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    Once a-fucking-gain I was right about household stuff. After we determined that it wasn’t food clogging up the disposal causing it not to work, I did some googling and informed my father that it was past the usual lifespan and also none of the manufacturer’s troubleshooting options for this model covered the issue we were having so it was probably just dead. He insisted it wasn’t, and then got super pissy looking for an Allen wrench for two days because the website said to use one. And then last night that was all rendered moot because water was pouring out through the machine, which is generally not a good sign. Plumbers came today and said “yep, that’s dead” and put in a new one. I want to make several comments about being right again (I am all for DIY fixing stuff when possible, but not on dead appliances), but I don’t want to deal with his pissy attitude either. Bah.
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    awwwww Thanks guys!!! It makes me happy toooo So, yesterday was pretty great. Everything got done, I get to check off all my boxes, and my new clock is great. It fits the bill perfectly. In even better news, I just posted my last round off assignments for my kids Wooooohoooooo! The semester ends for them on Friday. I will have a few weeks of work days, but overall, no complaints. Laundry✔️ 6 assignments ✔️ Duolingo ✔️ In bed by 10:30 ✔️ No screens after 10 ✔️ Yoga: not on weekends Sweep/Vacuum: ✔️ Today: 6 assignments (already done) Hubs and I are going to do some organizing, just not sure what room Today has started off well. We did extracurricular yoga this morning, so regular yoga will wait until tonight, my school work is done, and we made a tasty pancake breakfast. Like, I feel like I'm living in a dream world. My life is not this good. We are never this happy for this long. I'm never this relaxed for this long. Like WTF. Anyhoo, I'm gonna take my gif happy ass to some of your threads because I really don't have much else to say.
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    Welcome to the club!!! Thank you so much!! Why thanks! Welcome to the anxiety banishing party! It's quite useful, especially now that his happy ass is getting out of bed at 7am for yoga (it takes a lot of time to get him out of bed) I'm sure you'll get to see Scribbles (my anxiety) rear her head eventually, but hopefully it's not the same roller coaster it always is. Thanks!! Pretty much. All smiles over here. Yesterday finished out well Organizing✔️ 6 assignments ✔️ Duolingo ✔️ In bed by 10:30 ✔️ No screens after 10 ❌ Yoga: ✔️ Sweep/Vacuum: ✔️ So, the momentum continues here. We had therapy today and our therapist was very happy with our progress, and we got to talk about some of our future goals moving forward and do some dreaming together, which is amazing. I got a really sweet email from a student today that made me feel so appreciated, and it was everything I needed to get me through the end of this semester. I am so disappointed that I only got 7 weeks with my sophomores. They were inquisitive, had great personalities, and worked hard. I loved them and I will 100% miss them. Today's only task was to clean out the fridge to make a grocery list, and that's done. We are cooking a lot of things we love that we haven't made in a while: fish and chips, perogis, burritos, and chorizo burgers. My next challenge is going to start focusing back on food intake, but I am happy to try to be more mindful about cooking more until next challenge. That's about all for today.
