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    Rangers, it's been one hell of a week. I don't really know what to write about this week. Those following @Wild Wolf's thread know what has been going on in his world, and those following the news know what went on down in mine. It didn't directly affect me, but some of my loved ones knew people affected. Closer to home for all of us many of us have struggled this week. Those following my thread know I have sputtered with my goals. What do we do when the world seems dark, cold, and inhospitable. What do we do when things seem pointless, when it seems like nothing we do matters? What do we do when we feel powerless to change things? We focus on what we can do, and then do it. We cannot make the world less dark by trying to tone down the darkness. The only way to change a dark world is to become light. When we see a tragedy far away the darkness tries to get us to focus on that tragedy. It then tells us it is so far away that there is noting we can do. After that it tries to keep us in that sense of powerlessness so that we forget there are things we can do closer to home. We might not be able to directly impact those on the screen, but I guarantee you there are people in your sphere of influence IRL who are hurting too. What can you do to help them? Will you curse the darkness, or find your inner light and let it blaze like a beacon, drawing the hurting to you and forcing the darkness to flee. You have power in you that can shake the foundations of evil if you will only find it and bring it to the surface. Together we can shine light far into the darkness more effectively than we can seperately. In your own mind you can realize there are always only two options: give up or keep going. The more you don't give up on yourself, the more you will be able to be light in the darkness for someone else. So I say to you, no matter how your week has gone, no matter where you are on this challenge, for your own sake and for the sake of those who will need you, fan the embers of your heart, don't let them go out, and even if you are not ready to blaze, just do enough to keep the fire going, and prepare for when your light will be needed.
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    And this happened. We are only slightly hypothermic
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    Week 4, Monday! I'm going to admit that I kind of feel like I've now checked out of this challenge. My race is over and all there is to do is to wait for the next challenge to start. My last few challenges have followed this pattern. Without any more races I should be able to settle back into something more sensible in the next few weeks. I did domestic rangering today and I took a run. That's all. Not really much to add to that either so let's have another photo from Saturday Yeah blood is streaming down from my knee. I didn't even see the camera man. My focus was entirely on that log because I was trying to figure out if I could hop over it without putting the weights down. Those calves though! Those are some strong lookin legs It is entirely the wrong time of the year to be thinking about this but the whole swimming thing has been on my mind and I had a thought that I am not terribly far away from the lake I used to swim in as a kid. I figured I could start in Burnham or Slough and run the trail between Burnham Beeches and Black Park, where I could swim the lake before running back again. Figuring that the Lake was probably off limits in November I googled to see when it would reopen only to discover, to my horror, that you are no longer allowed to swim in the lake . I'm quite sad about that. It's one of those silly health and safety things again (basically someone got drunk and fell into the lake, not the swimming area incidentally, and so no swimming in the lake). Anyway a little more googling and I discovered that we've got a public Triathlon training park near to town which will serve exactly the same purpose. It doesn't open until spring but I do quite like the idea. Anyway, long story short, I am going to try and go swimming maybe once a month, and I'll use the pool over the winter. I only want to get a little less rusty and a little more confident with it. Out Distance the Horde: 131.9/150 miles. 3.4 easy miles. Not much to be said. My legs are actually feeling quite good with the running. The run was easy and relatively slow. I performed four sets of strides for 15 seconds a set. Fast Zombies: No Q session. I did do a few of sets of strides though. Strong Enough To Battle the Horde! rest. Incidentally I'm feeling pretty good today. First time I've come out of an OCR without feeling crippled for the entire week. Supplies! Food has been good. I really need to start tracking again though.
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    Rangers gonna ranger! I saw your FB, you have had some mighty fine posts the last couple of days. Liking them feels a bit odd but you get the point. Also picking up life, as you should, is good to see. Rangers gonna ranger, even especially through difficult times! Especially in hard times we got your back, all the love from the Ranger Corps!
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    Welp, it only took a year for me to fuck up my birth control. I missed 3 pills in a row. I have a new pack to start now but it threw off the refill schedule so I'll likely have to pay out of pocket for the next pack. Booooo. So much boooo. I need to find a new time to take it. i'd been taking it at 9pm every night, but since I'm usually driving at that time, I forget about it. But I don't get up at the same time every day either. Womp. Aaaaanyway. This challenge is effectively cancelled. For the rest of the year I'm going back to the "do 1 thing" spreadsheet I used right after my mother died. I'm going to take the rest of my enforced vacation from Lyft to try to organize things in a way that lets me drive til late at night but still get shit done during the day instead of trying to catch up on sleep and then rolling out of bed just to drive again. And just kind of organize my life more in general. I'll be shifting back to my battle log at some point too. I think part of my problem has been that I'm going from one thing to another without really planning for or thinking about what's realistic. This challenge wasn't terrible in theory, but I started driving a few days into it which screwed up my plan and I never recovered. As lame as I feel about taking super duper baby steps (even though I'd never tell anyone else it's lame doing so), I still have to remind myself that I can't just jump right in to the life that I want to be living. I have to find the bridge between that and the life that I am living. And there's a pretty big chasm there. I can cross it eventually, but trying to jump it in one go now ends with me as a pancake somewhere at the bottom. eta: I'm also going to work on the Ranger mini this week. I've been following along with it but have been wary of actually starting it because I didn't feel like I could afford being cranky/down/whatever feelings will come up doing the first week's assignments. Can't wait to light things on fire though.
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    Week 4, Wednesday! Not feeling particularly great today been a slight change of plans because I picked up a niggle on my run this morning but that seems to have had a knock on effect on my mood. Toward the end of my run my calf started to feel like it was cramping up and it's been a little sore all day since. I don't think it's serious but I am taking it as a very strong suggestion that I need more rest! So I'm taking tomorrow off and I'll reassess Friday but I'm pretty prepared to skip the rest of the week if it's required. Okay I'm really ready for this challenge to end now. Let's have some laughs instead. I'm on the far right. The expression on my face says everything and I cannot even begin to express how cold that water is I'm about to hit. Out Distance the Horde: 142.4/150 miles. 3.5 easy miles Fast Zombies: no q session Strong Enough To Battle the Horde! I did do some bodyweight exercises but I was feeling kind of ticked off by my leg that I didn't do much. Some pull ups some pushups, some planking that's really it. Supplies! meh
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    It's been a while. I can't even remember what's been going on. Friday was nerd night. We didn't have a D&D quorum. Instead we played board games. I had my official review. I was referred to as a strong teacher; I feel like anything but. Saturday we went to the science museum. It was girls in STEM, or, as we call it, Pig Heart Day. The kids did a bunch of different activities and got some swag. They also examined and reanimated a pig heart with electrodes; they weren't as impressed by that as I was. Afterwards we went to Hmong Town for grilled meats and black rice. I finally screwed up my courage for the grilled intestine. When I went to order I found out it was uterus and I lost my nerve again. Sunday. Another field trip. Animal day at the art museum. They had raptors and small zoo animals and lots of different animal arts and crafts. It was another good day. Training - I'm not going to go into specifics for that many days. Mobility: I've been doing DDP Yoga (23 minutes) every other day and Flexible Steel as a warm up on the other day. Strength: I've been using the trap bar. I'd like to put some quads and glutes back on my pipe cleaner legs. I've been working up to sets of 4-6 at 200# (90 kg). I've got a lot more in me, but my brain doesn't want to. Based on where I'm sore the next day the trap bar lift hits all the muscles I use when I'm biking. I've been having a hard time getting the sandbag in too. Cardio: none. Tonight is my other D&D group
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    Thanks, recharging is very important for anyone in the helping professions. Thanks, fires in the fireplace certainly help set the mood for snuggling. Welcome! It's not so much cooking. It's reliance on routine coupled with my perfectionistic tendencies. If my routine gets thrown off it takes a lot more mental energy and willpower to adapt and stay healthy, and sometimes I just don't feel like adapting. Couple that with the mistaken belief that if a day isn't "perfect" I might as well pig out and there you have my main struggle. Wow, I didn't realize I haven't posted since Thursday. Still here, planning on forcing my way through the last of the challenge. For the first time ever I find myself checked out of the current challenge waiting for the next one. There aren't even any plans for the next challenge, I'm just over this one. I'm glad the last four week challenge of the year manages to be right in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I think that will help.
