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    I'm seriously excited for the upcoming year. I'm going to turn 50, I have a great race calendar planned, I feel healthier than I have in a decade, and I'm moving into a new age group. All this means that this might be the year I finally podium. Even if I don't, this is going to be the Year of the Sloth. The trick is turning hype into daily, consistent action. There's going to be a touch more structure than my previous two in-challenges. The next several weeks are a base-building/ general physical preparation phase. Flexibility: I'll do a minimum of 15 minutes of "power" yoga, 20 minutes of Pirate Yoga, or my own mish-mash of Yoga, Flexible Steel, and the S&S warmups. Near daily action required. Strength: Daily Dose of Deadlifts using a hex bar and Simple & Sinister. Near daily action required. Cardio: Gotta get my base miles in. Look for 90+ minute trainer sessions. 3+ sessions/week.
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    Well since all the cool kids are doing it, plus it just sounded fun, I decided to re-start my stats. I figured since I have been around since the dawn of NF time, I could assign myself Prestige Class. Thanks @Mr_Willes and @Wild Wolf for allowing me to steal the idea. To be started January 2nd Quest 1: Mission Report 3 mornings a week writing a detailed record of how I spend my time from waking up until 11:00 This involves keeping up good habits I’ve already established, Bible reading; kitchen clean up, water drinking, breakfast Wisdom: 4 points possible Quest 2: Fit into my uniform I’ve noticed my superhero outfit is a bit tight lately. Time to get rid of the fluff Track on MFP 6 days a week Keep up good habits, eat veggies at minimum 2 out of 3 meals, eat at least 90 grams of protein, most of the time keep it under 150 grams of carbs Constitution 4 points possible Quest 3: Work on the Elasticity Focused Flexibility : video at least once a week Keep up the habit of doing it at least 3 times a week 4 points possible Bonus Round: Finish Epic Quest List by January 7 Work on Epic Quest item at least 3 times in the week Cha: 3 points possible Mini Challenge: Ranger outdoorsy quest: 30 minutes of walking barefoot outdoors Distance: Ruck 3 miles- can be done in one or several rucks Speed: Rowing, do speed sprints Strength: 30 second cold shower blast for 5 days Combat: make a fermented food ( to build strength for fighting)
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    2018 Challenge Hype! Okay - for real. I guess I should get ready for Jan 1 as that is when I am going to officially start this challenge. Blatant notice of my Brand New Spanking Battle Log that I posted earlier today. So seriously, while 2017 wasn't a steaming ball of crap - it wasn't my most successful year ever. I had a lot of fun, but pretty much made zero progress on any goal that I would have really liked to complete. But, onwards and upwards. My Battle Log is really and truly more of a continuing road map, but I'm still going to ramble and discuss my progress in Challenges. Because I like the idea of a hard reset if necessary. So without further ado - the goals: I am a person who makes small changes to improve my eating habits. January is all about awareness and tracking, aka mindful eating. The goal is to examine how I feel before and after eating and make judgement calls based upon those feelings. I'm probably not going to document every meal, but I am going to look for patterns. I am a person who trains consistently. January is the official 30 day Yoga with Adriene challenge month. OF COURSE I am participating and encouraging everyone else to do the same. My goal is to make it through the 30 days, then start incorporating a weekly yoga video going forward. I get an e-mail every Sunday from YwA - there is no reason I can't start using them. I am a person who consistently hits 5K steps per day. This is one of my Habitica daily tasks. The weekends (or any time I am at home) is when this is the biggest struggle. I can counteract this by taking my poor puppy for a walk. I am a person who reads regularly. I belong to a Goodreads book club (link here). I'm most likely not going to participate in the discussions, but it gives me a chance to do some extra reading. The goal is to finish at least one book on the list monthly. I am a person who enjoys writing as a creative outlet. I enjoy writing. But I've let myself get distracted by nothing more exciting than zoned out scanning of Facebook. So I've found a website that has 12 story starters (link here). My goal is to type at least 500 words per day on the story starter of the month. They don't have to be good stories, they just need to start the process. And off we go....
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    It's winter. It's cold, it's dark, and it's slightly depressing. That sounds like the setting of one of the best horror movies ever made. Welcome to my horror themed challenge! Happy New Year everyone! My challenge goals remain the same as the last few challenges - running, strength and nutrition - with most of the emphasis on running. My long runs haven't been very long recently, so I'll be slowly increasing my distance on my long runs each week, with an aim of doing a long run of at least 12 miles by the end of February. 1. "Mac wants a flamethrower!" - Run 3 times a week (Wednesday, Friday, and a long run on Sunday) Pretty straight forward really. I just need to get out and run, regardless of how cold and miserable it is. - Make 2 of my long runs hard trail runs I don't have a lot of interesting trails nearby so I have to travel to get to the good places. Because of this, I can't do this every week. As my marathon in July is a trail run with lots of elevation, I need to start logging some miles on the tough trails. 2. “No tears please, it’s a waste of good suffering.” - Attend British Military Fitness (BMF) once a week (Tuesday) BMF is a bootcamp style class that's run by ex service men and women. I started it last month and I absolutely love it. It's all done outside so it's damn cold and sometimes wet and muddy too. But I love the group setting as it really pushes me to do more than I would on my own. - Bouldering once a week OR lifting if unable to boulder (Thursday) I love bouldering, but it's not always possible to get to the climbing gym every week. So if I can't get there, I'll sub this with a lifting session. - Do additional push up and pull up sets twice a week BMF classes tend to involve a lot of push ups and I really suck at them. So I want to work on these outside of class so I'm not struggling to complete the circuits during the session. 3. "I will not be threatened by a walking meat loaf!" - Plan meals weekly I don't do a meal plan and this results in me making up dinners on the spot, which might not be as healthy as they could be. I'll meal plan for the following week on a Thursday or Friday and then I can go buy what I need from the supermarket so I don't have to do any top up shops mid-week - Have one meat free day a week When meal planning, I want to make one day a week a meat free day. This will mean making a vegetable based meal, not a cheese and pasta meal! - No more than two treats a week I've done this for the last few challenges and I've found it really helpful to control my snacking at work. I'll be starting this challenge from Jan 1st, but I'll log any activity here until then. In the mean time, stay safe and warm everyone.
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    I am a member of a secret hunting society that tracks and kills monsters. The bounties are high, but so are the risks. The smallest mistake will cost me EVERYTHING- my bounty, my gear, my life and my very soul. Some hunt for wealth and some for power. Some hunt to protect others and some hunt for glory. I must track my quarry through a dark and treacherous world. Winner takes all. Fail, and go straight to hell. Welcome to my first challenge of 2018! My name is Wild Wolf but most people just call me Wolfie. If you're new to my shenanigans, then please, take my sincerest apology for wasting your time Father of 4, husband, wolflean, sheepdog and Werespartan. I've been with NF since September 2012 and have never looked back. I've made countless friends over the years and even got to hang with a few nerds for what is dubbed as an "Epic Meetup" :). This upcoming year is a lot like most years but if you take a closer look, you'll see some very specific details that make it different. This is a year I'm a "do'er" and not a "don't'er" . It's rather simple really. Not to do ALL the things. But ALL the IMPORTANT things. Things like, Getting my family out of the apartment lifestyle and into the house lifestyle Fixing my shoulders Finding a job that can support us better-whether that's a new job or my current one Write a book Climb outdoors (maybe not THAT important, but something I want to do) Take Dadhood to another level. I only get to be a dad once and I want to excel at this! Spend more quality time with the wolf pups Read the Bible cover to cover That's to name a few. Basically, 2018 will be a year of positive and successful change. How will I do that? Easy(ish). By collecting bounties on each challenge and reaping the rewards. My first bounty is the Hype-Stealing bastard from the last challenge! My theme and possible running theme for the next couple challenges will be based after a PC game I recently discovered called Hunt: Showdown. The closed alpha is supposedly coming in January and I'm really excited about testing it out! The graphics and theme say it all. The setting takes place right at the end of the 19th century in what is referred to as The Gilded Age, referring to the serious social problems we had that were masked by a "thin gold gilding". (This is also where the Wild West was nearing an end and pre-WWI weapons like the German Mauser C96 were coming into play.) You take control over a bounty hunter and tasked to patrol the swamps of Hunt, Louisiana to battle the forces of evil. You can go in solo or with a partner but death is permanent in this game so the tension factor is ALWAYS high. Since my dad is more of a PC gamer, I told him about this and hoping we both get a chance to play together. Here's the kicker though. You have to be invited to the closed alpha. There's a strong chance I won't even get to play right now but how freakin cool would that be if I got selected?!?! It would almost feel like destiny... So there's that. I am a bounty hunter and bounties will be collected. You may be asking yourself, "Ok swanky, I feel ya, Wolfie. This is a schweet theme! But why Bloodlines?" Bloodlines or "bloodline traits" stands for the progression system/skill tree in the game. XP, gold and bounty rewards are all stored in your Bloodline and some of these traits will be transferred over if your hunter dies because remember boys and girls, death in this game is PERMANENT! Any gear, consumable or extra item left on your hunter when he dies is lost forever. One would dare to say this game has only one mode: HARDCORE. This lines up perfectly how I wanted to kick off the New Year. #NoExtraLives GOALS: I'm taking the old school NerdFitness approach to this challenge and starting my stat line over from scratch. We originally started with 15 total points to put in our 6 starting stats and I stopped adding to that over a year ago. I miss the leveling up and upgrade points so I want to get back to that. Visual and tangible upgrade points make the world go round . So I will re-work my starting 15 stat points and do my best to earn another 15 across this first challenge of 2018. Starting Stats: Strength- 3 Dexterity- 3 Wisdom- 2 Endurance- 2 Charisma- 3 Constitution- 2 Goal #1: Study Thy Prey Has anyone ever heard of Supple Leopard? Yeah me too.... Oh yeah! I own the damn book! It's time to study up on my prey: my body. It's getting a tad older and things aren't working as good as they used to. This is a lot of my own fault. I don't mobilize daily and I need too, especially because I work a desk type job and spend WAY to much time sitting on my butt. #NoRestDays when it comes to mobility. The goal here is to pick 1x body part that's been bothering me and then implement mobility WODS from Supple Leopard to combat the trouble areas each week. More body parts can be worked at one time, but let's start with one and work our way into more. I'm 100% wolf but wouldn't mind the suppleness of my large feline friend . Possible Upgrade Points: +2 CON, +1 STR Goal #2: Stalk Thy Prey At the beginning of 2016, I suffered a type 2 AC joint separation on my left shoulder from playing real life Quidditch down in Austin, Texas. At the beginning of 2018, I'm dealing with my other shoulder now. It appears to be a slight AC joint sprain that may have been caused from bouldering like a boss. It's more discomfort than pain but still...something to deal with. This goal is all about getting my shoulders in a healthier state and by doing that, I'll visit my PT 2x a week (given time, money and some other factors) and work PT on my own 1x a week minimum. Possible Upgrade Points: +2 CON, +2 STR Goal #3: Hunt Thy Prey Ahhhh the fun part. The Hunt. Why do I do what I do? For the thrill of the hunt? For glory? For my family? All the above. My ancestors were hunters. It is in my blood. I'm limited with my shoulder at the moment so now I need to figure out what I can and cannot do with it. This means testing myself in all areas and aspects of fitness. Find what works-discard what doesn't. Test all major lifts and talk with Paul (my PT coach) about getting me back out on the battlefield. Bouldering problems need to be sent and iron needs to be bent. Les do this! Possible Upgrade Points: +1 STR, +2 DEX, +1 END Goal #4: One Life to Live I will write a book this year. It may not be edited and pretty but I will write one. To get the creative juices flowing, I'm starting out by doing something fun this challenge with my writing. I call this "Interactive PVE/PVP". It's where I take an idea, sometimes an original idea, and include people from the Rebellion in the story and have them complete PVE (Player Versus Everyone) tasks with me. Example; like cover a certain amount of miles walking or lifting a targeted goal of 10,000 ponds. I write things in a group setting, so that way everyone can interact and take part in the weekly task . Think of this like a mini-Mini challenge, lol. The story has already been laid out for the most part (with some changes coming soon). Me and everyone else who signed up have been coming up with bad guys we get to fight which has been a lot of fun. Brainstorming sessions like that are always a blast! If anyone is interested in signing up for the last spot in the story, please feel free! HERE's the sign-up sheet. NPC's and other secondary characters are needed as well so if you want to be included in the story without having to participate then sign-up. Possible Upgrade Points: +3 CHA That's all I got for now. Let's hunt. Wolf
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    I struggled mightily with food the last challenge. I didn't work out as much as I have in the past. Domestic Rangering wasn't as thorough as it used to be. But I did not quit, and I will not quit. I'm doing a challenge because it helps me remember who I am. I am a person who lifts. I am a person who does his best to eat well. I am a person who does Yoga. I am a person who walks. I am a person who keeps his living space clean And there you have the foundation of the five goals I always use. My goal is to do 10 lift workouts My goal is to go on 6 walks My goal is to do Yoga 6 times My goal is to cook paleo as much as possible, and limit non paleo foods as much as possible. My goal is to do laundry every week and clean either the upstairs bathroom or the downstairs bathroom and kitchen each week. The biggest focus is going to be on eating. My no more than x variances per week system has not worked as well. I'm going to be doing a lot of introspection about my eating. I grew up eating my boredom. Food became entertainment for me, and that led to not controlling my portion sizes, how often I ate, and mistaking hunger for boredom. Healing those parts of me, and growing beyond those emotional connections to food, will be very helpful in my journey to being the most healthy I can be. Therefore, I will break precedent with the past and add a sixth goal To read the Intuitive Eating book.
