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    Intuitive eating, KBs, mobility work, walks, and meds are all working right now. Meaning, my BP is controlled, my waistline is slowly going down, my energy levels are up and I'm feeling better. Therefore, the theme of this challenge is: I'm gonna keep at it without letting up or overdoing it. I will also keep my fingernails cleaner than above. Intuitive Eating: I finally feel like I am getting better at not only being aware of my body cues of hunger and fullness, but actually taking appropriate action based off of them. I'll cook as often as I can, and eat out as little as possible. KBs: The NF KB workout is doing well for me. The Goal is 2-3 times a week with this workout. Mobility Work: NF Prime is doing a mobility challenge that started week five of the previous challenge and runs through this one. The goal here is to stay up with the challenge. Walks: Once or Twice a week I'll go on a walk of at least 1 mile with the baby. It would be nice to strap the baby on, but stroller is acceptable. Meds: This one is easy, stick with meds (hasn't been a problem, but I mentioned it above so I'm making it a goal).
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    (Warning: Turn down volume because your ears will totally bleed if you crank this.) WELCOME and HOLLER IF YOU HEAR ME How are all the genetics freaks out there? So this theme started off because I've been doing great with my eating and workouts, HOWEVER, I want some damn arms. I was thinking about what my workouts entail: sqauts, bench press, rows, overhead press, 1,000 cals of elliptical but there is a woeful lack of abs and arms. I was doing planks before but once I had surgery, that sort of fell by the wayside. Doing OHP I noticed that my lower back hurt and rather than just force myself to do it, I realized I needed to add more into my workouts: namely some core-work and ARMS. Need those bis and tris. Need those striations. Need those gainz. If I don't start building them now, then once I lose the 100 lb I need to still lose then I'll be flabby-arm fred. Who the hell wants to flabby-arm fred? NOT ME. Now I'm not going to be getting [c*mg*tt*rs] anytime soon, but I sure and hell can focus more on building guns. And that's where the Big Bad Booty Daddy Scott Steiner shows up. 2:25 = Life Goals Now, there's no way in hell I'm going to attempt that, but this challenge is about two major things: 1) Getting more active on NF, hence me being in RANGERS this time. 2) Building the guns. And with that, my challenge. I really need a kick in the ass this challenge so I'm hoping to give/get a metric shit-ton of support: 1) New Workout Schedule: I'm doing three workouts: (1 Hour cardio + Squats) & (30 min cardio + Rows/Bench/OHP) & (Ab twists, concentration curls, tricep extension) 2) Whole30+: Keep eating protein, healthy fats, tons of veggies, and my fruit smoothie. Take my multivitamin (Flinstones chewy muthafucka). 3) LCSW: I'm jumping through hoops to do my LCSW exam so I want to have records and my teacher write my recommendation letter before this challenge ends. 4) BellMyst/NF - I'm writing a horror story accountability group. I'll post this link here now. Join if you want! I also want to follow at least a dozen people and check in on everyone in Adventurers and Rangers at least once. If I hit all my workouts, do whole30 (except being my 1 cheat meal per month), get those letters in, and stay on here like 25/8, my calculations tell me that I'll have 141 2/3% chance of winning at this challenge. Let me double check the math:
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    Do you have a pair of trousers that you use as a warning signal it's time to change your habits? I have a pair of jeans that when they get snug, I know I need to eat more nutritious foods and exercise more. In the beginning of the year, I couldn't even get the jeans on. They stopped about mid-thigh, looked at my butt and said "HELL no!" At the end of August, the JEANS FIT. YAY! UNTIL A week ago, they were SNUG. I can get them on, but they are not comfortable at all. I wasn't exercising like I had been, and sugar creeped back into my diet. For this challenge, I am giving myself the gift of putting on those jeans and being comfortable. Like sitting around with my family and eating birthday cake comfortable because in four weeks, I'm turning 40. Wait, is that right? Four weeks? Whoa that's plenty of time! Aw yeah, I'm wearing those jeans on my 40th birthday! So, action plan: 1. Walk 5 days a week. I'm shooting for 30 minutes at a time, which is optimal for circulation and vitamin D absorption. So I'll feel happier, and my legs will feel great too. 2. Get back to the workouts I did for Earn That Dollar! Ring Fit, Dumb bells, fitness boxing, yoga. I loved the feeling of my muscles supporting my body and holding everything together. I can have that again. I'm shooting for 3 times or more this challenge to be successful. Again I'm shooting for 30 minutes or longer. 3. Cut out all sweets and desserts until my birthday. I'm gonna cut down on sugar altogether but I am not counting grams of sugar or any such nonsense. I can look at my day and say "Did I eat a sweetie? Yes or no" Easy to measure. 4. Meditate every morning. I hated meditation during the last challenge remember? And now I LIKE IT. Days I make time for it in the morning, the day goes by pretty nicely. Days I don't, are okay, but I just like that feeling of brain health that comes with meditation. Bonus Goal: Pay attention to my breath. There was a really smart woman I knew who used to supervise me, and once I took a really deep breath and sighed out, and she said "Ah. And we're done for this meeting." and she explained that often when we're done with something, we take a large breath in and out. She called it "The Sigh of Doneness" today, I noticed the Sigh when I was on Twitter, and I was like "WHOA. SIGH OF DONENESS" So for this challenge, I just want to notice the Sigh and pay attention to the message. Maybe I'm working and I can't stop yet, but I can take a break, and play a round of fitness boxing, walk around the neighborhood, or just get up and stretch a bit. Maybe I'm looking at Twitter and the news, and I CAN stop and I close the screen and move onto something else like reading, cooking, knitting... It's a vague goal, but I think it's a great exercise in mindfulness, and I'm hoping that it will be a valuable stress reduction tool. As far as what happens after my birthday, well... I'll cross that bridge later.
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    "It is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit." – Socrates They once called me Black Death. I was once one of the Viz-jaq’taar. As one of an ancient order of Mage-Slayers, I stalked rooftops like death made flesh and intimately called the shadows and twilight my home. My wristblades ended lives innumerable, and I never questioned the indomitable psychic orders which were the will of my commanders. They taught me the art of mixing poisons, of harnessing my mind into a sharp blade, and trained me to be a perfect assassin. However, the years of darkness weighed heavily on my mind and my dreams grew increasingly dreadful. Unable to face another day at the beckon call of my faceless masters, I left without a word and abandoned that life for good; wandering for weeks or months, how many I still cannot be sure, I eventually found myself at the stone steps of an ancient monastery. Within those walls I found myself among an order of warrior monks with impossible fortitude and powers, and there I was welcomed with open arms and taught to repress my darker instincts. Instead I was shown how to harness my psychic potential into a shield or open palm rather than a dagger. The masters and the even Patriarch himself called me brother or son, where once I had only been a contract killer most my life. Among these simple sacred warriors, I found comfort in their ascetic ways and routine, and learned to appreciate the simpler delights all around us, like the taste of the first autumn ale or smell of spring rains. Where once I had refined toxins for death, I now studied how to create better tinctures for medicine or the brewing of fortifying elixirs to aid my brothers and their charges. Midst these humble brothers, I was offered a home for life... but the Patriarch quietly acknowledged that their simple lives of study and training and guardianship were not meant for mine. He then told me to go forth out into the world at large and experience trials and tribulation, but also to help others where I could, and always seek the simpler joys life has left in store for me. Somewhere out there, he told me, I would find it within to forgive myself and love the man I am again. Still, he encouraged me to return for further training whenever I could, and I find myself frequenting that hallowed sanctum often. That Monastery is the only true home I know, though I do not spend as much time within those revered walls as I should. Upon my return one day, I discovered my Order has been keeping a watchful guard on innumerable magic artifacts and relics untold for generations. It is their calling, the Patriarch explained, and in time he hoped I would similarly guard such relics with my life as well. But for now simply a wanderer and greater seeker of wisdoms and earthly delights, I am Harrgath of the Four Winds; when once I was death, having now stepped into the light… I simply a Shadow. The Shadow is a Monk/Rogue multiclass archetype that specializes in stealth, psionic shadow abilities, and martial arts paired with devastating fist weaponry. He is half assassin and half monk, trained first as a mage-slayer before finding refinement under monastic tutelage. This impressive wandering adventurer has been called upon wherever he goes to infiltrate sanctums, protect communities from brigands, and even duel rogue magi as necessary – although he prefers an element of subtlety whenever possible. Shadow class skills include Acrobatics (Dex), Athletics (Str), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Deception (Int), Disable Device (Int), Escape Artist (Dex), Forgery (Int), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (local) (Int), Knowledge (psionics) (Int), Move Silently (Dex), Open Lock (Dex), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Stealth (Dex), Use Magic Device (Cha). Active Skills [Two Weapon Fighting] (+DEX): Though it takes many years to master, the key to properly wielding two weapons at once is always striking with one while seeking an opening with the other. The best defense is a good offence. It is a dance of blades, requiring finesse beyond measure. A Shadow must be agile and always on the move to avoid incoming damage while maximizing his own, so I must stretch for five minutes (5:00) every day. This ability deals one (1) damage per week and generates 1 (one) Chi Orb charge. [Claw Mastery] (+DEX): Without a doubt the deadliest weapons in the monk’s repertoire, wristblades or the katar is the key to their dreadful efficiency. To keep on top of their lethal game, Shadows train for years, day and night, never forsaking an opportunity to improve their dance of death, so I must complete 15+ hangboard pullups daily for a weekly total of over 110. [Claw Mastery] deals one (1) damage each week. [Six-Sided Strike] (+STR): While training among the other adepts at the monastery, a Shadow seeks to master the art of striking so fast and with such lethality that even the most powerful of foes cannot escape the vicious onslaught. This masterful ability is taught along with a well-known adage among veteran Shadows as, “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.” Since practice makes perfect, I must practice handstands and ring muscle-ups each three (3) times per week. Completing this goal contributes two (2) damage. [Lashing Tail Kick] (+DEX, CON): Known as the deadliest finisher technique a martial arts master can employ against a foe, the Lashing Tail Kick requires finesse, insight, and deadly focus even after years of study and practice. To truly master this offensive strike, Shadows hone their bodies and their minds to deliver a barrage of strikes to weaken an opponent’s guard until a single perfect finishing kick can break their body. I shall hone my body and mind through three (3) days each of Muay Thai and Kettlebell workouts. Each workout deals one (1) damage each for a combo of six (6) total damage per week. Discipline Skills [Cloak of Shadows] (+CON): Years of monastery hardships and long multi-days of training under veteran masters instill within adepts a deep discipline and almost supernatural resistance to illness, pain, and toxins. Even so, a Shadow learns to go long periods of time without a meal and learns to maximize nutrition sources wherever they can be found, thus I shall Intermittently Fast, as well as track and measure nutrition intake daily, with a daily goal of 98% Paleo compliance. May restore one (1) HP every two weeks. [Monastic Tradition] (+CHA): All adepts are expected to maintain the monastery at large, but also their individual dormitories, training spaces, and to uphold a nearly impossible standard of upkeep for their equipment. This sharpens a Shadow’s preparedness for battle, whatever the circumstances. If cleanliness is next to godliness, I must maintain my minimalist mini-habit (put 2 pieces of clutter away when in a room) and complete a weekly Mini-Quest room cleaning. [Mirror Image] (+CHA): Though Shadows are taught to work alone, a master of sufficient psychic aptitude and spiritual fortitude can summon spectral shades that mimic his attacks to both distract and wither down any opponent, allowing him to expose a weakness and allow an effective, merciless strike. Harnessing this ability should enable me to return-follow to every commenter and follow five (5) new challenges per week. [Insightful Focus] (+WIS): After long days of tracking forbidden artifacts or a weeks-long hunt for rogue magi, even the mightiest Shadow eventually returns to their sanctum to refit, recharge their energy, and restore their Rested Experience before the next assignment. Herein lays my self-care check-in to practice gratitude and share self-improvement lessons goal. Challenge Summary: So someone with more D&D know-how than me explained that characters only receive ONE stat point per level in a true campaign with levels coming much more seldom than I’m used to with my RPG background. Thus inspired, I took a quiz to carefully analyze where my real life attributes points might fall and I’m fairly content with what I saw – except my past illnesses limited my Constitution score and, despite the best of my efforts to date, my Dex is similarly stunted compared to strength. Here starts the next grind! All of these goals contribute toward a more balanced attribute spread, but it’s easy to see my focus is building my Dexterity (Finesse) to something more in line with my Real Life character class of Monk Shadow. With that in mind, I aim to continue my current lifestyle goals of kettlebells and Muay Thai bagwork, dabbling in handstands and ring muscle-ups, yoga and stretching for old man longevity, and monastery-like minimalism. Since attributes come quite slowly, my overarching goal is to grind out a single +Dex/Finesse point with a strict muscle-up and one-armed hangboard pull-up by January! It’s time to be less Pandaren Kung-Fu panda and more Half-Elf shadow monk. With that said, our protagonist Harrgath is now more of a morally off-white Jedi alchemist (chaotic…goodish), learning to love himself and enjoy everything the world has to offer rather than wallowing in his darker past experiences.
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    GMF What better theme for my final full challenge of the year than that ode to modesty that is GMF by John Grant. My whole purpose in life is to be the GMF that I could possibly be, and all my goals are geared up for that. So this is a challenge to revisit my goals from the beginning of the year and see how I've been doing. Looking back on my 2020 Battle Log, my goals were as follows: 1. Get Back to my Fighting Weight I wanted to do this by not eating out, cutting calories and eating more ethically sourced ingredients and well, I did actually do this but not at all for the reasons I imagined I would. The pandemic put a stop to me eating out, since February, the only food I have eaten that isn't pre-packaged or made by myself was a cupcake and honestly, I couldn't get Covid Coughs out of my mind while I was eating it so I doubt I will do that again. The lack of grocery delivery slots and the decision to shield over the summer so I could provide care to my parents meant the only source of nutritious food was my bougie organic fruit and veg subscription so I did that too. Nevertheless, I am very far away from my Fighting Weight, and it isn't possible for me to hit it without amputating something which seems a little shortsighted, so instead I am going to work on getting as low as possible by following the plan I have been doing for the last 2 1/2 weeks which is going swimmingly. I am currently on 100%. Trying to stay on 100% is the general theme of this goal, but I just want to end the year below the lowest weight I got to in the year which will mean dipping a little lower so I can get a bit fat over Christmas. 2. Take Good Care of Myself (Physical Branch) I wanted to take the necessary supplements to make me healthy and I am taking supplements so I guess yes? I can't say I have spent the year taking good care of my physical branch, because I spent a lot of it drinking beer, eating biscuits and sitting on my arse during furlough and do I look better? Well I think I look marginally worse than I started the year but I seem to be getting my inner glow back so more of that. I want to be positively fluorescent by the end of the challenge. 3. Take Good Care of Myself (Mental Branch) I wanted to be less messy and I think I have done that actually. I do get the odd floordrobe but it's usually because I can't decide what to wear in the morning so I throw my clothes about when I have taken them off in favour of other clothes but I tend to tidy it up as soon as I get back home so win! I also wanted to find a new job because I thought I might give my notice and LOL I actually did but after a bit of convincing I withdrew my notice which was a really really good move because if I hadn't, I would have been furloughed during my notice period and now is not the time to be looking for a new job. Things have improved massively since then and I am much happier. Not as happy as I was this time last year, but considerably happier than I was at the beginning of the year. There are no real goals for this as I will not be looking for a new job by choice any time soon. Given the ratfucked state of the economy this decision may be taken out of my hands at some point, but for now, there is no goal for this. 4. Take Good Care of Myself ( Knowledge Branch) I wanted to hit my Goodreads goal for the first time in years and read 28 books. I did not do this. I have finished 10 books which is pathetic given how much bonus free time I got with those 4 months where I wasn't allowed to leave the house. I have 7 books currently in progress so we'll see how many of those I can be arsed to finish by the end of this challenge. 5. FutureProofing By the end of this month, if my finances follow my projection I should have hit my years savings goal after briefly hitting in it July before I had to buy a new car. Having now replaced the cost of buying my car and unless something else breaks, I should have nailed this by the end of the year. I also didn't want to die of a preventable illness and so far so good! 6. Plan A Wedding. Well LOL if this hasn't been kicked into the long grass. This is not the time for a wedding as restrictions on gatherings change like a fart in the wind. I am honestly not at all bothered about this as the only condition on which I am happy to marry this man is if absolutely nothing changes so by definition, this wedding malarkey doesn't matter. And part of me has always though it'd be pretty funny if I got married when I was incredibly pregnant so maybe this will be the goal for next year. New old new challenge, goooooooooooooooooo!
