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    I decided to take a break this challenge and apparently it was exactly what I needed. I finally broke the plateau I'd been on for 5-8 months and this morning I hit the goal weight I set for myself when I began this journey nearly FIVE YEARS AGO. I've lost 62.4lbs. I'm not done, I still have a bit of fat to lose and I want to gain some mad gunz. So I will be back next challenge
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    Hi all! We're currently taking applications for Guild Leaders and Guild Ambassadors. If you're interested, please fill out the application here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5dkCiz6Mvl50SBeknCN8k5ghAd6TuOcVCeQaMYHRx3SM56A/viewform This application will remain open, but we're looking to add guild leaders quickly, so for this current review, please apply by Wednesday, August 2nd. If you have any questions about this or this process, please email contact@nerdfitness.com. Here are the roles and responsibilities for Guild Leaders and ambassadors: A Guild Leader has moderator powers and help enforce the rules of the forums. Ambassadors help the guild leaders with guild related tasks and reach out to members who are considering what guild to pick and act as an ambassador from your guild to help new members out. Ambassadors who have done a great job will always be our first choice to make guild leaders. General Guild Leader and Ambassador expectations and responsibilities: Be visible on the boards! Be available to help out new users with questions. Make sure all new users get a reply to their intro threads! Acting as a role model for everyone else. Act as a representative of your guild as a part of Nerd Fitness. Keep an eye on the boards, make sure no one is fighting, posting poor content, etc. Specific Guild Leader responsibilities: Enforce the rules of the rebellion and the code of conduct. Remember that as a moderator, it's even more important for you to remember that we're all on the same team, and to see both sides. If you're not sure what to do in a situation, send a message to the Guild Leader FB chat group or email contact@nerdfitness.com (we have a team that clears out that box each day). Remove inappropriate threads/trolling content/spambots Use your best judgement. If you have concerns don’t hesitate to ask Bring any issues you see coming up to team Nerd Fitness. The best email to use is contact@nerdfitness.com for this. Bring ridiculously awesome things to Team Nerd Fitness. Please use the email contact@nerdfitness.com for this As a moderator, you are representing Nerd Fitness. Any action negatively representing Nerd Fitness or violating the rules / terms of conduct is terms for immediate dismissal as a guild leader. Guild Specific Responsibilities (1-3 Guild Leaders depending on membership in the guild, so some of these would be split across multiple people): Keep the new FAQ/guild specific sections that we’re creating in order (like for example, the strength guild's lifting leaderboard. i know a lot of guilds don't have those, but we can create them as we see fit.) Work with the other guild leaders, make suggestions on what can improve the guild, and implement them. Encourage the Rebels and first time challengers. They will need help figuring out the challenge as well as which guild is right for them. 4 Week Challenges: Move the guild specific threads when a new challenge is opened up. Run some sort of contest each challenge. Can be a small mini challenge or a big whole challenge side quest. We understand that as a volunteer position, and that things come up. Please let us know if you’re not going to be able to help out for a bit and we can find back up. The goal is to have enough guild leaders per guild to be able to allow for life to get in the way and still have support in the guild.
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    7/15/17 Saturday It was a good day. 72 miles in 4:35. It was a rolly course across farmland, very windy - almost none of it a tailwind. I tried to push the pace a little. About the first time all year I've moved out of the endurance zone. Not surprisingly, I don't have much power. Today I was group hopping with folks who were pretty fit. They all had big triceps that stuck out when they pushed on the handlebars. I don't. Not at all. One of the farmers, whose yard abuts the park where we had a pit stop, set up a petting zoo including miniature horses. I'm really impressed with the folks who aren't riders and are on hybrid bikes. They are really pushing themselves. Some of them are taking close to 12 hours to finish the ride. Even with pitstops, that's an amazingly painful amount of time to sit on bike, even if you're used to riding. And they get up and do it again the next day. Personally I don't like all the cheering. I just want to do my ride. But every day after I came in and got situated, I sat around, looked at my book, and cheered in the late comers. It gave me something to do. They had a program after dinner (taco night). They talked about the work the funded groups do, it was actually pretty interesting. They also had a short drag show. It was crazy. 7/16/17 Sunday Another good day. A short one. 46 miles from the edge of the farms, through the suburbs, to the capital. We rode near my neighborhood (and right by TML's house). I took it slow and easy. I finally saw a bike accident, but it wasn't one of our riders. A guy was turning left at a light, a car was riding his tail, he got nervous and went down. He was really shook up. I was the only there, so I sat with him, talked, got his bike working, and hailed one of our support vehicles to bandage him up. By then he had calmed down enough to finish his ride. The finish was pretty dramatic. Lots more cheering. I got lots of hugs from guys I didn't know a few days ago. The Bears said I could join their team next year. Mrs. Sloth tried to convince me to sign up again for next year - there's a steep discount for early registration. I might.
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    Not much to report for this week. It's been rainy and the mountain bike trails are closed. I've gone out and done an hour easy ride on the roads each day to keep my legs loose. I haven't done anything else. My PVP troops are going to be few. Oh, I did start doing ten push ups a day for Elastigirl. Slothgirl has decided to be a cowgirl and doesn't want to wear anything besides cowboy boots. When I was in second grade I actually did only wear cowboy boots for an entire year, but I was the weird kid. My mom wouldn't buy me boots when I grew out of them and I had to wear keds in third grade. Twyla, our foster dog, has found a forever home. A retired guy from the north woods lost an old shih tzu, so he wants another old one to keep his other dog company. He fell in love with her immediately. I finally noticed that she only has half a tongue. I thought it was hanging out of her mouth funny because of her jaw, but most of the right half is gone. It made me mad at breeders all over again. She'll be with us another week or so while the paperwork gets sorted out. She's very aloof toward people, but I'm going to miss her. I gave some un-needed bike parts away today. The lady baked me cookies. There may or may not be any left. Today we went to a hole-in-the-wall Korean place. Tofu House. I recommend it for the local nerds. It was good, but the menu had no descriptors so I'm not sure what I ate. Tonight I did a training race. Second time this year I've been on a mountain bike. They sent us straight up the ski hill at the start. They ran the course backwards from the normal route. There were steep climbs and fast twisty single track,descents. My body isn't used to going fast. A half mile in I started getting tunnel,vision and threw up. I backed it off. Same thing happened after 5 miles so I backed it off some more. I was pure suffering out there. I somehow didn't come in last place. Mrs. Sloth estimated around the middle of the pack. I didn't check results because I didn't want to be disappointed. So I'm going with middle of the pack. For or not having anything to say I wrote a lot. Good night Nerd friends.