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    Yeah, true. Unfortunately I fall into it quite a lot LOL. Thanks! Yeah, that's true, just, like you said, frustrating. And I'll definitely have to make sure I don't overdo it and get hurt, because knowing me that'll happen if I'm not careful LOL. Thanks, I'm doing my best. Just need to remind myself of that more often instead of criticizing myself all the time for not doing enough or being "on" all the time. And hey, bodyweight work is just as hard as weights in my opinion, so I think you're doing pretty awesome. *** Oi, in the middle of month end madness and it's, well, madness. I had to leave work a little earlier than I usually do today for an appointment, and it was like they knew that I had to leave early because everyone bombarded me with extra work half an hour before I had to leave. I ended up having to give most of it to my manager as I was running out the door. I feel kind of bad about it because I threw it at her last minute, but then again, it was all given to me last minute, so... Also one of my cousins texted me the other day freaking out because she thought her step-mom/my aunt had emailed her (they haven't spoken in years), and asked me if there was anything wrong that she needed to know about. I didn't really have any idea because they don't talk to me either, but she seemed kind of upset by it, and maybe a little hurt (rightly so). But turns out it was a spam email and she ended up being relieved that it was just spam and not her step-mom. The sad state of my family right there. Anyway, on to stats for the last two days. Was almost about to criticize myself and say I didn't do well, but I didn't (technically I did (I typed it out) but then I told myself not to do that and deleted it). I missed my yoga workout but I had 2 servings of vegetables and 1 serving of fruit (I'm out now so have to grab groceries tomorrow probably). Didn't get much done on the writing front. I've been really anxious about it the last two days, but I'm focusing on making changes to my outline and restructuring it and I feel better about it. I'm still not quite sure about the story overall, but I do feel better about it. I just need to finish the outline, and I should still be able to finish revising chapter 2 by the end of the weekend. Hopefully.
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    Wednesday w3d4 Movement - PT exercises for the evaluation Cooking - not yet Compassion - three times Log - nope Had a very busy day. Morning went smoothly though I had a little less time to spend in my sacred space compared to yesterday. Still, meditation was good, and I got a few words scribbled down in my journal. Work was nutty. I had meetings from 11am through the time when I had to leave for PT and therapy. Still, I managed to get a lot done for my stewardship and research. Stressful, but progress. So physical therapy. I wasn't as early as I hoped because a meeting ran over, so we were crunched for time and there was a new secretary checking me in. I managed to stay pretty patient, which is actually a huge deal. My PT was kind and thorough. She was also realistic. So, she found some serious balance issues, right worse than left, as well as tightness in my calves, hip flexors, and internal rotation of the hips. She says that these probably aren't causing my pain but might be contributing. She recommended that I start with small amounts of activity frequently... like twice a day every day (wow). She recommended that I walk as much as is possible without going over a 3 on the pain scale. She also gave me some exercises to do, mostly stretching but some strengthening and balance work as well. She wants to have me come in twice a week for two weeks. If we don't see some improvement by then, she thinks it's unlikely that we will see improvement. That hurt a bit to hear, but I am grateful for the realistic perspective. I don't want to keep doing things if they're not going to help, you know? From there it was right to therapy in my car on my phone. We tried to dig into some of what has been happening this week and how I've been feeling very lonely spiritually since I can't seem to find a good church or other community to join in to. At that point, my phone died and refused to charge, so I drove home and got on my computer. We had lost about 20 minutes at that point, so there wasn't really time to do EMDR. Instead we talked about some of the way that the loneliness that I felt during the divorce might be popping up in my life currently with my spirituality, with my friend that keeps ghosting me and can't seem to talk about deeper issues, and with my mom. I'm sorry that we lost so much time, but it was helpful none-the-less. After that, I was ready to collapse, so I spent some time unwinding on the computer, feeding Dragon, eating dinner, and then reading. I spent some more time journaling and then headed to bed.
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    Wednesday We had a lovely time at our picnic yesterday! We drove about 20 miles out from home into the Yorkshire Dales to a place called DeepDale and set up in a secluded spot next to the River Wharfe. The weather was nice when we got there and we set up our blanket and picnic whilst LQ got straight on with getting into the water. We warned her to be careful, although the water was very shallow the rocks would be slippery and of course within maybe 1.5 minutes she’d managed to slip and soak herself wet through! So she came and sat with us while she dried off and we ate together. I read a bit more of my book and then when LQ had dried off a bit we went for another adventure together! She was enjoying walking down the river and emboldened by being able to grab hold of me whenever she felt like she was going to slip must’ve crossed the river about 100 times! We got to a part of the river where the water drops under the ground and the river bed (at this time of year) is dry. So we followed it further and it was very exciting to find where the water came back out from underground into a large pool! We were there for about 4 hours. It was brilliant but by the end it was starting to get a bit chilly so we decided to call it a day. In the evening we had a really lasy one and I played some chess whilst MrsQ read. Then we watched the first episode of Veep which we have been meaning to watch for ages! Today, back in the garden to finish off the last bits before the weekend!