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    Oh hey look I changed my name back~ IT ME! DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK, I’VE BEEN HERE FOR YEARS (that’s a ll cool j song you know) And hopefully maybe this time my dumb ass can finish a challenge? Maybe?? ? ? ??? Hi friends, I missed you all so v. much ❤️ So Loire is back to Shaar because let’s be real, that’s who I am, and like my name change I am also.... Back to basics here. My life has been STUPID busy and somehow it’s all good shit despite Madam Rona rearing her ugly-ass head again lately... cases here are climbing slowly again (like I’m sure they are for all of y’all too) and I’m just like, can people just BEHAVE for a little bit so we can kinda maybe get back to a little normal? Maybe? PLS? Anyways, thanks to the Madam here, I’ve shelved my boxing classes for the foreseeable future ‘cause I just can’t confidently get back to -that- kind of normal right now. It sucks but it’ll be there in the future. In the meantime I’ve gotta figure out what the fuckadoodle I’m doing over here to keep myself from turning into a Chaos Manatee. GET IT TOGETHER SHAAR HERE ARE SOME GOALS Do fitness things. Guys did you know my workplace has a gym? AN ACTUAL GYM? Our owners added a gym onto our big expansion last year and we just finished it up like a month ago and there is - a treadmill - an elliptical - fuckin’ BARBELLS - a whole ass bathroom and shower - this is the part where you slap me and say SHAAR YOU HAVE BARBELLS AT WORK and you are not USING them1?!1/!?1# I know I know I know.... I know. My plan is to come in on Saturdays when no one is here and go to work, and ALSO one weekday after work, to be determined with how I’m feeling and what else I’ve got going on that week. Keep prepping lunches. I have SLACKED at this over the past month. I like to meal prep for Monday through Thursday and go out for lunch on Fridays but SOME days... uh.... Weeks...... I have gone out to lunch ALL week. It’s not good for me and it’s a money pit and I need to stop throwing money out the window because of some plans I’ve got unfolding (see: next goal) SO. Meal prep. SUNDAYS. Do it. No excuses. Get yourself together. Honestly I’m somehow 20/10 together even in this chaos timeline BUT - I’m moving in with my samurai himbo boyfriend within the next couple of months and I need to ASSESS MY SHIT. We are both STUPID excited for this and I could just go on and on about how wonderful and lovely and thoughtful and sweet and excellent he is but I won’t put that evil on y’all, your teeth might fall out or something. I’ve already started going through my accumulated stuff since moving back to New England but I need to not lose momentum here so I can be ready for a clean and easy move when it happens. Paring down the clutter, stowing/packing my summer stuff away for easy transport, and making a shopping list of things I’ll need to buy are all on deck for me. (Did you know I’ll have my own BATHROOM?? I’m gonna make it look SO COOL GUYS) STAY. PRESENT. Keep up with my thread and MORE IMPORTANTLY, y'all's. I'm playing lots of video games (natch) and having lots of adventures and I need to share them all AND, share in yours too! This may be the hardest goal of them all but I swear I'll make it happen! I miss my nerds like BIG TIME and I'm gonna do my best, I promise!~ Despite the chaos life is good, really REALLY good, I’m somehow very lucky to be right where I am right now. LET’S CRUSH SOME GOALS FRIENDS!
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    Welcome, so glad to have you along High school is a BUSY TIME!!!! I suppose I should probably put a warning not to come here hungry I have no idea what school is like in the US at all anymore. I hear things have changed a lot since our time I only use my IG for putting pictures on NF, so you will be getting a lot of overlap here Hi, lovely to have you ---------------------------------- Today was a busy day 1st period was PE so I went to the park and after faffing about for a bit decided to have it be push day. I did all kinds of push exercises but probably a good 1/3 of it was various planche progressions. MY biggest weakness in planches right now is anterior deltoid strength, but in order to get to the normal progressions for my stage I need to build up ROM and strength in my wrists. I had a good time with a firend there experimenting on ideas for progressions that we can work on that are not overly wrist intensive 2nd period was Gymnastics which was kind of concurrent with PE. MY gymnastics stuff focused on handstands and so I did a whole bunch of those focusing on various items like endurance, form, dynamic movements (straight to straddle & back, etc.), single hand balance, and other funky stuff like offset hands (one on the ground, the other on a bench, etc.) Lunch was a protein shake and a small bag of nuts. 3rd Period was Science and I watched a really interesting video about quantum physics and the paradoxes it raises for both Newtonian physics and also the religious concept of duality. I will definitely be following along with this series for the next few classes 4th Period was Social Studies and I read another chapter in Blink. I am going to need to find my next textbook soon because I will probably finish this one by the end of the week. 5th Period was Music and I practiced some more ont he songs from yesterday and started working on There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly and Do Your Ears Hang Low, both of which didn't have great chord arrangements so I have been trying to come up with my own. 5th Period was supposed to be Art but I sluffed it because I just didn't wanna 6th Period was language and I did a session each for all of my target languages on Duo 7th Period was Home Ec and I made some creamy shrimp sauce to go on top of some homemade noodles. I think I reduced the sauce a bit too much and and went a little too heavy on the seasonings. The flavor profile was good but way too strong. B- for today's assignment Release Time will happen in a few minutes once Ghostlet is in bed and things get quiet around here
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    Today is a good day. I did the NF mobility challenge workout in the morning, and it was a workout as well as mobility work. I got to spend all day with Little Bit, which was fun except for a mystery tantrum from which it was very difficult to calm her. Outside of that she was a blast all day. The tree trimmers finally came, and did an amazing job. It really does pay to get professionals. They did an amazing job on trees in the front and back, and cleaned up so well the yard looked better than before they started. They also saved the firewood, and even cut it to length. There wasn't a whole lot, but down here we don't need much. A few pieces need to be split, but not enough to be worth renting a log splitter. I may just buy an axe and learn how to split the old fashioned way. Dinner was extremely good. I melted 6 (yes, six) tablespoons of butter (roughly 90 mL) and cooked two pounds of medium shrimp, and put fresh basil in it when it was done. I also took fresh linguine and cooked it, then wilted in 6 oz baby spinach and added an Italian seasoning mix, plenty of shredded Parmesan, and some of the pasta water I had reserved. That was all and it was incredible. I used to not like those simple pasta recipes when I saw them on cooking shows, but that was back when I thought I didn't really care for pasta. It turns out I don't care for bad pasta, but fresh stuff is amazing and doesn't need heavy sauces. Going to order groceries tonight, but I'll have to run to the closer store for some milk and bananas cause we are out and can't wait a day (I may also get some pumpkin Pie Halo Top Ice Cream).
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    I was going to make my triumphant return from turbo depression land today. And then everything went to shit. Honestly I’m just being dramatic it’s not actually that bad but it’s still enough to make me want to throw shit. More bitching: In “flea did something right” news, Tuesday at 8:30am the dentist called me to schedule an appointment for my brother at 1pm. Told my father he’d have to take him bc he still had the rental. I got up shortly after noon to wake up my brother and my father said he had his car back. I was about to ask if he wanted me to go instead, but I shut up. We already had the plan in place, and also he can contribute once in a while. He’s also taking my brother today to get the tooth pulled. Neither of them brought it up and idk if it was assumed I would do it or what, but since they were too slow I asked my father to take him. He was pissy but said yes. Taking my win. Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll drive into a tree on the way.
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    Well I survived this crazy extra long weekend. I started playing an MMO (Blade&Soul) which has been fun... even though I should of spent that time finishing a certain dog painting. Apple picking was fun with my Mom and sister. We have so many apples lol. Fiance and I decided to go up to the cottage Saturday instead of Friday night. Decision well made there. When we got there my brother was playing lumberjack lol so that was fun. We got to help cut down 2 trees. It was SUPER windy that day so fishing didn't go well for fiance. His one reel exploded into a ball of knots which sometimes happens when its too windy and he gets backlash. We spent 2 hrs untangling that knot + another knot that formed because it was windy awhile we untangled the other. Thanksgiving dinner was great and my dad made the turkey on the rotisserie. We had turkey, cranberries, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, squash, green beans, carrots, and pumpkin pie. Oh and we got to have a camp fire that night because the wind calmed down. Sunday morning we drove home, relaxed for 2 hrs then went to fiances parents. Another delicious thanksgiving dinner. There we had turkey, gravy, cranberries, salad, some coleslaw thing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and some polish apple dessert thing. Then on Monday I got up at 5:10am for the horse show lol @_@ It went well and was fun. I don't think Daisy was feeling the show haha. There was only 5 in my division and I came 3, 3, and 4th and third overall. My sister did really good in her first show with her horse. She got 2, 2, 2, and reserve champion in her division. It was just a really fun day for the barn. We had 8 people showing. Food eating was all over the place. Not always the best but not the worst. I am sad I got no turkey left overs so I will probably do our own thanksgiving once the turkeys go on sale
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    Rookie Sparkles 2 Hey frens! Last challenge I was able to lose 10lbs and get down to 253.6lbs. This challenge we are going to attempt it again! I am riding on the coat tails of engagement motivation so I have to keep going. Its going to be extra hard this time (since I seem to have trouble getting below 254lbs and staying there....) so hopefully this one doesn't end up being a flop like Robin Sparkles "Sandcastles in the Sand" but I am going to try for it anyways. So lets get started! Current Quest: Lose 10lbs by Nov 28 Long term Quest: 50lbs by March 15, 2021 (40lbs to go) Sub-quest 1: Food (7 points) > Track calories, 1700cal / day My rules > 1 starch per meal > Fruit or veggie with every meal > Most Fruits/Veggies do not need to be tracked * Sub-quest 2: Exercise (3 points) > 3 workouts on top of horseback riding per week Sub-quest 3: Adulting + Organizing (1 points) > Pick 1 thing to do weekly Bonus Quest: > Plan something COVID-friendly to do on or around my birthday because this challenge is also my birthday challenge (Nov 7) * Some fruits do need to be tracked... ie. bananas, mangos and pineapples.