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    In my eyes, you and your DH have always eaten pretty clean lol. And I'm pretty sure I've borrowed at least 3-4 recipes from you over the years and LOVED THEM.....especially the dark chocolate pumpkin chili....whoa boy, that was amazeballs! I really dislike eating out for the most part. It's so much more expensive and.....well, like you said, Marauder, check the local health department inspection notes and I'm sure we'll find more than "it's more expensive". Though, certain places will remain true for me, places like Whataburger lol. HAHAHAHA! Well...... @Raxie hasn't been back since she commented on that so maybe she did disgust herself?? Hopefully there was no "roach surprise" on or around your food when you guys went back?! We have roaches occasionally in our kitchen too but Summer months they are more abundant for sure. The other apartment we had, we dealt with those tiny little sugar ants. First floor apartments are wonderful...but the bug issue is what makes it bad over here. Ugh. SO GLAD THAT DELOAD WEEK IS OVER! And to make matters even better? I woke up late this morning.... which means I only got like 40% of the workout completed. Worry not, though, I'm planning on going back this afternoon to finish out the rest. And accidental 2-a-day doesn't seem that bad It looks like so much fun!! I can definitely see you doing this, Brother Sloth. Right now, I know I want to eventually do SCCA racing. But, I need a decent car to start with, something I can use as my daily driver AND rallyx car when the time comes. Only time and luck will tell... Good! Cuz I like talking to you about this stuff too Even though I may be full of n00b questions lol. That's great you 2 knew each other before dating. Being friends is 50% of the relationship in my eyes so it's cool you guys had known each other beforehand. This helped out a LOT! I had actually discovered that the 944 would be better overall along my war path of looking things up the last week or so but didn't get to all THAT juicy detail you laid on me Here's my experience with buying cars: Bought an '04 Nissan Sentra back in 2006. Ran that car into the ground but I also didn't take very good care of it. Blown gasket lead to a cracked head and I wasn't willing to put anymore money into that car. Bought our 2007 Honda Pilot February 2016 and take REALLY good care of it (considering I treated my Sentra like dirt-lesson learned) So, with that being said, I am ALL FOR help in locating and obtaining a solid starter car....cuz I'm not sure I could make this move by myself. I need an expert's opinion FORD RALLY BUDDIES FTW!! Out of all the cars I've looked at recently, the SVT is the one I'm looking the hardest at. I totally dig the hatchback too! You're ST is hot looking with those red skid plates? That's what they are called right? Siiiiiiick! No, you didn't tell me that?! That sounds like a friggin badass time! I'm sure you had a blast, huh? What's your favorite memory from that event? And holy moly....that ST is off the chain! Geez.....you would never guess that was a Ford with that sick ass wing and paint job. Granted, it does say Ford Racing on the bottom, but still...#ALLTHEMODS #IWantToDriveThat #KindaIntimdatedTho Ants were the bane of me at my old apartment lol. That was nice of them to comp the food and being that it's only been that once, I woulda gone back too. What kind of restaurant is it/type of food? What did you 2 love birds get instead? LMAO!!! That's hilarious sir. Too bad about the Impreza, that would been a damn near perfect rally type car. But, seeing as how Mrs. Sloth thinks that would be for the Art Car Rally, you would have to try and find some work around haha. Art Car Rally....lol. If only Mrs. Sloth knew how dangerous you like to live life, Brother Sloth I had to do the same thing! They get all the cool things up there in MN. *cough* Hammer Race *cough*. Whewwwwwwww...... weekend over and I am NOT HAPPY about that. I enjoy my time away from work way to much, lol. It was a good weekend though. Did some much needed grocery shopping and helping set-up my week. #Budgeting. It's funny, because budgeting is not my strongest skill but I've impressed myself these last couple weeks. Little did I realize how much I was actually budgeting on a daily until this challenge and when I started crunching some #'s-it's incredible. If I bring my lunch + snacks each day, for lunch, I probably save close to $60-65 a week! Low end, that's $240 a month just from bringing leftovers for lunch. I can't really do much about gas because my commute to work is what it is....but I use our Tom Thumb gas station as much as possible, especially like right before the San Antonio trip, I had .20 cents off. I think we filled up for 1.77 a gallon? Something crazy like that. I overslept this morning and made it to the gym with expert time....say for being 30 min late in the long run. This threw me off because I only completed a portion of my WOD. I'm gonna stop at the gym on my way home to complete the rest. I figured 30-45 min and I should be good to go. I did hit a PR on bench press this morning....well, PR since I broke my shoulder last February: 155# at 4 unassisted reps. That means my 1RM is prolly close to my actual weight WOOT WOOT! Racer left for Kids Camp this morning and I already miss him. He's 7, so he's getting to be a big boy but still....I miss em. I know he'll come back Friday with TONS to report back and I'm excited to hear about all the stuff he got to do! It will make this week easier because entertaining the smaller boys is a lot easier then trying to entertain Race lol. I've decided to go with a 14 hour fast instead of 16. I think this will fair better for me and gives me 2 more hours of "eating window" to get in the last bit of carbs, fat and the allmighty protein. 16-hours was working OK, but I think I pretty much maintained weight during that 2 week cycle. I want to add, not lose. Have you guys seen how lean I am? I don't want to lose anymore, lol. But, all in all, the IF protocol has been working for me. Another 2-week cycle on the 14/10 split should help and the fact that I'm getting to the gym more should help too. Gosh dangit...I need progress photos! Wolf
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    I almost tagged you in the picture. Just because I could. Sometimes, I think to myself - I wonder if new people ever start reading this thread and just nope out of it. . . In addition to building my very own island (take from that what you will), I also had a good laugh while showing my family how strong I am. My MIL bought my step-daughter a storage unit for Christmas, so she brought it over last night (it was too heavy for her to be moving around, so she wanted to store it at our house - we always do Christmas at our house anyway). So it's in the back of her car and she is hoping that my husband would be able to help carry it in the house. Note: my husband had JUST gotten back from a weekend playing paintball - he was in no condition to do so. So I walk outside, open the trunk, slide out the unit, and proceed to carry it into the house and to the basement solo. All the while as my MIL is telling me about how she and step-daughter were barely able to get it into the car.