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    Challenge Wrap up. Okay Nerds, I made the decision not to go running this morning so I'm calling the challenge now. Just to address the elephant off the bat. I think I've picked up my very first honest running injury which, from my incessant googling this morning, seems to be a 'grade 1 calf strain' . I'm mostly just writing it down to commit to my plan of action so long details in spoiler box. With that out of the way. I feel about 80% happy with how the challenge went. Which is about what I can hope for. Lots of ups and some downs. Out Distance the Horde: 148.4/150 miles. So insanely close, I cannot tell you how tempting it is to go run for 1.6 miles just to knock this out but the number wasn't an investment. I had no reason for wanting to hit it. All it was was a rough estimation of what I'd hit if I managed to hit all of my sessions. So it was more about hitting all of the runs than it was about the number itself. Now that I'm done with racing for a few months, I feel like it's time to pull back on the milage anyway. At least until January when I'd start picking things up for my races in March. If I can get back to quality running soon I hope to focus more on speed and climbing over the winter. That's likely to involve the treadmill more just because at some point it becomes dangerous to do speed work outside at 5am Annoyingly my running has been feeling better the last few weeks than at any time since I did the half marathon back in September. All that said what I think would help with my running performance most of all right now would be to drop weight. I'm too heavy and there are some 'easy' gains to be made right there. Fast Zombies: I managed to hit almost all of my quality runs and I've been hitting them much more convincingly. To go with that I've been seeing some improvement in performance. This challenge saw my last few races of the season and while none of them were run particularly fast I'm really happy with how I was feeling for them all. Strong Enough To Battle the Horde! Strength has been a mixed bag. I started back on my strength program only to be sidelined a little by a reoccurring injury and the races. Actually the wrist thing kind of bring home why I want to be super cautious about my calf (and yes I'm trying to convince myself). The actual injury itself is very old (20-25 years) and it crops up from time to time. Very notably though it put an end to my previous fitness endeavours a decade ago. I basically ignored it when it cropped up and carried on training hard. Even though my wrist couldn't take weight very well. Instead of a week or two, it went on for a couple of months. I ended up overcompensating a lot and eventually caused a stress fracture in my other arm. Despite taking something of a measured risk with Nuclear last weekend, my wrist is now as fine as it gets. Though I'm probably not going to be trying to PR the bench any time soon. While I was in the gym I was happy with the changes to my plan. I intend to keep those changes happening. I don't think I want to be focusing on powerlifting so much but I do feel like using the 'big four' movements is useful in general strength training (an I love deadlifting) but I want to put much more of a focus into functional bodyweight movements and heavy carries. In my chosen sport it's much more important to be able to move my own body than it is to be able to deadlift 400lbs. The next challenge will feature some experimentation to see exactly what the format I will be going with looks like and not much is going to be happening week 0. Supplies! I've been pretty unhappy with my food intake. If I'm honest it's been going bad since I started to taper for the half in September. I've been focused more on completing the various races and using that as a reason (rightly or wrongly) to increase my calorie intake. In all, it's evident that I've largely been eating to maintenance during that time because my weight hasn't shifted up or down very much. I want to really refocus on this next challenge and make it the highlight. Depending very much on how the next couple of weeks go in terms of how much exercise I can do that might involve me dropping my calories a little or I might just try to be very strict at hitting my current one. I do drop weight when I hit it. I've just sucked at hitting it consistently. It's going to be a case of being much more strict on my weighing and measuring of food and not eating outside of my plan unless it cannot be helped. Christmas is coming and that is a thing but I have zero problems with the two days of excess that is my Christmas if all the days around it are okay (and that is the challenge). Plans I started this whole shebang because I needed to stop being so fat and with 110lbs (50kg) lost and I'm still clinically obese (albeit no longer morbidly). Needless to say I really want to lose that tag. More important than the tag is my health and wellbeing. It's hard to deny the fact that running with so much excess weight will contribute to my chances of getting injured. My plan from now up until March is to drop as much weight as I can (whilst being safe and sensible) and the secret to weightloss starts in the kitchen. Next challenge is going to be about grinding my way through the next couple of months and keeping things together.
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    Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday: I either did yoga or the flexible steel series. I didn't do anything more strenuous. New schedule hit a snag already. Tonight I'm going to a surprise party after work and can't work out. A lot of my friends are hitting 50 this year. I wonder how many more I'll go to. Instead Of morning yoga I did the trap bar. Friday: I did Flexible Steel and worked up to 200# on the trap bar and did a ladder of 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps. I read somewhere about old guys lifting should only have one working set; ladders and pyramids seem like a good way to do that and keep the volume up. I did not do the push-ups and rows as I ran out of time. I was really pokey because I didn't sleep last night because I forgot about my ADHD meds until dinner time. Tuesday: We had the field trip to the Boy Scout camp. Highlights for me were archery and climbing the rock wall. Most of the kids were eating lunch and watched me; they were all cheering as I neared the top. Or maybe they were yelling, "Jump! Jump!" It was hard to tell from that far away. Wednesday/ Thursday: nothing of note happened, except our the adopter of our foster dog might have fallen through and Mrs. Sloth got talked into taking a pair of dogs instead of one. So it looks like we'll have four dogs for a short while. ETA: Measurements Quad = 19.5" +\- ? Measured at bike short tan line. Glutes = couldn't figure out how to measure reproducibly. Belly = 36.3 +\- 0.3 Bicep = ? I forgot to measure. They're skinny. I'm gonna see if I can grow my quads and shrink my gut over the winter.
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    It seems like it'd get in the way of doing Yoga. I'm kind of thinking out loud here, I'm trying to figure out how to balance mobility, strength, and cardio and fit it in my schedule. I need more yoga for my back I need bigger quads, but using the trap bar every other day is too much. If I'm doing 99 mile races I need to start building my cardio base now. Schedules are terribad for me, but here's an attempt. Yoga: before school every day. Weekends off. Strength: trap bar + strap push up + strap rows on Tuesdya. Sandbags and/or Shovelglove on Sunday before I ride. Cardio: Ride (probably on trainer) Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Pull tire? I should do it Wednesday/Thursday, but weariness is likely to prevent that. Having an every day morning schedule will help my life make more sense.
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    W5D2 - No points. Yeah, there was precious little chance of that day going as programmed. It was my last work day before travels so I was focused on getting stuff done (enough). Wake was crap from the fifth snooze. Then I blew off all discipline during the day and ate pretty much whatever I wanted, which included Little Debbie chocolate cupcakes and a pack of Twinkies. Then after dinner I asked MFG to bring back some Whataburger after I'd already overrun my daily target at dinner. Not great choices, but it was at least enjoyable. Once I got home it was time for dinner (omelets) and then I was busy on the PC all evening getting ready for the trip. After that it was time to pack, then MFG and I stayed up too late again talking about estate planning--we're so grown up and it sucks. W5D3 - 1 point. Today was the first travel day, so we took a slow morning getting ready before heading out on the road around 10 am. I fasted all day until dinner then ate an unreasonable amount of skinless rotisserie chicken and steamed broccoli. I didn't weigh, therefore I have not counted, but I am 100% certain I came nowhere near balancing out the last two days. Still, I made a goal for the day and knocked it out of the park. That warrants a full pass. I did move, but it was almost entirely stationary. We travelled 500 miles in the van to arrive at MIL's house for some overnight rest before our flight to my Mom's tomorrow. Everyone is super excited. I'm mostly just exhausted. No exercise today, I'm afraid. I'll try to work out early tomorrow--I can either do the bodyweight stuff on my program or I can head to the local Air Force base and use their gym for my more typical barbell session. I haven't decided which; it'll depend largely on whatever MFG and the Minions want to do tomorrow before the flight. One way or another I'll get swol and help ameliorate some more of my recent gustatory stupidity. Next update should come from the Golden State. I hope my mom has a scale. A kitchen scale that is (AKA, the 'scales of justice')...although it'll be helpful for Sunday if she has a demon scale, too.
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    Yesterday was very good. My husband planned a game day at our church. Which was cool, because he has never been the social planner. This was his idea, and he arranged it. And it went very well. We had kids, singles, parents. It was a good mix of people.Very laid back. We just said we would bring games, other people could bring games, and we would be there from 10- 5. It was bring your own lunch, so we didn't have to worry about providing food. Several people at church today said they enjoyed it, and a few asked if we were planning another one, because they couldn't make it , but thought it sounded fun. We weren't sure how many people would show up. We put it in the email, but we didn't talk to many people about it, just because we didn't think about it, and we were on vacation part of the time. I played Settler of Cattann with some boys between the ages of 8-11. Good experience in patience for me, remembering what it is like to play with kids. This one little boy is such a cute nerd boy, and so sweet. In the game, and how it was set up, we were super short in wheat. ANd without wheat, it is really hard to build stuff. And this little boy a road and was all set up to build next to the wheat farm, which would have helped all of us, so we were trying to talk him into building there, but for some reason known only in an 8 year old brain, he wanted to build in a place that would produce practically no resources. All you can do is just laugh and enjoy them. Two years from now, he will probably be beating us all in the game. Also, we brought snacks,including Kettlechips. I had a couple of handfuls of chips, so yes, I have learned how to satisfy myself with a small amount. Then we went to my sisters for an early Thanksgiving, and I ate a bunch, but it was a Thanksgiving meal, so no worries. Today we going to dance class with our church.
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    Week 4, Sunday! Not much to say about today. I've been resting and I've owned resting so sleep and food has been the order of the day. Really the only mildly productive thing I've done today is to clean my shoes. They really needed cleaning. I think I brought half of Essex back with me. I have kept the food intake today sensible but my calories have been relatively high because I really feel like I need them. All good food and not ridiculous amounts of anything. I did end up signing up for Nuclear Fallout 2018, so that is now a thing. I really couldn't resist the relatively cheap cost of it from signing up today. Doing things early is the only way I'm going to afford to do as much as I want next year. If you ignore RRDW (which was understandably quite expensive) I've signed up to 6 OCRs next year and I don't think I've spent as much money as I did just doing 3 this year. Three of those races were the same ones I did this year too. Getting in early and taking advantage of any offers does make a big difference there. Week 3 Round UP Overall I'm happy with week 3. Gym didn't happen because my wrist was playing up. It is still a little sore but it did come through yesterday without getting hurt. Benchpress is still out of the question. I can perhaps do pushups if I do them on my knuckles (because that allows me to stack my wrist) but we'll see about that next week. If I am totally honesty I am now very glad I did skip the gym this week because Fallout was substantially more challenging than I was expecting and I think the rest did me some good. Running went really well though and I got some of my best runs I've had for a while. I'm about 23 miles away from my mileage target. I am still a tiny bit unsure how that is going to pan out this week. I should be able to hit that number but I'll have a better idea after my easy recovery run tomorrow. Of course I also finished my last race of the season. I'm pretty sure this is going to be the last one! I'm absolutely not going to be talked into dressing up as Santa to run round the town in December. I might find stuff for January/February but right now I'm done until March. So I'm thinking about pulling back a little on my running mileage until January and focusing a little harder on speed rather than distance. I'm not sure yet. The one thing that hasn't gone very well recently is food. I'm just not doing very well with it at all and it is just mindless bad eating half the time. I'm going to shift focus onto food next challenge. It will be my primary focus until the new year. Not having races in the pipeline will help because I keep using them as a reason to eat more.
