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    Last challenge I stalled on several of my lifts while testing my 1RM. I think several things contributed to this. I’m cutting slowly, and that can affect progression on lifts. I’m overweight, so cutting is going to take priority, I’ll take the gains where I can, but my waist needs to get smaller for long-term health, and I decided last challenge I’m playing the long game from here on out. What has happened so far is I’m stable on weight with my waist slowly going down, which I will gladly take as long as it keeps coming. Another factor I suspect is needing more lifting stamina. Therefore I’m going to do something I’m not going to enjoy that will be very helpful. I’m going to do a full four weeks of 5x10 on my lift days. I do a periodization plan that has you test your 1RM every seven weeks. The weeks normally fall like this Week 1 5x10 Week 2 1x10 5x8 Week 3 1x10 1x8 4x6 Week 4 1x10 1x8 1x6 3x4 Week 5 1x10 1x8 1x6 1x4 2x2 Week 6 1x10 1x8 1x6 1x4 1x2 1x1(at current 1RM) Then you test. As I said, I’m gonna spend four weeks at 5x10 to build some conditioning that will build a base for the heavier weeks. I spent the last week of the previous challenge at a de-load 5x10, and I will spend week zero doing yoga and walking the whole time to give myself a rest. My goals are as follows Strength: 8 lift days. Pretty straightforward here. I will do Bench and Squat on Mondays or Tuesdays and Deadlift and OverHead Press on Wednesdays or Thursdays. The change will be all four weeks will be 5x10 as discussed above Mobility: 6 NF Yoga workouts. I’ll do one session each of Water A and B, one sessions each of Fire A and B, and one Session of Star A and Yin. Last challenge I did Star B for the first time, I had to modify a lot more of that session than I did of Star A, so I’m going back to Star A for the time being to build some flexibility. I like rotating the sessions because it keeps me from getting bored and Water A and B are shorter, it’s nice having the option to do them on a rushed day. Walking: I have great places to walk, so it’s not hard to get out and do. There will be six walking days, a 2 mile, 4 3 mile walks, and a 4 mile walk are the goals. Domestic Rangering: Still the goal here to do laundry, clean bathroom and kitchen and mop and vacuum once per week. Eating: I will cook paleo and only allow myself two variances per week. This seems to be working, the trick is not to use a variance to go crazy. I’m going to track calories on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. The goal is to track, when tracking I find I naturally keep myself on target. Here’s what I’ll use in the signature instead of progress bars. Strength: 8 Lift Days _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Mobility: 8 Yoga Days Water A | Water B | Fire A | Fire B | Star B | Yin Walking: 4 Walk Days 2 Miles | 3 Miles | 3 Miles | 3 Miles | 3 miles | 4 Miles Domestic Rangering: Laundry, Mop, Vacuum, Bathroom, Kitchen 1x Week LMVBK | LMVBK | LMVBK | LMVBK Eating: Cook Paleo with only two variances per week _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
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    Starting weight baseline: 198 lbs. CrossFit Skill Metrics: CrossFit Metrics CrossFit Athlete profile: https://games.crossfit.com/athlete/602549 PRELUDE: 2017 has been an interesting year so far and turning 30 last autumn even more so. Shortly after the new year’s start I received some delightful advice from a certain Rangerly chaplain about taking time to work on myself no matter the state of affairs in my life, and even though I’m living on my own terms again, there’s no better time than the present to follow through on that transformation. Though I might be starting late (or early, depending how you look at it), it feels good to be focused and on the rise again. This challenge is dedicated to Rurik working on Rurik. BLOOD & IRON ALCHEMY. MyFitnessPal tracking 5 of 7 days/week: ☐☐☐☐☐ [Challenge Total: ☐☐☐☐] 4 CrossFit classes per week: ☐☐☐☐ [Challenge Total: ☐☐☐☐] 3 Supplementary workouts per week: ☐☐☐ [Challenge Total: ☐☐☐☐] Retest two or more CrossFit metrics: ☐☐ NOURISH THE MIND / BE MORE HUMAN. Mindful Moment before meals [Challenge Total: __ ] Try to visit Rurik’s Happy Place™ daily: ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐ 3 sessions of “something resembling meditation” per week: ☐☐☐ GET SHIT DONE. Post a daily challenge update at least 4 of 7 days/week: ☐☐☐☐ [Challenge Total: ☐☐☐☐] To-Do list… ☐☐ Debt Management. ☐ Skin Care 101: have moles looked at/removed. ☐ Read: Pending ☐ Oil change. ☐ Make insurance claim for car tire. ☐ Have wheel assembly repaired before it falls off and I die in a fiery car crash. ☐ Finish V-Day prep. ☐ Drop off my donation shit. CHALLENGE INSPIRATION: Hearing the call of duty once more, I drag myself from the morass of a dingy hotel room in a forgotten third world country (read: new apartment in the same old city I've come to love) and rise to the demand again... What started as an endeavor to motivate myself toward a more inspired and considerate lifestyle and daily routine strangely, as it so often does with me, became so much more. Where once I’ve derived motivation from marauding vikings, barbarians and warrior dwarf archetypes or relentless tomb raiders and methodical operatives, ultimately I’m just Rurik. So my challenge inspiration is just that... me. Even if I like to think of myself as a modern viking, a little something like James Bond meets Conan the Barbarian. Life is too short but I can’t forget there's always time to make meaningful and impacting changes on my health, body, and spirit; not only for those people in my life who are most important but also for myself. It’ll be a process, one I’ll have support and encouragement through, but ultimately a journey more important to me than anyone else. It's Boom Time™, motherfuckers.
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    So I'm Sylvaa. *Waves* I feel like at this point, my introduction isn't necessary, because I have the same lovely people with me every challenge. If you are new, welcome, beware, and send me a PM and I will tell you anything you'd like to know. I've put some thought into a Battle Log, because these challenges are going to start running together. But my personality needs a Challenge Thread. So here I am. After reading a ton of Doodlie 2017 Roadmap threads, I've devised my own. I've got three major 2017 goals: 1. Be Vain It's not really vanity, but it sounds better. Layout in Spoiler 2. Try Not to Die August is going to be here before you know it! The goal here is to figure out weekly workouts on Monday for each week. Details in spoiler 3. Level Up My Degree Let's not forget the all-mighty caffeine Again with the spoilers
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    This time around, I'll be tackling a morning routine. How I spend the morning really sets the tone for the day, so every day I want to think about what kind of story I want my day to have and let the morning routine help put me on that path. (Actually I just like Oasis and wanted to make it fit shhhh) For any new friends who follow this challenge - I am focusing on developing one new habit per challenge, for a total of 10 habits for the 10 challenges scheduled this year. I made some great progress on a morning routine last challenge, completely unintentionally. My mobility work has filled up my mornings in a lovely, relaxed sort of way that works really well. The problem is that depending on the day ahead, I don't have consistent mornings right now. On Monday-Wednesday I'm pretty consistent because I wake up and go into the office at the same time. But on Thursday-Friday I usually work from home, which means that I can sleep in, which means that I usually skip the full routine. And the same issue pops up on weekends, but not always. I've had trouble establishing morning routines in the past because I tried to be too restrictive. The morning routine can, and should change depending on the story for each new day. So my challenge this time around is to figure out how to: Have some sort of morning routines and rituals that set the tone for the day Allow for variation while keeping the essential habit in place Still get to sleep in enough on days where my schedule allows My laptop battery is almost dead, so I'll post more about what this means and how I can measure it later. I will also be continuing with some things that are not actual challenge goals, but that I will report on here: Continuing to track my walking mileage each week, as a continuation of last challenge's habit forming. 3 workouts + 2 runs per week Daily meditation Mobility work The 31 day yoga revolution challenge + Wednesday night yoga class (to the end of February) Aikido 2x/week 3 month shopping ban through March, with pre-defined rules and exceptions. This month is espcially important to me, because it will be my 3rd year doing Frugal February, though I've extended it to three months this time. I have to buy a bridesmaid's dress this month for a wedding I'll be in this summer, and pay aikido federation annual dues I bought a birthday present for my sister No eating out, unless it's social or on the road I can replace anything that breaks or runs out I can buy any gear that I decide I need for the winter Spartan race I'll be doing in March
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    Part Two: The Force Is With Me This is episode two of my Star Wars challenge A little background info: My goal for the year - similar to last year - is to do as many OCR's as possible, the only difference this year is that I want to do well in races and not just be a "fun runner". I'm nowhere near "elite OCR" material, but that's no reason I shouldn't push myself and see what I'm truly capable of. The OCR group that I'm a member of (Mudstacle) has a league where points are awarded for taking part in certain races. My aim is to do as well as I can in the qualifying events and get some decent points on the league table. To do this, I'm going to really need to up my game. I need to become a better, faster runner and more efficient on obstacle completion. This isn't going to be easy, but if I really want this, I'm going to need to become disciplined, I'm going to need dedication. I'm going to need to be a mother fucking Jedi. *NOW WITH ADDED DROIDS!* My goals are similar to the last challenge with a few adjustments. As much as I want to be a Jedi, right now, what I need to be is a Droid. I struggled with consistency near the end of the last challenge, so I'm thinking like a robot to make sure I get shit done. Goal 1: Run Run at least 3 times a week I had this as 4 times last challenge and I burnt out pretty quickly, probably due to everything else I'm trying to do alongside running. So I'm sticking with 3 runs a week, one mid-week run, parkrun on a Saturday and a long run on Sunday. Goal 2: Strength and Grip Strength Strength training 2-3 times a week Grip strength will be worked into these sessions. Climbing counts as both strength and grip work. My goal this challenge is to try to plan my strength training sessions a bit better so I don't miss out on the grip work and make sure all areas get a proper workout. Goal 3: Tracking Bullet Journal I started a bullet Journal last challenge but struggled to keep up with logging. I really want to be more organised so I'm going to keep this going. I'm also going to use it to keep a 'casual' food log. I'm not focusing on calories, I just want to be a bit more mindful of what I'm eating as I tend to eat crap and then have issues with my stomach. As this is an ongoing challenge, I'll be starting straight away.
