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    I had plans for rebuilding my fitness and nutrition habits starting with this challenge, but then I realized the baby's due date is the last day of the challenge. She may come early or late, but any habits I try and start are going to need adaptation when the baby comes. So my goal is to be as healthy as possible for this period of five weeks. I want to re start workouts, and be consistent with taking lunch to work instead of eating at the cafeteria. When the baby comes, I plan on taking five weeks off, which would make workouts easier if it weren't for the fact that we will be dealing with newborn sleep deprivation. That five weeks off from work will overlap with the challenge after this one. That means the one in October is the one to start intentionally rebuilding habits. That is not, however, an excuse to hit cruise control till then. That kind of thinking does not lead to Healthy Tank. So I will still have goals for this challenge. Goal 1: Take lunch to work 15 times. There will be 20 work shifts during this challenge (provided the baby doesn't come early), so that gives me some wiggle room. Goal 2: Workout 5 times. I'm respawning here, so let's not get crazy. Goal 3: Get the boxes unpacked and the house set up before the baby comes.
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    Hi friends. I’m a mess. I’m in the middle of a HARD core bought of depression. If I’m not at work, I’m in bed. It’s bad. And it’s making The Marine depressed, too. And I’m sure Midget Mayhem isn’t loving having her mom be a zombie, either. And that hat makes me sad. Which is super no fun because I’m sad anyway. It’s a circle of sadness. So I’m going to try. I’m going to try to go to the gym. I’m going to try to go for a walk. I’m going to try to cry on The Marine’s shoulder when I need to (as in, every single second of every single minute). I’m going to try to be nice to me. I’m going to try. Today I tried by going to the gym for half an hour. And then taking a shower and brushing my teeth. Yay!
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    I've written and re-written the draft for this challenge a million times by now (or at least that's what it feels like) but nothing ever works, so instead I'll just shoot from the hip and see where that takes me. I've been on a major cyberpunk kick as of late and not because of the hype surrounding the release of the videogame bearing the same name. I've tried to do another Shadowrun theme for this challenge but failed miserably again and again, probably because I'm bitter and unfocused regarding themed challenges since raising attributes with each challenge stopped being a thing. So instead, I'll just do a more bare-bones challenge with a sprinkling of cyberpunk, Shadowrun and synthwave stuff on top. Pictured: The sprinkling of cyberpunk stuff on top Why cyberpunk, you might ask. Well, it kinda reflects my current mood and the tone of the world I see around me. I think it's pretty clear we're charging head on towards a futuristic dystopia with each passing day and that's exactly the kind of future that cyberpunk tried to warn us about. A documentary from the future, where people's minds would be forever chained to their smartphones and social media I've linked the video below in one of my past threads (or my Battle Log, perhaps) but that was under different circumstances. While the video itself is an excellent essay on the rise of Synthwave music, I'd like to focus on a part more relative to what I'm currently talking about. In more challenge-related contet, it’s summer holiday season and I’m not going to be doing any actual workouts for the duration of this challenge so filing the thread under the Rebels sub-forum instead of the more fitness specialized ones feels right. I took last round off to regroup and although this one’s not going to be overly ambitious, I do still have a Spartan Super to run in November alongside the Jedi Master himself, @EricMN. The idea is to gradually get back in the swing of things, maintain my groove throughout the summer and then hit September with momentum and some good habits as I kick things up a notch. But just for the hell of it all, I'll mask my goals with whatever's left of my original draft of a Shadowrun-themed challenge. Way of the Adept Log my eating every day Man, explaining adepts used to be so hard. In the post-John Wick world though (hey, there's Keanu again!) it’s what most new Shadowrun players will want to portray, to the point of this becoming the game’s equivalent of people wanting to play “that rare non-evil dark elf” in D&d. So adepts are magically active characters who can only affect themselves, usually buffing up their skills and abilities. Imagine John Wick’s gun fu, but boosted with supernatural ninja abilities that take things into full “Matrix lobby shootout scene” territory (Keanuception!). No one knows how the hell their magic works, but it usually requires a lot of discipline. Maybe that comes with the territory of workouts to keep their bodies in top shape anyway, maybe they’re just fooling the whole world with smoke and mirrors. Furthermore, like all awakened (read:magically active) characters, they avoid cyberware because such invasive technology strips them of the Essence stat (read:soul) and one's Magic stat can never be higher than their Essence (read:game won't allow you to be powered by magic and technology at the same time) so I figure that kind of physical self-care would somehow be relevant to me being vigilant about what I put into my stomach. Whatever. Way of the Decker Get work done without distractions Deckers are the hackers of the Matrix and that makes them super easy to grasp as a concept. And yes, I know Gibson coined the whole "cyberspace" think in the Neuromancer, but Shadowrun was the first to call this kind of visualized cyberspace "The Matrix" back in the late 70s when it was first published, decades before the movie of the same name. Ever since the game's 4th edition, the technology has been somewhat retconned to include wireless access and Google Glass style "augmented reality" with electronic info layered on top of the "real world" (or "meatspace" in Shadowrun slang, as opposed to the "cyberspace") but I personally prefer the classic oldschool spiral-cord-and-plug-to-the-temple version of full virtual immersion. On the contrary, this kind of immersion is what I want to avoid when it comes to work. I have a bunch of projects with deadlines all around, but I've been distracted. Now summer's around, things are looser and I've even gotten advance payment for most of them, so I gotta cut the crap and deliver the goods. Even deckers sit down to tinker with their hardware or write some custom code during their off time, something something, connection to this challenge goal. Way of the Rigger Track my expenses Riggers are electronics experts too, but unlike deckers, they deal with the hardware side of tech. Their deal is mentally jacking into machinery and by that I don' just mean they control it, they become the damn machine. In the early days, they'd usually be divided to either vehicle riggers (getaway drivers, pilots etc) or drone riggers (surveillance experts and providers of mobile firearms platforms) but down the road we also got some who specialize in full-on, man-sized or larger combat robots as well as those known as "spiders", folks who'll take over a building's cameras, doors, defense systems etc. Between the cost of cyberware needed to do their thing and the cost of drones, vehicles etc, Riggers need resources, big time. Ergo, much like a Rigger trying to finance their gig, I will be tracking my daily expenses on my Bullet Journal (read:glorified agenda) and regularly cross-checking household expenses with the SRLF (read:alias for my girlfriend). Way of the Shaman Animal Care Shadowrun's outright "spellcasting" archetypes are Mages and Shamans. The latter are, as you'd expect from the name, the more mystical types: they summon spirits to negotiate favors and gain their powers through answeing the calling of various totems. Of those, my all-time favourite has to be the Cat totem because the merits and flaws associated with it are plain awesome: Plus shamans don't get to choose their totems but, much like the case is with cats and stray animals in general, they choose you. As the Dog totem showcases here, in a screenshot from the old SNES Shadowrun game I've been less of a responsible pet owner when it comes to taking care of my cat. As part of this goal, I gotta take care of his daily setup (food, fresh cool water, clean litterbox) every morning before heading off to work and every night before bedtime. I transferred the last of his (medical, mind you) food to his storage boxes today, which means I gotta order a new sack of food soon. Kitty