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    Matthew 23:23 English Standard Version (ESV) 23 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness. These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others. I have nothing against mint, dill, or cumin, I use all three. I include the above quote because those herbs are, for the purposes of this challenge, a metaphor for something very important in my health and fitness journey. They represent legalism. Combined with my perfectionist tendencies, legalism can play merry hell with my psyche. While I like to think I don't really struggle with religious legalism, I can struggle with fitness legalism. The way I did paleo was in many ways legalistic: I looked down on non-paleo foods and those who ate them, while justifying my own departures from the true path. The main problem with legalism is that rules become an end unto themselves, rather than a means. With health and fitness, the "rules" are there to help someone become healthy and fit. Someone who has fallen into fitness legalism cares more about the rules than the goal of health. Checking off the boxes becomes an obsession, and we stray from the path. The problem with the pharisees was not that they tithed their herbs, it was that the rules became the de facto object of their worship, rather than the giver of the rules. A brief note on the history of the Ancient Near East, at the point when these accusations were leveled, the Israelites had been back in Palestine for over 500 years, after an exile in Babylon. According to their own scriptures (Which I call the Old Testament, and believe in), they were sent into exile for unfaithfulness to God. One of the most egregious and ubiquitous examples of that unfaithfulness was in worshiping idols dedicated to other Gods. After the exile, the Israelites learned their lesson; in the 2500 years since Judaism has never really struggled with idolatry. The accusation Jesus was making was that at that time, the pharisees (a sect of Jews popular at the time) had made an idol out of legalism. A more nerdy example might be that player who always derails the game with rules lawyering and sucks the fun out of it for everyone else. Indeed, that person seems to get more enjoyment out of arguing over the rules than from actually playing the game. One of the things that has held me back was getting too focused on the rules, rather than staying true to the simpler yet more difficult goal of being healthy. Part of why I enjoy intuitive eating so much is that it's a way to get past the legalism of dieting and simply be healthy. Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full. One of the best ways to learn intuitive eating is to do intuitive eating. One of the best ways to learn to be healthy is to try your best to be healthy. And so, instead of goals and checkboxes (something that helped me once upon a time) I have my list of good things. Intuitive Eating is good. I will do that. Healthy food is good. I will make healthy food, then brag about it to show off. That second part isn't necessarily healthy, but it is sure fun. Also, you have been warned: Don't read this thread Hungry. Lifting is good. I will do that, probably following the juggernaut program. Walking is good. I will do that. Stretching is good, I will do some yoga. Tai Chi is good, I will play around with it. And now, here are some gifs:
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    The Return of the Challenge of the Living Dead In honour of the Halloween challenge and as my part of my role as the official Zombie Apocalypse Preparation Coordinator of the Rebellion let’s talk about Zombies Of course there is only one movie that could be used to follow up on the ‘Challenge of the Living Dead’ and that is of course the classic Dawn of the Dead Return of the Living Dead (bear with me ) In 1984 at a Medical Warehouse foreman Frank is looking to show off to the companies newest employee. He takes the unsuspecting young man down into the basement and shows him a series of military barrels that had been routed to the facility by accident. Ever the clutz Frank accidentally releases the toxic gas, rendering the two men unconscious. When they awoke their industrious little town is forever changed! The thing about this particular movie is that, whilst it has had a profound impact zombie fiction and pop culture as a whole, I don’t think many people even know it exists. This was the original Zombie Comedy and without it you could argue that there would be no Zombieland, or Planet Terror or Shaun of the Dead. It introduced the idea of the fast zombie, the talking zombie and the indestructible zombie. Although the one thing that almost everyone would have come upon at some point of time is, of course: Brains! So to show some love for a piece of undervalued zombie fiction I present to you The Return of the Challenge of the Living Dead! Experimental Weapon! (this image is from Return of the Living Dead III, but that movie is part of the series and criminally underrated) So training this challenge is going to be a little different. I am still working out exactly what I want my training to look like towards the end of the year. I've got the outlines of a running and lifting program that'll run alongside each other. However a large proportion of this challenge will be devoted to tracking and measuring all of the things. To give myself a basis for my training going forwards. Lift 2 Days per week. Monday and Friday by default. I might swap this to Wednesday on week 0 and Week 2 because I'm racing. Run 4 Days Per week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Metcon, One day per week will be a metcon/functional type of training Day. Friday. If I skip a session in a week (because I'm racing) it'll be this one because the races I've got this challenge will fulfill this purpose. I'm going to test my 1RM on all 4 of the major lifts (hopefully done by week 1), if I can figure out a good time to do it I'll also test my current 5k time but that might not happen. Mobility. A little every day! PT. Keep up my PT work. 4 days per week. BRAAAAAAINNNSSS!!!! Zombie gotta eat and only the best quality brains are on the menu! 2300-2400 calories per day. Saturday will not be tracked. This'll change to Sunday This week because Race day. Maximum 4 Cups of Coffee Per Day. Nuff Said! Sleep Like the Dead Bed By 10:00pm Easy enough. Friday and Saturday have some leeway. Nuke them! It’s the only Way to be Sure! There are 2 races this Challenge! OCRWC: Mudstacle 7k fun lap Nuclear Fallout! 12K The goal for the races is simply to have fun with them. They are both big meetup events with a bunch of awesome nerds and I can’t think of a better way to end the race season. I'm looking forward to hanging out with @iatetheyeti, @Rhovaniel, @Charlie_Quinn and @Jarric!
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    Deffy #45: Zooooom + Civilisations Part I - Mesoamerica I'm back at it again with my goals that never change. I am 10.8% of the way there to my year end goal weight which is obviously good news but since I plan on eating my weight in cheese again at Christmas I ideally want to dip considerably below this so I get a nice cushion to allow for multiple unbridled cheesegasms. My goals are, broadly - to lose some fat and to get an amazingly peachy arse. This will be referred to henceforth as "getting sexy" or "getting peng". Goal One : Do you wanna go faster, baby? Do you wanna go FASTER?! (definitely not Terrorvision's best work imo) I am not very good at depriving myself. I have come to realise I have a naughty, rebellious streak and when I feel like I have to do something it takes everything I have to stop me furiously doing the exact opposite, even when they are self imposed rules. I can cut my calories down most of the time and keep myself in line but doing this for too long makes me pissy and I end up rebelling sooner or later. My antidote to this is fasting because this, in combination with preplanned, homecooked meals is a super easy way of cutting calories without feeling deprived. I only eat one or two meals a day and this naturally slashes my calorie intake completely painlessly because I don't mind being hungry as long as I am still in a fasted state. Goal Two: Harder Better Faster Stronger Along with my fasting, I need to give my workouts my all. I have no option but to train just three times a week (my preference would be every day but I have a living to earn and a big commute leaving me with very little time on days when I work but luckily both myself and TH are fortunate enough to only work 4 days a week) so when I train, I need to be giving it my all. I need to go harder, train better, do it faster and become stronger. Hour long elliptical sessions and deadlifts to make my bum great are on the docket yet again this challenge. Because my bum is very resistant to change and it wants to just lie there like a dead fish. I will also expand my high energy Spotify workout playlist because right now it's 60% Prodigy which ain't no bad thing. I will also post a high energy song of the day so we can get pumped together. Scoring System and LOOOOOOT For every hour I fast I get a point. For every kilometre I travel on the elliptical I get a point. Points mean prizes! If I get over 750 points this challenge I can buy myself this: Part 2 - Civilisations Part I - Mesoamerica I am going to achievement farm on Civ V but in a fun, educational way! I have split the game into regions/countries and I will focus on getting all achievements for each civ in that region in each challenge. Not just this, I will learn about the history of the civs too. I did a random number generator and got The Aztecs but I couldn't find a decent book just about the Aztecs so I bought one about The Maya, Azetcs and Incas and I will bundle all three up and do them together. Learning is fun, guys! New challenge, goooooooooooooo!
