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    I did a little research on cyclist’s power... welp, that was depressing. 170 Watts at 180 pounds puts me near the top of recreational level, but below even a beginner road racer. 6/17/18 Sunday - Father’s Day. It was a good day. I thought they forgot Father’s Day with all the commotion this week, but they didn’t. They day day started off with a new foster dog. A spaniel of some sort. I don’t know her story, she came in on her own which usually means an owner surrender, she was very grubby (she got a bath today, we usually let them settle in first), is a bit underfed, just had puppies, and has a leg that was broken and never set or set badly. She’s about two years old and is very friendly and is settling in quickly. My guess, which is probably wrong, is that she belonged to a backyard breeder who surrendered her, maybe she didn’t produce healthy puppies or had small litters. Lucy We went to brunch at a brewpub that’s been around forever, but that we’ve never been to. It might be in the sweet spot of food good enough for Mrs. Sloth and atmosphere casual enough for me. My gift was this year’s pair of swanky jeans (from a bike shop so they’ll have room for my quads, if I ever grow a pair). I went on a road ride. My legs were tired so I meant to go long and slow, but it was windy, so I ended up with another medium ride. I should just embrace my mediumness. 32 miles on the flat. I got wolf whistled at on the ride...
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    This is my story; I am known to most as Helen Parr, but my real identity is Elasitgirl Incredible. I live in Metroplis,For a long time, the city of Metropolis depended on Super heroes to keep them safe from villains.People loved the Supers, and were thankful for their help. However, fighting villains can be a messy job, and battles usually end up destroying houses,. and cars. and roadways, and office buildings, and a few skyscrapers, and you get the picture. And people started blaming the Supers for the damage instead of the villains. The Superheroes were forced to live quiet suburban lives, hiding their identity. Mr Incredible, a true superhero, wanted to help people and hated hiding his identity. For a while Metropolis was safe, even without the superheroes help. But then Syndrome , an evil villain with a giant robot Omnidroid came to destroy the Incredilbes and Metropolis. The Incredible family knew it was time to reveal their superpowers and save the city. The Incredible's saved the city, but they knew there would be more villains. We needed a new start with our city though. A way to show the city that we were there to help. I was chosen for this mission. I will show the world that we need superheroes. And I will have a motorcycle too, because superheroes need cool vehicles. For my mission I will need to 1) Morning Routine This is habit, but I want the accountability Read Bible Dishes water plants (summer habit) 2)Strong Start I want to not waste time on the computer in the morning. I've tried this goal before with middling success. But I am going to keep trying. I don't want to do a time because I may go for a walk in the mornings and then I'd start later which is fine, just not fine if I'm on the computer. My plan is this: When I sit down for breakfast I set the timer for 30 minutes, when the timer goes off I go do my workout. edit: 30 minutes, or to go off at 9:15 I am going to do this as how many days in I row, and see how long a chain I can make. (weekends are free) I will give myself 15 minutes of extra time to use as needed. So if I go over one day by 5 minutes, I can still count it as one time, but if the next day I go over by 12 minutes, then I would not make it. 3)Mindful Eating: Last challenge I practiced eating slowly, putting down my fork between bites at dinner .This challenge I will do it at dinner and lunch. I will also pray and thank God for my food before lunch.I always do this at dinner, but don't at lunch.It is good for me to slow down and pause and thank God for the food that I have. Long term: Finish scrapbook by challenge end Write down dates for bathroom remodel; choose paint and sink Other stuff: This challenge is the Incredible's 2 premiere!! I'm super excited. Also, it premiers on my birthday (how awesome is that?!) and we have tickets to go see it at the really cool downtown theater, and excite!!!!!! I'm starting on the second phase of Rings 2, which is the cool trick stuff like skin the cat, which I love. It also sort of makes my stomach queasy, so breakfast will be small. Hopefully we will get lots of geocaching in, and walking, and other fun spring type stuff. Oh, and I'm also doing the crow PVP, which is super fun. It's in my sig. come check it out.
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    I want to get faster and stronger, and fortunately I have a good solid window to train hard! So here's my basic mantra for the challenge: The goals: 1. Run 125 miles (5 week goal, starting in zero week). I'm figuring out which plan I really want to stick with for my marathon training. For now, I've modified the Asics training plan, and it comes out to 123 miles. I rounded up and will fit them in somewhere. This time around I'll have a 5K at the end of Week 1 and a hilly trail half marathon at the end of week 2. I'm going to take the speed training seriously. I'M NOT MESSING AROUND! 2. Deskbound mobility challenge: Try all the exercises in the “mobility prescriptions.” Come up with a list of the exercises I find useful and figure out how to work them into my weekly routines. 3. Pre-summer grab bag (each thing can only be counted once, goal is 10 things on the list, starting in zero week): · Run moraine trail · Try out the new side trail by pond · Trail run on the other side of the bridge · Do the fitness trail · Get in the ocean · Paddleboard · Use up a pre-paid yoga class at the less-than-favorite studio · Go to the library (it’s wonderful and free…why don’t I go more?!) · Go to the cheese shop (it’s not free but wonderful in moderation and good to support) · Go to the fish store (ditto) · Go to a local cultural event · Go to an ice cream store · Go to Heritage plantation · Go to the art museum · Use the grill · Backyard yoga · Backyard coffee · Backyard reading on the lounge chair · Book vacation travel · Figure out a time to visit my family I'll also be hosting a "miserable yoga" PvP...details soon! I
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    Today is a good day. I got up and lifted, 5x5 at 110 on bench and 5x5 at 70 on squat. I made lunch but wasn't super happy with it. I used orzo with some chicken and veggies, I seasoned it with white wine, among other things. It wasn't bad at all, just not up to my standards, hence I'm not giving the full recipe. I'm not upset though, it was an experiment. The goal with an experiment is to learn, and I learned that next time I'll try something different . We went grocery shopping the first time we've been able to go to the store together since the school year started. I also got my birthday present early, a bunch of NF gear. I got this, and this, and this, and this:
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    THE SILVER ARCHER: BOOK II Chapter 5: Solo Mission The theme of this month's challenge is really about self-care. I feel like I've been doing a lot of that lately and I'm more than ready to get back to butt-kicking, but as the sun rises on Week One, I will be in a van driving ten hours away from the only hometown I've ever known, preparing to spend three months working an incredibly high-stakes internship, living with two strangers (and their cats!), learning the rhythm of a metropolitan region, and basically upending every imaginable portion of my currently quiet, happy, predictable Midwestern life. Recipe for freaking out. So this month, I will be laying out goals to help myself stay centered and not withdraw into a melty puddle of panic during the move and subsequent transition. Week Zero will be move-related goals; the main challenge will help me check in with my morning and evening routines, make sure I'm eating well, and try to work in some physical activity to release stress and keep me feeling good. This will also be a fluid challenge, as I don't know yet what my daily routine at my internship is going to look like (other than the fact that it begins way earlier in the morning than the night-owl schedule I've been keeping) and what is going to be feasible and realistic. I may create small sets of goals at the beginning or end of each week instead of one big set at the beginning of the month. Tomorrow I'm going to create a plan to help me finish packing and getting all the utilities turned on properly (everything is in progress, just not getting accomplished as quickly as I'd like), and this will guide me in the second half of Week Zero. Yoga and physical therapy exercises must happen too, and eating reasonably despite stress and sharks. And lastly, Sky's narrative may or may not appear in this challenge, just to be realistic. But whether or not I find time to write it down, I am very aware of what she is doing currently, and she and all the wisdom she has gathered over the last few months are close with me while I pack and prepare for my own "solo mission", as she prepares to set out into the forests of Middle Earth and uncover the Dark Elf's latest evil scheme.