litter is about to run out soon, plus he has to be taken to the vet for his regular vaccination. The feeding and/or petting of random stray cats is a bonus. Also, by all means this is an excuse to spam cat gifs. Way of the Mage Buy and read the Neuromancer Gosh, I fell in love with this image since I first stumbled upon it in the 3rd edition rulebook during my early Shadowrun days. Another aspect of the game's awesomeness is its spellcasting rules: you need strong mental stats to cast a spell and resist its magical backlash, but past that it hits you with mental and/or physical damage. That means your usual glass cannon mage with high mental but low physical stats could potentially cast an all-powerful spell, but immediately drop unconscious or even dead afterwards; a 7+ foot troll magician with stone for skin won't drop the nuclear bomb, but he can pepper you with fireballs all night long without ever flinching. Anyway, for all the cyberpunk-iness, I am not proud to admit I haven't read the book that started it all, William Gibson's "Neuromancer". Or any book that wasn't work or RPG related for quite a while, actually. This is me getting back into it and of course it's tied to bookworm mages. Way of the Face Contact people at least every other day "Face" is more of a role than a character archetype. A group's Face is the one who speaks for the party, the one who does the negotiating and knows people who can help. How that's done can vary, from well connected characters possessing sheer charisma and a ton of money for bribes to magicians beefing up their looks and charisma (how the Pornomancer trope was born) to folks with a ton of cosmetic surgery, a sense of ettiquette and tailored pherormone cybernetics. For this challenge, the Way of the Face means I'll be reaching out to people and kickstarting my social life again. Was going to make it a "one person each day" thing but I need to allow some wiggle room so it's a case of "never twice in a row". Cue big finale... Seriously Keanu, stop hijacking this thread
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    I always feel weird introducing myself as I am fairly certain I don't have a number of new people stopping in here. But I am Sylvaa. Guild Leader, traveling consultant, wife, mother, grandmother, Spartan, Queen of the Memes, and encourager of athletic events. Over the years, I have definitely made leaps and bounds in regards to being more active, eating better, and improving my overall health and fitness. However, I've not really found what I would consider my thing. Which is probably due to not really being amazing at any one thing. Or even decently good at any one thing (I am old enough to realize that I'm not actually going to be able to keep up with these young kids). Last challenge, we talked in my thread about a few things; one of which was being a general athlete - not really having a specialty, but being able to do a lot of different things. I can get behind that. But, because it's what I do, I need to be able to be more than just able to do a lot of different things, I want to become better at a lot of different things. In an effort to support this goal, I'm going to focus on a few things this challenge, none of which are new, but most of which are ignored. Goal 1: Use MFP I recently asked @Snarkyfishguts if I could get in on some super sexy tracking action with her to help keep me accountable. Then proceeded to only halfway track for a week. I need to track for two reasons: first of all, I'm not going to get any leaner (or eat enough protein!) without tracking. Secondly, I've been having a tummy trouble flare-up recently and I need to figure out what's causing it / keeping it going. Garmin updated their tracking features to include a period symptom tracking, which includes stomach issues. I'm going to use this to track what's going on and be able to compare it to food (MFP and Garmin also sync). Goal 2: Workout I've got a potential new workout plan in the works. I've asked for some input from a super secret highly trusted source before I finalize it and I'm going to trial it Week 0. It'll run through November, with a running / cardio focus (hey, that half marathon isn't going to run itself), then will switch to a lifting focus for the winter. I like working out, but I am definitely like a squirrel with ADHD trying to stick to a specific plan. This new plan should hit everything I want to while giving me some freedom to decide what I want to do any given day. We'll see. I'll still be incorporating pieces of my current workout plan anyway, because I do like it, I just want more flexibility. Goal 3: Back to the forums I've not been doing a great job interacting with people here on the forums recently. I know that realistically, I need to reach out to people more than I do, but then I don't. I know how to be a good friend, I just don't always execute. I also don't really put myself out there to meet and interact with people who have similar interests to me. So once a week, I need to interact with real people who aren't my family or related to me through marriage. Preferably in person, but at least through a conversation longer than 5 minutes.
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    "I think the moment that marks Bane as a character in this movie is when he snaps the neck of the rich man who payed him a fortune. This shows him as the purest form of power there is: imposition, violence, strength, something you can't buy, something you can't bribe, something that you either follow or stay out of it's way, it's brute force with a goal that cannot be stopped if not by an equally or more powerful force. It does not dwell in weaknesses as greed, lust, or grief, it does not seeks richness nor glory, it seeks to fulfill it's purpose. Real power." This is my first Ranger challenge here (I attempted a double-challenge years ago with Adventurers but that was it). This is challenge number 56 and I haven't missed a single one. For those who don't know me since I faded into the background the past couple of years while getting my master's degree; here's a quick rundown: Spent my life morbidly obese and hating myself and feeling alone. Had no heroes or anyone to look up to growing up. Broken home. Dad was an alcoholic and was kicked out. Beaten up in school and bullied for a decade. Got into a toxic emotionally abusive relationship that fucked me up a lot. I stayed in it for 12 years until I found NF and had the strength and courage to realize my self-worth and end that bullshit. I collected all of 'our' stuff from the years and put it all in a big bonfire and burned it all to the ground (an event I refer to as Phoenix Day). I had a lot of support here on NF and pushed people to get into Spartan races - with a bunch of people running one with me. It was a turning point in my life. I lost 120 pounds. A few weeks after Phoenix Day, I started a Master's Program for 4 years and I gained most of that weight back. Finishing up school in May, I'm coming back here to reclaim my crown, get my shit together, and prove to myself and everyone around me that I can be the person that I want to be. My mom died in January and since May, I've gone through all of her hoarding stuff, cleaning, and painting. Once that project was done, I got my ass back to the gym and in the past 6-ish weeks, I've lost 22.2 pounds. I was getting used to the gym, with walking on the treadmill and upgrading to the elliptical but as the weeks have gone by, I've turned up the intensity and I'm ready to push myself with more strength training. What helped me lose that original 120 pounds was wielding a sledgehammer and doing bodyweight workouts so I plan to start incorporating those, as well as doing more Whole 30 eating (basically an extreme version of paleo). I'm starting from scratch, at 360 pounds (well now 337.8). I've given far too much to people who don't deserve it. This place, this community is the one bastion of hope that I've had in my life where I felt like I was able to make a difference and where people cared. I'm going to do my best as a new-found Ranger to check up on everyone's threads. I need the support and drive to become the best person I want to be. I'm ready. After years of purging, burning, destroying, and learning; it's time to build. I need to embrace my inner villain and use my focus, determination, and power to become the man I know is deep down inside of me. Any and all villain/bane pictures and support is welcome. My Goals: Whole30 - This challenge continue whole30 eating. Workouts - Three times a week I'm hitting the gym with cardio and at least twice a week I want to do strength training at home. NF Support - I want to try and get to every Ranger and Adventurer challenge. Expression - I do artwork. It's time to start finishing pieces and showing it off. I salute you all.
