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    As the title and the tags indicate, we are now homeowners! Closing will be on Thursday, June 27th. Week 1 of the challenge will be finalizing packing and getting some things set up at the new place (buying a fridge [probably from the scratch and dent place], installing blinds, putting Toilet paper and hand soap in all the bathrooms). Week 2 I am taking off from work for the move. July 8th, moving day, will also be our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Tell the truth, how many of you got a house for an Anniversary present? We are hiring movers because we are too old and make too much money to ask our friends for help. The rest of that week will be unpacking and setting things up, as well as cleaning the old apartment and turning in the keys. Weeks 3 and four will be continuing to unpack and filling out myriad change of address forms. At some point, we will be eating and I will hopefully get some workouts in.
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    Usually, I'm more organized (by more organized, I mean able to think of a catchy title along with some meme's or music to accompany said title), but I'm not this time. So we'll leave that alone for right now! For new people, 5 things about Sylvaa you may or may not know: 1. I'm part gypsy, part Brady Bunch. 2. I struggle a lot with self-worth and body positivity. 3. I've got some nerd-cred. 4. I like to play in the mud 5. I like to be creative. The month of July is pretty busy. My birthday, two weekends away from home (one for a combination paintball / Spartan weekend and one for a trip to NY for a Terrain Race). Oh, and I'm going bouldering for the first time this weekend coming up! But I need goals. Workout I've been doing a great job of sticking to my plan. Like, much more than I normally would be. But July is a much more crazy month and I need to be realistic. My goal is at least 4 workouts a week target, 5 as the stretch. As long as I am active for at least 30 minutes, I will count this as a workout. Races automatically count as a workout. Food I struggle more than I should with eating. When I am at home, I am involved with all of the food decisions. I buy almost everything, I plan the meals, I even do cooking (I've batch two meals for the family while I'm traveling). Yet, somehow I continuously make the decision to bring in foods that I know I can't resist and then eat them. When I am on the road, I tend to snack more than I should because there are a lot of sweets laying around. For this challenge go-round: 3 alcoholic drinks per week maximum, a vegetable with every meal, and 2 desserts per week maximum. Work I've talked before about not being satisfied with my career choice, but not feeling like I have a lot of options. Well, I've given myself some tools to create new options, yet I've not been focused enough. At least 5 tomatoes daily for work goals, then at least 2 tomatoes daily of personal development goals. I can't change things by standing still.
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    Apparently the key to success for me is to start with the absolute most basic things and work my way up from there. Boring, but I'm not going to complain about finding something that works. So here we go again: no nutrition or fitness goals, just focusing on getting my shit together so I can at least pretend to be a functional human being since I was never taught this shit in the first place. Goals: Take my allergies seriously: wash/change sheets weekly, vacuum and dust my room weekly, brush the cats if I can ever convince them to sit still for it. Eat 3 meals a day, aiming for at least 10g protein each. (I didn't lie when I said no nutrition goals! This is 100% because I don't know how to eat like a normal fucking person and will either forget to eat or just eat a ton of crap that has no nutritional value and leaves me hungry.) Figure out what works for me as a sleep routine. Do a de-stressing thing every day. Bonus goals: Get rid of e v e r y t h i n g from last challenge's purge by the end of this challenge. Play with cats more.
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    Hello there! I'm a long-time veteran of the Rangers Guild ready to make a new start with the Scouts. It makes tons of sense...I'm mostly a long distance runner and a good fit with Scouts. I think I resisted joining for all these years because something insides of me says "but but but...I do other things!" That's true, I do lots of other things and I bet you do too. But I have a big old dose of endurance training mixed in there. I'm also trying to think more broadly about being a Scout. With all that time on the road/trail, I have some time to think, look ahead, and reflect back. We are each on our own long journey, and I think everyone has at least a little bit of Scout in them. So my goals this time: 1. Run 100 miles (4 week goal). I'm working with a coach, so I mostly just do what he tells me. It should work out over 100 miles. If I do cardio cross-training, I'm also allowed to count that (1 mile/10 min) up to a total of 25 miles per week (running plus cross training). I can only count more than 25 miles for the week if it is all running. 2. 60 min plank and 3 sessions of Ab Ripper (Start in zero week, take as long as I need, no deadline). The plank can be broken up as much as needed into segments of at least 30 seconds. Last time I did this, it took me about 9 weeks. This time I'll aim for much shorter. I added the Ab ripper this time to force myself to do more than just planking. I'm also adding a new restriction. Each day that I do planking, I have to do include some variations (3 leg raises on each side, or 10 "rainbows" or 10 "back and forth"). 3. 16 days under 2300 calories. I'm going to start this in zero week and skip the week of July 22 (will be traveling). 4. Mobility 3x per week (at least 10 min), best 4 weeks out of 5. So I'll start in zero week and run through the end of the challenge. Success will be meeting this goal for at least 4 of the 5 weeks. I also have some leftover goals: 1. 99 pushups (no deadline): The original goal was 100/200/100 knee/negative/full pushups. At time of writing (Sat 6/22), I've done almost all the knee and negatives (95/163/1). I should have just full pushups left by the time this challenge officially kicks off. 2. Sushi list (no deadline): I started with a list of 10 tasks. When I finish it I get to treat myself to a couple of sushi rolls. At time of writing I have 5 things left. Exciting things like cleaning all the refrigerator shelves, making a will, and moving a whole bunch of computer files from one cloud-based account to another.