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    After a great start to 2017 that was highlighted by qualifying for the first time at age 50 for the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships and capped off by competing in the Age Group category in that race, the year ended rather quietly as I "whatever"-ed myself into missing workouts, backing off on my running program, and basically falling as out-of-shape as I have been in over three years. Coming on its heels, my 2018 has been consistent in its inconsistency. The year started off poorly; I was eating poorly, I was not working out consistently, and I was missing my scheduled runs. In context, I am not failing, regardless of what the scale says. I look reasonably good in clothes that fit and I am pretty fit in comparison with most of my peers, who largely laugh when I describe myself as "Old, fat and out-of-shape." This is true despite the onset of psoriatic arthritis in the middle of 2017 that has adjusted how I exercise and how I recover. However, I'm not ready to admit defeat to my arthritic knees and lower back. Instead of my deskbound co-workers, I expect to measure myself against a whole different set of peers: These men, 50 and over, who are not content to take that knee but will Rise Up and Conduct Their Business as Grand Masters. I will not go quietly into the night. I will fight until I can't fight anymore. I will Rebel. Main Goal In October of this year, I'll be competing in the 2018 OCR World Championships. I qualified as an age group competitor twice during the 2017 season and raced in a group of similarly grey-bearded men. I will travel to the UK to participate and will run as a journeyman if necessary, but it's my goal to qualify to race against other 50-and-over men again. This time, I don't want to be happy to be there, I want to finish closer to the middle of the pack than the back, and I'd like to leave with something more than just a finisher medal (or two, or three) and a tee shirt: I want to finish with 100% obstacle completion. This is where I say "I know what it takes to get where I want to be" and put my goals in. I do know what it takes. If I had any self-discipline, I could run a Battle Log, because this is basically Level Grinding, but I have the self-discipline of a weasel on crack and the attention span to match, so here we are. If you've been around for any of my challenges you're already familiar with what's going on, but if there are any new eyes reading, here's what's on the menu: Goal: Speed I have gone from "I'm not a runner" to "I enjoy trail running." I'm still building up my mileage from a long winter of slacking, but I have a running plan that works. Consistency will get me there. Plan: Run a minimum of 3x per week, including 3-mile VO2 max interval training, 3-4 mile lactate threshold training, and weekend long run. Goal: Strength I enjoy weight training. I need to supplement this with boot-camp style bodyweight and high-rep, low-weight training, and pull-ups. This will help with obstacle proficiency and efficiency. There will be white boards. Plan: Boot Camp Monday and Wednesday, weight training Tuesday and Thursday. Bonus: 400 pull-ups during the course of the challenge. I tried this last time and it faded out due to inconsistency. Goal: Skill While raw strength will help with some obstacles, it's not going to help me through a ninja-style rig or on Pegatron or obstacles where there are specific skills involved. I have a gym membership to Obstacle Academy for this. Plan: Weekly Friday obstacle workout at Obstacle Academy. Goal: Sustenance When I track my nutritional macros, I can lose inches around my middle and still keep up my muscle mass. When I'm consistent, I see the results I want. I've worked with a couple trainers over the past five years to arrive at the numbers below and as long as I am honest with myself, I can meet my goals here and also look good in my mud jersey when I hit the starting line at the Spartan Race in June. Plan: Log my food daily. Stick to my macros. Sanity This is my self-care non-goal. I'm chronically over-scheduled and currently don't have an out for this, and it won't even get better at the end of the school year until I'm back from my summer Youth Mission Trip, which happens during the last week of this challenge cycle. This is not a quantifiable, SMART goal, but it will stay on the list to remind me to spend some time in self-care daily. Starting Line I Race, and I love it. I love the atmosphere and the people and the event itself. A bad day on an obstacle course is still the happiest day of my week. Including my trail race during Week Zero, I've got a handful of trail "races" on the docket this cycle to ensure that I am getting in my weekend long runs, and one OCR in the middle: The Minnesota Spartan Sprint is my lone local OCRWC Qualifying event of the year, and this year they've made it part of their "Mountain Series", which means it will probably draw more people than I'm used to seeing at our venue and may stack my Age Group with highly-competitive runners who are significantly faster than me and who want the cool finisher medal. We'll see what happens as far as OCRWC qualifying times, but I'm going to go all out trying in front of my friends and family. Finally, I have bee pretty crappy about keeping my challenge threads up-to-date for the past couple months. I won't ghost on y'all - I love my Rangers - but bear with me, especially since this challenge will be done for me at the end of Week 3. I want y'all to know that regardless of the lags in posting, every like and every comment is observed, read, and appreciated. Carry on, Rebels. It's time for an adventure.
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    Race report! I ran a hilly half marathon yesterday (Sunday). It was hot out (mid 80's) but not humid, so I felt pretty comfortable. I enjoyed the race but am not 100% satisfied with my performance. More like 80% The first 3 miles were steep uphill. I did as well as I could and feel ok about that. Somewhere around mile 5 or so, I caught up to a guy and ran with him for several miles. It took me a while to realize he had slowed down, I wasn't really working too hard, and I probably could run a lot faster. It took until about mile 8 for me to go ahead...I was enjoying talking and felt a little awkward asking to pass. If you are going to do that, then you really need to try to pull ahead and I wasn't 100% confident. After I moved ahead, I was able to pick up the pace and run more smoothly. I finished about 10 minutes ahead of that guy. I could have run the race faster. On the other hand, a major reason I wanted to do it was to get in some more serious hill training. And believe me, I did. My legs are feeling it today! And I had a really good time with my friends at the race. Challenge update (all of these started in zero week, so they are 5-week goals with 1 week to go): 1. Run 125 miles: 28.1 miles this week, bringing me to 101.1. Pretty much exactly one track here. 2. Deskbound mobility: Most recently did the elbow mobilization (11/14 done). I don't think these will be high priority for me in the future. I have plenty of other places in more desperate need of help. I also got a book about back/spinal health and it has a lot of additional exercises. I picked out several that target mobility in the upper/mid back. I'm really tight in there and want to work on it. 3. Pre-summer grab-bag: On Saturday, I went to the library and grabbed a big stack of books. Even better, I brought them outside to my lounge chair along with my lunch and hung out for a nice chunk of the afternoon (9.5/10 done). 4. Mini challenge: I forgot to play "Eye of the Tiger" before my race, but well I did feel strong making it to the top of that darned mountain!
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    When the job went wrong...well you probably know the rest. And wrong it has gone. Those of you following probably have a good picture of what's up. I just haven't been myself lately, at least not the good version of myself. I've let things get so far out of my control that I feel like a passenger in my own life. It's time to start taking the reins again. But after several crash-and-burn efforts I've decided to simplify this challenge to just the two most effective things I can do to start putting my fitness back on the right track: I'm going to eat, and I'm going to sleep. I've developed some terrible patterns and habits in these two areas, so this challenge needs to be a step toward bringing those back in line with what I want my life to be. My hope is that I can rebalance myself physically and start a cascade of improvements in other areas as well. Obviously there's a little more to it than that, but my SMART goals are to simply direct my nutrition in a way that promotes fat loss and to pursue sleep as a means to improve my overall well-being. For the first goal my specific measurement will simply be calorie intake, but I'm also going to be careful about the quality of those calories. Counting works for me, and I want the structure of a programmed daily target. For the second goal my specific measurement will be to log each night's actual bedtime. Again, I think the structure of daily targets will help me regain better sleep habits. For the first time in quite a while I have a spreadsheet to track my progress, and I'm actually excited about it instead of daunted by the prospect. I'm sure life (to say nothing of my current disposition) will take a giant steaming dump all over this challenge at some point, but when that happens I'm counting on y'all to hold me accountable and help me stay the course. Vizzini is dead. I'm going to go find the Man in Black.
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    stub·born (stŭb′ərn) adj. stub·born·er, stub·born·est 1. a. Refusing to change one's mind or course of action despite pressure to do so; unyielding or resolute. SeeSynonyms at obstinate. b. Characterized by a refusal to change one's mind or course of action; dogged or persistent: stubbornprejudice; stubborn earnestness. 2. Difficult to treat or deal with; resistant to treatment or effort: stubborn soil; stubborn stains. Since i already set this up in my Battle log, but it coincides with a Challenge i might as well move it here. I'm going stubborn mode again!!! That has almost always worked for me. Simple concept: "Eat less, Move more, Sleep more" I'm gonna build strings (streak) of consecutive days. Goals: No KCAL drink days(1 wildcard/week): Consecutive days:0 Longest streak: 0 Wildcards used: 0 Protein Breakfast (no wildcards): Consecutive days:0 Longest streak: 0 Wildcards used: 0 Salad only Lunch (1 wildcard/week): Consecutive days: 0 Longest streak: 0 Wildcards used: 0 Mindful Dinner(1 wildcard/2 weeks): Consecutive days: 0 Longest streak: 0 Wildcards used: 0 Pre 11PM sleep (2 wildcard/week): Consecutive days: 0 Longest streak: 0 Wildcards used: 0 Workout (1 wildcard/week): CF (twice a week): 0 Run (twice a week): 0 Lift (twice a week): 0 Rest (once a week): 0 # of weeks i hit the workout goal: 0 No let's see how far we can get this to go! First week starts today: wednesday! Talking about all that streaks... And just this to keep you occupied for about an hour (or ten)