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    So. I'm not feeling very hype-y at all. My cat is sick and I'm really sad. But fortunately I thought through this challenge back when I WAS feeling more hype-y a few weeks ago. We all know that the key to success is doing the thing even when the hype is not there, so I decided to do the thing even though I'm not feeling inspired at all. There are a ton of things I want to do. I feel like I've been slowly losing fitness for the last 1.5 years as I dealt with wrist pain and eventually surgery that prevented me from continuing with the stuff I was working on. Last week, I was finally able to do 3x10 pushups again, so I think my wrist is in a place where I can start doing a lot of the stuff I was working on again. But beyond bodyweight strength training, there's so much I want to do. A few of those things happen to be the things that you do in a triathalon - running, swimming, and riding a bike. I've had a secret desire to do at least a mini-triathalon for a while, and I feel like now is the time to start working on that more seriously. I've been working on running and have a million issues there. I HAVE a bike but mainly just wobble when I ride it. And I worked on my swimming skills with lessons this past summer, but I still haven't quite figured out how to breathe while I'm swimming. So in terms of dreaming bigger, being able to do all three of these things is a big effort. I'm in CA until Friday, and then I'll be back in VA. I don't really intend to start full challenge stuff until I've gone back to VA. Goals: Do Adrienne's new 30 day yoga challenge in January Start a 30 day paleo challenge when I'm back in VA Take my bike to a bike shop for a tune up. Ride an exercise bike at least once/week until weather allows for outdoor riding. Explore options for things like local bike clubs. Find a pool where I can go to practice swimming. Determine whether I'm comfortable working by myself or need a teacher to help me advance. Find teacher if needed. If not, practice at least weekly on my own one I've found a place that works for me. Continue running but make it easy - just use the treadmill if I don't feel like dealing with the winter weather. Work on getting back up to 5K in whatever way agrees most with my legs. Continue doing 3x/week workouts. Maybe 2x bodyweight strength and 1x some local fitness class or bootcamp. Details may vary. Do 1 small thing/week to connect with/ be nice to my father
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    Butt Stuff Last year was pretty successful. I inched closer to my goal weight and that's just how I like it, inching towards it feels much less traumatic and a lot less like hard work too. I experienced an upswing in weight after having to take time off training due to injury in the last few months of 2017 but I am ready to kick 2018 in the face. Well, sort of. My back feels bad again for the first time in a couple of weeks but I am not going to let that bring me down and besides, my plans in this challenge should help that. I start of 2018 with my thighs a little thicker than I'd like and not in a Sloth Swole Quads way either but again, all this can be addressed. So my plans for this year are HEOUGE and can be found in my Battle Log. I read the letter I wrote to myself last new years eve and I surpassed my expectations for myself but I had forgotten what they even were which is one of my favourite things about doing this. Hang on, maybe I should explain this - every new years eve I write a letter to myself setting out my hopes and dreams for the year ahead, as well as a summary of the most important things that happened to me over the last year. I seal this and hide it, and I can't open it until the next new years eve. I keep all these letters and they're a novel way of looking back over my life. The most important lesson I learned last year is how small actions every day build up to huge results over time so this is my approach this year too and the first challenge of 2018 is about starting the fire that will burn all year. Goals ahoy! 1. Nourish I do not want to starve myself. I want my body to be strong and powerful and healthy and beautiful like a gazelle's. I want to feed it the good stuff, track everything I eat, eat 5 portions of freggies (fruits and veggies if you're new here), drink 8 glasses of water every single day and enjoy my meals. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself regarding calorie goals (although I do have a ball park figure I aim for but I find not concretely adhering to it works best for me and stops me throwing my toys out of the pram). I will for the most part be doing Pollan Rules which is essentially Don't Eat Like A Dickhead with the addition of glasses of wine. I will take pictures of 6/7 meals a week and post them here, mostly to stop myself face planting pizza every day. Pizza. Mmmm. 2. Surrender my butt to Bret (it's all in the eye contact) I want to be strong. I want to be lean and I want to be a gazelle (I appear to be suddenly obsessed with gazelles huh that's new). I want to do 3 x 30 exercise sessions every single week of 2018, and this will be cardio, strength or yoga - just in case my back continues to give me problems - this cannot be used as an excuse. My main focus will be building the best butt you have ever seen in your life. Like starlight on a moonless night. So magnificent one weeps for the majesty thereof. I am currently reading Strong Curves by Bret Contreras (the architect of that fabulous booty training move Sloth posted on my last challenge which is yet more evidence if we needed it Sloth is psychic) and I am going to put all this into action and trust Bret with my butt. I haven't finished the book yet so I am not 100% sure wtf I am doing but I have faith it will all become clear in the end. I am going to become the Booty Meat Queen, just you watch. 3. Peripherals. I want to read 26 books this year so I want to read 10 pages per day, every single day of 2018. I also want to make my bed every morning because getting into an unmade bed at night makes me really sad. I'm worth more than an unmade bed *hair flicks*. Yeah, 2018 - Deffy's back on her bullshit LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo!
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    Jon Firestar Gets The Ball Rolling 2017 was a big year for me. It was a year of firsts and a year that I discovered a love of running and OCR. I ran a slew of races and had a lot of fun. I met up with seveal nerds and ran races with @charlie_quinn, @iatetheyeti and @jarric and met @rhovenal (but she was injured and missed the race ) Unfortunately I did push a little too hard at the end of the year and kind of checked out over Christmas. I got sick and it took a long time to kick it and between time I was travelling for Christmas and the New Year. There isn’t really a theme for this challenge. I just want to get something down and get my momentum back! So I’m keeping things simple and concise. 2018 is going to be a bigger year! It’s going to be a year of adventure and awesomeness. I have a mass of events coming up this year. Many of them will be meetup events with other awesome nerds. I cannot wait for things to get started so I’m declaring the start of the 2018 hype! To get the ball rolling the first race will be the Nuts Challenge, one of the UKs toughest winter OCRs that I’ll be running with the awesome @charlie_quinn and @jarric. This’ll be our second race together and I’m really looking forward to seeing them again. The training for the massive year starts now! Run All the Miles! This is going to be a big running year for me. I’ve signed up to my first marathon in July! So that’s a thing on the horizon that needs to be trained for. In the lead up I’ve got a bunch of other races. Including a half marathon and a 20 mile OCR in May. My overall plan is to periodise the training between challenge blocks. This coming challenge is going to be an easy one. Just run 3 times per week slowly ramping up my miles and the quality runs during the period. Lift All the Things! To counter the easy runs my lifting is on the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m going to be lifting heavy with a focus power and strength gains. This will be phased into more bodyweight style of workouts as the OCR season begins but for the next two months we are looking at lifting lots of weights. Don’t Eat all the Things! In 2018 I’m determined to get myself under 200 lbs. I am currently sat stubbornly at 220lbs (10kg and 15 stone 10 lbs). To put things in perspective. About 18 months ago I weighed 330lbs. In 2016 I lost 80lbs but in 2017 I only lost 30. There are reasons for that but mainly it’s because I was unable to stick to my calorie restrictions. I'm going to try and take things a little easier this year by setting higher calorie targets and not try and put myself into a harsh deficit. I do a lot of activity so my numbers are going to be really high I’m going to begin this year with a calorie goal of 2700-2800 calories and see where things go from there. I’ll post workout plans later.
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    Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo (that was a howl btw) My name is Heather. Some of you probably already know me as @Wild Wolf Wifey of almost 8 years. (LOVE YOU BOO!) Some of you may not know this, but I am the reason he is, or every was “Wolf” or “Wolfie”. You see, my nerdy heart has always beat for Werewolves. And WildWolf is definitely one Although he does not believe me. I always told him he was a Werewolf. Based off my personal criteria for a Werewolf. He meets the profile perfectly. Tall, Strong, Hot Tempered, Amazing in bed (Is that allowed? We are married ) He is not very hairy, but he is a ginger and you really just cant see most of the blonde hairs. He is also a Ginger Wolf when he transforms. Yes, very Jacob-esque in Twilight >>>>>>>> However he is more humanoid like Hugh in Van Helsing with the abs. But enough about @Wild Wolf. This challenge is about me. But I will warn you I do talk about him, our children and my family a lot. Because they are whom I was entrusted with. My loves, My life. My challenge is a Wolf Pack theme. Our family is known as the Wolf Pack. Mainly because of Ryan and his activity here on the boards and then carrying it over into his Wolf Lean Lifestyle. However, I am done letting him have all the wolf fun. I am getting in on it. I am also done letting him have all the health and all the strength. He has always been the health nut and workout guru (My words). I also have him at my disposal pretty much 24/7 and just do what my Orange self usually does (Four Lenses Assessment) and just do it alone an not ask for help. But not anymore. I need help. I know that now more than every. I need my Savior Jesus Christ, I need my Husband that God gave me. I need my Family and the support of friends. I could never do this life alone. I need and love of the Pack life. **TRIGGER WARING** INFANT LOSS ********************************************************* Living the Pack life is awesome, and I am so grateful to Ryan for starting a pack with me. I am embracing my role in the pack as Mama or “Breeder” (I am technically the Bitch- Breeding female dog, wolf, fox, or otter ) This is a very important role in the pack though. I am seeing that more now. The packs strength derives from the size of the pack and strength of its members. I am charged with making sure our pack is strong with new members as well as the strength of its current members. This is really the only place I feel comfortable talking about this, but we are currently TTC (Trying to conceive). We want to grow our pack in strength and numbers. We are still reeling from our recent family tragedy, but with Gods grace it has brought us closer together, it has given us drive and hope, it has given us strength. So, forward we go, through the darkness and into the light, trying to conceive and God willing one day, lick and smell our rainbow baby. Goal 1. Breeder Points 96oz of water daily +2 Endurance I have never drunk enough water. I usually reach for a coke before I reach for water. No more. Not only will I be drinking more water but cutting coke outs and other bad drinks. Now I am cutting alcohol because we are TTC, I would not usually lump that in with bad drinks. I like my beer and wine in moderation. Drink Kombucha +1 Constitution -If you don’t know what Kombucha is I’m sorry. We brew our own and its full of good probiotics. It curbs my coke and wine cravings also. Goal 2. Pack Points Make a healthy breakfast +3 Strength Some would say this is the most important meal of the day. Well not me. I very rarely eat breakfast. I have been this way all my life. Basically, I ‘m a naturally faster . My stomach is always just unsettled 1st thing in the morning. By the time I am hungry I might as well wait for lunch. However, when my pups wake up the 1st thing they want is food. I have been in a bad habit of having quick fixes for them. Cereal, Poptarts, Instant oatmeal. However, I am changing that. I want to make a healthy breakfast every morning. I have a lot of new kitchen toys from Christmas I plan on getting a lot of use out of. Bonus Prepping Ryan breakfast +1 Charisma Ryan is the alpha and leader of the pack. He needs to be strong to keep us safe and secure. I am doing good on lunches for him for work but I wanna step it up with including breakfast. Goal 3. Spiritual Points Read 2 Chapters of the bible a day. +3 Wisdom My spiritual walk has not been what it could be. I want to rectify that. God is my refuge and my strength. I can do nothing apart from Him. I also want to help lead my Pups and family to Christ. I want everyone to know Gods perfect love and spend eternity with us in heaven. Goal 4. Tithe every paycheck. +3 Dexterity This is a hard one for me. I pay the bills. I know how little money we have lol. Its not that I don’t want to give to the Church. It’s the moment I do, I see all the things that money could pay for, all the debt it could pay off. I want to be better at this but I need to practice what I preach. You can never out give God. He has given me everything. Bonus Finish Challenge +1 Strength +1 Charisma Some of you may remember that I have started a challenge before. I did not finish it. I want to finish this challenge and be worthy of the Ranger guild by doing all the things! At least all the mama wolf things
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    Welcome everyone to my first challenge for 2018! My (user)name is DarK_RaideR and last month I turned 31. I’m Greek, I recently switched from government work back to being a self-employed lawyer and I refer to my girlfriend as my Special Ranger Lady Friend, or SRLF for short. That’s pretty much all you need to know…. oh, I’ve also been on this forum for about three and a half years, which is also how long I’ve been a crossfit athlete. For those unfamiliar with Crossfit, the start of every year is the Open season, this year happening from Feb. 22 to Mar. 26. During that time, a workout is announced every Thursday, people go to crossfit boxes and do it under the watchful eye of a certified judge or upload a video of themselves doing it so they can be judged, then ranked on a global leaderboard, with the best of them moving on to Regional qualifiers and the Crossfit Games in the summer. For most of us who aren’t professional athletes, it’s a chance to participate, celebrate, compete with friends and compare results with where we used to be. This year will be my third Open and unless @Endor decides to chicken out (injuries don’t count, since I did the 2017 Open with a blown knee) this challenge is devoted to preparing me for the 2018 Open so I can have him shedding tears of loss onto his Crossfit Pireaus shirt. Of course, even though some folks here might disagree (Warriors especially), life is more than just eating and working out, so I’m including a few other life quests in line with my 2018 Roadmap. Speaking of which, I got my benchmark numbers on the morning of Jan. 1st (87kg, 100cm waist) and looking to take those down by the end of the year. Quest 1: Not a single day lost. 3 Crossfit workouts per week minimum and active recovery during days where I'm not going to the box. Quest 2: Get in the Zone. Measure my home cooked meals and use the 30/40/30 rule for the rest. Make sure everything is balanced and zone-compatible. Quest 3: No distractions before 15:00 on workdays. hat includes NerdFitness, Videogames, Steam, Gamersplane.com and the Grey Dog Software forums. Also, no social media, unless specifically asked to look up something. Quest 4: Housework. Keep up with the day to day stuff (laundry, ironing, dishes etc) and do something beyond the usual stuff at least once every week. Quest 5: Continue using a Bullet Journal. t keeps me organized and makes sure the little stuff gets done. As a final note, for those who haven’t followed any of my 2017 challenges, I will be using a wrestling manager videogame (way cooler than it sounds) called Total Extreme Wrestling to provide a narrative for your entertainment. This has nothing to do with the challenge itself, it’s just a way for me to make my favorite game a bit juicier and hopefully put a smile on you readers’ faces. I’m aiming for 3 weekly updates (Mon-Wed-Fri) in general, but that might change on occasion.