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    Okay, so checks all around for Saturday. Barely, but still. Didn't get much sleep Saturday night and felt brain dead all Sunday, so I did nothing except binge watch a TV show that I hadn't had a chance to see yet. Although really it was helpful because the main character is similar to mine so it was helpful to study it and see how they did things. So, I guess it was still kind of work? Didn't really worry about eating healthy though, and honestly today I'm not super into it either (though I did have some veggies and fruit yesterday and just some fruit today without really thinking about it). Anyway, the plan for today is: - Revise 5 pages - Cook - Strength train - Read The Harry Potter marathon continues, so gonna try to get some work done while there's still daylight left.
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    Sunday w3d1 Movement - 7 counter push ups Cooking - not yet - went to three different stores to get all the ingredients for this week's meal, sheesh Compassion - three times Log - nope Another lovely day off. I woke up early again and was able to get through my writing and some internet scrolling. I headed to Trader Joe's to get groceries and hopefully herbs for my balcony at 9am and there was huge socially distanced line. It moved fairly quickly, but when I got into the store they didn't have any herbs or a couple of the ingredients that I needed. I headed to Target next because I am hoping to get a table and chairs for my balcony. They only had the table. Also, they didn't have the remaining ingredients, so I headed to Whole Foods. They had the ingredients as well as herbs. Yay! I was quite warm and sick of wearing my mask by the time I got everything into my apartment. I took a break and then repotted the herbs and set up the tablet outside. The herbs are a little droopy, so hopefully they pick up as we go along. I spent a while messing around on pinterest, took a nap, and then had some dinner. I listened to a bunch of music and read a bit. I did some journaling in my sacred space and then headed to bed.
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    That gun show though, damn! Nice shoes Puck, glad you got the enjoy that orange crush! But are they US Imperial, or British Imperial?
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    Nice updates Tank! Wooo bikes! So fun so fun! LilBit is gonna love it too! I just know it! Your picture had no power over me. I. Loathe. Peas. Also love Fireflight! Woot woot.
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    Hey all! Latrop here. I was tired of doing random workouts and hoping it was working so I came to nerdfitness for guidance. Then I met the community and saw all the nerdiness and decided I was staying. What makes me a nerd you ask? Well I'm not a video game nerd. And I'm not an anime nerd. I'm a problem solving nerd. I even found a job where I walk into a company, ask them a bazillion questions, and then help them solve their biggest problems.
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    I took the weekend off. I thought I might work out today, but I was really concerned by a deep ache in my arm. I had it yesterday, and after taking advil before bed, it went away. But this morning, it came back with a fierce vengeance, and I went upstairs to take more advil and I felt short of breath. OMG AM I HAVING A HEART ATTACK? I removed my bra to give myself as much room to breathe and IMMEDIATELY the pain went away and I could breathe again. I looked at the bra, and it's the next size down. I always keep a next size down bra to inspire me to keep exercising, but silly me bought one that looks exactly like a bra I usually wear. I got the correct size and have been quite comfortable dying of embarrassment. Tomorrow I am fasting. I'm not sure for how long. but my guts are fed up with me, and I'm giving them a day off. When I am well and truly hungry, I'll eat a piece of fruit or a yogurt then just go back to resting it a bit. I'm also going back to working out tomorrow. It's a fresh week, and two days off in a row are plenty. I hope everyone is having a good one!