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    It seems to have eased up over the course of the day. Today is a good day. As indicated, I got my back cracked and went for a walk. I then made lunch and dinner, pork tenderloin cut into medallions and sauteed, served over a spinach salad that had red onion, toasted walnuts, and sliced apple. The sauce was 1tbsp avocado oil, warmed in the pan I used to cook the pork, I added 3 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 3 tbsp maple syrup and some mustard, stirred and reduced. It was good. I grabbed a couple of protien bars to get enough calories in. Totals 2,595 158 126 215 2,065 90 Your Daily Goal 2,595 162 116 227 2,300 93 Remaining 0 4 -10 12 235 3 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Sugar g
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    Assassin huh. Well… it was bound to happen eventually. I ended my last challenge with a powerlifting meet that I was incredibly successful at, going 8/9 and hitting PRs on my squat and deadlift (with more in the tank!) I’ve got a bit of program burnout so this challenge is dedicated to me exploring my fuckarounditis. Because of the aforementioned competition and not being on a program. I’ve determined this month is a good time to cut off some of the fat I gained after the past 8 months of bulking. So I’ll be running a whole 30 this challenge (Day 1 Feb 6) For those who don’t know much about me (because, Warrior). I am into lifting heavy shit, eating donuts, space and rockets, DC comics, rap music and lots of other things. Welcome! This challenge brought to you by minimally relevant DC gifs. 1) Fitness Move your body in some way minimum 4x/week. Includes lifting, gymnastics, yoga, rings and handstands, strongman, plyo, conditioning, whatever…. Must include abs at least 2x/week, legs 1x/week and hip strengthening 2x/week. ☐☐☐☐ Move ☐☐#DoyourdamnabsTM ☐Don’t skip legs ☐☐Hip strengthening 2) Read My stash is backing up ☐Comic a day. Total__ 3) Work on dat morning routine. Building on last challenge. Continue to improve efficiency of morning routine for me that includes breakfast, makeup and hair, other prep for the day (e.g. pack gym bag, lunch, etc) and reduces the amount of laying in bed checking instagram. Also, leaving enough time to walk to work if I need to (~20 minutes, 30 if there's lots of good pokemon on the way). The goal is to be to work by 8:30 every day. (Note, this might need to be modified if I go back to morning workouts. Mr. J starts 3rd shift tomorrow which is 9pm-7am so morning workouts would be ideal for spending time with him. We’ll see) Do these things for sure: ☐Turn off phone when I go to bed and use a different alarm clock. ☐Don't turn on phone until I leave the apartment☐Prep breakfasts ☐Pick out outfit/jewelry etc night before Experiment with these things: ☐Eat first thing after I pee (instead of when I'm scrambling out the door) ☐Morning stretching routine ☐Check weather the night before to see if walking is feasible. ☐Pack lunch night before ☐Pack gym back night before AR 4) Whole 30 ☐Meal plan for each week ☐☐Meal prep 2x/week ☐Don’t eat shit that’s not on the Whole 30. Period. 5) #Lifeshit to be done by end of challenge Maybe other shit added as necessary ☐Clean Cubicle☐Oil change in car☐Buy more colored pencils☐Taxes
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    Grinding; Small Stones (Stones: a few KCAL a day / that extra microplate or rep / ingraining solid habits) Longterm goals / Main-quest / The Mountain What: Drop in BF% Why: Walk around comfortably without clothes What: Get “bodyweight-fit” Why: Be OCR-ready / Satisfy RangerBrain™ What: Drop below 74 kg (163 lbs) Why: Be ready for PL-beginners-meet Remember the past: track to be able to see progress. Plan for the future: Think up and work out solid long term and short term goals Live for today: Have fun, to keep going Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come: : (What will tomorrow-you say about this?) Challenge goals: DIET: (If i have to decide whether i should eat/drink it, than i shouldn't) Primary objectives Daily KCAL limit: 2000 made up of: 30% Carb / 35% Fat / 35% Prot Clean eating, which means, No: deepfried / candy / cookies / dessert Clean drinking, which means, No: beer / soda / diet soda But to “live for today” if the occasion requires it, adapt, but make it a conscious decision Secondary Objectives Tracking, by doing daily weigh-ins and plan with MFP before major meals For accountability, keep the spreadsheet and your challenge updated (If choice is needed think about the long-term-goal) EXERCISE: (Growth = Pain + Recovery) Primary objectives Juggernaut based training: 3 times a week according to *schedule Running: 3 times a week according to the *rules Secondary Objectives Tracking, on paper during workout and/or digital on the challenge For accountability, keep the spreadsheet and your challenge updated Organize all the previous lifting data in a new spreadsheet *Schedule Juggernaut Days Mo We Sa Mo We Sa Deadlifts/Lower Back LB DL LB DL LB DL Squats/Pull- or Chinups PU SQ SQ PU SQ SQ Benchpress/Overheadpress OHP BP BP OHP BP BP *Rules for Running Before DST (March 26) Run every Tuesday / Friday / Sunday Add ½ KM every week After DST (March 26) Run every Sunday / Thursday Add 1 KM every week Add bodyweight specific workout on Friday I know this means i will be running for the whole of this challenge, just putting it here for future reference, but as always will adjust as needed. (every (even small) step(s) gets you closer to your goal) I have laser-focus at the moment. So i’m taking this opportunity to engrave it in stone. All the quotes mentioned are something i need to be reminded of every once in a while to keep focus. The last week of the previous challenge and 0-week have been a beta, for this concept, and have gone extremely well. This major “fix RangerBrain™” has also awakened my “join Crossift-box feeling”. But the boxes are all far out, and i cannot prioritize to the extra money at this time. But i aim for a WOD on friday when i adhere to my running rules and go from 3 to 2 sessions a week after DST. Next to all this i have this creeping feeling, that doing the juggernaut workout and running 3 times a week just isn’t enough, i mean doing only 0.5-1 hour (running) or 1-1.5 hour (lifting) for a total of 6 days a week feels a bit like trying to become an olympic athlete without doing the work. Anyone relate? I know this is basically like asking if any of you Rangers has RangerBrain™. Still i’m curious if someone has the same issue. Everybody have a kickass challenge!!! !!! SHOWTIME !!!
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    This challenge is going to be split up into two mini-challenges. I will be finishing and defending my masters thesis in the middle week of February, so I don't want to overschedule my time while that's going on, but I also don't want to underschedule once it's done and become a lazy butt. So, finish strong part 1 goals: Finish and defend the thesis: This is pretty obvious, and absolute #1 priority. Languages: I have gotten out of this habit. I will do 5 minutes of Japanese on lunch, and if I don't have to do thesis work, I will do 5 minutes of French or Russian when I get home, before dinner. Handstands: I need to get moving on the life goal, and handstands don't fit into my current workout. I will do 5 minutes of handstand practice when I get home, before dinner. That's it, simple and easy, grand total of 15 minutes per day. I would also like to increase my time off the computer, so bonus points for reading a real book instead of putzing around online when I'm not working on the thesis. I got this.
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    Rangers week 1 has fallen to our perseverance and week 2 stands waiting to take us down. Week 2 has no power save one, the lie. Week 2 will slink up behind you and tell you that you don't matter, that you aren't good enough, that you are worthless. Week 2 will say you've never done anything right, that there's no point starting to make good decisions now because you'll screw that up like everything else in your life. Week 2 says you don't have it in you, that you are defective, without the ability to live in a healthy way. The Empire uses many lies to deceive us, some are about focusing on what isn't going to work. Week 2 uses the most sinister lies in the Empire's Arsenal, the lie that says you are never going to "work." Part of my power is to speak the truth to lies, so let me now bring that power to bear. Week 2 is the child who can't have things their way and takes all the toys and goes home. Week 2 is a villain, old and cunning, mean and nasty. Week 2 would see us all give up because that's the only way to defeat us. Week 2 is the one dirty sock you find after you just finished your laundry. Let me tell you the truth about you. You most certainly do matter. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, a human being who matters very much. If week 2 says you aren't "good enough" I say it isn't about being good enough. It's about choosing to be good. You started out good, and from there you choose what to be and to become. I'd be happy to go into more detail about my own beliefs on this matter with those who want to know, but for the purposes of this post I'll say this: even if you don't believe you are good, please believe that I believe you are, and furthermore are more loved than you can possibly believe. You are worth much, far more than you realize. It is never too late to make a good decision, and you don't have to worry about "screwing up" because our journey of fitness (both of body and mind) isn't about not making mistakes, its about growth, and we grow as much if not more from our mistakes as we do our success. You are not defective, you are simply living with the consequences of past unhealthy decisions. Those consequences can be undone, or at least mitigated, by healthy decisions now. Decide, here and now, that from this day forward you are a healthy person, who does healthy person things. When you decide you are a healthy person, you gain the strength to defeat the lies of week 2. Decide you are a healthy person, and you will face week 2 head on and steamroll it. Will you decide you are healthy?
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    Wheeee, French in my title. /nerd My goals are essentially the same as they've been the last two challenges, hence the title. This time I'm tweaking the motivation behind them though. There is a spectacular amount of shit happening in different areas of my life all at the same time right now. I'm constantly stressed, I've cried more in the past two months than in the previous 20 years, and on my best days I'm one small inconvenience away from a complete fucking breakdown. (I wish I were kidding. Ask me about the things I've cried over.) For the last two challenges I've had most of these goals with the intention of reducing stress. Which is great, except when you're the kind of person who feels guilty about taking care of yourself and dismisses self-care tasks first whenever there's a time crunch. So the twist this time is that keeping up with these things will make me a more functional human being. I'm still going to have bad days but if I know saying a mantra in the morning starts me off in a good mood, or journaling for a few minutes helps me calm the hurricane of my thoughts, why the fuck would I not do them insist on being miserable and getting nothing done all day instead? It's still going to be a learning curve, but I'm optimistic about how I'm reframing it. SO. I will repeat my mantra 5 times in the mirror every morning. (It's not what you are that's holding you back, it's what you think you're not.) I will meditate every day. I will write in my journal for at least five minutes every day. I will do either yoga every day. I will stop eating dairy products. That last one is less stress-related and more because it makes me physically ill but I keep eating it anyway. Right then. That's it for the exposition! Here's my handy dandy spreadsheet if anyone's curious about progress when I'm not updating here. Feel free to copy/steal/modify. ** Dear newbs: As of right now it seems we don't have a guild leader. I've been here for 3 years now so if you have questions feel free to ask me. You can ask here, PM me, @ tag me in another thread, or post in the general chat thread. Please feel free just to drop in and say hi too. My threads tend to move fast because I'm friends with crazy people, but we're the good crazy.
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    Last run through, I completed my most successful challenge ever scoring 100% on every goal. I saw some great improvements to my general health, state of mind, resolve and butt, and I am not going to rock the boat and make changes I do not need. Ruminating on the things that brought me most success last go around, I am going to maintain all my streaks and continue to blossom into Peak Deftona in 2017. (An artist's rendering of Peak Deftona) So what does that mean? 1. Track all food eaten. No pressure to stay within a certain limit because when I add pressure, I rebel because I am an idiot like that. If I don't have any boundaries, I tend to keep it as low as I can anyway so that's still the goal. 2. Stick to Training Plan. I am seeing a big change in my body already so I want to see how much I can change it in another month or so. I generally train five times a week but three times (for at least 30 minutes) is the bare minimum. If I skip a workout, I don't get let off. I still have to do whatever work I had scheduled for that day but across my other workout days. 3. 5 a Day, Plenty of Water, Reading 10 Pages Per Day, Journaling Every Day and Daily Daily Dare. Every day, without fail. I have done all of these every day in 2017 so far and I want to go right until the end of the year. 4. Stick to all Battle Log Goals. I have a number of other goals running in my 2017 Battle Log including a shopping ban (but with specific rules), eating seasonal foods, creating less waste and experiencing more stuff from the comfort of my sofa (books, movies and video games). These will mostly be tracked on the Battle Log but I need to keep them in mind here. 5. Eat Around the World This is a project I started many years ago but I lost all my stuff for it. I have to cook a dish from a random country every week, taking an authentic recipe and keeping it as close to the original as I can. I have made a post to keep track of this on here because I have tried to make this into a blog so many times and I just let it decay so if you want to follow that more closely, see here. Some spies already found it 6. Getting to Know my Fellow Rebels I did a song challenge in the last challenge and I loved getting to know everyone so I am going to do a Q&A thing. There won't be any personal questions (they're certainly not intended to be personal anyway), but I'd love to know more about everyone if people are willing to share. And I think that's it. New challenge GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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    I'm sticking with keeping things very simple and foundational. Yeah, I'll still post about the PARKOUR!!!, but even with parkour, I'm going to work on some fundamentals. I'm not being boring. I'm just training like a Jedi. I'm going to make a spreadsheet and check the boxes each day to keep myself honest. A lot of these are just the bare minimum, and I hope that I'll often feel inclined to do more. 1. Darebee Strength protocol workout every weekday. These are short and simple, but they certainly facilitate doing strength work every day. I'm currently up to Day 7. 2. Yoga mini session every weekday. These can be NF Yoga minis, 10-15 minute youtube videos, or even short arm balancing sessions. 3. Parkour fundamentals: a) 5 PK rolls every weekday. It seems like whenever I lapse in training these, I revert to aikido rolls. Rail walking for at least a couple minutes every weekday. I lost my mojo after falling while doing 180 degree turns and dislocating my elbow. I want to comfortably walk, go into QM, stand from QM, turn, and all of that while on a rail. c) Grip training. I stopped climbing, and now my grip kind of sucks. The goal is to hang on my hang board at least a couple times every weekday. 4. Boring evening snacks: Less junk and less booze in the evening. My current habits are so bad that I'm not going to be super strict with this. I just want to improve. I'm allowing myself fruit, veggies, cheese, nuts, and a very modest amount of sweets. I'm cutting back on the empty carbs and booze. The goal is only 1 evening of unhealthy snacks per week. 5. Parenting like a Jedi: Read the book "Taking charge of ADHD" (currently on hold at the library). Look into webpages and other support. Hopefully, the knowledge therein will help me be a bit less exasperated and dark-side-ish and more like a Jedi. Bonus: Coding fundamentals: By the end of the challenge, I hope I have my project cleaned up and ready to launch. I'm about 90% done, but I have a lot of profiling, implementing best practices, and cleaning up to do. So, once again, I have boring fundamentals on my plate.