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    W5D4 - 1 point. We made it to California safe and sound. The Minions loved their first airplane ride, and it's been great catching up with my family with lots more to come. Apart from giving the van a post-road-trip washing I didn't do anything for exercise. But I was super deliberate about eating mindfully and stuck to a very clean day with less than 1800 kcal. Just what I need to finish out this final week strong. I just need three more days of discipline to guarantee a good weigh-in, then I can take a proper Week Zero with all of my favorite SoCal goodies.
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    Hiiiiii all, I accidentally didn't update for a week. Whoops? I left VA for CA on Wednesday, so I spent the day traveling. I worked from CA for the first time on Thursday. Then I had Friday off for Veterans Day, so I went on a hike and hung out at home. I TOTALLy forgot my OCR shoes give me heel blisters (Why does this keep happening with OCR shoes??) so I got blisters on both of my heels and now my feet hurt. On Saturday, I went for a run anyway and then had a nice breakfast with my parents and my sister who lives 1-2 hours away. Then on Sunday I saw one of my best friends and we hung out all day and played board games and ate curry and watched Crazy Ex Girlfriend~ On Monday I worked again and then saw two friends for dinner and some quality time. Other than the run and the hike, I didn't do a ton of exercising this week. I have now acquired an exercise mat and a pullup bar, so I'm ready to go with more work this week. I'm thinking... Run Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, legs allowing GST Stretching Tuesday/Friday Pushup/Pullup work + other bodyweight stuff on Wed/Fri/Sun. Sadly, I have no way to do dips here.
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    We are adults, we resolve our differences peacefu... You know what? Bring on the Jello.
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    Murder - So, I changed my mind, death by +85% "volume" isn't agreeing with me. After failing 1 rep at 90% on DL, I officially listened to reason (and my nerds) and I'm taking a deload week. Strict 3x10x60%, I might do rowvember, but otherwise no non-PT accessories. Spoilers: after two months on reps<=5, 10 rep sets feel not amazing. Streaking - My duolingo and MFP are streaking somewhere in the 40's right now. I'm amazed and grateful for the support. Now I just need to get my meditation streak past my PR of 9 days. Loot the room - SO MUCH OF THIS HAS HAPPENED! Not last weekend but the one before, I spent a significant chunk of time sorting boxes of books for storage and shuttling crap back and forth. I'm about 3/4 done unpacking with only this week to finish. Does anyone else get existential feels as they sort their books?? It's almost like I'm choosing to value pieces of my interests based on what books I keep, and that's not even touching the sentimental or relational dynamics of how I acquired each book. Ebooks are a thing and most of my "reading" is audio books these days, so I'm minimalism-ing it up; still, unexpected and very intense feels from sorting books.
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    I think this challenge is complete for me? I know there's two more days and I technically have another week of Wim Hof, but this feels like a good place to stop and reassess. Also, the next few days are HECTIC. Work conference, flying to a med school friend's wedding, flying back, and early morning on Monday. I learned something this challenge. I am SO MUCH STRONGER than I have given myself credit for, and I can TRUST MYSELF. Playing around in freezing water. Shining light on abuse. Supporting others and accepting their support in return. This is just what I do - even and especially when I am exhausted and anxious and terrified. Basically...
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    Well, friends. I'm done for the year. I did NOT succeed at this challenge, but I feel like I turned it around after my "Perkele" call, so that's important. After this, I'm going to be busy with holidays and travel, so I'm skipping the last challenge and I will see you next year! Happy holidays and take care of yourselves
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    Not, really, no. Fourth google image result for "Fire Jelly" Today is a good day. I didn't overeat as much at my Church Connect Group as I normally do, I call that a win. Sad news though. Tomorrow I have a police event where I bust out the dress uniform. I was measured for this in April. The shirt fits just fine, the pants barely fit, and then only with my great strength to pull the waist closed. Yet another wakeup call to reign in the eating. I got some good advice on @spezzy's thread which for sure helped tonight. I got lift day in as well. Bodyweight stuff. Deadlifts: 1x200 1x220 5x3x235 (Sets go before reps right?) OHP 1x85 1x96 4x3x100 4x100 Lat Pull Downs 1x80 1x90 5x3x100
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    Work has been ridiculous recently. So I've been surviving. I've been making sure to not eat my feelings and at least get some exercise in, but last night - I played trivia with my work team instead of running (to be fair, we won 2/4 rounds and tied - but lost the tie-breaker on another). I am ready for a vacation.
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    I need to learn to ignore my phone when it rings. Just got a call from Lyft’s insurance company (again) confirming my contact details? But she woke me up out of a dead sleep and now I’m cranky and have a headache. also got an email from Lyft saying that since I’d returned the car my account was reactivated and I can rent again. That was simple. So I have a reservation for next Tuesday. Yesterday I was thinking it would maybe be a blessing in disguise if I couldn’t get a car in time for the day before Thanksgiving because I’m sure there’s money to be made but the traffic will probably make it suck super hard. That’s a moot point now. And now I can get out of Thanksgiving. I feel slightly bad making my father go alone but I don’t like holidays and I don’t want to sit through it just to prop him up. Popeye’s was all over DC and I never had it til I came back here to the ONE local one. It’s not terrible but I’m not a huge fan either. Dude it’s fine. <3 I haven’t been great about checking on you either. It balances out. dont make me blush!
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    Wednesday Morning Update LYUL This one has not been going well recently. I did a lot of stuff yesterday but nothing that applies to this challenge. Not sure why this is so hard, because it only takes 5 minutes to look up something applicable. I will do something today for sure. DYDS Good stretching session again tonight. I was starting to think that my shoulders were actually losing mobility over the course of this challenge because it is getting harder and harder to put on my jackets and coats. However, seeing how my jackets and coats all fit much more snugly than before, the more likely explanation is that they all mysteriously shrunk ... Eat Your Veggies Have not been successful yet in finding beans, so I think chili may be out for this week. If so, I will need to do something else. Unfortunately, I haven't got a pork shoulder and probably won't have time to go shopping until the weekend, so I will either need to think of something else or just go with the pork&chicken chimichangas I made last night for this week. Random Calisthenics Workout this morning was: Pull: One Arm Controlled Drops (L/R) 10/10, 10/10, 10/10 Hold: Front Lever Can Openers (One leg extended) 10s, 10s, 5s Leg: Shrimp Squats (L/R) 10/10, 10/10, 10/10 Push: Chest to Bar Dips 10, 10, 10 Mobility: Back Lever Extensions 10, 10, 10 Variable: Front Lever Lifts 10, 10, 10 Finished up with 2x25 pushups and 2x5 pullups Feeling much better today and enjoyed the workout. For the front levers, I was actually surprised that they felt much easier than usual. For the third set, I tried doing a straddle front lever but it was too much. I suspect it would be easier if my straddles could get my feet more than about shoulder width apart... I really felt today's workout in the traps more than anywhere else, which is probably the first time that has happened. I am also seeing some improvement in the one-arm drops, and pretty soon I may get them controlled enough to start calling them eccentric one-arm pullups
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    Today is another day where I wish I enjoyed drinking. The Thing yesterday was a ridiculously minor car accident, wherein I was backing out of a parking space trying to straighten out and I hit a car behind me that was stopped at a red light. Minor paint transfer on the other guy's car, possibly some scratches on mine but I honestly can't tell what's new and what was there before. As a rule, Lyft deactivates your account until they're done investigating, although it sounds like it's basically nbd. As of last night I was going to return the car this afternoon, because why pay for it if I can't drive it? Woke up this morning and was like "fuck it, no one from either Lyft or Hertz can tell me whether I'm supposed to return it or keep it in case they want to inspect it, and my cat just jumped up on my bed with me so I'm just staying here." Wake up later, get an email from Lyft's insurance adjuster saying it's fine with him if I return it, so I call the Hertz rental place and say it was in an accident and I'd like to return it. Dude says sure, no problem. Book it over there, vacuum it out at a car wash on the way, and then proceed to sit there for two hours because there were a bunch of people before me and a bunch of problems. and of course I forgot my headphones so I couldn't even dick around on my phone too much. When I finally get up to the counter the guy asks me how bad the damage is before his colleague goes to check it out, I show him the picture on my phone and he's like "that's hardly anything at all!" Well yeah, but it had to be reported so I don't know what you want from me? I mean I'm glad the professional car renter guy didn't think it was anything. Both he and the Lyft rep were like "you'll probably be able to rent again in a few days, it just takes a while because there are so many people involved [between Lyft and Hertz]." (Also @Sylvaa and @NeverThatBored get medals for listening to me freak out over everything last night and complain about everything today. At one point I'd nearly convinced myself I was going to lose my license and also be barred for life from Hertz. Yay, anxiety.) So I stop at the Popeye's next door to the place on my way home, because it's after 4pm and I literally haven't eaten all day, having rushed out the door to return the car and not expected it to take forever. Wind up eating an awkward dinner with my father. Realize Thanksgiving is next week. Ask him if my uncle has said anything about it. (Until ~2005 we always went to my grandmother's on their side. In 2006 we hosted both sides here because it was my first time home freshman year of college. After that my mother's side of the family came here every year and my father's side went to my uncle's. My mother gave him the option of going for part or all of the day but he always declined, probably something about it looking bad to spend the holiday separately or something stupid. So I assumed/hoped they'd ask again this year because I'd already told him I have zero interest in learning how to cook a fucking turkey for three people.) The invitation was extended last week, he just forgot to tell us. And then somehow I fucking wind up saying sure I'll go, unless I can pick up a car before Thursday because I'll probably be out driving. And fuck me, I didn't want to do that. My entire fucking plan was to politely say sorry, not interested. So now I'm mad at myself and already dreading having to go down there. Ugh. Then he asks why I keep returning cars? Uhh, the first time, in September, was because it was literally causing me pain? And then I had to explain the stupid accident because there was no way to get around it. So foot in mouth there. And then he says "oh by the way I wasn't snooping but I was in your room and that book about mothers was on top of a pile on your floor and it's on my library card and it's overdue so I took it." I was already pissed about this because I'd requested it and one day when he went to go pick up stuff of his own the librarian was like "well I'm not supposed to do this but I'll give you hers too since it's the same last name." I was going to return it on my own this week when I finished it but now it's back on his radar and he's being shady about it. Yay. So nothing catastrophic happened today but it was generally a shitty day. Awesome. I took my book back and now I have to finish it tonight so I can return it tomorrow. But every time I've read part of it it's made me cry, so this is going to be a long night. And there are just so many stupid things happening. I need a vacation.