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    We really do. I think that is what frustrates me the most about how a lot of the US unfortunately has politicized the pandemic - that has turned it into a topic where disagreement means that we now by default must be opponents and enemies. It should not be that way. If we must be opponents and enemies, it should be for other and actually valid reasons, and our opinion on this one topic is merely an indication of those reasons. But it has turned backwards, where a disagreement is seen as proof of those other reasons, and respectful listening is no longer being done, and that in itself is a large and separate problem. I am glad too. It is later than I initially expected, but as long as these decisions are based on facts and data, as opposed to being done to curry political favor, I am happy. And I completely agree that we will have so much more information in a couple of months. And I hope that information makes it easier for everyone.
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    Oh friggen wow. I don't know where to put this, but I just read that more than half of comments about opening up American might be from bots... and that in other discussions about e.g. US politics, 10-20% of commenters might be bots... https://www.businessinsider.com/nearly-half-of-reopen-america-twitter-accounts-are-bots-report-2020-5 That's not democratic deliberation
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    Guess what happened today. It stopped raining! Not until after dark though. I was getting ready for bed and trying to figure out how I was going to fall asleep. A week of missing my runs was making me restless. And then I looked outside and realized the rain had finally finally stopped, and immediately tossed my PJs and threw on my running clothes and shoes and went for a 20 minute fast run around the block. Life is infinitely better. Yes, I could have been running in the rain all week. But it was the cold soaking kind of rain that makes me miserable and is really hard to warm up from, so just no.
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    You gotta have standards and stick to 'em. You should send an angry email. What I'm drinking* is at least 80% water. * it's wine.
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    Alright, here we go again. I guess I'm not respawning since I did write and get a big win yesterday but it still feels that way. 22:30. Check-ins: 23:05 still haven't started but just did my "moving a little" before I start with thesis stuff to clear my brain. I found a nice wrist mobility vid that mentions finger pushups.(*) I noticed focusing on my fingers offloads my wrists while playing horsey for my sis 00:20 Meh. All the mehs. I pushed myself to find the source to a sentence I was unsure about and had written "FIND SOURCE" but I wanted to spare Future Me that hassle. 10 pushups. Half of flexibility training. I'm going to push myself to write another paragraph about a case pre 2002, and then call it a night. So sleepy. I need to work during the day tomorrow. And then think about how to proceed. Something is not working about my setup. (My inner smartie pants is saying "Nothing will work, unless you do!" Pff.) 00:50 Right, so I did EVERYTHING but go to sit at my desk while day dreaming about how nice it will be to hide in my sheets and close my eyes. Now I feel the need to defend my peers. I promise you I have only a faint idea of how I am where I am atm. Most of my fellow students seem to be a lot better at this even with their same worries that they aren't doing enough. I am working on getting better.(**) I will prove so tomorrow. Now I have to listen to my pillow calling me. (*)this is the video: (**) And I am pretty sure this is because I feel like my studies are just for me most of the time. It was really an eye opening difference how much MORE I worked and more energy I had when (1) working for a client during a negotiation/trial simulation and (2) for colleagues/people during my internship. but I want/need to learn how to work even when I don't have those external motivators that are directly related to my readings and writings... And I can visit in the next room or have a meeting with every so many weeks.
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    My habit tracker filled up so I made a new one. Arts and crafts for the win this morning
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    Missed yesterday's update, and I don't think it was as good as it could have been. Food was alright and tracked. I got some cardio in (Beat Saber) after work but had an awful night of it and was failing a lot of songs. Meant to do art, but after shutting down ESO with the group, I opted for faster into bed. I've not been sleeping very deeply, and have felt a little off since Monday night. I think it's allergies + too much sun + too much DOING. So I've been trying to be less intense in things this week. So really - only managed to get food okay and exercise in yesterday. Today should be a strength day; I think I will drop the reps and just slow them down for the workout. Also - NOTHING that requires me to be on my back as that sunburn still hurts. Side planks, dumbbell presses, dumbbell rows and some deadlifts I think. If I am feeling off, maybe my body needs more energy to deal with something internal. Boo.