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    The Story Until now (or the about me section) Last challenge went well. Not perfect, but so much better than the challenges before it. The Agents of Chaos last day of school is today, and this means a different level of chaos. Less activities, more being home, but I will still be working, but in the evenings and less days. However, this means I have time to really try and get myself together. However, summer classes half way through this challenge, but its only one class, but it is twice as fast. Plus summer means trying to keep Agents occupied and the garden being in full swing. The garden is only half in, and the clock is ticking. I have a million things that need done, a bunch of fun things planned, and in the end, I hope I can keep making progress in the right direction. My goals this challenge have changed slightly. Instead of just the same thing over from the challenge before, I have a few new habits I want to develop and life has changed. And if you don’t change with it, things will not go well. That being said, the next week or 2 are a transition, then I start back to school, which transitions again, then another transition half way through June. Here is working to a new routine that we will settle into easily. My challenge started Mon Okay, goals to work on May 20th because my spread sheet was ready and so was I. Now to get this up. Strength (2 pts) · Newer strength exercise (1pt) – Balance ball crunches This is great for my core and I really do feel it. Plus I have the ball so I may as well us it. · Continue other exercises (1pt) – I have done these all before. Time to get back to them. No hoping to reach a goal with them this time, just trying to do them. Doing all of them totals 1 pt. they don’t have to be done at the same time. o leg lifts o reverse sit ups o sit ups o Knee to elbows o pushups. o Balance ball push ups Flexibility (2 pts) · Newer stretch (1pt) – Warrior 1 When looking for another stretch, this one seemed interesting and I thought I could do it. So far, it’s going okay. Will have to see how my knees take it. · Continue previous stretches (1pt) –All of these help my back (which is not great due to an injury I took years ago) and wrists from carpal tunnel due to homework. These are Key o Wrist Extension o Dog and child yoga o Meditating Groot o butterfly o ballet bar (with the half wall) and Toe touch o Sitting fix/Shoulder stretch Life and Family (6.5 pts) · Soak Up The Sun (1pt) –Now that its warm, this should be easier to do. Goal is to just go outside and breathe for a second. No stressing, no worrying, just take a second and enjoy the day · Spend Time with Agents (1pt) – Should be easier now that they are home for the summer, but I want them to remember they are important. · Plan (1pt) –Make a plan at night for the next day. Otherwise, who knows what if anything will get done each day. · Bed by 11:30 (1pt) – Big goal, hopefully get back to energy mode and get enough sleep. Really, I just want to not wake up asking if I can go back to bed. · One Good Thing (1pt) – Remind myself good things happen. Every day · Walk gardens daily (.5 pt) –I need to walk the gardens and harvest, and weed and check for anything looking off. Ideally it should be twice a day, but once a day is the goal. Then the weeds won’t get as bad if I pull as I go. And its steps. · Do a brain dump daily (1 pt) – This is to help with my anxiety. My goal is just to start writing out everything swirling in my head and make a master list. I still have a notebook to write down things as it occurs to me, but this is a way to stop the spin and just figure out what needs done next. Fighting Chaos (3 pts) · Clean off Counter over dishwasher (1pt) –All the work I do, my kitchen still isn’t clean. But, its looking better the more spots I work on. I decided to do this one since we are getting ants in the sink and this should help that too. Plus the kitchen slowly going to be clean most days. · Keep other surfaces clean (1pt) –Spots I have proven to myself that take no real time to keep clean and I feel better when it is and things run smoother. I need to clean it once a day o Peninsula and island in kitchen o Clean the table and half wall o Clean my desk off o Clean my bathroom sink o Clean downstairs bathroom sink o Clean off Long dresser · Spend 5 minutes in at least one room (1pt) –These are places that need decluttered/organized and while It won’t happen overnight, if I spend 5 minutes (or 2 or 20) a day, it will get done. o Our bathroom (I finished the bedroom) o Computer room o Basement Keep Moving (2.5 pts) · Walk 10,500 Steps a day (1 pt) –Summer can get a bit harder to get my steps in since its so much easier to just sit around. Need to work on that and make sure I am doing STUFF. · Walk 15 minutes a day (1 pt) –This may be easier or harder. There will be no more walking to school, but hopefully at least one walk daily. · Walk to Mordor (.5 pt) –Made it to Rivendell last challenge. Hoping to make it to Lothlorien by end of the summer. UPDATE It daily (Prefer both on NF and my file, but at least my file). Fuel (4 pts) · No eating after dinner (.5 pt) –Time to end the “well, before I go to bed” snacks. I have gotten better, but still a good reminder · Log breakfast daily (.5 pt) –I need to get back to logging food, but logging all the meals is slightly overwhelming. Ideally I will log 1st and second breakfast, but at least first breakfast · Drink less than 3 bottles of tea (1 pt) –I am down to 2 a day most days, but not ready to go down to one. I can see me trying to do the whole “well, I have nothing going on” and drinking more. · Drink 120 oz of water a day (1 pt) –My water has gotten so much better, but still need to remember to do it · Intake goals(1 pt) –Blood results came back and the numbers were good with my potassium. Time to keep it up. o Eat Yogurt daily o Eat banana daily o Eat Dried apricots daily o Eat Breakfast o Eat Lunch This sounds about right for my life this challenge. Now off I go to do something
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    Sunday 17th June I was working again yesterday so I made sure TH was all sorted with everything he needed before I went to work. Afterwards I drove back to pick him up because he wasn't up for walking and we took my dad out for a meal for father's day. I fasted until lunch which was my usual tuna salad and cashew butter and I had roast chicken and salad for dinner with a pint of water to get my hydration goal hit. We got in and just hung out in bed all evening. Bobby - TH did the bed when he was finally up to getting out of it, and I did my handbag and floordrobe. Karamo - I read really late at night and BuJoing got done. Jonathan - I drank 3 litres (but only just), skincare was aced as was moisturising, and supplements. Anthoni - I got in my 5 freggies and I had 480 calories remaining to my goal. My deficit was pretty great too. Tan - All the hundreds got done first thing in the morning I got 100% all week for everything and I feel skinny af. Wooooooooooooooooooo!
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    Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thank you! Today, the 17th. Today is a good day. Church was awesome. I made lunch too. I cooked some stir fry beef in avocado oil with salt and pepper. I then cooked some diced onion and sliced red bell pepper for five minutes, then added almond flour and cooked for another minute. I put the beef back in and added 1/4 c beef broth and 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar and let it simmer for five minutes. Meanwhile I worked on the mashed sweet potatoes. I had boiled some diced sweet potatoes, so I drained them and mashed them with salt, pepper, ghee and a little milk. I served that, then the beef mixture. I topped the beef off with some sesame seeds and a little soy sauce.
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    So, last challenge was a total wash. May is, by far, the busiest month of the school year and I failed at balance, but, you know what we do when we fail, WE RANGER ON, DAMMIT. And that's just what I'm here to do. Last challenge, when life got busy and things got hard, we tapped out, but not this time. In the spirit of not tapping out, this will be a WWE inspired challenge. A lot of my goals will be the same, but will be inspired by some of my favorite superstars!! Workout Goal: Braun Strowman Currently dubbed "the monster among men," Braun Strowman is not only strong, but he is FAST. Braun Strowman has the strength and the cardio, which is exactly what I want, so I will be emulating braun (as much as a 5'6" girl that weighs 155 can, ha) Goals Per week: Gym x3 (until June 8, then gym x5) Bike x1 (until June 8 then bike x2) (can trade 1 gym day for an extra bike day) BONUS GOAL: The Charlotte Flair While I don't need to be doing splits or back flips, I really want to get more flexible (I am terribly stiff all the time) So I want to incorporate a better, more involved stretching routine after my workouts, as well as try a regular yoga class or two. I hot yogaed once, it was terrible. Nutrition Goal: Sheamus This is a man that definitely eats his protein! And recently, while my meals have been pretty compliant to my calorie goals, I have basically been eating whatever, so I need to start prioritizing healthy eating that isn't just counting calories, but also takes into account the kind on nutrients my body needs. Weekly Goals: Meal Prep every week to shop and plan calories in advance Stay at 1700 calories a day (and finally, since I have time) figure out your macros and stick to them. BONUS GOAL: THE CESARO Sheamus is currently a member of a tag team, and his partner is Cesaro. So, my bonus goal here, will be to be a supportive wife and keep my husband on track as he starts to eat healthier as well. Mental Health Goal: RUSEV This is Rusev, and in his world, every day is RUSEV DAY!! I want to channel some of his self love and remember to take time for me this summer. GOALS: Take my meds daily Finish my novel (10k words to go) Read at 2 books (will add to this as I think of more) BONUS GOAL: The Carmella Now, don't get my wrong, Carmella is currently one of the most annoying Starts in the WWE universe, BUT she hardcore believes in herself and takes advantage of opportunities presented to her. So, channeling her, I want to try to make money off of one of my short stories this summer. Organization: Paige So, Paige recently found out she could no longer wrestle due to an injury, BUT she was given a brand new job as general manager of Smackdown Live, she is doing a great job at running the show and keeping everything as organized as possible (in a show all about drama, ha) so I want to emulate her, here. Goals: Get back on track with dailies Work toward creating a better organizational strategy for myself and paper Keep my car clean Put things back where they belong BONUS GOAL: THE ASUKA She had a 942 day undefeated streak. I would like to think I could keep a streak up with my dailies for the entire challenge. LET'S GO!!!! Well, there you have it! I'm super stoked and ready to go!!!
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    Last challenge saw me FINALLY return to the mat - albeit only a bit - and kind of sort of reign in my eating to something approximating normal. Plus, I shifted my priorities a tiny bit and found some sort of equilibrium - after a visa hop in India, that is. This challenge cycle, I'll be building on those small wins and my goals will be simple. 1. Macros 1286 - 1686 Calories 62g protein Under 80g carbs Under 100g fats 2. 2 - 3 yoga sessions a week Current schedule looks like: Monday night, maybe Tuesday, Wednesday night, Maybe Thursday, Maybe Friday 3. Focus on meaningful social interactions 4. Support the DH - bonus: it looks like his exercise and healthy eating regimen has pulled him out of his doldrums a bit. And that's it, other than blog and video posts + steps + the other shit I need to be doing but really don't feel like focusing on at all this cycle. Whoo!
