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    I was walking down the aisle at a Costco and some little boy said "Look daddy, a real cowboy"
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    They'll learn the first time they come to my thread hungry. I guess if you can't get into Hufflepuff I upped the intensity (Speed, decreased rest times) so it felt like a hard HIIT workout. Pukey the Clown didn't visit, but I think some snitch told him where I live. I approve. Today is a good day. A headache precluded a workout, but many good things happened. I got to meet up with @WhiteGhost for tacos, then I made lunch. I pan fried some salmon with the skin still on, and topped it with a simple honey mustard sauce I made (honey, whole grain mustard and apple cider vinegar). I served it with some broccoli and some mashed potatoes (russet potatoes, milk, butter, garlic powder, parsley, salt and pepper). It was good.
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    Funny, when I first sat down to write, I mostly felt focused on work. But when I zoomed out to the slightly bigger picture, things were looking great! It's pretty cool. There is no rocket science about anything the coach has told me, but it's reassuring and inspiring to have someone to talk to. Today I did my first ever interval workout on the elliptical. Wow, I don't love the elliptical, but I'm glad I can do something. I'm excited about being able to try a little running tomorrow. I'm looking forward to my trip! Will be fun and relaxing for sure. Also made plans to go to a really cool holiday dinner with some friends in a couple weeks. It's making me start to feel festive :-)
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    Well done. Why would a man who struggles with lycanthropy be named Remus Lupin? His name might as well be Werewolf McWerewolf. Today is a good day. No workout, but ran some errands and made a roast in the instant pot. I put in chopped onion, chopped carrots, chopped Yukon Gold Potatoes, and a chopped Rutabaga. I also added some thyme and a beef tri-tip roast, along with salt, pepper, minced garlic red wine, all of the broth from the last pork roast I made, as well as some beef broth. It cooked for 45 minutes. It is incredible, the beef is so tender.
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    Week One Wrap Up So, like I said above my week one got a little derailed on the lifting. I think I had like an anxiety hangover of some sort from Thanksgiving and just could not sleep for the life of me, and then when I did sleep I felt like I couldn't get enough and was so mega tired. I fell into the standard Raxie cycle of I'm-tired-so-I-don't-cook-or-work-out-so-I-eat-like-an-asshole-which-makes-me-more-tired-and-oh-god-I-can't-stop. Luckily I cut myself off from that before it got mega out of hand but not before finding myself at 2am in an insomnia fueled rage ANGRILY DIPPING CHEETOES IN RICOTTA STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CONTAINER. I didn't know angrily dipping was even possible but let me tell you, that was it. Like honestly I don't even know. Also honestly, it was delicious. But I am not sure I have ever gone to such ridiculous levels before XD XD. But uh, yeah. Back on the eating what my muscles want this week so I can get back to DLing above my body weight (it's been far too long since I could do that and I WANT IT SO BAD). As for the weekend, Saturday I went to a friend's house for board games and they cooked for us. Nom Nom. Sunday my sister came to visit and we watched Buffy and played board games. By the numbers my week 1 ended up pretty OK. See below. The enemy: Keyhole Starting HP: 800 Friends in Party: Dipper, Mabel, Waddles, and Wendy The Specifics Keyhole Ending HP: 267/800 Friends Added to Party: Deputy Durland and Sheriff Blubs So Keyhole will live to fight another day with Bill in week 4. As long as I DO THE THING for the rest of the challenge I will have plenty of party members to take care of Bill and finish off Keyhole then, if I've done all the mathings correctly which I'm pretty sure I have hahah. Week Two Planning Week Two I'll be fighting Pyronica! Another one of Bill's interdimensional friends. She will be starting with 1200HP And I'll be trying to rescue Candy Chiu and Grenda So far this week is going well. I lifted yesterday, and after missing 2 lifting sessions I am definitely a little sore but nothing too crazy. I went to a practice session with Mr. Raxie to work on our quickstep number (which we're part of a performance team for). It was a hot freakin' mess going into the practice session but we ran it a billion times and I think I'm at a place that I'm comfortable with it now. I also ROMWODed because stretchiness is the best and doing all the things in one day is the Ranger Way - RANGERS GONNA RANGER AMIRITE? (cc: @Tanktimus the Encourager) Schedule for the Week: I realized I never really posted the full hilarity of what was my hosting Thanksgiving (it's been long enough that I now find it funny but WOAH was it one of the most stressful couple of days of my life - literally everything that could have gone wrong basically did hahah), and I also never shared the specifics of my first session with my new D&D campaign, so those are below under the spoilers if you are interested! Thanksgiving Summary Adventures of Raxie the Dragonborn Sourcerer Phew that was a large update. Thanks to anyone who stuck it out through the whole thing haha. And even if not, thanks for popping in Happy Tuesday everyone!
