year is the pattern) Tutoring (meeting once a week) Hospitality Committee (meet once a month) Faculty meeting (once a month) Grad Project Speeches (x2 a semester) My first goal is to SAY NO to everything else after school. No gate duty, no other clubs or committees, nothing. My after school cup is full. I might go to a game or two if my kids are playing, but that’s it. I’m probably going to ask my other job to really just work me on weekends if they can. Or I will work certain days (like Mondays) on days I don’t have club meetings so I still have time to pack up my daily life at school and get some time with hubs. My second goal is to focus the bulk my grading time: Mornings I’m not at the gym (hubs made the comment last year that he didn’t have an issue with me getting up early or staying late, but he would prefer if I picked one instead of burning both ends) During planning Until 5pm after school. Weekend mornings My goal is to only take the most simple, straightforward assignments home (vocab quizzes, things that were done for participation, etc. The exception to this rule is when I have essays to grade. And then, I will make a manageable schedule and follow it. I need to start training my time to be MINE! My Third Goal is to BE PREPARED: I want to leave by 5pm every day. All meetings will end by 4:30...no exceptions My goal is also, NOT to be there before 7:30am on any given day. School starts at 8:35, an hour should be enough. Basically, I am reinstating my “After school to do list” and it will be done daily in order to prepare for the next day. This will give me more time to grade in the mornings because I can go into the gym later, which means more time in the evening for meeee. That really covers it for the school goals. Pretty similar to what I had in mind last year, but we are giving it another go. Me Goals: Self Care, Me time, and Fitness Take my vitamins and meds daily Drink 96oz of water a day (I’m backing this down again because 128oz has always just been unmanageable, and this is plenty) Meal prep NUTRIENT DENSE lunches (instead of just focusing on calories) Must involve a serving of vegetables and a protein (will do more research into specifics here) Lifting x3, bootcamp x1, yoga/back and core daily (as a warm up) Yoga, walking, and stretching until further notice See friends once a week (even if it’s just for coffee or whatever) 7 hours of sleep a night (having more evening time should help with early bed time) Other Priorities: What do with all this free time I hopefully have Complete home Dailies Weekly date night (most will be in house, but hey, whatever works) Make a budget Write write write Finish novel Finish children’s book Write one or 2 articles a week for hubs’ business blog This looks like a full plate, BUT hopefully some of these goals will work to give me MORE time for the things I actually want time for. I’m excited!! Happy Challenge!!
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    That's right Rangers! The Fab Five are hanging out with us this challenge. They have already made over the Guilde Halle and elevated our Bartender. Now it's time for you to let them work their Magic on you. Because each of us may have different needs this challenge, we are going back to the feat system. Each of the Fab Five will represent a different feat. To elevate yourself, post below and let us know what your feats will be. Each week I'll choose a feat, and you will do that feat for the week. (Don't worry if you get behind, do what you can and adapt as you need, this kind of mini is about self improvement, not strict adherence to arbitrary rules). Choose something that will stretch you but you know you can accomplish. Antoni: This will be a cooking feat. Find one way to elevate your cooking and put it into practice this week. (This doesn't have to be a permanent change, it can be something new you try). Tan: This will be a wardrobe feat. Find a way to elevate your clothes. Get creative, this can be something as simple as arranging your closet or as complex as getting a new outfit. French Tuck the heck out of this feat! Karamo: This will be your culture feat. Do something cultural. Bobby: Batcave feat. Elevate your batcave. This could be cleaning a room, this could be making some changes that will help your environment support your healthy habits, or you could redecorate. Jonathan: Yaaaas Feat! Elevate your grooming. This can be getting a new haircut, trying new product, or starting a new skincare routine. Make yourselves Fabulous Rangers!