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    Today is a good day. I did Yoga and I made lunch. The side was Coleslaw, a package of undressed slaw, the dressing was a glob of mustard and a glob of honey and a couple glugs of olive oil and apple cider vinegar with a bit of salt and pepper, and some fresh chopped parsley all mixed up and left to chill for a half hour. The main dish was pork tenderloin, cut into pieces which were pan fried in avocado oil with salt and pepper to the desired doneness (depending on thickness, cook them about like a pork chop, with maybe a little less time). Then I cooked a diced red onion and a diced peach for five minutes in avocado oil with balsamic vinegar. Then I added the sauce. What sauce is that?" Oh I'd be happy to tell you. I had some blackberries I hadn't used for a previous recipie that were getting soft, so I dumped them in a blender with a bit of olive oil, some honey, some dried thyme, a good bit of balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. After blending I let it sit while I fixed everything else above. When ready I dumped it out on the onion and peach and stirred. I added a teaspoon of sugar for flavor and let it cook for a bit then served it over the tenderloin. There was extra, so I froze it for later.
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    6/18/18 Monday The kids had swimming lessons and an old-fashioned enrichment summer school class (Pokémon something & cooking). Mrs. Sloth and I had four hours alone. She said she wanted to hang out. I heard “hang out”. I said, “That’d be great.” She heard, let’s have a leisurely lunch out and run some errands together... I did a hill workout. About 4 or 5 miles to the hill - it’s about 4/10 mile long / .6km. I did 6 repeats and then the legs slowed down and I rode home, about 18 miles / 30 km. Strava estimated my power at 216-260 Watts, with one hill at 308 Watts. If you disregard the 308, that puts me at a beginner road racer level, which makes more sense. My overly large ego feels good again. I’ll have to get a power meter if I really want to know how much power I produce, but that’s a bit rich for me. The hard part of not going medium all the time isn’t the hard efforts, it’s the long easy parts when the bearded guy on the heavy, clunky steel bike with the large backpack passes you by while whistling a jaunty tune. ETA And now FB is giving me power meter ads. That didn’t take long.
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    Air Force TI's are a different breed, they don't need to yell very much but they'll mind-game recruits all day. They're also generally very good instructors. Another thing that really isn't a significant part of the Air Force. Not to say the instructors coddle recruits, but criticism was always constructive and professional. Just a different mindset, even in the civilian side. I've had major culture shock ever since transitioning from Air Force to Army 11 years ago. It still confounds me how the Army ever expects to be successful doing business this way. W3-Saturday: a reasonably decent if utterly forgettable day. I slept late then got dressed and headed to the office for more OT. Along the way I stopped at Chick-fil-A for a small lunch: chicken sandwich with tomatoes and a large DDP. I finished off the rest of my potato chips in the afternoon when I got a little snackish. I had packed a double portion of my pork chops with green beans to take to the office for a huge dinner since I was planning to work late, so I reheated and ate it while working on my design drawings. That was plenty of food for the day, and I closed out at a very fulfilling 1875 kcal. The day itself was pretty boring. I woke up, worked a bunch, and then went home after dinner. I did a bit of guitar practice in the evening to prepare for Sunday morning's worship set, then I played Rocket League until bedtime. I was wrapping up at 11:30pm when my brother signed on and messaged me, so I hung out for a few more matches with him before heading upstairs on time. Week 3 Check-in: pretty respectable result given how I struggled to gain any momentum last week. I lost 0.7 pounds to weigh in at 236.9, which is the first time since early February that my weight has been below where it was when I started the year. I'm still feeling pretty good about staying on program, still not in any way ready to rush back in to the gym, and finally confident that sticking to the plan will yield the results I'm after. I'm still not in love with my body at the moment, but I no longer hate it like I have for most of the year so far. W4-Sunday: some neat surprises on this day. I woke up at my first alarm to get ready for church in time to grab a quick drive-thru breakfast (Sausage McMuffin, large Dr Pepper) on the way. For lunch at home I ate my final (yay!) pork chop with steamed broccoli. I planned an indulgent dinner at Whataburger as a bit of a reward/break, but once I was in line I really didn't want to eat nearly as much food as my usual order. Instead I settled for a junior double (dry, no pickle) without cheese, a small fry, and a small Sprite. I figured I'd use any remainder for some ice cream later, but when that time came I really didn't want any ice cream either. Like I said, neat surprises. Day finished up at 2159 kcal, well under my Sunday target. After church it was just another boring day. I played a bit of Rocket League after lunch before heading back in to my office for some more OT work. After a few hours I went home and played even more Rocket League until bedtime, which was right on time. I slept pretty well with lots of dreams (can't remember them), but I'm still feeling kinda whipped today. I guess I haven't remotely paid back my sleep debts from last week. Over the course of the weekend I managed to rank up from Plat I to Plat III, and I'm pretty confident that I can keep climbing the ladder to get to Diamond before the end of the season. It's been fun to experience my skills improving. Can't help but wonder how good I'd be if I spent as much time practicing guitar.
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    Seriously, this is a SINISTER THING WE MUST DEAL WITH I have seen dill pickle chips but never tried them............. sometimes around Thanksgiving we will get TURKEY AND DRESSING CHIPS WHAT IN THE FRICKARONI SCIENCE HAS GONE TOO FAR (i bet ketchup chips are good as heck tho') WEEK 4 HELLO HI GREETINGS MY FRIENDS WOWSERS WHAT DAY IS IT Hoo boy heckaroni this weekend was a THING let me tell you. Like I went to bed mad last night 'cause it was over way too quick and all I did was deal with stressful crapola. K and I have slowly been telling people about Our Upcoming Chaos Life and we finally told all the people we wanted to tell in private, and our next plan was to make a very filtered Facebook post to let the rest of everyone know what was up - mind you a lot of these people weren't even aware of the transition, less us selling and moving into our own Lone Wolf Status - so yeah that was A Thing I got to write over a few hours yesterday and post and then field a bunch of social media questions while drinking and trying to watch the World Cup and batch-cook lunches I was so whelmed I forgot to eat MY lunch until 3:15pm y'all GOOD LORT You better believe I slammed a Bilbo Baggins quote at the end of that elegantly scripted missive YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. My Delicate Social Situation bard skills have been cranked up to 11 all weekend and I'm just tapped out at this point~ K also had to have the phone call with her parents who arrhhasfgajgfhsa have been very Head In The Sand about all of this over the past years and mom def. checks a lot of the narcissist boxes ('i can't believe this, i'm hurt' 'i need time to process this' 'i don't like this' ) ( HEY HO IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU ) They are all very content in their Sheltered Nuclear Family Bubble being grandparents and focusing completely on that, so every time we bring something up it jolts their little world and ugh. There's a lot of discontent and neglect there and we are both just ready to be done with it; sadly at this point we know what to expect and the disappointment doesn't sting as much as it used to, which is kinda a good thing but also a real bad thing, ugh it still makes me hella mad that they're like this but I won't get into that here-- So THAT was a thing too. I drank a fair amount over this weekend Because Poor Coping choices and while it wasn't a super lot, it was still more than I usually do, and I feel bad about it this morning. But you know, shit happens, and it is what it is and I'm determined to move forward and not let that happen again. Things are hard but my body deserves better than that. <3 Mistake made and owned up to, and moving on in a better direction!!! I was going to schedule the gym for tomorrow morning but FRICK I HAVE A DENTIST APPOINTMENT I forgot all about until this morning - seriously guys, I'm not the person who forgets about appointments they schedule but I GUESS THIS IS MY CHAOS TIMELINE NOW - so I'll have to push it off 'till Wednesday. At this point hey whatever works YOU ONLY YOLO ONCE Anyways my goals for this week: - No drinking shaar you trash lizard - Get to the gym twice - Crank out the first part of my narrative for next challenge - Sit down and really look at apartment list with pros and cons (work should be quiet this week so...............) - Don't die or fall into the v o i d Okokokokok WE GOT THIS!!! (yeah??)
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    Thanks, it feels great too. I'm very happy with that picture as well. Thanks. The hoodie is awesome. It's soft and comfortable. Of course it will be months before I wear it. I'm so glad you liked it! Yes, there is a difference between the instapot and a traditional pressure cooker, but I'm sure with some experimentation you will get it figured out. Yes, the garlic powder, thyme, and sweet onions were an addition to the nom nom paleo kahlua pork instapot version. Today is a VERY good day. We had both sets of parents over to celebrate father's day early. I made the mole again that I have posted about before. However, this time I used reserve fat and liquid from the pork roast which bumped up the flavor. My parents went home and Sra. Tanque's parents went with us to see the Mr. Rogers documentary. I teared up in multiple places, it's awesome. Then Sra. Tanque and I had my early birthday dinner at a nearby BBQ place where I got marbled brisket from the burnt tip seciton. So Good!
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    6/21/18 Thursday - Happy Solstice. The kids had their dance recital today. It went well. You could tell they were nervous, but they looked good. Slothgirl was surprisingly elegant; I’m always shocked when she looks or acts grown up. I thought today would would be the day I yogaed and TRXed, instead I cleaned up the yard and set up the kid’s pool. I haven’t been sleeping because Ewok dog barks every time anything goes by the house (car, pedestrian, leaf blowing down the street). She does this all night long and it takes me forever to fall back asleep. Getting up and getting moving is extremely hard now. She also bites people’s toes when she is displeased. She has one last vet visit on Sunday and we can hand her off. I won’t miss this one. I had planned on hills today, but I think the MtBike trails will finally be open tomorrow. I did an easy hour long ride today so that I can hit it hard tomorrow.
