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    (Yes, I know this is an incorrect use of the meme). As most of you probably know, I started running the forums for Nerd Fitness last challenge. This new year is as much about being healthy on a personal level as it is helping the forums grow and evolve. Part of that means spreading my net wider than the Ranger Corps so I can relate to all the guilds. I'm still a Ranger and always will be, but I'll be following people in every guild to keep a better idea on what is going on with the forums as a whole. Throw self care into the mix, and comes the realization that it's wise to follow about the same number of threads as before, so that means not following everybody every challenge. Now on to my own challenge: I still plan on making zero week count for my challenge since we have just come off the holiday break. I'm writing this challenge out about the middle of that break and so far I've been fairly inactive. I'm hoping to get back on the ball when these forums go live. Here are my Goals: 7 NF Beginner Body Weight Workouts 4 NF Beginner Kettlebell Workouts 4 NF Yoga Sessions 5 Walks, 2 miles minimum (Using the dreadmill is ok if walking outside isn't practical) Nutrition wise I still plan on practicing Intuitive Eating, albeit with a caveat I'll discuss once the challenge is underway.
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    SHINY & EXCITING NEW CHALLENGE INTRO:  If last challenge was 'or how Rurik learned to stop worrying and took back his gigantic mirth,' this one is 'or how Rurik spat in luck's good eye and got his mojo back.' It's great to be back regularly participating on the forums again (and if I'm being honest, actually earning that Guild Leader title beneath my user name...) I really want to make 2019 something special after the rough-and-tumble rollercoaster of 2018 and I think I've laid a decent foundation. Gone is the fixation on melancholy and what I cannot control; new is a more optimistic mindset tempered by reality but a horizon full of solid potential. With that in mind... Starting weight baseline: 212 lbs [Dec 23/18] CrossFit Skill Metrics: CrossFit Levels CRACKIN’ SKULLS & CHAININ’ COMBOS "A delicate balancing act of fuel and activity." [+2 STR, DEX, STA, CON] The Mindful Art of Nutritional Alchemy™: ___ / 2170 cals. MyFitnessPal tracking streak: ___ days 5 CrossFit classes per week: ☐☐☐☐☐ [Challenge Total: ☐☐☐☐☐] I DON'T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING... "Dump Stat my Charisma until I’m an Extrovert.” [+5 CHA] Partake of 4 sessions of “Be Happy” per week: ☐☐☐☐ Social activity 2 times/week: ☐☐ Moment of Positivity shared (per update): ☐ ...I'M JUST HERE FOR THE VIOLENCE A Self-Improvement Junkie. [+2 WIS] Post a daily challenge update 4 of 7 days/week: ☐☐☐☐ Ongoing To-Do mini-quests… ☐ Read: [In Progress] Kings of the Wyld, Thief Who Pulled on Trouble's Braid,You Are A Badass, Remember your N.U.T.S. ☐ Play: Game out! ☐ Play: Hit the slopes snowboarding! ☐ Write: Share one self-authored poem. ☐ Currency: [0g] Sell 250g worth of clutter. ☐ Currency: [Pending] 2-week shopping ban. CHALLENGE INSPIRATION: I am whiskey, amber and leather – I am blood, sweat and tears - I am supplements and coping mechanisms and consequences; the barbarian who selfishly sold his soul as a mercenary, the mercenary who fell to the void and became a demon hunter, and the demon hunter who returned from the darkness to live like a scoundrel. A new year means fresh opportunity. Now I'll live a life AMAP (As Momoaly As Possible), perpetuate the charming rogue archetype, keep polishing my devil-may-care heart of gold, and just entirely strive to Live My Best Life. In 2019 I'll be a Magnificent Bastard or I'll die trying; it's a simple matter of adrenaline, new experiences, and living life in the fast lane! So let's dial this shit up to Mother Fucker once again, folks - I'm about to hemorrhage awesome all over the damn place.