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    WELP. Barring an absolute fuck up in the next few days, it looks like I'm getting this job. We talked for about 10 minutes, wherein she told me the overview of the position/department and said "tell me about yourself" so I just rolled into "hey I started at the shitshow bank as a temporary employee and was a supervisor 9 months later." She thinks my international experience is super duper impressive, asked why I didn't stay in DC/if I want to go back ("well I'm open to working anywhere tbh. I came back because my mother was dying but also everyone goes to DC for international things but anyway I'm more focused on people than politics and your bank is super focused on diversity and inclusion stuff so it makes sense."), and said I'm clearly very intelligent and great at communication and she can see me doing super well at this job. To the point that the position above the one she contacted me for just opened up and she thinks I'll probably wind up in that one instead. Bonus points: she said she'd email me the link to the benefits website and I said I'd already checked it out since it was in her email signature and she was surprised because literally no one ever looks at it until she sends it in an email by itself. So, y'know, fuck. Now I need to get my hair done and go shopping for an interview outfit. There's a 30-minute phone call with someone who I think she said is the assistant to the EVP for this department across the entire bank? And then a 2-hour in-person interview with the team I'd be working with, and she's trying to schedule that as early as Friday. So of fucking course my father has a colonoscopy Monday and I can't be available for an interview then because I have to drive him home. Argh. But anyway. This process is moving fucking fast. I might have a job by the end of the year?
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    Late to the challenge, but hey, a late challenge is better than no challenge right? The theme of this one is simple: Heal. Now, next year gets CRAZY for me. Crazy in a 'I don't know if I can pull this off' kind of way. I have not one, not even two, but THREE mammoth races to prepare for. None of which I am currently fit enough to complete any of them. With this in mind, I got myself into training, started thinking seriously about running and improving strength and endurance and... Ok, maybe not as dramatic as that. Or accurate, since it's my hip that's the issue. Essentially, my pelvis is unstable and tilted forwards. I didn't think much of the odd ache I got when I ran sometimes, but a single hard interval session and it really HURT. It's taken a few physio sessions , but my pelvis is now almost - but not quite - back where it should be. The challenge is getting it to go back to where it should be and stay there, as the imbalance of my muscles will just pull it right out of position again if left. Therefore, in this last challenge of the year, I focus on healing. This is harder than it sounds. I am impatient to be training and getting stronger for the task that lies ahead of me. It's the hardest thing, physically, that I have ever done. I need to be able to complete 4 laps of a 12k obstacle course in 8.5 hours by mid May. Then a 50km course in my favourite, but extremely hilly region of the world, the Lake District in July. And then the real crazy thing happens. IF I qualify at Oblivion... I will be at the OCR World Championships. In the wave that I am in awe of. The wave that terrifies me. The wave I don't know if I will be good enough for. The Elite wave. I want to be out there, training. Instead, I'm not allowed to run, sit crossed legged, need to be mindful with what exercises I do, etc. Oh, and remember to do a whole host of exercises from hip raises to single leg glute bridges and calf stretches, etc. a minimum of 3 times a day. Goals: Strength and Stability 1. Do my physio exercises 3 x day, no exceptions I need to do them all, as often as possible, to get me where I need to be. In my physio's own words, I cannot overdo them, and the more I do, the quicker my recovery and the sooner I can get back to running and a proper training plan. The minimum is 3 times a day, and is so important that this is pass or fail. 2. Pull-up Workout 3 x week The coaching I pay for to help sort out my nutrition and training (as well as looking at a bucket load of other factors such as sleep, stress, water intake, mood, etc) put together a pull up workout which is adjusted weekly but is to be done three times a week. I can't qualify for the world champs in May, and I sure as hell won't keep my band in October, if I don't work on this. If I miss one, bad things happen. 3. Eat to become the Athlete you Want to Be A large part of why I sought professional help is that my diet is - or used to be - absolutely appalling. Chocolate does not constitute a good dinner, and a very high sugar intake was not going to be doing me anything but harm. I'm making baby steps in the right direction. The goal for this is just to Follow The Plan. Right now, that's 2200 cal on training days, 1800 on non training days and 150g carbs daily. Simple pass or fail per day.