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    Week 2 Tuesday Update I'm trying to remember my basking rule as I write this! Grump grump grump. I got my teeth cleaned at the dentist and I was complimented and told I my teeth looked beautiful AT LEAST 4 times. I'm very pleased~ They do want me to get my wisdom teeth pulled, which is a thing I've been ignoring. *continues to ignore since I'm moving soon* My aikido buddy and I were supposed to play at the TRAMPOLINE PARK today, but when we got there they were closed for a special event. T__T So we might go on Sunday instead. On the way home from that I suddenly WENT NUTS with food cravings. Like, I stopped at 3 different food places and then changed my mind and left, and I went through a list of like 10 different places in my head, and all I could think about was getting carby foods in the most excessive quantity I could find. It was really crazy. I calmed myself and thought about what I was actually hungry for, which was nothing. Lately I've been telling myself things like "If I'm feeling hungry for inner peace, nachos won't satisfy me." So I stopped at the grocery store and bought a small bread roll/loaf thing and made pizza bread as a compromise. Which is probably healthier and cheaper than something I could have bought. (Although I'll admit I'm still feeling down on myself for just how much bread I did eat during this when I was so close to a perfect day. I felt better after a few bites of food, and the cravings went away at that point. I have trouble where when I switch into hunger mode I switch into "I must satisfy this craving mode" instead of recognizing that even just a little bit of something will take the edge off and help me make better decisions.) I'm getting dinner on Friday with a potential new friend! I ran into an acquaintance at the farmer's market this past weekend and they asked if I wanted to hang out. I tried to make plans with this person like 2 years ago and they kept dodging me so I gave up. But now they live in my actual city instead of a neighboring city and have a car so they are totally into hanging out! Yay! My other meals today were good. I was pretty hungry this morning so I had actual breakfast - some leftover crustless quiche and veggie salad. Then for lunch I had leftover sticky chicken, roasted sweet potato, and broccoli. I snacked on some greek yogurt midday. Also, iced yerba matte is SO GOOD. After dinner, I did not want to exercise, but I didn't want to defeat myself twice in one day so I went on my short run. It was ok, but my shins are still twingey. I'm strongly considering increasing my runs to add a third and just making it a run-by-feel sort of thing, walking or running as much as I feel up to in a 20 minute period. I really think I need 3 runs/week to make more progress, but I don't know what that means for my legs.
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    Weekend Update Well... not the weekend I expected to have. No long run. No other workouts. My knee is pretty much as recovered as it's going to get. I did not injure my knee. There was no twisting or other damaging event, which is nice, because I'm pretty much cleared and can resume normal activity as I see fit. Symptoms did not arise due to a quick spike in activity that I'm not used to, which I had previously suspected, since it came on the heels of a nice weekend of trail running and a 5-miler on July 4. No, after consulting with a sports medicine doctor on Friday, I'm dealing with one of my elephants in the room, which I am pretty sure I have never mentioned here before. I am experiencing the early symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. So, that's a thing I will deal with, consciously, from now on. Fortunately, one of the best things I can do to mitigate symptoms is exercise. The doc used the adjective "moderate" when referring to exercise and, after discussion, we found we had a different metric for "moderate". Road running isn't high on the list of preferred activity due to the pounding on the joints. Weightlifting and body weight exercises were encouraged, although power lifting (very heavy weights) was not. I was also encouraged to continue trail running, because trails are a softer surface and reduces the joint pounding, and can strengthen connective tissue (as long as I'm not continually rolling my ankles and twisting my knees). Not having to argue with my doctor about OCR is good, because if I'd been told to quit, I'd have had to fire this doctor, and I like him. Instead, I spent a couple days feeling sorry for myself, over-analyzing every ache and pain in every joint of my body, and eating my feelings at a couple of barbecues over the weekend before finally coming to a conclusion about all of this last night... I'm not going to let this derail me. I'm not going to lie down and die quietly on my couch. I'm damned well going to earn whatever pain I have coming until I am physically unable to do so. I'm planning on dragging my kids and their kids through Obstacle Courses and up and down ski hills whenever they finally decide to get off their butts and come with me. I want to be 70 years old and be shouting at my flock to get their pansy asses up the hill or forever stay off my lawn. Pictured: future my lawn. It's Monday, people. let's get after it. We have THINGS TO DO.
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    I did abs. It was terrible. Climbing before that. Also terrible. All I want to do is schnooooozeeeee.
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    Could someone tell me what week we're on? I'm so lost! Week (whatever) wrap up: Goal 1: Climb The Highest Mountain in Springfield Wales SMASHED IT! Goal 2: Running Er, nope. I didn't get a single running mile in. Did a hell of a lot of walking, a lot of which was vertical miles, but no running. I really wanted to, but most of the week we were up at 5am and out early and moving around all day, so there was just no time. I'm not annoyed at myself about that though. I had a thoroughly amazing week where barely sat still the entire time and I'm not going to be sorry for that. It does mean I've got very little chance of hitting 100 running miles this challenge though. I'm going to bring this goal down to 80 miles instead, otherwise it's going to feel disheartening and futile. If I get over that, great! If not, it's still a pretty good achievement (and I can up it again next time around) Goal 3: "Push. Harder. Go past the max" Juggernaut Training - I did manage to fit in all my lifts last week. Squats and OHP were done on Monday before we left, and I did deadlifts and bench on Saturday Grip: 2/2 - The mine trip involved SO MUCH CLIMBING! Which was amazing as I've never climbed natural rock before (there were a few man made holds, but some of those were made from chunks of slate from the mine). Now I want to go and do some proper outdoor climbing! Stu has a friend who is an experienced climber, so he's going to see if he can take us to a spot in Kent and give us some pointers for top rope / lead climbing outdoors. The second session was done on Saturday after lifting. I spent about half an hour working on my grip. Core: Nope. Still need to keep pushing this one.
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    AH, and just to clarify my current stance on the situation... today's swag rep AKA time for a fresh start!!
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    Wednesday Busy as all get out at work, and kind of distracted by what turned out to be a letdown announcement from OCRWC Headquarters when instead of announcing something I am interested in for 2018 in either Ireland or Australia, they announced a 24-hour Endurance Championship near Sydney in June. My understanding is that's as miserable as it sounds. I love multiple laps and long days on the course, but 24 hours of suffering is not my thing. Also, it rained all afternoon - big, thunder-booming, deluge rain - that tapered off about an hour before I started. This left the hill wet and everything steamy when I got there, but also temps had cooled off from "miserable" to "practically perfect". I huffed up and down the hill to the tune of about 2.5 miles and over 600 feet of elevation, finishing wet, muddy, and pleased that my knee felt "fine". About an hour after I was done, it started raining torrents again. Timing is everything. If I'd been able to get in other exercise, it would have been a pretty schedule-perfect day. Trial of Skill Goal: Obstacle skills training at Obstacle Academy Schedule: Nothing scheduled. Result: Nailed it. Trial of Courage Goal: Stick to my weekly running schedule. Schedule: Hills Result: 2.5 miles on the hill with my NSS teammates. Trial of the Spirit Goal: 2x hill workouts per week. Schedule: Hill. Result: See above. Trial of the Flesh Goal: Strength Training group classes 2x per week. Schedule: Nothing scheduled Result: Nailed it Goal: Accumulate 12 pull-ups or more per day. Result: Eight, and I was exhausted at the end of the day, and didn't get in the last four. Goal: Accumulate 100 push-ups or more per day on non-group training days. Result: Not sure I got in any, busy day at the office. Unacceptable. Trial of Insight Goal: Stick to my macros. Target: Run day macros Result: KCal: 1899 Protein: 132g Fiber: 37g Sodium: 2,987mG Close but not quite. Goal: 6 or more hours of sleep per night. Result: Over 7 hours again. Nothing has changed here, I'm getting plenty of sleep but still waking up tired. The Course Map for the Fort Knox Spartan Sprint came out today around lunchtime. This will be career Obstacle Course Race #40 for me. I'm... kind of excited? Any potential excitement is tempered by the fact that we're driving 11-plus hours each way to and from a race to that I am planning to complete in less than 1.5 hours. I feel bad that I'm not more amped up for a cool race like this, but then again I wasn't planning to go at all until I qualified for OCRWC in Chicago, because my two "A" races for the year are the next two weekends. I probably still wouldn't be going if it wasn't an Honor Series race with a cool medal...