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    Is "get my life together" a valid challenge goal JK. Things in my life are good. I bought a house less than a month ago so actually things are better than great! However, I'm still getting used to the house, trying to unpack, figure out my new routine etc. I'm also finishing up a 12 week program (that has taken significantly longer than 12 weeks because LIFE) here in the next weekish so I would like to figure out what I will be doing after that is completed. ZERO WEEK GOALS: 1) Figure out goals for weeks 1-5 2) Play ultimate frisbee x1, play softball x1, do other workouts x3 minimum 3) Select a new book to read
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    *sorry @Xena, not actually running, but there’s not a good bike in the hills song. I finally feel like I have a base. Time to hit the hills and build some power. Also we’re going to spend the first two or three weeks out west where there are actual hills.
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    After my trip and the chaos of life it is time to gain some focus and get'er done. I have been thinking about what my ideal life would be lately because if I don't imagine what it would be and figure that out... how can I achieve it. I am going to outline what my "ideal" life might look like to me right now so I can work towards it. Ideal Life: - Common areas of house are kept, clean and organized - I have my clothes organized in a dresser - My belongings all have purpose or bring me happiness - Gardens are weeded and beautiful - Backyard is a haven with a beautiful area to sit and hang out - Basement is finally completed and a cozy area to watch movies - Laundry room has purposeful shelving where I can store things - I eat intuitively and my body is the size it should be - I have energy and things I enjoy doing - Boyfriend and I have communal hobbies and go on date nights - Fridge isn't a wasteland of half empty bottles and foods that just go bad - I have a horse and time to enjoy my horse without sacrificing time with my boyfriend and dogs - I look forward to and go for a morning walk and evening walk with my dogs every day - I travel more and experience the world - I have a comfortable savings - I am more confident and brave with my horse riding Adulting: - Follow budget* - Re-purge clothes - Finish putting away winter clothes and too small clothes - Put PS3 downstairs - Organize dresser - Hang out second blind in bedroom - Sweep floors once per week (5) - Mop kitchen floors once per week (5) - Clean ensuite shower once per week (5) Budget Level Up* - Only pay for things on Visa if I can pay it off right away - Work on paying off Line of Credit Exercise - Walk dog(s) daily Water - Drink at least 2L a day Food - Continue packing lunches night before - Make breakfast snack boxes night before - Eat intuitively .... have a food ledger where I write down what I ate and if I overate/how I felt after. Life Quest: Improve (work on over the 5 weeks) - Work on weeding gardens and put mulch down to slow down demon weeds - Remove/kill saplings growing in places they shouldn't be - Figure out how to tame the shrubberies (pruning) - Look for sales on outdoor couches/chairs/tables - Look for sales on upgrade for outdoor 4 season gazebo (I hate ours and the canvas always rips every year so I just haven't been putting it up) This challenge is a bit different than my previous ones ... its a bit more chaotic. I will adjust as needed.
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    Very creative title yes? I figured I'd spend this challenge with the rebels because I won't be feeling very assassiny for the foreseeable future. This challenge will mostly be about setting myself up for a healthy pregnancy (and hopefully subsequent fast recovery), without losing sight of my other non-mom-related goals. Brief introduction for those that don't know me; Ok challenge goals! 1. Training; keep up the volume - at least 3 strength sessions per week, but be flexible in what they look like unbreakable hips program at least 2x a week, hip upkeep at least 6 days a week snatch at least once a week, bonus points for any extra 2. Eating for two; take vitamins daily eat fat fish at least once a week, bonus points for twice something green at least 4x a week, at least one of those be leafy. (I eat plenty of veggies, but I prefer them to not be green) seriously don't literally eat for two- try to maintain current weight for now 3. Adulting; walk the dog at least 5x a week while I still can do a load of laundry at least 5 days a week clean kitchen counters and sweep the floor every day before bed 10 minutes of cleaning at the gym when I come in and before I go home keep track of all of the above in my bullet journal To do list; figure out wether to go to the European championship or not (pro/con list perhaps) research business owner maternity leave options get the august gym action up and running get the september gym action up and running organise/plan team meetings for top dutch lifters communicate level 2 exam requirements setup and communicate the new points system promote the next level 1 and 2 courses get two thirds through the p&ppa course make a photo album, or at least make progress That's a lot. Oops. Let's just see how it goes. Everything on that to do list has been hovering over me for a while (except 1 and 2, those are obviously more recent) and I'm hoping the accountability from here will help.