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    Boy has it been a year. There was a point last year where I really felt I had my fitness identity figured out and I knew what *I* needed to do for success. But I had some mental health and relationship issues to take care of first and that blew everything else out of the water. It's been really tough to get my head back in the game, so much so that I had completely lost track of what was starting to work before. This year has brought a few ups, and many downs. But my head is finally in the game and I feel ready to make some progress. I think I've blown enough of the cobwebs off of my fitness brain and I'm ready to . . . Kick Names and Take Ass While trying to get my head on straight I started assessing all the underpants I've collected since starting NF and tried to do some decluttering. I'm left with the underpants that work and make sense for me. It's a constant balancing act between what works and what works AND I can stick to. I still don't have a full picture of what all those underpants looks like together, but it's getting less foggy. So before I ramble anymore, on to the goals! Food Goal: Here is what I have learned from collecting underpants... I know I need to find a way to strike a balance between being too restrictive and then not being restrictive enough. I enjoyed doing the Whole30 because of the 'freedom' to eat without logging. Eating real food just makes me feel better and makes it more difficult to go off the rails. Paleo speaks to me but I'm not willing to cut out all the foods that are restrictive with Paleo or Whole30 long term. Until my spiral, I was able to find a good balance between logging food and eating Whole30(ish) Logging food is beneficial, maybe (and hopefully not) permanently, but it works. I finally took a look at some of Michael Pollan's food rules and they speak to me in the same way but are less restrictive. Eat Food. Not Too Much of it. Mostly Plants It occurs to me that the Paleo-ish I've been striving for is really just clean eating and Pollan's rules line up quite well with that ideal. So that's what I'm aiming for. Ideally, my goal would be to eat clean 80% of the time, and only log food if I venture into non-Food (processed food). But since I'm also in the healthy living program at work, I''ll stick with logging my food all the time. 1 point for eating at least 3 freggies a day 2 points for at least eating with a deficit (preferably over 750) 3 points for either eating clean all day or staying under MFP calorie target.(I haven't actually decided what this limit should be. Last time I was really successful it was around 1500 but that was tough to stick to. I've been at 1900 for awhile and it seems to be just under maintenance.) Fitness Goal: More underpants.... Being more active daily can only be good My workouts need to have a higher intensity. This brings results and keeps me motivated Do what you enjoy. I enjoy playing with sledgehammers and barbells* Never miss 2 days in a row Rest is also beneficial Consistency is key Ideally I'd like this to be a good old fashioned rucking and sledgehammer challenge. I'm still working on getting a good tire to have at home. I don't have access to the one at fancy gym now. But really anything goes as long as the intensity is there and it's something I enjoy. 1 point for at least doing something 2 points for at least getting 8000 steps 3 points for either getting 10,000 steps or doing a workout. Rest days also count as 3 points for purposes of point streaks but only up to twice a week. Low intensity workouts (along the lines of yoga and housework) can count once per week Chain Bonuses: I really like this aspect of my past few challenges, I just need to not be lazy. I want that 1,000,000 points but I want to earn it. Since I'll be challenging for 35 days, I've adjusted the points accordingly. The MN State Fair is during this challenge and don't think there is any clean food in sight, it just won't stay on the stick. So I'm counting the fair day as a freebie for the food goal. To balance that out, I can count one of the driving days as a freebie for the fitness goal. *not a euphemism
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    I'm going to keep this challenge really simple, since I have no idea what condition my skin will be in. My treatments also largely make me want to: 1. Do something stretchy every day. I especially need to stretch my left shoulder, pec, and armpit areas, so I don't lose ROM during treatment. 2. Do something strengthy every day. It doesn't have to be much. Just something. 3. Play with my basement silks every day. Even if it's just for a minute. I got rosin, so I can finally grip them really well. 4. Do something nerdy every day. Reading, python coding, working on Linux. All are fine. 5. Do some cleaning every day. My house is a disaster, and even if it's just 10 minutes of picking a few things up, I need to do something. 6. If possible, try to avoid taking a nap. The fatigue is worse when I give in, and it's more manageable when I stay active. That's it. Most days, my "somethings" will end up being a token effort. And that's okay. I can push myself a bit more when I'm finished with all of this cancer bullshit.
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    I wasn't sure I was going to make a challenge this time around since they always seem to peter out with me not sticking to my goals. But I like all you Nerds and not sticking around isn't an option So. What are we doing? Trying to pull out of this damn stall I've been in for *looks at wrist* almost two years. The good news is that I've basically maintained, so I'm not backsliding. But I'm also not where I want to be. Obvs. Sticking with the basics works, so that's what we're gonna do. Eat like a reasonable human being I'm a snacker and a binger and I regularly eat my emotions. I'm going to continue to never-ending quest to save my girlfriend quit eating like an idiot. In general I plan on sticking to my mod-IF (breakfast and dinner, no lunches or snacks) since it seems to be killing the after-work-munchies. Not sticking to it religiously, but in general. Snacking is limited to appropriate times and amounts. A small amount of candy at the movies. A reasonable amount of the snacks people have brought to game night. Run so you don't die in OCRs Even though I prefer the idea of being strong to the idea of being a runner, my cardio is holding me back more than anything else in OCRs. I've recently given into the fact that I'm just not gonna run outside when it's....well, not perfect running weather (unless it's at an event). So for now the goal is two dreadmill sessions a week. One "long" run (5k-ish) and one intervals* That's it. I don't have enough spoons for anything extra. I feel bad leaving out lifting but there's only so much Maigs to go around and I've got other things on my plate**. I'll definitely go back to lifting later but for now I'm going to look like a stereotypical cardio bunny focused on losing weight. Later I'll work on the guns so I can quietly intimidate people *If anyone has suggestions on an actual plan for intervals I'd be very open to suggestions. Right now I'm just planning on something like 1 minute on, 1 minute off. I should probably work on inclines since two of my upcoming OCRs are on ski hills*** **I got a new freaking job!! I don't start until mid-October but I have a metric crap-ton of work to do to wrap up my stuff at my current job and get the other guys trained. I foresee much frustration and working every weekend to make this as smooth as I can. Unfortunately there's basically zero chance of getting a replacement in before I leave so I have to dump all my stuff on an incompetent Kevin and an already overloaded Trevor. ***Why yes, I did just put a post-note within a post-note. I have THREE OCRs during this challenge, all 5ks. Mudzilla August 25, Rugged Maniac Sept 1, and The Great Inflatable Race Sept 8. I have a group doing Rugged Maniac with me (4 others, including Hubs) and Hubs is doing TGIR too.