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    Oh it was. Anything that doesn't over cook it is good. You can sear it on four sides in a cast iron skillet then finish it in the oven (in that same skillet). You can slice it into medallions. You can roast it. All work. Today is a good day. I got up and still felt some residual issues, now mostly in the glute, but also in the hip flexor on the same side, and some tightness in the back. I went ahead and worked out anyway, dropping weight on the squats, I felt better afterward. I'm getting out of order, however. First I went to the grocery store, I got a protien bar and some protein powder. What I got is going to be temporary till I use it up, then I'll probably switch over to the collagen powder Darkfoxx recommended. This stuff is designed to be a shake, it has a chocolate peanut butter flavor, that doesn't quite hide the beef flavor. Not good enough to be it's own flavor thing, but tolerable enough for getting the protein in. Today in order to hit macro's I made a shake with two scoops and almond milk. As fits the pattern, once I started paying attention to macros, I naturally want to hit them. It isn't a motivation thing, it isn't a goal thing, I just want to do what's best. It's why my goals are simply to track calories, rather than to hit targets. If I consistently track, I naturally want to hit the targets. The workout was good, I warmed up, then did bench at 105x10 120x10 130x10 145x10 (in sets of 5,2,3) since this was so difficult, I backed down the last set from 155 that was called for and did 135x10 (in sets of 6,4). Better than last week. Then for squats since I was healing the back I went way down on the weights. 95x10 100x10 105x10 110x3,2,2,3 95x5,5 (I'm doing this from memory, as I don't have my notebook to hand). I had to lay down and elevate my feet between the last two sets. I had more in my quads, this is a cardiovascular issue. The maintenance inhaler seems to be working as I felt like I had plenty of air. This further confirms staying at 5x10 for a while is a good idea. Lunch began with carrots sauteed in ghee with salt and pepper. I then seared a couple of pork chops and set them aside, then I sauteed an onion and sliced baby bella mushrooms, to which I added a cup of chicken broth that had a bit of coconut aminos, arrowroot and mustard. I then added the pork chops back in with some thyme and let them finish. It was also dinner. I've stopped eating for the day, so here are my calories. Totals 2,632 177 110 234 3,933 82 Your Daily Goal 2,631 164 117 230 2,300 93 Remaining -1 -13 7 -4 -1,633 11 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Sugar g
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    Thanks, I did see the Chiropractor this morning. Emeals calls for grapefruit pretty regularly. Thanks! Well, technically I did. It didn't hurt when I got out of bed, but was still tight when I moved around. I went to the chiropractor and got it popped, which helped, but it was still sore, so it's probably a combination of DOMS, the back being out of whack, and the soreness that comes from your back going back into alignment after it's used to being crooked. On the way back I stopped at a park and did a two mile walk, my butt was sore the whole time, I went slow but got it done. It felt better after the walk than during, so I'm guessing that was working out DOMS.
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    So for the longest time, I thought I was April Ludgate. I'm snarky, I have a dark sense of humor, I'm stupidly attracted to Chris Pratt... But I'm starting to realize... So that's where we are right now. I'm gonna append a post to this that explains in more detail why last challenge sucked (suffice to say, limit break NOT achieved). But this challenge is going to be about gaining back control and getting myself on the right track. I'm trying to keep it simple, but like Knope, I'm an overachiever. So. We're gonna do this. Four things, one of which is going to be really hard. NEW CHALLENGE! GLORIOUS FEMALE WARRIOR Lift 3x a week At least once needs to be at the actual gym so I can practice pull ups and do bar stuff. The other two may be at home with adjustable dumbbells/body weights if time is an issue. RELAX Yoga 2x a week Once with class, once on my own FIX UP THAT DIET Adhere to general Whole30 guidelines 7x a week. Specifically, these: No added sugar No alcohol No grains No legumes (exception: finishing off my Medifast stuff, which has a bit of soy in it--I have too much left over to just throw it out) No dairy MyFitnessPal EMOTIONAL STABILITY Check in with you guys 7x a week to vent and just take care of myself and get support and stuff Life's rough, yo. If I can't check in here, at least post something to Instagram. STARTING WEIGHT: 196lbs WEIGHT ON MARCH 11: ??? Date Weight 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Lean Mass 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Fat Mass 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Lean Mass per Fat Mass ratio Fat lbs Left to Lose to hit 3.5 ratio 12-Feb-2017 193.7 139.5 54.2 2.57 14.4 19-Feb-2017 191.5 138.2 53.3 2.59 13.8 26-Feb-2017 189.7 137.2 52.5 2.61 13.3 So yeah. Let's do this!
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    This challenge is focused on destroying @Br0din in the PVP challenge ending March 1st. For inspiration, I’ll be looking to Goliath and the mighty Manhattan Clan in their struggle against Odin and his evil schemes. Odin also hated cardio and loved all things that go pew-pew, basically the same as our fearless moderator - whom I will kill. With death. Cardio hating Br0din ^ Pew-pew loving Br0din ^ Br0din slaying machine ^ Non crazy version: This challenge is going to be a simple one: drop 4-6lbs, run my modified 531 program and don’t get greedy. Yoga on rest days, self-care ramblings as they happen. Daily numbers for the program and diet will show up on the metrics battlelog (link in sig) and the program is below. 4 week cycle of 60%, 75%, 85%, and 95% of max; one main lift a day, 4 days a week; sets of 0, 5, 3, 5-3-1 on the ascending intensity weeks; big but boring (BBB) sets of 3x10@60% following the main work; accessories in supersets with good morning/front squat and dumbbell incline press/dumbbell row days, and barbell lunges/hanging leg raises and chin-up/dip days alternating. Cardio alternating between incline and flat dreadmill. Intervals for the first week or two, steady effort thereafter; yoga afterwards. We're not reinventing the wheel here, but we are squatting 3x a week and keeping the total number of trained movements to 16, and daily time in the gym at or under 90 minutes. I'm open to input.
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    I over-committed on my adulting responsibilities and it's kicking my ass. I thought about not doing a challenge this time around but I know that is just a recipe for disaster. I need to find a way to do both. Here is what I will not do: Give in Allow life to put my priorities on hold Set myself up to fail Set placeholder goals that don't move me forward Here is what I will do: Focus on things that I can control given my time constraints Set reasonable goals Ace this challenge Create incentives to go beyond my reasonable goals when I have the opportunity And the Over/under challenge was created. Keeping my 2017 roadmap in mind, I'm continuing to build on my goals. Where I must set the bar a little lower than I would prefer due to time constraints, I didn't want to just accept the low bar and barely make any impact. I need incentives to push me past the minimum when I am able. But I don't want to set the bar high initially and not be able to reach it. So for each of my goals, I've set an Over/Under. It represents the minimum standard to pass the challenge. If I go over the goal, I get points. If I go under, I lose points. The points mean absolutely nothing but I'm counting on my competitive nature to keep each week competing against the previous and filling this challenge with all WINs. Food Last challenge I won a few days on a technicality. I couldn't 'snack' but I discovered a loophole, eating junk food with a meal. I'm closing that loophole here. For the weekdays (M-R) I am allowed 2 servings of junk food (primarily baked potato chips, dark chocolate, and ice cream). I already plan on having 1 serving of chips with my lunch so that only leaves me 1 additional serving. This may even give me incentive to stop having the chips with lunch, though I don't necessarily think they are a problem. But points! Over/Under 2, +/- 1 point for each serving of junk food. Weekends the focus is on calories. The goal for weekends is 1800, higher than weekdays. But I found last challenge that I didn't always need them. This will be incentive to not use them just because they are there. Over/Under 1800 calories, +/- 1 point for every 100 calories Sleep I did really well cutting late night diet sodas. Some nights I just needed it to get through the list of to do's for the day. I did discover through my bujo that I was pretty consistent with 5 a day. Having late night sodas will still hurt my score because I am sure they will be over the 5. If I can manage an extra one to get me through and stay within the 5, then I'm OK with that. Over/Under 5, +/- point for each soda. I have also been having a lot of late nights working on class prep. This is currently the biggest hindrance to rest. It's also affecting my day job since I have trouble getting up and getting to work on time. If I can be up by 7am, I can just barely get to the work on time. Anything past that and I'm rolling in past 8. Over/Under 7am, +/- 1 point for every 10 minutes Training This one is particularly difficult. I have little time on the 3 days I have class, the 1st day after those days I don't want to do anything. That leaves 3 more days where I find it difficult to give up time doing class prep. I can't guarantee that I can squeeze in 4 workouts. Last challenge my goal included working out for at least 30 minutes. When I didn't have a full 30 minutes I would just not do anything. So I'm counting workouts in 10 minute increments. Since I have little time, intensity will be key. Rather than set the bar lower, I'm just going to make up for the lack of time with more intensity. Each workout will be measured by minutes x intensity*. Over/Under will be 100 units, +/- 1 point for every 10 units. *Intensity is predetermined by the type of activity. I've scaled my typical activities by intensity level. walking 1 rucking 1.5 yoga 1 Daredice 2 lifting 2.5 Running 3 HIIT 3 Sessions with trainer 3 Family As part of my roadmap for 2017, I am trying to be more present. This is both more difficult and more important now that I am so busy. This goal is basically the same as before only I am dropping the family time due to time constraints. I still want to spend some one-on-one time with each person in my family at least once a week. I can get more but I can not substitute time with different people. I have to satisfy one one one with each person before any additional time is counted for the over/under. Over/Under 3, +/- 1 for each unique event. Other Items Finances are still a huge part of my roadmap this year. I am continuing with YNAB but I don't have any goals tied to it at this time. Kitty Jar - still in effect. 25 cents for each great day 10 cents for each OK day, meeting some goals, but not all 5 cents for meeting at least 1 goal 1 cent for a day hitting no goal with some valid excuse 0 cents for lame duck days. I'm sure I've forgotten to mention something I intended to. I always seem to forget something. I probably won't have time to update as often as I normally do and I won't have as much time to follow your fantastical challenges so I apologize in advance.