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    As the leaves have begun to turn, not all is well in the Ranger's forest. Theives, brigands, foul, and fowl creatures have begun to infiltrate the Ranger's forest. While none of this has reached it's way to the village where the Ranger's Guild Hall may be found, the rumors of such things certainly have. If left unchecked, these incursions will eventually lead to the sickening and downfall of the forest that has been the Guild's responsibility since before any of the guild members can remember. As the Rangers assemble at the behest of the Guild Leaders, the one they call the chaplain stands in the middle to address the crowd. "Rangers, our forest is in trouble but not lost. Our watch on our the boundaries of the forest has grown lax. There can be no talk of blame, for none of this has transpired thorough lack of faithfulness or devotion. Rather, we have been faithful and devoted to too many things at once, and none of us has had enough time for patrol duty. We've done our best here and there, but it hasn't been enough. "The Solution, however, lies not in guilt and shame, but rather in love. If we are to protect what is ours, what will help us is to look within and assess our priorities, our responsibilities, and our passions. When we do so, we can emerge stronger and more able to give our best to what matters most. We have recognized the problem soon enough to solve it, if we are willing to make a few difficult decisions. Who is with me?" I've noticed many Rangers (and I am chief among them) have been in a slump lately. This is going to be a headspace challenge. We're going to take a look at ourselves and some boundaries that might help us change the course of that slump into one of progress. Anyone in the rebellion is welcome to participate, regardless of the guild you are in. Each week I'll be giving out a headspace quest that will help us get to where we can have some positive results. Part two next challenge will be a more traditional keeping score mini challenge. I know we haven't done one of those in a while, in part because I've been spread too thin and have phoned in the last few minis. I hope you'll participate with us. If you plan on doing the mini this time around, announce yourself in a reply to this post. Week 1: There are so many demands on our time, and Rangerbrain can be used against us to make us over commit and burn out. The lie comes to us that because we can do anything, we should do everything. I suspect most of us have many interests and things we would like to learn and develop, and that we have far more to do than time to do it in. Our task for this week is simple but hard. list all the things you would like to do as well as all the demands on your time that currently exist. This can include work, fitness activities, self-care, sleep, food prep, food eating, family obligations, play-time as well as things you want to do but aren't for various reasons. If you want, you can post the whole list, a summarized version if you want to keep things private, or a statement that you have completed the assignment if that is all you want to tell us. We'll use this list next week as well, so keep it safe.
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    Jarric Rolls High I didn't run a challenge for the last challenge cycle, partially through lack of organisation and partially because I buggered off for a lovely week in Ireland right in the middle of it. Had a lovely time there, visited about a dozen old castles, abbeys and cathedrals, and saw a lot of the beautiful Irish countryside. Since I've been back I've been watching a load of High Rollers and Critical Role, so why not have another D&D themed challenge? Giant's Strength - 15XP I've spent the last couple of weeks working on a new lifting plan for myself, and then promptly decided to scrap that and join my local Crossfit box instead! Went to see the place on Saturday and it seems really nice so I'm going to make the jump and try out a three month membership. Week zero of this challenge will be the last heavy week in my lifting cycle, and week one will be deload week, each with a goal of two lifting sessions per week. After that I'll start Crossfit and the goal will be three sessions per week. Hero's Feast - 10XP Simple enough and a goal that's worked for me in the past. I know what real food is, so I'm going to eat that with two variances per week. A variance can be a course, but not a whole meal. Attack of Opportunity - 10XP I want to keep working on my pullups because they're cool and they're good for climbing and obstacle courses and all the things. I struggle to get long pull-up sessions in, so I'm going to give "grease the groove" pull-ups a go. Inspired by one of @Charlie_Quinn's past challenges I've got my pull-up bar hung over my kitchen door, and I'll have to do a pull-up every time I want to go into the kitchen. I'll keep a note of how many I manage each day and report it here. Prestidigitation - 10XP Lovingly stolen from @DarK_RaideR's current battle log, before I sit down to watch TV of an evening I need to do something to improve my habitat - cleaning, tidying, hoovering, throwing stuff away etc. Pencils and Paychecks - 5XP This goal is so regular that I barely need to write it here, but I liked the name for a goal. £50 weekly budget, and I've got a jar for change left over at the end of the week. The Main Quest One of my main goals this year was to run in the OCR World Championship. I opted against running in the main event for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it means I get to run in the fun charity wave with @jonfirestar, @Rhovaniel and @Charlie_Quinn. Really looking forward to that, it's going to be a great event. And then two weeks after that I get to run Nuclear Fallout with these guys, and I get to see @iatetheyeti who's coming down too .
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    I was going to come back to the forums with another stab at my narrative. But honestly, so much has happened, and I’ve written myself into a fair few dead ends, that I think a whole new narrative, at some point, would be best. But whilst I’m thinking of that, this challenge needs a theme. And A Series of Unfortunate Events came to mind. Mainly because in the months since I last posted, I have been dealing with loss, of some form or another, and the need to be brave and resourceful is much like the three orphans who forged for themselves a sanctuary in each other, with their own strength and love and resourcefulness, in a world that was largely set against them. I feel stronger now. Not 100%. But stronger. And this challenge represents my tentative steps back into the swing of things. Hence the lack of focus on the physical. I have plenty of things ahead to keep me occupied, such as the world championships with the amazing @Charlie_Quinn, @jonfirestar and @Jarric. And then we get to do it all over again with Nuclear Fallout, with @iatetheyeti coming down again. But this is about reclaiming lost ground on a more mental level, and my goals will reflect that. Violet The oldest of the Baudelaire children, Violet takes on the responsibility of her two younger siblings and often gets them out of trouble with her ingenious inventions. Violet is the doer, often the one to think of plans to get them out of scraps, and nearly always the one to come up with the inventions to do it. The goal then, is to be more like Violet and get inventing. Put my creative mind to work and start writing. It doesn’t matter what. It doesn’t matter how many words. This is about me re-finding the things that I love. Goal: 4 hours of writing per week Klaus Klaus is the middle child, and the reader of the siblings. Intelligent, bookish, loyal and kind, Klaus is a fountain of knowledge and his nuggets of information are often crucial to them understanding the world around them with the many adults who wish them harm or make their lives harder simply from misunderstanding them. The goal here, is to be more like Klaus and read. Read for knowledge, for pleasure. To expand my horizons once again. Goal: 1 hour of reading every day Sunny Sunny, whilst only a baby when their parents were killed, is still a strong character and just as worthy as her siblings when it comes to getting out of scraps. She loves her siblings, and her inability to speak in anything other than the baby talk only her siblings can understand does not stop her from being wise and observant in the world around her. She has also developed a keen interest in culinary matters and knows that a dash of cinnamon goes a long way in hot chocolate! To be more like Sunny, I will get busy in the kitchen, prep healthy meals and nourish my body properly. Goal: Eat at least 2 healthy meals per day Yes, this is a broad goal, but it’s an easy yes/no kind of thing for tracking purposes. I will also be aiming to meal prep at the weekends, and slowly clean up my diet from the shocking depths it plummeted to during the worst of the bad times. So, the TL;DR version: Violet: 4 hours writing per week Klaus: 1 hour reading per day Sunny: At least 2 healthy meals per day Not sure how this will be tracked, my efforts at creating a table are proving... difficult. But I'll get there. Oh, and it is good to be back!!