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    Hello good folks, I hope you don't mind me stopping by and training in your guild for a challenge. I suspect it isn't traditional for a newly minted GL to do a challenge in a different guild, but I already had this one planned before that happened and it fits the focus of my challenge. Pus, I heard that GLs can pretty much do what they want. Divine right of kings and all that I have recently discovered Diablo III and have spent a fair amount of time playing that, so in that vein I will be building up a party to go fight the Prime Evil My party will have 4 5 players: 1. Barbarian The Barbarian is the Warrior of the party, his strength and power reaps destruction among the swarms of hellspawn To level up my Barbarian I need to go to the gym each week and go through my workout. Magical weapons and armour can be earned by filming 4 major lifts (Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Overhead Press) and soliciting feedback from the guild here. My lifting program will be outlined in post 2 2. Demon Hunter The Demon Hunter is the Assassin of the party, using long range attacks to rain down death on the enemy. To level up my Demon Hunter, I need to go to do 3 skill based workouts per week, focusing on Muscleups, Handstands, and Backflips. The first two will be done at the calisthenics park, and the backflips will be at the trampoline park. Magical weapons and armour can be earned by practicing additional skills (such as tramp double flips, kips, giants, and gymnastics combos) 3. Monk The monk uses a combination of mind and body to unleash devastating attacks on the creatures of the shadow. To level up my Monk, I need to use my flexibility program (MyFlex) 4 times per week, with one session for each module (Hip Extension, Pike, Straddle, Shoulders). Magical armour can be earned by doing regular stretching/yoga/mobility work in addition to the MyFlex program. 4. Witch Doctor The Witch Doctor uses primal supernatural powers to thwart evil and destroy the minions of the Prime Evil To level up my Witch Doctor, I need to focus on two separate aspects of food: cooking and protein intake. Cooking - make 3 homemade meals each week, at least one of which should be Chinese Tracking - I feel like I am not getting enough protein. For this I need to make sure I am eating at least 1 meat dish, 2 eggs, and a protein shake every day. I can earn magical items by posting pictures and recipes of the food I make. 5. Wizard The Wizard uses complex mystical knowledge to create powerful spells blasting the demons back to hell. To level up my Wizard, I need to complete a set of tasks each week, which will be determined by what I need to get accomplished this week. I can earn magical weapons and armour by completing tasks outside of my predefined To Do List. This week's To Do List includes the following items Revise legal contract for partnership Withdraw cash from bank Buy new swimsuits for Ghostlet and me Buy air conditioning unit Purchase Electricity Plan US trip (Including booking/reserving tickets, cars & hotels) Do at least 1 sketching session Practice ukulele at least once Prepare Pro/Con analysis for job offer Get a haircut
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    Deffy Chills the Duck Out I was at a bit of a loss for what to do with these next few weeks for this challenge because I am still recovering from the mystery virus and I am getting really tired even when doing very little. I had to stop working out for a whole month while I refocused all my energy to not dying. I am still not better but I am better than I was. This period of illness has made me realise how much I take my health for granted and I want to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible so I can make everyone feel uncomfortable when I am slut dropping in the club aged 90. So I am going to focus on health and recovery. Working Out Actually, yes! This is the first in a Deffy challenge but there are no rules around this. No obligation to do it, no obligation to not. Being realistic, I can’t see me being healthy enough to do it for at least another week or two and that’s just fine. When I am healthier and in a better position then I can play it by ear but the minimum 3 x 30 minute session streak has died and I have no plans to resurrect it this year. This gives me a bit of wiggle room to really focus on diet and nutrition and maybe even some fasting. Nourish This is what I am going to do, gesture towards the healthy food with my weird ass twisted thumb while blocking the unhealthy food from my sight with my hands. The food I eat needs to reflect my goals. I want to eat a diet of unprocessed foods that are really good for me. Basically following Pollan Rules but without the glass of red wine until I have finished my medication, I cannot tell you how much I want a nice stiff drink. It doesn’t normally bother me but knowing I can’t have one makes me want to run to the pub and down a few frosty pints. Self control, Deffy. Anyway, I digress I will put pictures of all my meals on Instagram every evening. I am allowed two cheat meals per week when I can have whatever I want, but this will usually be an evening meal and the rest of my meals have to be kosher. I have to eat 5 a day and drink 2 litres of water each day. If I buy less crap food I will eat less crap food and when I was taking photos of every grocery shop this kept me accountable so imma do this again and post them here. Relate I have been really bad at maintaining my social life. Partly because of being so sick but also because I can let this slip a lot. I need to keep in touch with my sister, even if it’s just a Whatsapp message every now and again. I also need to make sure I am making the time for SuperBestFriend. Another aspect of this is to maintain my relationship with TH. Now TH is my best friend in the entire world but there are challenges that come with this. Mostly, that I can start to see him more as a friend than anything else, because we spend so much time together and hang out so much, playing video games (together or next to each other but separately), watching terrible TV, wrestling and quiz shows, that sometimes he will flirt with me and my first response is to thump him on the arm, call him “ol’ slugger” and put him in the Sharpshooter. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change our relationship for the world but I have to be mindful of this so I need to focus on the intimate side of our relationship. I have made this a challenge goal before but never really explained why it was so important. It’s massively important, because as soon as I let this slip it gets a little hard to get back into the boyfriend/girlfriend mentality and it feels a bit odd for a while so I need to bring the flirting every day and look after myself better so I feel sexier. Pizza List I want to continue my organisation tasks and other little bits I want to get done around the house. This is shamelessly stolen from Xena, but I have ten items I need to get done and then I can buy more pizza. I already have two pizzas in the freezer but I can’t buy another one until all ten items are ticked off. And I need to get this crap done because pizza is life. 1. Organise dried goods cupboard and make jars airtight with sugru So it turns out despite that tip I read somewhere, Sugru is not foodsafe so they tell you not to do this. This one has been suspended. 2. Organise pantry 3. Clean out both fridge freezers 4. Clean make up brushes and sort into two different usable sets so I have a set to wash and a set to use. 5. Clean out airing cupboard 6. Organize crafting supplies and put in attic completed 26/6/19 7. Clean garden and sort out pots 8. Organize under the kitchen sink area completed 26/6/19 9. Organize cosmetic tower and inventory supplies 10. Organise Spotify Playlists. The soundtrack will be smooth and groovy and I will be asking you all what your favourite song is by a certain artist or on a certain theme because I like to vampire music from people, ok? Just know if I follow you on Spotify I have already pilfered most of your playlists. That’s what I do. New challenge, goooooooooooooo!