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    Hi, all - I’m Darkfoxx; long-time Ranger corps member and yoga (among other things) enthusiast. I’ve been on the Forums for 59 consecutive challenge cycles - so, since - January 2013 (yay, obsessive records-keeping and challenge linking). Wow, and looking back, my very first challenge included my first yoga love - Jillian Michaels. Awww, baby me <3. Since then, I’ve tried my hand at pretty much every fitness thing that’s run across my path (thanks, RangerBrainTM), including: rucking, wogging 5 and 10ks, running short distances from Zombies, OCRs, HIIT workouts, weightlifting, kettlebells, and tons and tons of mini challenges - but the thread running through all of that has always been yoga. My body (and I think everyone’s bodies, tbh) just works better when I’m on my yoga game. My brain works better with yoga, too. So - here I am, I’m glad to meet you all, and I hope to help make this corner of the Forums everything it could and should be. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to do that, let me know! On to the Challenge part of this cycle. Goal 1: Nutrition This is always my first goal in a challenge, and the most important cornerstone of my personal fitness. I’ve found over the years that sticking to macros works best for my body and brain, and that’s what I’m going to continue to do. At the moment, my macros are: 1200 Calories 91g Protein 119g Carbs 40g Fats I’m also in the process of seeing a functional fitness doctor to try and get a handle on the GI issues I’ve been plagued with for as long as I can remember. We are currently on the reintroduction phase of the FODMAP Diet, and I’ll be monkeying around with foods and reporting. This year, I’m also posting a photo collage a day of what I eat, and tracking all my meals in both My Fitness Pal and Cara (mostly to track GI symptoms). Goal 2: Physical Fitness My goal for awhile has been to rebuild my yoga practice. I took a year or so off to attend an intensive course on web development in 2016/2017, and have been clawing my way back into a regular practice since then. Well, since I’m now a GL of the home of all yoga, I should probably redouble my efforts, no? To do that, I’ve got to go to class more than once a week definitely and probably twice if I can make peace with the scheduling. I can do better than this, but let’s not kill my shoulders and knees with all vinyasa all the time. The goal here is to attend 3 classes in the style of my choosing, but at least 1 needs to be alignment-based, and 1 needs to push myself out of hiding in the strict beginner classes. I’m also adding to this goal some other fitnessy things. It’s Summer with a Capital S where I live (it gets to 120F with or without the humidity that generally comes with living on the water - mold season approaches either later this month or next). Since going outside feels like stepping into an oven on a calm day, or a hairdryer on a windy one, I need to do more than a few yoga classes a week if I want to shift a bit of weight before the vacation I have planned in December - or the wedding I’m going to in September. My tentative schedule - yoga classes out of the house are 100% subject to change; classes where I live shift to a frustrating degree based on the season, month, or whims of chance. This is what I’m currently seeing and have been seeing consistently or somewhat consistently for a few weeks. Mondays: A girlfriend and I are really liking the beginner Yoga class offered at 10am. If it’s not too killer hot, walk back from that (:20); if it is, Uber back and take a :30 walk on the treadmill before coming back home. If I'm not completely wiped (and especially if I Uber back home), hit the gym on the way up to the apartment for some sort of something for a short podcast - Nightvale if I’m tired; Sawbones or Stuff You Missed In History Class if I’m not. Tuesdays: I’ve got a weekly coffee thing at 10; either get up with DH (DH is my Darling Husband) at 6:30? 7:30? Whenever he leaves, and go walk on the treadmill for a podcast before needing to get dressed at 8:45, or wait until after if sleep has been crappy. If it’s been really crappy and I’m up at 5:30/6 with the jerk face dogs - leave then. I’m not running a marathon, walking in my lounge pants and glasses is fine. I won’t die if I don’t have my contacts in. If I bail on that, do one day of the 30 Days of Yoga challenge when I get back home - or sometime before bed. Or, if I’m feeling Smurfy - there is a 4pm Slow & Strong class I really like that’s also generally alignment-based. Try to feel Smurfy. Wednesdays: Most weeks I have a coffee thing at 9, and usually getting out of bed on time is a struggle. If it’s not and I’m up with the jerk dogs, go at least walk on the treadmill. If not, do a day of the 30 Days of Yoga challenge when I get back. Or sometime in the long afternoon if I'm carsick from the trip home. If coffee doesn’t happen, walk + gym session. Thursdays: I only have a set thing to do here 1 Thursday a month, and it’s a brunch. Some weeks there’s an 11-something class at the yoga studio - if so, take that if I’m not too blasted from the rest of the week. If I am, 30 Days of Yoga challenge + walk a podcast. I think there is also usually the Slow & Strong class today at 4 too - if I feel like I can do that and not die during silks, go for it if I didn’t make it Tuesday - if not, silks tomorrow. Fridays: There’s an aerial silks class offered at 11:15 on some weeks and I'm really liking it. Go to that. If it's not offered, double up on 30 Days of Yoga + a gym session + a walk. Consider making it a long one. Weekend: We usually walk a fair amount around a mall one day and do pretty much nothing the next. This is fine. The theme for workouts here is to walk some each day and get in at least 15 minutes of yoga. I have a bad habit of doing either nothing active all day - or of only mall walking, and I can do better here. I have the time in my schedule to: put my gym clothes on, take the elevator downstairs, put in my headphones, and do something active for a podcast. I can even fit that + the copious amounts of YouTube I watch in in the same day. Goal 3: Fulfillment A little background here: I am a (literal) card-carrying housewife living in Doha, Qatar with my DH and 2 dogs. This is sometimes a good thing, and sometimes grates on my ever-loving nerves (I’m an American who had, if not an actual career, a string of employment that equalled to a career in creative services + a pivot I was trying to make happen into tech when we moved). So, I need to find fulfillment outside of the workplace. Which means being more social than I was comfortable with while living in my home country, and by finding other things to do that ensure my mind doesn’t turn to mush. As such, I’ve been doing (or trying to do) the following, and will keep it up this cycle: Reading articles on finance Spreadsheeting a finance plan Contacting a financial professional when I have my version of a plan and spreadsheet to see if I'm on track or cray cray Applying for or bidding on freelance gigs (when I can be bothered - most weeks, it's not happening) Taking a class on Skillshare (ok, so I have at least signed up for Skillshare - still haven’t made a class happen) Working with the dogs on training And that’s about it for this cycle. It’s mostly a repeat of my last (few) Ranger challenge(s), just with a bit more planning on the fitness part. I can’t wait to get to know my new home and Guild mates!
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    At the end of week 2, I'll be running the ET Full Moon Marathon which starts at midnight and goes along the fringes of Area 51 (this is not part of the ill-advised "storm area 51" planned for September). I did a little research in case of an alien abduction and found a list of 12 tips: 1. Trust your gut: this one seems logical. obvious diet tracking goal right? 2. Resist the Oz factor... You'll feel a lulling calm, but you must resist this feeling with every fiber of your being! You may be able to break free of your abductor's hold and escape before being levitated through solid objects into the alien's UFO. This is just basically a lot of running when you are tired and don't want to run. Standard Xena challenge goal. Got it. 3. Try to memorize your captor's features Got nothing here. 4. Remain calm during the examination Meditation? Sleep? 5. Don't have sex with ANYONE: well this doesn't seem like a very fun challenge goal but uhhh ok, I guess? 6. Don't get emotional during the testing phase I'm gonna use some creative license and rephrase this one as "hang in there"...going to be negative chin-ups. 7. Try to bring back a souvenir for analyzing Challenge rewards!! 8. Take some notes if given a tour Log, track and post! 9. Once you return to earth, get your bearings After trip, adjust challenge as needed 10. Make sure to decontaminate Obviously some kind of housecleaning or self-care goal 11. Try to account for lost time Catch up on all the goals that have been lagging. 12. Road to recovery Literally recover. Stretch, decrease the miles, do some cross training. So with all that in mind, here are my goals for the next 5 weeks: 1. Resist the Oz factor: 125 miles running (can include cross-training under specific narrowly constrained conditions that are a little tedious to list here). 2. Trust your gut: Actually no, this is the opposite. I'm counting calories because I trust my gut to more-or-less maintain but not really to lose. I still want to lose a bit, so the goal is 16 days under 2300 calories. The plan is four days per week, not counting week 2. 3. Hang in there: 50 negative chin-ups. 4. Make sure to decontaminate: I'm going to deep clean one area, the living room (and a bit of the dining room). Will include washing floor (scrubbing, not just mopping), cleaning under all furniture, straightening out the tv cables, mari-kondo-ing all the shelves, dusting (including ceiling), and at least calling about the broken air conditioner. Leftover goals from last challenge: 60 min plank and 3xAb ripper video. At time of posting, I'm up to 44:30/60 plank and 2/3 ab ripper 100 pushups. At time of posting, I'm up to 32. Sushi list. Need to finish my will and move a bunch of files from DropBox to google drive.