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    "You have to give it a name." The words were a gentle tug, but she couldn't bring herself to open her eyes yet. She wasn't sure where she was, how she got here, even who she was… The Voice seemed to sense this, somehow, and continued speaking. "Yours is Shaar Al-Khatabi." Ah. That sounded familiar. She mouthed the words slowly, 'al-khatabi', as if pronouncing them for the first time. But they were hers, through and through. Shaar Al-Khatabi continued taking slow metered breaths, the air brisk and cold in her lungs and equally heavy in scent, each one a little less shaky than the one prior as she slowly began to extend her senses outward to her surroundings. Fingers of one hand pressed gingerly into the ground she lay curled on; slightly damp, cold, spongy. She turned her hand, feeling leaves and pine needles against her palm, and honed in on the sensation against her skin as she brushed them aside. And one eye finally opened, slowly, gingerly, to confirm her suspicion that she was in fact, outside. She blinked slowly, trying to clear her blurry vision in vain; sunlight dodged through a heavy nest of branches above to illuminate the forest floor, autumnal hues of leaves stretching as far as the eye could see, piled aside age-worn stumps and massive tree trunks and strangely stacked rock piles. It was all too much - sensory overload - and Shaar squinted her eyes shut again quickly, curling a little tighter into her fetal position. "I feel like I've been poisoned." Exhaustion reigned and each enunciation was a struggle, and barely audible as they passed her lips. But he heard. "I know you do." The words were soft, kind, and tinged with a thread of regret. They settled around her like a warm blanket, comfortable and reassuring, and Shaar quietly relaxed her limbs and opened both eyes this time to have her gaze settle upon The Voice. He crouched at her side, unthreatening, slight in stature and in shape. His clothes were a shambles of rags and there was something about him she couldn't quite place, and perhaps it was his youth that caught her off guard; he was barely a scrap of a boy. Their gazes locked for a long few moments - hers that of a wounded animal, lost and frightened and scared, and his of nothing less than loving kindness, and Shaar felt the world around her slow as her breath hitched in her chest. "We're all so proud of you. All of us." He reached out one small hand, settling it delicately on the crown of her head as he spoke, and at the touch a single tear slid from one eye, curving slowly along her cheek. "You've done so much. Seen so much. Come so far." His intonation light and airy, like the first flakes of snow drifting from the sky on a cold winter day. Like the brief oft-lost moments of the morning where the sun glitters newly across the ocean. The pad of his thumb moved slowly across her temple as he spoke; back and forth, rhythmic. "We've been watching you for a long, long time. You are so skilled in conquering adversity in your path. It's why We chose you. But this challenge… this one…" The Voice let his words trail off as he lifted his hand from her head and moved it to his side, digging amidst the scraps to retrieve what seemed to be some sort of box. It was circular in shape, barely the size of his small palm, and as he held it out to her Shaar regarded the item with a quiet curiosity for several moments before extending her own hand in kind, gently taking the item with dirty fingers. The box had a hinge on one side, and she turned it over and over in her hands a few times before slowly flipping open the lid, steeling herself for whatever may come out or be lying in wait inside. "This one is different." There was a moment of quiet shock, and bright green eyes widened as Shaar found that she was staring right back at herself from the mirrored lid. - this one is different - Time froze for a brief few moments as the words rolled in her head, and Shaar slowly understood the task that lay before her. She let out a slow sigh, tilting her head to one side thoughtfully, watching her mirror image do the same. "This one is different," The Voice reiterated, kind but firm. "And you have to give it a name." She answered in one smooth word, voice lilting with the syllables. "Karaoghlanlar." ---- Hi my friends, and welcome (almost) to 2019! And also welcome to the story of Shaar. A while back I stumbled upon my old Nerd Fitness character I made eons ago, and it seemed to come at the right time for me, as inspiration with what to do with myself moving forward. I've always loved writing