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    Rookies Respawn Ohhh yah its time~ It has been awhile since I have come around to NF but here I am <3 And it is about damn time! MAIN GOAL FOR THIS CHALLENGE: Lose 5lbs ‘︿’ > CONTROL THE NOMS: Eat 500 calories under TDEE Perfect week = 3 points 5-6x / week = 2 points 3-4x / week = 1 point > HYDRATE FOOL: Drink 3L of water every day Perfect week = 3 points 5-6x / week = 2 points 3-4x / week = 1 point > SHAKE DAT BOOTY: Move at least 10 minutes a day (walk, jog, crawl, dance, ride) Perfect week = 3 points 5-6x / week = 2 points 3-4x / week = 1 point LIFE QUEST > JAWS: Floss dem teethies daily Perfect week = 2 points 4-6x / week = 1 points > $$$ : Save monthly amount + pay off visa Yes = 1 points Weekly Grading 11 points = A++++ You are queen of the world <3 7-10 points = A.... YAS get it gurl 4-6 points = B... Cool cool cool... do better 2-3 points = C... •_•) who dis? new phone 0-1 points = F... YOU'VE BEEN KILLED: 10 seconds until respawn
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    6/20/18 Wednesday. We’ve entered the summer chill zone. My belly has stopped acting up even though I haven’t cleaned up my diet much. I may have been underestimating how much stress affects it. More driving the kids around today. The kids had their ballet dress rehearsal today. We’re going to let Slothgirl drop ballet and focus on circus. She loves to dance, but she had a string of unfortunate teacher experiences and is turned off of it right now. Slothboy will continue. He seems to have been born to dance, which is weird, considering his parents. Like most boys, he would like to drop everything and focus on Minecraft. I got in a 2 hr ride. I wanted to ride tempo, but my legs said meh, so I focused on leg speed and riding smoothly. I think I got 28 miles in. My legs could use a day off, but I don’t want to take one, because if I do there will be a deluge or a family crisis and I’ll end up with a long string of days without riding.
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    Mal: I had a good day. Simon: You had the Alliance on you, criminals and savages... Half the people on the ship have been shot or wounded including yourself, and you're harboring known fugitives. Mal: Well, we're still flying. Simon: That's not much. Mal: It's enough. The last two months have been interesting, to say the least. But I'm still here, I'm still flying, and I'm still feeling relatively positive. This will be a very KISS challenge. Due to the last two months, I've gained a bit of weight (comfort eating; less movement). My body is also feeling really stiff and weak. I potentially have 2-ish months before any further treatment, and it's time to fix things rather than wallow in it. Goals: 1. Stop eating like an asshole I'm not going to make a bunch of little rules behind eating, since I then tend to use the letter of the law to circumvent the spirit of the law. I know how to be a healthy eater. I just need to do it. No more excuses. No more comfort eating. 2. Follow the plan -Saturday: parkour and silks class -2 times/week: a more intense yoga class or some sort of strength training. Ease into things rather than overdoing. -3 times/week: flexibility and recovery yoga. -Every day, weather permitting: walk at least 2 miles or go swimming. 3. Keep my crazy under control: I just started weaning off of my current anti-anxiety med, and today I also started Tamoxifen. Tamoxifen apparently doesn't play nicely with SSRIs. So, over the course of this challenge, I get to deal with the side effects of no longer being on a med that was working, as well as starting with something that will completely muck up my hormone levels. Maybe it will all be fine.. Maybe I'll be a complete basket case. The plan is to do everything I can to help promote my mental wellbeing. I will take time for myself as needed. I will do yoga or meditation as needed. I'll avoid Dr. Google. I'll stick with healthy sleep practices, like getting off of the electronics, reading, herbal tea, etc. If needed, there is another anxiety med I can try with the tamoxifen. Misc: -Work on the core. My core is too weak for some of the silks moves. -Plan cool vacations.... because there's nothing like confronting your mortality to make you want to bucket list the shit out of stuff. It's also good for my mental health to be able to plan fun future things. -Try to be more present on NF. For obvious reasons, my last two challenges have been pretty self-absorbed. But, I don't need to be that way this time around.
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    6/19/18 Tuesday Another rainy day. I wouldn’t mind if we had a few sunny days and the trails dried up enough to ride. It’s been raining up north too. The trails for the race I’ve been debating about have to be a mud pile. That settled it for me, I don’t want the trouble and expense of replacing the chain and gears and having to repack the bearings so I’m officially staying home. This will be a busy weekend anyway and Mrs. Sloth will appreciate my presence. It rained all morning. I had a giant coffee which zonked me out and I fell asleep right after I dropped the kids off (it’s a rough life). After it stopped rain8ng long enough for the roads to dry off I went for a ride - 2 hours at a recovery pace, I got 25 miles in. I went somewhere new; I went through the city’s industrial zone - past the port of Minneapolis and rode over the train yard - and came back through the university. It was an interesting ride, but I won’t repeat it any time soon. I got rained on for the last half hour or so. @The Most Loathed and his lovely wife stopped by and checked out Lucy. They seemed to like each other.
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    Week 4, Tuesday! I got very little sleep last night so I've been feeling pretty crummy and unproductive all day long. My legs are feeling a little better though, so I have that! Food is Fuel, Not Emotional Support 2868 cals. I ended up eating far to much for breakfast and had to compensate during the day a little, which didn't really help. Still I'm happy that i was able to stop what could have been a terrible day right at the beginning Run! 4 easy miles. It felt much better to run today my legs still feel tired but not worn out. The paces and my heart rate were much closer to what I expect them to be for an easy run. I stuck my ground and stayed on the flat. Lift! Rest day, I'll lift Wednesday and Thursday this week. Financial Kung Fu! NA - I'm basically just not buying stuff right now. ToDo List: All done except gym and ocrwc
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    W4-Monday: only a bit late to bed, so not bad. Days are starting to blur together--I'm very much looking forward to my upcoming break. Yesterday's eating was nothing special, but it was easily on target. I fasted until lunch, then since I have no leftovers at the house and I'm not going to do any more batch cooking before I leave for vacation on Thursday I tagged along with Civil Coworker (who is now my supervisor) to the Burger King on post. I decided to splurge a little and try the new Sourdough King, no sauce (pretty boring actually, and they forgot my onions) with a side salad (at Burger King? What even is my life?) and a Coke Zero. The caffeine was very necessary for the day's work, but I was reminded why I don't drink Coke Zero when the tummy discomfort set in later. Plus it has the world's worst and most enduring aftertaste. Oh well, lesson relearned, as seems to be periodically necessary. Dinner at home was a three-egg omelet with cheddar cheese and a serving of mixed nuts to round out the day at a comfortable 1797 kcal. I've exhausted my approved OT, so I'm back to regular workdays. I was actually baffled yesterday by having so much free time in the evening. On the way home from work I stopped by the store for some necessities, including another pair of Dad-shorts for the upcoming trip. I bought the same style as the last pair that depressed me when I needed a size 40, but this time I was able to get the size 38 (barely, but it works). I also picked up a new pillow for myself and a replacement shower curtain for the master bath since the old one was looking haggard. I got home and cooked my dinner then I did some chores, including replacing the shower curtain and washing a load of laundry. I spent some time organizing our kitchen knives and consolidating the pieces I want to keep (out of 3+ sets we've accumulated over the years), then I traced outlines of all the blades so I could shop online for a new knife block that will hold all of them (successfully! I'll order it when we get back from our trip). The only other thing I planned to do was go through the old computer stuff and get it ready for recycling, but by then I was tired and ready to play some Rocket League. So I fired up the PS4 and set my tablet to stream Netflix on the side table. And that's where I stayed until just a little after bedtime. I had forgotten about my clothes in the dryer, so when I was done playing I stayed up a little longer to fluff and fold the laundry before doing my rituals and finally getting to bed an hour late.
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    wow. a week has passed. let me tell you, time has been whizzing away in what seems like mind-numbing speed. perhaps its just that I feel very busy right now; both at work and at home. I am making a chicken coup (from pallets) at home.... and at work; a major project has got the highest priority for me. (though somehow they Always seem to misuse that phrase; when all it really means is that its momentarily important cause someone much higher in the company was interested in the topic). so I apologize; again for being so uninvolved on here. Personal speaking I am putting back my morning routine (or trying to)... and trying to get it all squeezed together like it was most of the winter. I would like to regularly.... Exercise class 3x a week Stretching routine 3x a week WeightLift 2x a week Climb 1-2 a week Run 1-2 a week. and then Perhaps, perhaps add a little hiking. but unfortunately the hiking can't happen like it was. there's simply not time left for regular 3 hour hikes; to say something of the bigger walks I was occasionally adding to that. ------------------- Rock climbing was a very interesting topic this last week. After I pretty much gave up looking I found THE Rock Climber of this area; a passionate experienced and prolific climber named Dana. This guy has been climbing the rocks around here for 8 years or better and has big experiences also, out west. (where Rock climbing is a Big deal). he's been a little less active since he had young kids; but he's got a small circle of friends and they go out to the many boulders around here and climb them. I'm pretty sure I'm now invited to his sessions which happen on Tuesday when the weather cooperates. This is all music to my ear as I have been very very interested in getting out of the tiny gym and doing some REAL rock climbing. his little group would brings in safety gear, spotters and mentorship allowing me to do this activity very safely. I'm very grateful to run into someone so local and a group at that, and hopeful these guys will include me. .... anyways I almost long for the feeling of time of my big walk. Time nearly stopped in parts of that walk and while I might have been uncomfortable I had control of my life in a way that I yearn for right now. so... whoever DOES have control of my life. (god?) I hope he will kindly quit pushing the accelerator and at least let me tersely try to drive out this twisting road I'm on right now. I'm feeling dizzy. This weeks theme came about during Church on sunday. I want to get a little more control of my emotions this week and work specifically on grumbling or murmuring less. sometimes I don't like the ways things are decided; BUT there's an upside for not making these decisions. it all kind of follows with this feeling of not having control in life. sometimes You just don't have alot of control and you've got to live with it... there's no point to allow it to make your grumpy and unpleasant.