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    Hammer Race To;dr: Sloth dropped trou halfway through the race and wanted to grab a woman’s ass but instead pushed her off the wall. I can’t put this into a chronological order. Just like Chequemegon, this race zipped by like it was fast forwarded. I attribute that to improved headspace allowing me to have fun instead of bitching at myself. The race had a much smaller attendance than normal, maybe a third as many. And a lot of us used the deferred spring registration. I hope he didn’t lose so much money that he stops running the event. The weather was good. After 3 straight weeks of rain the sun finally came out. Because of the terrain it wasn’t too muddy, but the river was way too deep for a crossing. I didn’t know how to dress. I started with wool socks, Lycra tights, wool base layer and gloves and I was freezing waiting for the start. About a quarter mile in I dropped the gloves. At the halfway mark we were near the start and I stripped out of my tights at the side of the race and was still sweating. The course was totally different this year. It seemed like there were a lot more places were you could run, but it might be that I have more fitness this year. The hiking was even more arduous than before. Most of the climbs/ descents had at least one spot that was ladder steep. Obstacles. They still don’t have enough hammer obstacles, but for the life of me I can’t thonk of any to add. The terrain and having to carry a hammer was the biggest obstacle. I’ll tell you what, carrying an 8# hammer is about 900% lighter than a 12# hammer. There were three army crawls through enclosed spaces. One was so long it was pitch black in the middle. I’m weaker than I have been in past years. The strength obstacles killed me. They required a long recovery before I could run again. The first was carrying a chunk of railroad tie up and down a big hill. @Rooks would have killed that. Then carrying a full bucket of gravel from one side of a valley to the other and back. @The Most Loathed killed that last year. The last was an Atlas stone carry. I think it was 14”. It took me five tries to lap it and I waddled it about 8” off the ground. Then we hammered something and I had to bring it back which took another 5 tries. I should have sucked up my pride and used a little pink one. They got rid of all of the gratuitous wall climbs leaving just one big one at the end. I jogged in the last 15 minutes or so with a woman who had trouble with the wall because she was a bit shaky at that point. Since she couldn’t get up I boosted her onto the wall. She couldn’t quite reach high enough though. She was leaning back trying to reach for a hand hold and her ass was right in front of my face. I was about to push it to get her closer and higher but I didn’t know her. Instead I put my hands under one of her feet and boosted her. Too hard. She went up high enough but didn’t grab the top and instead flew off the wall and crashed on her back. After she recovered we tried it again, more carefully, and she got up and over. I’d guess I finished on the slow side of the mid pack bell curve. I have no more events this year so I’m closing out 2018. I just registered for the next Wausau race which means 2019 starts tomorrow.
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    Thanks for said squees. I just read an article about the world’s most famous bike racer wandering around London without being recognized. The race was the impetus that made me pick up the hammer. And yes, your yogaing helps get/keeps me on track. Ever since our PVP I’m irritated whenever you yoga more than me.[mention=30614]Shello[/mention] too. Hah. Shovelglove is a bit obscure. I did it like six years ago when I started my comeback. I come back to it regularly. [emoji4] no reason why you can’t mix it in with your gym work. Have you ever shoveled a big hole. It’s a solid workout. Digging like a mole man should be a training program. Thanks brother. Three or four hours is a long time to sit on a bike if you haven’t built up to it. Lol. I like that you know me so well. It’s all miserable Yoga. In my defense I’m of the opinion that I can run a 10K in an hour without training. It was true once and as I haven’t run a 10K in years I have no evidence to the contrary. Indeed she is. My body would have dealt with the trauma better had I trained. Hah. If you guys were going to race I would have trained at least a little. Next year for sure.
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    So here I am. I have a pretty good foundation of healthy habits that I've been cultivating over the last two years, and I'm very pleased with the progress that I've made. I'm down from 245 lbs at the top to 179 lbs currently. I've lost several belt notches, and the pants that I bought when my pants got too loose, are now too loose. So I'm taking a moment to really appreciate that I've come so far. Good job, me! I've put a lot of thought into this challenge, but I don't have the time or inclination to type it all out. So here's the goals. Food. 1500 calories/day Monday through Friday. The goal is not to go over or under by more than 100. 2000 calories each on Saturday and Sunday, with the stipulation that I have only one reasonable dessert each of those days. This will be the most difficult and most important part of the challenge. Studenting. Have a plan each week, and stick to the plan. Get all assignments done on time. Money. I did a good job last challenge of only spending money on backpacking gear. Now I'm down to just a few big items I need to save for. During this challenge I'll accumulate enough money for my pack. In fact, I can name the date - November 2nd, if I haven't spent anything I'll be able to order the pack. So that's the first goal. After that, I just have to save what's left toward a tent / hammock. I don't have an exercise goal, but I will report any exercise I manage to get. That's it! I'm going to add a points system but I'm not sure yet what that will be, so I'll post that later, probably with tonight's update.
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    Nerds! It's almost battle time! Unfortunately, no, not THAT kind of battle. ...or THAT kind. I am competing in December. As of right now, I'm 10 weeks out. It's a local meet, 5 minutes from where I live, benefiting a puppy charity, so everything about it is my jam. Right now training is going great, I'm super excited about it, and everything to do with this challenge will relate to that one goal, even though that goal won't hit until next challenge. The thing here: I'm planning on doing things MY way, this time round. Why? Because when I do things the "right way", I stop having fun. GOAL ONE: TRAIN EVERY DAY Rules for training: Hit my over warmups and work sets for Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift each week. Accessories are done on a "how I'm feeling basis" - meaning, if I feel like doing them, I'll do them. If I want to do a lot, I'll do a lot. I choose them based on when I'm doing my work sets for the week. Each day I must exercise for at least an hour. Exercise includes walking, yoga, lifting, etc. At least 1 yoga class per week Exercise can be split up into multiple sessions, if needed. I had a 20 pack of yoga classes at a local yoga studio that expired back in August that I didn't use. I called and asked the studio if they were still good, and they extended them out till mid January. So that helps that goal because it's free. Also I just got an apple watch for my birthday and interested to see how it does tracking swimming! GOAL TWO: EAT TO PERFORM i haven't decided on a weight class yet, and the good news is since this is a local meet, I don't have to pick until at least next challenge. So goals here: Track food Aim to hit my macros (I've already done them, and they'll be different based on each day's training) Eat with the purpose of performing, and at least not adding body fat. GOAL THREE: TAKE CARE OF MY BODY Since the car accident, I've been getting body work 2-3x a week. It's been needed, but it's helped a LOT. So, continue to keep that up. Body work 2x per week Stretching or mini yoga sessions at least 20 minutes each day (NOT included in the hour of exercising) GOAL FOUR: TAKE CARE OF MY MIND This goal is multi-part. Training is not always going to go great. I'm not always going to be able to train in a "perfect" scenario. I need to work on my depression and anxiety in general, even though I'm doing really well right now (in fact, this is the PERFECT time to work on it). So: 1) MEDITATION. Every day, damnit. I've already started this up again, so this is just continue. 3 minutes is okay. As a part of a class is okay. I just need to do it. 2) GO TO THE GYM I LIKE BEST: Whenever possible. It's a 15 minute drive each way, but embracing that transition between work and gym can be a helpful thing instead of a waste of time. Going to the closer gym saves time, but my days end up rushed, and I don't like going to the closer gym as much. 3) MUSIC: Play it. Everywhere. I am historically a happier, more relaxed human when I listen to music all the time. Play it in the car (instead of news radio). Play it before bed (brain.fm). Play it at work. I'm not sure how to rate this, but I want to consciously work on it. GOAL FIVE: RE-LEARN TO PLAY THE BASS Accumulate 15 minutes of practice every single day. GOAL SIX: SCHEDULING AND WORK This one is a bit more "business-y", but I will need to in order to fit everything in. 1) Do a broad weekly schedule on Sunday. BE DECISIVE. This is a struggle for me. I very often leave scheduling things to last minute because I'm afraid I "won't feel like it" that day. 2) Schedule the next day the night before. Sign up for classes if I'm going. Mark out when I'm working, when I'm working out, etc. 3) No working in front of the tv. (this became a habit again after the car accident and it hurt to sit) LASTLY: ENJOY THE MOMENTS I've been having bouts of depression (this is not uncommon). Things like focusing on me, exercising daily, etc., really help with that. But one other thing that really helps me is focusing on the POSITIVE. So I'd like to post one POSITIVE thing here each day. THATS IT FOR NOW.