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    "Tempered by the fires of Hell, his iron will remain steadfast through the passage that preys upon the weak. For he alone was the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, fire and ice, in the beginning and the end, and he hunted the slaves of Doom with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before." - UAC Report File 9REIZDUR Welcome back to another challenge! I'm so glad you joined me . In the last installment, I was FINALLY able to gain some traction and create a consistent routine of living life, working out, and leading my family or as they are better known, The Wolfpack. And now, we keep the streak alive and continue to employ good habits to keep the momentum going! My theme for this challenge (and possible future challenges) will be none other than: Doom. Or, more specifically, The Doom Slayer; the main protagonist in the Doom series. I remember back in the day playing the original Doom, which came out in 1993. It was my very first PC gaming experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. I also remember reading the first book in the Doom series: I must've been in...6th or 7th grade when I read "Knee-deep in the Dead" and remember loving it. There's 3 more books in the series that I wouldn't mind reading them one of these days. I'm more of an audible listener now, but, I could save those for a rainy day or two . In the last challenge, I embodied the legendary retired hitman, John Wick, to get me started. The challenge was a roaring success. This time around, I'll embody the beastly Doom Slayer. My goals will more or less be the same, with maybe a few things added, but the same three plans are still in play: Plan A: Relentless Plan B: Focus Plan C: Calm Under Pressure Plan A: Slayin' Workouts like a Doom Slayer- Relentless Jeez Louise....My man is STACKED! #BIcepGoals I will continue Powerbuilding; something I discovered the last challenge. It's basically combining Power-lifting and body building to create an aesthetically pleasing athletic look while being strong as a bear and conditioned like a wolf. Goal: 4x a week using a PPLFB split (Push/Pull/Legs/Full-body) and using Saturday as a conditioning day which can involve things such as sprints and metcons. Anything to get the heart pumping and the sweat pouring! Possible Points: +2 STR, +2 END, +2 DEX Plan B: Slayin' Demons makes my Hungry! - Focus Hands off my peanut butter and banana sandwich, foul beast! Since I've upped my activity level, I'm finding myself hungrier and hungrier. I need to fuel as best as I can and maintain my energy levels to match my workout intensity levels. I will intermittent fast on non training days and conditioning days so I'm still burning fat and shoot for 5-6 smaller meals during training days, including high caloric food like peanut butter and banana sandwiches for snacks. This does not mean I can eat whatever. The goal is to eat high quality foods that are good for me. NOT Junk food. Goal: Intermittent Fast (IF) 3x a week - Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Eat like a Slayer (5-6 smaller meals) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday Possible Points: +2 CON, +2 WIS Plan C: Slayin' Speeches and Fillin' Roles - Calm Under Pressure *Continuation Goal from the previous challenge* I officially joined Toastmasters at my job and completed my "ice breaker" speech a little over a month ago and my second speech just recently. What many of you may not know, is that public speaking used to scare the crap out of me. Like, for real. Now, it's not so scary having already done a few speeches . My focus aka pathway is Presentation Mastery. I love the community here and have become good friends with all the members. Toastmasters happens every Wednesday during lunch time and I want to make sure that I'm constantly filling roles needed for each meeting and working on my pathway. Public speaking is not something I'm great at and any opportunity I get to work on my weaknesses is welcomed with open arms. Goals: Finish Level 1 before the challenge ends Fill a role 4 separate times 1 role filled during the last challenge - 3 more to go Bring in 1 new member before the challenge ends Possible Goals: +4 CHA, +1 WIS I'm really excited about this challenge and it's theme. The Doom Slayer or "Doomguy" is a cool and badass character. As of right now, I'm also playing through the 2016 remake of Doom on the Xbox and having a hell of a good time! Now, it's time to suit up and "Raze some Hell"!! Wolf
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    Hello Rebels! I'm annyshay. I'm a single, thirty-something physician that just moved across the country to start a new job and life in Albany NY. My cat's name is Dragon. I've been at this Nerd Fitness thing for quite some time and recently became an ambassador for the Adventurers. I've had an injury in my right foot that I'm slowly nursing back to health. I eat intuitively and have sworn off diet mentality. I've learned a ton about stress management and work to prioritize sleep. I love meeting new rebels, so say hello if you wander in. To all my friends and old followers, welcome back! As I resettle into my new life, I'm going to refocus on some of my core habits to make sure that I strengthen my foundation. I will aim to do these things regularly and report on them often! Cook Walk Reach Out Grateful Wins
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    Brogo’s Rocky themed challenge Rocky I Yeah. This is way too long overdue. Considering how much I love Rocky I – IV. So you can expect three more of these. In my universe, we pretend that Rocky V and beyond don’t exist. In fact, III and IV are not great movies either, but contain certain redeeming elements. Those being [Mr. T], and [topical Cold War political discourse disguised as a boxer known as “The Italian Stallion” fighting an exhibition match in Russia + a badass, “old school” training montage in the Russian wilderness], respectively. WARNING: 1. This thread will contain Rocky spoilers. If you haven’t seen Rocky... 2. WTF is wrong with you? It’s a classic and you should have seen it already like a million times. 3. Not only that, if you’ve made to adulthood, you’ve probably pieced together the entire plot and ending from movie and TV references and parodies and various internet memes and gifs. 4. So really it’s you’re own fault for not having your shit together enough to sit down and watch the whole movie so stop whining about spoilers. 5. There. I’ve used up enough of this post to sufficiently warn you about spoilers (that won’t ruin the triumphal cinematic experience that is Rocky anyway). I’ve done my part. Now… Main Goals: Get down to “fighting weight” of 199 lbs. I’m closing in on 250. Getting to goal is way beyond the scope of this series of challenges. Build a satisfying career. I’ve been a machinist for a year now. I like it. I can tolerate it as a necessary 40 hours a week put food on the table job. But I need a more intellectual engagement to be happy with my work. And money. I’m working on a certification in Data Science on coursera. I’m also exploring a bootcamp on artificial intelligence and machine learning… (oooohhh, can’t wait ‘till we get to Rocky IV XD.) That, and lately I’ve been dicking around with editing audio files using Python. I really want to keep going forward and I’m aiming for a Machine Learning Engineer type of position… which might be possible with the bootcamp certifcation. The plot Every Rocky movie has three main elements and basically follows a sequential formula. I. Introduction phase – Rocky’s current situation is introduced, we meet the opponent and Rocky’s motivation for rising to the challenge. Roughly the first half of the movie. Basically, this post and week zero where I figure shit out. II. Training phase – Rocky begins training, often using unique or eccentric means based on his circumstances, often with some sort of montage. Plot develops as Rocky faces and overcomes small challenges that result from interactions with his supporting characters, primarily: his trainer, Adrian, and Paulie. This phase finishes with a training montage. Roughly the third quarter of the movie. Weeks 1-3 of this challenge. This is where I’ll do stuff and score points. III. Final fight – From the end of training to the credits, pretty much, Rocky fights his opponent. Week 4 of the challenge. I’ll set some specific, quantifiable goal and try to reach it. On to the challenge. I. Introduction: Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed Rocky Rocky at the beginning and I have a lot in common. We’re both southpaws. We both have small time jobs, live in obscurity, and shitty apartments. We’re both yearning for a shot to make something of ourselves. We both eat weird shit for the sake of fitness. Rocky sets his sights on his goals and trains hard. For me this means: 1. Maintaining ketogenesis with my pescatarian, dairy-free ketogenic diet. 2. Following a lifting program 3. Working extra hours and saving money 4. Working on my certification and getting better at programming and statistics Apollo Creed Apollo is the current champion. Not only is he undefeated, no one has gone the distance, the full 12 rounds, with him. Rocky just wants to get his chance to show the world his best in the face of fighting the champ. For me, beating Apollo is setting new post NF weight PR. The lowest I’ve ever weighed since joining NF was 244, which I set about a year and half ago. I’m at about 252.2 on average. I’d have to lose over 8 lbs in four weeks. I probably won’t get there by the end of this challenge. But I will commit and go the distance. I will also go the distance and finish my Data Science Certificate on Coursera. I have one assignment from the penultimate course, then the last course to finish. Totally doable in 4 weeks. II. Training Phase: meet Mickey, Adrian, and Paulie Here I track points according to how each character helps support me on the way. Mickey Mickey is Rocky’s trainer. Mickey is a mean, tough old fucker who yells at Rocky to get him to do more and follow his training regimen. +1 point for time I use my willpower to stick to a goal even though I don’t want to. When I turn down a food that’s off plan, when I pick up the barbell, when I go in to work an hour early or stay an extra hour, when I make time for a lesson on cousera even though I just don’t want to. No points for simply doing. Points for doing it anyway. Adrian Adrian is the love of Rocky’s life. Adrian is supportive and roots for Rocky to win, but also doesn’t want Rocky to get hurt. Mickey thinks she distracts Rocky, but Rocky can’t fight without her support. Whenever she disapproves or is absent, Rocky turns into a giant wuss. +1 point for every time I do something extra for recovery from all the goal oriented work. Go for a walk, do some yoga or stretch. Catch up on sleep on weekends. Take time to cook a better tasting more enjoyable meal so my diet doesn’t stagnate. Play guitar to clear my head from coding. Etc. Constructive Tangents that support goals. Paulie Paulie is Rocky’s best friend and Adrian’s older brother. He drinks a lot and throws temper tantrums. He’s jealous of Rocky sometimes, but he’s also Rocky’s biggest fan. He really just wants Rocky’s attention and friendship. +1 point for every time I overcome an obstacle. Make time to get training done, or eliminate a distraction, or fulfill social obligations Etc.