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    Spezzy the Swole Main Quests for 2017: Achieve a 1000lb total in a powerlifting competition. I'd also LOVE to do this in the 67.5kg weight class, though if it's a struggle getting there/staying there I'm not going to take points away for doing it in the 75kg weight class. Put a big focus into MENTAL health Current: Currently I'm dealing with an interesting wrist... issue. There's an edema in my wrist that's causing a huge amount of pain when I use it. This has been an on/off issue for about three years now but finally stuck around long enough to see a new doctor and I've now had an MRI and seen a hand/wrist specialist and while, thankfully, nothing is torn in there, it's an issue with the bone and bone just takes... a while to heal. Immobilization is the best way for this specifically - so the plan is to: Wear an immobilizing brace as much as possible. Wear serious wrist wraps at the gym. Load the wrist as little as possible. Remove activities that are painful (the pain is being caused when my wrist hits my ulna, where the edema is). If it is showing signs of improvement after 2 weeks, continue down this path. If it is NOT showing improvement after 2 weeks, remove all activities that load any weight on the wrist (D:) If it does not show significant improvement after 6 weeks of this plan, the doctor wants to put me in a full cast for 8 weeks. So the goal is to NOT let that happen. Challenge Goals 1) As You See, I've got Biceps to Spare Yep. That's right. After this week where I am going to do my heavy singles (yes, doctor said it's okay), I'm switching to a higher frequency more hypertrophy focused program for a bit. I have needed to focus on hypertrophy for a while anyway to fix some of my weaknesses, and build some muscle - and I'd be dumb to not take it easy on my wrist the next month or so, as I want to avoid that full cast option. I'll be coming up with programming for this. Likely a 5 day bodypart split type deal focusing on movements that don't hurt or irritate. I've already kind of started this the last 2 weeks with my wrist hurting and already enjoying the size gains I'm seeing, so excited to see what happens with this being the primary focus. 2) Lean Out A Bit This is really a continuation of last challenge's goal. I made it down about 2lbs last challenge, which was right on track. Since I won't be focusing on hitting heavy numbers, I don't have to worry about hitting the top ends of my lifts and this should help this quite a bit. This challenge i'd like to up a bit and lose between 3 and 4lbs, to get down to 153lbs. I don't want to lose too fast especially with the hypertrophy focus, but if I got to 151-152 I wouldn't complain (especially since I'm starting a week early). 3) Miles with Madi This is a mental health goal, and one I only hit 50% on last challenge. Walk with madi at least a mile EVERY DAY. Bonus points if it's before work. 4) RELAX Every Day. Good Activities Meditation Hot Bath Reading a LIGHT book (meaning, nothing heavy or heartwrenching or nonfiction) journaling Bad Activities: Anything with any sort of electronics or other people Anything work related Anything that requires a "task" that must be completed. 5) BE SOCIAL See friends once a week, at least. That's only 4 times in the challenge. I can do that. And that's it!
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    Jarric: As Yet Untitled So for those of you who may not have seen this, there's a show on British TV called Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled (Wikipedia link) in which Alan Davies sits at a round table with 4 guests (mostly comedians) and shares stories and talks nonsense for an hour, with no agenda, no plan, just having a chat. At the end of the hour they pick a title for the show based on what they've talked about. I've only just discovered the show and love it, so in the interest of sharing stories and talking lots of nonsense for this challenge I want to do the same - at the end of the challenge we'll pick a name for the challenge based on what's happened this month. Format! Last challenge (which I will go back and wrap up soon, promise!) fizzled out a bit at the end, so I'm jumping straight back in and making this one a 5 week challenge. Building on my 2017 road map and my last challenge the goals will be similar to last month, with a few minor tweaks... Goals! Move! - 15XP What? Exercise every single day. Why? Working towards my OCRs this year, and I find I work better working every day than trying to have rest days. How? Follow Juggernaut lifting plan MWF and Runkeeper sub-55 minute 10k plan TTSS. I'm rolling the 4 days of lifting over three days (until I become ruler of the world and make standard weeks 8 days long), so if one week is Monday Bench, Wednesday Squat, Friday OHP, then the next week will be Monday Deadlift, Wednesday Bench, Friday Squat. Make sense? The running program is a faster version of the 10k plan I ran last year (and briefly injured my hips on), and I rather enjoyed it so I'm trying it again. Snooze! - 10XP What? Don't hit snooze! Why? Because I set that time for a reason, and I need to remember that! And I don't like rushing (more than usual) in the morning. How? On weekdays, when my alarm goes off at 05:30, get up without hitting snooze. Track! - 10XP What? Track calories every day Why? Because I've lost sight of quite how much I should be eating, and I want to find that again. And it wouldn't hurt to lose the barrel I'm carrying around my waist at the moment either! How? Track calories using Fitbit (and best guesses where necessary) every day. No target amount until I work out how generous Fitbit is being with the calorie burn. Budget! - 15XP What? Stick to my weekly budget Why? Because getting out of debt and saving is one of my main goals for the year, and ultimately because I want to own my own house before I reach retirement age! How? Every week I have a weekly budget of £80 for random sundry expenses (this feels like far too much, but whatever). This doesn't include groceries, work travel or exercise expenses, or bills/rent which come directly out of my account. Basically it's food and drink out and random stuff. And to get us going on the random chat, and icebreaker (I may do a few of these): Icebreaker: Have you ever won a trophy or medal? So for me, I won a couple of trophies when I was about 14 in a pool competition. Run by a caravan park in Wales. I think as a way to shift off-season tickets. But it was the start of something and I've had a string of pool and snooker trophies since, so I have fond memories of it .
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    Happy Monday, y'all. I was thinking about you and your prep for the CF Open and the Games specifically when I offered this. I won't be offended if you don't participate until you finish crushing every Rx. This goes for everyone else, too. Obstacle Racers WOW #1 Every workout is intended to help with an Obstacle Racing fitness focus, and will be scalable, both upward and down, to the fitness level of the participant. Warm-up: I have a standard warm-up that I have been using with my clients for over a year that helps to warm up your body without becoming a mini workout. This will move the body through a full range of motion, starting with a lower intensity and progressing, while increasing tissue temperature, increasing flexibility, and reducing stiffness. I also use my warm-ups to reinforce fundamental movement mechanics. ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO HOW YOU FEEL AND TRY TO EMPHASIZE PROPER FORM. Straight-legged high kicks: 15 reps each side or 15 meters and back again. Straight-legged touchdowns: 15 reps each side or 15 meters and back again. High Knees Walk/Run: 30 seconds of high-knees jogging or in place, or 15 reps each side with a high-knee pull. This will activate your hip flexors and your quads. Butt Kicks: 30 seconds, either jogging or in place. Jumping Jacks: 30 seconds of standard gym-class jumping jacks Inchworm Walkout: two to four reps Main Set 1, 15-minute time cap 20 push-ups: Make it easier: Incline push-ups or knee push-ups. Make it harder: Decline push-ups (feet raised). Make it really hard: Handstand push-ups. 20 squats: Make it easier: body-weight only. Make it harder: Weighted squats. Make it really hard: Overhead weighted squats. 20 mountain climbers No mods; just do them. You'll hate me later. 20 lunges: Make it easier: body-weight only. Make it harder: Weighted lunges. Make it really hard: Overhead weighted lunges. 20 side shuffles Make it easier: body-weight only. Make it harder: Use a resistance band. Make it really hard: Move the resistance band up to your thighs and maintain a deep squat. Bear Crawl: 30 yards. Keep your butt down, like a barbed-wire crawl. Main Set 2, 7 minute time cap: 10 box jumps Make it easier: replace with step-ups. 10 burpees Just do them. 2 pull ups Make it easier: Dead hangs, negative pull-ups or body-weight rows. Make it harder: strict pull-ups If you're used to longer workouts, repeat the entire set as necessary. Do Not Forget To Stretch Afterward. Let me know if you would like individual modifications to this workout to incorporate equipment or replace an exercise. I love this part of what I do.
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    I have no theme. 3 main goals. 2 work goals. 2 bonus goals. 1. Do the program from my coach. Which I should get today/this week. Details arrived below. 2. Do my daily mobility. See above. 3. To afford coaching and try to save money long term: keep a rolling list of ways I'm being thrifty. Keep list in Wunderlist. Post weekly recaps here. Work goals will be compounding this year: 1. Maintain daily to do list. (January) 2. Use last 30 min of each day to catch up on any old emails I have put off. (New) Bonus points: • Post recipes I'm cooking up. MOAR BONUS POINTS: - Mr. T appreciation. Each day identify something I appreciate about Mr. T and tell him if it's not something that would be majorly obvious that I'm being a nerd with a checklist. Two goals for 2017 to be reposted each challenge. + be awesome at my job + body recomp, get under 183# and stay there while getting tough as nails Edited: gifs added!
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    I might be lumbar-CHALLENGED but I'm not staying down. I'm not sure what this challenge will involve fitness-wise yet, except to say that there will be steps/walking and Whatever The Doc Says On Friday. That, therefore, will not be the focus. Goal: Stay positive, stay productive, and (Lack of whining not guaranteed.) Diet No focus on protein or intake, since I am not supporting any weight training or activity at the moment and don't know the future just yet on that. Suffice to say I'll separately track for maintenance on both, increasing with any increase in activity. Instead, vegetable 3x per day. Drink 40 oz water a day at minimum (might as well play with hydration goals as something to do) Life 3x chores daily 2 household goals per week 1 decor upgrade per week Sanctuary Upgrade the lady cave into a pleasant ixaera habitat Fitness WHO KNOWS?! I'll probably just track it here once I get the what-do NEWAYZ
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    The town of Metroville had been peaceful for many years. The Incredibles had destroyed the Omnidroid and rid the town of Syndrome, Mr. Incredible’s Nemesis. One quiet day in the town, the ground suddenly shook so violently that people and cars were thrown everywhere. From deep beneath the ground came forth the Underminer In a terrifying voice he boomed, “Behold the Underminer! I am always beneath you, but nothing is beneath me. I hereby declare war on all peace and happiness. Soon all will tremble before me. People fled in panic. Was the town of Metroville doomed? The Incredibles heard of the danger to their city. Quickly they raced to the scene, ready to battle the villain. Elastigirl is ready to fight to save her town. Every 50 points is damage to the Underminer 50 points damage= barely scratched him 100- Underminer is wounded 150- Serious damage to his Underminer Machine 200- stunned him, he is dazed and confused, barely able to fight 250- knock out blow- The Underminer is defeated 300- Not only is the Underminer defeated, but any other would be villains are so terrified that they leave the city. The Incredibles are given a hero parade and the city calls an official holiday, naming it Incredible Day. The Battle Plan: Knock The Enemy Down 1 pt. per item per day: bonus of 3 points for each item that is successfully completed all week Track 7 days a week Eat at a deficit with MFP- · Guestimates when eating out are fine · Two free meals a week that I don’t have to track Drink 64 oz. of water 6 days a week All in a Day’s Work, Fighting Villains is just normal routine for Elastigirl Morning Routine: 1 pt. per item per day: bonus of 3 points for each item that is successfully completed all week Drink 12 oz. water- Read Bible Kitchen Check meal plan, see what needs to be thawed or pre-prepped* (new item) Start workout by 9:30 (5 minutes grace given for point) – if Mon-Thursday are success than the reward is a half hour later start on Friday Super Power: Elastigirl uses her elastic ability to help defeat her enemies -1 pt. per item per day: bonus of 3 points for each item that is successfully completed all week Mobility work 10 minutes 5 days a week Mobility squat 2 minutes a day · Reward is mobility item to buy Life Scrapbook finished 30 pts Bathroom finished- 30 pts Couch shampoo- 30 pts Bible Reading on target for month- 30 pts Adventure- 2 pts each, can be done multiple times Working toward items on life list Cold shower Work out outside Run Epic Quest items Try new food Make new food Geocaching Plan vacation for March Ruck Walk at night Walk before breakfast Walk in the rain Specific detail on fitness plan in spoiler tags
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    I love butternut squash roasted stuffed with walnuts, a little sausage, and raisins. But this title means me. My focus is to stop stuffing myself! Goals/Focus Mind Write or read my journal every morning with coffee Body Ride bike Have snack before I get kids Portion dinner If I go for seconds, Veggies only. 1 - 2 Muscle workouts a week Soul Be present, practice patience Keep playing music Knowledge Learn lyrics to 2 songs Mr. Butternut plays on guitar. Read about inflammation once a week Long Version I cut out sugar last month, I'm on day 38. But I'm realizing it's not the sugar that's keeping me bloated and uncomfortable, it's my over eating. I feel like Steve Kamb when his computer broke, he did no video games until he figured his shit out with real life. So I don't want to allow sugar in my diet until I can create a sense of control. Be satisfied with my food. Eat to live, not live to eat. This month I want to get a little more "hardcore" with my No Sugar. Last month I allowed beer in my diet, not anymore BABY! Also I want my snacks to be more fatty. Like Sardines, almond butter, a spoon full of coconut oil! Something to get me away from all the unnecessary carbs. @Primeval has really inspired me to go a lot lower. I'm hoping to range 100-150 g. Once a week it would be cool to go as low as 50, but I'm not pushin it I'm still not making "measurable" goals, because if I have scores, I seem to fail. Last month I didn't use points or measures on anything and I did great! Primal Endurance suggests to do is to rate your Energy, Motivation, and Diet from 1-10, everyday and go from there. I have a weekly calender on my fridge and I'm writing them in colomns next to each other every day. I can see my last 4 weeks on one page, it's awesome. It's giving me confidence and it's super quick. I'm also writing how many minutes I rode, OK I'M DONE! Off to action!