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    I'm signed up to run a marathon on the last day of zero week (the way I count). So I'm envisioning that the challenge will focus on recovery, rebalancing and re-building strength. I may adjust the goals, depending on how I feel after the marathon, but here is my plan: Follow "Quick Strength for Runners" program. It's an 8-week program, and I'm on week 3. It fits perfectly in this challenge cycle. It's a pretty minimal program (twice a week, pretty quick to do), but the exercises seem to be well-targeted. Minimal stretch and foam roll after every run or ideally every day. I haven't decided whether/how to score this yet. 2300 calories 3x/week. My weight it a little higher than I would like. Ideally, it would have been good to do something about this well in advance of my race, but I got into the race on pretty short notice. So I'll deal with it now. Calorie counting does work, but it's tedious. Basically, I'll try to hit my targets early in the week and then just keep eating similar meals without really needing to track. ...supposed to be working now, so will catch up on threads later tonight!
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    It's been a minute, and the world has changed quite a bit in 2020. I'm here and I'm well. Numbtongue's Language Lessons I'm in an odd place with linguistics, between covid stealing some of my spoons and me being happy in an unprecedented way, language study fell in my priority list over the last 4 months. This challenge is part of finishing 2020 with a daily German news and duolingo habit. 2021 has me adding French again, and slowly working on my Icelandic vocab, but for now this challenge is about daily success with my old workhorse friend, Deutsch. Grimalkin's Cruel Tutelage This project is to set end of year targets for the big four lifts, and hit my mid quarter goals by end of challenge. Garden of Sanctuary This project is to track minutes per day spent in sitting practice. For this challenge, I'm only counting minutes spent in seated meditation or prostrate in seid-work; sleepily drifting while I'm in bed at night doesn't count, nor does sneakily counting yoga time. The larger goal is to grow my practice, but I'm not setting target metrics yet, just tracking. Octavia's Workbench I have a few backlogged orders for mediation beads and percussion instruments I'm behind on. This goal is to log what projects I have outstanding, get them all completed and mailed before holiday shipping craziness locks everything down. Olesm's Chess Journal I'm playing a few tabletops via video call during covid. A dear friend is running a small forgotten realms 5e heroic tier, and I'm running a Dresden RPG campaign set in milwaukee. Expect to hear nonsense about either campaigns in this section.
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    Character Summary Spezzy is a Skírnir, of the Magus class. She appears to be human, however, it would not be a surprise if she has some elvish ancestors, especially with her magical abilities, desire to be private, shameless introvertedness, and love for nature. She has dedicated her life to learning and unlocking the secrets of magic, while also still being an incredibly strong fighter. As a Skírnir, specifically, Spezzy uses magic to infuse her shield to assist her in battle. It is her lifelong dream and quest to ascend to Valhalla and become one of the mighty, fearless Valkyries. She is unaware if this is even possible, but she is determined to figure out a way. She has spent much of her time over the last few years focusing on building her strength - learning to be a fierce warrior and a master of her axe, sword, and shield. However, it is time for her to move on to her next pursuit and is ready to start to build her skills that will allow her to harness the power of her strength. She will continue to practice her strength skills, as they will be useful, but will be shifting her primary focus to build up the rest of her attributes - as she will need all of them in her pursuit to be the highest level warrior there is. Right now, she relies heavily on her strength to brute force her way through battle, but is hoping to learn new skills and spells to help her become a more well-rounded fighter. After being burned in battle time and time again, Spezzy has become a bit of a loner, and struggles working with others. She is, however, slowly coming around to the idea that accepting help from others is not only helpful, but essential, to succeeding in her journey. With this, she also wants to build the knowledge to assist others in battle instead of just screaming in and fending for herself. Being chaotic good, Spezzy has an intense desire to help others and to do what is right - she, however, questions everything, including authority and rules, to make sure that what is going on also aligns with her own moral compass. Character and Challenge Overview Class: Magus Archetype: Skírnir Race: Quarter Elf Alignment: Chaotic Good Abilities: STR: 20 DEX: 16 CON: 11 INT / WIS*: 15 CHA: 13 *For the purpose of my personal character, considering INT and WIS to be one. Animal Companion: Felix Felicis (still in training) Offensive Skills: [Sorcerous Shield] (DEX): The ability to cast spells and wield her weapons at the same time. As she has been focusing on her strength and fighting skills primarily, Spezzy has lost some of her ability to move the way she used to. At least 30 minutes of mobility and rehab work daily. [Spellstrike] (STR): Whenever she casts a spell, she can deliver the spell through the weapon she is wielding as a part of a melee attack. To master this, Spezzy must continue to work on her strength. To complete this, Spezzy must train strength 5x per week. [Magus Arcana - Hasted Assault] (CON): This allows her to spend from her Arcane Pool to move more quickly. In her quest for the mastery of her Warrior skills, Spezzy has lost some speed. To complete this, Spezzy must move quickly enough to keep her heart rate elevated for at least 20 minutes, every day, preferably first thing in the morning after her morning walk with Felix. [Agile Maiden] (STR, DEX): This gives Spezzy the ability to use heavy armor as medium armor. To practice this, she must practice a skill related to agility at least 3x per week. This will likely include trying some new forms of exercise she have not trained before. Defensive Skills: [Arcane Pool] (CON): A reservoir of mystical arcane energy that she can draw upon to fuel her powers and enhance her weapon. For this challenge, to help with her arcane pool, Spezzy must log all of her food, and stick within her nutritional guidelines that are very similar to auto immune paleo, as well as drink at least 1 gallon of water per day. [Spellbooks] (WIS/INT): Any magi must study their spellbook each day to prepare her spells. Spezzy must spend at least 10 minutes at the end of each day planning her schedule for the next day. An additional 10 minutes of study will happen each Sunday, planning a loose schedule for the upcoming week. [Spell Recall] (WIS / INT): This gives Spezzy the ability to recall spells she has already cast. Along with her spellbooks, Spezzy will spend at least 5 minutes per day journaling and reflecting on the day. [Battle Cry] (CHA): I’d like to be more involved with the forums again. For this feat, Spezzy can let out a cry that grants allies a +1 bonus on attack rolls and +4 bonus on saves against fear. To practice this, Spezzy must reply to at least 10 threads per week. 1st Level Magus Spells (INT / WIS / CON): [Illusion of Calm]: The ability to appear standing still, even when you take some actions. To practice this spell, I must focus on breathing exercises at least 2x per day. [Skim]: The ability to read written material quickly. I must read for at least 10 minutes per day, every day. [Recharge Innate Magic]: The ability to regain my spell like abilities. To do this, I must go to sleep within 30 minutes of my planned bedtime each night. TL;DR: Last challenge's RPG format worked really well for me and held me accountable like never before. The last few years have been really tough years that were the catalyst for a lot of growth, and I'm extremely happy right now, and while there is still a lot I want to work on, I'm focusing more and more on the journey and not the outcome - this path and every wind in the road excite me like crazy. Much of this challenge will be a continuation of last challenge's goals - only upping the difficulty, of course. This challenge is also going to test me in a lot of ways like I haven't been tested before - including embracing even more chaos and life changes. While the chaos is welcome, and I am excited for it, it will still be a challenge to remain focused and calm throughout it. Much of this challenge has me doing things that are just outside my comfort zone - but that will only help me become a much more well rounded real life character, which is my ultimate goal. Good luck, everyone
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    My journey to this point has taken me into some hellish and dark spaces, a trap-laden trek encountering demons; at times there was a sea of despair. I have been stripped of so much along the way, walking naked through the dark without even the light of the moon. But I kept walking, and when I couldn't walk, I sat. Rest is not an admission of defeat. Over the challenges this year, I stood up and walked again, however slowly, a miracle in its own right. The demons are now familiar companions; there is no fear; there is no fight; I have no enemies. I feel as though I'm on the other side now, and I barely remember how I passed through the obstacles, I only know that they are no longer in front of me. Now it is time to move forward, walking and preparing for the future. The battles behind me weren't really battles at all -- they weren’t even really a fight. They were an origin story. Now the real work begins, and it takes me back to my Ranger roots: it's time to suit up. My battle lies in the distance, and I go forth with love in the spirit of justice, knowing my true source of strength is the Company I keep. Diana didn't train alone. Wonder Woman didn't fight alone. Who's with me?