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    Well, I got my letter and it's time to go to school! I can't wait!!! But before I head off to Hogwarts, I'll need to get organized. So - a trip to Diagon Alley for supplies, then I have to get my plans in place! I will be traveling this weekend - Friday through next Tuesday. Zero week will be getting my shit together for my trip, and getting my schedule organized for studying for when I get back. I've been doing extremely well with time based scheduling and will be using that model for studying. Here's what I'm doing for this week, just to keep the travel anxiety at bay. 1: Tuesday 2-3pm - Finish dress for wedding 2: Wednesday 9-11am - hair 3: Wednesday 6-8pm - pedicure/pack 4: Thursday 1-4pm - Pack I also picked up a new bujo for this new chapter in my life which will organize the goals for the next few challenges. I want to fill it with study schedule spreads, future business planning and I dunno what else. Maybe I'll include some of the process of coaching that I'm doing for myself as well. Any suggestions for study/business spreads would be greatly appreciated! I figure I can work on some spreads during the flights and during down time on the road etc. So that's it for now! HAPPY ZERO EVERYONE AND I'LL SEE YOU AT THE SORTING CEREMONY!!!
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    Wow it has been quite the last few weeks. I started changing jobs, went to italy with my bike, i've had about 4 weeks of vacation, and it has been hot! All in all, i'm pretty ready to get back into the usual swing of things. Vacation also meant a lot of eating a lot of drinking and not a lot of exercise. I tried to keep up with some exercising but some days it was just too hot (for us, otherwise i know my Texan friends will give me hell for it) but at some days it even reached over 100f. But most of the days it was just not possible to work out due to the stuff we did with the kids. I need a new plan, and i will start working on it. If the weather-forecast is right today will be the last really hot day!
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    Tuesday Stupid Sexy Flanders (Rehab the butt) This is how I felt after completing my first run last night. I had no pain, just a little stiffness. I was pretty terrified of going running. I had all these thoughts about something going *snap* and ending up in a heap on the floor in agony. That obviously didn't happen! All my other rehab exercises were done too. "Overshoot the Extreme! Max the Envelope! And so on" Strength Train 2-3 times a week Rest day ii. Pull ups Only did 3 GtG pull ups yesterday as I've got a bit of DOMS from Monday. I only did these because Stu told me to 'quit whining and do them'. He loves me really!
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    Jumping straight into this so I don't lose all the good progress I made with my respawn last challenge. I feel like the warriors are a good fit for me at the moment as I play a full contact sport and am lifting once more. No other class is really ringing my bell right now Respawn Recap: TL;DR - I play roller derby, weight train as cross training, have some anxiety/depression Motivation issues, and really like food. New office job clashing with old brain habits. Previous Challenge Recap; This challenge I will just be following on from the last, working on some 6-month goals and making some new ones. 6-month goals: My goals this challenge are divided into pre-18th of August and post-18th of August as we have a derby bout on that night. Once it's over I don't have as many big derby things coming up, and I can focus more on other things. Like lifting, and jam skating. 1. WEIGHTLIFTING (Aim: get swole. Beat Bunbury. Squat an actual human. do a real pull up.) 2X week. 0 week will be the virtual comp. I'll smash that out probably tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday. After that I'll be sticking with 5x5 because it's working for me and I don't have to think hard to do it. Pre-18th of Aug -- lift a little lighter and do some Sumo squats and Deadlifts to work on my inner thigh strength. Better inner thighs - better derby plow stops. Post-18 of Aug -- 5x5 as usual. Bonus: Try out Simple & Sinister 1xweek. I am intrigued. This may happen, may not. Definitely not before 18th Aug. what? why? I have found the best success with lifting weights for my self-confidence and general fitness levels, especially relating to hitting and being hit on roller skates. 2. SKATING (Aim: be fancy. Beat bunbury. chain some dance moves together) 2x week. Pre-18th of Aug -- backwards skating footwork practice. Backwards crossovers, lateral movement on toestops, smarty-pants footwork, d-cuts, backwards plows. Post-18 of Aug -- Jam skating. 