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    As the last Ranger Returns to the Guildhall from the previous challenge the Hall seems empty, though it is full of Rangers. Without the Hype they have embraced the Grind, thinking Hype had forsaken their lands. It had, but not by it's own choice, for the Rangers were about to learn of a nefarious plot... "We have embraced the Grind, and it has got us this far, but we are struggling. Many of us have barely limped back to the hall and we are barely meeting our goals." The bearded Ranger Chaplain was half-heartedly addressing the group and the rest were trying to pay attention, when the door opened. It was not a Ranger but one of the locals who lived in the village nearby that supplied the guild hall much of its provender. He approached the table with the Chaplain and several of the senior leadership. "Sir, I have news." "What is it?" "I was going to get some wood for the fire. The Barkeep is making his smoked meats and I went to one of the further sheds where he keeps the special wood he uses for the venison. I found some disturbed earth off to the side and a hole with this." He laid some fabric and what looked like the remains of a box on the table. "I don't know what it is but I recognized the Ranger's Crest. I wanted you to see it." "Thank you son, this may explain a lot." The chaplain handed the young man a coin and life came into his eyes for the first time in a while. "I thought we had hid the thing well, someone has found it. "Skygirl, take this young man to where he found the box and see how long ago the earth was disturbed." The others began to ask questions, but the Chaplain waved them down. "Let's wait till Sky gets back." After about ten minutes Sky returned. "It seems like the box was dug up about a month and a half ago. The young man said they don't go back to that shed very often so he wasn't surprised no one had noticed yet." The chaplain acknowledged her and looked at the cloth again. "I thought it was hidden well enough this time but it appears someone knew where it was and took it." Standing up from his Table he addressed the crowd with a fire in his eyes no one had seen for some time. Rangers, I know this cloth and I know what was in this box. It appears some of our lethargy has been explained. Our guild hall is located on a deposit of dandenite ore. Those of you experienced in Metallurgy know it can have a side effect of inducing lethargy and physical weakness. We set our Guild Hall over it anyway because we had something we could use to counteract the dandenite ore. It was made of electrum and a few metals we couldn't quite identify, but it blocked the negative effects one of the founders of the guild called it the hype. Someone must have discovered it last year when the Guild Hall was destroyed and came back for it sometime in the fall. We have to find the bastard who stole the hype. Prepare yourselves. We're going thief hunting! Prepare yourselves for the Mini. We are going to go with a feat based system for this challenge. For those unfamiliar with this style of mini I will list different categories of feats and let you decide for yourself what your feat will be. Each week I will pick one of the feats and tell you to complete that feat for the week. If you are going to participate make a post on this thread declaring what your feats will be. Since this is a five week challenge I will give you five categories to choose from. For example, if I had said to pick a recovery feat you could choose to do 15 minutes of meditation on four different days for that week. Select a Strength Feat, a Speed Feat, a Distance Feat, a Combat Feet, and a Rangerly Outdoorsy Feat. Let me know if you have any questions. Edits: To anyone who feels like it's too late to join, it isn't. Jump in at any point during the mini.
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    I'm sure no one is surprised by this, but I have no desire to work today. The kids are getting off school early due to snow and I'm cuddled under a blanket with the dog. I'll be stalking threads and reading trashy romances for the next 12 hours.
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    Thank you everyone for the kind words and thoughts. Yesterday, my grandmother followed my grandfather. My brother and I will be traveling tomorrow to be with the family while we prepare for and celebrate the lives of two fantastic people. We spent the weekend super busy switching my kids' rooms. Now both boys are in the basement and both girls are upstairs. It was a lot of work painting and moving furniture, but the kids are happy with the updates. We also decided to do the 14-day trial of Eat This Much, which we are using for meal planning to see how it goes. It'll be interesting to see how much husband handles cooking like this when I am not home.
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    So, 2017 was hard for me. Me, basically all of 2017 I am still dealing with the existential crisis I dealt with all year, I gained all of my weight back that I had lost in 2015-2016, and I just let other people's issues come first, when I should have been prioritizing my own life. So, you know, 2017 can Anyway, 2018 is gonna be my year. I need it to be. Six years of graduate school really took a toll on my mental and physical health, and I refuse to go into my 30s less healthy than I went into my 20s. So, it's time to catch up on a few things. Actual footage of me trying to catch up to my goals We all know that I am someone who enjoys the video games, especially MMOs and RPGs. I have recently gotten back into Final Fantasy XIV, on which I have a level 70 Ninja and am leveling up Bard. So I thought I'd do an MMO/FFXIV-themed challenge for this first challenge of 2018. Specifically, I'd do some tank, healer, and DPS quests. Keep it simple of course. Here we go! Measurement Spreadsheet 2018 Road Map TANK: WARRIOR Quest 1: Strength training twice a week Bonus EXP: Work on pull ups Quest 2: Get 100g of protein per day Bonus EXP: Eat less than 120g carbs per day HEALER: SCHOLAR Quest 1: Read one book over course of challenge Bonus EXP: Any additional books read Quest 2: Finish up one research project over course of challenge Bonus EXP: Any additional projects completed DPS: NINJA Quest 1: Running, twice a week Bonus EXP: Interval training Quest 2: Stretching, every day Bonus EXP: Work on splits DPS: BARD Quest 1: Tennis, once a week (may replace with running if league isn't going) Bonus EXP: Win a match Quest 2: Write two blog posts over course of challenge Bonus EXP: Any additional blog posts written
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    Hola, compadres. Welcome to 2018's first installment of the continuing adventures of the incredible shrinking middle-aged man. Last year I rode the yo-yo a bit, and I don't aim to repeat those mistakes this year. Additionally, I ended 2017 with a discovery about my coronary health that requires a pretty fair shake-up of my workout grind, which if I'm being totally honest had gotten stale and unproductive. A shake-up, being just what the doctor ordered, may also be just what I need to break out of my rut. And while we're shaking it's also a good time to mix up what I've been doing with my diet as well. For the new and curious, Lean and Strong 1.0 was a constantly-evolving program I put together at the beginning of 2015 to do this: The program consisted mostly of lifting heavy weights, eating clean foods at a significant daily deficit, and focusing on proper sleep and stress management. It worked gangbusters, but in the years since I've slowly regained body fat as I've battled through illness, injury, and major life changes. I've also gotten bored, frustrated, and lazy with my goals. I never set out to be a weightlifter or a bodybuilder, but I fell in love with barbells and that made it the path of least resistance for designing fitness challenges--which ironically meant that I altogether stopped challenging myself once I hit my initial goals (lean as of 9/15, strong as of 6/16). Even when it stopped working I kept plugging away at the program and blaming myself for failures. Then after a mild medical episode and copious testing I was told that I have thickened heart muscle and need to cut back on the heavy strength training. Well to that I say, NUTS! Mostly, that is. I'm taking the medical advice to heart (heh) but I'm also not going to stop doing what I love. Thus we arrive at Lean and Strong 2.0; a revamped program designed to take me from 40-year-old squish to 41-year-old badass. By the end of 2018 I will: Wear size 30W jeans; Weigh less than 200 lbs; and Be able to do 18 consecutive strict pull-ups in a single set. That's it. Everything else that's bound to come along in pursuit of those three goals is gravy. 18 pull-ups in '18. I think I can, I think I can... But that's a tall mountain to climb, and if I only focus on the summit then I'll get discouraged and quit. So for the purposes of this challenge I'm focusing on just scoring that first pull-up and setting my baseline for all the other bodyweight (GASP!) fitness work I'm going to do. As usual I'm going to track four objectives in pursuit of my goals. 1. Wake. Good days start on time, so I'm going to continue to push myself to get up at the appropriate hour. A pass requires me to get out of bed at the first alarm and get moving before 6:45 am. If I oversleep (or snooze) but still make it to work on time then that's worth a 1/2 point. 2. Eat. I'm going to continue tracking my daily food intake and macro splits via MFP, but new for 2018 (at least this first challenge) is a different way of Intermittent Fasting (IF). Rather than maintain a daily eating window I'm going to eat on a 5:2 schedule that allows for moderately higher targets on five non-fasting days then only a small allotment on two fasting days per week. I've populated my spreadsheet with initial targets that should allow me to sustain a decent rate of fat loss. I'm going to keep an eye on macros just to make sure I'm getting plenty of good fats and not overdoing it with sugars. Good carbs will be planned for recovery meals after workouts, which leads me to... 3. Move. Power Cardio is dead. It never really worked anyway, so I'm actually excited to try something new. And for that new program I'm going to follow the Recommended Routine from /r/bodyweightfitness on Reddit. I'm particularly excited that the RR permits a barbell variation for Squat work that will allow me to lift lower body fairly heavy three times per week. Yes, this probably goes against the medical advice I was given, but since it's Squat and Deadlift I consider it a reasonable compromise. The rest of the work is bodyweight strength with increasingly difficult progressions. I'm going to have to spend the first week (at least) getting up to speed with my progressions, but for now I've populated my spreadsheet with the basics. On Tue-Thu I'll walk for 1/2 an hour, either outdoors or on the treadmill at home; and Sat-Sun will be rest days, at least insofar as a suburban dad is allowed to rest on a typical weekend. 4. Sleep. In bed on work nights by 10:30 pm with lights out and ready for proper sleep. This also requires all devices to be turned off--no ebook, tablet, phone, laptop, PC, or TV is permitted to break the darkness after 10:30. I'm going to have to insist MFG helps me out with this, too, since she likes to read late. We'll try to make time before bed to do that together, since... I'm adding a couple of untracked life-goals. One is to read the book I bought during hockey meet-up; I found a hard-cover edition of The Once and Future King by T.H. White. The other is to do at least 1/2 hour of practice at Rocket League on five nights per week. I really like that game and I want to get better at it, and dribbling and vehicle control training are very necessary. Plus it'll be a good daily reward for sticking to my Move goals. The usual spreadsheets are fabricated and ready to go for tracking my progress. Standard weekly check-ins will consist of scale weight, belt notch reports, and progress photos. The fancy shorts may make an appearance if I feel my performance has been up to snuff. Love you guys and I'm ready to rock 2018 with you! Next order of business is initial check-in on Sunday morning.
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    This is a fairly accurate depiction of how I feel about disappearing for three months: Needless to say, lots of stressful stuff happened, but I'm not going to bother listing it out, because (1) the details don't really matter (2) most of it is at least partially resolved now and (3) of course bad stuff happened because that's life, and half my problem is that so far I only seem to be able to stick to good self-care routines when things are going smoothly. Obviously, anything that's going to work forever has to work even when shit hits the fan. So here I am, back again. @fleaball texted me to mention that there was a new challenge starting (because she's the best) and although I cringe a little at reinforcing the new year's resolution trope, I have to concede that starting over is what I need to do right now. I've been wanting to do it for weeks now, so here's my chance. I need to get back to taking good care of myself and try to find a routine that works for me. For the past few months I've been taking really poor care of myself and, unfortunately, I can feel the effects. As such, I need to start with pretty modest, basic goals: Drink a glass of water and stretch every morning after waking up Exercise 30 minutes every day (just walking is fine) Daily updating of the food/mood journal that my therapist suggested...which I thus far have failed to start >.> Takeout food once per week maximum Go to bed by midnight Wear my Fitbit every day (this is more to for motivation and to remind me of my goals than for actual tracking, because it's not 100% accurate) Maximum of 3 caffeinated beverages a day (I know this is too much but it's less than I'm drinking now...baby steps) Check the forums briefly every day, even if I don't post on my own thread (staying connected on here really helps me stay on track) There are a thousand other things I would like to be doing, such as actual nutrition/macro targets, more ambitious workout plans, give up chocolate again, step count goals, sleeping more, etc. etc. But you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time, right? If the challenge is going fantastically, I'll think about adding in a bonus goal in week 3 or something. There are some new and interesting things going on in my life now, and I try to remind myself that I'll be so much better equipped to make the best of everything if I'm in better shape and have more energy. For those of you who don't know me, here's a really brief summary. I'm Canadian, but I live in the US (in Boston) and I actually just got my US citizenship in November so I am now a dual citizen. My undergrad was in Latin and Ancient Greek language and literature, and I still enjoy reading Latin literature for fun. I graduated law school, worked for a few years, was overworked and unhappy, and then freelanced for a while before starting to work on a local farm. I ended up loving it, and worked in farming for 6 years, the last year of which I co-founded a small farm with a friend. For various reasons I "retired" from farming in 2017. Since then I've been teaching ESL (something I have done on a part-time volunteer basis on and off since I was in university) to adults at a local community centre. And I just finished a certification in ESL instruction in December. I'm still not 100% sure what I want my 'for real' career to be, which is sometimes exciting and sometimes terrifying. I love reading, camping, learning languages, writing, plant and insect biology, history, rock climbing, music, travel, and spending time with friends in meatspace taking in cultural sights or having muddy and insane outdoor adventures.