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    I’d better; it occurs to me that I’m not ready for the 24 hour race at the end of this challenge. Might do some other stuff too.
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    After a bit of a break on the forums I'm going to dive back in here! I miss you all bunches and Tank Facebook shamed pinged me which is always effective . But really in all honesty this is my happy place, I have just been putting off coming back here because I've been stuck being sad about my cat getting lung cancer and slowly dying over the past few months - which sounds really awful I know but honestly, he passed last week, and I am SO FULL OF RELIEF. I'm so glad he's not in pain any more and also I'm so glad I'm not tied down and constantly worried I'm going to come home to find him dead? I think it's been really weighing on me heavily more than I realized the past few months and is part of why I bailed here. But enough of the sad things. Onto good things! The last challenge I was in here I was prepping for my first "intramural" ballroom dance competition in March. So I did the thing! I competed in 6 dances - american foxtrot, american waltz, international viennese waltz, int. cha cha, int. jive, and int. rumba. It was a team match so I didn't really get any direct judgement, which was a low-key, little-to-no-pressure way to dip my toe into the ballroom comp scene and I had such a blast! So I decided to just go for it and sign up to do a real competition in August (Empire Dance Championships)! I'm NERVOUS AS ALL HECK YOU GUYS. Like, I've never gotten any big nerves for dance stuff except occasionally right before going on but this things like over a month away and I'm already bugging out?! AHHH. And I'm going all out - I stoned my shoes, got a new dress that I'll be stoning as well, and am doing 2 lessons a week to prep. Interestingly, after a lot of professing my intense love for smooth/ballroom... I'll be competing in just latin dances (cha cha, samba, rumba, and jive). This is mostly due to me falling head over heels in love with jive, andddd also my studio being primarily a latin studio and pretty much giving into peer pressure haha. Also we decided to compete a Kesha medley showcase that we performed for our studio's yearly spring show in April as well which is scary as heck too because wayyyy more eyes on you. And we're also working on a Singing in the Rain medley showcase for a thing our studio's doing in September. So yeah... so much dancing for me! Loving every second of it. XD. But yeah, only 12 lessons left until the comp which sounds like a decent amount but also does not seem like enough. Other things I have going on - SO. MUCH. D&D. I'm not sure how this happened but I'm currently DMing 2 games and playing in 1 (maybe 2 but I'm not really counting it because it's so infrequent/not sure the group is going to be able to keep getting together). So that's fun and nerdy and a lot of work too haha. I'm running Lost Mines of Phandelver and Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, playing a bard in Dungeon of the Mad Mage, and playing a monk in a DM created original campaign (all 5e) for those interested. I'm mildly obsessed with my bard I love her so, she plays the drums and is also kind of tanky. I'm also on the steering committee for the Human Rights Campaign's Greater NY chapter. We are smack dab in the middle of pride season so it's like BUSY AS HECK right now. And after that I have a big project I'm trying to get going in NJ too so honestly never a dull moment there. Oh! And also my family started a book club! We are reading 1984 right now and will be moving onto Cat's Cradle in early July. ...and I'm still lifting. So uh, yeah lots going on with me since I last forumed. Wow seeing it all down there is kind of nuts but I love it. So what even to do for this challenge?!?!?! I recently started subscribing to a monthly journaling thing where it's basically a pre-organized bullet journal and GUYS IT'S MADE SUCH A DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE. I don't think I'd be able to get anything done if it weren't for this thing. So I'm thinking for this challenge I will involve that somehow. I'll be thinking on my goals for right now and post them before zero week is out all I know is it'll be themed around my favourite show So You Think You Can Dance which just returned for its new season a few weeks ago - but for now YAY I'M SO HAPPY TO BE BACK!!!
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    Hello Rebels! My name is BD and I just finished my first 4-week challenge in June. My goals are kind of all over the map, so this seems like the best place to settle for challenge two Carrying over my long-term goals: Increase muscle tone. Lose ~25 lbs and maintain it before my next birthday. Develop a meditation habit. Build up my savings, for peace of mind. Quests for the July 1 - July 28 challenge: Do a 10-minutes trainer workout every day. Get at least 7.5 hours of sleep. Continue to meditate five minutes every morning, and try to up it to 10 or 15 minutes. Review current expenses and savings and see if there's an opportunity to move more into savings. My workout time in the morning is pretty limited, more so lately (I'll touch on that in the next point), so to maintain it I want to establish a quick routine. I bought the 10MT workouts ages ago, did them for a while, but don't think I got through the recommended 30-day program. This time, my goal is to do that. With the warm-up and cool-downs I remember them being about 17 minutes, which fits in the space I have for them nicely. Over the last two months, I shifted to getting up at 5 AM, which as a night owl was perhaps not the best plan. But I had things I wanted to do, that was a good time to do them, seemed like a great idea. Worked well while I was rigorously defending my bed time, not so well when I let that slip. Got to the point I was so tired and grumpy that I finally crashed, slept an extra four hours one morning, and decided I needed to rethink the whole thing. I've made some progress sorting that out over the last week or so, but at this point I need to make sleep the priority. Ideally I'll get 8 hours, but I'll be happy with around 7.5 a night. Schedule being what it is, five minutes of meditation in the morning might be what I can do, but I think I've got it worked out so I can get up to 10. Given the amount of wandering my mind has done in the five minutes, that might be tricky. Really, though, this one if maintaining the habit I spent last month establishing. I want to get to the place where I don't have to think about doing it, but just do. After last month, I've got a good baseline budget. This month I'll be looking at expenses I can cut and see if I can tease out some more savings.