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    I have declared a hype amnesty for the rest of 2018 2017. We stick with this challenge and the next, but no one has to pretend to be excited about it. Absolutely. Today is a good day. In an attempt to optimize my schedule I tried and succeeded doing domestic rangering today. I also got in Yoga (NF Water A) and made lunch. Get two sweet potatoes. Put them on a plate. Put them in the microwave, set it for two potatoes. Prepare a sauce. Get 5 roma tomatoes that would have been tomatillos if the store hadn't been out of them and put them in a magic bullet (Protip: they blend better if you start with just two, then add the next two after the first are blended, then add the fifth.) and blend. The add lime juice (1 lime's worth) garlic powder, smoked paprika, and what you thought was Italian seasoning when you bought it but turned out to be Italian seasoning with garlic, salt and pepper and blend again. Meanwhile chop an onion. Get a dutch oven on your stove, add 2 tbsp coconut oil and turn on the heat. Cut up some chicken thighs and cook them with the onion and some of that Italian seasoning that has the salt and pepper added in. By now the potatoes should be done (I bet you thought I forgot about them). Chop them, which should be pretty easy considering they have just been nuked. The microwave probably wont cook them completely, which is a good thing. Add them to the chicken and onion. Add the tomato mixture with a little bit of chicken broth, stir and let sit with the burner turned to medium low for about ten minutes. Enjoy.
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    Week 4 Day 1 Nothing exciting happened at all, which is just fine with me as there wouldn't have been time for any excitement. Monday's suck. Eat Food was not compliant but under target. There were curly fries in the cafeteria again. I'm not a fan of the food I made for dinner this week. I made sloppy joes (family recipe, not necessarily paleo) to stuff into baked sweet potatoes. Meh. It sounded good but I wasn't impressed. I finished the day with a small bowl of peanut butter Cap'n Crunch. Train Rest Day. No kettlebells Sleep I stayed up too late watching TV. It's the first time since week 1 that I've missed this goal. I'll just let it slide and make sure and get to bed on time tonight.
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    I've been AWOL for a few days. Plague protocols are currently in place. Got a really bad cold thing that I'm trying to beat but it's been winning for the last few days. I'm feeling slightly better today, but I think it might be a few days before I feel 100% again, I'm just hoping it's gone for my brothers wedding this weekend. In good news, I put on the dress I'm wearing for the wedding and I was able to do the zip up without having to breathe in and I didn't feel suffocated in it like I did the last time, so I must have lost a few pounds. Cutting down on the snacks and alcohol seems to have worked. I might keep this up in future challenges, not for weight loss, just to be a little healthier.
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    I have had carrots get soft, but never go bad. Don't come here hungry. Today is a good day. Bench was a couple of warmups then five sets of three at 165, then squat with a couple 1 rep warmups and five sets of 3 at 160. Lunch was thin sliced pork tenderloin cooked in a wok with a mixture of lime juice, honey, rice wine vinegar, and sesame oil. This was served over shredded carrots and sliced cucumber seasoned with honey, rice vinegar, olive oil and mint. Bib lettuce was on the side to make mini-wraps.
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    Thank you, All. You nearly had me in tears because I was really feeling like a failure. Feeling like I'm not actually getting anything done. So I gave myself a hard shook and talk and tried to look objectively at what and how I managed the challenge. And I'm positive again. Getting up and pushing on again. You're right, I am being too hard on myself. I was getting up early and did my bible study every morning, just not always the stretches/exercises. But I found peace, which is what the morning routine is for. A clear head to start the day with. I had only three late nights the last two weeks of the challenge, which is a total turn around as I normally only have two-three good nights of sleep a week. The last two nights were also solid in that I didn't even get up for dogs or kids, so I slept through. Exercise: Of all the times that I chose not to train, only one or two instances were because I was too tired. The other instances were either rain (no gardening), or I had other things on my plate (coming home late -> cooking dinner, boys' extra-murals, taking dog to vet, etc.) which had to take priority. I can uhhmmm and ahh about those, but it is as it is. In all I was more active (exercise wise) this challenge, than the last two challenges combined! Thank you, you guys gave me some perspective, and you are right: I didn't do nothing, I actually accomplished more this challenge than the previous one-two challenges. Lol, I have to share. The boys and I were looking at Justice League trailer (again!) and Adam asked whether I would prefer to be Super Girl or Wonder Woman. Rocco chimed in and said when I had light hair I was Super Girl, now with my dark hair I am Wonder Woman! There goes my Princess status that won me the makeover. Thanks Tank. I'm pulling it together, getting my perspective in line and pushing forward. Thanks Maegs! Lol, see what you've done there Thanks for the support. You're right. It is the journey, and there will not be an end. I actually did a lot better than the points show. I have improved a lot during this challenge, which I didn't take into account at first. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday was up - busy - out - in - out - in, the whole morning from before 5h00 till somewhere around 14h00. Then I decided to heck with the rest of the day, I'm taking it off. Farmer's Market - home - didn't have breakfast - bundled Adam into the car to take to his course in the next town. Adam had asked that he and I drive there and back alone, so I had to break this news to my mom. As usual, she wasn't happy. I promised to take her with me to town when I came back, which I did, and then realised that Brandt and I had agreed on what I would spend to buy her birthday presents (get it now then it is done instead of waiting till the end of the month), and now she was with me... So thought I'd buy her some colouring stuff and those books, etc. under the guise that it was for the boys' schooling. At least a little bit of a surprise gift. She helped me choose the colouring pencils, of which I bought two sets. She commented on how nice the quality and colours were and the boys would each enjoy their set. The boys normally share a set, they are boys, our last set lasted almost three years! I had to ask the sales lady in front of my mom for adult colouring books, as she wasn't leaving my side. I tried sending her this way and that to look for things in the shop, didn't work ... any way, so I had her look at the designs, packs, etc. and she said she liked a spiral bound hard page, adult (those stress release ones) colouring book the most. On to Pick n Pay where I got the rest of the groceries for the week and took her to their clothing/shoes department. It is good enough quality for everyday shoes. She had to fit them on anyway, to get the right size and fit over her arthritis toes. I gave a little bit of my newly-learned advice (shoes always the same as the darkest colour of your pants/dress/skirt, or a shade darker. Preferably never lighter), so she got a pair of black, and gold sandals each. She hates having something cover her heels. I'm the opposite. These look something like what she chose. The gold ones she chose is a little less shiny and no strap at the back. She has to wait till her birthday to get them. I also gave her a pair of Green-Cross leather dress shoes which was a gift to me, but they hurt me, so I've only worn them twice. They are basically brand new, are a little big, but sit nice over her toes. Those she took now. And yes... like a little girl who just got something new, she wants to wear them the whole time, even though they are too hot on our summer days. I'm just shrugging, let her enjoy it. Anyway, got home after the shopping, literally just unpacked the car, then were off to fetch Adam again. His field guide teacher waited to talk to me, saying that she was very impressed with what he accomplished. Even though his English reading isn't at the same level as the other kids' (he only started learning to read English this year, we were focusing on Afrikaans till now), he always listened attentively and has excellent comprehension, often explaining things to the other kids from what they read out loud. I was even more proud when she said he passed the test with flying colours (well over the 85% pass mark) and will receive his certificate along with the others. The group had a party to celebrate and Adam took an extra cupcake and marshmallow home for Rocco. Got home again, immediately started lunch, and there after I just sat, and that was when I decided to take the rest of Saturday off. Today is a beautiful sunny day, so I'm going to spend some time in the very neglected, starting to become way overgrown, garden. And you know what, it doesn't bother me as much as it used to that I'm not getting everything done in the garden that needs to be done.