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    Dawww, shucks. I have wrapped a whole tenderloin in bacon then roasted it in a cast iron skillet. It was heaven. Today in the morning I made a microwave cake kind of thing, I put these ingredients: MuscleMeds - Carnivor Chocolate Peanut Butter, 36 gram 110 4 0 23 340 90 Ghee - Ghee, 1 tsp 45 0 5 0 0 0 Rumford - Baking Powder (Reduced Sodium), 0.5 tsp 0 0 0 0 18 0 Egg - Egg, 1 large 72 0 5 6 71 69 heb - flaxseed meal, 3 tbsp 105 6 8 5 0 0 Sunnyvale - Local Raw Texas Honey, 1 Tbsp 60 17 0 0 0 0 in a bowl greased with sprayable coconut oil and mixed them up. Microwaved for 1:25 and it was really good. The honey almost completely masked the beef flavor. Yes, that is how I feel about my meals much of the time. I was considering how a tenderloin would taste slow smoked. As for the calorie goal, please see below One night I did fry some bacon for that exact reason. The last couple of nights I ate a couple of figs to round out the evening. I could probably lose weight (or fat) faster if I ate a little less, but I don't feel as drained if I get close to the goal. I don't mind it, I just had another shake and I liked it, just not enough to make it if I didn't need to hit macros. You win the internet today. Oh wait, you're in Aus. You win the internet for tomorrow. Today is a good day. I Nerd Fitnessed in the morning, watched an episode of Star Trek TNG, then at 12:30 I and a couple of other PD chaplains met with the cadet class that graduates on Friday. I was the senior most chaplain (In terms of years of service, I'm still the youngest chaplain) so I got to start. I mostly talked about what we can do for them, but you know I had to get a little battle-speechy. Less rah-rah kill the challenge and more "What kind of officer will you choose to be." It was a blast. After that I came home and watched another episode then got in a 3 mile walk, mostly on trails as per my Ranger Feat. I met with Mi prometida at a potential reception venue. It was more than we want to spend and not as attractive as we'd like, there's a better prospect we're going to see tomorrow. We then came back to my place for dinner, where I had some boneless skinless chicken thighs marinating in almond oil, ground coriander, cinnamon and a hint of cayanne pepper. I seared the thighs four minutes per side in a cast iron skillet, then added some chopped dried figs, chopped kalamata olives and some chopped fresh mint with 1/3 c chicken broth. I let that sautee while I sliced the chicken then added it back in. I also had a bag of cauliflower florets I had steamed in that same bag and then added to the mix. It was awesome. To hit Macros I had a protein shake. I'm gonna post all my calories for the day. Breakfast Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Potass. mg Heb - Thick N' Chunky Salsa - Mild, 2 Tbsp. 10 2 0 0 135 0 Bacon - Bacon, 4 pieces 160 2 14 10 640 160 Egg - Egg, 4 large 286 1 19 25 284 276 Gevalia - Coffee - Black, 1.5 cup 2 0 0 0 8 174 Add Food Quick Tools 458 5 33 35 1,067 610 Lunch Generic - Balsamic Vineagar, 2 TBLS 28 6 0 0 8 0 Chosen Foods - Avocado Oil Mayo, 3 tablespoon 300 0 33 0 255 0 H.E.B. Steamables - Baby Normandy Blend, 1 container (5 cups ea.) 150 25 0 5 175 0 Chicken of the Sea - Pink Salmon (5oz Package), 2 container (5 oz ea.) 300 0 8 50 900 0 Add Food Quick Tools 778 31 41 55 1,338 0 Dinner Chosen Foods - Avocado Oil, 1 tbsp(s) 130 0 14 0 0 0 fresh heb local - boneless skinless chicken thighs , 9 1/2 oz 309 0 11 52 238 641 Heb - Chicken Broth Reduced Sodium, 0.16 cup 2 0 0 0 92 0 Sun Maid - Dried Figs, 1/4 cup 4 figs 110 26 0 1 0 240 Heb Ode to Olives - Pitted Kalamata Olives W/ Herbs, 7.5 Olives 60 2 6 0 540 0 Lemon juice, raw, 0.5 lemon yields 5 2 0 0 0 24 Aladdin - Fresh Cauliflower Florets, 5 oz 35 8 1 3 45 430 Add Food Quick Tools 651 38 32 56 915 1,335 Snacks MuscleMeds - Carnivor Chocolate Peanut Butter, 36 gram 110 4 0 23 340 90 Ghee - Ghee, 1 tsp 45 0 5 0 0 0 Rumford - Baking Powder (Reduced Sodium), 0.5 tsp 0 0 0 0 18 0 Egg - Egg, 1 large 72 0 5 6 71 69 heb - flaxseed meal, 3 tbsp 105 6 8 5 0 0 Sunnyvale - Local Raw Texas Honey, 1 Tbsp 60 17 0 0 0 0 Oatmega Bar - Chocolate Mint Crisp, 1 Bar (50g) 190 21 7 14 120 0 MuscleMeds - Carnivor Chocolate Peanut Butter, 72 gram 220 8 0 46 680 180 Heb - Almond Milk Unsweetened Original, 1.5 cup 45 3 5 2 270 285 Add Food Quick Tools 847 59 30 96 1,499 624 Totals 2,734 133 136 242 4,819 2,569 Your Daily Goal 2,740 171 122 240 2,300 3,500 Remaining 6 38 -14 -2 -2,519 931 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Potass. mg Where you see Potassium is where sugar used to be. I don't really have an issue with sugar, what you were seeing was mostly natural stuff and honey. I do have an issue getting enough dietary potassium, so I'm including that now so I see it more often. On snacks everything above the oatmega bar was the "cake" I metnioned replying to Marissa. The last two lines are the shake I had at the end of the day.
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    While this theme began as an excuse to get more Cumberbatch into my life, it has turned into a solid plan. Rules of the Game: There are 12 action items (each worth 2 points) that can be completed each day: Egoscue Back Exercises Hip Flexibility Take Prescription Sunlight Strength Training Cardio/Walking Pull-Ups MFP tracking No Sugar No Grains 5-6 Small Meals a day 4 Cups of Not Coffee There are also chores that I can do around the house worth an additional 3 points should I need the bonus points: Master Bath Clean Tile Floors Dust Master Bedroom Wash Bedding Clean Wood Floors Wash Cat Boxes Clean inside of Car Dust Sunroom I need 120 points a week to defeat Moriarty and get to the next level of his evil game. If I finish the challenge with a full 480 points I beat Moriarty at his GAME and win a prize TBD.
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    2/18/17 Saturday It was a good day. I did some painting. Went to TML's game day, Jitters and Rooks were also there. I didn't take my ADD meds and had a hard time following along with the games even though most of them were pretty simple. I played stupidly. It was fun all the same. I painted some more. And finally went to SuperCross with my dad and Slothboy. Everyone at Supercross had jeans with prominent white stitching. Not most people, everyone. I hadn't ever seen them before. My jeans are bland and plain. Also, almost everyone lit up a cigarette as they got off the train. I'm not used to seeing people smoke anymore. Like this: Grandpa did not make it through security. He got buzzed and took a 6" (15 cm) folding knife out of his pocket. We had to take the train back. I sprinted (lumbered) the block to the car and sprinted (lumbered) back just in time to catch the very next train. We made it just in time to see the opening. It was crazy. Lots of pyrotechnics and Miss Supercross was shooting off a flamethrower. Like this: Training: no. Eating: no. I had a dry cider (that's ok), a small pizza with no cheese, and a large macrobrew beer at the billion-dollar tax-payer-funded stadium. I think this is how it'll go from now on. I'll normally eat clean, but if I go out I'm not going to sweat it if I have something made out of wheat.
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    Hello! Well, I already made an introductory post that covers the basic 'where I'm at' and 'why I'm here' in general! I've been looking forward to getting onto this board and getting my first challenge posted! Doesn't quite feel as official without putting it on the internet. In the spirit of first challenges, nothing here will be too hard to complete. The most important challenge is that I finish the four weeks, not that I get a perfect score. Though that would be nice too! I've been laid up for a few months with another back injury, but my physiotherapist has finally agreed that I can start with some MILD exercises that she proscribes to help me strengthen the muscles. I'm notoriously bad at taking it easy and not trying to do all of the things at once, and I recognize this as something I need to address in order to be able to move forward. On top of it all, I ended my long term relationship this morning, so I'm coming into my first challenge grieving that loss as well. Might as well rip all of the band-aids off at once, I guess! So this is the part where I actually say what I'm gonna do. Here goes! Goal 1 - Inspect the rubble In the chaos of the last few years, I've completely lost sight of myself. Where I once used to be a happy, outgoing person with a few personal hangups I was in control of, now I'm a giant ball of nerves and neuroses, triple checking everything before I do it and most of the time not doing it for some obscure reason known only to my brain. I don't want to go backwards, that doesn't help me at all. But I want to move forwards again. To do that I have to know who I am and where I'm at. 5 minutes of self-reflection per day. Goal 2 - Read the inscriptions I love learning, I'm an information sponge. But with a downfall in self came a massive downfall in my desire to really do anything I enjoyed. I want to bring myself back to learning, remember what I enjoyed about it, and also refresh my skills in a language I used to be almost fluent in, and now could barely ask for directions. 10 minutes of French on Duolingo a day. Goal 3 - Don't trip over the roots My physio says I can do some basic exercises. Mostly hip rotations, calf raises and a few other simple, no impact things designed to keep me moving but not put too much strain on the muscles. There's no routine, instead she's advised that I do these things whenever I have a couple of minutes of just doing nothing, instead of carving out 20 minutes to do them in. Do the exercises. Even if it's just once per day. Goal 4 - Set up camp I joined the community for the community. Doing it 'lone wolf' wasn't working for me and I wanted the camaraderie, accountability and social aspect of the community. That doesn't work if I'm not active within the community! Post in my own thread every day. Post in at least one other thread every day. I think that about covers it. Cue inspirational nerd music!