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    So possibly unsurprisingly if you followed my last challenge which was So You Think You Can Danced themed, this time around I'll be inspiring myself by sprinkling Dancing with the Stars (and Strictly) gifs around this challenge . I'll get back to my regularly scheduled nerdery in September XD So let's see, for anyone just joining me the main thing to know is that in the last year I have very seriously gotten into ballroom dancing, mainly latin (so cha cha, rumba, samba, jive, paso doble) but I dabble in smooth/standard (waltz/viennese waltz/foxtrot/tango/quickstep). I have my very first big competition the first weekend of the challenge on August 3 which I have been prepping like CRAZYYYYY during the past challenge. After that I have a small window to chillax and not be prepping for an impending big event (I've got an intramural/between studios/unofficial competition in September but it's not really a big deal) so I'm going to try to use this challenge to get a handle back on some of the things I've been slacking on in my life. Like domestic rangering, food stuffs, general organization, and being more consistent with lifting (for the past month I've pretty much just been lifting whenever I have time which sometimes is 3x/week and sometimes was 1x/week so it's just been all over the place). Here are my goals (bonuses are nice-to-dos but I won't consider it a failure if I don't do them): Goal 1: Lift Stick to a real lifting schedule of Monday Wednesday/Thursday and Saturday. My HRC meetings and private dance lessons vary from week to week in terms of Wednesdays/Thursdays so I'm OK with keeping that particular thing up in the air but I have to make a decision in the beginning of each week which day it will be. Bonus: Don't skip accessories! (usually I try to do curls, crunches, push ups, pull up work, and calf raises but I've been skimping on the accessory work as of late) Goal 2: Organize Use my bullet journal - post my weekly spreads here in the beginning AND end of the week. Bonus: Post my monthly spreads at the end of the challenge too! Goal 3: Eat Only eat out 3 meals a week or less. Bonus: Share my food log from my bullet journal here. Goal 4: Maintain ROMWOD (mobility work for those unfamiliar with it) and meditation 6x/week Bonus: Attend one or more restorative yoga class during the challenge Goal 5: Dance Continuing on from last challenge, share a dance video once a week. Next challenge I'll probably have to cut this down since I'm running out of material (I don't take the time to take videos every single lesson and don't really want to) but for now, especially after the comp, I should have 5 more weeks of stuff to share Bonus: Practice on my own 3x/week. I haven't really done this before aside from running my routines, but one of my teachers has been giving us great pointers on how and what to do for targeted practice on our own so even if it's just for 15 minutes I want to start doing this.
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    LIGHTBEARER: THE PROTECTOR RISES Chapter 2: Inquiry Now what? This was the question that finally took shape, after weeks of nameless feelings and wordless questions I could not quite pin down. But it finally came to me, as I sat cross-legged on the bench outside my cottage, looking up at the stars on another sticky summer night. "Now what?" Life was good. I had my home; I had been accepted in the local community of Lightbearers and was unofficially teaching and learning in their weekly assemblies; my work in the Movement was quiet but solid and my colleagues respected me. Everything was orderly and predictable and just as it should be. Yet all the years of wandering from place to place in Middle Earth and training on Temple Island had left me with a ticking timepiece in the back of my mind, and it was beginning to wonder restlessly when my next challenge would take shape. Things never stayed quiet for this long - if no new challenge or enemy or marching orders were going to reveal themselves in my life, was it time for me to stir things up myself? Find a new battle to join? Test out these new powers in a real fight or struggle for mastery? I stretched my legs out in front of me, dipping my bare toes lightly against the dirt, and tracing small circles with them. The night insects were whirring steadily in the dense forest that surrounded me; a light breeze meandered lazily through the trees, lifting the little hairs off the back of my neck and twisting softly against my face. The air was so rich and heavy that it seemed to fill and soak me into stillness too. I let my limbs lay heavy, and rested my head against the rough wall. After a few minutes, a different thought crossed my mind. "Perhaps," I whispered into the listening breeze, "perhaps it's all right to be still, here, for a while. Maybe I don't need to fight battles all the time to be the Silver Archer." I lifted my fingertips and traced a spray of light into the darkness, smiling to myself as I wove it into a shimmering portrait of my own self, my bare little legs stuck out in front of me, my short hair pinned up all over my head, my other hand resting in my lap. Maybe there were lessons to be learned in the quiet rhythms of a useful, solitary life, and I didn't have to always use my powers in conflict and conquest and sleepless, scheming nights. Maybe this was an opportunity to revisit myself, and discover what new skills I wanted to learn in my free time, what types of physical training interested me, what ways I could be useful to the people in my new community. Maybe it was a time for exploration and rest, not for performance and dominance. I pulled my feet up onto the bench and wrapped my arms around my legs, closing my eyes as I listened to the harmonies of the forest. What new things could I discover if I listened to a while - to the forest, to other people, and to myself?