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    I'm about to recap the rest of the week and wrap up this challenge. Good, I'm glad. It was comfortable at a 6gauge after a while. It just gets snugs if i take it out for an hour or two of licking and put it back in. Yeah, I was trying to space these out. It's just bad luck that I lost the 6 gauge and it started to shrink a little bit. I'll check out requests, if you have some. Right now I'm doing a bunch of reading. It's one of those things that I see and it pisses me off every time. Thanks! Recap incoming. ----------------- November 14 Day 23 (Tuesday) I wake up multiple times in the middle of the night - increasingly paranoid about thinking I'm going to go blind or some shit. When I finally give up at about 4am, I go upstairs. My eyeball is blood red and veiny. Oh Christ, I'm so fucked. I look up the number for -HealthSource RI- and see all the reviews about them. 1 Stars all around. *ugh* I thing I notice with the reviews is people saying that they stay on the phone for HOURS and then end up losing the call. It's better to go in person. Well, fuck it. I'm going in person. I get to -HealthSource RI- roughly 10 minutes after they open. I have a stack of papers in my hand. My previous paycheck earnings, as well as the letter that said I should be covered. I wait for about 30 minutes and then meet with a cute, little, pudgy, Latina woman. I explain my issue and she looks up my account. She explains to me this: 1) The letter is right: I have health coverage. THANK GOD. 2) The notice that says I 'missed the enrollment period' is for if I wanted an ADDITIONAL insurance. 3) The 'pending status' was wrong and she closed it after making sure I had coverage. Sweet baby Jebus, I'm not fucked. I went home, had a bite of breakfast because I was feeling nauseous, and then went to the Emergency Room. While there, everyone is coughing and wheezing. I don't want people to see my hideous eye so I keep my head down and sit in the corner. Eventually, I'm called to the desk to fill out some stuff, wait more, and then a woman brings me to a side room to take my temperature, pulse, and get my height/weight. A really fun thing happened when I did that. A woman wanted to see I.D. from my driver's license. You see, on my driver's license like 10 years ago, I lied and said I weighed 240 pounds, back when I weighed 360. I realized when the woman wanted information, I could say '240' and *not* be lying. I was brought to one of those shitty rooms with the bed that has fucking parchment paper on it. I waited around for a couple of minutes. Then the Dr showed up. He asked what I was here for. I pointed at my face and he makes a CRINGED FACE. He tells me that I need some eyedrops. I also tell him that I think my septum piercing is infected and that I had a weird cough last week, but I don't think the three situations are related. He uses a tongue depressor and checked my throat. He says that I'm perfectly fine there. He leaves and I get a prescription to fill out. I head to the CVS and it rings up as $70+ bucks and then my insurance kicks in. I owe $0.00. So I have health coverage and it means that this whole experience was free. Silver lining. I start taking my eyedrops. They take a week to finish working, but I should feel relief in a day or two. November 15 Day 24 (Wednesday) More eyedrops. Homework. Random stinging pain in my septum. And a new thing: violent coughing. It appears I caught something at the E.R... I don't know what it is, but when I cough up phlegm, there are flecks of blood in it. Christ, I can't deal with these things all at once. If it was 1 thing, then fine. I was high as a kite when I beat the Spartan and now I feel like my body is falling apart. I'll get through it, but not much else to report. November 16 Day 25 (Thursday) I'm supposed to have work and class today. Guess who says I text Beth, Shalissa, Sabrina, and Lori (wow I know a bunch of women in this class) and let them all know that I'm not going to class because I'm a shitshow; and I'd like them to let me know what I miss in class. The rest of the day is spent coughing, wheezing, having trouble breathing, and using my eyedrops. I also sort through my papers because I NEED to do this. Why? Because guess what tomorrow is? It's -Internship Field Evaluation Day- WTF does that mean? It means my teacher is coming to my internship to talk to the head of the agency and make sure that things are going well. They aren't. Also, I'm supposed to have a signed copy of my 'LEARNING CONTRACT' with me, so that we can all go through it together and make sure things are being done. They aren't. Oh also, I can't fucking FIND my signed copy of it from months ago. I'm utterly fucked. I go to bed early and don't sleep well yet again. In fact, it's been a solid week since I've gotten a decent night's sleep. November 17 Day 26 (Friday) Wake up early and can't fall back to sleep. I'm nervous about this internship meeting. I find an OLD copy of a learning contract that hasn't been signed. My hope is to get to my meeting early, make my supervisor sign my contract before the teacher comes in, then put a much older date for when it was signed. Fingers crossed. I get a text from TJ asking me where I am. I didn't bother going to the group supervision meetings. I don't want this whole eye thing to spread since I'm going out in public so I put on my eyepatch. Yes, I have an eyepatch from when I scratched my eye at work like 6 or so months ago. I leave to head to the Agency's HQ and I get there around 1:50. My meeting is at 2pm. TJ messages me again and asks me what's going on and where I was. I tell the truth. I write this verbatim: "I was coughing up blood, I have my meeting with bill and andrew for my learning contract, and I'm wearing a fucking eyepatch." He tells me that the agency head and the teacher are downstairs. I say that I'm upstairs. Ok, let's do this...without the right contract and without it being signed. I really need this to go well. I make my way across to the next building and go up the stairs, where my agency head, teacher, and AngelFace are. Everyone is wearing suits. I'm wearing ripped shorts and an eyepatch. My teacher asks me how I'm doing. I'm blunt. Zero fucks. I say, "Well....I'm a fucking mess." He replies by asking me if I want to reschedule. I tell him, no, that I just want this over with. He cordially replies, "Well we'll try to make this as quick and painless as possible." We are all sitting in little fold-out chairs, I put my left foot over my right knee. Because of the eyepatch, I realize I'm leaning to the side a bit as I try to scan the room. My teacher asks what's going on. I proceed to tell him about the gauge increase, the spartan race, the blood cough, and the eye bullshit. I point to AngelFace and bring up that she saw that my eye was messed up on Monday, after the funeral. She vouched for me. The teacher than talks about what the purpose of the meeting is, and how we are trying to make sure things are going smoothly. Now, TJ, Beth, and others have thrown this agency under the bus and they are in a LOT of fire from my school. I don't want to do the same thing; but I also don't want to pretend like things are ok. I explain that I'm dissatisfied with the work I've been doing because I don't feel like I'm getting clinical experience. However, I don't blame the agency for that; as I'm working with the homeless and it's not like I have a lot of time to build rapport and do more of the therapy/counseling that I would like to do. Everyone is in agreement. I bring up the things I want to do working at the Residency. AngelFace backs me up bigtime with this. She tells my teacher the ideas I have and how they're already working on implementing them. I tell everyone that I lack training, which is a serious issue; but AngelFace has two professionals coming into the Residency in a couple weeks to do extensive training, which I'm happy about. I explain that if I'm not at my best and don't understand all of these resources, then I'm not confident in helping clients navigate through the resources. It's a disservice and I'm glad that the training is finally going to be happening. Everyone is in agreement, everyone says their little piece. Despite my upper lip being numb from the nose pain, not being able to see out of my left eye with the eye-patch, being a groggy mess that hasn't slept in a week, literally swearing during the first portion of this interview as I talked about the trip to the emergency room, and despite being dressed like a disaster in a 'professional' meeting; this could not have gone better. I came off knowing exactly everything about the agency, what their policies were, what my concerns where, how I was addressing them, and what I have planned in the future at the agency and even made the agency look good by explaining how me being proactive helped *them* out. In other words, I was able to talk my way out of my teacher never even looking at my unsigned and completely outdated shitty learning contract which was due back in May... I went home, did food shopping for the week, and then went to JJ's place. We watched Nightcrawler: I don't have much to say about it. It was pretty good. I recommend it. It has an eerie tension to it and Jake Gyllenhaal is very convincing. November 18 Day 27 (Saturday) Ah...Today. And also the last day of the challenge. So how was today? I woke up at JJ's place, put in my eyedrops, batch cooked all my food, and then came home. I did a bunch of reading for a book that I took out at the library. This book: https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Encyclopedia-Signs-Symbols-Identification/dp/178019062X I made a bunch of little notes and some of them will work with BellMyst story. It's 10pm right now. I'm going to finish writing this and then put in my eyedrops and then go to bed. So recap time! How did I do this challenge and what does the future hold? I started this challenge off as a ridiculous shitshow of epic proportions. Within this challenge, I went from depressed clusterfuck to being How about just a laundry list of what happened in this challenge: -Long walks -Reorganized my time -Wrote more report -Handled internship: Residents brought together -Handled work -Handled school -Ended some lady problems -Connected with another Agency -Have another Internship lined up with a school -Little's B-Day Nightmare Night (Barbarella) -Emotional talk with Little -Brown University Inter-professional Event -Little's B-Day Gift -Best Friend Back-stab -Teacher Talk (who now loves me) -Resident Evil Movie Challenge -Youtube purge -Creative endeavors/Started BellMyst feedback/story -Porn purge -Facebook purge -Whole30 purge -Cookie Time -Everyone in class loves me -Beat a Spartan Race -Networked with the Neighborhood Watch (Face That Runs the Place) -Networked with a church -Funeral -Eye infection -Septum gauge increase -Septum infection -Coughing blood/cold -Learning contract --- ALL of this happened in the span of one single challenge. One. JUST ONE CHALLENGE. I mean, besides getting sick; that whole list is a massive string of WIN, WIN, WIN. I've realized that I don't operate on half a cylinder. I either fire on all cylinders or I fire on none of them. I had been just exhausted, anxious, and depressed for such a long time that I was questioning everyone about myself. This made me realize I need to apply a 'Do or Die' mentality. Once my back is against the wall, I come out swinging and I don't stop. I'm giving myself a 100% A+++ for this challenge. Holy fucking hot damns; I'm giving myself a round of applause after going back and reading through this challenge for a recap. I didn't even think I won *this* much until I was reminded about some of these things. So, the obvious question is; now what? If I'm back and I feel like I'm almost my 'Teros' self again, what is planned? If I don't plan ahead, I'll spiral downwards like my previous situation. Well, because 'Do or Die' is the only thing that has worked for me.... I'm doing a repeat. I've said this multiple times in previous challenges: that for some reason, I end up getting stuck with certain Dark Souls' levels of difficulty spikes. And what would make other people get pushed to their limits (Like, say, everyone drinking booze and having pizza and I'm eating hardboiled eggs at a stranger's house; or the Spartan Race, or this latest example of the Contract Meeting); I somehow get better when times like that happen. So I'm going to do the only logical thing: Put myself in permanent 'Do or Die' Mode. I'm clicking the [HardCore Mode] Button. From now on until I reach my goals, failure is NOT an option or I quit NF forever. New Challenge Starts Tomorrow I would also like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone that checked up on me this challenge. I feel like I'm going to need it; and as things hopefully are calming down, my plan is to start giving more support than just to a bunch of Adventurers and would like to venture out a bit more.