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    Day 24 Update I was working yesterday and across lunch too so I just had pancakes and yoghurt for breakfast and then nothing until the paneer and veg curry I made in the evening. I do get hungry on my way home but it seems silly eating then because it's just before dinner. I had a great day at work but it was pretty tiring so I just spent the evening catching up with people. I finished successfully recruiting Mr Perfect to nWo team yesterday too. I am off work today and it's pissing it down with rain so I don't even have to pretend I plan to go into the garden and finish planting the watermelons which is nice because I had very little intention of doing that anyway. Instead, I will do a big workout session because my abs are feeling ok and that's not what I want, and then I am going to have a really long soak in the bath with the bath bomb, some great music and some red wine. Snug life.
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    Week 2 Wednesday Update After my post last night, I did a 20 minute yoga video. Y'know, because. And then I did my full evening routine of meditation/FF stretches / Duolingo / Reading in bed. It was great, even if it did mean going to bed really late. I love yoga~ Today I: Had my 2nd swimming lesson - he gave me a free lesson again, which was weird, but I'm not complaining! I think he wants a certain person to sign me up for the class pack so it's done a certain way, or something. Whatever! He says I understand the basic mechanics but I just need to learn how to breathe while swimming, so we're working on that. I have a pool at my apartment, so I'm going to practice exhaling underwater, which does not come naturally to me. Cleaned my apartment, which didn't actually take very long because it's small, but made a huge difference. I'm still wading through the dishes. The conversations about gross dish cleaning habits on Flea's thread helped motivate me. >.< Had the same experience with food today - Had a really good food day up until I was driving around dinner time, and then suddenly went NUTS about food. Today I was even cooking some slow cooker cashew chicken, but it didn't matter. I went takeout hunting. I ended up resisting takeout but ending up with some cookies, which I ate before dinner. I don't know if this is triggered by sugar cravings, needing bigger lunches, leftover bad vacation habits, or just being in the car around dinnertime. But I need to break the cycle. The cashew chicken unfortunately wasn't very good, but I have a ton of leftovers. T__T It wasn't BAD but it's too salty, kind of like real takeout. After that experience I was overstuffed right during prime workout time, so I was going to pass on working out for the day. I just did not feel up to it. So the workout hour passed, and at around 9pm, I said no. I told myself that I could still do my workout even if it's late and means staying up a little later, so I got up and I DID THE THING. I'm proud~ I'm currently sitting on the floor drenched in sweat while typing this. I have given a gift to future me. I kiiinda still want to do yoga....so we'll see once I cool off a little. Who needs sleep anyway, right??
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    Family meeting at the rehab place today. I took a shit ton of notes, my father sat there and did nothing. I don't know why I'm surprised. PT folks think she needs to be there for another 1-2 weeks. She can get out of bed and into the wheelchair with minimal assistance, as well as walk about 50 feet with the walker. But getting up from the toilet or the wheelchair takes a lot out of her. OT said she does pretty well dressing herself without help too. She still needs to practice stairs. Her biggest problem is that she's very very shaky. Her hands shake, her knees buckle a lot, etc. We thought it was just a lack of strength and that it would get better as she ate more and did more PT, but apparently it's a potential side effect of one or two medications. One of which she's been on for months and is the only medication that controls her nausea (after trying several) but these side effects may not be reversible. They asked if she wanted to come off it or give it a but more time, and she said to give it more time because she's only just gotten over the nausea caused by 2 antibiotics she was on and has just started being able to eat again. So the pressure is on now. I'm wondering if I can get the house clean by the weekend and then call a cleaning service to come early next week. She's super upset by the prospect of people having to come into the house (PT, OT, VNAs, etc). Unfortunately it's going to be high 80s/low 90s (30+ C?) the next few days and we don't have air conditioning in any of the rooms I need to clean. And I'm getting my hair done tomorrow night at 4. (Really hoping that makes me feel better.) I wonder if I should start making calls now to schedule something. Ugh. I know everyone keeps telling me to stop apologizing for not replying a lot, but I'm going to do it again. Since I'm out and about so often, I'm here on my phone a lot. And I have some kind of mental block against replying to long posts or multiple posts, so I'm just not replying. And I'm reading a lot of what's going on in other threads, but not replying and sometimes not liking posts just because i'm trying to get caught up in a really short timeframe. I'm also low on available brain power so I tend to post my random complaints and whatnot since it takes zero effort, but reading and replying takes up too many resources. I feel like I'm mixing metaphors here. And I started this post before running an errand with my father and am finishing it now that I'm back so I've lost track of what I was trying to say.
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    Here are the photos from the wedding for those wanting to see. http://danielgrovephoto.pass.us/tankersleywedding
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    Sylvaa is still tired. It might be that she stayed up too late finishing a book (I had like 25 pages left - it was an e-book so they weren't real pages - and it was decent) or it might be that I'm working out more without the correct amount of calories. However, I'm not hungry, so I'm hoping that's not the case. I'm also soooo sore. Who knew your upper back could get really sore?! I mean, it's great, because it's definitely related to exercises to get ready for pull-ups, but OMG! I don't know that I've ever been sore in the places I am sore. Also my calves - maybe from jump roping? Also, I was totally going to put a gif on here about leggings ripping, because I wanted to let everyone know mine were holding up, however it is not a good idea on my work computer! (my first google search was related to explicit websites.....) THIS IS NOT WHAT MY IRRATIONAL FEAR IS ABOUT PEOPLE!
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    Still getting used to our time zone, will give an update soon.
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    I think this is actually a manifestation of the "Friendship Paradox" - that on average your FB friends probably have more FB friends than you. Why is the Friendship Paradox true? Because people with lots of FB friends are more likely to be FB friends with you. Here, the average person at gymnastics probably does more gymnastics than you, otherwise you wouldn't see them so much... and that means they're probably more of a natural and have spent more time practising so they'll be more flexy. Or if you go to a weights gym, the average person there will be stronger than you. Or if you go climbing, you'll usually be below average ability, just because the few extra-serious climbers who go 4x per week and you see all the time are probably better than the very casual climbers who go once a month. So I guess it's good for our confidence and perspective to remember that whatever you're doing, the "average ability" isn't so high as the average you actually see.