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    HI FRIENDS, welcome to... uh-- *checks calendar quietly* OCTOBER yes yes!! Welcome to another caps-lock heavy fun-filled shaar style challenge!~ I'll spare you the details of the comedy/tragedy that has been my 2018, y'all probably know my story by now, but if not, JUST ASK, or something..... or read my old posts, I'm an open book. Kinda. A little. I’ve decided to go with an actual theme this time, even if it is just a minor theme of characters I really enjoyed in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. Danganronpa is a visual novel type of game, think Phoenix Wright meets Persona 5 meets uh... Battle Royale. Each game features 16 high-school aged characters with Ultimate talents that are brought together for ??? mysterious reasons ??? and are forced to play a Battle Royale-esque killing game while solving mysteries to pinpoint the killers. It’s a murder mystery you solve as the story goes on and unravel the truth of why you’re there and it’s a really, really engrossing game with a well-written story (very brutal and sad at times but also very fun and thoughtful), and great characters. At its crux Danganropa is about the consistent duality of hope versus despair, and I feel that in my heart’s soul about the majority of 2018. I’ve had a lot of Ultimate Despair moments, because let’s be real, with so much big change and chaos moments it’s wholly natural, but in the end I’ll always fight for Ultimate Hope. I don’t know any other way. With that being said here are my four murderkid-paired goals!!!!! Gundham is my favorite character from Danganronpa 2, he’s just an absolute crackers looney tune. He’s this fashionable evil occult dude that screams on and on about how he’s the Supreme Overlord of Ice and about all the hellbeasts he’s battled and cackles evilly and ALSO raises hamsters in his scarf. His hamsters are his FOUR DARK DEVAS OF DESTRUCTION and help him with everything. Like Gundham and his dutiful hamhams, I need a weekly task list to keep me in line. As I’ve been doing previous, I’ll post a list of tasks to get done that week and DO THEM ALL OR ELSE I WILL BE TORN APART BY THE NEFARIOUS VOIDSENT OF THE NETHERSCAPE Kazuichi is just a blessed doof, looking at him you’d think he’s a trash talking asshole tough dude, but nah, he’s just a scaredycat doof that has the tendency to freak out and scream a lot and sometimes doesn’t really think before he talks even though he means well... most of the time.......... Kazuichi is also the ULTIMATE MECHANIC and he’s extremely skilled at repairing things and keeping machines going. I really really REALLY need to keep my mobility going. I’ve started with this and it’s helping (duh), but I need to make stretching 2-3x a week a priority. Foam roller, tennis ball, yoga strap, all of the above! Peko’s a stone cold hardass and I love her for it, she’s also the Ultimate Swordswoman and she didn’t get that way by sitting on her ass. I’m in a pretty good place right now (did i just jinx myself ahaha) and I’m challenging myself to get up and moving 5 days out of 7, for at least half an hour at a time. This can be anything from kettlebell work to bodyweight Darebees to HIIT to hiking to walking... I’ve been feeling sluggish during the days and I know it’s because I’m sleeping more than usual (due to not having to get up for a work schedule), and being more sedentary. NO MORE! Nagito is another delightful wackjob that just has too much intricate backstory to talk about here. He’s overall optimistic - to a fault sometimes - but there’s only one reason I included Nagito in this challenge (aside from the fact that he’s awesome) and it’s because of his talent, Ultimate Lucky Student. GUYS I AM GOING TO LAS VEGAS DURING WEEK 4 OF THIS CHALLENGE. I couldn’t BE more hype and pretty much all this goal is here for is to let me BECOME THE LUCKY STUDENT AND HAVE FUN. Eat what you want. Drink what you want! Gamble wh-- NO, actually, I’m not a gambler anyways but I will have FUN with whatever money I set aside! It’s been far too long since I’ve taken a real deal actual vacation so I’m gonna ENJOY THE FRICK OUT OF IT. <3 2018 has been a literal hellbeast and I deserve every bit of this week. During week 4 this is the only goal that matters. Nagito’s my pass, don’t ask me, that’s just how it works. OKOKOK LET'S GO NERDS HAVE FUN DON'T MURDER YOUR FRIENDS LET'S GET THROUGH THE REST OF THIS YEAR WITH ULTIMATE HOPE~ <3
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    I’ve been living in a soap opera the past couple of months. A lot of it was centered around a very busy and hectic job at the baseball stadium. But now that the season is over, I’m unemployed. And with that ending, a good amount of the drama is over. But now other things in my life are (emotionally) catching up me. And honestly, I’m not all that good at understanding emotions on a good day. So, it's been rough. But at the same time, I don't want to waste my life away lying in bed all winter. Which this challenge is going to stop from happening. I'm going to use it to slowly build up a daily routine. The basic* one is will look like this: Running Program Shower Coffee & NF Brunch Photography or Job Search Tea & Tarot Dinner Free-time The goal is to add a new element once I've consistently incorporated the previous one for a week. Bonus for doing any of the elements I haven't added yet. This past week I've been good at following a 5k training program. The next element to add is Tea & Tarot. I have a couple of books from the library about tarot, and I really should finish reading them before they're due... I really want this challenge to be simple and straightforward, so a bonus goal is to not add any more goals. I really don't want to take on more than I can handle, and I'm not entirely sure how much I can handle right now. *There will be variations for days I go out and do things! There's volunteering, hiking, therapy, ace meet-ups, pagan meet-ups, and miniature painting. And a family trip to Spokane in mid November to visit relatives.