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    Ola! Long time no see. Missed you nerds. And yes, I'm very late. Since I've been gone, I've enjoyed a life ripe with sloth and gluttony (and no not that Sloth, get your mind outta the gutter!). Ok, well, I may be exaggerating a bit, but I have also not managed to keep up my fitness and health goals as much as I'd like. In addition, I've managed somehow to turn 50. It was a less than glorious moment y'all. I struggled HARD with this birthday, but I'm coming around and I've got a plan. It seriously shocks me that I'm 50. I swear it was just yesterday I turned 40. Really! And then I thought... I've been on this fitness and health journey for SOOOO long. The real problem I have is sticking to it. I've done a lot of reading about willpower, habits, etc. over the years and I think I've come to the root of my issue here... patience. I've got very little. If I'd taken the time and patience to really own a few good lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise habits when I turned 40... (I mean really take my time and OWN them!) maybe I'd be in a different place right now? So we're gonna give it a try and I can think of no better place for accountability and support than here with my rangers. You are totally stuck with me now until I turn 60 and can conclude my hypothesis. *smirk* Rules for My Impatient Self: 1. Focus on one habit for 2 weeks before adding another. 2. Track each habit for 1 month before deciding if you own it yet. 3. If you don't own that habit yet, keep tracking another 2 weeks and reassess. 4. Never add more than one habit at a time. 5. Never more than 2 habits being tracked. Keep it simple! The idea is a rolling habit track/add. Focusing on one habit for an entire month seemed a little long and I was worried about boring myself to death. The plan gives me room to keep things fresh, but also make sure a habit is established before adding more. And... Just because my habit for Dec 20 is weight training, doesn't mean I can't do any of that before then... that would be counterproductive, right? It's just not the focus and not being tracked. Start Dec 6: Vitamin D and multivitamin daily. Eat slowly. Stop when satisfied. Start Dec 20: Weight training 2x/wk So... who's excited to see me log on and check off one task every day for the next two weeks!!!!
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    You don't see much Bardic interpretive dance around here unless you count synchronized toe tapping and head nodding. Trampoline parks are awesome. [emoji4] That snow was fluffy nothingness that only took time, the next snow, however, was wet and heavy and worked up a big enough sweat that I was shoveling in a T shirt. Good one Dad! I was really looking forward to nachos and was sorely disappointed. Sorry. I just haven't been feeling it lately. I've been doing my usual stuff though. I started a KBs for mountain biking training plan. I haven't been doing the pull up PVP I signed up for. Pull ups are much harder than they used to be. Fatter and weaker isn't a good combination for pull ups. A few days ago it was Mrs. Sloth's birthday. We went to a restaurant that was about four levels more expensive than I would have picked for my self. The cool part was I ordered half a bone and ate the marrow out of it. Friday is my dad's birthday and it has turned into a CF getting something planned. A couple days ago we had a code yellow* during passing time and the six graders panicked and ran down the hall into my room and I had like 45 kids in my room who were totally wound up at the end of the day. It was awesome. Yesterday we had a fire drill** right before my last class. One kid was freaked out because it might be real, threw his books down, and ran out of the room and the building screaming. We stood around outside in the cold and came back wound up and crabby. That was also awesome. *The code was because of a medical emergency and they wanted to clear the hall to make it easy for the paramedics and to protect the student's privacy. **Someone broke the glass on a fire alarm. May or may not have been on purpose.
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    It's not a euphemism. My daughter has a hard time with steaks and chops, so I'm going to try to tenderize it a bit next time I cook one of them for her. My plan is to hammer first, then marinade, then cook hot and fast until just barely done. Does that sound reasonable? More to the point, a while back I broke my cheap aluminum tenderizer mallet, and since it's not something I use often, I never got around to replacing it. So now I'm in the market for a meat hammer, and I want a good one. I did see this: and as much as I want to, I can kind of tell it's not going to be as durable as it should be. There are a couple of reviews that it feels cheap, too. So, can anyone recommend a hefty tool for beating my meat?
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    Well done on the phone interview. I especially liked the part where you worked in your international experience. Maybe while they are rooting around in there they can find his head and pull it out for him.