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    In case you are new to my thread, my main deal is distance running. This time around, I'm just trying to slog through some base miles in these winter months. I'll be traveling in early Jan, so I'm going to use the first week to just do what I can and test out a couple goals (see below). Most of them will start on Mon Jan 8 and run 4 weeks. 1. Run 100 miles. I'm going to try to do the "Winter Warrior Challenge" again this year, running outside at least 3 miles every day. I might run into some roadblocks early in the month with travel, so I'm not making that an official NF challenge goal. I have lots of plans for how to structure these miles during the week, but I'll keep it simple here. This challenge fits my larger 2018 goal of "Continue to maintain distance base, building toward 2 fall "A" races (to be decided)" 2. Push-up progressive. I've made up a bunch of complicated rules to make this into a game for myself: -It will start on Jan 8 with 10 push-up negatives. I'll add one each day (11 on Jan 9, 12 on Jan 10 etc) - I can do full push-ups, and they count for 5 (!!!) negatives each. - I have to do a total of at least 10 (full + negatives) each day. So if I owe 25 pushups, and I do 5 full pushups (counts for 25 negs), I still have to do 5 more negatives to fill the set. - I can get behind and make them up (not recommended, but allowed). I can get ahead by up to 40. - If I can't do pushups due to an injury, I can substitute elbow plank. 10 second hold for each negative. This is only allowed for injury. This goal is mostly for fun! 3. Read "On Managing Yourself." I've read this before and found it helpful. I'm gonna re-read it and then get rid of it. This is a continuation of getting rid of things littering my bookshelf. This fits my larger 2018 goal of "Taking control of my own time and energy" 4. Aim for 5-star mornings. Rate each weekday morning, one star for each behavior: - Set up coffee maker and make lunch night before - Get out of bed by 6:30 - Start running by 7:15 - 3 stretches after run: modified down dog, piriformes, hip flexors. - Do my "house elf" chores before leaving the house (dishes, tidy living room, dining room table clear, bed made, no clothes on floor) These fit my larger goals of "Taking control of my own time and energy" "Improve mobility/flexibility in hips and hamstrings" and "Continue to maintain distance base..." I'm not going to set a threshold for success on this one since it's new. Maybe I'll add one later in the challenge. Bonuses: Yep...I have a bunch set up for myself. One you've heard about before is the "sushi list". I have a list of ~10 chores. When I finish it, I treat myself to some carryout sushi. Sushi is actually seeming less appealing in the deep winter, so I may substitute Thai or Indian carryout. Same idea. First week of Jan: I'll try to run every day, but it won't count toward the 100 miles. I'll try to get 10 pushup negatives a day, but it doesn't count toward the progressive. I can start reading that book whenever I want. I'll be traveling, so the morning schedule won't really apply.
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    I would put strawberry with the cream cheese, but your theory is sound. I made it to work ok. I didn't write it, I have just been talking about it so much others are reading it. https://www.amazon.com/Intuitive-Eating-Revolutionary-Program-Works/dp/1250004047/ref=pd_bxgy_14_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=1250004047&pd_rd_r=YWGCBXY0C408NNSC6NV8&pd_rd_w=PCJ8o&pd_rd_wg=pnV8j&psc=1&refRID=YWGCBXY0C408NNSC6NV8 Made it to work ok. Sra. Tanque and I made lunch, she made a salad with spinach, a navel orange, avocado, almond slivers and a dressing with olive oil, mustard and apple cider vinegar. I pan scrambled four slices of thick bacon, set that aside and sauteed chicken thighs that had been cut up and seasoned them with italian seasoning and lemon pepper. It was awesome. We had lit a fire between breakfast and lunch as well as finished the Laundry. In that time I did NF Yoga Fire B, very appropriate given it happened in front of the fireplace.
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    (It's cold AF so wear your scarf to lift.) Hi! I'm Raptron. You may know me from such challenges as #36: Sept - Oct 2014 and #44: Oct - Nov 2015. Or maybe you've just seen me around. I compete on an adult gymnastics team whose season is just gearing up, participated in my first powerlifting meet last month, and generally spend my free time trying flip, lift, and socialize my way to VICTORY by creating my own win conditions for life. I am creating a way to victory for January by keeping things simpler so that I can focus on two main goals: polishing my gymnastics for competition season (first meet of the season is January 20!) and continuing the search for a new job, which I completely slacked off doing in December and apparently need to keep as a goal to make progress on. Goal 1. Gymnastics Rough Spots *Vault 4x in practice *Bars routine at least 1 practice x week *Beam routine at least 1 practice x week *Floor routine at least 1 practice x week Goal 2. Intervals *Interval workouts 2x per week Goal 3. Job Applications *Apply for at least 3 jobs per week I will still be lifting 3x per week this month and also probably trying to eat a bit less cheese and a bit more vegetables but do not want to make those formal goals this time around.
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    - Rangercorps™ admission board: People, today we would like to welcome a new prospect of the Rangercorps™. Please introduce yourself: - Mr_Willes: Hello everyone my name is Mr_Willes - Rangercorps™ admission board: "Hello, Mr_Willes" - Mr_Willes: This is my first challenge here with you people - Rangercorps™ admission board: Very good to have you here newbie - Mr_Willes: I want to train for an obstacle course race in May and a beginners powerlifting meet in June - Rangercorps™ admission board: Those are very solid goals to work to - Mr_Willes: I need to lose some bodyfat and gain some extra endurance to be able to do the OCR - Rangercorps™ admission board: Seems like you need to have a cardio plan and need to watch your calorie intake - Mr_Willes: Exactly, but since i also want to do a PL meet in June i also need to make sure i don't lose muscle in the process, and even gain a little muscle during this process if possible - Rangercorps™ admission board: Well that's gonna be a very tough job balancing those 2 opposites. - Mr_Willes: Well the good thing is that my Wilks score for the PL meet will go up if i can manage to strip weight and keep my muscle - Rangercorps™ admission board: That's right but know that this will be a very hard process, what is your battleplan to achieve this? - Mr_Willes: I know, that's why i want to start my focus on growing my endurance and losing bodyfat at the same time - Rangercorps™ admission board: That would be a good place to start, can you be a bit more specific about how you want to achieve this? - Mr_Willes: Well first i need to get myself running, so i want to dedicate 2 days a week to a running workout. - Rangercorps™ admission board: Sounds like a good choice, do you have a plan for when it rains or when your motivation to go running isn't very high? - Mr_Willes: I don't want to set hard goals for the running, i will try to stick to a running plan, but if motivation is low i will be satisfied if i at least start running and just see how far i will get. - Rangercorps™ admission board: Okay, makes sense and for the lifting, what will you do if you lack motivation? - Mr_Willes: I usually use some sort of PWO, and the thing what that stuff is, you need to get moving after you had some, the stuff that's in there is pretty swanky - Rangercorps™ admission board: May i suggest using the same approach you have with running, at least start a workout and see how far you get. - Mr_Willes: I think that would completely line up with the way i want to do things, i like to follow the KISS principle, so 2 strategies for the same goals seems like a fit. - Rangercorps™ admission board: So we got the training part covered how about the eating part, you know, you can't outrun your fork. - Mr_Willes: Yeah i know and that's probably my biggest problem but i need to start small cause i need these habits ingrained cause i will be all over the place if i want to work on all of the things at the same time. - Rangercorps™ admission board: We know that, we call it "RangerBrain", and it's something that a lot of people here have to deal with. So what's the battleplan on the eating part. - Mr_Willes: I want to focus on keeping a bit under maintenance by about 10% which is 2000-10%=1800 KCAL, while trying to keep the protein as high as possible. - Rangercorps™ admission board: The high protein would be to prevent loss of muscle i presume? - Mr_Willes: That's right, and next to this main goals i will have 2 side goals, during working days i need to keep strict on lunch cause it so easily gets out of hand and on wednesday i want to do a Intermittent Fasting day, cause that would fit my schedule perfectly. - Rangercorps™ admission board: An Intermittent fasting day for someone who runs 2 days a week and lifts 2 days a week? - Mr_Willes: Yeah, my usual lifting days are Monday and Saturday, and my running days are Friday and Sunday, next to the Crossfit i do on Tuesday and Thursday, so to manage an even lower weekly kcal average i want to do an IF day on wednesday, but also because it just feels good. - Rangercorps™ admission board: Okay, so, 2 days of running, 2 days of lifting, 2 days of crossfit, one day of intermittent fasting, and a slight kcal deficit on a weekly base, DING DING DING, you are qualified to be a ranger, please proceed with your challenge, and good luck! - Mr_Willes: Thank you, but luck won't be needed I WILL DO THIS! - Rangercorps™ admission board: Ooh-rah Ranger! Train: Run 2 times a week (could use tips on a 2 day schedule) Lift 2 times a week Eat: KISS lunch, 5 out of 7 days a week KCAL <1800, 6 out of 7 days a week (focus on protein) IF-Wednesday, (only eat dinner) If i read the rules correctly we get 15 points to divide over these goals: STR - Strength / DEX - Dexterity / WIS - Wisdom / STA - Stamina / CHA -Charisma / CON - Constitution TRAIN Run: Max Score: 8 Earn: +3 STA +1 DEX Lift: Max Score: 8 Earn: +3 STR EAT: KCAL: Max Score: 24 Earn: +2 WIS, +1 DEX, +1 STA Lunch: Max Score: 20 Earn: +1 CHA, +1 CON IF: Max Score: 4 Earn: +1 CHA, +1 CON
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    This is probably blasphemy, but I'm not a dog person. Which is pretty funny considering how much my dog likes me. We "share" the same seat on the couch (meaning we share our same favorite spot). But if I get there first, she'll come sit next to me and we'll share a blanket. So this is what we've done today (yes, my dog likes blankets). And it has definitely kept my mood up. And it is totally creepy that all of the pets in the house seem to know that something is out of sorts. They have all been super cuddly the last few days.
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    I have a lot on my mind right now but I don't want to rant/wall-o-text in my opening post so HI EVERYONE here are my challenges (it got long anyway, damnit): 1. Exercise: C25K. 2. Nutrition: Own breakfast. 3. LUYL: Plan 2018 I don't usually score my challenges, but if I do everything outlined above over the next four weeks, I will have earned a set of those lovely Irish linen handkerchiefs I've had my eye on.
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    Hi, I'm Teros and this is my 40th, yes FORTIETH challenge in a row. I've had a lot of shitty ones, some epic ones, but I haven't missed one since I got here a couple of years ago. After the first couple of challenges, I realized there was a lack of 'gamifying' the challenges and I started equating each challenge with a level. Complete challenge #4? Then you turn level 4. I remember there was an article that talked about 'what is your level 50 version of yourself?' and with this being my 40th; it made me realize that I want to be the person I was meant to be by level 50. That means I have 10 challenges and considering the length of challenges; that means about a year before I hit level 50. Am I on the right track to doing that? I had a bunch of crap challenges until I was at a breaking point a couple challenges ago. I gave myself an ultimatum: either I pull my head out of my ass or I quit NF forever. I felt I didn't deserve to call myself 'Teros'. What happened? I had probably my second best challenge in the years I've been here. I thought that the reason this worked was because I was put between a rock and a hard place. I needed to feel like if I fucked up, I was truly gone. It got me frustrated and angry enough for change. Last challenge I figured I should extend this idea. However, it didn't work. Lightning didn't strike twice and I had a *good* challenge, not a *great* challenge. How my brain works: -Feel ok -Feel bad -Do unhealthy coping mechanisms (like junk food) to stop feeling bad -Feel worse -Use *more* unhealthy coping mechanisms -Feel anxious and depressed -Get shitty sleep -Have no energy -Use *more* unhealthy coping to get energy -Feel self-depreciating -Feel helpless -Use *more* unhealthy coping -Feel suicidal -Depression and anxiety turns into frustration -Stew with frustration -Frustration turns to rage -Rage turns into self-inflicted rage ("I hate myself. Stop being a piece of shit!") -Rage cascades outwards -Use Rage-fuel to do workouts -Swear constantly at self when I think about using unhealthy coping -Get out of depression because Rage lasts long enough to let me detox from junk food -Rage fizzles because I have no reason to self-hate, as I've broken the cycle -Become badass -Badass = confident -Confident = cocky -Cocky thinks I can get away with using *one* unhealthy coping mechanism *once* because I've been doing so well -Fuck up royally -Spiral downwards -Feel ok *Repeat* You see this constant ebb and flow. I'll crash and crest and crash and crest. My weightloss does the same. I'm usually 'cresting' more than I'm 'crashing', which means I overall lose weight. My weightloss follows the above format: -Gain 5 pounds -Gain 10 pounds -Gain 15 pounds (right around here is the -'Feel suicidal' part) -Stay 15 pounds overweight -Lose 5 pounds -Lose 10 pounds -Lose 15 pounds -Lose 20 pounds (-Badass part) -Lose 25 pounds -Gain 5 pounds *Repeat* I have a net loss of 10 pounds for each 'cycle' that I go through, roughly. That has led to me losing over 100 pounds. I was able to get through a half-cycle over the holidays, with constant junk food swaying and breaking down the Rage. I'm currently at the '-Stew with frustration' step. My thought is simple: I need to somehow stay in the Rage Zone. I got a lot of things done in my previous challenge so this is going to be a rework of what's leftover for that, as well as some new stuff. I'm making a huge commitment right now. My challenge: 1) Whole Year - I'm angry just thinking about this, but there is no more perfect time to do this than right now, a mere few hours before it turns into 2018. I'm about to attempt a Whole 30 for a solid year. 2018-2019. I have done the math and I will be at my goal weight before the year is over, which means I will be at my Level 50 right when I want to be. Last challenge, I tried to juggle too many things; and while I got most of them done, THIS goal is the one that suffered. Also....THIS goal is the one that matters more than all of the other ones. Because of that, I'm taking super-mega-ultra effort on this being the one goal that I finish. All of the other goals are [OPTIONAL]. I'm looking at this challenge like a test. This goal is the test. The others are extra credit. All the extra credit combined will not somehow make me pass this test. 2) Media Burn - I'm not going to any Porn websites. I'm not going on Facebook. I'm not watching shows on Youtube, but I will post music/clips. 3) Creation - I'm going to do artwork two times per week. It can be Bellmyst, painting, or whatever. 4) School - I need to do schoolwork. This all varies based on what is going on. I have a book on Housing First that I need to read, as well as a huge project to do for a class once it starts back up. 5) Workouts - I'm going to work out three times per week. Options: Walk / MMA / Sledgehammer. I'm going to start off every post with a bullet point on the progress of each. The fact that I stopped doing that last challenge is what lead me to slack off and be absent-minded. No more of that shit. I spoke before that I was trying to adjust my schedule to open up time blocks: Sunday - Morning (Free) Evening (Internship) Monday - Morning (Work) Evening (School/Internship) Tuesday - Morning (Work) Evening (Internship) Wednesday - Morning (Work) Evening (Free) Thursday - Morning (Free) Evening (School) Friday - Morning (Internship) Evening (Free) Saturday - Morning (Free) Evening (Free) I'm banking the following 'Free' and turning them into 'Stuff' slots for myself to do artwork, posting on nf, cleaning, errands, homework, etc: Sunday Morning Thursday Morning Saturday Morning Saturday Night That leaves Wednesday / Friday nights free. I also know that I won't do anything productive on Mondays and Tuesdays after school/internship; which means those are *partial free*. I won't want to start painting at like, 7pm when I normally go to bed at 9 or 10pm. That means those partial slots are free. I spoke last challenge about how much time was spent just 'hanging around' with women and how it's a waste of my time. I'm telling both of them tomorrow that I've "done a lot of thinking and I need more order in my life" and I'm letting them choose what 2 days work for them. Their options to see me are: Monday Late Tuesday Late Wednesday Evening Friday Evening I also am letting them know about my Whole Year, so it would be appreciated if we had a date night where they cooked. I've given enough to both of them over these past few months and it's time I ask for something in return: Whole30 dinner once a week. This means: Sunday - Morning (Stuff) Evening (Internship) Monday - Morning (Work) Evening (School/Internship) Late (Little/JJ) Tuesday - Morning (Work) Evening (Internship) Late (Little/JJ) Wednesday - Morning (Work) Evening (Little/JJ) Thursday - Morning (Stuff) Evening (School) Friday - Morning (Internship) Evening (Little/JJ) Saturday - Morning (Stuff) Evening (Stuff) This should suit me until April/May, when my agency hires me and I will reshuffle these again so I'll be making about double what I currently make (between the extra hours and the pay increase). So that's it. My challenge, how I'm organizing my life, and my motivation for how I'm going to get this done.