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    Welp. As predicted, I've done almost nothing today. I'm not super miserable anymore, but the whole saga ate all of the energy I had so that even when I got home and was no longer in a terrible mood, I knew I wasn't getting anything done. Except. On my way home I was thinking about what drive thrus were around because I was hungry but didn't want to deal with getting out of the car and all I had at home was pasta that needed cooking or various frozen rice and veggie things that I didn't want. I wasn't super enthused about any of the fast food options either. And then I realized that I really wanted chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. So I continued to drive past my house to the supermarket near my therapist's office (because if I went to the one near my house I would likely run into 75% of the people my mother worked with) and I got my chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. Plus a bunch of other stuff. Still not super duper healthy stuff except for some apples, but better than takeout. But let me repeat that - I went grocery shopping while completely fucking miserable for unrelated reasons, and I survived. Me. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat. I did almost cry while looking at a box of mac & cheese because goddamn I want to go buy a nice sturdy bowl to enjoy eating all of my food out of rather than the tupperware thing I've been using, and I keep getting thwarted every time I try, but that's a separate issue. Somehow writing that made me want to buy chopsticks as well, but I don't make anything that would require it? Unless I wanted to be ridiculous and eat spaghetti with them? Okay brain. You do you. Also I forgot to say in last night's post that the weird arm/shoulder/boob/side pain has mostly cleared up. Boobs still feel funny sometimes but at this point it is possible it's PMS so I can't do anything about that til next week. The only thing I can think of is that maybe I slept really horribly wrong one night and then aggravated it over several other nights? Which really doesn't make sense as I've been sleeping the same way forever. I did switch to the other new bra yesterday, which is a totally different style from the one I'd been wearing, and nothing hurt, but I can't say whether that was because of the bra or just because nothing is hurting anyway. I'm still getting the ultrasound, obviously, because I'm not super excited about that woman's immediate reaction to touching my boob being "oh that does feel weird!" and then eventually "eh it's probably nothing." So this weird pain thing is yet another point toward making me feel like I'm crazy. I overreact all the time. Whenever something doesn't feel right I'm immediately like "this is out of the ordinary! something must be super wrong!" instead of thinking it's a one-off. Or I'll start expecting things to go wrong - like when I was on antibiotics and expecting to wind up with C. diff even though it's not really a super common side effect. Oh no, I feel kinda crummy after taking a medicine that said that might happen, it must be this super dangerous infection instead! Even though I know that one's not even that bad, because my mother had it while she was in the hospital during chemo and that's not what killed her. I know everyone gets nervous about various tests and weird things that pop up suddenly, but this is different. I can't explain how completely ridiculous my brain gets but it's definitely bullshit. And it drives me nuts because usually I know things will turn out fine, but I can't convince the other part of my brain and I just keep worrying and worrying and going insane over it. I'll watch a small cut obsessively for signs of infection and wonder how red is red enough for it to get to warrant going to the doctor. It's just fucking stupid. (But then I go and do stupid shit like resprain my ankle 2 miles into a ~5 mile OCR but keep doing the fucking thing anyway because meh, it's just a sprain right?) I don't remember being like this before? I think I just somehow traumatized myself when I had the plague, since I'd written it off as sleeping wrong when my neck started hurting and then just a bad cold or something later. I mean it would make sense for "whoops I could've died from ignoring this thing" to make me second guess everything from then on. And now everything, even when I'm sure it's nothing, scares me because sure it's really probably nothing but what if it's not? So argh. And now I'm going to go eat the carrot cake I bought and watch tv and go to bed soon, because my stupid ultrasound is at 11am tomorrow and because traffic is fucking stupid I need to leave at least 45 minutes beforehand to make sure I can get there in time, even though it's under 5 miles away. fml.
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    Week 0, Monday! Let's get this gruesome party started. Today was Monday. It was a good Monday, as far as Monday's go! I did a lot of prep work last night as not to give myself any excuse whatsoever for not going to the gym and so when I woke up I actually went to the gym. Turns out my gym has purchased a whole bunch of new functional equipment, including battle ropes and plyo boxes. This made me happy. Gym was awesome. I lifted some really heavy stuff and amazed myself at the results! (more later). Then I went to work and did the things. It wasn't a mentally taxing day but one where i had plenty to do. Cannot complain about today, all the things were done in good order. Experimental Weapon! Somehow I managed to pull a massive Deadlift PR! I haven't been the the gym or lifted anything really heavy in several months and my bodyweight is now the lowest it has been since I started this whole thing. I just wanted to see where I stood, update my numbers expecting that they would be lower than I had been lifting when regular lifting was a things. My previous PR was 150kg (330#) for 1 rep This morning I pulled 170kg(375#) for one rep! I was pretty stoked by that. Really not what I was expecting. I also tested my bench and those numbers still suck somewhat but it's about where I was the last time I checked too, so not anything lost there. 80kg( 176#) I'm decently happy with that but I'd love to push over 90kg! Workout in full: Mobility done PT Work done BRAAAAAAINNNSSS!!!! 2396 calories. Dinner was a salad with leftover roast beef. Quite delicious and low fuss. Coffee, stuck to 4 cups. Sleep Like the Dead Bed on time. The zombies are in my title It's halloween and so a good excuse for a zombie challenge!
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    Blargh. My mouth has stopped hurting for the most part, which is good. The stitches hurt and the thing looks weird af but okay. Mostly just the muscles in my jaw/the side of my face are angry from keeping my mouth open for like half an hour. Today was not terrible. I did get super anxious before I went out driving, but sadly that's normal. And super annoying. Made a decent amount of money and my last ride took me far from Boston just before the Red Sox chaos started. Bummed I couldn't get the weekend bonus, but oh well. (For the record, it was "do 50 rides between Friday-Sunday and we'll ,make up the difference if you don't earn $500. Initial plan was to go out for a couple hours Friday after rush hour and then split the difference Saturday and Sunday but I wound up not going out Friday. Which is fine, because I'd probably still have spent a lot of time in traffic and hating life. 25 each Saturday and Sunday is still doable, unless you forget you're having foreign objects shoved in your mouth on Saturday morning and will be too hurty and grumpy to go out driving later that day. So meh, I'll just keep my fingers crossed for another bonus soon.) Also realized a thing. Someone on r/cptsd asked if anyone else feels like they're "high-functioning" because a lot of the posts there are people who are suicidal or so crippled by it they can't hold down a job or just so consumed with their negative feelings and experiences that they can't do much of anything etc. And as I was writing my response and thinking about how I still get stuff done despite being insanely anxious or upset or whatever I realized it's because there was never an alternative. My family made me responsible for everything so failure wasn't an option. And that mentality has followed me through life. I think in a bizarre way it's been sort of helpful, because that's the thing that made sure I turned in papers by 11:59 and it's the thing that made sure I kept up with all my work and school and whatever of my parents' bullshit I could handle remotely while in school. So that whole thing where people kept being like "I can't believe you're handling all of it, you're doing so well!" and me being like "well duh, it's not like I can just not do these things?" was ironically my parents' doing. And it kind of explains why I couldn't articulate my frustration over people saying that but also kept tripping over myself to say I wouldn't expect anyone else in my position to do the same thing - I literally didn't know any other way of reacting to the situation. Not carrying on and making sure everything got done was never ever an option that was on the table. I couldn't take a leave from school, I couldn't quit my internship, I couldn't stop handling my family's shit no matter how absolutely miserable and stressed out I was because being miserable and stressed out was not an acceptable excuse. (For me. It's 110% okay for the rest of my fucking family.) And I just didn't recognize any of this at the time even though I knew it was ridiculous to be running myself into the ground. So there's that. And now I'm wondering how to pull that knot apart and be a normal person. The first thing that comes to mind is "let yourself fail." But I can't really let myself fail anything that really matters? And I already fail at plenty of things and that hasn't fixed anything? Ah, fuck, I found the distinction: I can't fail things that affect other people, but I can and do fail things that are for myself. I couldn't drop the ball at my internship because they were counting on me. I couldn't fuck up at school because let's be real, it stopped being about me the moment I was accepted. But learning a new language? Getting healthy? Training for a 5k or OCR? There is zero outside pressure that would trigger this response. Even the races I was supposed to do other people, when I was (not) training I'd just think "well if I suck at this or just don't do it, it won't affect anyone else, they'll just hate me and it would be justified anyway, so meh." There's also a weird sense of just accepting the punishments for my failures. Like, hey my ankle hurts, boooo. And my brain responds "that's because you're a dumb fuck who never does PT with any kind of consistency and you SHOULD be in pain for that." Job posting closes before I submit anything for it? "You do this every time because you know you're doomed to work retail for the rest of your life and anyway it's the only thing you're good at." Oops, I gained weight this week? "You deserve to be fat because you're too fucking stupid to eat a vegetable or go for a walk." Staying up til 4 am to finish a paper for the 3rd time this semester? "You had months to work on this paper and you wasted all your time. Why the fuck should you get to take a nap?!" It's like when it comes to personal things, my brain just goes "welp, you've made your bed, now lie in it." I can see that part of this is wrapped up in the fear of success, part of it is being used to failure for personal goals, and part is just that Flea-related things were never important to anyone else so why would they be important to Flea either? Argh, fuck. Does this mean that on top of the cooking issues and being afraid of exercise, I now have to give myself permission to lose weight and be a healthy person? To find hobbies I enjoy? My CPTSD recovery to do list is already miles long, I don't have room for something as silly as treating myself like an actual person. On that super fun note, fat kitty and I are going to bed. Stupid ultrasound tomorrow. I'm driving in instead of taking the train in the hope that on the way back I'll stop at a store that has cheapish kitchenware to finally get my own pot and a bowl and whatever else I said I'd get. And if there are still spoons left after that, maybe I'll hit TJ Maxx to see if there's anything reasonably priced that will fit me better than the clothes I'm wearing that I bought 40 pounds ago. That should probably be my priority but tbh the fucking pot has been on my to do list for so fucking long I really need to focus on just getting it done so I never have to think about it ever again. Cross your fingers for me.