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    So! I'm a week late. But I actually have been rocking this challenge, even though I haven't posted it yet. 1) LIFTING: As of right now, I'm planning on doing a competition December 22nd. That's 22 days away. My training has been lackluster lately due to still dealing with injuries from my car accident back in September. Some days I've got it and other days, it hurts so bad I leave in tears. I AM working under guidance of many doctors (currently 4 D:), so don't worry, I'm not pushing past what's smart or recommended. But I said I was going to do a meet in 2018 - and it's important to me to actually do it if at all possible. I initially was aiming for a 1,000lb total, but right now I'd like to just do it, and hit PRs on every lift. Since I haven't competed in 3 years, that should be easy. My current PRs (meet / gym) are: Squat: 122.5 / 135 Bench: 80 / 95 Deadlift: 185 / 192.5 2) PHYSICAL HEALTH STUFF: Over the next 2 weeks, I need to get xrays, an MRI on my hip, and a EMG/NCS test (nerve conduction study). In addition to that, I need to, at minimum: Chiropractor 1x a week Massage 2x a week (1x is with Chiro) 3) MENTAL HEALTH STUFF: With a lot going on right now, plus the amount of physical pain I'm in on a regular basis, my anxiety is at an all time high and I'm experiencing symptoms of depression again, for the first time in years. My training has been off more than on, and a lot of my normal coping mechanisms are just not being done. Get up every morning and walk at least 10 minutes outside in the sun before work. THIS HAPPENS EVEN IF IT'S RAINING. If it's completely downpouring, I spend 10 minutes outside on the porch meditating. (I've done this every morning the last week --> I couldn't handle an entire challenge, but could handle that one thing! ) Some sort of activity in addition to the walking every single day. This could be a 20 minute workout, a 20 minute walk, a yoga session (at home or in a class environment, etc). Just something, every day. 4) NUTRITION: Following that last goal, my nutrition has slipped and that's a part of it too. Eat at least 3 meals a day that have a protein and a vegetable Limit to 1 sweet per day (and sweet must fit in with paleoish guidelines - so an RxBar, milk filled protein shake, etc.) 5) LIFE: I'm moving from Texas to Virginia the week of Christmas, after this challenge ends. My mom is coming down and we're going to make a road trip out of it so that the little dog that's terrified of airplanes can come too. We already have a lease signed and a place to live, thankfully, and the majority of what we have is getting sold or going to be donated. That being said, there's a LOT to do. Work on the move at least 20 minutes each day, following the list I'm going to put together today. Work on accepting the fact that some things might not get sold on time, due to time restrictions for things that are higher priority (training / physical health / work) and may just need to be donated FIND NEW DOCTORS AHEAD OF TIME. This will be partially difficult because my health insurance is changing, but thankfully my costs are going through the car insurance, so I should be able to find someone to go to and set up the appointments before I leave here. I already have my next challenge planned for when I get into Virginia - really excited about that. But first step is getting there!
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    Also... Baby Wolf pic!!! The profile reminds me so much of Orin! Wolf
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    Yesterday my son came over in the evening and we decorated the tree and ate much food and goodies. I tried to make some candy and it failed, made caramel corn, which succeeded on the second try. The candy recipe was cocoa mixed in coconut oil, and then I poured it into new silicone molds I bought. I've made candy with chocolate chips and coconut oil successfully before, abut this recipe used cocoa powder instead. I could never get the consistency right, and they stuck in the molds. Tasted decent, but not the cute candy I envisioned. Sent hubby out for an emergency candy run. The caramel corn had the ingredients for a sauce,; Mix the sugar and coconut oil over a burner until it is melted and mixed, then add vanilla and baking soda. I didn't read until the end of the directions and so added baking soda at the beginning. So nothing mixed , and it just made a pile of goo. Finally gave up, and dumped that batch and started over. Second batch worked well. After you pour the sauce on the popcorn, you bake it for a while. I don't think I baked it long enough, as it was kind of chewy. Still. The food part was good. I'm a much better cook than baker. My favorite was the Wonton meatball https://nomnompaleo.com/2017/03/20/2017032020170320wonton-meatballs. These were amazing. Did my workout today, went out to lunch with friends, short walk
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    The Texan in me is slightly hurt by this. Wheeell bless your heart son, that jist don' soun' right ta me.