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    "We're not out here flipping tires to be better tire-flippers. We're doing it to be better period. Better, stronger, more determined humans. Capable of anything. To honor our bodies and sharpen our minds. To be more human." Four words... You are born into this world with nothing and you are to die with nothing. You are but one, surrounded by hordes of those who will humiliate you, burn you, destroy you… you can’t escape because your fate has already been decided long before you were born. No one needs you to be anything more than you already are; no one wants you to be anything more than you already are. You are unrecognizable, forgettable, and disposable, and that is all you ever will be. If not for four words... I won’t accept that. Starting weight baseline: 220 lbs. CrossFit Skill Metrics: CrossFit Metrics OBJECTIVE I: “I try to save one life per day… usually it’s mine.” [+2 STR, DEX, STA, CON] Track Macros & MyFitnessPal 5 days/week: ☐☐☐☐☐ CrossFit training protocol 5 days per week: ☐☐☐☐☐ One weekly session of Yoga/ROMWOD: ☐ OBJECTIVE II: “No great scoundrel is ever uninteresting.” [+5 CHA] Do something that makes me “Happy” 3 times/week: ☐☐☐ Non-Lady Friend social activity 1 time/week: ☐ Post a challenge update 3 times/week: ☐☐☐ OBJECTIVE III: “What can I say; I’m charming and irresponsible irresistible.” [+2 WIS] Ongoing To-Do list… ☐ Read: Forthcoming. ☐ Write: Forthcoming. ☐ Other: Register for Motorcycle Learner’s. ☐ Other: Perpetual decluttering. Big Three Objectives… ☐ Nonnegotiable weekly goals, shit that absolutely needs to be done. CHALLENGE INSPIRATION “The man I am today is what I have to work with.” Another mindset shift necessitates a swing in this challenge's paradigm. For the foreseeable future I'll be treating this challenge as an ongoing "theme shifting" Battle Log because my goals won't shift much but my Real Life Character™ focal stat may change. The wild news for this year is I have a reservation in Madison, Wisconsin for a hotel during the 2018 CrossFit Games. Tickets go on sale in April and I have every intention of being in attendance among the spectators at the Alliant Energy Center this year, which means... Yep, that's the plan, folks.
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    <3! Back in December I was feeling super ambitious and I tried to teach Madi how to do that hug thing, only on people instead. This was as good as we got:
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    Week 3 Wednesday Update I'm BACK, baby! I had no intention of running yet, but I suddenly realized mid-day that I had energy again?? I wanted to move?? It was like night and day, really. I was kind of worried that I was going to feel really lazy after I got better, but that doesn't seem to be the case this time. So, I went on a run - slightly longer than last time (treadmills are so BORING, yo) and did my yoga session later in the day. La la la la la~ Not the best foodwise, but gotta start somewhere. I also made a list of local aikido places (there are quite a few to choose from!) and I decided I want to take a Japanese class in person, since Duolingo can only get you so far. I found two places in the area that do the classes (once/week) - one that starts a session in February and one that starts in April. The April one seems better, so I'm leaning towards waiting until that one opens up to register. I could also look into a (closer) community college that offers it, but I kind of don't want to deal with the whole registration/multi-day/student assignment kind of vibe, so IDK. Either way, neat. I also took care of some mail that had piled up while I was in CA. ENERGYYYYYY
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    Bacon is important in my life. Today is a good day. In the morning I had breakfast; a bagel with cream cheese on one half and Justin's Hazlenut spread (like Nutella but more natural) on the other half with some yogurt. I read a chapter from Intuitive Eating about accepting your body. I realized my waist is big but it doesn't define me. Following the books advice I decided to focus on what I do like about my body. Below my knees I don't have a lot of body fat, my calves are very well defined. I have awesome green eyes. Beard. I have good hair (thanks to someone who knows what she's doing cutting my hair). I like my deltoids. I have strong, powerful legs. Beard. My arms are stronger than they've ever been. My back muscles are developed from the Lat Pull Downs and deadlifts. Beard. I went to the police station for roll calls and got my workout in. I did bench, which went really well, and squat. On Squat I called an audible and decided to prestige class my squats. I dropped my working max down to 90 and am going to work my way back up. I had struggled with squats quite a bit, and even 5x8 at 55 pounds took effort. Part of the issue is I do high bar squats since I'm not planning on competing and high bar squats work the quads more. Deadlifts take care of my hamstrings. The other part of the issue is I don't yet have a lot of endurance for squats, so high reps with more weight is challenging. I feel good about this decision. Dinner was pork tenderloin, rice and leeks. In the morning before leaving for the station I cut a pork tenderloin into medallions and put it in a bag with 1 tbsp avocado oil, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1 tbsp coconut aminos and 2 cloves of minced garlic and let it set till I was ready to cook it. They went into a 400 degree oven on a greased baking sheet (actually on the aluminum foil I put on the baking sheet) for 15 minutes. The rice was 1 tbsp butter melted with salt, garlic powder, thyme, pepper, and parsley. I added 1 cup rice and stir fried it, then added 2 cups chicken broth, and a splash of white wine vinegar, let that come to a boil then put a lid on it and turned it down to low. That cooked for 15 minutes. The leaks I had sliced and chopped ahead of time, they were sautéed with 2 tbsp coconut oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, parsley and thyme part of the way through I added some rice vinegar. A note on the timing. Assuming you've marinated the tenderloin ahead of time, to have it ready at the same time, preheat the oven, put the foil on the sheet and grease it, then arrange the pork. Then chop the leeks and put the coconut oil in the skillet you will use but don't turn on the burner. Start the rice, and once it starts to boil put the pork in the oven. They both need the same amount of time. Then you can heat your skillet and cook the leeks. I served the rice, topped it with the leeks, and put the pork medallions next to that. After it was done we decided the marinade could have used some ginger. At the table we added some more coconut aminos to the pork and some hoisin sauce to the rice and leeks. The hoisin sauce really knocked it out of the park. In a new development, I did not plate all the food. I put a decent amount on each plate, and ended up leaving enough behind for Sra. Tanque to take to work tomorrow for lunch. I had more for lunch than I realized and wasn't too hungry. I could for sure have eaten way more dinner than I did, but was content with what I had.
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    Ok, this is a draft that is subject to change because I am drinking the last of the egg nog .... well-laced with rum. I read over my previous challenges. Wow. We moved 5 times in 5 years. We lost my father-in-law, my brother, my mother, and our dog. My daughter and I both received our doctorates. My daughter got married. I had a string of jobs that were .... um .... not as advertised. The number of changes is mind boggling. I did make some gains. I lost 10 pounds. And I did get a bit stronger. Not as much as I had wanted, but any little bit is a win. And I never gave up. I may not have a lot going for me, but I have persistence. And I am beginning to nurture the flame within me that longs for further accomplishments, further adventures. I have more to do, more people to inspire, and lives to improve (including my own). As I read through the past few years' worth of challenges, the desire to do an OCR keep surfacing. I kept getting derailed by life changes and also by an endless cycle of getting sick. I seriously think that the illnesses were caused by the low-grade oral infection that already had my immune system on the ropes. Since the tooth was pulled, I've felt a lot better. And I mean ALOT. I have hope again. And I am ready to join the Rangers on the Hunt for the Hype. May the Force have mercy on the one who has stolen it!!!! Concretely ..... I will register for an OCR by the end of the challenge. Probably the Warrior Dash in LeSueur, MN in June, but I have to check with my daughter and husband. Daughter will be going to Japan for two weeks this summer for conferences (and we get to dog sit!). And I'd like hubby to be there so he can drive a muddy me home. To prepare: 1) Keep running. 6 days per week will either be a run or 10K steps by any other means. 2) Keep lifting. I have a basic plan for this month and will change it up again after the end of this challenge. Probably. I have some reading to do, and I know I will change workouts as I learn. 3) Get more protein. I can slip into eating a lot of carbs and sugar if I am not careful. So 5 high-quality protein sources per day. Eggs, protein shakes, beef, chicken, veggie full-protein combinations. Bacon does not count. Bacon is a condiment. 4) Get more freggies. 5 per day. I have loved my rainbow challenges in the past, and I'll try to do that again just to keep the selections interesting and cover a full range of helpful anti-oxidents. 5) Read up on OCR training ideas. I have a book and some blogs to follow. My intention is to restart (and finish) the OCR book I got 2 years ago, and get that done this month. But if folks have suggestions for blogs, podcasts, books, etc. I'll take 'em!! 6) Daily affirmations. In many ways, my mind is my greatest weakness, and I can talk myself out of nearly anything. I need to be brave. Tracking spreadsheet!!! Score??? In terms of stickiness. If I get 80% or better, then the change is on the way to becoming a habit.