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    Ahem, anyway. *coughs* it is called Nerd Fitness, after all Quick summary: this anime, Baka and Test, is set in a school where the students are divided into classes based on their academic performance, which dictates how livable their entire school experience will be. Class A, the students who get the best grades, have a comfortable classroom with fancy equipment meeting all their needs and providing several amenities. The lower grades get progressively worse equipment and less comfort, all the way down to Class F, who have nothing but a dirty, drafty classroom with an absentee teacher and equipment that's falling apart. over the course of the year, students have opportunities to improve their situation by challenging each other to battles using avatars they can summon. the strength of these avatars is based on a student's most recent test scores. during the battle, a student can take a recovery test to restore their avatar's health or increase its strength. if their health reaches 0, the avatar 'dies' until the student completes remedial lessons, usually under an unpleasant teacher. students wind up in Class F for a variety of reasons. some are genuinely lazy, others are simply unconventional or Special Needs. one girl is there because she was too sick to take her placement test and so was automatically failed, another is there because she's a transfer student from Germany who doesn't know how to read Kanji and is treated like an idiot because of it. the main group of kids decide to band together to increase their scores and make it to Class A by the end of the year. which is fitting for me since i'm trying to earn my GED by the end of 2019. so this Challenge will be loosely themed around this fitting (and completely absurd, yet strangely enjoyable) anime Goals: - Oct. 15th-31st, Complete Khan Academy Arithmetic, then spend November working through their Pre-Algebra. i have some other resources to supplement this with. - Oct. 15th-31st, finish outlining my NaNoWriMo project(s), then spend November writing them. - Maintain a daily routine that includes drinking enough water and exercising. - Bonus "Perfect Area" Goal: Clean the various parts of my house. The morning hours are most important, and it's after 6AM right now, so i'll maybe flesh this out a little later :3
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    A new challenge already?! Where does the time go? My days have been busy since September. Time goes by so fast and every day I feel like I've been running around all day, with nothing much to show for it. I'm starting to get into a rhythm, and this challenge I'll add some new moves to this rhythm to turn it into a dance Quest 1: Nutrition Eat clean, listen to my body. So little to no processed foods, make as much as I can at home. Eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full. Quest 2: Exersise Continue dancing, obviously. Add more lifting. In this I need to keep listening to my body. Give my body time to heal if necessary, but keep challenging myself. And adding some yoga workouts at home, in addition to the one yoga class I do every week. Quest 3: Expand on the rhythm Status quo: Morning: Work on my business (making orders, answering e-mail and such), put on a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher Midday: Go to school to watch the kids while the teachers have their break, eat lunch, pick up kids from school Afternoon: Help kids with their homework, take them to their sports clubs, music lessons, PT and speech therapist, make dinner Evening: Crash on the couch Monday, Thursday and Friday. Go exercising on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. What I want to add this challenge: - Home workouts where I lift or do yoga. My ideal is to do this every evening. But I will keep listening to my body and rest when I have to. - Add some more chores somewhere. Maybe some afternoons? I'm not sure yet. Just one week until fall break. I've planned as little as possible during this break, so I'm hoping I'll be able to rest up and get stuff done around the house that I've been procrastinating on. Let's get dancing!
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    Hello all! Keeping things pretttttttty simple this time. After all, a would be superhero doesn’t draw up plans to take down the mad scientist criminal mastermind arch nemesis’s operation right out the gate, does he? Of course not. First he needs to, like, do some pushups or something. So, about that: STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING Each week I’ll hit at least 3 strength and 3 conditioning sessions each. A Crossfit sesh, if I stay for the WOD, can count for both. Focus will be on the main lifts, but anything counts. No one block of programming will be followed. Going more by instinct, or whatever’s written up at CF, modded as needed. I know this stuff well enough, I’ll balance things out. Gonna trust myself and just get in there and Do Work. GRANITE ABZ (Just kidding, see the end here.) Additionally, I really need to get back to bodyweight stuff. I’ve found that my core is really a weak link for me right now though, so the emphasis will be on this (for the purposes of challenge tracking, anyway). Any additional bw stuff is great, but starting with the core focus. 50 reps a day, of core based work. If I do ab-wheel rollouts, those count two for one. Flutter kicks would need to be 50 4-counts. None of this is for like CARVE OUT YER GRANITE ABZ or anything, but mostly to get back into the habit. Gotta start somewhere. DIET I very much need to get my weight and body comp in check, as my utility belt is pretty well stretched to it’s limits. And will a costume top that’s creeping up over my belly fill my foes with terror and dread? I dare say not. Two basic strategies for my diet this challenge: 1) One 24-hour fast per week; and, 2) Zero Total Asshole Days. A total asshole day is when I eat like an unsupervised 11 year old all freaking day. Look, I’m gonna have a cheat meal. But I can’t have cheat days. I need to do SOMETHING each day that'll salvage any off-plan choices. If I know I’m gonna get some pizza for dinner, it’s locked down the rest of the day. If I go out for an epic brunch? It’s salad and chicken for dinner. I can’t let whole days get away from me anymore, and I can always make SOME good choice. MIND I can be my own worst enemy, so I’m looking to lower the volume just ever so slightly on the inner chatter. So, at least 5 days a week, I’ll seek to find a minimum of 15 minutes for uninterrupted reading. And, at least 5 days a week, I’ll do a session of Headspace. More would be great on both those, but again, for now it’s more about building the habit. BUILDING OUT THE K-DUBCAVE Every vigilante needs a home base. Mine’s been messy lately and doesn’t reflect my values, my mission, or my personality much at all. Now, as much as I’d love to have a Wayne Manor AND a Batcave, I’m gonna have to let those two blend a little. This will be an ongoing theme across challenges, I know, but for this time: 1) establish a weekly “chore” ritual. 2) gather at least 2 bags of clothes and "stufff" to get rid of or donate and 3) research, decide on, and buy a new mattress. Crimefighters need their sleep. So do playboy philanthropists. And I guess I do too. So, there we have. Let's do this.