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    Week 2, Wednesday! I slept! I feel sooooo much better today! I've actually felt really good today just all round. A little bored at work maybe but otherwise a great day. I went to the gym and did a stupendous amount of pull ups for the PVP I managed to stick to just 3 cups of coffee despite someone making me a 4th late in the afternoon (it wasn't malicious, I haven't told anyone other than some Nerds and my BF that I'm cutting back so he just assumed I'd want one). I even drank my last coffee before noon. All good. I'm still quite tired tonight but in a good way. Say something nice: I'm quite smart and very quick thinking I love to learn stuff. Eat to Help your Goals, not Harm them. 2385 calories. Coffee has been tempting but food not so much. Weight today was 97.kg I had a little bit of a freak out about my weight number not moving for a little while but only very briefly. The voice in my head was quickly shut up when I reminded myself that while it's not been moving my strength focus has been heavily hypertrophy based and there is probably some kind of body composition changes happening somewhere. I cannot deny I've been getting stronger even though I pretty much just assume that I'm no longer obese enough to do that kind of thing on such low calories I'm not really basing that on anything at all. As if to prove my point when I put my belt on after my workout this morning it fastened to the next hole along. I didn't think about it until I realised it'd happened! that's a far better indication of progress than the scale!  Run Rest Strength Work Bench: 1 5 36 1 3 43.2 1 1 50.4 1 10+ 54 The final set (55kg) ended up being 16 reps. Incline bench: 5,3,1 22kg 24kg 26kg Pullup 5x5 assisted pullup The weight is the offset from bodyweight in pounds (so the sets increased in weight). 13.5x10 95# 1x10 90 1x10 80 1x10 70 1x10 60 OCR Type Stuff Metcon workout: 12 minutes AMRAP 20 cals Row 10 KB Snatch (20kg) 20 leg raises 4 rounds in time. Mince Pie List Stuck the table in the spoiler because my phone doesn't like it.
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    I got a reply from them (really quick, I like that). They run foundation classes every Thursday evening. Thursday is my work from home day, which makes it entirely possible for me to do this. Also, the trainer that emailed was called Charlie.
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    It's tough to be motivated for a cold shower. There are times when I'm dripping sweat and it still doesn't sound appealing lol. It's all about perspective, I guess. Are there different artists out there? Yes. Are they better? I don't think so. I like your art and know you work hard on it and can appreciate that fact if nothing else. I do also understand where you're coming from. I don't usually think my writing is good but when Heather or you guys reassure me and enjoy what I write, I have to block out the negative side that always wants to compare. Drawing and Writing are both hard hobbies to get a leg in the door for, but if I can help spread your name around to get you positive exposure, then I will . Especially since you have a love for BioWare as it is-there are people that can't draw stick figures, much less an anime portrait of themselves, lol. You're talented, Puck, and I won't take it back Today is gonna be a good day. It started off right with a trip to the gym this morning and decided to get on the bench press today. It's been....3-4 months since I've done bench press, so I thought, "why the heck not?" I supersetted it with TRX body rows. I've already drank my bulletproof coffee and gonna eat some PB&J for lunch. I have organic PB and J, plus omega 3 bread. Basically, the healthiest way I could make a PB&J lol. The VGA (Video Game Awards) are tonight and we get a brand new Anthem trailer plus other goodies! AND! They are letting those who have been selected for Alpha know via email! Fingers crossed! The catch-22 is that I have a family Christmas event to go to on Saturday, and if I do get accepted to test Alpha, then I would miss the time slot I signed up for. I still have Sunday... ...The devs did say that those that were accepted could possible test the other time frames, which would be nice. I dunno, there's a lot of speculation, so I'll just wait to see if I've been approved before I start to figure out the nitty gritty, lol. Look for Chapter 2 of the story this weekend!! I'm excited about this next entry ! Challenge Update: 0/2 Cold showers: NOPE Average 7 hours of sleep: CHECK 24-hour fast: PENDING 1/2 completed Devotionals (total time= 1hr): PENDING 30 min remaining on the week PT Test: PENDING Writing 1 hour a week: CHECK 1/4 entries completed Wolf
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    Thanks! Haha I can totally understand why people resist stretching! Including myself. It's one thing to flop about after a training session, but flexibility training is really intense work and doesn't necessarily feel good as such. It's more of a type 2 kind of fun. Thanks! This patience thing SUCKS. Yeah I'm making sure to go outside even though the weather's quite icky. Yaaaaay, so happy to see your face here! I've missed you dude! Thanks, sorry you had bad timing haha. But I'll perk up soon enough. But it's not fair. Thanks! Haha indeed it can. I'd like pretty winter to come now instead of the pit of darkness please. My personal favourite is this one: "ARE YOU SICK OR JUST KINDA TIRED?" It's been a few months now. I was an idiot when climbing, overdid it, and turned a tendonitis into chronic tennis elbow... I tried to climb for a while and then I tried doing handstands for a short while, but now I'm doing nothing but rehab... SO SNEAKY! Thanks so much! Cleaning is a form of self care for me too - it sucks but it does help in making me feel better. It's going to be ok though, sometimes I just need a couple of days to reset and then I feel fine again. And I already do. Yesterday was not so great so I worked from home, not a lot but I did whatever I could from my phone. Today I went into the office because I needed to un hermit myself (another form of self care) It ended up a looooong day because of a stupid "mandatory non-optional" meeting, yes that was the wording, and now I'm pooped. It's so ridiculous, we all have to be present in some form, but nobody at the Helsinki office gives a shit so everyone's just sitting there on their phones or their laptops and the only thing we contribute with is a heavy dose of sarcasm once we're offline. But hey at least I got in some quality catching up with NF time. Tomorrow is a public holiday so I'm going to make sure to spend it doing fun things! Maybe pick up the pen again...