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    Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. As requested, I'll post early and quit sitting on my challenge. Even though posting this ish means I actually have to live up to it, lest all my cool points be ganked. ;p --------- Doesn’t this happen to me every year? I’m sitting here, and my stomach feels like it has little daggers in it. From food. Some of it I know damn good and well I shouldn’t be eating from years of trial and error (much of that some of y’all have seen), and some of it I’m not sure if I’m 100% ready to give up (like bell pepper and if my gut tries to take broccoli from me it will have to pry it from my cold dead hands so help me jibbers). But really, with the cheese I FREAKING KNOW BETTER. I wanted to believe that I could magically handle dairy in the Middle East. Dairy is freaking everywhere, in everything, and it doesn’t *always* spell disaster where my stomach is concerned. Often, even, it does not. Just contributes some low level inflammation and mild bloating. Labneh is often a trade-off, and ordering milk with coffee while out feels like it has to happen usually. It totally doesn’t. I also don’t need to tempt fate as much as I do with goat dairy and soy. As for my other steady goal of working out 3-5 times a week (if you guys have come along in the last year or so (*cough* two *cough) when I’ve suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked at fitness, you may not know this, but my ass used to be known for consistency around here. For setting tons of X number of X goals, adding mini challenges and goals for myself mid-cycle, and 1000% sticking to all of that no matter what kind of ridiculous bullshit was happening in my day. Well, that shit has not happened in oh, 2 years? Are we admitting it’s been that long since I ran that metric asston of races?), well, my fitness goals have completely and utterly fallen by the wayside for way too long. LIKE WAY TOO LONG. LIKE I CAN’T HANDLE LIFE OR GO FREAKING GROCERY SHOPPING WITHOUT MY ARMS BEING TIRED AND MY HIPS HURTING FROM MARBLE FLOORS LONG. FOR SO LONG THAT WALKING MORE THAN A LITTLE BIT CAUSES MY BRAIN TO WANT TO HAIL ONE OF THOSE GOLF CARTS THAT ARE PERPETUALLY IN MY VICINITY TO FERRY LOCAL LADIES AROUND. Well that shit has got to stop. And I’ve got to do it without a full race schedule to keep me motivated, or classes I love that are hella convenient to keep my attention in one place. Or easy access to any damn thing I want (like my climbing gym, my building yoga, my archery place and a walking-friendly city that I happen to love). I don’t have much in the way of a ‘Come To Jesus’ at the moment, just a ‘quit acting like you don’t know better you dumbass; what’s next? Going to try not eating again?’ warning to self. Self, you’re an idiot. You know better. You know what works. You know how to freaking do it. You liked your home video programs. You liked home yoga FOR YEARS. You also quit eating dairy AND DID NOT MISS IT. YOU ALSO WILL NOT DIE IF YOU DRINK TEA OUT INSTEAD OF COFFEE. COFFEE IS ALSO JUST FLAVORED WATER. YOU WILL NOT GO BANKRUPT IF YOU SPEND THE SAME AMOUNT ON HOT WATER AND A TEA BAG THAT YOU WOULD ON COFFEE YOU GENERALLY DON’T ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT. QUIT BEING A DAMN NINNY. Also, keep with keto, self. Your ass doesn’t really need carbs to keep it warm in the “winter”. Less carbs is good for you. Maybe try smaller portions. Eat more veggies again. Cool it on the keto convenience foods - you can do both Paleo & keto. It’s super not hard - not even in the Sandpit. You will not die. Think vegan + fat out if you damn have to. Salad won’t immediately give you Hepatitis. Probably. Also, you have a puppy that loves people and animals and an overly-active social life with a modicum of responsibility to keep up. Aaaaaaaaaand you should totally bring your marketing knowledge to bear on your social media endeavors. Also consider using that expensive ass coding education you just finished - if only to dick around. Hellooooooooooo, building a freelance portfolio full of actual shit. Work and a direction also would not kill you, though I’m not pushing hard for Q1 or Q2 in 2018. Let’s work on fitness first. Get back to where you’re happy and where your routine is thriving and we’ll talk. This shit could all disappear tomorrow and you may have to *gasp* un-retire. It could happen. Let’s not think about it. Travel. That’s going to happen for you too a bit this year. It’s going to take planning. Planning and stepping yet again out of that non-existent comfort zone you still want to consider clinging to. Plus the DH. He’s working a lot more than he has in years and years. Plan some shit for him to do so he doesn’t feel the grind so much and can step away from that game you want to firebomb on the daily. Ok. Enough wingeing (damn Europeans). On To The Goals. Goal The First Macros. Oooh. Such a departure. My keto macros are thus: 1318 calories (I don’t judge here, lest it make me crazy) 70g protein (21%) 20g or less net carbs (6%) 106g fat (73%) Goal The Second Work out. I’ll be starting slow here with 2x a week at the gym doing the NF beginner gym track. Goal The Second.5 1 “fun” workout a cycle. Something like finding a climbing gym, stand up paddle boarding, swim classes, or some sort of other something until I find something I want to inconvenience myself to do regularly. Goal The Third Walk the dog every day. It’s nice outside at night. She has short legs and doesn’t need much exercise, but appreciates it greatly. Goal The Fourth Learn how to play the dulcimer DH got me for Christmas. Not sure what form this will end up taking, but strides need to be made here. OTHER LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE GOALS NO FREAKING DAIRY, DAMMIT Find puppy daycare and socialization groups for Freya Plan fun things on the weekend Continue with socialization Find a hobby group to get involved with Find a way to volunteer my skills to keep them fresh - or just practice them Keep up with my social media pursuits and act like I actually know what I’m doing Consider building a real and actual freelance portfolio to attract dolla dollars bills yo Vacation like a damn boss Remember you’re a minimalist while spending all your damn time in the mall Also remember that one of your social media pursuits is a freaking food blog Take your camera out and use it KEEP ENGAGED WITH MY COMMUNITY AND MY FRIENDS EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE 8 HOURS (+) BEHIND YOU IN TIME (and you tend to only forum once a day after DH has gone to bed and while you’re watching copious amounts of not-tv aka YouTube) Ahem. QUIT WATCHING COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF NOT-TV GET ENOUGH WATER, YOU ARE NOT A JAWA Get a new Fitbit; let that little wrist demon shame your ass into action Learn Arabic, or at least try to do so According to my BuJo, this is what I have the mechanisms in place to track daily: Macros Calories Protein Net Carbs Fat Water Steps Workout Dog Walks Dulcimer (Lack of) Dairy Mood Stomach Mood Editorial Calendar Main Shit To Do/Done/Other Add-Ins The quantified life is not worth living, yo.
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    Monsters are real. There, I said it. Sounds fucking crazy, I know. Trust me, I've considered having myself committed more than once over the last few weeks, but I can't just shut my eyes to the truth anymore. Monsters are out there, they're hunting us, and someone needs to stand up to them. I'm not ready, though. Some of the shit that I've been cued into...no. I know I can't just walk up to, I dunno, a fucking werewolf or whatever and just punch it in the jaw in the name of us humans. Doesn't quite work like that. So I need to prepare. I need to watch, learn, analyze, and plan. In the meantime, I've gotta prepare my body and, just as much, my mind, if I'm gonna join in on this madness. I have to gear up. And I have to be careful. As if monsters weren't mad enough, apparently they've got servants, thralls, cultists, and outright collaborators that have sold their soul to the bastards for all kinds of insane motivations. Yeah. The guy beginning to think that demonic entities have infiltrated our society is calling others insane. I can appreciate the irony. But these...beings, and their human agents, they're careful. And they're always watching for threats to their masters. I've gotta keep these thoughts, at least for now, on the DL. Act like everything is normal, go on with my life....and use this notebook here as my outlet, my research, my training log. So let's start with the basics: 1. I need to get back in the gym. Yeah, I'm not gonna punch out a toothy tentacle beast, I get it. But plain ol' muscle will still be called for in hauling gear for the hunt, or in fighting off all-too-human cultists. What's that line? "Strong people are harder to kill"? Oh, good. I'll need every edge I can get. 2. And I need to get my wind up, too. I have no illusions here, I'll have to run for my life just as often as I'll be able to bring the hurt. Probably more so. So I gotta get conditioned. 3. And I could afford to lose this belly. I may need to haul myself up over walls, to say nothing for the gear I'll be carrying or, God help me, other people I get rescue from these things. This job won't have any place for anything extra blubber. It's gonna take me a while, but I'm in no rush to get into any full frontal assaults either. Slow and steady, one pound at a time, just like my research into all this. 4. There are going to be times when I need to lay low for a while and can't get to the gym. I should start doing bodyweight exercises that I can do anywhere, and that will carry over in the hunt. Best place to start will be pullups. If I can even add one to my best effort over these next few weeks, it'll be worth the effort. 5. Finally, I need to establish a safehouse. Someplace that I can lay low, train, research, and store and maintain gear. Call it a Hunter's Cabin. That's what I hear people like us are called, anyway. "Hunters". Are there really others? Who know, but I have to hope. God know, I'm gonna need help. *** So, how does that dorky bit of writing translate into real world goals? STRENGTH TRAINING Not worrying about specific poundage or PRs or anything like that. That may come again in time, but for now, I'm just interested in rebuilding the habit of getting in there and doing work. AT LEAST FOUR SESSIONS EACH focused on the following: OVERHEAD PRESS MOVEMENT SQUAT MOVEMENT BENCH PRESS MOVEMENT DEADLIFT MOVEMENT Two of the movements can be done in one workout and be counted, but not three. At that point it would probably within the context of a WOD or a conditioning session, anyway. In addition: AT LEAST TWO SESSIONS where I work on the mechanics of the POWER CLEAN. This could be its own session, or plugged into one of the others. CONDITIONING AT LEAST 10 CONDITIONING SESSIONS. This could be a WOD at my Crossfit box, a metcon added to the end of a strength session, or its own workout. My own programming here will most likely this will take the form of rowing, assault bike, KB swings, barbell complexes, bodyweight circuits, or prowler work, but anything with the purpose of thrashing my cardiovascular system will count. BODY COMP LOSE 5 POUNDS. Not much to say on this one. My first milestone in weightloss will be 25 pounds, so this is just the first step in a much longer term goal. I probably wouldn't be able to maintain 5 pounds per Challenge or anything, but coming off the holidays it really shouldn't be hard to hit this with any discipline at all. I'll take the psychological bump, admittedly artificial or not. BODYWEIGHT TRAINING This general category entails calisthenics, agility training, yoga and mobility, and all that. I need to do more of all of it, but in order to not overwhelm myself, I'm only tracking one: PULLUPS. I need to train pullups in any capacity (max efforts, loaded reps, strict or kipping, for strength or within a conditioning session) 10 times, and will look to increase my max strict deadhang effort by ONE REP. LIFE GOAL In an effort of having a more organized, peaceful living space, cleaning and organizing is going to be my life goal this Challenge. It's not like I live in absolute chaos or anything, but it's not where I want it to be, and I have a couple of those "forgotten corners" where things just pile up. Specifically, I have sooooo many backpacks and gear and kit that I really need to wrangle into one space and organize. And I have way too many clothes that I never touch. So, this Challenge will be a success in this area if I: DO A CLOSET CLOTHES PURGE INVENTORY AND ORGANIZE MY GEAR ** And there we have it. I've come and gone so much from the Challleges this past year or two, and have really struggled with consistency, but I miss it. First Challenge of the year, and I hope it sets the tone for the rest of 2018. I miss you guys! It's good to be back. Let me know if I can help you in your journey in any way at all. Lets go kick some ass.
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    STARPUCK STARTS A BRAND NEW ADVENTURE Sometimes it's just really motivating to start a brand new character. To have a fresh new character sheet, and shiny new pencils and new dice to get you rolling. I had originally started this thread out with comments about how my last year had gone, and how it had finished up, but then I stopped and said, "Wait... that doesn't matter now. What matters are the choices I make going forward and the effort I put in today and tomorrow and then tomorrow's tomorrow and so on." So just like you might learn a new thing about your favored class or character archetype every time you roll up a new one, I will take what I've learned playing through this game previously, and become even better at it this year! Declarations and overall goals listed behind spoiler. Food must be a focus, as it is probably my weakest point. The old adage of you can't outrun your fork is so true; and while I do active things - their purpose must no longer be 'to lose weight'. I do those things because of the other awesome benefits they provide. I also know what I can do to help make the food a smaller obstacle, but it takes planning ahead, and some substitution. In the words of our beloved Pike... Easy days/meals: Mon-Fri breakfasts and lunches at work. No problem. Moderately challenging meals/times: Homecooked meals on M/W. I can't control the ingredients/prep. T after dinner snacks while gaming. Dangerously challenging times: Th / Su gaming nights, weekends, especially ones with hockey games. Other Challenges: No room in the fridge for anything that would be 'mine' creates issues in keeping good options on hand. Solutions - Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead. - Research and prepare healthier snack options. - Cook on Sundays, for dinners on Tue and Thur. Plan of Attack / Food Adventurers only carry so many rations, so track what you are carrying! (eating). - I am going to track calories loosely, not because I am aiming for a certain point (I am) but because if I focus only entirely on good foods, and try to be mindful of portions, I sometimes end up eating far too little! You have to know what your doing in order to make any future adjustments, but the calories are being watched in order to fuel ENOUGH - as opposed to eating LESS AND LESS to lose weight. Heroes Feasts are only for those big moments. - Sometimes you do need to go all out on feasting, but it's not every day, and not for every potential battle you might get into. Enjoy the feasts when it is appropriate, but otherwise save that gem-encrusted bowl worth at least 1,000 gp. Basically, allow indulgences when it is appropriate. Eating out with friends is NOT an indulgence moment, that's a routine thing that happens, so eat like a normal adventurer on those days. Plan of Attack / Exercise Adventurers are almost always on the move. - Either walking from one town to the next, or delving into a dungeon or worse, they're no slouches. I need to keep up the daily activity. I work in a small office, but I am going to slowly try to build up and see what is a feasible number of steps per hour. Well, without looking like a bear pacing in its enclosure at the zoo. That gets weird. Strength training to keep me strong, and sweat-inducing movement so that I am able to flee without passing out when the odds are not in my favor. Not everyone starts off as a real adventurer... - Confession time. I'm not sure how much I actually enjoy the act of -doing- exercise. Sure, I am always pleased with the results; and my mood is often better after having done it than if I hadn't. But it's hard to be motivated for rewards that aren't promised after every mission. So, I take a page out of Taryon Darrington's book. Fake it till I make it. He was a total poser when he met up with Vox Machina, but by the end of his time with them, he was an official member, and not just a real adventurer, but a proper hero too! So I need to go along with the motion, until it becomes something that I truly seek out time and time again. Plan of Attack / Other Stuff "Yes! The PLAN!" Art and D&D work and budget stuff. I have taken a break with art, but am anxious to get back to it. Must remember to be patient with myself, and to start focusing on learning some actual techniques and perhaps how to better use my program. D&D prep comes into this category now, because I am really enjoying being a DM and it does require creative thinking and story writing. So, I'd like to put about 5-6 hours in a week of "creativity". The budget is going to be simple: Figure out where I can save money, how much I can save, and save it. Stay strict with my allowances for eating out or buying snacks for gaming (which will also help the food goal) and don't get willy nilly with the money. I am going to keep a notepad or digital note on hand, and every time I get the urge I want or need something, I will write it down. At the end of each week, I'll re-evaluate my need or desire for it. Some things might be legit needs like: Man this toothpaste tastes so bad it makes me not want to brush my teeth, I need a new tube. Other things might be, "I could really use dry erase markers for my DM'ing, but do I NEEEED them right now." I'd like to put another $5000 into my savings account toward Puck's Manor. I also want to go on a couple of vacations because travel is important to my soul. So I need to figure out a budget that does both. Oookaaay, well this got longer than I had meant for it to! Let's break it down into simple terms. Track my Rations Daily (Total Lots) [MFP] Prepare for questing every Sunday. (Total 5) [Cook on Sundays] Limit Heroes Feast (Total 2) [Two or less indulgences] Chase dire wolves for sport. (Total 12) [Get my sweat on, run, dance, hockey] Train like Grog. (Total 10) [Strength Training] Brainstorm, plot, create. (Total 24) [Art, D&D, Reading, etc.]