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    I'm watching Hoarders right now. It's a special kind of masochism.
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    Holy shit. I just realized that for years I haven't been able to eat regular oatmeal when I make it at home because it makes me gag. I didn't even think about that when I ordered this. And now I've eaten most of it and didn't even blink. Apparently I just need to make my own a different way.
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    Monday Thank you all for being so supportive. Knowing I have you all behind me makes a difference. Fresh off my Woe Is Me weekend, I went for my first trail run in a couple weeks and it was awesome and miserable. It was HOT and humid, with temps around 90 and a heat index of over 100 degrees. My knee felt great in the heat. My lungs did not, but running in that kind of heat is good for pretty much everyone, as long as one takes the proper precautions (hydration and electrolytes, mainly), which I did. I went to my local park trail, where I can get just smoked with trail climbs of over 300 feet and up to 20 percent grade in 3+ miles, which I extended to about 4.25 by doing a loop on the single-track bike trail that criss-crosses the maintained path about 2.5 miles in. It's a love/hate relationship with this place. I was slow but persistent, and after about half a mile (and assisted by KT tape) my knee loosened up and like I said, it felt good. Better yet, it feels pretty normal today. I'm proclaiming myself "fine" and will be back on schedule. Adjusted to show that I'm easing back into things. Trial of Skill Goal: Obstacle skills training at Obstacle Academy Schedule: Nothing scheduled. Result: Nailed it. Trial of Courage Goal: Stick to my weekly running schedule. Schedule: 3m VO2 Max run Result: 4.25 trail miles because reasons. Trial of the Spirit Goal: 2x hill workouts per week. Schedule: Nothing scheduled. Result: Nailed it. Trial of the Flesh Goal: Strength Training group classes 2x per week. Schedule: Nothing scheduled. Result: Nailed it Goal: Accumulate 12 pull-ups or more per day. Result: Eight. I need side-eye. Goal: Accumulate 100 push-ups or more per day on non-group training days. Result: Just plain forgot. Time to get back on the horse (or the floor). Trial of Insight Goal: Stick to my macros. Target: Run day macros Result: KCal: 1756 Protein: 123g Fiber: 41g Sodium: 2618mG - Baaaaaaaaaaaam Goal: 6 or more hours of sleep per night. Result: Almost 8 hours. I don't remember the last time this happened. I discussed this with my sports med doc. He was pretty happy with my usual diet, but I have to admit that while my calories and macros have been good lately, I need to stay the course. I've been short on fish and veggies lately - it's summertime, and I crave grilled bratwurst, and the buns are nothing but highly-processed carbohydrates, which lead to inflammation. Thanks again for everyone's kind words of support. I'm ready for the return of the Jedi Master. Not going to run away like this one did.
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    7/17/17 Anyone else notice that the dates this week work forward and backward. The numerologists must be going nuts. A chill day. The slothlings went to day camp. I sat around and read. I was tender to the touch. I took a ten mile ride at an easy pace to loosen up. I got a massage that was really good. I'm about to grab a tub cider and take an Epsom salts bath. In two weeks I have the Wausua race. That's just enough time to finish my recovery week and start a taper week. Honestly I can't fathom how @EricMN , @Charlie_Quinn! or @Xenarace and train so much with so little recovery. I'd be broken down and dead if I followed their schedule.
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    Week 1 Sunday Update Walked 5 miles in the morning going to/from the farmer's market Got an invite from my Aikido buddy to join her to explore a state park about 30 minutes away, so we went and did that and saw some animals and water and trees. that brings my total walking mileage to 19 something miles for the week! I was secretly hoping that I'd have it in me to do a 3rd full workout at home and knock it out of the park, but by the time I was back and settled in and everything, it was about 8pm. I only had 1 hour until Game of Thrones came on and too many things to get done! So I did a BBWW as allowed by my challenge goals. It was a little too easy, which was reassuring! But also I did all 30 pushups prescribed, which is maybe not a thing I should repeat given the wrist issue. I just couldn't resist trying! So I'll need to tweak that for future weeks if I need to do it again. Week 2 Monday Update I decided to pester reach out to JB on facebook to see if he's going to start up OCR class again any time soon! He recently got married and was away, so I'm hoping now that he's back I can get my OCR fix again (and get at least one workout in through his classes! I've been using bootcamp for workout #3 for like 2-3 years now, so not having it is throwing me off.) Did some friggin' yoga!! It was a super short 7 minute video. I didn't realize it was going to be so short when I started it. But I did it and it's a step. Drove to Aikido despite the weather and had a great class. We had a guest instructor from our sister dojo come and teach, and it was a lot of fun. I got to do a cool move where I use my height to my advantage and knock people over with an open palm to the underside of the chin. It was awesome. And the weather was ok for the drive home. Made delicious food! I made AMAZING crustless quiche (a bit high on the dairy but soooo good) and I made some KOREAN STICKY CHICKEN, which is a thing I love and hadn't made in months! Omnomnom. I've been struggling with food since returning from vacation because I didn't plan healthy enough meals, and I'm not feeling so enthusiastic about the leftovers that were good when I first made them. So I decided that if it's a choice between ordering out to avoid my leftovers and just making new food, they're both going to cost me money so I might as well just make the new food. Omnomnom. My shins are very tender to the touch. Every time I think I've got running figured out, they are there to say "lol nope!" There's a 5K program offered by the local running store that I would LOVE to sign up for but it's a 10 week program and I'll be moving before then. Ah well. Maybe at the next destination. I AM thinking about replacing my 3 year old running shoes though. They were annoying me on my most recent run.
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    Yesterday was a completely stressful day. Today was better. And it was a good challenge day: 7 miles this morning Went to the gym after work Did my pushups Haven't logged calories yet, but gonna figure it out as best I can now... This came up when I googled "strong faerie". Apparently it was printed in "Faerie Magazine" with this quote "A strong spirit transcends rules." Plus I really like Prince.