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    Coasting would suggest continued forward movement without a lot of effort. Treading water is getting nowhere, despite a lot of work under the surface. Nope, what I've got going is much more like trudging... through the swamp of sadness... without Artax. {I did not use that picture because we've all been traumatized enough by that.} The truth is, while I haven't back slid entirely... I'm eating like an ass again. I'm exercising fine enough. But I've given into the swamp lately. Life situations, weather patterns, poor sleep - whatever the reason/excuse might be - it's still up to me to put my foot down and choose to push through, rather than sink. Step 1 - FULL RETREAT! Wait, what? Rangers never give up, never surrender! Nope... sometimes a strategic retreat is what it takes to the win the war. I fell down the cookie hole. Cookies, candy, cakes and brownies. If there's sugar in it, I'm craving it. Sure, some of that came from the fact I started baking. [I had bought 'cheap' matcha and could not stomach it for my tea and latte, but it works great in matcha bread and brownie recipes... woops.] Most of it is just that they are tasting so darn good lately, that 2 is not a serving. So, this is a full retreat from sweets. I realize that going cold turkey is a bit of a huge jump, so I am going to allow frozen yogurt bars as evening sweet treats. Likewise, my toasted bread with pb& honey is okay too. These are things that I will NOT over indulge on so I feel they accomplish the brain-trick of 'hey sweet' without being a problem. Goal - Limit sweets to proscribed rations. (Yogurt bars and pb toast.) ** There is a 50th bday party and also 4th of July in this mix. As such, I will allow myself two specialty treats during this five week span. (I'm starting today!) Me... facing sweets. Step 2 - Don't Stop Mapping! When you have a good map in hand, and you have yourself oriented... keep using the map! I've been tracking for a while now. And MFP tells me I have an impressive streak of logging in. I'd say that probably 90% of those days are accurately and intentionally tracked - and the other 10% are half tracked, or 'man I am logging in to keep my streak alive'. Even still. 90/10 is a damn tough thing to do, and I'd really like to hit the 1 year mark! I just want these last 2 months to be more articulate in the tracking. I also had gotten to a really good point of cooking at home. Summer always gets more tricky because I do my 'home cooking' at my friends house. My friends house that does not have AC, and whose basement.... BASEMENT, hit 81 degrees last night while we were gaming. Using ovens and stoves, in a kitchen that has me literally sweating while I cook, is really hard to get around. But it's the only option I have because home cooking ain't gonna work, and I don't have my own house. So, maybe I look up more 'no cook' recipes and do more cool-related foods- or just tough out the heat for some quick stir-fries or something. I gotta stick to this. My calorie purse and pocket book will thank me. Goal - Cook food to eat on game nights - 1-2x/week Goal - Continue tracking, and track more accurately - 7x/week Step 3 - Keep the feet, and the pencil, moving! I actually have been doing really well on exercise. 2 lifts a week, and 3 others a week- either boxing, bike riding or hockey. I don't need a goal for this because I'm in a good place on this task. But this is just a reminder that if I want out of this swamp, I need to keep moving. Art, on the other hand, is a skill I put a lot of time and love into, that is fading. Not for lack of wanting to do it, but because I haven't been making time for it. Along with this, comes now, a fear of having to regain some lost bit of polish on my efforts. It's probably a little like riding a bike, but I am going to need get some confidence back and handle a few bumps along the road. I've been at a place, where I feel like I want to change my style - and I'm not sure how one does that. I have two Udemy courses in my course list that I can start working through. I need to set days to do this. Goal - Artwork practice - 3x/week Goal - Art Lesson - 1x/week **Set days so it is a routine. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday +1 weekend day.) I think I will be setting up a simple BuJo for this, and also try to get into the habit of keeping that updated. Some other side goals for this are as follows: ☐ Update NF on the weekend. ☐ Continue to work on D&D Prep ☐ On 7/1 - Pay off all bills. (Maybe pay off car.) ☐ Rework budget and start using Expense Tracker!!! ☐ Do some planning/actual paperwork on house goal. Alright, let's do this. To those of you who stalk me on facebook, please poke me there to keep me accountable here. You have my full permission!
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    It's time to shit or get off the pot. If you're familiar with Steven Pressfield's book The War of Art, you know about Resistance. It is any force (real or imaginary) that tries to halt progress. Pressfield applies it mostly to any creative endeavor, but I'm beginning to see that Resistance is not exclusive to creativity; it attacks any attempt for self-improvement. It comes in many forms: excuses, procrastination, addictions, bad habits, laziness, negativity, blame, bitterness, and many others. It can even come in the form of friends or family members who are holding you back from that next step towards greatness. I've faced my share of Resistance, and it's time to push back. Most of it has been self-imposed because while I like to consider myself adventurous, I admit to some pretty serious character flaws that hold me back. So, it's time to stand up to Resistance and make some real progress. I'll try to lay out some goals below that should help keep me motivated. Goals: 0430-0445 wakeup Monday-Friday Say the Lord's Prayer and a more personal prayer upon waking. Organize my morning using the 20/20/20 method: 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of scripture reading/meditation, 20 minutes learning something (reading, listening to a podcast, watching informative videos, etc.) Work on my book every single day for at least 20 minutes. Read books that expand my knowledge and/or expectations, books that challenge me either personally or intellectually (bonus if it does both). Run at least three days a week. Work on the new house (even if Mom's not ready or isn't able to help). Stop eating garbage; eat real food that doesn't have a long ingredients list and isn't heavily processed. Call my father at least once a week. There you have it. Simple, but important goals. No theme, just shit that I need to get done.