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    How I feel about Elsie, basically every weeknight
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    Scalyfreak slowly creeps up against the large of the big building that claims to be a “guild hall” for “warriors” and peeks in through a window. It’s very bright in there. Lots of lights and a welcoming fireplace. Lots of people too, who seem to have a great time doing whatever it is they are doing… lots of lifting with barbells? And is that a water cooler in the corner? Scalyfreak thinks this looks like a good place to stop for a while, and is just about to enter, when she notices that the demon twins who follow her everywhere, are peeking in through another window. “I don’t like this place”, Procrastination whines. “No one here likes me.” “You’re a selfish and sabotaging bitch, no one ever likes you,” Scalyfreak mutters, while thinking to herself that if Procrastination dislikes this place, that’s another good reason to settle down here for a while. Self-Indulgence says nothing, as usual, though the large buffet table laden with food is making her purr a little. Tired, irritated, and thoroughly fed up with lots of things at this current stage of her fitness journey, Scalyfreak decides to stop caring about her annoying entourage for a while. She leaves the demons by their window, walks around to the front door, and pushes it open. ...and thus begins the third challenge. First off, hi everyone! *waves* Ignore the two, um, “things”, that follow me around everywhere and whisper to me non-stop. I promise they’re completely harmless to everyone except me, and the less attention we give them, the better. For this period’s challenges, I need to start broadening my scope a little bit. Challenge two was really nothing but an extension of the first challenge, in large part because I started up the first one halfway through that challenge period. Of course, broadened scope needs to happen with the overall quest objective firmly in mind: Defeat Procrastination and Self-Indulgence. In order to win this boss fight, I need to do the following things: 1. Continue with all good habits formed through previous challenges Walk every day (with the Loyal Sidekick) Not drink soda Go to the gym three times a week and do some form of light activity on off days (preferably yoga) 2. Stay with Stronglifts Due to an unexpected and highly inconvenient knee injury, this goal is on hiatus for the foreseeable future. This is going to be both easy and challenging to do. Stronglifts takes all the hard work before and after the workout out of it. I don’t even had to think about it (except to do plate math), I just go to the gym and do what the app tells me to do. This makes it incredibly easy even on stressed or tired days when I really don’t feel like putting in any effort at all. The struggle is that the lifts themselves are a bit of a struggle. Progress is slow, and based on struggles with form and the lifting itself, I feel like it’s trying to progress faster than my body is on board with. I’m trying to at least partially address this in the next two goals. 3. Continue cutting liquid calories from my life. I have stopped with the sodas. Now, it’s time to look at the rest of the calorie-filled drinks around me – fruit juice, coffee drinks, and of course the wine and whiskies. All of these need to go. I already drink my coffee black at home, but it’s probably a bad sign that every employee at my local coffee shop know my name, and that I always ask for soy milk in my chocolate lavender latte. I probably don’t need to have wine with dinner several times a week just because I want to, (it makes dinner so much better!) and I know for a fact it’s possible to enjoy both books and video games without a single malt nearby for sipping. All these habits will be firmly broken, and once they are, they will be reintroduced as special occasion treats, since it is much easier for me to do it that way than to gradually cut back. And for someone who never talks, Self-Indulgence has a very shrill voice when she starts yelling and screaming... 4. Become Sleeping Beauty. Not this one: This one: Just so we're clear. I have noticed that lifting is much easier (and more enjoyable!) when I get a good night's sleep before doing it. Unfortunately, sleeping isn’t really something I prioritize and even when I do it never seems to happen anyway. A part of that is my insomniac tendencies, another part is that it’s never really been important to me before. I can function perfectly well on 4-5 hours per night and there was never a reason to change that. Until I started actually pushing myself at the gym and my body suddenly developed a genuine need for more sleep as a result. In order to meet this particular goal I will need to figure out what exactly I’m going to de-prioritize or drop in order to free up at least three hours in the evening for going to bed and sleeping. I also need to set a sleep schedule, so both my mind and my body can learn a new routine, and make it possible for me to actually sleep. I actively avoid going to bed early because all that leads to is tossing and turning for at least two boring hours before my brain stops spinning and even contemplates sleeping. (That in itself is incentive to stay up late, by the way.) My Fitbit claims to have tools that can help with this. I will investigate them and learn how to use them. Meditation might help with the brain spinning as well. Another thing to investigate… 5. Fifth and last goal: Unfuck Dragon Mountain (My room is my dragon cave, because "woman cave" sounds stupid, so obviously the house the room is in, must be a dragon mountain. It all makes sense.) And while it’s not really a horrible a mess, it's kind of cluttered and there are areas of concentrated messiness, largely because we both hate doing household chores. Using the philosophy and methods of Unfuck Your Habitat, I will start making my home less messy and more relaxing, one 20-minute challenge at a time. I am still fuzzy on the details, since I still need to fit in gym visits and set a bed time, but I am excited to make it nicer around here. Ahem. Apologies for the Great Wall of Text. If you made it all the way to the end, thank you. Good to meet you.
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    To recap 2017: Starts on a great note. Hit new PRs on all 3 lifts. Compete in powerlifting competition at the end of January and crush. Complete my first Whole 30. Promptly injure myself in February and spend the remainder of the year rehabbing. Also spending lots of time ignoring my fitness and nutrition because of work stress. I started running and completed a GoRuck light in the fall. Looking forward to 2018: Be injury free Be able to lift heavy again without pain Find some semblance of work life balance? Realize there is always going to be that next deadline or design review and learn how to say enough is enough. Continue to learn more cool gymnastics tricks READ MORE COMICS! Especially more from non-big 2 creators and those with strong female/minority/LGBT+ characters/creators Start crossfit *GASP* who ever thought I would say that huh? I also committed to doing 22 pushups daily for the whole year with a few other nerds for suicide awareness in veterans. Additionally, I'm getting a little uncomfortable with my body composition and want to focus on a bit of fat loss.For this month, I'll be travelling for 11 days and won't have gymnastics class (and haven't been since Dec 11) so I want to keep up with my skills. Additionally try to eat As Paleo As Possible (APAP) while living from a hotel room. (This means making intentional paleo choices, but not worrying about things like added sugars in a salad dressing or hidden soy lecithin etc) Let's go back to checklist style because that seemed to work well when I was utilizing it. 1) Fitness Move your body in some way minimum 4x/week. Moving includes lifting, gymnastics, yoga (longer than 15 minutes), or cardio. Currently following The Bigness Project as my lifting program. ☐☐☐☐ Move 4x/week ☐☐ Handstands 2x/week, 10 minutes min. ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐ Daily 22 pushups 2) Read ☐ Comic a day. Total__ 3) Movement/Mobility ☐☐☐ Stretch, foam roll, mobility routine, etc 3x/ week 4) Nutrition ☐☐☐☐☐☐ Eat APAP 6x/ week
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    Yesterday was too much Monday. Today was just... too much. I had the most ridiculous day. Comedy flustercluck I tell ya. I put whole coffee beans in my French press. Didn't notice until I poured boiling water over them. DOH! I hurt my finger nail so it's all bruised and bloody underneath the nail. By using, wait for it, a salad spinner. Yep. I poured balsamic vinegar instead of oil into a hot frying pan. When I finally managed to make my coffee I spilled it all over the floor. And for the cherry on top - the key to my flat broke and I had to call a friend with spare keys to come rescue me. BUT - I managed to NOT hurt myself climbing, which was my only goal for today. Now that I call success!
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    Ohhhhhhhh yeah!! It’s here!! Yay! And here’s some pics of Jamison. He’s a handsome little guy. I’ve been wanting to share pics since last week. Wolf "Maximum Effort!"
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    Sugar is in everything... Yep. Yep^2 I always stressed out about the frosting placement. It took us like 8 hours to get the cat to eat enough skittles for that to work too. I hope it helps. Today is a good Day. Sra. Tanque was home because of the Columbus MLK day Holiday, so I got to spend time with her before going to work. I did NF Yoga Fire A and made lunch. The recipe called for spaghetti squash, which neither of us really care for. We had some penne pasta, so I cooked that instead. I made the sauce from 1lb ground beef, 1 minced onion, 2 chopped carrots, and a chopped zucchini. Once that cooked I added two different cans of fire roasted diced tomatoes (one was the "Italian Blend), 1/2 a can of tomato paste and an Italian Seasoning mix that already included salt and pepper. I let that simmer for about 20 minutes and served it over the pasta. It was awesome! We used all the pasta but there was enough sauce to take to work for dinner, and I brought a couple slices of bread. Let's be honest guys. I really, really missed bread. I found out all the local Schools will be closed tomorrow due to inclement weather, so I'll get another morning with Sra Tanque. I still have to come to work though, sick people don't magically get well when the weather turns bad.
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    I think so too. The power was overwhelming that night. I am going back to re-listen this week and take some much needed notes on that sermon. Thank you, Rho. I receive that prayer and ask God for the same thing. Lord, you are gracious and merciful. Please continue to work steadfast in me and allow changes to be made. Break me-mold me-rebuild me in your image. Hi Taffy. Thank you so much for your thoughts. God is giving me strength. Thank you, Red-Brother. I receive your prayers with an open heart. Hey Sal, thank you so much. We feel your love and thoughts from afar and I can't thank you enough! I hope you had a great weekend Thank you SL. I like that verse a lot. I think I'll add that to my "secret stash" Quick Update: Progress and small victories. That about sums up the last 4-5 days. It was a loooooooooooooooong, emotionally draining weekend but worth every bit of sleep I lost and tear shed. Progress and small victories. Heather is on a Women's Christian cruise with her mom and aunt and the lady that spoke at our Family Camp. They have a big thing they do each year and Heather was able to go last minute and I'm glad for that. This week, I know God will work some changes in myself AND Heather. Big changes? Possible-but changes nonetheless. I will be in some sort of recovery program 4-5x this week (and the weeks moving forward). I need the transparency and without being able to do that, I can't grow and allow the changes to be made in me so I can be the husband/father I know I can be. The following spoiler is my recovery schedule: I want to be transparent and honest about what I'm doing. It'll help keep the accountability. Other News: Not much else to report. Sleep has been hard to come by. I think I'm averaging like 4 hours a night. I'll work on that this week because being tired isn't going to help anyone. I can be cranky when lack of sleep catches up and I don't want to miss what God has for me this week. #MomoaMonday I can't wait for this. It comes out February 2nd! Also, pretty excited about this movie that comes out 2 weeks later: I also got word that the new Ax Throwing league near me is starting Thursday. The timing is terrible right now but that is something I would possible want to try one day. Some guys throw darts. Some guys throw disc golfs. Some guys throw axes. I would like to be all 3. #RangerBrainAndDon'tCare I'm seriously, SERIOUSLY contemplating doing a Frontier themed challenge next challenge. The show is awesome if you haven't seen it, and @Mr_Willes, that butcher pic you asked about: Yessir, that's Frontier. Seasons 1&2 are on Netflix and I believe season 3 is being filmed as we speak. Momoa has been VERY busy. I haven't had ANY time for writing as my extra time has been spent in the Word and listening to sermons and working on my Life of David study guide. Hey, @DrFeelgood, I downloaded Rocket League the other day so let me know-maybe we can play this week? I was playing the other night just to re-familiarize myself with the controls and forgot how hard that game is. There's a reason you practice playing that haha. Today is a new day and honestly it's a good day. I hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to crush their goals this week! Wolf
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR PEACHES! It's back to basics for me this year. I need to be ACTIONABLE and ACCOUNTABLE. I know I know, that's what my GOALS are supposed to be. but it's not about them, this is about ME. I need a firm reboot and a hard reset and I need to get my head back into the game and out of the clouds and some other silly analogies etc etc etc. I have too many I WANT TO DO'S and not enough THIS IS WHAT I AM DOING, and I need to get back on to a plan before I can start to really attempt the millions of shiny that I want to chase. So, January is for resetting. Goal 1: 30 days of yoga My body is wrecked y'all. I mean, I'm not INJURED or anything - but I'm stiff and sore and I have twinges and I do yoga now and then and don't have the mobility and flexibility that I really want to do. So, I'm signing up for the 30-days of Yoga by Adriene on youtube, and I'm going to do it every day. * FYI potential yoga people doyogawithme also has some great challenges but the durations of classes is between 15 minutes and 75 minutes for them, and I really just don't have the time in the morning to do this. Goal 2: track food I haven't been tracking at all for ages! so, every day, track the things in loseit. EVERY DAY. just write it down! what's the big deal? Goal 3: push-up progressions This should be simpler than it is, apparently. 3x8 of push-up progressions. do them every day. there's a lot of push-up progression options out there. I'm at counter height, I'd like to move to chair height, and then a lower box or negatives. SIDE PARTY also, start to seriously look at things you want to do. * I mean, do I want to run? or am I just feeling lazy / it's 5 deg F outside right now? * what about weights? if I start weight lifting on tuesdays after tkd with my dojo owner, how can i fit more weights in? dust off the new rules of lifting for women? work on that at the same time? * what will my mornings look like next month? will I have time to keep doing the yoga? * what does my diet need to look like to get where I want to be? or at least, to get a little less holiday belly? * oh, did I want to try pole dancing classes at that place near my house? these are all complicated things that I don't know the answer to. THEY REQUIRE RUMINATION. Also in the interests of SUCCEEDING I declare a monday start. also, still doing the tae kwon do, etc. etc. etc.