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    Sunday food - 2919 cals and 174 g protein. Over my goal but not super crazy over. Small victory yesterday, I weighed in at 182 lbs (82.5 k) which is my lowest weight since I started tracking at the beginning of 2017. Yay! My weight tracking app says I'll be at my goal weight in early September if I can keep it up. Having success is invigorating my Happy motivation feelings, which is going to make it easier to stays on track.
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    Week 3, Weekend Update It's been a relaxing weekend really. Nothing special done but I took it quite easy and just relaxed. Food is Fuel, Not Emotional Support Friday 2885 Saturday: ??? Sunday: 2606 I'm happy with how this is going right now. Run! Saturday: 18 miles easy run. To date my longest ever training run but the distance isn't done expanding yet. I knew that it was going to be a slow run and it did not disappoint! My legs were still sore from my gym adventures on Wednesday and that made the crazy hills of my chosen route a little agonising. Still... It was a long run. A little longer than last week. I went further from home than I'd even been and kept getting lost on the trails which further slowed down my progress. I'm actually surprised at how well my body is handling these long runs. These feel better than wen I was trying to go 10 miles last year! I did take a nap once I got home. I really felt like I needed that! Lift! Friday: Gym for chest and upper body. It's this stuff where I feel like I've lost strength so it was good to get lifting again. It got done and I'm still sore today. Financial Kung Fu! NA ToDo List: All done except gym and ocrwc
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    Friday - chilled with the kids. I did some adulting. The big task was taking out all of the scrap metal. I save all of the metal bits of garbage in a bin and put them out for the scrappers once a year (I’m a tree hugger). We also had an old pop up canopy, some car rack parts, old ancient air compressor, a mini fridge, some broken patio furniture, some ancient cast iron tools that were too warped for use, an old Coleman stove, a screen door, other various things (I’m also an American consumer). It filled the end of the driveway. Over the next couple of days things slowly disappeared until all that was left was a bin for the scrappers. I’m glad things got picked up for reuse without me having to Craigslist or free cycle anything and have to deal with people. Next I want to sort and sell/donate bikes and bike parts, but that’s a daunting task. In the evening we took my dad to a dirt track race track as our Father’s Day celebration. Because old men don’t need anything they don’t already have, I got him a big box of steaks. The race was fun, but very minor league. Saturday - we cleaned the house for the Missus return. I was able to get an evening ride in. I tried the new hill again. It starts with a 1.2 mile / 2 km section with a consistent grade that happens to be a Strava segment. I’m going to use this as a power benchmark. I did it in just under 7 minutes, which Starva estimates as a sustained 170 Watts. I really don’t know if that’s good or not. Probably not; fastest time up it this year so far, but about halfway down the leaderboard for all time.
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    Saturday 16th June I was working yesterday and was super busy. So busy, I didn't get a lunch break which wasn't ideal but it will make me skinny so eh. TH came into town with me on my way to work (so super early) and went for breakfast and parked himself in a pub to watch all the football matches, meeting some friends for the later ones. I met him in another pub after work for the Croatia vs Nigeria game, and we got some food which is lucky because i hadn't eaten all day, and although I really wanted ribs, I got this mexican stuffed pasta thing with salad because it had 5 portions of freggies in since I hadn't had any food at all I needed to cram all my portions in there. I had a pint of water in between pints of beer because I needed to ace my water goal too, and then some of the lads TH was drinking with earlier joined us for a couple more beers. I didn't even bow to the peer pressure to do vodka shots, and there was a lot of peer pressure. One of the guys was someone TH has worked with for about a decade and it was nice to meet him, but the inevitable "hey everyone, guess what Def does for a living" conversation happened so I fielded many questions about that which is always hilarious, and we talked about wrestling too. He invited us out to a wrestling event in a few weeks which we might go to depending on my work schedule. It was a really fun night, but TH drank a ridiculous amount so I was the responsible partner charged with getting us home in one piece (we have a unspoken rule that only one of us gets white girl wasted at any one time and this was TH's turn). He is currently lying in bed next to me moaning so I am going to get up and make him coffee and a bacon sandwich to soak up the beer, bless him <3 Bobby - TH did the bed and I did everything else. Karamo - I read when I got home while TH was sitting on the floor of the bathroom trying to decide if he was going to vomit or not and then I BuJo'd Jonathan - All done! I even oiled up when I got in. Anthoni - I drank more calories in beer than I ate in food but since I was so sensible with my food choices I had 423 to spare and a massive deficit. Water was aced. Tan - All the hundreds done in the morning. I had to work extra hard to make sure I got all my bits in yesterday but I did it
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    I specifically asked! I'm pretty excited to remember some poems I haven't thought about in a couple of decades. And it's really interesting to revisit things like that when your own perspective on life has changed so much. I don't read much poetry, but the other day I was driving home and listening to NPR. They were talking about a new poetry volume that sounded interesting. https://www.npr.org/2018/05/21/613117585/terrance-hayes-speaks-to-american-racism-in-latest-collection-of-poetry I haven't intentionally sought out any modern poetry in.....years? decades? ever? I think I'll look into this, and maybe I'll find something interesting to share. We're doing it! My friend gave the the tiniest nudge, and I'm in. I should have been clear...it's only 3 hours each way. Americans drive a lot. It's far but....well....maybe it will be fun in a suffer-fest kind of way. Wednesday morning I was running hard, and as I was finishing the final stretch into my condo area, the condo president comes driving down the road and stops his car to talk to me. I was super annoyed to have to stop less than a minute before the end. He even commented "gee you're panting" ...Yes! You interrupted my freaking workout. Grrrrr. Today I was running hard and a little over a mile from home. Saw my good friends (one of whom is going to the race with me) and they stopped to talk. Grrrr....but I guess it's ok, they actually wanted to talk about whether or not to do the trip. Can you tell, I don't like being interrupted or deviating from my plans? I try to tell myself it's good for me to be forced into being a little more flexible. But wow, I really don't enjoy it.