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    I know a lot of people gave the end of Game of Thrones the middle finger because of it's shoddy writing and becoming a shitshow; but there was one thing that was said towards the end that really really stuck with me in the conversations of the final season: I've been in a really tumultuous area inside my headspace as of late. About two months ago, I deleted some 50+ contacts off my phone. Then two weeks ago, I deleted another 25. I'm trying really hard to not repeat the same mistakes when it comes to people but I end up giving them the benefit of the doubt and in the end, I'm screwed and feel worse than if I never invested in them to begin with. As school ended, I started to deal with a lot of heavy things on my mind that were somewhat put on the back-burner because school had to come first. Now, as I purge all the stuff I have and reshape my environment, I feel like that needs to happen with what/who I want to be with and what/who I am. I have a duty to work on myself first and foremost, at the behest of anyone and anything else. I'm sorry if this comes of maybe a bit vague but it's hard not to be since what I'm thinking has become so all-encompassing. I ended things with Walacita, a woman who I really liked but I knew deep down that there wasn't a serious future with. I have pushed Jaime away, relegating our time together as a couple hours a week for a date night or two and that's it (whereas I used to basically live with her a few days a week, slept over her house most nights, and stayed with her every free moment I had while I was in school). These two decisions that I've made have had a ripple-effect on my thoughts and feelings about people in general, hence all the deleting. My free time a couple months ago was about 90% spending time with people and now it's more like 10% of my free time is that. I started seeing a therapist back in December and while I don't think I get much out of it, he noted how huge it was that I took these actions with Walacita and Jaime. Putting people where they need to be with having boundaries and not waxing and waning on them has been a huge struggle for me. I should have done these two actions months ago but again, I fully blame school for sapping any energy or motivation from my life. The pool of people that I associate with now, according to my phone's conversation log, is about 17 people I have talked to in the past month. Maybe for some people that may seem high, or low, idk, but comparatively; there were like 88 conversations prior to this massive deleting. I'm just sick of investing time and effort in people that just don't seem worth it. I want quality and it seems that's pretty fucking rare so who knows - maybe I'll delete more. With the social stuff out of the way, I wanted to look at what I've been doing since school ended. My mom died in January and I've been cleaning and organizing and moving for at least 8 hours a day, every single day, regardless of work, for the past two months. Here's what I've done: The Deck: *Pack-sort-clean the Deck *Sweep the floor *Wash the floor by hand *Wash the walls *Peel/scrape all the old tape off the windowsills *Sweep the floor again *Puff-paint each color onto the walls *Move all art supplies into room The Living Room: *Pack-sort-clean the Living Room *Move all furniture into old Mom's Room *Vacuum the floor *BREAK vacuum *BREAK second vacuum *Rent a rug doctor *Steam-clean the floor *Steam-clean it again, wtf *Steam-clean it a third time, Jesus Christ *Take all the pictures down and pull out the nails *Wash the walls *Take down the curtains *Put down drop cloths *Set up the painter's tape-double-width *Primer the room *Paint the first coat *Paint the second coat *Paint touch-ups *Move the entertainment center stuff upstairs to this room *Move the loveseat from downstairs outside, around the house, and into the room *Move sister's loveseat from her side of the house into the room *Move the mastermind chair around a 180 degree turn and up the stairs by myself *Hook up the game systems, roku, tv, etc. *Find old Wii *Buy new Wii cords *Remove the game stuck in the console *Return the cords *Set up the curtain rods *Build a footstool *Build an end-table *Take sister's smaller end-table *Clean off an old broken jewelry box and turn it into a candle-holder Side-Room: *Pack-sort-clean the Side-Room (Use for mom's stuff) *Remove everything out of the room *Vacuum the floor *Stack all pack-sorted things from floor-to-ceiling in orderly fashion *Wash all of mom's laundry (THIRTY LOADS OF LAUNDRY) *Fold all laundry *Donate all laundry Mom's Room: *Pack-sort-clean old Mom's Room (Use for furniture/donations) *Remove all the pissed-on wads of paper towel, random cat shit, kitty litter bits, plastic gloves, paper towels, toilet paper, soaps, cleaning supplies and put them all where they belong *Vacuum the room *Move all large furniture pieces that are going for donation: Entertainment center, hutch, oriental desk, oriental chair, desk, three white tables, wooden table, bed/frame, two bureaus, round end-table, square end-table, rocking chair, two lamps *Wash all blankets/sheets *Donate blankets/sheets Bathroom: *Pack-sort-clean the Bathroom *Sweep the floor *Wash the floor *Wash the toilet *Empty out under the sink *Sort all cleaners *Put all cleaners away *Go through all cosmetic things *Stack up hundreds of boxes of tissue and toilet paper *Empty the closet *Pack away all tissues, gloves, toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, and more *Clean out the medicine cabinet *Wash the walls *Wash the floor again *Wash all the towels (8 loads) *Sort the towels *Donate towels - keep 10 total *Go to the beach to collect shells *Wash shells *Make decorative shell-bottle *Paint walls *Puff-paint walls overcoat *Set up light/picture/decorations *Wash shower/tub *Wash shower/tub again *Set up new shower curtain/liner Kitchen: *Pack-sort-clean the Kitchen *Wash the floor *Wash the cabinets *Empty the food cabinets *Donate food *Empty fridge *Wash fridge *Wash stove *Wash countertop *Throw out toaster *Empty out mini-fridge downstairs and move all stuff into the kitchen fridge *Wash floor again because of garbage and crap everywhere *Organize/sort all of the dish sets, silverware *Empty the bottom cabinets *Wash all the dish sets and silverware (about 20+ hours of dishes) *Throw out dishes, bags, boxes, and garbage *Find mouse nest and thousands of turds underneath the kitchen sink and clean it out by hand *Find mouse nest in the small bag cabinet and clean it out *Pack away all mugs *Wash floor again because of all the mouse shit everywhere *Empty the utensil drawers which ALSO had mouse shit in it *Pull out utensil drawers and wash *Wash out all the cabinet shelves *Put away kitchen sets *Move all spices and kitchenware stuff upstairs Dining Room: *Pack-sort-clean the Dining Room *Pack away all of the glass-ware in the hutch *Wash the glass-ware that I'll be keeping *Move hutch *Find a mouse nest under the hutch and clean it up *Swap dining room set with sister (table and chairs) *Vacuum *Steam clean again, and again, and again *Set down drop cloths *Wash walls *Set up painter's tape double-width *Prime walls *Paint top half *Second coat top half *Mix top-half paint and Living Room paints together to get a muted complimentary color *Paint bottom half *Second coat bottom half *Move old entertainment center corner-piece over to corner *Clean old entertainment center corner *Set up glass door and glass shelves *Hang up decorations *Wash dining room table and chairs Hallway: *Pack-sort-clean the Hallway *Move everything out of the Hallway *Move all the furniture through *Move all of sister's pantry stuff to the Hallway and old Mom's Room *Vacuum For those keeping score, this is an itemized list of 131 tasks that I had to do. Some of them took 20 minutes. Some of them took 20 hours. But finally, besides the white trim that I'm going to do in each of the rooms, I'm FINALLY FUCKING DONE. I will have before/after pictures that I'm going to upload. Tomorrow is a double-shift so it will probably be Thursday that I'll be able to show off what I've spent literally hundreds of hours working on these past two months. With that, my actual challenge: Whole+ - I'm a matter of days away from completing a successful Whole30. This might be the first Whole30 I was able to complete in well over two years of struggling and it's no wonder why: school isn't eating my fucking soul anymore. My plan after completion of my 30 days is to just keep going. I don't want to fuck up anymore. I'm tired of getting lax and then regaining weight, only to have the cycle continue. It usually goes: whole30->slight cheat->more cheats->eating garbage->depression kicks in->anxiety kicks in->self-loathing kicks in->feel suicidal->hate myself->attempt to get my shit together with another whole30->fuck up and dep/anx/suicidal feelings get magnified->try again and fail->try again and fail->Whole30 sticks->I feel great->Whole30 ends->slight cheat. REPEAT. So this time I'm doing Whole+ for the entire challenge. I'm done with this cycle. Whole30 and NF are the two best things that have ever happened to me and it's time to fucking show it and stick with it, rather than having this half-assed attitude. The past 4 years, I've had school to blame for soaking up any sort of energy. The past two months of busting my ass, I can finally show off what I've been doing. And with this massive overhaul cleaning project coming to an end, it's time to push myself in terms of fitness and activity here on NF. Workouts - So I have my eating on point and everything is falling into place, but I don't know what is reasonable. I don't want to think, "Oh yeah, 2 hours on the elliptical" and then fuck up my knee and be on the shelf for a month and lose all this eating progress I've made (because an injury will make me spiral into a depression: it always has). I'm going to start the challenge with hitting the gym 3 times a week. I work doubles on Wednesdays and Fridays so that just won't happen. I have enough time to shower, eat, and get ready between jobs. I also hate going to the gym when it's busy so the weekends are ehhhhh. I'm saving weekends for the little bit of socializing that I do. This leaves me with Monday/Tuesday/Thursday as my workout days. All of this cleaning and moving for the past couple of months has been hell on me physically and I would honestly consider it to be workouts. I could do some walking on the weekends but I want to see my baseline for the gym FIRST before I start adding weekend workouts to the mix. Artwork - With the deck now being converted into an art room, it's time to start getting some serious self-care going. I have about 10 projects that have been started but not finished so my plan is to try and finish two projects, as well as start some writing for Bellmyst. Study - I found out yesterday that I got an incomplete on my very last class and when I checked, it's because I needed to do a revision of a paper that I was told was fine so.... I still technically have a tiny tiny tiny bit of schoolwork left. I was swearing for about an hour but after I calmed down, I realized I need to just get it done and over with. I also need to start doing practice tests for the LCSW exam. By the end of the challenge, I want the paper done and some form of 3x week studying habit implemented. NF - I spent last challenge getting into the routine of posting on my thread regularly. I was being serious when I said NF and Whole30 were the best things to happen in my life so it's time to show it. This challenge, I'm going to try and keep up with at least 3 people's threads and then increase that number every week. So 3 people next week when the challenge starts. Then 4 people the week after, 5, 6, etc; until I'm back into my old NF ways. I want my fucking crown back.