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    This challenge, I am doing something that makes me quite nervous. I'm going to try adding more regimentation and structure to my life, and see if it helps me increase productivity, manage my stress, and make greater progress toward accomplishing my goals. For many people that might seem like a very logical, obvious, and harmless idea. But I don't have a happy relationship with structure. In general, this is how I feel about rigid structure and routine: I have always been someone who chafed under rules. I value the ability to think freely and make my own choices, not to just follow instructions set by someone else who may not even know what they're doing. I value the freedom to experiment, to make mistakes, to experience all of life has to offer - not just the safe and predictable stuff. I hate being told what to do and I treasure the freedom to make my own choices, even if they're the wrong choices. So for the past few years, as I've worked on self-improvement goals like fitness and weight loss and career advancement, I have avoided making anything too constricting or too rigid. I needed flexibility, I reasoned, to prevent me from rebelling. And I made a good amount of progress. But eventually I hit a wall past which I have not been able to progress. And I had trouble with consistency, and maintaining my achievements, and I backslid some. Spoiler for a bit of explanation of how I decided to try doing a thing I used to think was a really bad idea for me: Anyway, the short version is that I'm going to try more structure this challenge, and see if it affects my ability to reach my goals. I have set myself up a daily schedule of sorts, with time allocated for my morning and evening routines, exercise, work, chores, learning, and fun and social time. Some days will look slightly different due to various scheduled events but my plan is to follow the schedule as much as practical and keep honest track of how I feel about it, and whether it's helping. I talked with my therapist and loved ones about this and everyone thinks it's a good idea and worth trying. What are my actual goals? Food I want to continue logging my food every day, right after I eat. I want to eat as close to my schedule as possible, so long as it feels good and makes sense with the day's events. My eventual goal is to cut down on snacking outside meals. But for now I will just track when I snack. I will try to keep my calories under maintenance, if possible. I may re-evaluate and drop this goal if it starts to freak me out. Exercise I will exercise every day during my set exercise time (in the morning before I shower). My goal is 30-60 minutes a day. This is going to feel hard. Some days I will not want to do it. I will need to pay attention to how I feel and see how this goes. Stress Management I will go to therapy every week. My new schedule includes a morning routine, which includes 10 minutes to review the plan for the day in my Hobonichi. It also includes 5-10 minutes for morning stretching. I also have a new evening routine, which includes time for microjournalling in my Hobonichi, a bit of light evening stretching/breathing, and 30 min of reading before bed. There is also a set bedtime. I struggle with insomnia so I am hoping this will help my sleep hygiene, get me more rest, and in turn reduce stress. I am not going to read any news after dinner time. I have changed my phone notifications to auto-mute during that time. Every day as part of my evening routine I will rate how stressed out I felt that day, from 1-10. Learning I just started learning Spanish and it's a priority for me right now. My schedule includes time every day to work on it (30-60 min depending on the day). You might notice the goals are mostly the same as before, with a few additions. The schedule is not a goal in itself, it's simply a method I am testing out, to see if it helps me make better progress on the goals. I am expecting this to be really hard. I am expecting myself to have a lot of BUT I DON'T WANNA feelings when it's the set time for me to do something like exercise or work. But I also have to admit that what I am doing now - no structure, and just assuming that I'll do things when I feel like it - is not working for me. Procrastination is a huge problem for me and makes me a less productive, less happy person. The reality is that there are some things I may never feel like doing that I need to do anyway. And usually what happens is I put them off for ages, I'm stressed and guilty the whole time I'm not doing them, and then when I finally start, I feel dumb for putting it off because it's really not such a big deal. And I wish I had just started way sooner. But starting is the hard part. That's part of what the schedule is for. I'm going to assess, as I go, how this is working for me. It might turn out to be a terrible idea. But I won't know until I give it an honest try. And the simple fact of me even being willing to consider trying a schedule is such a giant change that I honestly have no idea how it'll go. Bring it on!
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    Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Goal 1: Food - hit numbers every single day (except 2/18, when I will eat like the a-hole that I am) Week 1: 2380 (maintenance) Week 2: Under 1780 (C U T) Week 3: Under 1780 (C U T) Week 4: Under 1780 (C U T) Goal 2: Lift. Do this sensibly. Log here. Don't be stupid, but don't be lazy. Goal 3: Continue to collect data. Track daily weight. Goal 4: Don't be a jerk while cutting.
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    How the hell is it Wednesday already?? The holiday on Monday totally threw me off. Of course it was nice to have a really flexible day with no commitments. But if I'm going to have a long weekend I much prefer to have the Friday off. Having the Monday as the holiday just makes me feel like I'm behind for the whole rest of the week. Re: our impending language cafe empire Okay so...I guess flea and I are serving coffee to people in Arabic and French and Russian and Italian and Spanish and whatever. And I guess I could do Latin for lulz. And Sylvaa is doing the business planning and we have the awesome logo from Miw_Sher, and Badger is running a kickass food truck in the car park. That all sounds good. And someone is in charge of tea? And Owlet and Dagger and Pollyanna are all going to come hang out And whoever else wants to! All are welcome! Of course I would never actually be brave enough to do something like this, but I actually think it's a really good idea and would do well in places like Brussels or Boston or London (or similar cities), for all the reasons fleaball and miw_sher both listed. And I think it'd be an amazing place to hang out. So please, all of you feel free to be braver than me and actually do it and then invite me And now....REPORT TIME! The Good: I am on day 11 of an exercising every day streak!! Given that I have struggled to be consistent with this for months, this is a HUGE win. Morning routine is very beneficial. It is a large part of how the exercise is happening. I am definitely going to keep it up beyond this challenge. I am 90% adhering to my plan of a regular bedtime and wakeup time. For me, this is mind-shatteringly good adherence because I have historically hated bedtimes. It's helping with insomnia! I am tracking my food extremely consistently. Only missed one day so far this challenge, due to guest stuff. L is getting serious about fitness and weight loss again so we made a plan to help support each other. Yay! I have someone to go on walks with me again The Meh: I am not doing so hot with the evening routine. Usually by the time I am willing to stop doing whatever I'm doing, it's close to bedtime or I'm tired and either way I just go to bed without stretching and such. I'm trying to decide whether that means the evening routine is not so valuable, or whether I just need to be better about it. I've had a struggle finding time to do real work on Spanish (I don't really count stuff like reviewing things I already know, or passive listening in the car, or watching Youtube videos, all of which I have been doing). There are some legitimate reasons and some ridiculous rationalizations. I have stolen @PollyannaAgain's idea and made myself a daily schedule: learn 15 new vocab words every day, and Monday is reading a story and doing one section in my grammar book; Tuesday is writing something on lang8 and then listening to some dialogs and trying to understand what they're saying, etc. etc. on throughout the week. Hoping this will make it easier to dig in. My ex-business partner ARRRRRGH. Had a frustrating time trying to get documents from her that I needed to file the business taxes. Thankfully now resolved. The Drastic: After careful thinking and discussion, I have decided to give up chocolate, except in desserts at restaurants or when friends bake things for me. I'll spare you the long version of my reasons (if you're interested ask and I'll write it out, but don't want to bore people) but the short version is that I am totally addicted to it, I can't successfully moderate my intake, and it keeps triggering emotional eating and fucking up my nutrition/calorie goals. And after many years of failed attempts to eat it in moderation, and getting really sick of the drain of managing it, I have decided to just cut it out. I have been largely inspired by people like @Butternut who have successfully cut out sugar. So wish me luck. So far I am on day 2 and have not killed anyone. Oh, and @scottie that little tardigrade drawing totally made my day. 5 Time Apocalypse Champion!! Do you know who the artist was? I would totally buy a print.
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    Week Two Update My eating hasn't been quite as good this week since I had four quite big social engagements in 7 days. I try to find the balance between experiencing life and not being a bore and sticking to my food goals and I usually do this by fasting so I don't have to make difficult decisions when I am out but I am sometimes limited in this. Nevertheless, I have still racked up a deficit this week and I should expect weight loss. I came 1/2 lb short on my weight loss projection last week so I am already trailing a little. I should have lost another 1.5 lbs this week but again, I don't feel that trim. We shall see. I have also lost a bit of my passion for training but I think it's because not doing a 30 Day challenge has left me a little directionless so I am going to start another one of those. I am still training of course, but two of the three days I just did a 30 minute elliptical session which is the bare minimum. I have made lots of memories this week though, so that counts for a lot. We had a discussion this weekend about how we manage our money - we have been saving for so long for a deposit for a house and we have one, really. We just don't have one as large as we'd like. But we're actually pretty happy in the house we live in now and don't want to leave yet. We've both had significant pay rises this past year so we're going to enjoy our money for a while and spend instead of saving. And we're not even sure we want to settle down here, if at all, and if we choose to relocate, we can afford that already so why bust our balls putting money away when we can be enjoying a time in our lives with no responsibilities? So one of my plans for the year (the savings goal) might be put on hold for a while. Of course, this conversation came just after TH realised Aerosmith's final gig ever is in a stadium in Tenerife later this year. He may be biased. But nevertheless, I agree with him. Let's have some fun. Everything else was completed, and I am still 100%ing everything. My butt report was very vague this week. He didn't really have a lot to say about it and I don't know if that is my butt or him. But when a man is tired of butts, he is tired of life.