1 new move weekly. why? I can't always make training due to my whack work schedule so getting more time on skates helps me think less about my feet when trying to do the strategy thing playing a derby game. 3. FOOD (AIm: drop body fat. Feel physically better by not eating crap) 5/7 days compliance. (1x total cheat day, one day's leeway in case of fuck-ups.) a. Slow Carb food (no white carbs, sugar, dairy or fruit) b. Eat mindfully during meals (no playing on phones, computers, etc. Bonus points for finishing after partner!) what? why? I am a guts. eating mindlessly no doubt hinders my attempts at shedding some fat and if I slow down and eat then I should feel fuller and eat less. And my partner mocks me for it xD Dairy makes me a bit ill so cutting that out has had to happen sooner rather then later. I just overindulge in carbs and don't feel full so eating less should help. Fruit and sugar are just a follow-on from last challenge's low-sugar quest. I read Tim Ferriss' 4 hour body and like the idea of doing less for maximal results. Good thing I like beans and eggs. 4. SCHEDULE-FU (Aim: Be a functional human being despite mental health problems. Thanks for the quest-name inspiration Juni0r83!) Schedule your week in advance. Also called time-blocking.1x a week spend some time looking at work roster and work around it. Schedule these things weekly: 3x15 minutes of decluttering 2x loads of laundry, washed dried & put away 1x load of dishes 2x Gym Days 1x food shopping day 1x food prep day 2x jam skating days 1x side hustle / marketable skills practice Schedule these things in to be done at some point in the next month: Get yo' boobies checked (Who has two thumbs and is at high risk for breast cancer?) Book car service (my handbrake went twang the other day. I would be more worried if it had been working beforehand! Also my suspension is shocking and my brakes need some love.) Fix your full iCloud problem Bathe the dog and trim her fur and claws. Chiro appointment The points are scored for actually scheduling this stuff. Do it or don't. Whatevs. What? why? I have a nasty habit of putting crap off when my mood gets low. if I can make more things ingrained habits I will do them even when depressed.
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    Goals: sleep (allocate 8+ hours), aim to connect with people every day (or make a conscious choice not to), and hit the nutritionist's recommended calorie targets (2,700-2,900 per day, more if I'm suuuuper active). Also will be posting lots of HP gifs because I'll be stealing all the good ones from @RedStone's thread (and it's the closest thing I could think of to a monastery, which I joke about practically living in sometimes). ^^And also some derpy ones. Full last challenge closeout here:
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    I had a rather succesful challenge, so let's keep the pace going. Just a heads up, I probably won't be very active. This means I probably won't be visting other people's threads. I will have a hard time to keep updating my own I think. Background info Statistics Long term goals Goals for this challenge I fast for at least 14h a day At least 2 days a week I fast for 16h At least 5 days a week I follow a meal plan (breakfast & lunch) Bread with cheese + handful of nuts (or healthy replacement) Bread with cheese + strawberry cottage cheese (or healthy replacement) At least 5 days a week I sleep 7.5 hours -> turning in at alarms At least 2 days a week I cycle Tuesdays: training rides Weekends: tours At least 1 day a week I walk Bonus goals Replace 1 slice of bread with vegetables/protein Go from 3 meals to 2 meals Track kcal intake and adjust as needed At least 1h a week I play AC Unity Progress 13 augustus - 9 september 2018 Goal # per week 0 1 2 3 4 Total % 14h fast 7 2 2 6% 16h fast 2 1 1 10% Meal Plan 5 1 1 4% Sleep 7.5h 5 3 3 12% Cycling 2 1 1 10% Walking 1 0 0 0% AC Unity 1 0 0 0%
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    Haha same, I'll post a cute animal video once in a while maybe.....?? It's FINALLY stopped raining, thank goodness, I was getting worried about moving in the rain.............. Housing is BANANAS. Like. Jeeeeeez. Our house went under contract in just over a day and it's like, man, you really need to be ON IT (or in the right place at the right time) to get things done......... phew. HELLO WEDNESDAY *^_^* Today's been pretty good so far! Quiet at work, but you know, I'm not bummed, I'm gonna be busy training next week so...... I'll deal with it~ Thankfully I haven't been riddled with wacky anxiety lately SO THAT'S COOL. Everything feels kinda weird and I'm a little emotional - last night I looked at our pile of stacked and folded towels, our towels, and started to cry a little - HOKAY DUDE COOL - so thanks Shark Week and Big Life Changes. But I'm hanging in there and getting good sleep and eating normally so that helps LOADS!!!! Anyways here's a list of shit so I don't forget: I'm sure I forgot some stuff but this is a good start. Phew. GO TEAM!~