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    Hello Friends! I feel that my path is evolving into something that I can really sustain for the long haul. This is what I've been aiming toward for several years now, and it's interesting to see the form that it's taking. Historically, I have done things in big starts and stops, with enthusiastic beginnings followed by injuries or just lost interest. It's convenient to be able to blame some of this on Bipolar Disorder, but some of it is just my nature and I know that in these things I am not alone. However, lately I've been really developing some constants. So my goals this challenge are to deepen the discipline of my constants, and invest in the things that will carry me through the shifting currents and changing times of my life. Here they are. Mindful Eating - or Intuitive Eating, if you prefer. I've been working on this for quite a while now. Within the last few weeks, I've finally come to a place where over-eating makes me feel uncomfortable and is not fun any more, even if it's food I really like. This is an entirely new experience to me. I'm really enjoying it. It will be interesting to see what body composition I arrive at after eating this way over the next month, and months, and year, and years. Walking - I love going down the trail, whether it's in the woods (best) or around my neighborhood (pretty good) or on my treadmill (better than nothing). The way I execute this might shift and change a little, because I'm trying some new things and I might dip my toes into running again. Whether that works or not, I'm going to keep putting one foot in front of the other as often as I can. Lifting - I don't really have a "program" that I'm following, other than that one could argue that what I'm doing is my own custom program. My plan right now is to deadlift once a week, benchpress once a week, and do some dumbell work once a week to hit biceps and shoulders. I don't expect to see big gains, but I do expect to see some improvement. If I think of it later today I'll post my current lifts for these, and maybe at the end of the block we'll see if anything has gone up. Most days I won't be able to walk and lift, so I'll be alternating, which should give me 3 days of each because typically I rest on Sundays. I'm going to give myself points for doing these things, typically one point per thing that I do. Mindful eating will be per meal, not per day, because a day includes too many food events to be entirely pass/fail. There are other things I'd like to do better at, too. My poor ukulele is woefully neglected, so I'm going to try to pick it up and play a song every day. I'm also still going strong in DuoLingo; when I do my practice later it will be 167 days. Basically I get a point for doing anything positive that I feel like I should get a point for. What will I do with all of these points, besides roll around naked in them and relish their silky softness? Well, I'm really not sure yet. I'll give that some thought and get back to you. Happy Challenge!
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    I'm giving @Snarkyfishguts the points for firstpost, all the others have this blueish thingy beneath their avatar! Hey Tank! Good to be in here! Solid goals, good to hear your Intuitive Eating is working out for ya, i was a bit worried that would be a hard thing to get to work.
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    First of all, I am massively looking forward to this and I am very thankful that you guys were happy for me to gate crash Second of all, if you will allow me to get a little emotional for a moment... I might have teared up a little when I saw you'd used neutral pronouns for me. Having people know that it's what I prefer is still very new, and it really brings out quite a lot of feelings (good ones!) whenever I hear (or see, in this case) the people I care about using them. So thank you, seriously, for that and for accepting me for who I am. ...emotions over. Still excited about Sunday!
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    Yes, before food is a very good approach We'll se how much fun it is when Night is the one being grappled by some monster with an appetite for cat Have you seen the beak on that thing? It eats adventurers like you for lunch! ----------------------------------- I was finally over whatever bug I had enough to make it to the park for a workout for the first time this week. I did a bunch of upper body stuff and got myself properly rekt. I was also doing a bit of mobility and flexibility stuff while I was there. At one point I was doing som pike stretching on the stall bars and a guy came over to help. He is kind of the flexibility guru and likes to give advice and seems to be generally knowledgeable. He looked at what I was doing and suggested that I needed to change my position up a bit to get a better stretch. I couldn't get my body to do what he was suggesting so he came over and put a hand on my knee to guide it into place. As soon as he felt it, he looked at me and said "your knee is not supposed to feel like that" He suggested I stop trying to do whatever stretch I was doing and take things down a level and focus on some more basic stretches and that if I proceeded to try what I was doing I would very likely hurt myself. I decided to take his advice and scaled things back For my spins, I decided to do a few 360 jumps, so would jump in the air, spin 360 degrees and try to land in the exact spot I took off from. It was a lot harder than I expected it would be. When I got home, I decided to give the whole dried fruit a try. I peeled & sliced a kiwi and a pear and threw them in the oven. I need to remember that my oven runs hot and lowered the temps because after a few hours they were getting very dark but still not completely dried They did taste quite a bit better than the store bought ones. I did a bunch of shopping in the evening (all online) because we were running out of a bunch of things. I feel bad for the poor delivery guy because all the stuff we bought will weigh a ton.
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    I'm often starving when I'm trying to cook big batch recipes, so having ways to eat it faster is key for me. Or I eat leftovers while prepping the next thing, haha. TRULY. I went bigger than I originally intended to... but I think it looks cool! She's a big mushroom moth baby. This is it right out of the shower peeling off my first adhesive bandage and washing it up. It's re-sealed now.
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    Quite a simple one for me this challenge. - 3000 steps per day (5 days a week) - Home-cooked main meal (5 days a week) - One longer hike per week I may add to these goals, I am still thinking about them, of course I want to add meditation and reading and all sorts....haha but its best to stay simple for now. Also i know the step count is mega low, but working from home, i barely move at all tbh and so i think its good to start like this, and get some motivation going? Food could be a lot better, but its improved a little lately, I have been cooking main meals, but still doing bad for lunches. (nothing or take out or too much bread) Could do with prepping some tuna salads for lunch. In fact yes i will do that ....! I love this time of year usually, but of course, its tough right now. The world will never be the same again, and i'm in the midst of grief. But, I am doing as well as i can, working hard... Oh - also, the week before the challenge ends, my new project's crowdfunder will also end. If you would like the link, or more information, please just ask and I will send to you ❤️ Fingers crossed hey....just launched it an hour ago eeeek. x
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    Ladies, Gentlemen, Non-Binary folks, animal companions, and robot tag-alongs, Ye Rangers all; Allow me to welcome you once again to our humble abode in the wilderness, The Curved Bow & Leaky Tankard. As is tradition, make yourselves comfortable while we wade our ways through Week Zero in preparation for the start of another 5 Week Challenge cycle! There's a rack by the door for your cloak and various equipment - if you require us to stash anything for you, ensure you hang onto your voucher to reclaim your items! Harold the Blacksmith found himself a union contract, but he is on scene out back for your assorted armoring and smithery needs (thankfully he still gets along well with Ranger Mgmt), and maybe you noticed Aziz the Friendly Neighborhood traveling supply merchant (he's earned his title back, on a good behavior probationary basis) on your way in? He's back too, after travels afar and has set up his bazaar across the muddy road out front! Find a place to hang your cloak, put your feet up, and relax. We're your home away from home while out adventuring, but this be hallowed ground. Try not to start too many tavern brawls while you stay with us. Oh, and serve yourself... the help is on strike citing the questionable origin and dubious taste of the most recent barrel of ale. Consume at your own peril.
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    Yup, it's a solid change. I am excited!! Thanks Sal!!! Thanks! We will see if this sticks, but we are already off to a good start A few challenges ago I started this chart and have no idea why I abandoned it. It's a good mix and I totally rocked a (modified) Monday. I will just be choosing 3 days for now and work up to 5 later Thanks! I may need a poke here or there. You were good at that last challenge Woohoo! Welcome to the self love express!! YAY! YOU'RE BACK!! I MISSED YOU! I have tried to simplify for months, and hopefully we can actually start here Thanks. I was successful with it before ages ago when I first started, so I'm hoping it comes back naturally. Thanks! Glad you're here FELLOW NERDS! LIFE. IS. CURRENTLY. BONKERS. So, to make a long story very very short, we went into a hybrid school model back on October 12th. This is what it is, I wear my mask and sanitize and do all that other shit and the kids do too. HOWEVER this has caused a major upheaval in staffing with teachers going on long term leave or quitting for new jobs. SO because of this, for the past 2 weeks I have been teaching 4 classes to help pick up slack (we usually have 3) and soon, my entire schedule will change, but this is actually a good thing. I am being given an AWESOME opportunity to teach AP classes (suuuper smart kids) and while I LOVE my freshmen and my on level juniors, teaching this class has always been a dream of mine and here it is. BASICALLY, I have been HELLA BUSY since the 12th. BUT, despite all that, here I am, and I'm EXCITED. I did work out this morning. It felt amazing. Though, I couldn't pump my jams because hubs slept on the couch because apparently me and the dogs were just ALL OVER the bed last night (oops). I went back to a program I cooked up a while back and enjoyed. My squat form is still a mess, so I''m doing BW squats or wider squats for now. It's something in my hip (which is still popping like crazy when I rotate it backward in circles), I'm just not sure what. I''m also very tight, so I'm doing yoga to try and help that. Dinner wasn't great tonight (fish and chips) BUT hubs wanted to go out and I put my food down, so 50% win because no vegetable. I'm checking in, and about to go check in on a few others too And I spent 0 dollars today. Woop Woop!
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    Careful what you wish for! I'm an ethicist. I do public policy analysis, research on how we *do* democracy, and Ive got two active proposals in the works right now (Speaking Honestly, a curated collection of works on what honesty means and why it's important, and A Revolution of Libraries, the role of the public library in securing the expanding landscape of enfranchisement in the United States). I'm a Utilitarian who started out inspired by existentialism and anarchy and Justice (Camus, Goldman, and Socrates). This term I'm looking into the changes in the idea of the American Family and also doing a deep dive on The Republic when I'm not editing new work (I'm the research beat Editor for the Blog if the APA, so I touch a lot of different things). Currently I am working on developing two new series in addition to the research and Diversity & Inclusion that I currently cover. I'm adding a series on the Philosophy of Time and a series on the geneology of Philosophy. I am a strong advocate for just cities, and might end up with a dissertation that can be best summed up as the Philosophy of Rebellion, and how living in love is the path to justice; as an ethicist I then find it immoral not to do so. P. S. Capitalism is theft; spread the word. 🙂
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    I think it adds up. Thankee and howdy-do. Wasn't sure how PG we are around here. 😛 Maple Leaf muscle has got the hook-up. I looked and wasn't able to find something that is doable at my weight (because a pull-up isn't viable right now) which is why I was going concentration curls. I noticed that they are deficient compared to other exercises I'm doing. ---- Did my batch cooking for this upcoming week. I made: -Spaghetti squash with hearty meat-sauce -Chicken salad -Fajita stir-fry -Chicken soup My sister gave me a small tub of macademia nuts because she said she wouldn't eat them (too much fat.... ok wevs) and they were going to expire soon. I decided to use eggs, pumpkin, apple pie seasoning blend, crushed almonds and crushed macademias, and almond flour to make a pumpkin-nut biscuit. I didn't look up a recipe: I just threw shit together, Iron Chef style and macademia nut was the theme ingredient. I'll be doing some Bellmyst writing tonight, as I did a lot of posting here today as well as just finished reading The Dunwich Horror.