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    Week 2 Monday! Today was not a standout day. Nothing exciting or untoward happened. It was the run of the mill normal Monday. Nevertheless I felt amazing today. Amazing in my body and great about myself. Can't say why. It was a beautiful sunny day without being too hot. Maybe it was simply coming off of a rest day and deload week. I had a great workout so maybe that set me up for the rest of the day? I kept noticing in the reflection of my monitor at work that I could actually see some definition in my shoulder and neck muscles even without the benefit of having a pump on at the gym. Run All the Miles 71.7 miles down 38.3 to go! This milage is starting to get crazy now I should be at about 90 by the end of the week! Crazy. Just an easy 2 miles today. Might have been a little too fast but only a little. Run With Intent: Not a Q type workout Be Strong: Squat and OHP day today. The program called for something very simple. 6x5x92.5kg (203lbs) with the final set as an amrap. After a couple of warm up sets at varying lighter weights I went to work. It took a couple of sets at the working weight for me to find my stride but once I did the weight felt light on my legs and I was able to push out reps with a good deal of force and my reps cleaned up from some of the horridness of the earlier sets. The final set I hit 9 reps in the amrap. Felt good all the while. With the OHP I did something slightly different, partially because I was conscious of time. The squats had taken a little longer than I would have liked so I didn't really have time to do everything if I worked through everything methodically. So I figured I'd try and push all of my assistance work and my OHP into a circuit. The power racks at the gym have pull up bars on them so I figured why the hell not. The circuit was OHP (6x5x42.5kg 93.5lbs), lunges (same weight because I suck at them) , pull ups x3 and hanging leg raises x10. And just cause I had to put the bar on the floor to use the pull up bar, a single power clean at 42.5kg to bring the weight back into the front rack position. It worked really well and I blasted through the rest of my workout feeling like an utter badass the whole time I've shied away from using the pull up bar in the power rack because there is no step and I'm sort enough that I've got to jump to grab the bar. Whilst I've been doing pull ups I'm still not that confident with the fact that I can do them but today it felt great. I'd jump up to the bar and yank out my reps, all of them feeling better than I've ever had them feel. Also, as an added bonus, the pull up bars in the rack have a really wide grip, so extra grip work. The number of times in my life I've hung from a bar and simply failed to move myself I'm incredibly proud of myself for being able to do pull ups for reps. Especially with a bodyweight of well over 200lbs. Anyway my thighs are feeling sore already. I hope it doesn't hamper my run too much tomorrow! Eat Sensibly: 2,660 Calories! Food is doing good today. I've not felt especially hungry all day long. All good. My weight, btw is at a new low it's been edging downwards painfully slowly this year but the trend is down. I'm about 25lbs down from January, averaging just under a pound a week although it's nearly so smooth as that.
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    - sketch-ass travel company is sketchy and claims she signed up through a hotel. Hotel says they don't work with them, although the internet tells me otherwise. Rep was the most condescending asshole. But it's cancelled, supposedly effective immediately, so if there's a charge on her card this week they're getting an angry phone call. Whee. - I have to get her to sign a form to mail to her insurance company so I can fight with them. Uggggh. - I forgot what other stuff I was going to say. Found missing tax paperwork though yay. Also my father is working overtime tonight so I get to deal with the mess he said he would take care of and didn't. Plumber guy can judge us, idgaf. I'm just gonna say "sorry for the mess, my mom has cancer and we've been busy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " My father is obnoxious, yay. - Blanket permission granted for everyone to take up as much space as you want in my threads.
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    Day 26 Update It rained all day yesterday but it was that rain that is really heavy and I love that. I was working most of the day but I finished 3 1/2 hours before I had to pick TH up so I went for coffee and then went shopping for new clothes and it was much more successful than it has been recently when I have tried to do that which is good because all I have really bought myself this year is lingerie and I can't go out in that. I bought some shirts and pjs, and also some lingerie because I am still me and it's sort of an obsession of mine. I did some grocery shopping just before I had to get TH and there was a ten person argument happening in the vegetable aisle so I couldn't get down there to finish my list which might be a problem. I got a pizza for dinner because I just wanted something I could throw in the oven while I tried on my new clothes and we spent the evening lying in bed with the lights off and the windows open listening to the rain. I slept in two pairs of Wonder Woman pjs last night - one set is a crop top and girl boxers but I got cold in the night so put the other pair on top which is a vest and shorts and do you know I did have dreams of adventures. This clearly works. I have been in contact with a friend of mine about pole fitness lessons and I am trying to figure out if it is worth an hour's drive to do it where he recommends or if I should find my own place. Decisions, decisions.
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    Day 25 Update I had the day off yesterday so I caught up with some housework and then napped until I was rudely awoken by O2. Then TH rang to tell me he's had another payrise. This will be his 6th payrise in 12 months. It's also the largest. He's a jammy POS, I don't know how he does it. In the afternoon I got my workout done. I did an upper body dumbbell workout, a butt workout, an ab session and an hour on the elliptical. As I was watching myself squat in the mirror (as you do) I noticed by butt looked better so I got some feedback from my butt judge and apparently there is lots of difference compared to last time, my butt is rounder and "the S curve of my back is more pronounced". I am very happy with this because although I know my clothing size and bra back size has changed, I see myself every day so it's hard to pinpoint what the changes are. After that I had a bath and it was amazing. In the evening, I persuaded TH to play Borderlands The Pre-sequel with me again because we didn't get that far through it last time because he didn't like it. I've been telling him for ages it's a great game and not entirely different from the other Borderlands games which he loves, the problem is probably that he chose to play as Claptrap who is the most annoying video game character in history, rivalled only by Tingle. So we started it again and he is playing as someone else and enjoying it. Food was good but I increased my calories quite a bit because my body was screaming for it.
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    I was pondering on what @Mad Hatter said , about how she was thinking the picture of the dark made her wonder what there was to find. I thought about how this was a good life analogy. Like with the camping during the eclipse, I was excited, but my mind also thought of all the bad things that could happen. What if the camp was super crowded and all the porta potties were disgusting, what if people were loud and rude, what if a fire started? This is typical me, thinking of all the monsters that just might lie in wait. But what if I turn that around. What if I think, hey maybe in the dark of the water, I'll find buried treasure, or mermaids, the lost city of Atlantis? There are so many exciting things that could happen. I tried this mind set with my camping, What if I meet some really fun people, what if the eclipse is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen, what if I have a total blast with my friends, what if even all the non fun stuff that happens just turns into part of the story of our adventure? One thing that experts always tell you to do deal with anxiety is to ask yourself what the worst that an happen is. Then the idea is that you will see the worst isn't that bad at all. The problem with that is, give me a minute, and I can think of 100 absolute doomsday scenarios. I've been working on re phrasing the question into what are the good things that may happen? I'm going to try that when opportunities for adventures present themselves to me too. Cause who know, maybe instead of monsters, I'll find buried treasure.
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    I know everyone goes through phases and such. It just bums me out because rawr I'm interested in your lives and I can't keep up. Ahhh this is a good idea. Why did it never occur to me? Yeahhh. The shakiness affects her grip on the walker and everything too but I'm pretty sure I heard the OT lady say she had some kind of equipment that could help? And yeah, I'm glad she's finally fucking eating. Most of the nausea seems to have subsided so she's forcing herself now, I guess? And also "now that I'm eating more I have more energy." You don't fucking say? Also this is unrelated but she has thrush and the white spots on her tongue are fucking gross.