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    Hi, I'm Zeroh, one of the guild leaders for the Rebels! For those that don't know me, here's a short bio: This new year is going to bring a lot of changes into my life. So I sat down and spent a bit of time trying to figure out what exactly I want to do. And how to go about doing it. And searching for motivation. I have the big picture motivation, but I need something more immediate to help push me along. And to make things complicated, some kind of theme for the year. And so, 2018 will be the year of Guidance. I'm borrowing from the idea of animal totems (animal spirits/spirit guides). More specifically, the idea that they reflect the traits you currently possess, and the ones you need to work on. And the ones I need to work on, tie in with my goals. I won't bore anyone with the specifics. Here is my first challenge of the year: (original version) (Screenshot of my spreadsheet, for this challenge Week 0 is actually Week 1. Hopefully that won't be too confusing. The second to last column tells me how many I can miss and still get a reward. The last column tells me how many I can miss and still pass.) Guide One: Wolf I need to work on my physical strength. I had to step back from exercising due to a shoulder injury, which has since healed. But I haven't gotten back into the habit of exercising. So there are two goals here. First, do the Daily Dare four times a week. Second, do one proper bodyweight workout a week. Guide Two: Toad I need to work on my inner strength. The main goal is to keep on top of any therapy stuff I have to work on, if I'm given any. I might get a referral to a specialist for my eating, but I don't really know what that will look like. Can't really grade that. But I have two goals that I can grade. First, post an update on NF six times a week. Second, check-in on people on NF six times a week. Guide Three: Peacock I need to work on my physical self-care. My first goal here is to stay on top of my skin care to control my eczema six days a week. Second, I need to stay hydrated five days a week. These are both continuations from my previous challenge. And third, brush AND floss three times a week (plus mouthwash once I have a chance to buy more). Guide Four: Wasp I need to work on my productivity and organization. This is largely related to my photography business. But it's also about getting my home more organized. So first, I need to make a post on my photography Instagram account five times a week. And second, I need to check off four things from my to do list each week. This will be a combination of photography stuff, and continuing my minimizing goal from last challenge. Less stuff = much easier to organize. Once I have the list written down I'll post it in this thread. This has been divided into three goals. First, don't hit the snooze button five days out of the week!* I've had a lot of success with this goal in the past. But with all of the cold weather, it's been getting harder and harder to get up from my nice, warm bed. Secondly, I'll be trying out the app from Unfuck Your Habitat. The goal is to do three challenges a week.* And third, cross off five items from my To-Do list. *These are four week goals, starting on January 8th. Grading & Rewards 50% is a passing grade. If I get 75% in an individual goal, I get a reward for that goal. And if I get 90% overall, I also get a bigger & better reward. I'm still finalizing the reward selection, so that will be posted once I nail it down.
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    I need something new and shiny to kickstart 2018, so I got myself a brand new battle log! I have a whooole bunch of shinies to chase this year, it's going to be great. My plan is to screw the four week SMART goal framework and chase them on my own terms, i.e. inefficient and haphazard, but with gusto. Everyone keeps telling me you can't do everything at once - to that I say pfffft. Here are things you can expect from this log Handstands Climbing Aerial Pole Flow Acrobatics Flexy things Strengthy things ??? Oh and fooood! Goal thingies 2018 Because what's new year without setting way too ambitious goals? Fitness goals The big theme for the year is to improve my freedom of movement. Upside downness Handstands every day yo! Yup, the whole year. (2/365) Flooow I have a bunch of Marlo Fisken flow videos. I want to master them Scary stuff This is a big one, I'm such a scaredy cat and I've developed a bunch of weird mental hangups this past year Tuck and straddle jump to HS Forearm stand HS to bridge Back walkovers HS forward roll Honestly, pretty much any kind of tumbling Some kinds of pole HS Heel kips Topping out when climbing Stop hurting myself Less fun but oh so necessary. A little more focus on prehab won't hurt me. Other Some other more or less vague goals Climb 3 6cs Become strengthier (better push ups, moar pull ups) Run a little Play on my new toy - an indoor aerial rig Don't take things so seriously Other goals Cook 100 new recipes (0/100) Read 50 books (1/50) Travel somewhere cool To contradict the last goal I also want to increase my savings by €10000 Use my hands more Get a non-movement based hobby I really don't expect to nail many of these goals, but that's not what new year's is about right?
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    1. Ketogenic Eating I managed to drop about 12 pounds in the past 6 weeks! Gotta love those newbie gains. Goal #1: Eat according to keto guidelines daily. 2. Exercise More Goal #2a: Bodyweight exercises every morning. I'm following the Darebee's Foundation program and doing 3 sets. Goal #2b: Walking. Walk daily - short walks on my lunch break, longer walks on the weekends, treadmill, stairs, etc. Just get a walk in. Every. Single. Day. 3. Support Sleep Goal #3: Evening routine, including gratitude journal. It's the same stuff as last challenge, but it's the stuff that seems to work so I'm going to keep plugging at it. I started on January 2 and yesterday I managed to hit all of my goals. I just finished my exercises today, so I'm off to a good start.
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    It really was. I got to give some The Encourager too, which is always fun when I meet friends from before I developed the gift. I was actually considering that. There aren't any shower facilities, but the new hospital does have a small gym for employees with some cardio machines and dumbells. If I keep a slow enough pace I could potentially walk a few miles in my work clothes for my workout that day without getting sweaty. The friend is such a regular there she told them to take care of me. My burrito was so full I had to eat it with a fork. I did leave some rice behind, again as a token to show myself I didn't have to eat it all. Today is a good day (So far). The (so far) is not because I expect the day to get not good, but because I'm posting at noon and there is more good day ahead of me. I'm off work today, so Sra. Tanque and I are off together. We slept in a little then had bacon, eggs and waffles! We are taking it easy today. Lifting yesterday meant for the first time in a long time I got five workouts in in a week.
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    I'm glad it's getting better for you. I think "People and Culture" would draw way more ire from me than HR. That's just HR with a pretentious, hipster name. The hoops weren't too bad. Sra. Tanque met with a friend for the evening so I went to get myself something. I've been eating out a lot, but honestly I think it's the novelty of not being on a diet anymore. The book suggested this would happen. It promises eventually the new will wear off and I'll become habituated to the freedom and start regulating naturally. I think with the new schedule going into effect next week I'll be cooking a lot more and eating out a lot less. One difference is I'm not really stressing out about all the eating out. What was really fun was I intended to go to a diner, but decided on the way to go to Freebirds (Like Chipotle but good) instead. Three people behind me was a friend from high school I hadn't seen in 20 years. We reconnected, so I'm really glad I made an impulse decision on the way there.
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    I was assuming he fashioned it into a funny hat. MMMmmm baconhat.
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    Thank you, Stribs! It's the only way I want to move-is forward. I've taken enough steps backwards in my life that I've got behind on who I can be-which is a good person. I've started to forgive myself for being a liar and cheater but still have a long way to go. God is continuing to mold me anew I got more sleep last night and feel MUCH more rested today Heck yeah! I'm down, brother! I bet you're better than I am. Dude....my game play can be summed up into two words: Sampson does look good, doesn't it?! I wonder if they will make more bible stories like that? I immediately thought of "David and Goliath". The recovery groups I think will be really good. Where CR fails to meet my recovery needs, I believe SA will cover the rest. And vice versa. I need to have a good support team around me at all times (which is why I'm glad I stayed on the boards). Amen, Nymeria, Amen. CR was good last week. I was the youngest person there by probably 20 years. It just means that those men and women have some wisdom to bestow upon me . The only thing I didn't like is there's only the discussion part of whats going on with me. There's not a lot of "lets help you get through this" more like "we're here to listen". It's all good though, God is working his magic and timing as He sees fit. I will continue going because I'm in the firm belief that you can't have TOO much help lol. I'm glad she's taking the cruise too. I wish I had a chance to get away like that-REALLY focus on my relationship with God. I am still doing these things but I'm doing it here. I truly believe this is part of my growth. I am co-dependent-that is something I struggle with. I need to able to rely solely on God and I think being by myself right now is going to help me lean on Him more and really trust that he has my back. I'm not entirely sure how they are handling it. I know that they ask a lot of questions like, "When are we coming home?", "Is mommy still mad at you?", "Can we have McDonald's?". Racer is taking this the hardest. He knows something is wrong but I am reassuring them that, "daddy is working on his relationship with God so he can be the man that mommy loved and married." It's still so fresh that I'm not sure anything has settled in yet. Other than that, they are great. We had fun this weekend. Declan and Orin love riding on their little electric 4-wheeler lol. I also rented the Ninjago Lego Movie over the weekend. Personally, I enjoyed that WAY more than Lego Batman. I caught myself laughing out loud a lot. Especially with Garmadon, the movies main villain. He was hilarious! I'm picking Racer Declan and Orin up Wednesday and taking them over to my Dads. They are staying there the rest of the week and I'm spending the night that night so I can spend time with them. I'll be back over there this weekend because my nephew is having a birthday party. Right?! Dude....I want to try it out so bad! You guys can ask Heather, I have an affinity for throwing weapons. She's talked me out of buying throwing knives more often than I can count. And what's cooler than a throwing knife? A tomahawk Or at least a tomahawk thrown by Jason Momoa lol. One day I'll get to throw axes. I've been thinking of having my brother help me build targets (since he's Mr. Carpenter now) and purchasing my own 'hawk to throw on the regular. They have the template on the WATL (World Axe Throwing League) website. I'll pray about it Today is a good day. The Lord is working in me and giving me strength and comfort. Heather and I had a great talk last night and I'm riding the high off of that and what God has planned for the both of us this week. I'm behind on my Life of David study guide, I think by 2 questions, so I will make sure to catch up on that this evening after I talk with my pastor after work. Happy Tuesday, y'all! Wolf
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    Whew, it felt good to get that caught up. Now I need to take some time to find out what all of you fine nerds have been up to. The funeral was long and boring (full Catholic service), but theluncheon afterwards was nice. I sat with the people who lived across the street from me and pretty much raised me - I seriously credit them with my survival and what few good qualities I started my adulthood with. I saw and talked with a few other high school friends. People got up and told stories about Mike. Like I said, it was nice, but it took really long. On the way to Grandpa's to drop them off I told the kids we could see Star Wars on the way home. The first theater was sold out, we had a second lunch, and went to a theater by our house. Which got us home at 7:20 with unfed (is unfed not a word, it keeps getting changed to index) kids. They're now getting ready for bed and I still have to shovel the stupidly-long sidewalk. Sorry Peelout, I'm not going to train today.
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    Man, what a long weekend! Busy in a mostly good way. First a challenge update, then some news. Goals I am rocking: Wearing the FitBit every day Morning stretches with a big glass of water Staying under the caffeine limit Staying active on the forums Goals seeing middling success: Limit on takeout food - I did really well for the first week and a half but slipped a couple times in the last few days. I've chosen less terrible things some of the time (e.g. chicken soup instead of french fries) but still, once a week is the most I want to be eating takeout both for nutrition and money reasons. Time to buckle down here. Bedtime: first week was good but I only made it to bed by midnight twice last week. I only missed it by a little bit most nights, but still, I want to strive for regularity here. Goals experiencing unrepentant suckitude (okay actually I do feel somewhat repentant, but that doesn't change shit, does it?) Exercise: I was too sick to exercise for 4-5 days, so I was already behind, and now out of the four days since feeling better I've only worked out once and it was kind of half-assed. This is silly because I can do better than this. For literally years I worked out regularly and enjoyed it. Time to dig a little deeper and figure out where I misplaced my hustle. Food/mood journal: It's so useful but hey, it turns out that writing about some of my most longstanding and deep-rooted emotional issues and how they're tied up with dysfunctional eating and body image is a pretty unpleasant and uncomfortable experience. Who could have predicted?!? I've only done this twice since the challenge started and am currently sitting on a 11-day streak of NOT doing it. Ugh. And I have therapy tomorrow and she's going to ask how it's going. Job update stuff: I had coffee with the hiring manager today and I have a written contract now! Also, she's already talking about expanding my role beyond what she's hiring me for initially (to take on teaching additional classes) which is super exciting. This is pretty close to a dream job for me - I'll be working with the population I want to be teaching, the pay is really good, I support the mission and ideology of the organization, and I think I'm going to have a good amount of freedom to design and teach my classes the way I want. Medical worry item: I'm super worried about a friend who was hospitalized this weekend with shingles in her eye. I didn't even know you could get shingles in your eye, but it's apparently really serious and she's at risk of losing some or all of her vision in that eye. Very scary, and last night she developed a secondary infection which makes it even worse. Really hope she gets through it quickly and with no or minimal complications. This friend has had bizarre and hard-to-explain medical problems for years and I seriously think she has some kind of autoimmune deficiency that her doctors are missing, but IANAD so I try to keep my mouth shut. Weather induced travel disruption: @LoganW was supposed to spend this weekend in Ohio with their brother and his family (main purpose of visit was to see Logan's niece and nephew) but we got woken up at 2AM on Thursday night by an automated computer voice saying the flight was cancelled. Cue sleepy and grumpy conversation with JetBlue, trying to arrange alternate flights, but there was nothing except an all-day reroute through Ft. Lauderdale, which would likely have ended up with Logan getting stranded in Florida once the second leg of that flight was cancelled. So we just got a refund and Logan's going to visit them during spring break instead. It allowed them time to do homework over the weekend but still, bummer. Human interaction: Was kind of a busy weekend, socially. Took D's mum to dinner and the symphony on Saturday night and that was great. I learned that the Russian title for Stravinsky's Firebird translates literally as "hot bird" which amuses me greatly. Then yesterday spent the afternoon with a friend and a bunch of his friends, and that was okay, but also very draining. Like many people, this friend tends toward more genuine and serious interaction when we're one-on-one, and toward lighthearted joking fluffbanter in larger groups. I get tired of fluffbanter pretty quickly, especially depending on my mood, so I tend to enjoy this friend more when it's just us. There are only so many sarcastic meme references I can laugh at before I feel like I'm kind of wasting my time. Not sure if anyone knows what I mean here. Spanish Learning Quest: My 90-day challenge starts today and I am super pumped! Goals for the rest of tonight: finish making rounds on the forums, cook something, and maybe go for a walk?