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    I'm just here for page 1, I'm not even gonna lie. HI TANK!!!!!
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    Hi. It’s been a long time. I go by zeroh around here. A short introduction: I’m a queer 33 year old vegetarian with mental health issues who enjoys hiking and video games. For my challenges, I’ve made a little system. It has numbers. And stuff. There are 5 stats: strength, dexterity, constitution, sanity, and charisma. There are 5 difficulties: tutorial, easy, medium, hard, and nightmare. Difficulty = number of stats being improved during the challenge. Each challenge, also called mission, has quests. Quests give points, which are tracked in an app. And points are redeemed for loot. Mission #1: Snakeskin * Difficulty: Tutorial Stat: Charisma Quest #1: Scar Cream, daily. (5 points each) Quest #2: Facial Cleanser, daily. (5 points each) Quest #3: Facial Scrub, twice a week. (15 points each) The idea behind this mission is that looking good increases your charisma. And you look good if you take care of your skin. My face needs some TLC. And the scar cream is for surgical scars. Doctor’s orders. This challenge starts tomorrow, and goes until October 17th. Tomorrow cause that’s when the facial cleanser and scrub get here. So, 18 days. Each quest has a max of 100 points. On top of that are bonus points for the longest streak in each quest. I have a list of charisma related loot, and how many points each costs. And I start with 30 points for making this thread. And to make the math nice. An 80% overall success rate unlocks Easy difficulty. I think that’s it. I’m trying to not make this a long post. Also, I’m mostly going to stay in my own thread. Cause I don’t wanna get overwhelmed. And I don’t particularly want to disappear again. Which I’d probably do if I get overwhelmed. But I will be posting random stuff in here a bit. * The name comes from the Rina Sawayama song “Snakeskin”
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    Ok, time to get a summary of the last few weeks, and wrap up the challenge. I still need to get my measurements (tomorrow) to see how I did overall. Week 3: Goal 1 - Sleep and Rest (Off to read at 10:30 PM, Then off to bed at 11:30 PM) 2 days I did not read. One night I stayed up super late. 55/70 points Goal 2 - Let's have one solid challenge of eating well (2100-2400 Calorie range. Under 20 net carbs) Solid week. No mess ups here 35/35 points Goal 3 - The Slow Roll to Exercise (3 workouts done, 6 days of 5 marks on the whiteboard) 2 workouts were done. 6 days of marks on the whiteboard done. 40/45 point Goal 4 - Chores, oh the chores (clean cat boxes and do dishes each day. Weekend have big clean day) Chores were no problem. Big clean of course did not happen. 35/45 points Total points: 165/195 = 84% Week 4: Goal 1 - Sleep and Rest (Off to read at 10:30 PM, Then off to bed at 11:30 PM) 1 day no reading and in bed late. All other days were ok. 60/70 points Goal 2 - Let's have one solid challenge of eating well (2100-2400 Calorie range. Under 20 net carbs) 2 days I ate over calorie. I was close to carbs on a few days too. I struggled this week, will explain below. 30/35 points Goal 3 - The Slow Roll to Exercise (3 workouts done, 6 days of 5 marks on the whiteboard) I actually walked on Monday of this week. Then did no workouts, and no marks or walks. 5/45 points Goal 4 - Chores, oh the chores (clean cat boxes and do dishes each day. Weekend have big clean day) Same as other weeks. Perfect for dishes and catboxes. Big old nothing on the big clean. 35/45 points Total points: 130/195 = 66% Week 5: Goal 1 - Sleep and Rest (Off to read at 10:30 PM, Then off to bed at 11:30 PM) 100% this week. (at least I will be tonight) 70/70 points Goal 2 - Let's have one solid challenge of eating well (2100-2400 Calorie range. Under 20 net carbs) 1 day was bad. Really bad. Did not track, ate cake. All other days, I was back on it. 30/35 points Goal 3 - The Slow Roll to Exercise (3 workouts done, 6 days of 5 marks on the whiteboard) Big fat nope to all things. One day, I did do the NF app mobility test. At least most of it. Not really a workout though. 0/45 points Goal 4 - Chores, oh the chores (clean cat boxes and do dishes each day. Weekend have big clean day) Same same here. No big clean, but killing it on everything else. 35/45 points Total points: 135/195 = 69% OK, now to discuss what all happened. Week 3 was going fine. I just didn't end up posting. That started the cycle of "ok, tomorrow for sure". We roll into Week 4. Monday I am feeling good. I take a little walk. Foot seemed fine. I wanted to workout when I got home, but was tired out from the walk. I hate to set myself up like this, but I decided I would just workout Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. (which never happened) On Tuesday my wife decided to make a cake. It was a hey, we haven't had cake in awhile, I'm going to make it. Now, I figured this wouldn't be too bad for me. I had been eating pretty well, but the sugar demon still has quite the hold over me. My desk is really, really close to the kitchen. (apartment so small ) The smell of cake and frosting being made was so intense. I like cake, but the frosting is really where it is at for me Still, it's super torture. I figure I can survive this though. Once the cake is done, things should be fine. I was wrong. The cake sat on the counter probably 5 or 6 feet from where I am at all day. The smell was there Every day, all day. Still I resisted. I started trying to make sweeter things that were still keto. Something to just get my mind off that cake. Also during the week, there was very much a "I too tired to do anything" vibe. I started thinking that maybe I was spending all my energy fighting the cake temptation. Every day, every minute I was there. The smell just came over to me. A couple of days, I ate way over calorie. My eat all the things was trying to activate. Week 4 ended. I resisted, but still was struggling. Week 5 starts. Cake is still there, but most is gone. The smell is still driving me nuts. My wife makes a sesame tempura chicken. It's really good. I know that if I eat this, 100% I will be over carbs. Finally, I give in. I decide I am going to eat that chicken. Then allow myself cake. Maybe just one piece. I ended up eating two pieces, and some nearby candy. Otherwise though, I didn't go super nuts on the eat all things. I actually wasn't mad at myself for giving in. More like I was making the decision to eat the chicken, and because I did that, I could have cake. Stomach hurt a bit, but overall I was ok. The one thing I wanted to make sure of, was to not do two days in a row. Get right back to eating Keto. A few days this week, I did having cravings, but I kept strong. I know many times in the past I would give in for a day. Then the next day I would be great until I just caved in again. So food wise, I have been fine the rest of the week. I made that "apple" cobbler, and finished it off today. Exercise, I know I was already fallen off, so I just gave in these last couple of weeks. I have been thinking of some ideas for next challenge. There are still thing I want to do. There are a few things I want to start, but I really have to wait until I lose some weight. I want to run, but it would be very hard on the joints and feet at this weight. I want to use my pull up bar, but there is a 300 lbs weight limit for it. So it will be many months till I can use that. There are still other exercises that I can do now, that will help my out for when I can run and use a pull up bar. I'm actually seeing if there might be one around here at a park I can use. I know lake Elizabeth nearby has one. I also think the Kaiser Hospital has an outdoor something setup. I just need to check it out. I also want to try getting the mobility back in my right arm. I've been looking up some stretch's and such to help with that. At least I hope. Speaking of weight, I started Week 0 at 373.1, Week 1 I was 370.2. This morning, I was 360.7 lbs. 12.4 lbs down overall. I had like two and a half weeks of a stall in there, plus the day of cake haha. Still, I'll take it. Of course I want to lose weight like I am on the biggest loser or something, but slower is not a bad thing either.
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    It could have been better haha I would say it is ok. I didn't mean to disappear these last weeks. Overall status I have done fairly well. I have not exercised anymore, no big cleaning, and I did have one day I ate off plan. I am suppose to be reading now, but I got tired of not putting anything here. So tomorrow, I will give a update to the last few weeks. Oh, I did make this the other day: Keto Mock Apple Cobbler. It turned out to be really good. Recipe from CJsKetoKitchen https://www.cjsketokitchen.com/keto-mock-apple-cobbler/ My wife even liked it. I was amazed at how it tasted like apple haha.