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    It's a NEW challenge! Gosh it goes by so fast. For this challenge, I want to maintain the new habits from the last challenge: Exercise (Fitness) No Snacking After Dinner (Nutrition) Take one hour unplugged for myself (Stress-Relief) It's time to add more to it. Add strength training to my exercise routine. Cook Ten meals No candy! Take 1 hour a day for work EXPLAIN YOURSELF, SNARKY (spoilered for wordiness.)
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    Rookie Eats Baguettes During the challenge I'll be heading to Paris so there will be radio silence from me that week... But I'll be around again by the end! I promise <3 Quest... get back to 270lbs Sub Quests: - Calorie deficit > Aim to eat @ 1700-1800 calories daily > Come up with and share recipes for variety and fun > Be mindful of eating... ask myself mid meal "are you still feeling hungry?" - Drink 2L water daily - Floss the chompers once per day Life quest: - finish shark painting - prep for Paris - go to Paris
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    The laundry = THE GRIND. But also, the laundry = the ANTI-grind? A bunch of vaguely connected thoughts are motivating this challenge: I've noticed that I struggle with the in-between moments. I'm good at starting and ending stuff, but not so much at the long sludge in the middle. I struggle with transitions - if my routine gets disrupted even a little, I'm thrown way off! After a vacation, I take a long time to get back to normal. I've recently gotten bad at just enjoying my free time when I have it - I'm always looking for something to do instead. But on the other hand choosing to spend my free time doing Japanese homework might just be because I LIKE doing Japanese homework? Maybe Japanese homework is the fun thing and "I should really play that video game" is actually the chore but I'm not in tune with myself well enough to know which it is?? I cannot do a relax?? I'm kind of scattered and unfocused - like I'm doing my usual 100 rangerbrain activities, but also I've been meaning to schedule a doctor's appointment for months and just keep forgetting?? I cannot get myself to use my BuJo to save my life. That kind of stuff. _______________ So this challenge is about doing the things, but it's also about giving myself permission to NOT do the things. It's about getting back into the swing of things that have dropped off ("the laundry"), but also about embracing the times when I don't have to do stuff and just enjoying being a person (ALSO "the laundry"). It's about trying to chill the F out. It's about asking myself "what do I WANT to do?" both in the short term and the long term. It's about asking "who am I?" but also about saying "who cares - I'm gonna go play outside." Goals Start doing pullup stuff after Crossfit again. Probably continue doing pushup stuff too, but maybe not if doing both feels like too much. Walk every day, even if it's just 5 minutes (weather allowing - darn thunderstorms) and/or sit outside, even just on the balcony Meal prep one super tasty thing for each week, and if then do it again if I run out of it DO WHAT I WANT (sub-goal: What do I want??) Context for goal #3 Some other non-goals to explore: Put my bike in my car and go for a ride during a weekday when the trails are less crowded Go hike somewhere Start doing calf raises throughout the day Do more stretching, dangit Do some job stuff
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    Hey y'all!! Piggybacking on last challenge, I'm working on trying really hard in a couple areas but only to a manageable volume, then letting myself be human the rest of the time and chill out, doing just the bare minimum. I'm taking inspiration from the Harry Potter books for a theme, specifically, sorting my goals into Hermione, Ron, and Harry categories (I'd love to focus on the Puffs instead, but they just don't get distinct enough personalities in the books for me to do much with it). I'll be playing around with a points-based challenge with swag TBD if I do well. There's 125 points possible by my count (might be off by 1 or 2), so I'll set the swag threshold at 100 for now. Hermione: The know it all, diligent worker - who also can work herself into the ground if she's not careful Commit to 1 concrete thing I'll accomplish each work day, then do my best to do the thing (1 point / day, 24 points possible) Finish summer semester lesson plans for my dance kids (10 points if completed, ideally in the next two weeks) Grad school work, 6+ days / week, 30+ minutes / day (30 points possible) - the unspoken goal is to stay 1-2 weeks ahead of the scheduled due dates, but if things start getting noticeably harder and I'm just keeping up, I'll be OK with that (I should have zero trouble passing this course no matter what) 7.5+ hours allocated to sleep per night, 8.5+ on Fri / Sat nights (35 points possible - because resting up is necessary to be able to work hard) (Unscored) I'll still be training hard in the dance studio and teaching kiddos - the goal is for sleep to be the only thing I work on that affects that affects my dance performance this challenge, besides lesson planning Ron: Mostly doing the bare minimum - really just an excuse to give myself points 1 x strength training / week (consistent with what I've been doing) (5 points possible) 1 x prehab / pilates / week (also consistent) (5 points possible) Bonus points for any extra sessions or handstand play (Unscored) I'll be taking a bare minimum approach with things like cleaning, laundry, and meal prep - as long as my life keeps on ticking along with food to eat, clothes to wear, and not saying "YUCK" when I look around my home, it's a success Harry: Bumbling around and moving the plot along - this is me giving myself a pat on the back for doing some required things and some small, optional projects that I'd like to wrap up Points for finishing any of these little projects and tasks related to moving in or sorting out some little things: (16 points possible)
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    I'll just be reusing my goals from last challenge. But, you know what, it gets things done. 1. Lift your lifts 3-4x per week. Not that I won't, but it's nice to check off the box when I do. 2. Shenanigans take three 1x per week. Continue finding something fun/unconventional/goofy movement-wise to do every week. 3. Write 2x per week. It is outside drinking season again and my Guide to Daydrinking project is calling to me. Random creative writing or poetry prompts also count! Plus musing about gymnastics, videos of dumb stuff, pictures of food probably, etc. Y'all know the drill.