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    Ok goals are a thing I finally came up with and have been working on silently without posting (shame!) 1) #DoYourDamnPT Stretch and Foam Roll: Glutes, Hamstrings, Quad/ IT band Strengthen: Glute medius, Hamstrings, Core Sciatic Nerve flossing ^ Do a thing from each category every day 2) Prepare for nerd time @elvenengineer is coming to visit this weekend!!!! \o/ ☑Wash guest bedding ☐Clean bathroom ☐Get J to clean the other bathroom ☑Vacuum ☐Make plans to do things (or not, we can lay around by the pool all day too) 3) Get my sleep in order. With summer there is just so many activities that sleep has been wack. I stopped nearly all of my good sleep hygiene habits I started and my morning routine. So let's regain some of those ☐ Morning yoga ☐ Prep breakfasts ☐ Pack lunch, gym bag, etc ☐ Start to get ready for bed no later than 10:30, with goal of being in bed by 11 (exception in case of activities) ☐ Stop watching Batman cartoons in bed and instead read a damn book (comic books are still books, do you expect me to cut Batman out of my life that easily?) Also, I have a secret shame to share with you all.
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    I'm surprised you didn't hang the bath bomb from the roof and wrestle TH in a Ladder match for it.
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    It's 99.9% not food. But somehow when a random apple or banana gets buried under crap and manages to go bad, I wind up being the one to throw it out. My mother has apologized every time I've come home since Christmas. (Before that I hadn't been home since moving out in 2015.) She keeps saying this isn't the way she wants to live, it's not what she wanted me to come home to, it shouldn't be my job to be cleaning it right now... so clearly they know there's a problem. It's just that they can't or won't take the initiative. And I know it's a combination of psych and medical issues holding people back, but it's still so ridiculous.
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    Update on D's mum: we're taking her to one of those paint night events on Thursday. She was trained as an artist in Moscow and when she was younger she did actual original paintings that are gorgeous (some are hanging in her house) so she's hilariously overqualified and she'll probably end up trying to boss the instructor around (I am betting an imaginary $20 with myself that it happens) but it's still a fun social thing in a category she enjoys so whatever, we're doing it anyway. She's always complaining that she misses painting but everything I've suggested (buy an easel? go to a group outdoor painting event?) she's shot down. Maybe this will inspire her. Oh and we went and helped her with a bunch of landscaping stuff she had pending, and I have to say there is one (and only) thing I envy about her living waaaay out in the middle of nowhere: when she has a bunch of branches she's pruned off a tree, or leaves she's raked up or whatever, she just throws them into the woods that surround her house on three sides. Like I trimmed this one maple for her, and if it had been at my place it'd have taken me ~an hour to break up all the branches into small pieces and load them into yard waste bags. But instead I just dragged them over to the forest edge and hucked them in. That was pretty great. Last night we did our regular volunteering thing (every once in a while L organizes a core group of friends, and often some of their friends who have heard about it, to raise money to sponsor a meal at this shelter and staff the kitchen to cook and serve it) and it went okay. Being at those places reminds me of some of the shitty parts of my childhood and that is never easy. Plus I am often turned off by the attitude of the friends-of-friends who show up. It's hard to articulate precisely, but they often seem...overly proud of themselves for helping the "unfortunate" in a really patronizing way, you know? One of the women was like that and I had to keep biting my tongue. And another woman wore a shirt from a local police department, which seemed incredibly stupid to me given that at least half the women at the shelter have had negative experiences with cops. Apparently that didn't occur to her? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thankfully the apron mostly covered it up. ESL is going pretty well except that I periodically want to strangle the unreliable stoner in charge of the language instruction/immigrant services group. Nice guy, but he couldn't organize his way out of a paper bag and god forbid you need him to actually read and respond to an email on any kind of timeline whatsoever. Oh, but I managed to help some of my students sign up for health insurance which was good. Ramble, ramble.
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    Was trying not to panic before the guy came but that's my MO anyway. Things don't go according to plan, I freak out. (Resilience challenge was supposed to help with this.) I vaguely remember this one being a tiny fraction of an inch too big and we just thought it would be smug. Like 1/8". Dude got it in though. Apparently you have to tilt them forward and walk them back? It sticks out from the wall a bit because we didn't take out the anti-tip bracket on the floor for the other one (and the plumber didn't say anything about it), but it's not terribly inconvenient so fuck it. I did notice it kind of shoving the cabinets out of the way as it went in. Thanks for those ideas though. I remember when we had our kitchen totally redone in high school we got a hot place and also used the microwave a lot. It was just the idea of the general "we had to wait a week to get this one delivered, how long is a new one going to take?! What if they won't let mom come home until we have one?" etc kind of deal. Again, panicking for nothing/with incomplete information. I turned on all the burners and they all lit. Huzzah. Now I'm going to eat leftovers and not deal with the stove for the rest of the night because lol fuck you.
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    Currently eating my yuppie oatmeal. But yes, there will be PT stretches happening very soon and it was already in my plan, so there. I'm feeling the need for it for sure.
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    Um, I did 90 box squats yesterday and today my butt doesn't work. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
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    It really was. I was a bit sad when I got home on Friday, I think Rhovaniel put a term for this on her challenge? Post Epic something? I'm starting to think i really need to live somewhere where I can do more outdoorsy stuff. It really was. We stopped often and just stared at the view for a while before carrying on. It was really good. I just wish Hubs had been well enough to come with us. So we're going to have to go back again so he can do it! That sounds amazing. I really want to tackle Ben Nevis next, but I hear so many horror stories of people getting into trouble on that mountain. A small part of me is wondering if i could do the 3 Peaks Challenge (3 mountains in 24 hours) but that's crazy! I think you have to be the luckiest person in the world to get a perfect view from a mountain in this country. From Snowdon, you can see all the way to Ireland on a clear day, but that wasn't so when we went! Yes! Lets do it. And we can walk the Ranger path! It's like its destiny. Genius idea. My friend is doing the Crystal Maze experience tomorrow. I'm very jealous. I tried to convince B that we should each pick up a lump of rock on the way down and make it an OCR training session. Her response: "You're not right in the head" Woohoo! It's entirely up to you. I'm in the first wave of the day, 9:15 (less queuing and done earlier so have the rest of the day to rest!) so if you enter that, you can run with B and I. We'll be taking it easy and having a laugh so no pressure.
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    Heading out for a walk now, Quick week 1 update" Morning: yes, I;m really loving working out first thing in the morning. When I start first with Bible, then workout, there is a lot less willpower needed, which is always good Pushups 10 a day, yep Summer things; went lake swimming, geocaching, some long walks, had a fire in the fire pit, had family and friends over for dinner Today: Good day, Morning went well. Picked some green beans from our garden for dinner. Tried to make rapspberry muffins. Ran into problem when the oven started billowing smoke. Apparently last time I cooked something spilled. I cleaned it, and hopefully I can bake them tomorrow. Not trying tonight since I'm going for a walk, and I want to be home in case of smoke. I invited some friends over next week for scrapbooking.