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    "Tempered by the fires of Hell, his iron will remain steadfast through the passage that preys upon the weak. For he alone was the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, fire and ice, in the beginning and the end, and he hunted the slaves of Doom with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before." - UAC Report File 9REIZDUR Hello fellow Warriors!! Some of you already know me, but for those that don't: my name is SheriffWolfpool or Wolfpool or Wolfie, lol. I've been around Nerd Fitness since 2012 and challenging pretty consistent since 2015. I've been a Ranger during the last 4 years because my focus was on being a jack-of-all-trades. I did a little bit of everything. I've ran Spartan races, dabbled in parkour, done lots of calisthenics and even played some Quidditch and Gaelic Football. My main focus was to be as active as possible and trying my best to be the most badass version of myself. Now, my focus has shifted a little. My focus is now on gaining size and strength and I thought there was no better place to achieve that than the Warriors Guild. There's still a level of badassness I want to achieve, but it involves gameifying my life and harnessing the "rage" of a video game character called, the Doom Slayer. Recently, I've become obsessed with the Doom Slayer. I played through and beat DOOM (2016), (the remake to the classic 1993 Doom), on the medium difficulty called "Hurt Me Plenty" and loved the game. Now, I'm streaming Saturday nights with a buddy of mine as we play through the next hardest difficulty called, "Ultra-Violence". I call it #SlayerStreamSaturday ;). Believe it or not, there are two more difficulties after that lol. One of them, the last one, being called Ultra-Nightmare is a permadeath play through. One death sends you back to the beginning...unless you beat the level you're on and save. No checkpoints. No respawns. Plus, the enemy A.I is just stupid hard. Anyways, DOOM Eternal, the sequel to the hit 2016 remake, comes out November 22nd of this year, a week after my birthday! I actually had the chance to go hands on with the demo this past weekend at QuakeCon and was just blown away by how awesome and gory it is! The game devs have redesigned the Praetor suit for the Doom Slayer in Eternal and this is the "bulk" of my inspiration... As you can see, the dude is JACKED! #curlsforthegirls Last challenge I started training harder in the gym than I have in over a year, hitting certain PR's I've yet to achieve in my short lifting career. I've always sucked at deadlifts but that's because my form sucked. I've since fixed that and have brought my 4RM up to 225#. It's the most I've ever deadlifted and that's without testing my 1RM, lol. I've been consistently kicking butt the last 2+ months, but really dialing in with nutrition and workout consistency the last 5 weeks. I want to continue that trend with an added dose of intensity as I start the journey of a brand new program from Athlean-X called: BeastX. It's a 12 week program focusing on hypertrophy, athleticism and strength gains, and I'm soooooo excited to start! I have a good baseline now and I'm ready to take my "Unchained Predator" mindset and completely unleash the beast within. There are also some other crazy changes happening in my life. I'm getting a second job at Costco. I'm pretty excited about it because I love Costco and I actually used to work for them about a decade ago. Being the father of 5 beautiful kids and having an amazing wife that watches after them is just one reason for needing this second income. I want to get us into a bigger place, possible a house in the next year or less. I also want to get debt free and have a little more cushion with our finances. Working 2 jobs and still wanting to maintain a training schedule is going to be physically and mentally demanding, so, I need to be on my A-game. The last 2 challenges, I have been focusing on 3 qualities: Relentlessness, Focus and Calm Under Pressure. Combined together, I have been able to set goals, achieve them and kick ass in the process. This challenge is no different. In other words, "Don't fix what aint broken!" Goal 1: A Predator's Mindset-Relentless It's no surprise that juggling the many things I have going in my life is going to be tough as hell. But, with the right mindset, I can (and will) be victorious. The nice thing about the BeastX program is the workouts are no more than 60 min long. Training at the gym is therapeutic for me and something that needs to continue even in the midst of working two jobs. Fueling my body and my mind is going to be just as important for all the "in-between" stuff. To have a Predatory Mindset, I need to: Keep up with weekly training on the new BeastX program. Get swole. Fuel my body and meal prep/plan better. Post pic. People like food porn . Have a good attitude about it all. Don't be a dick. Possible Points: +4 STR, +1 DEX Goal 2: A Predator's Restful Slumber-Focus Sleep. Ohhhhh, how sleep is going to be the most important goal of this whole challenge. Not just sleeping at night, but napping during the day and taking advantage of the opportunities to get some shut-eye. There may be nights where I don't get home from Costco during the week till almost 11pm...and then I want to get up by 4:30 AM to be at the gym so I can make it to my other job in time? Yeah, it's gonna be nuts. I'm salary at my day job which gives me a little leeway on sleeping during lunch, which, needs to be a daily thing. I always eat at my desk, so, I will continue doing that, but take the time to nap during my actual lunch break. Possible Points: +3 CON, +2 CHA Goal 3: A Predator's Might Roar-Calm Under Pressure I'm a member of the Toastmasters Club at my day job and I love it! Public Speaking has always been a big fear of mine since I was little but I am overcoming that fear and really enjoying giving these speeches. I am about to complete my level 1 pathway for my focus on Presentation Mastery with this weeks Toastmasters meeting when I evaluate one of the members on his speech. After that, I'll dive right into my 2nd level pathway and begin knocking out those speeches/goals as well. During this challenge, I want to "lean in" and make sure to fill a role for every meeting over the next 5 weeks. I also want to give at least one speech in that time frame. Being calm under pressure is crucial to the success of this goal. Possible Points: +2 CHA, +3 WIS And there you have it folks! Thanks for letting me hang here for the next challenge+!! I I look forward to kicking some ass and making the Warrior guild proud of all my gainzzzz Wolf
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    Girl, you've got to change your crazy ways, YA HEAR ME?! C'm'ere baby.... Oh boy do I have to change my crazy ways, ya hear me. The extent to which I have backslid is a little bit tragic albeit expected given the year I have had. I am hoping to get back to training in this challenge, the road to recovery has been in the distance for a long time and I am ready to get on it. In my convertible so I can distract a man from his combine harvesting then steal his clothes after a long night of lesbian subtext with my best friend. I need to get out of the mindset that I don’t have to starve myself to lose weight. If I am overweight, I eat too much. If I want to lose weight I need to eat less than my body needs. Eating as much as my body needs will lead to maintenance so in order to drop weight I need to give my body less energy than it needs. This is literally starving myself, and it’s not easy which is why there are so many overweight people. These are home truths. To dismiss them is to fail. Now if I am eating high calorie foods and still hitting my target calories, this will feel like I am starving myself. Because I am. If I eat low energy foods like vegetables then I will feel full and even though I am starving myself it won’t feel like it. But I still am. This is an incontrovertible truth. So the key to this is to drop weight, get back to looking like I did this time last year, and look better in clothes and also naked just in case TH dumps my ass and I have to either die alone or go on Naked Attraction (those are the two options. There are no other options). So that’s my statement of intent, let’s get at it. By the end of this challenge I want to fit into the denim dress that is a little tight on me. It buttons all the way up so it being tight is dangerous because the buttons pop open and I show people my underwear. This has actually happened which is why I don’t wear it anymore but a few days ago I was in a shop about to buy something very similar when I stopped myself and thought “hey Deffy, if you just lay off the ice cream perhaps you can save this £60 and wear the near identical item you already fucking have” so this is what I am doing. I have to post a photo of me in this dress at the end of the challenge, even if it won’t do up. This is my motivation. Goal One - Rag Doll : Hot time, get it while it’s easy This shit is easier in the summer so I want to make sure I have the good habits in place now and I am in the right space so I am ready to battle winter. I have a deficit goal per day that I want to be hitting in order to hit my year end weight loss goal which is to lose the weight I gained and a little bit more. This isn’t a concrete goal, I just need to ensure my food is mostly in line, everything is tracked and I am going in the right direction with my food choices. I also want to be drinking lots of water to hydrate myself and keep myself looking young. There isn’t a specific goal for this because I know when I am thirsty, I just need to drink dangnabbit. Goal Two: Back In The Saddle Again I want to get back to training. My body feels very tight and cranky so yoga will also be a feature although given I cannot bear any weight on my right shoulder this won't be my usual yoga, I am going to have to make some adjustments. But I want to make my body feel better through exercise, so lots of cardio and weight training as well. No formal goals but I have to ask myself "do I feel good? Will exercise make me feel better?" and if the answer to the last question is "yes" I have to do something about it. Goal Three - Even Joe Perry Thinks I'm Alright! I don’t actually know what Joe Perry thinks is attractive. Hang on, let me check to see what his wives have looked like... Ok, I’m back and I don’t look anything like Elyssa Jerret or Billie Paulette Montgomery. I’ll just have to wing this one and make sure I think I’m alright. I want to focus on my appearance again because I have let myself go a little. Buffing, polishing, moisturizing, anything that will make me look F.I.N.E. I am also going to keep trying to buy clothes for my weird-ass body. But one F.I.N.E activity per day so I can get sexy again. New challenge, let's go!