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    Yeah that’s me. I guess I complain too much about it lol. I’ll just call tomorrow morning though, I don’t think it qualifies as an emergency. It doesn’t hurt to chew on that side and it’s not sensitive to either heat or cold. At my cleaning in February, if not the one last fall, the hygienist pointed out that there was a small bit missing and the dentist looked at it and said it was small enough not to worry about. I’d never even noticed. This morning I woke up and felt like I bit something crunchy and I swear the tooth itself feels different. I’m not worried about it, surprisingly, just annoyed that the drama never ends. I promise if it starts hurting or anything I’ll call today. But I don’t think it’s worth it now.
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    To do list for whatever day it is today idk anymore: - take giant box out to recycling bin - shower? - vacuum - do some dishes - look at old fart cat beds for Fat Kitty edit: also need to clean my humidifier so I can start using it again. Probably also my neglected kettle too. Okay cat people, recommendations wanted! FK is old and moving more stiffly now that it’s getting colder. I’m looking at orthopedic beds as well as self-heating pads and beds. (Can’t use an electric heating pad bc outlets in my room are in the stupidest and inconvenient places.) Has anyone ever gotten anything like these? It’s also looking like I might need to put a litter box in my room bc there isn’t one on the second floor currently; is there a kind or style that hides the smell better than others? We just have the basic kind for them right now. I’m shooting an email to the vet with all my questions too. But enough of you have cats that I figured it was worth asking.
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    Oh hey, realized I forgot to post my Monday results. Here's a double combo post. Oct. 12 - Another busy day, super productive at work and then straight into the gaming journalism part for a total of 12 straight hours of work. Ain't my life grand. Oct. 13 - More work in the morning, Muay Thai in the evening. I was a little worried about this one, since it would be the first session for a trans acquaintance of mine, so it was kind of a crash test for all the acceptance and good atmosphere I keep praising the Camp for. He did pretty well and made it to the end of the session despite not having worked out for the last 7 years and living a life of excess, although he did tell me he got misgendered a few times by the athlete that was assigned to show him the basics. Covid measures have led the schedule to break up from the usual beginners/advanced into beginners/advanced/competitive and now our kru decided that the beginners class is pretty crowded too, so it'll be broken up into two. While I'm glad to be ranked on the more advanced of two sub-groups, it does also mean I won't be training alongside said friend for a while. Vicious Mockery: ☐ Benchmark weight set at 94,8kg Bardic Inspiration: ☑☑☐☐☐☐☐ Liquid Sword: ☑☑☐☐☐☐☐ Charm Person: ☑☑☐☐☐☐☐ This is becoming more of a mid-day routine to technically catch up with my goal, rather than a morning ritual, which was the original intention, but it's still better than skipping it altogether. Animal Friendship: ☑☑☐☐☐☐☐ Defence: Dodge: ☑☑☐☐☐☐☐ Cure Wounds: ☐ Current status: HP: 6/9 Total damage dealt: 14
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    Ok, I don't fully have a plan for this challenge yet, but I wanted to get something up and I can tweak it later. I'm looking at the following goals this time round: Track food and hit 150g protein per day. I don't want to cut calories again until I work out if that was why I was feeling light-headed a lot recently, but just tracking gives me some control over my eating without worrying too much about the numbers. The protein goal is to ensure that not all of my calorie are from crap. Have a workout plan and stick to it - I realised that part of the reason I lost no weight last challenge is that I did a lot less running. And I ran a lot less because I had no plan. So now, I will have a plan. Every workout needs to be followed by stretching to count, even if it's just 30 seconds to get me into the habit. Draw 3x per week. Split stretches 1x (maybe 2x) per week. Foam rolling 3x per week. Hangboarding maybe? I need to figure out where to fit this into my day if I'm going to make it a goal again. Teeth brushing 2x per day, and use the electric brush and interdental sticks in the evening. This went really well last challenge, and I don't want to get lazy with it. Think that's about it. I'll codify this into a proper plan at some point between now and the challenge starting on Monday.
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    Look what my brothers ‘new’ girlfriend made for me (I think they’ve been together more than a year already, but his previous relationship lasted 7 years so this one will feel new for a while yet I think. It’s a huge improvement if anyone cares 😅) Gym members have been putting in requests, I think a small side business has been born.
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    Welcome to the Adventurers guild tavern. This is where Adventurers and guests can gather for general chat and for trading ideas, motivation, music, and stories of your adventures. If you're new to the Adventurers or here as a guest,welcome to our guild and please introduce yourself. Guild Leaders: @Teros & @Sylvaa & @WolfDreamer Also feel free to post recipes and food pr()n pictures of what you've made.
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    It's a Monday. I woke up feeling like I hadn't slept at all, then immediately had to figure out how to fix the front door that got stuck because no one does anything in this goddamn house. Called the vet, had to wait for her to call me back. Didn't call the dentist because I didn't want to deal with playing phone tag if the vet called while I was already on the phone; dentist can wait til tomorrow because I'm over it. I'll drop my sheets in the wash when I go down to look for the mail (the preview email showed a letter for me from the IRS... wtf?), but they may not get changed tonight because I'm not fighting with cats while making my bed. Dishes are already in the sink and will be done as my distraction while I wait for my pasta to cook. So there is a plan. There are limited spoons for this plan, but I'll feel much shittier if I don't get something done today. something for myself, that is.
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    ME TOO. Day 5.5 Jogged 3.5 miles at 8:30/mile -- pretty quick! -- for the corporate challenge my office is participating in. It was raining. I jog faster in the rain. 🏃‍♀️ Later on one of my BFFs, my roommate, and I carved pumpkins, ate pizza, drank, and sang-a-long late into the night. Mine is the simplest/upside-down one -- but it was totally appropriate. 🙃 Day 5.6 Saturday was a beautiful, sunny fall day! Bench: 5 x 3 x 150# <-- these were not great, but it'd been about a week since I last benched because of tat recovery time Front squats: 4 x 3 x 185# paused, 3 x 195# paused, 3 x 2 x 205# Chin-ups: 5 x 6 BSS: 4 x 10 x 45# Lat raises: 4 x 10 x 15# Front plate raises: 4 x 12 x 25# My gym is across from a cemetery (we make a lot of jokes about this) and the trees were really showing off, so I walked over there and took some pictures after my workout. Saturday night, I had a chill night in with QP. We watched Blackcoat's Daughter, which I enjoyed. Very slow and atmospheric. Day 5.7 Long run Sunday was still a bit brief -- I ran 5.5 miles at a bit under 9:00/mile. Not bad. I did blister a tiny bit in my new shoes because I wore some of my less fancy socks, so I think making sure my good running socks are clean on the longer runs is going to be key moving forward. My tattoo is healing well, BUT I did have a reaction to the adhesive bandage (which normally happens for me but I usually decide it's worth it for the accelerated healing), so I do have a bit of an itchy rash that I'm working very hard not to scratch. Otherwise, I got some drinks with my other BFF and one of my good friends, ate french fries and soft serve, and then pretty much went to bed. I slept A LOT this weekend. I think tattoo healing + allergic reaction + season change + running and lift = a very sleepyyyy Raptron. So, I'm listening to my body and sleeping a bunch. ✌️ LIFT: 16/18 weight sessions RUN: 12/12 jogging or cardio sessions YOGA: 3/6 yoga workouts GYMNASTICKY: 8/10 gymnastics activities Summary Running x lifting is going well so far. I've finished 3 weeks of half marathon training. This program ramps up pretty slowly on weekly mileage, which is for the best. I have pretty much finished the lifting program I was loosely following, so I need to come up with a new strategy for the next 8-9 weeks to continue lifting while my mileage increases week to week. I did just finish reading The Hybrid Athlete by Alex Viada. It was mostly common sense recommendations that always bear repeating (recovery, recovery, recovery). One takeaway is that my accessory work should not overly tire or interfere with my running movements but should instead be supplementary and address weaknesses LIKE GLUTES, always glutes. Yoga, my last minute add-on did not go super great. I haven't mentally made time or space for it yet, but think it is a good idea. Gymnastics activities went pretty well, but I slacked this week. It's been cold. That is a bad excuse, but I'm sticking to it. 😝
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    Managed to get up, prep some lunch (3 days worth) Made a cup of tea and my meeting starts in 5 mins....
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    NEW GOALS (version1.0) I start my new challenge tomorrow, because Ive achieved what I wanted during the last weeks. And I cant wait for the new forums to open. fearless: the "spicy writer" challenge starting 10/14 and ending on November 30th. I will write/research daily. I will participate in NANOWRIMO 2020 as a rebel ( details and numbers of words to follow ) I will go to Cross Fit 2 or 3 times a week ( 1 session of cleaning included ) I will stretch/ foam roll / do PT after each Crossfit day (details to be determined) I will try out new spices while cooking ( influenced by the blog. have bought asian and Mexican spices and want to create new go to meals with them) let the new round begin!