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    I tried a local one but it wasn't very good. Maybe I'll try to find another. --- Yesterday I took my time grooming Daisy. Then we worked from the ground with treats on something. We then just hung out while she grazed. It was a warm one and sometimes it's nice just hanging out. I filled my bike tires last night and rode it around my driveway. The tires don't feel great so I will probably swap them out for the new ones I got but the bike on a whole is feeling too small and I think I need to live up the gears or something. Seize the day! - look up bike maintenance video [check] - varnish doggo [check] - Clean oil spray dispenser + boil eggs for egg salad [check]
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    I'm sorry you feel low and I know you already know this as it's exactly the sort of thing you'd say to me in the same situation, but even if you don't know why it's happening it's still valid. I hope you figure it out, or it just goes and never comes back. Hugs to you, my friend.
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    While we are on this topic, a Lebanese friend of mine always let me know that "Turkish pizzas" are actually Arabic (lahmacun) I told it many a cooks: as long as it tastes good it really doesn't matter all that much. Surely there are plenty of people that have tasked themselves with preserving cultural foods, let's leave it to them! Then again, I really don't care if e.g. a home-made break-apart-pita isn't the fluffiest thing ever either Whoever doesn't enjoy it may feel free to give me their share I've had someone feel sad and fuss about dishes and baked goods not turning out right while I am just happy someone is taking the time to make them (And I hope that attitude is returned if I make something hahaha. I get side-tracked easily... One pan dishes rock.)
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    So you like... just brain these ingredients together, on the go? That's ... /dreamy sigh .. that's sooo coool.
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    btw, made my newest drawing "river" VERY challenging! very hard to get the Negative/Postive objects drawn in properly (the way the leafs seem DARK against the sky but LIGHT against a dark treeline across the river). anyways. Working on it!
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    I would have, if you'd used pork, or at least chicken. Lamb makes me think of doner, which is a more Turkish thing. So you're still destroying national food, just not from the nation you think
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    A very respectable choice. 3 pages is better than 2 pages. And some reps is better than no reps.
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    Here is my educated rebuke to such a statement:
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    He is ❤️ i miss living with him. The pizza was great.... i didnt sleep well again xx mmmmm yes and thanks ! xx __________ Hey all. 11am. Didnt sleep great again, was up around 4.30am i think. Had a slow morning and willl prob nap soon. The weather is rubbish today... no rain but cloudy, boring weather hahaha. back to hot/sunny tomorrow. I want to start a painting and clean today but im so exhausted my eyes will hardly stay open. More later xx
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    Guys, the deadline is in 11 days. It makes me feel uneasy that I'm still talking about that I want to REALLY try and write the thesis in that time given the amount of hours of work a day I have been able to get in the past month and a half. BUT! I'll keep on pushing anyway. Also, it was real nice seeing those green checkmarks again. I always thought it would feel like they would be worth less to my brain if I simplify the quest goals, but nope. I'm tearing down pre-conceived notions about myself and I like it. Checkins 14:35 Pretty much ready at my desk EVEN WITH properly playing with baby sis (though I guess I didn't watch an extra long episode of my series so that's the exchange I made and I'm happy for it. She has this foam airplane that I am soooo in love with, I don't get why I love it so much. And we played with foam slime "dough" and I always enjoy that. Very satisfying pops. I also helped give friend a couple of pointers on a legal matter that I only have very vague memories about, dunno how much it helped but I suppose she'll come back to me. She's been working as a lawyer for some years now but we have different specialties Always fun to exchange knowledge.... 01:40 Weeeelll, both the technical difficulties and my desire to throw something against the wall did not hold me back. Approx 160 words and slow but we will get there. Oh, I stopped midsentence because my brain 404'ed on something. Going to see if I can unraffle the wires or go to beddd. Sleepy.
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    It sounds like you just signed up for the Speedo challenge.