and have tried narratives a few times but they've always flamed out. This one though... we'll see, I'll do my best! It'll evolve as I do, and I think that'll be easier and more flexible on my creativity. ( The Karaoghlanlar are the nine evil sons of the Mongol deity Erlik Knah, the god of death and the underworld! ) 2018 was kind of a shit show (kind of??) and moving forward everything is going to be, and needs to be, different. Things that I thought worked for me in the past don't anymore, and I've effectively set myself back to square one to figure out what does work, and how to reawaken and move forward. This challenge will be different too, because this time none of my challenges come from outside, but instead inside. I'm still kind of in a hard place mentally and need to effectively deal with myself and learn how to take care of myself better, and all over again. My first challenge is my biggest: 1. Drink Less This is the big monkey on my back right now, and while I don't drink to excess at all, I still drink more than I would like to and I know it's not good for me. It's not a healthy way to cope and I don't want to do that anymore. It's bad for my skin, it's bad for my weight, it messes with my sleep... I KNOW all this but it's still hard to avoid "just one drink" to relax, and then it turns into two, and sometimes three. DO NOT WANT ANYMORE. My goal here is to not go cold turkey, but if I do want to drink, do it only on the weekends. That's it. Simple, huh?.. 2. Move Intentionally I've become so sedentary due to a. not working yet and b. it being winter in New England, and it's doing a number on me. I feel it in my achy body and my energy levels and this too, is not what I want. I'm not sure what I -do- want fitness-wise anymore, but that'll come in time, and right now I just need to get moving. 30 minutes of intentional movement at least 4 times a week. This can be anything from yoga to mobility work to getting outside. Just do something. 3. Find What Works This last one is less pass-or-fail but more trial-and-error - my self-care toolbox is empty and I need to find out what fits in there now. The first 3 months of a new year are always the hardest for me mentally and emotionally, and I have a feeling 2019 won't be any different... I need to keep a close eye on myself and figure out how to navigate these tricky times now that I'm in a whole new world. That's it! I'll start small, and see where it takes me. <3 ALSO HEY HI SORRY SO SERIOUS SHAAR WHERE'S THE CAPSLOCK?!!?! RIGHT HERE MY DUDES~
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    Yo, wassap? WhiteGhost here, hanging with the Adventures this time around for a couple of reasons. First, as an Ambassador for the Assassins I like to get around and visit the various guilds to meet new friends and rep our guild. Also, as an Ambassador I can pretty much do whatever I want here because diplomatic immunity (that IS how this works, right?) Also, I have been kicking around an idea for a different kind of challenge and this seems like the ideal time to do it. A few challenges ago @Wobbegong moved to Japan and most of her challenge was slice of life stuff that gave the rest of us some insight into what her life was like like living in Japan. I thought it was kind of fun to read and follow along with that. Now, it has come to my attention that some of you do not live in China, and that perhaps some of you may not have ever even been here. As such, I thought it would be fun to run this challenge more as a blog of what my life is like in China, so that you guys can vicariously experience what it's like to live in China. While I plan to keep up with my regular challenge stuff like bodyweight workouts, stretching and healthy eating, that will not be the primary focus of this challenge The key KPIs for this challenge are going to be: 1. Daily updates - a lot of mundane stuff will be posted here, but the point is to give a feel of what passes for mundane here. I expect that a lot of what I consider mundane may actually be interesting to some of you. 2. Daily visual aides - Descriptions are good, but sometimes a picture or a video can show something that you just wouldn't get from a simple description 3. Food Porn - I will take pictures of the stuff that goes onto our table, whether it is homemade or delivered. I suspect a lot of it will be different from what you normally picture when you think of Chinese food. There are a few points of particular interest that helped me decide to do this challenge now instead of later - I am currently unemployed, so daily updates can be more varied than just "went to work and did [REDACTED]" - I am involved in a labor dispute with my previous company, and the first arbitration hearing will happen during this challenge - My visa expires during this challenge so I will get to go through the renewal process - I will be working on a freelancing project, so some work related stuff can still happen - The challenge will finish right before Chinese New Year (China's biggest holiday) so everyone will get to see a little bit of the holiday (I may extend this challenge through CNY) For the fist time since Joining NF, I can come up with a 2019 framework, and in order to bring this challenge into compliance with my established framework, I will identify a few key focuses for me to keep in mind during this challenge. I will keep it simple, as stolen from @zenLara Strength - At least 1 pullup per day Dexterity - get inverted (handstand or similar) at least once per day Constitution - Home-cooked food every day Intelligence - Learn how to edit videos (this will be key for doing my updates) Wisdom - Initiate a spiritual discussion in the home each week (ideally on Sunday) Charisma - Learn at least 3 new names each week, and call those people by their name These won't be KPIs per se, but just some guidelines for me to keep myself focused during the challenge OK, let's kick this off with a song about living in Beijing by Big Daddy Dough, my favorite China focused, geopolitical/macroeconomic rapper
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    My overarching goal for 2019: That is putting it quite short and sweet. But what i really want is .TO.BE.READY. and .HAVE.FUN. For me this means, that i need to be strong but also mobile, with stamina being ready to take on the world any time of day. Counter-productive to this is the fact that i put my CF on hold. There a couple of (small) reasons why i did this. I just wasn't having much fun during the WOD's. For most of the time i did one specialization workout and one regular workout a week. Where i was looking forward to the specialization class (cause that was an hour of Barbell time learning Oly movements) i wasn't looking forward to the regular CF workout. At the same time i was juggling time with the family. Monday i would work a 9,5 hour day, so on Tuesday i could leave work early to put in an hour of CF (which took me in total 2.5h, leaving at 4 coming home at 6:30). Same goes for wednesday and thursday. So while i normally would be home around 5 from work, last year i was home at 5:30 and 6:30. Which also meant that on tuesday and thursday i would miss having dinner with the family. For the last 5 years or so my wife is going to cooking school on monday, where she doesn't eat with us, friday my boy goes to Jiu Jitsu and we eat afterwards, makes for a total of one regular family dinner a week. With the current situation of family, work and CF i just couldn't fit in a lifting program. So now i made the decision to pause the CF and go back to my first love, LIFTING HEAVY SHIT Starting with the basics again. Also i am eyeballing the beginners power lifting meet that is pretty close by somewhere in June. To dedicate myself even more i bought an online powerlifting program called "The Bridge 3.0" from Barbell Medicine, some of you might be familiair with Jordan Feigenbaum/Austin Baraki and Alan Thrall. I have been following them ever since Alan joined up with them (i was following Alan before that). And they make a lot of sense, which really resonates with me. Basically i want to go back to doing stuff i like and just as usual make most of life, while i have to realize i am a working dad that has other responsibilities too. Make most of life, okay, easier said than done. First i have to know what is important to me. ########### ### Important things in life ### ########### 1. HUMOR Cause if it ain't fun than why do it? I (like to believe i) earned the title of "Chief of General Menace". Fun is a very important thing in life for me. One of my all-time goals is to have as much fun as possible! Be it at home, at work, online, with friends, me-time. Everything has to be fun. This doesn't mean that there isn't a ton of stuff i do that i don't like, but this always one way or another contributes to some other things that enables me to have more fun. The reason this is my number one, is (as some of you will already know) i lost my dad a couple of years (17 already) ago. At the age of 56. In my eyes there was a lot of stuff he hadn't done yet, though he really wanted it. I swore this wouldn't happen to me. I'm always telling people, my tombstone can read: "he did everything he