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    Fortunately my work environment is pretty healthy. I've heard our craft beer game is far ahead of Canada's. I'm doing a periodization program, I'm just sticking with the first phase for four weeks instead of 1. I think this is what the program I used goes by as well. Today is a good day, went to church with Mi Prometida, then made lunch. A salad with baby spring mix, navel orange, ruby red grapefruit, shredded jicama, and cooked ground turkey, topped with an avocado. The dressing was olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, mustard and some of the juice from the orange and grapefruit. My back was hurting me a little more today than yesterday, which is a little concerning given that I last worked out on Friday. I'm going to monitor and if I hurt in the morning I'll go to the chiropractor instead of lifting. Calories were good: Totals 2,297 127 145 141 2,021 69 Your Daily Goal 2,310 144 103 202 2,300 87 Remaining 13 17 -42 61 279 18 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Sugar g
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    Also - picture from the car on the way home from snowshoeing:
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    Thanks, it really was fun to see how far I've come. You flatter me, thanks for the encouragement. Today is a good day. Had some DOMS in my back around my shoulder blades, and in my glutes. My back was stiff and sore, some stretches throughout the day and a heated massager have helped most of it. Dinner was at my place with my prometida, it was sweet potato has browns (spiralized two sweet potatoes and sauteed them in 2 tbsp avocado oil), with a ground beef mixture on top. Mi Prometida cooked a pound of grass fed ground beef with a pint of grape tomatoes that had been quartered, two cloves of garlic and some fajita seasoning. I added 1/2 cup of chunky salsa, served it over the sweet potatoes and topped it with a diced avocado. It was good. I also had enough calories for a local brown ale that went very well with dinner. Real Ale Brewing Company - Brewhouse Brown Ale, 12 oz (355ml) 140 13 0 0 0 0 Add Food Quick Tools 140 13 0 0 0 0 Totals 2,305 138 112 147 2,877 50 Your Daily Goal 2,310 144 103 202 2,300 87 Remaining 5 6 -9 55 -577 37 Calories kcal Carbs g Fat g Protein g Sodium mg Sugar g
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    My name is Rhovaniel. Once, I was a pawn, an unthinking Empire pawn. Some months ago, I woke up, and sought my freedom as a Ranger, a member of the Rebellion. For that, I was imprisoned by the Emperor, Lord Morgulon, who wants all living things held under his dominion, held under the sway of sugar and processed poison under a tasty and addictive guise. I resisted his attempts to reclaim me, and with the aid of another Ranger, Callan, I escaped. Callan brought me to a healer’s house some leagues from the Capital, on the fringes of the Empire. But still they found me. The healer who sheltered and nursed me was murdered, her daughter gravely wounded. Injected with a strong dose of sugar syrup and succumbing to Empire chocolate, I face now a greater challenge. Protect the healer’s daughter. Resist the onset of sugar cravings. Grow in strength and endurance. Prepare for my next encounter with the Emperor’s agents. And there will be a next encounter. I have to know why the Emperor wants to reclaim me so badly. Why he did not have me killed. I’m starting in Week Zero, but I do anticipate that my History weekend away (this weekend) and the funeral coming just after that will mean I won’t be able to complete some of these. I’ll just try to keep my food choices as good as possible, since at the Lodge, I won’t be in control of what food is on offer, or if there’ll be space/time to do a workout (it’s a shared room with another student) and I can’t dictate what I will eat with my Dad and the day of the funeral, and I’ll also have to get the train back home after. To track, I will use the symbols Tank uses: C = Compliant, T = Travelling, V = Variance. For workouts, X will mean I did not complete that workout, will mean I did. The Lay of the Land: - This challenge, I run. Only once a week to start myself off, but later on I hope to increase this. Minimum 5 km each week. ZR tracks my times and pace, so it should be relatively easy to track. In addition, I will aim for one other cardio workout, probably swimming. Walking 10,000 steps or more will also count as a cardio workout if I have no other option because Life Happened. 2 cardio workouts per week: _ _ /_ _/_ _/_ _/_ _ The Strength to Fight: - Demons don’t just attack the mind. Illness, aches, pains, injury. They prey on the unfit body. So, I work to defend against this, and become… anti-fragile. 3 strength workouts per week: _ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _/_ _ _ To Hunt or Gather: - Nutrition has been and remains my biggest struggle. So, this challenge I’m going to re-try paleo, since I still dislike MFP as much as ever. With the exception of wholegrain rice, because I cannot live on sweet potato alone. Baby steps till I fully figure out how to cook properly. 4 variances (non-paleo, or unhealthy food) per week. Shamelessly stealing Tank’s code for tracking this. Eat Paleo with 4 variances per week: _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Into the wild: - I must face the unknown with courage. My comfort zone offers safety but not growth. This one is more of a Life challenge, but I’ve got to kick a few bad habits here. Confidence, calmness in the face of adversity (read: stressful situations). For this, I will do one thing every day to either boost my confidence, push myself out of my comfort zone, or otherwise teach me to be more resilient and calm under pressure. I will research how to help that. Meditation maybe, or perhaps online tutorials on problem solving, etc. Anything that will boost my confidence in my ability to face pressure and responsibility. One action daily to boost confidence and resilience under pressure: _ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Rewards: I’d like to add some rewards into this challenge, as an incentive to stick with it, especially in weak moments. I’ve noticed that when motivation is low, I feel the need to have an incentive to push on. The problem is, I have no idea what they should be. I will hopefully get these in place before Week One and the official start of the challenge. EDIT: Each week that I get 90% or more overall completion of my goals, I get a movie night. Weeks 1-3 will be (performance dependant) Lord of the Rings extended editions. I may or may not allocate a variance to said movie night.
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    Let's not talk about the last challenge. Goal 1: Lose the holiday and the illnesses' weight. Solid goal this time for that is to limit sugar. I'm not limiting carbs, or even doing a low-carb diet (and that's for everybody's sake, you don't want me around on low carbs, I complain even more). Last challenge I was eating a lot of brownies and drinking lots of sugary energy drinks. I may have to add carbs to my dinners to hit the goals sometimes but that's fine. Specific goals are: a. Try the brownie recipe with sweet potatoes that @RedStone gave me and not eat brownies at work. b. Only have energy drinks (preferably, Monster rehab that doesn't have much sugar) on the workouts on Sunday mornings. c. Have a banana as pre workout (I did that up until I moved to Germany and it worked very well). Excluded cases are: a. I can have a piece of cake if there are visitors in Berlin. I have one person who will be in Berlin at some point during the challenge confirmed and another one whose visits is pending on work. (Second visitor would also be staying with me.) b. If it is OK with my macros I will join for pizza night after ladies night at the gym, whenever it is arranged. Goal 2: No excuses. I'll not skip reps or any circuits again. I will do the three workouts and take part on the circuit of ladies night at the gym. Goal 3: Sleep. Sleep for 7-8 hours every night. Bonus Goal: Deutsch. Practice German with Duolingo on non-gym nights! It indeed is very very very precise... Bonus (in general): Don't drop out. I've been seriously considering of dropping out of the gym's competition. I won't have fully recovered from the flu in time to feel prepared and I'm already less happy with my numbers (which is what I'm trying to stop so it's counterintuitive). If I finish the challenge without dropping out I'll consider it successful regardless of how everything else went.
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    OBSTACLE COURSE RACING (OCR) FANATICS Welcome! This group is for anyone who is training for an OCR, is interested in participating in an OCR in the future, or are just plain obsessed with obstacle racing! This is place for us to all talk incessantly about OCR, share tips on training, ask advice about gear obstacle technique, or even just let everyone know about your latest OCR or Mud Run. Pop your name and current challenge or battle log link on the sheet below so we can cheer each other on in our quest for OCR glory. Accountability Sheet
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    The battle for Valkenheim has just begun… It’s challenge time boys and girls-time to step up my game. For Honor open beta starts tomorrow (02/09) and goes until Sunday night (02/12) . I’m wicked stoked to play this game and I have my cousins, brother and some friends all downloading it to play this weekend. Woot woot! "The vast forests of our lands are said to be filled with the spirits of beasts. Sometimes those beasts join us on the battlefield: Berserkers. Wild, free, and utterly without fear, they fight with twin axes but their true weapon is their passion. There is an ancient riddle: what is stronger than steel? Blood is our answer; blood and fury." In the game For Honor, there are 12 playable heroes. The one I’m most excited about is the Berserker. Chaotic and brutal dual-axe-wielding Vikings. Their savage love of combat strikes fear into the hearts of most, friend and foe alike. The Berserker fights relentlessly, capable of vanquishing foes before they can mount a decent defense. Unconcerned with their personal safety, they care little for their own defense, focusing instead on killing as many enemies as they can… I will be channeling the savageness of the Berserker over the next 4-weeks in hopes of getting back on track with the relentless mindset I’m known for. Goals: Dual Indian Clubs practice-10 minutes (minimum) daily Juggernaut 8s phase (starting AFTER Zero Week) BuJo (with pics) Eat like a Beserker-Getting back to a Wolflean mindset (track food) Slay the Laundry Beast-Adulting (weekly) Work OT (weekly-shoot for a minimum of 5) Keep up with Shadowrun PbP (daily)-Check it out in the Off-Topic thread And that’s all she wrote boys and girls. I’m going to try and tone down all the flashiness and focus on being a good supporter this time around while managing my goals like a boss. Wolf
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    OKAY. Temporary madness has subsided. I'm... #sorrynotsorry that I have these little bouts, mostly not sorry because they don't usually last very long anymore which I think it a really good thing!! Used to be that a simple, silly set back like that could easily paralyze me from doing the thing, for days, weeks, or maybe I would put on the blinders and try to forget it ever hapenned and whatever the project/goal was was just shamefully forgotten to the ages. Okay, so there was a mix up and it gave me some self doubt, natural, normal, it happens. I did speak with someone, I did review the review materials. And I do have a lot more confidence in my knowledge of the material than I ever have throughout this process, so that's great! I rebooked for March 16th as planned, double and triple checked the time. So I'm good Except my legs HAHA Been hurting since Tuesday, but nothing terribly jarring or alarming. Sore in the usual places, and tender around the knees, just more overall. I trained yesterday, hit some decent volume though it sucked HARD. (ALMOST got 5X pullups! But, no, not quite LOL) Felt a bit better after all that. Hit the heating pad during couch time after, going to floss as my mobility today. T&F 2X Warmup Circuit 12X Banded GM 12X Banded Dislocates 12X Banded Facepulls 10X X Body Easi Deficit Deadlifts 2X3 135# 3X 155# AMRAP-2 3X10 165# Pull Ups 1X4 1X4 +1poverty to not quite chin 1X3 Lat Raise (These continue to be a problem) AMRAP-2 3X10 12# Ab Wheel - Superset - Hanging Crunches 3X15 Today is rest day and I'm thinking about heading down into town because it's beautiful out and I spent all day inside studying. I'll still study, but also take a walk! I have some supplied to gather, (nudge nudge @The Shogun ) and some outside to be around, and hopefully that will help with some active recovery as well. We'll see if that's a terrible idea or not In BuJo news, Spike finally made an appearance in chibi form!! 'Bout time he showed up. And Mr Red has started referring to this thing as my "Grail Diary"... I kinda think it looks like tattoo clip art sheets for 8 year olds... 8 year olds get full sleeve tattoos, right?
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    Day 16 Update Snacks have crept in but I think it all stems from lacklustre training and well, lacklustre everything. I have continued doing everything to 100% because this is just a 2017 thing but I could be doing better. And I will, from the second I wake up tomorrow. Today has been... weird. Because people are weird. I started transferring all my pages over to my new BuJo but I haven't quite finished that yet. I was going to do my training plan but that took a lot longer than I anticipated. I am excited to plan my training because I want to get shredded, Preferably yesterday, please. And I want those pole dancing lessons but they're still to far away. Let's torch some fat.
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    Week 2 Monday Update Morning routine - It's so nice to wake up naturally. I keep waking up fairly early, too. I did some FF neck stretches to wake up while sitting up in bed, brushed my teeth early, had some breakfast, did some FF stretches, etc. Good. Of course, weekends/days off are the easiest. I was going to do stuff at home all day, but it was so lovely out I had the overwhelming urge to go on another adventure. So I made plans with my aikido buddy to go to a nearish town/city to hunt for Pokemon. It was so nice that I wanted to socialize and was able to invite someone to do something! Amazing. Knowing I had plans gave me a burst of energy, so I did a cleaning sweep of most of the apartment, except the kitchen. Then I doodled a little before I left, which was quite nice. Between pokemon hunting and then getting a photo printed last minute as a gift for our sensei's birthday, I got home around 4. Leaving me with...not very much time to do much else before class. I roasted some green beans (omnomnom), did my laundry, cleaned the kitchen thoroughly, and experimented with some more GMB stuff. I unfortunately did not get to yoga. SO now I get to do some late night yoga. But it was worth it to have a clean apartment~ it's so nice. There are a couple of areas that are still more cluttered than I'd like, but that's not a big deal for now. Tomorrow: Early morning again - I have to be in to work at 7. I'm going to try getting up at 6 again (leaving me with only 30 minutes), but pack breakfast from leftovers and bring it with me instead. I'll see if that gives me enough time for a smooth routine. Leftover tasks from this weekend (find that dermatologist!) Workout in the evening Yoga, etc.
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    I just want to make sure that these little gems don't slip through the cracks.