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    I totally got in on this when it opened. Make your own cheese - hard, soft, etc. It's not released yet, but they're being very open about the progress. Also, when I looked up "winchestered," I got this definition from urban dictionary and was incredibly confused as to why the Winchesters had denied you cheese. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=winchestered Thank you for putting a note in about what it really means.
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    My offering for Bill: (I have no idea why someone decided to put this video over it, but it's an excellent song ) And a bit of Led Zep: I could probably pick half a dozen songs, but out of the ones we haven't had so far this one is probably my favourite. It would have been Black Dog but @Cheetah beat me to it. ETA: we used to play Heartbreaker in a band I was in, and when the guitar solo came up we'd leave the guitarist to it and go to the bar to get a beer.
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    Well, I suppose I should try to get back on track after disappearing for a few days. Work was weird. I'm almost always in the office (like maybe once or twice a year I'm not), but this week they had me at a job site three days in a row. I did walk on Friday morning because I didn't have to be up early. Dishes mostly got clean, vegetables mostly got eaten, the garden was mostly rained on, and exercise didn't happen at all, unless you count the job site stuff which involved a lot of crouching down and balancing on cables to look at stuff all day. Bed was generally before midnight because I was tired and had to get up early. I even made it to the hardware store. Today I installed a shelf and coat rack in the living room so I can hang up my rain gear. I had to do a bit of decluttering to get it installed. I made a sort of fajitas for dinner. They were pretty good, but some of the shaved beef pieces were kind of big and there was a lot of sauce which made it messy to eat. I was going to make pumpkin pie, but I kind of forgot and now it's late. Maybe tomorrow. Oh, and I need to pull some blueberries out of the freezer for muffins. Tomorrow starts a new week. I will try to get more exercise and hopefully my hip won't cause too many problems.
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    Trying to. So far so good. I'll be sure to do so. Agreed. I'm tempted to say that I could use those Monday nights for more mat time, and I could. I'd want to. But I also have a feeling that the friends I was gaming with on Monday night are still going to want my time. I... don't know how it's gonna work out yet. * Logging day 6 from day 7: 1.) 5/6 2.) 3/6 3.) 5.5/6 4.) 4/6 So Friday was very much a day. It was my sci-fi friend's birthday yesterday, and absent the chance to go out to bars and make merry, he decided to raise money for a charity and do a "Beer Mile." At least I think that's what it's called. Gist of it is, you chug a beer, run a quarter mile, chug another beer, run a quarter mile. And I made a big mistake in choosing my beers. I thought I'd get something that was easy drinking, but no, had to pick a Belgian saison. Yo, that is hard drinking when you're running. As for the run itself it was one of those things where if I were doing it alone it would be awful, but because I was with friends it turned out to be awfully awesome. It was pretty hard on my stomach, though, and greasy pizza and some whiskey afterward were not exactly helpful. Needless to say, I'm counting that as my "jolt" for S&S. Didn't get the chance to do Mobility beforehand, though. Did get to do chess. Didn't get to do any writing. So it was a very good day, but it was also the kind of day that left my goals scattered to the winds. Anyway. I'll be doing something today, I think, although I suspect that given how I'm feeling, I'm going to want to go nice and easy. Can do.
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    I made a foolish mistake and came hungry.. i do so love salmon and yours sounds especially lovely.. Oh for all the fans out there, I once read this absolutely awesome Zuko focused fanfiction. It really was brilliant, very well done, great plot. I could probably find it if anyone is interested..
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    Since I used to grind my flour, and before that bought it in 25 or 50 pound quantities, I never really understood how quickly I can go through a five pound bag. The flour I found yesterday is half gone. I can get some more, but I'm definitely seeing a need to go on a road trip for the mill and wheat berries. Getting ready to visit with Vivian this morning while the sponge percolates.