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    She is helpful, isn't she? This challenge is dead. I only had two compliant days this week food-wise. Hype has forsaken these lands. I'm switching to discipline and grind. I have my next challenge ready to go. I don't like what my weight has done this challenge. I thought it had gone up, it's actually exactly the same as it was when the challenge started. That's not as bad as it could have been. However, where it is now is not good. I wanted it to go down. I don't like the reason it hasn't gone down. It hasn't gone down because I ate too much. I am in control of how much I eat. Now I begin to remind myself.
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    Not quite, this one is a real crap fest. Work calmed down, but that could be because I haven't done much of it this week thanks to the cold! A little better than the beginning of the week, but still pretty rubbish. Thanks for asking. So this is the end of the movie challenge Probably a good time to wrap up this challenge! This cold has lingered all week and I've been at home feeling crappy since Monday. I'm still not back to normal and I have to somehow make myself look pretty tomorrow and be a witness to my brother and B getting married. If I have to dope myself up to the eyeballs with cold medicine, I'm going to do it so I can have a good time, god damn it! Normally I freak out when it comes to dressy events, but I couldn't be more prepared for this. I've practiced my hair style and make up and know how long I need to give myself to get myself ready so I don't have an anxiety attack about being late. I just need to paint my nails tonight and iron a few things and I'm all set. I don't think it needs to be said, but obviously I'll be having more than one drink tomorrow! I haven't kept up with my goals this week but sickness kind of curbed my appetite anyway, so I guess that counts. I haven't had a drink since the weekend, even though I wanted to drink the beer that's been sitting in the fridge. I didn't have the best challenge but I did really well on avoiding alcohol and treats. I want to continue that trend - maybe not so restricting on the beer, but definitely have some kind of limit in place - but I know that will be difficult in December, for obvious reasons! Part of me wants to skip the next challenge completely. But I think I'll stick around instead of bailing. I need to keep trying to push forward instead of quitting when things get tough. I'm officially signed up for Man vs Lakes next year now, so I've got something huge to train for and I need to take it seriously. Also, next month is Star Wars month, and I have tickets for a 3am showing on opening night. So what kind of fan would I be if I didn't do a Star Wars theme next month.
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    Well, it's almost finished. I suppose I should recap... Challenge Summary Overall the challenge went decently. There wasn't a ton of red on the spreadsheet and the amount of red was reduced a bit towards the end, with the exception of the food kerfuffle from last weekend. However, the red was replaced with a lot of yellow. For the most part, I tried to only use Passterisks when our home improvement plans interfered with my workout schedule so I was still active but I did not gain any cardio endurance. I enjoyed the kettlebell workouts but not doing them daily. Sleep Goal - I was most surprised by my success on this goal. I thought it would be tough just to make a dent here but I not only managed the 7.5 hours of sleep nightly, but increased that to 8 hours and managed to wake up twice unalarmed. I reduced the average number of alarms/snoozes from 7 to 3. Full marks: +2 CON Food Goal - This is a bit of a mixed bag. I think I have landed on something that I can follow. Naturally, I still struggle but aiming for compliance with Paleo PlusTM but allowing other foods as long as I am under a calorie target is the best of both worlds. I had a few extra variance days and some of those were epic. Ultimately I gained 1 pound during this challenge, which is essentially maintaining. That wasn't my goal but I think I am one step closer. No points. Well, I'd award half a point but I don't do half points so it rounds down to 0. Strength Goal - I missed 1 full week of lifting but that really just means I didn't get to the deload week. Since this week is Thanksgiving I wasn't planning on hitting the gym anyway so now instead of delaying the next 5/3/1 cycle, I'm just missing deload week. I did miss one other lifting day but since I couldn't do squats, I just made up the bench on the another day. I did still miss 3/8 sessions. Half Marks: +1 STR Cardio Goal - I still hate cardio. I went for my walks. I went for 6 of the 13 scheduled walks, and subbed 3 of them for other activity. I wasn't even aiming for high intensity and I couldnt seem to get it done. I need to figure out something that works for me, that I like and isn't such a struggle to get myself to do. Winter is almost here so I could try some dancing at home or rucking. I'm also considering getting a 2nd gym membership (Am I crazy?) for one of those $10 a month places that is really close to home. My other gym is across town and I will not drive there in the winter jsut for cardio. Maybe if I had a place closer I would be able to convince myself to go. No Points. Not even half a point. Kettlebell Challenge - I was probably a little over ambitious with this but on the other hand it literally was minutes a day. Why couldn't I get it done? Mostly, if I wasn't at the gym I forgot about it. Perhaps if I made it part of a morning routine? (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA). Maybe not. I did like the workouts and it's a nother good way to get some cardio in, especially over the winter. Half marks: +1 DEX Week 0 Plan I am taking a proper week 0 over Thanksgiving. I don't have much planned as far as workouts but we're still finishing up the dining room and then beginning Wednesday evening we are ripping carpet out of the living room and laying laminate in that room and the kitchen, as well as some more painting. This also involves moving a piano, twice. I am not really concerned about staying active. The biggest hurdle will be food. Thanksgiving will be... Thanksgiving. And there will likely be copious amounts of pizza towards the end of week 0. However, I am now 6.8 pounds heavier than the beginning of the year. I would like it ever so much to be able to just a tad lighter than that at the end of the year. Is it possible to lose 7 pounds in 44 days, inlcuding holidays? I'm not really going to worry about that exactly but I am going to try and stick to eating compliant or logging food into week 0 but my calorie target will be 1800 instead of 1600. I'll continue to update this challenge thread through week 0, at least until I post my next challenge.