wanted". Now i make sure, i never say, "he lived his life to the fullest". Cause i am capable of a lot more than i am doing now, but i just can't do those things without losing focus on other things that are important to me. But for now, enough with the wallowing, let's get on with those other things that are important to me. 2. FAMILY I have a wife, kids, a dog, a house and a mortgage. Which means i am a husband, father, a dog-owner/lover, house owner and i need to bring in money to make sure everyone has a good life. They are the most important thing in my life. Now we have a great little family, my wife is the best wife in the world, i firmly believe there is no one in the world that's a better fit for me than her. My son is like a mini-me version of me, so what's not to like. Other people (family, friends, teachers, etc) tell me he is a friendly, caring and social person with a lot of humor (especially the humor is what wins them over). My girl is the sweetest girl in the world, and daddies little girl. She has the sweetest heart (with lots and lots of cuddles for dad) but in the blink of an eye can turn into this mischievous little devilspawn of a child. We have not seen the last of her. I.HAVE.THE.BEST.DOG a dog owner could wish. I have put in some effort to training him, and it has paid out fantastic. There is not one single angry bone in his body, and if he would have his way we would be cuddling on the couch all day long! I feel really blessed that i can provide a good place to live for them and we don't have to worry (much) about financial stuff. This situation has been created by years and years of just making solid decisions. At the end of the first part (1. HUMOR) i said i don't live life to the fullest, and the reason why is to protect this situation for my family! 3. ME I am important. If you followed me this far, you just read all the things that are most important to me. Well a lot of that is dependent on me being there. This means i must stay in shape, both physically as mentally. I am blessed with a sturdy base. I'm not sick often, nothing chronically wrong with me. Okay, well, i'm sorta fine. And a lot of what i do is to juggle all important things, which also means that i must stay sane. Thankfully i'm not that hard to please. I have a lot of hobbies which usually have some social aspect to it. Which fits in beautifully with other important stuff. (BBQ'ing in the garden on warm summer evening with friends and family for example, ticks a lot of boxes at the same time)! 4. FRIENDS Growing up our group of friends just expanded and expanded. We started with a group of 4 round puberty, and by the time we were about 20 this group has expanded to about 28. Now with a group that large you can't be good friends with everyone. And thus we have these smaller circles of friends. Topping with my best friend (you know that one friend you can call in the middle of night, tell him to bring a shovel and a large plastic bag, and all he asks is: "where to"). I feel very blessed to have such a large variety of people to call friends. Regarding this first Challenge of 2019. I have come to the realization i don't have what it takes to become RIPPED, thus i want to maximize my effort to become SWOLE I'm gonna train my butt off with the new lifting program i have acquired. While i will still be actively looking at my eating habits and somehow will make it work to get some running or equivalent in. Also sleep will not be underrated, and since giving=receiving, i will try to follow as much of you as i can. So without further ado on to the goals of this challenge (which will be built off of last challenges goals). Exercise: Lifting, 3 times a week according to "The Bridge 3.0" Extra, once a week, some additional upper body stuff or a running session, doesn't matter much, just an extra workout. Nutrition: Breakfast, continuing what i have started last challenge, just a straight up simple breakfast consisting of creatine/protein mix Lunch, just a normal lunch, i want to change up the things i'm taking to work, so i'm not stating (just yet) what this will consist of. No beer, last challenge was a pretty good sign that i don't need any drinks. Now i'm also not gonna restrict myself to completely no beer, but it has to be the right occasion. Sleep: This worked out great last challenge so i'm sticking to this format. Goal is to be in bed before midnight, bonus point of i can get in before 11. Check-ins: Daily check-ins during the week is no problem. Weekends are still pretty busy, though things are looking good. So i'm also sticking to the same format again.