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    LOL I mean, it's verrrrry early days so I don't want to get ahead of myself. But it's been really nice so far
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    Lol so the day after I thought I was getting better I got worse and definitely have a cold now. Doesn't seem to be too bad though thankfully. Didn't stop me going out on friday night anyway Managed the presentation fine and it instigated a good discussion so that's pleasing. I've started gathering material for the one on saturday and will meet with my friend tomorrow evening to discuss our points. Still doing terribly with physio exercises :/ I have a real block when it comes to doing them, I think because it's hard to find a block of time big enough to do them and I never seem to want to do it in bits. Chanting has also been haphazard - I keep sleeping in in the morning oops. Lunchtime walks were hampered by a massive storm last week so hopefully the weather is better this week. Thought about doing some software stuff on the weekend but decided to paint instead because I haven't done that in ages. I think that about sums it up for now... The battle to do all the things with insufficient time continues XD I kind of made it worse by meeting someone I like so now I just want to hang out all the time as well as do all the things haha. Oops.
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    Blaaaaaaah. Got the insurance form signed, will mail tomorrow because I'm already in pajamas and fuck that. Called the IRS, they're looking for the check and in the next 6 weeks we'll get a new one if it wasn't cashed or a claim packet to send them if it was. Joy. Did wind up bringing up power of attorney stuff because she asked if I was on her bank account and I said no and she made a face. But she said she can't do that to my father? Like appoint me over him? But there's no paperwork on file for it anyway so currently no one has that. If he doesn't do overtime again tomorrow I'll sit and have a chat with him. I'm stuck here waiting for the new stove between 10:30-2:30 anyway, and then the plumber at 4, so there's plenty of time to do some research and see what it means for me to have power of attorney vs his spousal rights. He already has healthcare proxy on file at the hospital for her iirc. Anybody have experience with this and want to share? Omg I love how the other ones help. And yeah I fully support all kinds of shenanigans in my thread even when I'm not around. Yeah. We live at the bottom of a hill and he was parked in my driveway so I kinda panicked when I was coming down and didn't see anyone in front of the house. Then he came walking down the hill behind me and I was like ?!! But it's all good. (And I know it was the right guy because my father called him to say I was on my way while the guy was working on the stove. Good timing, Dad.) Yeahhh. Gonna order some food, do a bit of low-stress cleaning since no one can get in my way, and maybe see if I can find a notebook and go through some paperwork. Or even fire up a spreadsheet for it. Believe it or not that will actually be relaxing for me because I'll be alone and working at my own pace. Oh shit. I don't need to wear a bra right now except to meet the delivery person eventually. Fuck yeah. Omg AND the busted stove is unplugged so I can finally sleep through the night! The oven door was broken and if it wasn't shut just right it would beep forfuckingever, usually in the middle of the night. And it's the only noise in recent history that wakes me up and prevents me from getting back to sleep. Everyone else had gotten used to it. Oh man today is a great day.
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    My father is suddenly convinced it's his fault and the guy said 4-6 but he literally told me 5-7 when he got off the phone last week so I'm inclined to believe this one wasn't his fault. Either way dude didn't care, turns out he's friends with my neighbors across the street so he just went and hung out. I have the house to myself tonight because both my father and brother are working. But I can't remember where I stashed my passport and I only have a temporary license because I converted my old one last week and the new one isn't here yet. Blaaaaaaah this would be a good night to drink all the cider.
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    Yeah my recipe says to add the alcohol directly to the chef. Sent from my phone. Any typos are SwiftKey's fault
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    I somehow misread this as "But really, you'll both die." O_O
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    Have not done any cleaning since this morning. Was looking for the IRS letters that need checks and oh hey, the only ones I found are a heads up that they were getting a paper check since my brother's gets deposited into their account and the IRS doesn't like doing multiple deposits to the same account? So the amended return she thought it was isn't there. Also checked the status of the refund and it was mailed May 19, but it's not been in any of the piles I went through. And there're no other piles of mail I'm aware of. Oh I didn't even mention this before. So she forgot to report a winning lottery ticket (small, but reportable) from last year and our tax prep lady said she mailed paperwork for an amended return. I thought that was already taken care of, but there doesn't seem to have been a check written for it. It was mailed during a previous stint in the hospital. She said they got it but I can't find it anywhere. They each got a letter from the IRS saying their refund was getting mailed, not direct deposited, but she never actually opened either envelope so she had no idea. So now the amended return hasn't been filed and they also haven't gotten their refunds. Yay. While looking for all that (and some other things she asked me to pay that I can't find?), I found several pieces of mail for me. Including checks from my insurance company for 3 claims they were playing games on for months. (Decided that the student health center at my school was an out of network provider and thus the money I paid was part of my OON deductible? lol nah bro. But it took three months to sort it out because they just never actually did them?) Also found my father's debit card I ordered for him 2 weeks ago and that he's been getting antsy about not having. God knows how long it's been there. Also found more bills because of course I did. Christ I just realized this means I need to go through every piece of mail for both my parents, and possibly my brother since some of them haven't been updated to take my father's name off since he turns 26, and compare every bill to every collection notice and every EOB. And then figure out what I need to fight their insurance over. I thought once the cleaning was done I could breathe again but lol nope, not so much. I will take time to chill out but it's still another like, super long thing to deal with. I already have a notebook full of random things for myself (to do lists, class notes, notes from phone calls with credit cards and insurance etc) and now I feel like I need a dedicated one for my parents' stuff. FUCK ME. I WENT DOWNSTAIRS TWO HOURS AGO TO MOVE MY LAUNDRY TO THE DRYER AND I FUCKING DIDN'T. Wrinkled clothes it is because I'm not staying up til 2 to fold them. - oh. wow. My brother just said he'd do it? Maybe my complaining about everything is causing him to be human and try to be helpful? I have another tooth that hurts and I really hope it just means I've been clenching my teeth again. I don't have time to go to the dentist, forget worrying about insurance. Right. It's 1am. I'm getting up at 8 to clean a bit more and then go visit my mother and then come back and clean more and/or make a bunch of obnoxious phone calls. Whee. Really don't think my father will be opposed to my handling anything. So yeah. I'll look into it. Maybe ask when I see her later, if it won't piss her off too much. Ugh, wow. I'll admit I only skimmed it because my brain has just about turned off, but Jesus Christ. So much bullshit.
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    Forgot to mention, I met a couple of nerds and a few of us stayed up too late Saturday night playing games. Mostly Fuse, which I found stressful because of the countdown timer.