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    Okay I know I said I was going to bed, but then I realized the new challenge forums were up (already?!) and had to go see who'd posted already before I forget to check later. Sitting this one out again while I figure out what the fuck I'm doing with my life.
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    It seems like *everyone* sees that challenge and goes "wha?". Call me crazy, but I *like* doing burpees. They can destroy me in one minute flat. Everything about them screams "efficiency". Before joining here, I had started working out on my own, and I built a workout around burpees. I'm following the NF program at the moment, but I can't resist the occasional attempt at a burpee AMRAP.
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    'TimovieMan steps into Ye Olde Ranger Guilde Halle, looks around contently and proclaims: "If you can use another hand, then me and my bow are at your disposal! Will you have me?" He then glances around quizzically, looking for approval.'
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    The Big Challenge Update (Done in the hope this means the new boards will magically pop up) So yet again my challenged morphed half way through into something else entirely but we'll be kind to me and say it's because I am so dynamic and it's not at all because I am a flake. Goal One - Eat Good 1. Track everything Yes, I actually did this. Even the secret booze I said I wasn't going to track, I went back and I did actually track it. 2. Eat food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants (Thanks, Mike!) Take pictures of my food for accountability. I did this too - I have been planning out my meals for the week ahead on Sunday at the latest and it's worked a treat for making me stick to the plan. When I get hungry I get emotional and want to faceplant carbs, but taking the guessing out of everything has really helped me just not even think about deviating from the plan. Also, it helps me to get our schedules for the week ahead down in my mind so I know where we're at and I can schedule in a meal TH can manage to cook when I am working late. This has been very valuable this week when I have had a couple of late nights and it will be the case for the week to come too because the same is happening. We're still mostly vegetarian. I think I have bought one chicken and two packs of prawns all month and that has been all the meat we have had in the house. We're feeling better eating less meat. 3. Drink more water. 4 pips a day. I have been mostly slaying this goal. 4. Buy less crap food. I can buy one savoury and one sweet non-compliant food per week. And I can eat whatever I have left over because that's a big part of this challenge too. I think I have done even better here than I expected because I haven't actually been shopping every week. I'm not too bothered about my sweets intake because as long as my overall calories are low enough for weight loss I couldn't give a toss. 5. Try to empty cupboards This has definitely been happening. We've been basing our meals around what we have to try and work down those cupboards although as we seem to be hurtling towards a no deal Brexit this probably isn't the best plan. Eh, whatever. I will worry about having to train for the British Hunger Games in 2019. Move Good 1. 3 x 30 minutes of cardio per day. Yup, and I have even stopped phoning it in and I do 60 minutes most days. 2. 3 x Bubble Butt workout sessions per week. The plank back kicks might cause me a problem with my shoulder so I can sub them out for hydrants if I need to which I am fully expecting to but having said that... Nope! I didn't do this once but I have been doing deadlifts so my booty is still getting juicified, don't worry about that. 3. Do physio twice a day every day. She tweaked my programme after watching me move in just my bra so I have to assume she saw something weird (except for the obvious) so maybe these exercises will actually do something. Nope, not twice a day. But this is because I am increasingly convinced she has misdiagnosed me because after I do my physio I am in a lot of pain for a number of days. I go and see her in a couple of weeks. She had better refer me or I am going to lie on the floor and cry right in front of her until she calls the hospital or the police, I don't mind which. Look Peng 1. Take vitamins and collagen tablets Heheheheh I have been making this a goal for months and I have not done it not even once hehehehehe. 2. Moisturise face every night and use eye cream. Yes! I have been doing this! 3. Moisturise my boobs and my butt. I hate the feeling of lotion anywhere else but I can just about deal with this. Not so much my butt although I do give it a cursory slap with my lotioned up hand when I have finished moisturising my boobs. I am not sure if this should count. Moving Prep 1. I refuse to even consider packing or properly organising until the survey comes back ok but I do want to start clearing out because I don't need as much stuff as I have. I have a list of categories in my BuJo and I want to do 2 categories every week of this challenge. The two category thing didn't last past week one but I am slowly working my way through that massive bag of knickers. A lot of them are too big and I am throwing them out so I am bringing them down to a much more manageable level. Like my mom said "Bloody hell Deffy, that's way too many pairs of knickers, I know for a fact you only have one arse". 2. Keep my house looking nice. Since I have my head in my new place I am letting my current house go to shit a little bit but it's so much nicer to live in when I keep on top of this stuff so I want to do 3 housework related tasks per week but they can't include the following three because they are separate. Oh I totally forgot I wanted to do this. No I didn't do this. 3. Keep my floordrobe down. I need to put this shit away instead of leaving it on the floor. I should make sure this is clear every evening before bed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA nope, you should see it now. As I was getting changed last night I handed TH my top and asked him to put it in the wash basket and he just sarcastically looked at the mountain of clothes in front of my wardrobe. I will deal with it tomorrow, I am way too busy and important to do it right now, I got a TV show to watch in a minute. 4. Make bed every morning. I got out of the habit of doing this but I much prefer when it's done Hahahahahaha again, no. 5. Do three loads of laundry a week. I have no idea if I have done this. Basically, I have been doing laundry whenever I have been home and there hasn't been apocalyptic levels of rain outside. 6. Spend less than £200 on non essential purchases. Well I completely changed this goal and put all my remaining money for the month after I had deposited our savings into the pot and tried to scrimp on all areas. Well that was the idea, I was a bit spendy yesterday but I am not spending more money than I have got and it seems like this house sale will take longer than we anticipated so we'll have at least one more payday so we don't need to worry about this as much. I suppose it does mean we're closer to getting the extension built if I can shave a few hundred off my monthly spending pots too. This goal will continue on until next payday so it goes into the next challenge. Overall Update I did great on the food and exercise portions which in honesty are what I care most about anyway. If my body is looking foine nobody needs to know my bedroom floor is covered in clothes and my bed's not made. I am not allowed to bring strangers back into my bedroom anyway. Hey, maybe that's what needs to change. My overarching goal is to get sexy and I am not sure I made any progress here in this challenge. That's ok, I have the rest of my life to look better. I'm in no rush to reach peak peng. (this is lies, I want it yesterday but I also really want cake and chocolate so I am on a life long journey to find balance)
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    Challenge Wrap Up! Let's wrap this sucker up. I'm going to say it, as far as the actual challenge went, it was a bit of a dull one Not that I didn't have some fun and exciting adventures along the way. The main body of the challenge was simply plodding along and building on what was started in the previous challenge. I really want to inject a little bit of enthusiasm into my next challenge. 3.00 Spartans! First things first, I ran 3.00 Spartan races with @iatetheyeti and @Rhovaniel, one each individually and one where we all ran together. Lots and lots of fun and it's really helped lift my mood after being injured in the summer! I'm really looking forward to grinding out my training through the end of the year and exploding into next! I've got big things planned next year. Nonetheless I completed my Spartan Trifecta (not strictly this challenge because I ran the Super way back in the spring). It wasn't that long ago that I viewed the Spartan Trifecta as a bit of a fancy. Not something I could ever do A little bit of hard work and consistency can really pay. Scrounge to Survive This has been pretty decent. Could I have done better? Sure, but I cannot complain with the results of this challenge. On the Sunday commencing week 0 my weight was exactly 16 stone (224lbs/101.5kg). 5 Weeks later my weight is 15 1/2 stone (217lbs/98.4kgs) 7 pounds loss in 5 weeks is not something I'm going to complain about! Not only that I've gotten readings on my scale far lower than anything I've seen in over a decade. Joy I'm officially declaring my 18 month long plateau at an end. As a secondary goal part way through the challenge I decided to limit my caffeine intake to 4 mugs a day. So far I've not exceeded that quota but I'm going to formalise this goal for the next challenge. Train For War I was a little up against it with my training this challenge. I had some insane races to prepare for and recover from and I had a vacation to Edinburgh. Nonetheless I am happy with it. The last 2 weeks of the challenge saw very little in the way of anything but my running is now almost back to normal. I've spent a lot of time figuring out how I'm going to continue. More details in the next challenge but for the next couple of weeks I'm going to be testing some metrics for the training season to follow. That's probably going to take up most, if not all, of the next challenge. PT Work: Not quite as consistent as I'd like but the vast majority of it got done. Mobility: I was good up until this last week where I didn't do it every day. But I did put in a few long yoga sessions too. Discipline: I've been sleeping much better during this challenge than last. I still want to make sure that I get to bed on time. Honestly the fact that I have to admit to it when I don't is usually enough to get me into bed. All in all I'm really happy with this whole challenge. Next challenge is going to be even more exciting! I've got another 2 races coming up. The last 2 OCRs of the season and two big NF meetups! OCRWC, next weekend will see @Rhovaniel, @Charlie_Quinn, @Jarric, and myself representing the yellow and running the Mudstcale Charity wave. Two weeks after that is Nuclear Fallout! The race that left me tantalizingly close to hypothermia last year and where I first met Rho and Yeti IRL. Nonetheless all of the above are also going to be running at Nuclear with @iatetheyeti coming along to hang out. I've already know my theme for next challenge Halloween is coming!