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    Tuesday w2d2 - PT exercises: inversions 2 x 15, talocrural mobility, heel raises 2 x 15, towel gathering - lunch and dinner were distraction free - meditated for 30 minutes with insight timer
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    Tuesday Update I felt a bit crappy yesterday so I spent the day in bed, napping and watching Mad Men. I think it's the rumblings of a cold although I don't have any symptoms except a husky voice, extreme tiredness and a very very faint swelling of the throat. I have just gone back on hormonal contraception for the first time in many years so I am not ruling this out. I need to monitor it because I am not getting on particularly well with the new stuff, for a multitude of reasons. We'll see. I felt a little better by the mid afternoon so I got up and played Assassin's Creed for a while but after half an hour I felt really sick and dizzy so I retreated to my bed for another nap. I stayed there for an hour or so, then got up and did a workout session. Just thirty minutes on the elliptical purely as a box ticking exercise, but I got it done. I also noticed that the couple of pounds I gained have gone to good places on me which is always a bonus. I'm loving myself a little thicker (for now). (Why is this pear such HASHTAG GOALS?) I made a roast beef dinner for when TH got back from work, with roasted carrots, broccoli, roast potatoes and yorkshire pudding. It was delicious. I have my car in for the MOT today so fingers crossed he makes it through for another year, bless that bag of crap <3
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    Woot. Next phone call Thursday morning and then the in-person on Tuesday afternoon. At least now I have time to get my hair done and go shopping without being stressed. Someone remind me to tell my father nothing because I’ve already disappointed myself yet again.
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    It is time consuming isn't it?? I'm lucky I have so much close to me (like within 20-30 minutes), cutting the travel out seems to help a lot!! I used to do that at the beach! I'm sure there would be more opportunities here though... hmmm... hmhmhm........... *plots* RANGERS GONNA RANGER bigger like that??? (sorry sorry i'll see myself out) holy shit It's ok get your punch and kick on and WHEN YOU RETURN WE WILL................. BE......................... HERE. Yes yes outside!!!!!! *^____^* Ra... rang......er......rangering................. *stares thoughtfully yet also emptily off into the distance, as if the answer is right there, right there.......* Oh heckyeah I used to keep a roll of duct tape in my car at ALL TIMES for emergency, also how did I put up those flimflam Christmas lights yesterday?? DUCT. TAPE. DROP THE BEAT YO-
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    Bien hecho! Bienvenidos a nuestros fiesta de Tex-Mex. Today is a good day. I got the laundry done, did the NF Beginner Body Weight Workout, and made lunch. I started by boiling 1 c chicken broth with 1 tbsp butter, some minced garlic, some white wine vinegar, and salt and pepper. I added 1 c couscous, stirred, and when it began boiling again I put the lid on it and removed it from the heat. Later when I served it up I added Tzatziki. While that was happening, I melted some bacon grease, added some minced garlic, let the garlic start to brown, then I added some shredded Brussels sprouts. I cooked that with salt, pepper, and apple cider vinegar. After that was done I put some avocado oil in the pan and added some pork chops that had been salted and peppered. Once they were done I let them rest. I then added more oil to the pan with some minced shallot, which I browned. I then added some balsamic vinegar, some beef broth, and apricot preserves. I stirred and let that reduce down. While that was going on I thin sliced and served the pork chops, topping them with the pan sauce. It was really good.