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    Hi all. Thanks for being here. This may get re done a bit - but basically, food is the main challenge this time round. Gym has been a bit better, i mean im going at least once a week. I know that isnt enough but i am at least having one hard session with a trainer. Food though, SLACK ING. - Track food daily. - Be under calories/hit them for the day. - Drink more water. (4 glasses per day) Other things to think about/keep up with. - Take meds DAILY. - Gym 3 days a week. - Read more. - Stay sociable, dont isolate. Simple enough?? Wish me luck .... x
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    The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose in the Manchurian Steppe. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning. Very basic challenge this time around. I am still traveling around HeiLongJiang Province in Northeast China for the rest of this week, and then later next week we will be heading to the US where we will be until almost the end of August. I don't expect much to happen in terms of working out, so I will have only 2 challenge items: 1. Don't eat only candy and fast food 2. Update to NF For the first, I will be on the road for a large part of the challenge (driving from San Diego to Salt Lake City with a stop at the Grand Canyon) so food choices will be limited but I will try to make at least some effort to make relatively healthy food choices. For the second, I may not post every day, but I will try to. Bonus points to me if I post pictures.
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    Roll The Dice I've been away from the forums for a couple of challenges now, but I think it's high time I got back here. I've been struggling with my hip injury and it's hurting my general motivation to train, so I need to commit to doing the damn rehab exercises and getting strong again. D&D I've been thinking about D&D quite a bit (ok, a lot... for the past couple of years), and with the introduction of the 5 week challenges I was thinking about what a 5 session D&D campaign would look like. That varies wildly, but it could look something like this: Session 0 - create characters, lay ground rules and set house rules for the game. Session 1 - the player characters (PCs) get into some trouble, or start a job they were hired for, and eventually defeat an enemy which leads them to a wider plot. They progress to level 2. Session 2 - the start of a two-part arc, in which the PCs must face the greater challenge they have uncovered. Session 3 - the second part of that arc, at the end of which the PCs reach level 3, and discover some kind of plot twist which changes the nature of what they know so far. Session 4 - the PCs investigate that plot twist, eventually uncovering the real truth behind the matter. Session 5 - the PCs face off against the Big Bad Evil Guy in an epic boss battle. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this, but I figure I could theme a challenge around the idea of a 5 session campaign, making each session up as I go along. Goals I want to keep this simple as my first challenge back, so 3 shalt be the number of the goals, and the number of the goals shalt be 3. Rehab - 15XP Do my stretching/exercising/rolling every damn day. I've got 10 things to do each day, so each day shall be scored out of 10. Run - 10XP Run as part my home-made running programme. That's 3 runs per week, 1 intervals, 1 tempo, 1 long. Eat Real Food - 10XP I'd like to lose a bit of my waistline, and hopefully I can do that just by being a bit more sensible with the type of food I eat. I know what real food is, so that's what I'm going to eat. I'll allow two variances from that per week. A variance can be a snack or a whole course, but not a multi-course meal. Week 0 So I've set my ground rules, and what's left for session 0 is character creation. I'll score the above goals, and use those to generate my ability scores. Geeky bit of how that works: This is where I need your help. I have no idea what kind of character I want to create. Or, rather, I have dozens of ideas, which is actually worse. So let me know what you think would be cool, what races and classes you like. You don't need to know anything about D&D, just tell me what you'd like to see me ramble about for 5 weeks .
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    Embracing life I’m embracing the concepts that Steph Gaudreau talks about. She is my current inspiration for life!!! She has a new book that is actually in the mail to me right now. The Core 4. I need to make some adjustments right now and so much of what Steph talks/writes about really speaks to me. So here is the plan: Once I get the book I will read through it quickly. And then I will incorporate in fully into my challenge via a Core 4 journal that was part of the pre publication bonuses that I got from pre-buying the book. I also have a meal plan cheat sheet that I will use to help me get new ideas for food. Starting on Sunday August 4 with food prep, I will jump in and try to live the Core 4 concepts and journal about them everyday for the next 30 days!!!! For now lets think about The Core 4 concepts (from the blog). Eat Nourishing Foods: I have been mostly paleo for several years but lately it has gotten hard to maintain. I am changing and I think that I need to figure what I need to be eating now that my body is once again changing. I need to revise what I eat, how I eat it, when I eat and why I eat what I eat. So what I need to discover is what are the foods that I need to be eating for me to be as healthy as I can be! Move with Intention: This is not just about exercise, its all movement. Also it is not about exercising to lose weight but to be more able. I want to be strong, flexible and agile. So what can i do to move more and gain more out of life?!?!?! The blog post on movement is where the question “Is this giving me more than it’s taking away from me?” I love this quote and I will be incorporating it into my life! Recharge your Energy: The focus here is energy levels, stress and sleep. This is always a work in progress, am I right? Empower Your Mind: Here is some mindset work and mindfulness. Oooh - this is a big one! Purpose and values. Self-worth and inner power. Approaching life with a growth mindset… I’ve made some progress here in the last few years and I hope that I am passing some of the good things on to my girls!!! But I can be so much more. So I hope to take the next week to study The Core 4 book and then implement the concepts into my life with the goal of making me a happier and healthier person! IN SUMMARY Week 0 -> read The Core 4 book and prepare Weeks 1-4.5 -> Implement the core concepts and use the DAILY companion journal to track progress and ideas. KEEP LEARNING Week 5 -> Assess successes, failures and works in progress. Adjust and keep striving for better overall health and happiness.