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    It's been a loooong while I haven't kept a regular schedule for my personal purposes. Schedules and to-do lists never worked for me because they triggered a lot of anxiety, so I have always been more about: do this a couple of times a week, whenever you feel like it. Which is ok, but I also tend to slack and do half of what I really wanted to do. Since this has been getting better -me being more responsible- and my anxiety levels are the lowest they've been in my whole life, I am going to give it a try and follow a schedule. I am also in a better mental place now than years ago, to understand that plans won't always work the way I want, or that there will be days when I'll need to be flexible and drop a couple of things, but I'll try to be disciplined, because I've been feeling I really want to level up, I mean REALLY LEVEL UP, and the best I can do to achieve this is not to miss workouts and/or practice sessions. What do I want and how do I achieve it: Physical I want to run faster and longer ---------> I`ll go for a run twice a week instead of once. I'll keep working on sprints but also on extending my usual last run. I want to be stronger ---------> I'll work on push-ups, pull-ups (only dead hang by now), abs and planks. I'll add 5” to my dead hangs every week, and also 1-2 push-ups to the same set (my trainer at self-defence recommended fist push-ups yesterday when I asked him about improving my wrist and fist strength and control when punching, so I'll work mainly on those). Base line for fist push-ups still to be determined, same for the time I can hold a declined plank (almost handstand). Abs twice a week. Dead hangs and declined planks are unscheduled because they will usually happen at any free moment along the day. I want to be more flexible and improve mobility and posture -------> Yoga everyday. First thing in the morning, last thing before bed. Animal flow once a week. I want to improve blood circulation (amongst others) and go ahead with the WH course -------> I'll add 5-10” seconds to my cold showers every week. Musical I want to play more freely, to feel I enjoy playing my flute instead of fighting against it -------> I've been journaling a lot about this, and I've decided the first thing I need to do is to be consistent. Rather than working on refining or perfecting things, I'll work on reducing “mistakes”. The biggest one is, no doubt, random practice, so from now on, no day without practice, no excuses. Once this “mistake” is fixed, others will be addressed. Mental I'll journal about those things that upset me, and whenever I feel ready/comfortable I'll choose some things to share at NF. I will keep a “thank me” journal. Everyday I'll write down what I did to take care of myself. MAGIC SCHEDULE! MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA + PUSH-UPS WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA + PUSH-UPS + ABS WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA + PUSH-UPS WAKE UP: BREATHING + YOGA + ABS MORNING: SELF-DEFENCE MORNING: INTERVAL RUNNING MORNING: SELF-DEFENCE MORNING: ACTIVE RECOVERY DAY AFTERNOON: PLAYING WITH ANIMAL FLOW MORNING: INTERVAL RUNNING MORNING: ACTIVE RECOVERY DAY NOON O'CLOCK: MUSIC PRACTICE NOON O'CLOCK: MUSIC PRACTICE NOON O'CLOCK: MUSIC PRACTICE NOON O'CLOCK: MUSIC PRACTICE AFTERNOON-EVENING: MUSIC PRACTICE AFTERNOON 18:00: MUSIC PRACTICE AFTERNOON 18.00: MUSIC PRACTICE EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA EVENING: JOURNAL + YOGA
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    I spent all of last challenge getting my mojo back. I think I've found it again, and I'm going to ignore it. Mojo is nice, but unreliable. Discipline is there for you no matter what. I'll spend this challenge rebuilding a healthy discipline. This is also something that came up for work. Spiritual formation was a topic that came up for personal development at work, and the word discipline came to me as a theme for where to focus my formation. (In Christianity Spiritual Formation are the practices Christians undertake to mature spiritually). When I thought of a gif for discipline I knew there was no better example than Det. John Kimble putting some backbone into a bunch of 5 year olds. Here are my goals: Disciplined Lifting: Using the juggernaut program I'll lift twice a week (Bench and Squat on the A session, Deadlifts, Overhead Press and Lat Pulldowns in the B session) Disciplined Recovery: Yoga 1-3 times a week, but at least once every week. Disciplined Distance: Walk for a min of 2 miles 1-3 times a week, but at least once every week. Disciplined Eating: Follow the principles of intuitive eating. In other words, eat when I'm hungry and STOP WHEN I'M FULL. Disciplined Home: Laundry once a week and once a week clean some room in the home. Disciplined Profession: 3 times a week do something to aid in the non-ministry side of professional development. Options include: Work on Doctoral Application, prepare for and taking the written test for my board certification, work on idea for a non-fiction book. This can drop off if I get the application sent off and take the test before the challenge is over. Lastly:
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    Alright my friends. It's new challenge time. And I am super excited, because if nothing else, I figured out what works best for me (yay!) and includes A LOT of avocado (double yay!). So why, you ask, is this the Judgement challenge? Well, because it's not this type of judgement: But rather, this type: For those of you unfamiliar - this is the Judgement Tarot. Why am I going with this? Because the card represents a reawakening. The absolute end of one period of life and the new beginning of the next era. It seems really fitting as I've been struggling to find my new status quo after all of the craziness ended. But it's definitely time to put that behind me and keep moving forward. My goals aren't really changing from what was working for me last time. I liked my set up, although I've got to make sure to keep it up (because I lost the drive the last week of the challenge. Move 5 x / week- Hit step goal or exercise (or both!). This is harder for me on the weekends and takes a dedicated effort. Zero week and the first challenge week will be at home instead of on the road, so this will be even harder. Food daily - Use MFP to track food. Aim for ~25 g net carbs daily. Read daily - Get off electronics and enjoy doing something relaxing. Check-in - Stay involved with people, either via text, pm, or IRL. Upper Body 3 x / week - This is either for grip strength, push-ups, or pull-ups. I'm very weak in my upper body. I need to change that. Happiness daily - I have a lot to be thankful for. I need to continue to celebrate the good. I feel like I'm forgetting something. I guess I'll just edit if I remember.
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    Thank you for taking the time to watch those, Raxie, it means a lot. Quick Update: I'm alive and well....just SUPER exhausted these days. I'm finally on my own this week and went out for a few hours last night. Most of my leads were empty houses that hadn't been moved into yet but that's ok. They've never had a rep in my area before so it's a good thing that I can sift through these now and go back at a later date when someones finally moved in. My goals have gone to crap lately! I only hit 33,159 steps last week... I didn't accrue any KB swings... still no guitar. And no sermon. Ha! I basically blew it on week 3...WITH MY GOALS. Elsewhere, I did fine. I worked out. I ate good. I learned how to sell the alarm systems and I did a lot of driving. My days training were spent 45-55 min in the opposite direction of my home...so that was rough. Some nights, I wasn't home till after 9pm. I didn't see Jamison the first 2 days he was with us last week. But, I survived. Now that I'm working in Plano, its SOOOOOOOOO much nicer to be 15 min from the house at most! My last 2 houses I hit up last night were in walking distance from the apartment. And this week hasn't been better with my goals. I'm not sure I'll even hit my targeted 200k steps by the end of the challenge. Oh well. I think I'm honestly just going to grade what I did for the first 2 weeks and wash out the last 2 weeks of the challenge. With the second job, time has became increasingly more sparse. I'm excited about going to see Jurassic World this weekend with the wolfpack-that'll be exciting and I've been anticipating this one for a while now!! My workouts recently have been awesome. I subscribed to ThenX and started doing there beginner calisthenic program which is a little harder than most beginner programs IMO but I'm loving it. Right now I've been ding 2/3 rounds for the main set due to time and getting into a solid flow with the workout. I plan on running through these 8 weeks and then re-doing them again going for the 3rd and final set. I'm also taking more before pics to really show off how my body has transformed. Exciting stuff!! I hope everyone is kicking butt on the last week of the challenge! I'll talk to y'all soon Wolf
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    That man is my spirit animal. I had to scroll down to type out the rest of this post cause the gif was so mesmerizing. Today is a good day. Sra. Tanque and I went for a walk after I made bacon and eggs for breakfast. We did a little over 2 miles. For lunch I roasted some yellow squash and red onion for 20 minutes at 400 degrees with avocado oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, parsley and white wine vinegar. It probably would have been better at 375 for 30 minutes but I was in a hurry. The main dish was chicken thighs, cut into chunks and sauteed with avocado oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, cumin and the juice of half a lime. I then made a sauce. It's another good one. I took a big orange and peeled it. I put about 5/8 of it in my magic bullet, juiced 1/4 of it, and ate the rest. With that I put a glob and a half of honey and a bit of minced red onion (Not all got roasted) with the juice of the other half of the lime (remember the lime from the last paragraph?) and some salt and pepper. I blended that and poured it into the skillet where the chicken was. I let it reduce then added the chicken back in. It was missing something so I added 1 tsp sugar and enough apple cider vinegar to make the sugar all look wet. I stirred that and let it cook some more and served it. The chicken and sauce was incredible. Sra. Tanque suggested some rice would have gone perfectly with it, and I think she's right, but I didn't think about rice till too late. It was still incredible.
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    I just realized my 1-year rolled past me last month and I totally didn't notice! I just re-read my first challenge, and while I didn't explicitly say so, I'm pretty sure I weighed 220 lbs then. I'm at 186 now. In the last year I've outfitted my basement with a squat rack and enough weights to keep me busy. I can do 4 more pullups than I could then, and all of my lifts have gone up; I'm overall stronger than I was. And I'm much more comfortable with the E chord than I used to be. ;-) The biggest deal for me is that in the space of a year I've kept working on my goals, and I haven't given up. My old pattern was that I'd find a new interest, get really excited and invested in it for a while, then when the new wore off and it was time to settle into actual disciplined practice, I'd let it go and just stop doing it. But I haven't done that. Things haven't been perfect, but I've learned not to expect perfection. I'm still here, moving toward my goals, and that makes the last year a massive win.
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    Thanx Tank, I saw you in deadpool2 tuesday, you were great Quick slightly bigger update. Last week, bachelor party was good. We rode on a solex (don't know if this is known outside The Netherlands) see spoiler for example: Had a pitstop to drink some beer, and another one to have a drink and some food. Afterwards we went to a pub that served over 150 different kinds of beer. Since they didn't had my favorite and i didn't want to be sick the next day on the wedding i decided to play it a bit safe and just had some general Belgian Trappist. Was home pretty late (leaving late and still needed about an hour drive), and i was in a snacking mood. I knew my wife got these chocolate covered syrup waffles, and they are fantastic, just to get home to them being all gone... So i just had some crackers and was off to bed. Wedding day was warm and very nice! It was just a small company: Had lunch at my Sis'. Early afternoon was the ceremony at city hall with pictures afterwards. Back to their place for some "wedding-cake". The region he lives in is known for their pie's so we had some delicious pies instead of the traditional wedding. Much cheaper and much tastier! For dinner we went to a restaurant with an attached playground for the kids. Kids had the time of their lives there, and dinner was super good. Thanks to the great weather we could stay up quite late, and with the great people there it was a fantastic evening! Next day was my sis'birthday, also at her place cause she had a small wedding (main purpose was setting legal stuff straight regarding his kids). So we yet again went back, but this time i was the designated driver, so that helped. All in all it was not the best weekend regarding my goals. It was a very enjoyable weekend though! Sundaymorning i had a run with one of my friends (which will join me on the SV in october). He is super fit, to the point i think he could make those RRDW monkeybars almost till the end. But with running he can only go for about 5K. We wanted to do 2 loops, one of 6k and one of 3k. I started at my own pace, which was fine by him as he usually starts a lot faster but can't maintain that for very long. And you could tell he usually does around 5K. At the 5K mark i heard him saying he needed a breather. I told i would wait for him at the end of the 6k. I thought he was done for, but he still wanted to do the 3k. So i let him set the pace, which was a lot lower than the 6k we started. And i changed up the route so we would end the 3K at around my house, so we didn't have to walk home. I wanted to make it a full 3k, so i told him we need a small loop extra (about 0.3k) but he was not having any of that. So i told him i would race him, i did the extra 0.3k and he finished right on front of me. Still my wife could see he was having more trouble with the total run in comparison to me. This makes me a bit proud, i might not be as strong and fit as he is, i still can beat him on everything that exceeds 5K . During the run we talked about work, and he told me they were searching for a computer-system-administrator at their company as theirs was leaving. So i told him i was interested, and mondaymorning i immediately got a message asking if it was okay for his boss to contact me. I talked to him after work on Monday and he told me he wanted to meet up tuesday evening. But i just planned dinner with a colleague and Deadpool2 afterwards, so i told him that wasn't a possibility. So he tried to make it work for a little later on Monday, but that didn't work out at home, and he is abroad wed till friday. So now i'm meeting 2 other guys on friday. But it seems as he really needs someone desperately or my friend left quite the impression of me... Anyway, even though there is nothing on the line i'm a bit nervous (already) for the interview... With the job i have now we just moved. We were 3 small departments with 2, 3 and guys, and we are now all in the same nice big space. I used to share a room with my colleague, just the two of us. And i must say i wasn't looking too much forward to it, but it really is pretty cool now that i actually moved. It's a nice space, i get the best place in the room, and it's really nice having those people around. All in all, a lot of important stuff, and it all affected me more than i anticipated. Next to that i tried to keep up my goals, which is going pretty well, worked out sunday with a run, monday lifting, which went very good, a lot better than last week, and tuesday CF just before dinner and DP2. Weight is coming down from the bump it had with the bachelor party/wedding/birthday. So all is good, but also exciting times.