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    I would love to see how quickly you would progress. You always seem good at putting together programs that do what you want them to do. It's Thursday and I haven't posted pretty much all week. It's because I haven't done much. I took Monday as a pass because my quads were a wreck. I know I said it a post or two ago but squat days are rough on me. Always have been. Tuesday some I was just frustrated and not in the right space. Wednesday was recovery from Tuesday and Today was it's own thing. Laura has decided that she has had enough of her job, which I'm totally on board with. She's been doing the same thing for three years with no opportunity to advance. She's done what I do and come up with big projects that she can do when she has down time and she's done a really good job but no one cares. It flares up this time of year for her anyway every year because they are really busy right now and she is tasked with keeping everyone going as well as doing her own job. It's all pretty thankless. As she's reached this point I have done all I can to be flexible and available. On Monday she started to get the vibe that something was up with me. I didn't even realize something was up other than I felt a little grumpy. Tuesday she pressed a bit more and I let some grumbles go was surprised that I found I had one big gripe left and when I let it go I actually felt better. I try to not grumble but apparently I needed to this time. Today Laura told her bosses that she's done at the end of recruitment season. We both knew it was coming, this wasn't a rash decision. She had told a couple people but this was her day to tell the two to whom it would be the biggest loss. One she's very emotionally attached to and the other can be thin skinned at times. She felt completely wiped out by it. So I skipped the gym to order pizza and bake cookies for her. So chalk it up as a "deload" week. I don't know if I will get to train tomorrow. I probably will. Saturday I'm going climbing for the first time in forever. I'm doing it mostly to entertain a friend but I will enjoy it as well. Sunday I will work out. Maybe I'll plan to do Squats then. If I get to workout on Monday it'll have to be cardio but that's ok. I need to figure out what their schedule is next week since it's Thanksgiving week. I had someone at work today tell me that I'm obviously and extrovert. I explained to her that it's all an act. When I'm at work I try to be out going because it puts people at ease and I don't want to give off the typical IT guy vibe. She didn't believe me. When I told her that when I go home I stay home other to workout. That I like to cook and read and do stuff by myself she reached with "awww". I said that it wasn't a complaint. I really like doing those things, I'm not the bubbly person that I am at work. I left her scratching her head. Maybe I shouldn't have bothered. I have been using my extra down time to work on programming some more. Last night I think I solved a work problem that has been bugging me for a while. I didn't set out to work on a work problem but I was logged into one of my Raspberry Pis. I was trying to recall if I had install Hadoop and cleaning up some other failed attempts at things. While I was doing it I wanted to do an action over a bunch of folders. I ended up figuring out how to write a python script that would read in the file tree then perform a command line call where I wanted. That sent me down a rabbit hole. Before long I realized I had a work solution. Now I just need time to implement it. Speaking of work. It's still going relatively well. I'm still not doing the technical stuff I'd like to but I'm not unhappy with what I'm doing. Part of it is the whole thing of getting people access to the system. I'm doing it better than it's ever been done, it's faster and people are happier. It's still way too manual though. I've been tasked to document the process but I also want to get some times associated with that then figure out how to cut it in half and half again by a year from now. This doesn't need to be so time consuming. The challenge will be, as I make that progress to get technical work to fill that void. I can imagine them saying "well you did some good at taking over that annoying process, now do this one." That is where I will have to say no. The only other thing on my mind lately is that a week from tomorrow is my next Arkham Horror session. We're going to try and play two acts which will get us all the way through the intro adventure. That means that prior to our third session we will all need to start new characters. It's a blessing and a curse. The one game that I've played with my chick, I really enjoyed. I look forward to more games with her. And I could just reset her to 0 if I want to. However, I'm inclined to take and entirely different class and try that out. For my gaming nerds, the class system is pretty cool. They have five: Guardian - think fighter. This is what I currently play and she is good a killing monsters but basically useless at everything else. Seeker - the closest RPG analogy is the current take on Bards. These characters can do some spells but really what they are good for is finding clues which are basically how you win the game Mystic - these are mages. The big caveat in a Cthulu game is that magic is really powerful because noone has it but everytime you use it you risk losing sanity or life Rogue - not what you think. These tend to be damage dealing characters but unlike guardians, they are very swingy. Rogues have a lot of cards that let you get the reward of an action twice if you do really well and other cards that if you succeed a test, you succeed by a lot, those kinds of things. These are you homerun hitters where Guardians have a great batting average and solid RBI Survivor - The theme of this class is that they will make anything work. The tend to have cards the let them go through their discard pile and get stuff out. The also have cards that are kind of the opposite of the rogue, where if you fail by a little bit, you actually succeed. Like I said, I'm enjoying the guardian but I like playing fighters and monks in RPGs so it makes sense. I think I most associate with their willingness to just go straight ahead at all costs. If I change classes next game I think I'd go Seeker or Rogue. Seeker is typically everyone's second character. Like the Guardian they have a clear purpose in life. Rogue is my second pick because I'd still play it as a monster hunter. Rogues can be stupidly powerful if you get Double or Nothing (does what it sounds like) to fire when hitting a boss with a big weapon. Since this a is a deckbuilder game the way the classes work is generally that you get most of your cards out of your base class but are allowed some cards out of another class, usually of limited power. The individual characters determine what exactly your off class is and how powerful those cards can be. For example the base set Guardian, Roland Banks can use any power of neutral or guardian cards and level 0-2 seeker cards. My Guardia, Zoey Samara, can have any level neutral or guardian card and 5 level 0 cards from any class. They have left themselves a lot of space to play with making new characters. They have one already that can have level 0-3 or any class but she has to declare her class each turn and can only play cards of that class or neutral until she declares a new class. Oh, ok, last thing. I watched The Dark Tower today. I try to not swear too much in my posts but wow. I am finding it tough not to on this one. That movie is awful. I absolutely doesn't work as a part of the Dark Tower story but it also doesn't stand alone well. I went in with low expectations. I still expected too much. Do. Not. Watch. This.
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    Final lifting session of the challenge... I put on some super epic music and hit the iron! How do I feel about this workout?? TODAY'S STATS! Bench Press - Previous best 100#. 1 x 3 @105 4 x 5 @110 Roman Chair Sit Ups (superset with above) 5 x 10 Pull Ups 5 | 4 | 4 | 4 | 3 Squats (Did not increase weights due to being kind to knee) 1 x 5 @95 (to test the waters) 4 x 5 @120 Deadlift - Previous best 125# 2 x 5 @135 1 x 10 @115 And what this workout did to me? That's in a warehouse too! Like, no heat, dock doors open warehouse in 40 degree weather! OK DM! What's my total? How much did I do!? Did I kill the Terrasque!?!?!??!!
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    I've been browsing the Order of the Stick comics (never heard of it before this challenge), and what with all the talk about percentages and deloads and weird plate math - or was that the last challenge? - this strip seemed appropriate:
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    Day 30 Update My back is still pretty sore but I stopped taking painkillers halfway through yesterday because I was meeting up with SuperBestFriend (SBF) after work. I had to do a lot of lying down in random places to try and get my back to crack back into place which it did not do. SBF was kept in work late so we had to change our plans which was a damn shame since I had my heart set on a wide variety of Brewdog ales but we met somewhere else instead, halfway between the city she works in and the city I work in, and we went to TGI Friday's where I drank copious amounts of cocktails in glasses as large as my head. I also ate chicken nachos and Jack Daniels ribs, and finished it off with a birthday cake milkshake because it's always somebody's birthday somewhere. Happy birthday to them. I have pictures but I don't think I should post them I cannot work out and have barely been able to since Mattressgate and it makes me so sad. I was doing really well with my exercise streak this year and it's a shame to let that slip so wildly but I am struggling to go about my daily business as it is. If I can't even walk I have no hope of training. I am off work today, and TH is working a half day so he can help take delivery of the new mattress which I am hoping is going to solve all my problems but I won't be holding my breath. I think I will spend today in an Assassins Creed coma even though last time I played it, it did make me help throw some boxes of tea in the sea at Boston Harbor (sic). I felt personally victimised, and TH was screaming in the background as I did it. Day 31 Projection 1. Sort out my sister's birthday gifts 2. Sort out finances 3. Hide the floordrobe for when the delivery people come with the mattress. Triple Threat Question: Three Favourite Books* 1. Down and Out in Paris and London - George Orwell 2. A Prayer for Owen Meany - John Irving 3. Catch-22 - Joseph Heller 4. The Dark Tower Universe (Including The Talisman, Black House, Salem's Lot and The Stand) - Stephen King** * Some of you added a fourth on some of the other questions so I did too ** Ha, look at how much heavy work no 4 had to do, I shoehorned in another 11 books there, I'm feeling smug right now.
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    Catching up as briefly as possible. the conference went really well. My portfolio critique was that My art is perfect for commercial picture cooks. But not award winning. Which translates into successful, but not celebrity status. Which is awesome. I got to play blocks with a little kid at the library. My boss came in and just smiled at me. After about ten minutes, I got back to work, and we avoided lava flows and toxic rain while I shelved the books. It was a lot of fun. I have a lot of respect for my boss for being cool with that. I’ve been sleeping again since Saturday. I haven’t been asleep since Saturday hahaha! But I sleep through the night, and I finally feel rested. I’ve been eating better and better and tomorrow I’m going back to working out. Slow but steady forward
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    Forgot to reply to these. Didn't have coffee today and I'm used to having two. Sorry y'all. Noooope checked those too. The DEXA gods just hate me. Can I take his hammer and smash everything? Please? I mean yeah, it's obvious in retrospect. I'm just mad about the way he handled it, I guess? it came out of fucking left field. Emphasis added because that's what bugs me the most. I've never really had any doctors who say it maliciously, but pretty much all they say is "well losing weight would help." Often in a tone like they think they're the first ones to tell me this. Ask me if I want a referral to a specialist, give me a piece of paper that says "doing these things will help you lose weight and have a direct effect on your asthma" or "eating more foods with this micronutrient has been shown to improve anxiety" or something more than "well have you tried not being fat?" I know this can backfire because when you see a doctor at GWU hospital in DC and your BMI is above whatever, they automatically give you a kind of infantilizing paper that's like "Walking is good for you! Eat your veggies!" and I raged against that too. But it's frustrating because it's not like fat people don't know they're fat, and it's not like most of them want to be that way. Obviously everyone here knows that just wanting to lose weight, or being told to, is not going to make it happen. I know you know all this. I'm just ranting because I find this frustrating on so many different levels. Mostly my own inability to get my shit together. This is interesting and I was legit about to go off and google it for funsies. Then I remembered that when I was researching probiotics + IBS my eyes started glazing over. So maybe I'll just let you keep me updated if the research changes. =P I wouldn't have thought they were related at all, so that's cool. I think it's the fact that they can figure out which antibiotics work on which strains, vs probiotics right now are either THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME SINGLE STRAIN or WE THREW A BUNCH INTO A PILL BUT HAVE NO IDEA WHICH ONES ARE ACTUALLY EFFECTIVE. Like when I was reading about IBS, there was research showing that the brand Align could be helpful to some people with IBS, but only whatever's in that particular one, and not to everyone. The one Athaclena suggested has like 20 different strains in it or something. If it makes you feel better, great! But why is it making you feel better? Which one is working, or is it a combination of several, and why is it working for her and not somebody else, etc.? Huh. This makes me wonder. With the exception of the past 6 weeks and also a weird few weeks my senior year of high school, I've pretty much never had GI problems. No negative side effects from antibiotics, no trouble eating street food in Morocco and Jordan and Egypt that was nowhere near the standards we'd hold food to here, I've never even had the issues people joke about after eating Mexican. I wonder if all the little buggies in my gut are just awesome and if a probiotic would even work for me. The last one I tried that I took for two months didn't really do much. There's a bottle in my fridge I need to remember to start taking, so I guess we'll see what happens.