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    I was asked this recently as well and I'm more forgiving, the less I know the person. The more I know a person, the less leeway they end up getting. I think because when I know less about a person, I'm not as harsh since I assume that I don't know what issues and constraints they are under. Whereas if I knew someone well and knew they did jack shit on Saturdays and they start complaining to me that they can't get something done, I'm more judgemental because I know they have that Saturday free. That make sense? So, based on that logic; you can see that I'm most critical of myself. I also think this is because the more I know someone/am close with them; the more I want for them to be doing better. I put more pressure on them (in my head - I usually don't make it known to them) since I want a higher standard in my life. I don't know how to not feel that way, though. I'm very aware that I'm dying. Not like... I have a month to live. But that my life is ending one day at a time. If I don't get EVERYTHING done, then I'll be filled with more regrets than I already am. Thanks - I just wish I had the energy to do more on here. Honestly, when this was a full-time job posting on here, it made a world of difference. Wall of Positivity* Ah, nice. I see your mohawk and raise you my mohawks: https://imgur.com/mOJG3PF https://imgur.com/jVHc4sS (hopefully they load) ------------ My workouts are AMAZING. I'm feeling so much progress from them. Although I am having a hard time with the overhead press, squats, step-ups, bent over rows, prone rows, chest press variations are all doing great. I have added to my plank EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I tell myself I can do 1 more second and I have. I started with an 8-second plank when I started a little over 2 months ago. I'm up to 41 seconds yesterday. Around the 30-second mark; I start to swear-mumble but I can keep it going. Ladies - I don't wanna talk about it, but I'll say that besides JJ; everyone is gone and even that doesn't feel ok these days. Eating - On and off. I did food shopping yesterday and I'll be cooking this morning and stick to things this week. Sleep - Really good. I think it's because of depression, but I am SO done with the day by 9pm that I'm usually half-asleep by then. I think I woke up 3 times in the middle of the night this week, which is better than usual. I start feeling extremely alone and depressed and lack any energy around 5pm or so. Ladies gave me energy. Not having anywhere to go or anyone to see fucking sucks. Reading/studying - GREAT. Fuck, I read an entire book in only 3 sittings. I'm about 200 pages into another book. And I did a few more pages of studying. Looking at this, I want to beat myself up; but I'm actually doing really well if I can just stay consistent with food. It's the 5pm slump. I'm alone and then I feel shitty so then I start meandering and then I find myself sniping junk food from next door. It's not as bad as it was during, say, the Easter week. . But it's still there. A handful of doritos and glass of milk still feels like it sets me back too much. I'm not eating CANDY at least, which I think is progress. *She* popped up in my head the other day and it put me in such a pissed off mood. I thought about how her weakness and patheticness has made me weak and pathetic because I still feel this way about her and about relationships. It's almost been a year since her 2nd abandonment and the ladies bullshit is magnifying it.
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    Dear heart, you're not the Vetinari of the forums, you're the Vimes of the forum. The head of the Forum Watch, enforcing the forum laws, making sure the forum is safe. And any number of people tell Vimes when to put on the hated ducal uniform in service of tradition, when he'd rather just run the Watch. We are all the pawns of tradition. And I'm afraid you've just stumbled into the most sacred and reverently observed tradition of the monks. You are one of us now. I cannot wait for you to see all the things. ALL THE THINGS.
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    The beginning was a bit strange indeed (Sandry's book is the first one, I wouldn't recommend starting with the second series). It's a beautiful world though, and I really enjoyed the stories . Good job on starting with weeding! I dislike weeding, also because after a week it seems like it was all for nothing. I hope you'll win this fight against the weeds though. I have half given up our fight against some sort of clover with yellow flowers that look cute, if only it wouldn't be on the terrace.
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    Weeks don't seem likely to get much less crazy anytime soon, but I am much better off here than not, so happy to be back. Amen to that.