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    HAPPY ZERO WEEK! Once again I was considering not doing a challenge. I'm not 100% sure on why I've been meh on the challenge front, but I think it has something to do with being over/underwhelmed in that - treading water - kinda way. I appreciate those of you who have reached out to check on me, wondering why I'm not rocking zero week like we all know I love to do. ZERO WEEK!!!!!! ZEROOOOH WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK But I digress. I really do have some things I need to do. I think I'm a tad overwhelmed with the tasks ahead of me, and lethargy and laziness have been settling on my shoulders. I seem to be on the same field trip to Six Flags as @Taddea Zhaan with the rollercoaster highs and lows with everything going on... One week I'm up with a ton of DO THE THINGS energy, the next I'm feeling desperate to recover. SO. I need to break things down a bit. I find that once things get going, the tasks aren't nearly as enormously insurmountable as they first seemed. CLEAN THE FUCKING HOUSE Not like, sweep or dust. CLEAN OUT THE FUCKING HOUSE AND GET READY/MOTIVATED TO MOVE. Here is the spoiler/painful version of everything that needs to get done that will absolutely take more than a month to do. MAAAAAAN seeing that all in one place! No wonder I'm overwhelmed. Getting this biz done means breaking it into small bites. This challenge I will create a list of small, bite size tasks that chip away at this megalith that's been weighing me down. I will attack with gusto, at least 2 items on that list every week. I like the idea of working on the list for a few minutes every morning as a way to seize control of the day. I will try this in the beginning and see how it is. COACH STUFF Next up. 20 Seconds in spoiler cause dayum. TLDR: connect with Coach Lauree, move forward as appropriate. TOUCH HANDS In workout news, I did my thing until evil tooth came out, then I rested like a good girl. Then I got back to work and sort of was super blah and uninspired by it until I touched hands (kung fu stuff) with a willing coworker/lifter bro. After a short session I hit the weight room with great focus and energy and verve, all the things! It was a great workout and I really enjoyed it, and touching hands kicked it off. I'm going to strive to touch hands with someone once a week for this challenge. This may be a little challenging, but I think I can make it happen with at least coworkers. ONE AND DONE Contact the finance guy and the realtor I was recently referred to. This requires getting Mr Red involved. Involve Mr Red. Make him do whatever he has to do to get things started. Do it. This is so easy. Just. Fucking. Do. It. SELFIES Lastly, I've been having some body image pushback. One selfie set per week. Bonus points for vlogs. (Remember when I used to do vlogs???) You got it. - we're doing a selfie challenge! And by we I mean me. Unless you want to join me? It's a great practice for anyone struggling with body image issues, truly, my first time was eye opening! I HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU TO POST EMPOWERING SELFIES ON YOUR CHALLENGE!!! 1 REDSTONE POINT PER SELFIE Just like, tag me on it and I'll keep track somehow. Cause I just decided I will. So anyhoo... in the spirit of Zero week...
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    Also - I bought a pair of boxing pads so that my boyfriend can hold them up and I can punch things when I've got energy to burn. A++ idea for couple bonding time.
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    Its OUR Youtube channel babe. I want this to be a family thing! I want to do a episode on fitness and working out too. What you do, what I do and what we do as a family to keep the pack healthy. Also about our amazing community here that keeps us motivated to always strive for more, OMG I have so many ideas for topics we can vlog about!!!!.......and Ranger brain.
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    If you had listened to “Eye of the Tiger” not only would you have passed that guy right away, you would have given him an elbow for good measure.
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    All in 20 minutes? Sounds like cardio. *squints suspiciously*
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    Thank you. I think I posted that on your thread last year Today is a good day. I lifted, 150 for 5x5 on deadlift, 5x5 @ 90 on OHP, and 3x5 for 100 on Lat pull downs. The goal was 5x5. I'll try it again next time. Sra. Tanque is making sandwiches for lunch!
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    Thank you my friend!! I was pretty stoked! I've been working on it slowly! I do have a little fake plant in there, and I took over the whiteboard to post my ideas, to-do lists, and interesting goodies I've picked up on tours. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to move in some of the fake flowers and things I'm always worried about the cats knocking over ... Thanks also for your encouragement!! That means a lot to me! That's a good idea! My breaks have mostly been random up to this point, but I think taking them at set intervals would really help. Thankfully, my office is super flexible and I think as long as I get my tasks done and don't take breaks so frequent they think I'm not working, it's okay to implement some productivity hacks. One of the editors actually edits articles by downloading them onto his phone and walking in circles around the office while he edits. I see him get up and do that at least 4 or 5 times a day. So if anyone asks and I let them know it's a productivity hack, I think they'll be okay with it. And yes - tea is ALWAYS the answer, no matter what the question. (Unless it's a question of getting up in the morning; then the answer is coffee.) Hmm ... maybe something less obvious than squats. But the idea is good. I really wish I had one of these: ADD indeed. I'm getting more and more convinced I will be talking to my counselor about this in the fall and seeing if she thinks I should pursue treatment. I'll think about the sitting-on-the-floor idea, but getting a squishy chair pad (one of my coworkers has one) or something else fiddly is a good idea too. I'll do some shopping. And YESSS, phytoplankton rock!! Well, actually they swim. And only some of them swim. But whatever. The ocean was great, but you know? I actually do think I like mountains better. My sister and I had a conversation a few weeks ago about what type of landscape is our "happy place", and I said based on my personality it should be the ocean, but I thought it was mountains for me instead; and after going to the beach for the first time in 26 years yesterday, I can definitely confirm I love mountains more. That said, it was SO incredibly big and powerful and loud and full of colors, and I absolutely loved it. I loved burying my feet in the sand and letting the waves crash against me; I loved digging around for shells and smooth stones (and found one piece of sea glass!!); and I especially loved watching all the children splashing and swimming and having fun together. It was a great day.
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    Had a great birthday yesterday. Went out to breakfast with my sister. Had a long, relaxed visit. Then hubby and I went geocaching on this newish interurban trail that was really nice.Then lunch at the place where I can get gluten free bread (that is actually good) for my sandwiches, and the meat is grass fed. Then for desert I had vegan Thai Ice cream, with chocolate sauce and vegan coconut whip. Then went and picked up my son and we went to see Incredible' 2. it did not disappoint. Elastigirl was amazing. Edna and Jack-Jack were hilarious. There is a scene with Jack-jack and a racoon that is one of the best scenes from an animated movie ever. Then finished it off with curry at an amazing Thai restaurant. Too much food was eaten, but none of it counts, due to birthday magic.
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    C-Ron is such a stellar talent like whoa and against any other team I'd be praising him up and down but since it was against my La Furia Roja GO AWAY JOHNNY CANNONLEG Good morning friendos it is the weekend!!!! ALSO IT IS SHARK WEEK HEY HO AWESOME man I feel like trash on fire this morning. Woke up with a stiff neck and headache and my entire body cramped up yeah ok neato Gonna do some slow work around the house this weekend with packing more auxiliary things and seeing how I feel. We need to make a list of stuff to get at Lowes for cleaning and minor repairs too so that'll get done! I'd also like to sit down and scrutinize my apartment list some more - my boss is about to be out for a week soon and I'm going to take a long lunch one day and do a drive by of the top 3 or 4 places that interest me to get a better feel........ :3 (Looking forward to that!!!!!) I'm still a little stressed/anxious/depressed about everything but that's natural IMO. I woke up with a little anxiety this morning but my head was also pounding thanks to Recent Shark Circumstances so, yeah. I had some pumpernickel toast and took some aspirin so here's hoping that helps! Also I bought some of this this week: I was a little iffy on it BUT I LOVE IT????????? HOW????????? Is it so good?!!??! I hear it's limited though so maybe I should get more before it runs out again.........