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    Goddamn, what a fucking process! I'm glad you're getting it under control now. I was tested for PCOS when I was just shy of 21 because an overzealous nurse practitioner was like "you're overweight and have facial hair, you must have either PCOS or a thyroid condition." Apparently my irregular periods didn't factor in? But the blood test came back normal so my doctor was like "nope, just shitty genes." (Apparently despite being irregular I didn't really meet the threshold of too irregular? Some nurse or assistant or someone at a gynecologist's office last year insisted that I didn't have it either, based solely on my periods.) I'd asked my PCP about the pill years ago just to control it and she was like "well you're not sexually active so I don't know that it's really worth the risk of the side effects, but I can refer you to a gynecologist if you want to explore it." And since a) I hate taking medication anyway and didn't know there were options beyond the pill since I live under a rock and b.) I've always been irrationally afraid of getting blood clots, I was like "nah it's cool, I'll just deal with it." I started on the pill last year after getting an ultrasound for something unrelated and the tech immediately asking if I'd been tested for PCOS before. And holy shit yeah, emotionally stable is definitely a positive side effect. It leveled out my anxiety almost immediately. I have no idea what I'd be like right now without it. Haven't lost weight or noticed anything else from it, but I'll take what I can get. And punch people in the mouth if they comment on it in the meantime.
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    Yeah something in the internet waves Yeah I think I'm going to sign up for one of them at least. So my biggest thing is getting the time off work as well. The problem being that I might have holiday time to waste this year but next year I'm actually planning on using it for holiday and I'd hate to make my first ever trip to Scotland and only spend one day running around a muddy field before flying home again. At the very least I'd want to make a long weekend of it. Though then I get the temptation to do back-to-back races which sort of defeats that purpose With RRDW, Barrel of Laps, the Windsor Spartan, Nuclear Blast and Blackout and probably OCRW all requiring me to think about taking at least one day off to do them things are going to get tight. I probably will find a way to make it out there. It's a really good excuse for the visit. Though I don't know which of the races I'm going to do yet (I wanna do the Beast and the Sprint for various reasons). Getting over it is something I'm determined to do before the year finishes. So next challenge is the official Challenge of 'Meh'? I don't know, I think we're going to have a hard time getting @Charlie_Quinn to share Now, now that's a little too much hype. Please tone it back a bit! Thanks Cheetah. I've certainly never giggled so much at a race before. I don't know how much of that was cold induced though. So many meetups happening next year! Thanks my wife thinks I look like a zombie in that photo. I dug out some old photos a little while ago and the difference really is huge when you put them together. I'm going to do that for the end of the year I think.
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    If all you have is a hammer everything starts to look like a nail. If this guy is running a weight center of course he's going to push that.
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    Don’t forget tripling as a status symbol to make sure all your guests know *exactly* the type of pretentious intellectual / shameless fantasy fan you are! #thriceasnice
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    Monday Update Calories are good. It's funny how some days it's just easier. 1 xp. I went for another short, light run. I might have to stop for a while to get my knees to heal up completely before I keep doing this. 1 xp. That's the news for today. Party on, Ranger people. OH, and because of today's incredible news, I've got my theme for next challenge. I'm not giving it away yet, but here's a hint.
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    Tuesday Morning Update LYUL Yesterday I spent all of my learning time researching ideas for teaching Ghostlet phonics. Apparently his school has dropped phonics from the curriculum and focus on pure memorization of vocabulary for reading. Apparently being able to read words that won't be on the test is not a priority Luckily there are tons of resources for homeschooling parents to choose from and I have selected a bunch of materials to supplement his homework. DYDS Stretching was done again last night. This challenge has been a bit of a let down compared to my expectations going into it, but stretching has been the one redeeming category. I suspect I have not made much progress on shoulders and ankles so far this challenge, but my hips are starting to feel a little looser Eat Your Veggies Not sure what I will do this challenge. I think a good chili would be nice, but I need to see if I can find some beans somewhere. If not, I will need to look at maybe some pulled pork (I discovered something called liquid smoke from the rebel mini which just arrived yesterday). I will be putting it to the test in the near future Random Calisthenics Workout this morning was: Pull: Ab Wheel Pulls 10, 10, 10 Hold: Muscle Up Transition Holds 10s, 10s, 10s Leg: Shrimp Squats (L/R) 10/10, 10/10, 10/10 Push: Handstand Pushups 10, 10, 10 Mobility: Front Lever Raises 10, 10, 10 Variable: Thoracic Bridge Wall Walks 3, 1, 1 Finished up with 2x25 pushups and 2x5 pullups I was really not feeling in the mood for a workout this morning as I am still fighting the plague (or something). My throat and lungs were feeling much better, though, so I decided to press through, and I was feeling a bit better by the end of the workout. I was certainly feeling weaker than usual, and by the time the wall walks came around, I didn't have enough strength to do them safely so I kind of went through the motions but didn't really try. I didn't think falling on my head would not have made for a good start to the morning
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    It's nice that you have so many options. Here it's deep fried stuff for appetizers and burgers, not much else. Maybe pickled eggs and warm nuts if you go to an old-fashioned tavern. Is that a real thing? I'd try them. We go out to eat a lot. It's Mrs. Sloth's only real luxury. As long as I know what this year's hoops are I can get my dollar. I don't know anything about schnauzers, but I like scrappy. This one was chocolate brown and looked like a giant derp. The chill foster is moving to his permenant home soon. No, it's $1 once, but I have a chance at earning $2 more. I bet the price goes up when they're tactical. There's a 5.11 opening up near me. I'll check them out during Christmas shopping season. I have one. There's an arcade/ bar that has a Sunday deal that includes a fanny pack to hold your tokens. If I ever get a free Sunday I'll see if @Rooks and @The Most Loathed can join me and we can be fanny pack buddies. Nope, same quiet family weekend I always have. It's a dollar spread out over 20 pay checks and has taxes and benefits taken from it. So maybe 3 cents.
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    It's more a question of how long it will take to get to 185. Nothing lasts forever, and these are already older than most of my kids. My curiosity is piqued, but in the interests of family-friendliness I'll let you and def run with it. As long as my quads are given due justice... ____________________ W5D1 - No points. And may God have mercy on my soul. I did nothing but collect calories in varying forms of carbohydrate--including both ice-cream and milkshake forms. It was marvelous, but I'm feeling kinda terrible for it. And because I was dozing on the couch while flipping between football and hockey in the evening I was too wired to go to sleep on time and stayed up way too late with Netflix. Oh well... Week 5 is on, and it's going to be weird. But it should be mostly good weird.
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    Days 26, 27 and 28 Update I took TH to his diabetes check up on Friday and... his bloodwork shows he doesn't have diabetes any more which we will file in the category: TH freaking bossed it. When he was diagnosed he vowed he wouldn't have it for long and he lost a stone since he got the diagnosis, but having effectively beaten it in 10 weeks is freaking amazing. Now, there are caveats on this. There were a couple of other issues in his initial bloodwork that have also been addressed and the doctor suggested perhaps he had a virus at the time of testing which was making the other aspects indicate issues (namely, his iron) but he was sceptical a virus could have caused his blood sugar levels to rise, especially given that the test covers such a long period of time. Another caveat is that this was a locum doctor, not TH's usual doctor, but he has ordered more tests for in a few months time so we'll see what happens. The doctor basically said he has never seen such a great response to the tablets TH is on in such a short period of time and he didn't say so, but he was utterly baffled by the results. There is a chance the initial diagnosis was hasty. I guess we wait and see. My back was feeling achey and tight, and increasingly so for the last few weeks. We did the grocery shopping and went to my mom's for a cuppa, then fell into our respective video games comas. In the evening I had a hot bath in the hope it would ease my back, and a glass of prosecco because I deserve nice things, but when I got out the bath I pulled my back and spent the rest of the weekend in a lot of pain being unable to move much. I spent the weekend throwing every known cure at it and this morning I am in a position where my back isn't perfect but it's a lot better than it has been. I was supposed to cook a roast for my parents yesterday but I didn't fancy standing up all day int he kitchen so they bought Chinese food with them and we had that instead. I barely tracked food at all this weekend although I haven't had much appetite - food has been solely for the purpose of lining my stomach so I can take more painkillers, and to stop myself feeling sick. I just grabbed stuff out of the cupboard and fridge, not really eating meals. I have gained weight as of this morning but I strongly suspect the chinese is responsible for 90% of this gain and it will just be water weight. That should be gone within a few days. I have a new mattress due in a few days too and hopefully this will sort my back out completely but we've been here before. We finished the second Stranger Things last night too and it was great. Can't wait for this challenge to be over. It feels like it's going to last until the end of fucking time. Day 26 Projection 1. Stick to calories 2. Keep back moving 3. Think more about next challenge. Triple Threat Question: You wake up tomorrow and you've won £10,000 ($13k, 11,000 Euro) what 3 things do you spend it on? 1. A new pair of jeans. I have a pair that are too large and a pair that are slightly too small. No inbetweens. 2. A financial bond 3. I'd save the rest* * I'd actually save it all if I could - I only bought the jeans because I needed 3 things so I couldn't save it all. I love savings. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a bond mature because it shows how I have matured as a person. I used to spend money like it was going out of fashion and it was a resolution of mine a few years ago to get better with money so I did the thing.
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    My boyfriend made cookies to take camping... I may have just undone all my hard work haha. I have no regrets though, they were delicious. also now I feel less obsessed with the need to consume sugar, so that's something. Couldn't really do my exercises while camping, I require equipment. And privacy :'D I did however climb a mountain! 1400m high, and 15km from start to finish. I was well pooped by the end of that! And the next day. Feeling somewhat recovered today