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    Barking up a different tree... I'm taking a leaf from how I'm feeding our dogs and cat (balanced raw), because macro-counting and I don't mesh. My main aim for this challenge is to check how much I eat. Too much, too little, just right? I think I'm getting the balance of macros mostly right, most of the time. I want to eat what I feel like, without guilt of following some or other 'diet' with no subconscious guilt talks about why I should swap my batter-covered fish for plain fish... I still like a bit higher protein and fat to carbs though. But back to the dogs... When you work out how much to feed dogs and cats, you go on a formula of 3-3.5% for working dogs (1-2hrs serious work+30min. play per day). [2.7kg food - way too much for me] 2.5% for some exercise (30min.-1hr per day) [2.25kg food - still too much], and 2% for a sedentary lifestyle (<30min. exercise per day) [1.8kg food - little bit too much for me still], 1.5% for this human's experiment [1.35kg food - just right?] Dogs/cats are NOT fed this low, ever! I added this for myself as I found 2% a tad too much still. Now I'm not a dog, I'm built differently, my body works differently, and the amount of exercise I do with my not so compact and sleek body, is very little compared to what they pull off with their bodies. Think of a sausage dog jumping onto a bed 3x his height! No way can I jump 3x my height/length. I just like the uncomplicated way of measuring balanced food eaten. So I'm starting off on LESS THAN SEDENTARY amounts. Thus aiming for: 90kg body weight at 1.5% I should be eating less than 1.35kg of food per day. This does not include water, black coffee or tea. I'm literally plopping my plate of food on the scale, weigh it, and let my little spreadsheet do the calculations for me. Thus far I had one day with 1.41kg of food (I felt it was a bit too much) and another day with 1.18kg of food (weight of plate not included ). In the meantime I'm trying to make peace with the fact that I'm a woman with some big muscles, and a good, strong and able body. This is not a scientifically formulated experiment. Do not try this at home! Now on to the other topics of the day... Those who checked in last time, may remember that we've started our boys on an exercise routine 3 mornings a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). Between hubby and myself we try to help them w.r.t. form and encouragement, while doing our own routines. Youngest (Rocco) has taken to it like a dog to a bone, while Oldest (Adam) wasn't as enthusiastic at first. But it seems both are now keen enough, and both are excited about our upcoming hike (10-12Nov It will be their first, and our first as a family - if the weather permits) and some future Waterra obs.course races (family fun, not big league). Anyway, on to this challenge's goals for myself: Bible study (5x/week); Exercise (BW - Mon and Thurs)(Walking Tue, Wed, Fri afternoons); Dry fire practice (Wed); Food (as explained above)(7x/week); Water (1-2bottles of 750ml every day, min.); Sleep (<21h30 every night). See, nothing new. I'm just struggling to get my exercise in on a Monday morning if I do bible study first, because I tend to leave my own routine to help the boys, and obviously don't get my exercise in then. And space is a problem if we all train at the same time. If I can fit in a big chunk of my routine before Rocco gets up (5h30), it should work. The boys need to exercise before they are allowed on the computers that day. Exercises: BW - Mondays and Thursdays Joint Circles (warm up) Jumping Jacks (Star Jumps) 20x Push ups (try for full - improving every week) 4x5 Abs Roll Out 3x10 (left, straight, right) Goblet Squats 2x10@10kg X Lunges 2x10 Inclined Pull Ups 2x10 Sit-Twist Stretch Shoulder and Chest Stretches Touch Toes Stretches (Yeah! I can touch my toes again!) Walking - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays Tuesdays: walk during lunch time (12h00-14h00) with hubby in the plantations behind his office block. It's normally around 5km serious hill work. Wednesdays: walk during boys' Lego course (13h00-14h00) on flat farm road, mainly in the sun. Work on speed, maybe a slow jog *gasp*. Fridays: walk with boys and dogs (new) (14h00+) in the field close to our house. Not sure of distance as I've never walked here before. Hubby and the boys have and they tell me there are sometimes farm goats and some cattle grazing there, which we have to be careful of, but otherwise it should be safe enough. The rest of my days are still the same: home school - mornings, finances - afternoon or evening, household chores - during the day, boys' extra murals - afternoons... I've had my say... Your turn!
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    YAY SAL <3 Hooray welcome (prematurely) to our wild and weird-ass country.... I love road trips but it's so BIG here it can be a lot of driving phew! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HI JON :DDDDDDDD Z E R O W E E K Okokok I'm startin' this sucker off RIGHT MEOW~ Zero week task list is as follows: - Keep an eye on email for follow up information on Where Is My Car Title I Requested 2 Months Ago (joy) - Keep an eye on actual mail for my license this week - CARVE MY PUMPKIN!! *^___^* Not today 'cause it's rainy boo~ - Pull cold weather sweaters and pants from storage - Research long term airport parking - Balance transfer from current credit card to 0% APR card - Go to local wildlife sanctuary! - Deal with your pile of mail seriously shaar - Do not stress over your cat (aye-aye cap'n) (magically today he's not scratching at his fool head anymore and is super chill) (maybe it's 'cause i put neosporin on his fool head who knows how catbrains work) Today's gonna be pretty low key around here due to the weather so I'll probably make it a workout + stretch day. I've been doing some weighted workouts off of Darebee with ol' Brosef Stalin and PHEW am I wiped by the end. Also I have discovered I still have mostly full tubs of preworkout -AND- BCAA's and am HYYPPEEE GO TEAM LIFT IT ALL DO THE WORK DON'T PASS OUT Anyway that's my jam for now, it's a great Monday morning so far, LET'S GOOOOO~ <3