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    HI HI HI HI ❤️ Yes, yes it does. I knew if I made another challenge I'd switch it back. ALWAYS happy to have you here Sal!! Loire was cool but I think of it like, a mid-life crisis, you know, your life is in a madness state of flux so WHY NOT change your name for a little while and endure? Shaar is as Shaar does~ EHRMAGERD DUDE I'm working on my BARD RELIC in XIV I look like some kind of fuckin' futuristic crossing guard LOOK at this shit I don't even know anymore..... (also am taking a break from lizard who even AM I) I love manatees and have even adopted one for years but, you know, it's not great for like... aerodynamics when you're fighting wendigos and stuff. Massachusetts born and raised! Moved away for a long-ass time, but have been back for two years. NEVER LEAVING New England again. Those sound somewhat familiar? I'm a sucker for Final Fantasy XIV 'cause I lead my FC there, but I've also been shitting around in GuJian 3 because it's gorgeous and I'm ALSO a sucker for celestial old-world Chinese aesthetic, Resident Evil 7 is fun but I don't get very far because I yell a lot, same with Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, and oh yeah I still should finish Persona 4 too................... Too many games, not enough time~ RURIIIIIIIIIIIIIIK All these candy-centric holidays are doing me in dude, Rolos, I had SO MANY Rolos at work last week..... IT IS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU, I'm coming to bombard your thread with the hype RIGHT N O W
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    Oh boy, the rabbit holes that this story-writing is taking me. I have 11 tabs open right now: -Dante's Inferno -Yog-Sothoth -Paradise Lost -Timeline of minerals -Elaj Chelm -Antimony -Sulfur -Mercury -Arsenic -Phosphorus -Metal Toxicity I think I'm stepping away from the computer for a while. Debating on carving a pumpkin with my sis tonight.
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    Dutch proverb: Een kat in het nauw maakt rare sprongen. Translated: Desperate times call for desperate measures. Literal translation: A cat backed into a corner will jump in odd ways. Just keep that in mind 😛 On top of that, Night is only going to be up close and personal for CHA related things
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    Wednesday Update I woke up full of beans but decided to not do any strength training because my back still felt a bit dodgy so I just did an hour on the elliptical. My parents wanted to stock up on logs and coal for their fire for the winter just in case the inevitable lock down disrupts the supply chain so I went to the shops for them, but as I got out of my car my back went. I slipped a disc about 13 years ago and it felt exactly like this so I assume that's what's happened this time. I hobbled around the shop and luckily TH was with me because I wouldn't have been able to lift anything. I could barely turn corners with the trolley. It was agony. I did get their shopping done because I didn't want my dad to have to leave the house because I really don't want him to get covid as he is very vulnerable to complications from it, and I lay down on the floor in their living room stretching it out enough that I could make the drive home, but even moving my legs on the peddles was agony. I got home and did more lying on the floor, then called my boss to tell her what had happened and I checked the availability of a few members of staff to make sure there was enough coverage if I couldn't come in to work for the next couple of days. She was completely fantastic though and told me to take the next few days as sick anyway so that's what I am going to do. Thankfully, TH is still working from home because I can't really move around much. I had set a beef and Guinness stew in the slow cooker before we went shopping so luckily dinner was done for us. I had a Zoom meeting with work in the evening, then I played Animal Crossing. My goal for the rest of the week is to prioritise healing my back and to try as hard as I can to not gain any weight because I have been doing fantastically with this and slipping a disc is just the sort of thing that can set me back a little on the eating since I can't exercise. I am going to keep all my goals up except for the activity goal (of course!) so I am just going to tick that box anyway and give myself a pass because I can barely move, I can hardly train or go to work.
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    [Robbed Death Twice Quest Log] Challenge Journal: Date of 10.14.2020 Weight: 213.4lbs . My almond bomb protein pancakes are sizzling and I can't wait Crushed my kettlebell workout today, gonna do some handstand work and stretching before bed. Pretty much completely finalized my character backstory for next challenge, so I'm super pumped to wrap this challenge up and barrel into the next one like a bull (ha) in a china shop! Got some Big Rurik Energy™ pumping over here, so let's hammer out this week and carry on, nerds! Just crossed the 100 / 70 200 hangboard pull-ups threshold too! Happy #MotivationWednesday! Offensive Skills Spellsurge: ☑☑☑☐☐☐☐ Evasive Maneuvers: ☑☑☑☑☐☐ Deadly Barrage: (MT) ☑☐☐. (KB) ☑☑☐ C-c-c-combo Breaker!: 101 / 70 200 hangboard pull-ups. Discipline Regenerative Infusion: ☑☑☑☐☐☐☐ Phase Shift: ☐.☑ Target Acquisition: ☑☐☐☐☐ Gather Focus: Started rereading Level Up Your Life. Carefully examining my real life attribute points too. Status: Harrgath has 9/9 health points. Damage dealt (0%). damage dealt by Spezzy. 😆
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    Yeah, I figured it's mostly angry because it was what, two weeks ago that the exact same thing happened? So the rational part of me is like "meh, I'll keep an eye on it but it's probably fine" while the anxious part of me is just screaming hysterically. They did say at the beginning that things would probably take a while because they're hiring a ton of people at once. And they also said that after you did the hiring paperwork it could take a bit because HR has to check it over, then they tell IT to send you a laptop, then after you get the laptop and IT has made sure it's good to go, that's when you get your start date. So the length of time isn't actually all the concerning. It's just me overthinking things and whatnot.
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    Hey, I’m at my mums .... she’s out with the dogs and my sister .... I did the hike, it was tough! Just under 4 miles, 10,000 steps and LOTS OF HILLS hahha Will post photos tmoro when I have my laptop. im making dinner at the moment for us (shepherds pie and veggies) then will have a deep hot bath I will certainly sleep tonight! xx
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    I had another schedule-out-the-window day unfortunately. I jumped on a Zoom call the second I got home from work. My employer holds their board meetings online once a month now, and this is how we staff find out about important things like whether our usual workplaces are opening up again (mine isn't, sadly). After that, I chatted online for a bit (I learned what fantasy football is!) and then played Ticket to Ride: Africa with my son. Plan for the remaining awake time: play with Audacity settings (boring but with a big ROI, so time to stop putting it off), eat something, do stretches and rolls. Maybe Duo - it's been a month at least. And pick a new book for breaktime reading at work. A French one this time. That'll have to do for today. ETA: just did my spins: four rolls on each side, then five pirouette spins each way. The room was spinning quite hard, but in the time it took to walk to the couch, it had completely stopped. I wonder how far I will be able to push this skill...
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    I certainly hope so. I already did my spins earlier today as part of my workout. Have you done yours yet? Store bought. Well, marketplace-dried-fruit-stand bought. I will give the oven thing a try and see how that pans out. ___________________________________ Yesterday was another one of those days that just kind of went by without anything in particular to talk about. Lets see if I can think of anything at all of note... My homebrew D&D game finally started their first combat encounter and I ended up dropping a player below 0HP in the first round. I was worried that I had seriously overpowered my monster but the rest of the group seems to be holding their own against it so far. I think it should turn out OK for them. I was preparing some stuff for my next challenge and decided I wanted to start doing that particular thing immediately so I learned how to play Sweet Violets on the ukulele. I made some spaghetti with Ikea meatballs for dinner which was easy and tasty. I actually managed to make exactly 2 servings of sauce so I didn't have a bunch of leftover like I usually do.
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    Day 4.5 I jogged 2.75 miles at the end of the day. I did some cooldown yoga post-run. 🧘‍♀️ And then some more intensive bridge and split work. After that, I picked up some groceries, made pumpkin bars, and had some video chats with friends. It was a wholesome Friday night at home. Day 4.6 Saturday had a slow start -- I slept in a little bit. ❤️ I got my coffee and headed to the lifting gym. Squats: 3 x 265, 3 x 275#, 3 x 1 x 285# Bench: 3 x 2 x 165# <-- woooo 🎊 Half kneeling db press: 3 x 7 x 35# Weighted dips: 4 x 4 x 25# Single leg kb rdl: 4 x 12 x 65# Later on, I got dinner with QP and we hung out and watched the horror anthology Southbound -- it was middling but enjoyable. Day 4.7 Sunday morning, I read and cleaned the kitchen. Jogged 5.5 miles with a friend -- 2 laps around a pretty, wooded reservoir. I haven't done many training runs with other people and his pace is a bit slower than mine -- though also our apps reported a very different pace, haha. We actually stayed conversational the whole time! Which is the like gold standard for an "easy jog" and not something I normally manage. He brought beer (hah) so we had a couple after, but I had to run to my tattoo appointment. My session was almost 3 hours and I was just sitting in a folding chair, trying not to lean too far forward or to die. I had really hoped I would get to lay down for this one. ALAS. The artist was cool though, and I like the new piece. I spend a lot of time going "UGUGHUSG DO I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS!?? IT'S COOL RIGHT? ISN'T IT? I LIKE IT. I DEFINITELY LIKE IT. DON'T I LIKE IT?" after each new tattoo. It's an adjustment period. I've also joked that since it's behind my neck I don't even HAVE TO like it. (I do! The mushroom house is so cute 😭) 3 of my lifting friends did an outdoor movie night with a projector onto a garage. It worked pretty well. I cocooned in some blankets and went to bed as soon as I got home. LIFT: 13/15 weight sessions RUN: 9/9 jogging or cardio sessions YOGA: 2/3 yoga workouts GYMNASTICKY: 8/8 gymnastics activities