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    I figured it was time for an update. This weekend consisted of little to no internet and very little interaction with anyone outside of family. It was fantastic. I've had about two weeks of just being off. I know I'm not myself, I know something is wrong, but I couldn't pin point what it was. I finally figured out what it was and set things in motion to move forward (I've got a recurring cyst that will occasionally cross the line from annoying to infected). I've still got a bit of lingering symptoms, but I'm confident that by the weekend, I'll be back to normal - or going to the doctor for some antibiotics. Friday, my husband and I both took the day off from work and sat around together. We had a leisurely breakfast and sat around watching Criminal Minds until the kids got home from school (they had an early dismissal, so we had a nice afternoon as a family). Took my step-son to a bowling birthday party for his girlfriend. They've been dating for like two years now. I'm trying to be supportive, but I think the whole, "dating" as his age is stupid. Saturday, our highlight was cooking a WoW dinner. My son got the World of Warcraft cookbook for Christmas, so we prepared a full meal of Winter Veil Roast, Zangar Caps, Sauteed Carrots, Buttery Wheat Rolls, and Cheery Cherry Pit. Everything turned out really tasty (okay, the kids didn't like the pie - it has some cardamom in it, which I thought made it amazing - they did not agree). Ironically, my son only helped with the pie, my daughter ended up helping me with everything else. Sunday was pretty status quo, except there was a fight in the beer league hockey game. It was pretty funny. Sometimes people take things way too seriously. There was also almost a fight between the SO's in the stands. I am too old for that crap, although my husband's faith that I will end whatever happens makes me laugh. I am back on the road this week, but working from the hotel today. Traveling in jeans always puts me in a wonderful mood. I've not figured out my workout schedule for the week. I've liked the semi set-up I've had going so far. I just need to get a bit more organized.
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    Week 1 yo! And BOOM I'm taking a big ol' A. Boxes don't lie. Reading at night has been hardest to force myself to do cause I'm so sleepy by the time I get into bed, even if I go several hours earlier than I'm used to, and not drinking all week really did good things for my sleep. Yesterday I went through a good portion of my clothes and got rid of the things that no longer fit finally. I also found a sweet little dress on main street but they didn't have my size in the color I wanted... and BLAMO found it online for half the price Will model upon receiving And on going pursuit of understanding the strength/hormone relationship, my new TMI tracker: Training tonight and business as usual! Happy Monday everyone
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    Week 1 Sunday Update Oh right, morning routines. That thing. I wasn't that focused on it today because I was in "prepare for socializing!" mode instead. I didn't really do anything morning routiney today. In not-morning routine morning news, I was planning to work out before I left this morning....but I was feeling stiff and I didn't really want to. So I compromised by doing yoga, which felt a little gentler to me. I also got my meditation session in early. Went snowshoeing with my aikido peeps! It was fun, and a lot of work. Sensei had her HUSKY which was adorable and kept checking on all of us like we were his pack and he wanted to make sure we were all okay~ I'm told we did about 2.4 miles. The first half was very uphill. The second half was very downhill. We had a huuuuge potluck meal after snowshoeing, leaving me stuffed. Very stuffed. It was my only meal of the day. Everyone liked my banana pudding and all of it was eaten. I got sent home with some beans with pork, because of course I did. I feel like I'll never need to buy groceries again. Or at least not for a long time. I actually didn't love these beans, since there was blackstrap molasses in them and that flavor combo didn't work very well for me. Hmmm. We played Rummy for a while and eventually got back in the evening. I was home about 6:30, really stuffed, sleepy, and definitely NOT in the mood for a workout. But I had been excited back on Monday that I might be able to do two full home workouts - FINALLY - this week. So I worked out anyway, just starting slowly. I only left out the negative pull ups. Mainly because I hate them and it was a good compromise to otherwise do a full workout. I think I might be at a stalling point with squat progressions. I can do balance-assisted pistol squats holding onto a door, but the next progression is weight-balanced pistols where you hold weight out in front of you to act as a counterbalance. I'll experiment with it a little more, but I might end up switching to the GMB pistol squat exercises if I really am stuck here. Took a bubble bath with some lavender essential oil and meditated in the tub. It was lovely~ I'm paranoid since I'm so close to my meditation goal, so even though I had done a session this morning, I wanted to do another one JUST IN CASE something went wrong with the streak counter. Plus crackly bubbles & meditation are a match made in heaven. I forgot to mention that yesterday I also made the mistake of stopping at the library, and picked up three books while I was there. I'm taking a break from the book I was reading to read these instead. Right now I'm reading Love Warrior, which I kept hearing really good things about late last year. So far, the good things are justified and I'm really into the book. Week 1 Summary Morning routines....ok? Thursdays and Fridays continue to be my biggest struggle. I learned some things for further experimentation this week though. Like that I need more than 30 minutes if I'm going to make breakfast before I leave. I may also take Sylvaa's advice and try to build a habit of brushing my teeth when I wake up instead of right before I leave, because it seems like a better habit. In general, I don't have a clear measurement plan for this goal. Or really even a clear goal. Other than to observe what works and what doesn't and see if I can optimize a bit more. I'm not sure if I need to have a clearer one...I'll see how Week 2 goes and adjust from there. 3 PROPER workouts and 2 runs ON PLAN - I'm pleased Daily yoga and meditation. The yoga is having a very positive effect on me. A++ decision Mostly daily FF and wrist stuff - I do need to tighten up on this though. I don't really feel like I'm making progress with either, so I need to make sure I'm doing these in full. I might add to the wrist routine too. 14.5 miles walked, but about 2.5 of those were snowshoeing so I think that makes up for the missing 1.5 miles and I can consider this a pass. One violation of my shopping ban, but also one great victory for it in the return of those shoes I realized I didn't actually need after all? Tomorrow: I have the holiday off from work AND 2/3 of my plans for Monday were cancelled. So my only obligation is Aikido in the evening. Walk a bunch! More pokemon! Roast a bunch of veggies because I keep craving them but not feeling like actually preparing them. Generally do a bunch of adulting / domestic rangering: Find a friggin' dermatologist. I've been wanting to go to one for ages for a scalp issue but I haven't gotten around to it. Laundry Clean all the things. Mainly the kitchen. But also the coffee table area. And probably also the corner where junk accumulates. Yoga, all that jazz MAYBE find some time to actually just do something FUN?? Like play a video game?? Or I might just spend all day pokemon hunting again. We'll see.
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    Yeah I realized it would be a little ridiculous to run. Unless you were like, somewhere in Europe and had employees that spoke several languages each. But that would still not be fun. Ah well. I can dream. Of course while @fleaball is being all realistic, meanwhile I'm dreaming about what a great idea it'd be to open one of these in Boston For the last couple days I had a friend staying at my house, which is why I haven't really been active on the forums for a day or two. It was incredibly fun, but also kind of disruptive. It was a good reminder that any robust, enduring strategy for keeping myself happy, productive, and healthy has to be able to adapt to stuff like that because it's certainly something I want in my life. We had a fantastic little gathering on Friday night. Me and a group of friends have been doing a series of parties where one person from the friend group picks a movie that means a lot to them, and one or two of their favourite foods. And we watch the movie and eat the foods. And Friday night was the Severine-themed night! We ate dippy eggs and soldiers (a childhood favourite of mine) along with my favourite sweet: nanaimo bars, which are an iconic Canadian dessert I've gotten all my friends hooked on. We watched Anne of Green Gables, which was one of my favourite books (and subsequently one of my favourite movies) as a kid. I have never identified with any fictional character so strongly as I identify with Anne. She is basically exactly how I was as a kid, both the good and the bad. So I was actually a little worried that people would think the movie was silly, but thankfully everyone thought it was hilarious and sweet. All in all it was a wonderful night with my friends. I also had a really good time with the friend who stayed for a couple of days. Feel really lucky to have such good people in my life with whom I can talk and laugh and feel at ease. As for the schedule, it's going well! Morning routine continues to be the biggest winner in terms of benefits. Several times now I have woken up feeling blarghy and wanting to rationalize my way out of exercising, and every single time the morning routine has put me in a better mood and led me to actually feel like exercising enough that it happened without me forcing myself. Huge win. A few other brief observations and things I learned: I need to make a proper schedule for studying Spanish, like what I'll do each day of the week. "Study Spanish" is too vague a task, and that makes it feel hard to start. I missed a couple of days of Spanish, in part due to this and in part due to the next point. Having company disrupts everything! In a great way, obviously, but it also means I either need to decide that I won't do certain things (e.g. Spanish, evening routine) while I have company, or have a plan to fit it in. The feeling that I am "falling behind," whether warranted or not, is a huge stress trigger for me. My therapist, when we talked about the schedule, noted it was always the afternoons I was having issues with feeling behind/overwhelmed. She suggested a mini check-in session after lunch when I reevaluate my goals for the day, and how the morning went, and tweak the afternoon plan as needed. I think this is an awesome idea. Evening routine is a lot harder for me to stick to than the morning routine! The desire to stay up and Do More Things is very strong, especially if I have delayed fun all day in order to get more accomplished. Need to work on this. I'm in a pretty good place right now. Happy with how this is going and proud of myself for doing something that scares me and finding value in it. There's no ESL class tomorrow (due to the US holiday) so I am planning to finally catch up on everyone's threads tomorrow, now that my guests are gone!
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    Week 1 Saturday Update I was able to return the shoes! They didn't even check whether the soles were clean or not. Score. Also apparently I walked about 7 miles while catching Pokemon today! I feel redeemed from my really slow start to walking this week. I've walked about 13 miles so far this week. I have no idea how much we'll do while snowshoeing tomorrow or if I'll have a chance to get any walking in otherwise, but this is an entirely respectable total. I walked in two stretches - once this morning/early afternoon after I returned the shoes, and again in the afternoon with my aikido buddy. During the first stretch of walking downtown...I broke the rules of my shopping ban. It was a beautiful day and I was having a good time, and I didn't want to go home to eat and have to stop wandering outside. So, I decided to get lunch at a coffee shop/bistro I'd been wanting to try. It was delicious and hit the spot, and I don't really regret it. Before I decided to go there, I was thinking about how I should make myself a small "exploration" budget for each month, which would be for exploring cute coffee shops or spontaneous lunches in exactly situations like this. I don't get out on my own just exploring much, and that might be a way to encourage it. And then I thought...."but I won't be able to do that for a while because of my ban!" So I guess my brain decided I get to start that budget now, even though it breaks the rules. It ALMOST falls under my "traveling" exception...except it's more like an "out and about" one instead. Note for future accountability: this does not apply to when I'm running errands and get a craving, or just want to try a new place and make a special trip there. On the way home I drove past where I hit that other car....and it looks like it's still parked there? So maybe they just haven't seen it yet? I was driving so I only got a glimpse and couldn't see if the note and such were still there. Made a banana pudding protein smoothie when I got home the second time (@shaar your protein pudding mix works well as a smoothie too) and had a good burst of energy I had intended to work out today, but instead I did my run. I ran 2.3 miles on the treadmill (2.1 to get up to a total of 3K, and then .2 as my distance increase for the week). I haven't been very good about sticking to my distance increase plan this year, even though I think my variance from the plan has been worthwhile as I experimented with speed runs and such. But now I want to get back on plan. So next week I plan to do 1 speed mile and a 2.5 mile run. I will likely not work out at this point, since I still need to have dinner and do yoga Tomorrow: I have to meet aikido peeps at 10 to carpool to our instructor's house, and I'll need some time in the morning to assemble and refrigerate the banana pudding I'm making for this...so I might have to wake up early and work out in the morning before all of this. I have NO IDEA how long we'll be there, but we're carpooling so I won't have a ton of control over when we leave....and she lives up in the mountains, so I think it's at least an hour drive? Booo, waking up. Although I did wake up naturally pretty early this morning, so it might be fine. I'll do yoga whenever I get home, though.