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    This challenge will look a lot like last challenge in terms of goals. I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing because last challenge it (mostly) worked and I felt pretty good about how it went. I'm adding a flexibility/mobility goal this time around. Between my right shoulder acting crunchy and my ridiculously tight hamstrings I'm risking injuring myself if I don't do something about this. Not to mention the fact that my tight calves probably contribute to my plantar fasciitis. Challenge Goals: Kickboxing - Kicking this up a hair to a goal of averaging 2.5 sessions a week (including zero week) for a total of 15 sessions Running - Keeping this goal at an average of 2 runs a week for a total of 12 runs Food - Also keeping this goal the same as last challenge of 5 days a week of tracking all food and keeping under my calorie goal for a total of 30 days on track Flexibility/Mobility - The new goal. I'm going to try for an average of 4 days a week for a total of 20 days. Weight - The goal is to lose another 5lbs this challenge. This will finally put me back at pre-tax season weight Obstacles: This is a relatively obstacle-free challenge for me. Hub's ankle is nearly healed, no one is planning to visit us, and we're not doing any travel until we go home for Labor Day weekend at the beginning of September. I have one event this challenge and it's just a local 5k mudrun about 10 minutes from home. If I'm feeling it I may sign up for a second local-ish one about an hour away, but it's the same day as the one I'm already signed up for and last year it was so brutal I'm reluctant to do it again (1pm start in August with the first mile or so being up steep hills in direct sun). They say they changed the route, but the start looks similar to last year's and I'm just not excited about it.
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    Main quest: lose ~40-45lb Goal 1: no sweets (except yogurt, fruits and Gatorade during/after a workout) Goal 2: 5 bodyweight or weight training exercises daily. (I like walking and running, but I keep seeing how you need to build muscles to lose weight, so there. Besides, I bike to work, so I will get some cardio anyway) Goal 3: go to bed by midnight (hard mode: go to bed by 11pm, read in bed for an hour)
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    I was jotting out my challenge ideas in a notebook, and most of my goals lend themselves to phrases starting with the letter M, so there's gonna be lots of alliteration in the goals. I'm coming up on the start of the school year, which means both the end of my current (and final) grad school course and the start of teaching twice as many hours per week in dance, so I'm going to center my goals around setting up good habits for the coming busy season of the school year (and wrapping up grad school with a bang, not a whimper like my last course). Scoring is still TBD, I'll probably just track success rates with some goal to hit above a certain %age. I went kinda nuts with life upgrades for Prime day, so probably zero swag for the rest of the year's challenges, but I'll think of some creative rewards that don't involve spending much money. Current Draft Goals: Mindful, Mostly Mediterranean Munching: I'm noticing a bit more tightness than I'd like in my dress shirts, and also noticing that a lot of processed "treats" have started to turn into habitual, mindless consumption (and the scale agrees, I've gotten a wee bit heavier over the past few weeks). So we're gonna be attempting to reverse course there by going mindful in all my consumption (no screens on while eating, just noticing the texture and flavor of the food) and trying to roughly follow a Mediterranean "diet" (lots of plant-based fats, whole grains, legumes, nuts, lean protein, plenty of fruits and veggies), and especially focusing on saving treats for special occasions (or occasional consumption where they still feel special) Morning Mastery: Inspired by some reflecting, there were common threads between periods where I felt focused and happy and periods where I didn't - and two of the big ones were morning exercise and morning prayer Break a sweat every morning shortly after waking up, whether it's a strength session, pilates, or mobility / prehab work; it doesn't need to be long, Pilates this morning only took 15 minutes and got me plenty alert and focused Take time for a few mindful breaths or a short prayer Midday Mainenance: Foot conditioning during the work day, most work days (and ideally some weekends) Mental toughness workout (a la "10 Minute Toughness") at some point during each day - I really found a good head space as an athlete when I was doing this consistently, but just sort of fell off the wagon; time to get that back Mobility Midnight: (hopefully not actually taking place at midnight) I want to get back in the habit of stretching to wind down, nearly every night - especially to help recover from some brutally long dance days. Especially want to focus on massaging / stretching my feet, hip flexors, piriformis, and upper back since they're the most (ab)used in my dance practices Miscellany: Catch all spot for keeping up with grad school and doing some miscellaneous errands, though I won't try to push it too hard on errands and stuff beyond basic life maintenance. Also, I'll be reading through "The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD" and may start experimenting with some of the recommended exercises (or may wait until next challenge).
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    Hi, I'm Raptron! One of your friendly neighborhood flipperdoos. I'm in the middle of a hot, hot summer of action, but still trying my best to make time for gymnastics, lifting, friendships, prepping for a road race, bachelorette parties and weddings, non-wedding related travels, etc. Things are going to be a little wild the next few weeks: 7/31 - 8/2: Overnight work retreat 8/2 - 8/5: DC trip with childhood friends 8/9 - 8/11: Tennessee for gymnastics camp 8/17 - 8/19: Cape Cod for 7 mile road race on Sunday 8/31 - 9/2: Bachelorette weekend in Rhode Island 9/7: Wedding (local) 9/8 - 9/12: Possible trip to ??? for my friend's birthday I also have signed up for a powerlifting meet on October 12. Once the 7 mile race happens, I'll have 8 weeks to meet prep, so I can't really be slacking before that either! I need to be in a good spot to get my prep in gear. And finalize what I want my meet prep approach to really look like. I'm in something of an in-between program at the moment. With these things in mind, I'm going to try not to lose my mind. I love a fast pace and I love travel, but I can't ignore the things I have on my plate -- mostly my workouts, the fact that I'm trying to get a new job before the year's out, and maintaining sanity by saving downtime to digest my thoughts, try to divine my feelings (we're pretty estranged), and work on some personal projects. 1. Jog at least 3 times before the 7 mile race 2. Lift 3x per week 3. Journal 2x weekly + write 2x weekly (planes are a good place for writing!) 4. Work on new job applications 2x per week And that's that! Given my schedule, I may not be updating at the normal frequency this challenge. But, I'll do my best and I have a good record of sticking around.
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    Last challenge, I moved at least an hour per day, at least 6 days per week. This achieved my goal of keeping the grumpiness at bay, and also made me feel more relaxed. Since I have less than a month left before the deadline of my PhD-thesis and am still recovering from a burnout, I will need everything I can do for myself to stay sane. My goals this challenge: Exercise (walk/bike/climb/yoga/etc) at least an hour per day, 6 days per week Do yoga at least 3 times per week (now following the 30-day challenge of doyouyoga, in my own pace) Every weekday, make a todo-list with the things that I must do and the tasks that will stick in my head if I don't write them down, but don't really need to be done. Bonus points for weekends. Bonus: play Pokemon Go with the rest of the Rebels .