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    G'day! I'm a Ranger, back after a hiatus and decided to join the scouts for a challenge as I've recently taken up running. 2 weeks ago I finished my first Couch to 5K, culminating in an organised 5k event for charity (31:22 finish) and then didn't run for 2 weeks. Not wanting to let all that hard work training up to the 5k distance go to waste I've signed up for a 10k running over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and started training for it using a 5k to 10k app from the same company that I followed for the C25K. Bit of background, been on NF for many years, live in the land down under, ex-crossfitter gone to seed (broke my foot and stacked on weight), done lots of weight training and general fitness stuff in the past but no running other than cross country at school 25 years ago (yikes!). Goals for this challenge: - Run 3 times a week (follow the app) - No alcohol - Eat real food only (mostly this means no trashy snacks like chips and chocolate) Starting weight: 95.2kg Finishing weight: sub 90 would be awesome, let's see....) I like memes and gifs so feel free to spam me
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    It seems very likely that I will be totally moved by the end of this challenge, which sounds a little nuts to me considering how fast this last challenge seemed to go. Details TBD focusing on: 1. Scheduling EVERYTHING 2. Prioritizing writing 3. Packing/purging/moving Currently asking myself - what would the most useful approach to this thread be? Probably a very minimal accountability post every day to say that I'm using my planner, which means - scheduling in all of my tasks including writing and packing - not just client appointments. I'll be making room for R&R because that's how I roll, so I don't think I need to worry too much about that - although I did over play the sims a bit this weekend, but I would argue it was part of taking it easy because of my cold. So we'll see. If it gets out of hand I'll add controlling sims time to the list.
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    This challenge I'll be spending two weeks on a road trip touring California with my husband, so I'm going to take it easy. But I'll keep posting and the rest of the time I've set myself some smaller goals to keep me on track. In addition, I'm still recovering from my bout with near pneumonia, so my energy level just isn't back to normal yet, and I don't want to push it, so I'll start easing back into things. Fitness: I am done with the gym for a while, so I'm going to transition to building up my walking. I'm going to do the Walk to Mordor. I'm not sure what that will look like goal wise, so for now I'm going to keep my goal to 5,000 steps a day. I bought a new fitness tracker, but it won't arrive until the weekend, so I'll start using that next week and just use my phone this week. Nutrition: I dropped below 200 lbs for the first time in maybe 5 years when I was sick. I've largely kept the weight off, but it's creeping back up. So my goal this time is to just try to stay at or under 200 lbs. That will be a big challenge since I'll be on vacation. I'm going to be flexible in how I do this, but it will mean tracking my weight daily and then adjusting my meal choices or activity level accordingly. If I get way off track I'll commit to food tracking to help me do a better job of staying on track. Level up: I committed to doing a crochet-a-long through a Facebook Group. It will be my first garment ever, it's a lightweight, 3/4 length sleeve cardigan. It starts on June 30 and finishes July 20. So with the road trip it's a perfect opportunity to have a portable project to take and work while we're driving, or in my downtime in the evenings. When the CAL isn't going, I'll be working on a blanket for my daughter's birthday. During zero week I'm working on understanding my energy level, so I'm doing a self research project to see if I can get myself closer to normal. I'm doing a guided body scan every night before bed. Then I'm doing a mental check-in. I'm looking to see if it Do I fall asleep faster? Do I get out of bed without extra snoozes? What is my energy level first thing? What is my energy level mid-afternoon? I'm also adding in affirmations four times a day, I have reminders on my phone and I'm stopping myself at these four times to make a conscious acknowledgement to focus on blessings. Blessed be the morn for me and mine My work is a prayer for good for me and mine Blessed by the day for me and mine Blessed be the night for me and mine If we get it going, I commit to doing the sea life art challenge with @Wobbegong and @Rookie Habits: I want to keep journaling regularly, so I'm just going to track that and see how often I am able to do that. So that's where I'm at this time...
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    Welcome to my challenge! I'm not new to Nerd Fitness. If you're a Level 1, then I'm your Guild Leader. My challenge thread is posted in this Level 1 subforum to serve as an example of a way to format and organize a challenge, in the hopes that seeing how I do it might help give you ideas for your own. About Me My Muggle name is Chris. I'm a 41 yr old semi-retired guy happily at home being the primary caregiver for my 3 yrs old daughter. Which is the Best Job Ever! There's no pay, but the benefit package is adorable and calls me "Daddy." Most of my time each day is invested with her. As such, I've taken inspiration from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's early morning workouts, by building the habit of waking up in the early morning (a couple of hours before my daughter normally wakes up) so that I can ensure I get my exercise done each day. My Main Quest for this challenge is to... Get my bodyweight below 180 lbs. As of the end of the the previous challenge (yesterday), I weigh roughly 188 lbs. So we're going for a drop of 8 lbs over the next 5 weeks. My Support Quests that will help me reach that goal are to... Complete daily cardio. At least 500 calories burned via cardio each day. Restrict calories. My diet will vary from day to day, but I'll be trying to eat in the vicinity of 2000 calories. Protein will stay high. Train like The Rock. Inspired by -- but not identical to -- Dwayne Johnson's typical exercise routines, I'm doing a bodypart split schedule with relatively high exercise volume. I created an 8-day rotation for myself: DAY 1: chest DAY 2: legs [quads focus] DAY 3: upperbody pull / back DAY 4: rest (cardio only) DAY 5: shoulders DAY 6: legs [hamstrings/glutes focus] DAY 7: arms & abs DAY 8: rest (cardio only) repeat Thank you for reading. I'd be delighted if you continued to visit my challenge thread, and kept me company throughout this month as I continue along my journey. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them. Your comments are appreciated, and your questions are welcome.
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    I was here awhile back and I am here again. I went off in search of the power lifter's philosopher stone, then the distance runner's elixir of life. I failed to find either. I found myself having fallen down yet again. Today I stand and reorient. I reorient to this community, its goofy nuance and amazing people. Today I keep it super simple and clean and just bring back the basics: goals, points, and the desire to win at both. 1. 6 days a week – Run at least 2 miles a day and 20 miles a week, 3 sets pull-ups, 3 sets chin-ups, 3 sets push-ups, 3 sets air squats or lunges, 3x plank for time 2. Track food and 1,800 or fewer calories a day, target 50% carbs, 20% protein, and 30% fat 3. Weigh and record progress in exercise, calories, macros, weight, and body fat in daily tracking spreadsheet 1 point for each day, 5 points for reaching 20 miles per week, 44 points possible for exercise 28 points possible for food 28 points possible for tracking 100 possible points 95 points or higher reward = bench, barbell, or rack