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    Week 2 day 1 Welp first official week is behind us and we survived. There’ve been some hiccups on my end, but these have all been great learning experiences. For science! Tracking food Food tracking has hit a snag. Although all food has been logged, not all has been consumed. The day after my last post I was moved to the night shift. I was told this at 5am and my shift started at 7pm. So being disorientated all week I have not been making my sunrise smoothies. It’s been work, go home to sleep, wake up, rinse and repeat. Thank goodness I put in an order for a 10 dish at a local meal prep restaurant near my place. I accidentally volunteered for overtime so the meals work out in my favor. Stretching Not sure if I should keep this one at a goal. I’ve naturally been stretching of my back feels tired. And if it’s tight I’ll sneak into a kneeling position and bring my hands to one side and walk them back behind me to pop the lower back. Lifestyle Not sure if I’ve been doing any journaling. I did write a stoic prompt before I found out about the night shift. I covered the good, better, best idea: what did I do well today, what could have been better, what can I do to make sure I have the best day moving forward. I had so much planned... before the fire nation attacked. Learners log Reset alarms to reflect new schedule Nix the smoothie Time is an illusion The sun is now my enemy don't copy an old entry written on mobile notes and past directly to the website thinking the font will be normal
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    Not easy. But you can make pretty much any type of cheese at home with the right equipment and lots of time. https://cheesemaking.com/collections/recipes/products/cheddar-cheese-making-recipe It might be worth taking it up as a hobby if your supply issues aren't going to get much better. Oh balls is that July? I won't be ready for July
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    1) Get those steps Week 2: Hit 6k steps Current: 5/6 days 2) Drink that water Week 2: Hit 80oz of water a day; one glass right away in the morning Current: 6/6 days (so much water. Not sure if I notice a difference yet or not) 3) Start moving purposely again Week 2: Do at least one bit of exercise a day 5/7 days; one bodyweight circuit this week Current: 6/6 days (two walks + planks) 4) Stop shutting down Week 2: Add meditation and mood tracking and report back Current: Attempt at meditation, still deciding on how to track mood. Honestly I've stalled a bit here. Alright, so weird to update right before the end of the week, but I felt like I needed to check in for my sake so I know how to spend my Saturday. Yesterday wasn't my best because I decided enjoying myself on my birthday was a little more important, so I ain't mad about my choice. Food was definitely over calories but not excessively so (yeah, I started logging food again because I am over this un-shifting weight thing, but it isn't in the challenge because it was a spur of the moment decision on Monday). Spouse got me a soda stream, so now I can filter my water and make my own carbonated water, which is super exciting. Now I just need to find ways to flavor it without adding a ton of calories. The main reason I wanted one was to cut down on my can/bottle usage because I go through a lot of sparkling water and wanting one makes me feel every bit of my new age of 34. Still trying to decide if I am going to splurge on a new bike, even though shopping for one right now is a little complicated. Bike shops are open and considered essential business, but seeing as I hate going out for non-essential reasons (I don't *need* a bike), I'm not sure I will go through with it. Also, we finally met with our realtor, so house hunting is getting real. I got over 6000 steps by taking a walk yesterday, but didn't get much higher. Not hitting 10k as often as I did last week, but at least I'm still hitting my goal. Also still need to get my body weight session in, which is going to be tomorrow because I am best when under a deadline and today is rainy and gross. I'm already miffed about going for a walk in the rain later, so I'm not pushing my luck by also throwing in exercise (I plan to do it outside thanks to the 3rd floor apartment life). I'm getting used to my water intake, and I am seeing some positive results skin-wise, so that's motivating. Goal 4 hasn't progressed much this week due to lingering exhaustion and personal frustration with meditation. I know practicing helps, but meditation has always been difficult for me to do, and my current environment isn't great for it. So this slipped to the backburner while I focused on other stuff. I am totally aware that some of my exhaustion is due to work, because we have hit the point of the school year where everyone is done. And we were already feeling done due to online learning. One of my friends described it as having senioritis again and that about sums it up. I'm ready to stop working from home for a bit and get ready for my new position next year. Less than a month to go. Here's to hoping for a productive push for the end of this week.