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    First Steps 2019 I've got some pretty big ideas for 2019. Huge scary ideas that when stated aloud don't even seem possible. So I wrote them all down and put them here: So those are my big picture goals. The challenges are going to focus on the little picture goals. The smaller SMARTer goals. The things that are going to go into making the big goals seem more plausible, if not possible. The big change I want to begin 2019 off with is the introduction of more lifestyle based goals. There are some aspects of my lifestyle that I want to change for the better and these challenges are a great way of going about that. Lose Weight Losing weight and fuelling adequately are opposed ideals. It is impossible to do both things simultaneously. My highest priority right now is to drop weight and my diet reflects that ideal. At the same time I want to ensure that I am consuming enough calories to perform my workouts. Eat 2300-2400 calories per day. Carbs <150g per day. I really hate eating like this. With a passion. I feel awful when I do but it does work to shift some body weight and I'm just running with it for as long as I can. Run all the Miles 4-5 runs per week - follow the running plan. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Run 150 miles in 5 weeks. If I follow the plan the target will be reached. Lift all the Things Heavy Lifting, Monday, Wednesday and Friday OCR Practice Climbing 1 or more times per week. OCR Gym at least once during the Challenge. Sleep Restriction Therapy I've been suffering quite badly with insomnia recently. The only non-medical intervention that has ever given me real results is sleep restriction therapy. The theory behind this is very simple. The only thing you use the bed for is sleeping. Therefore if I'm not asleep I shouldn't be in bed. That includes any time that I am lying awake in bed trying to sleep. I've spent a lot of time fixing my sleep hygiene and trying other methods of easing the problem such as severely cutting back my caffine to a fraction of it's previous amount. Honestly nothing has made the blindest bit of difference so this is a bit more of a heavy handed approach. Don't use the bed for anything other than sleeping Read I'd like to read 12 books in 2019. That really isn't very many but I make very little time to read these days so the very small and achievable goal of one book a month will hopefully be easy to achieve. Read something in your book every single day. Even if it's just a single page. Right now I don't care if the book is fiction or non-fiction. Write As an easy and accountable way of getting back to writing again I've decided that I'm going to roll a narrative through 2019. Right now the plan is very simple. 1 update per week. It doesn't matter how long or short it is. The point is just to do something. I'm not going to promise anything very good either. It's just a thing to try and make me happier.
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    Happy new year peeps! Before jumping into the first challenge of the year (squee!) here are some quick thoughts about 2018 and moving forward. Tl;dr 2018 was kinda boring, but by focusing on basic habits, mindset shifts and tiny goals, rather than on chasing shinies, this year hopefully won't be! Enough rambling, here's the first set of unsexy goals presented by the swamp creatures for no good reason except they're adorable. Move: Do my basic warm up protocol in the morning. Eventually I want to do full sessions every morning, but tiny steps. Sleep: Wake up between 6 and 6:30 am on weekdays. Food: Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up so that I don't tank before the day has even started! Environment: Keep my phone in a different room unless I'm actively using it, make content blockers more strict Additionally I'm going to track any actions that contribute to making my life a little bit better, however small, a la @zenLara. No scoring, but to see trends and to make sure that I start keep moving in the right direction.
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    Hello 2019! Please be kind to me and I shall try my best. I have my 2019 Roadmap all published with the main things I want to get nailed down this year (next year as it is currently NYE by yaknow) and the individual challenges will be designed to compliment these by honing in on certain things, but even if the individual challenges are not specifically designed to address a certain goal, I still plan to keep it in mind and make progress on it so I will still be commenting on that stuff in the individual challenges as well as doing a monthly write up. For the challenge at hand! Goal One - Get Hairy. If you're not familiar with the above gentlemen then let me introduce you to the Hairy Bikers - an English cooking duo who a few years ago started a Hairy Dieters enterprise with healthy, low calorie cookbooks and a TV programme where they both lost a lot of weight. I have all of their books and their recipes are excellent so in order to address one of the following goals, I want to cook at least 15 of their recipes in this challenge which sounds like too few but because a lot of their recipes serve 4 I can freeze some and back them up for another day. Goal Two - Enter The Metrix This one is all about data. 1. Track everything I eat. I am not too worried about calorie goals at this point although I will have one. I just want to have complete data for my spreadsheet. 2. Weigh in daily 3. Eat at least 5 portions of freggies a day 4. Drink 4 nibs of water per day 5. Do at least 3 x 30 minutes of exercise per week (I will nail this one in 2019, I came so close in 2018) Goal Three - Don't be an Arsehole. I'm not really an arsehole. I am pretty nice, especially compared to other people I encounter. But I want to not be an arsehole at all. Each day I will rate my level of Arsebiscuitry as a percentage and comment on my behaviour. I want to have more patience, more tact and be more lovely. You can never be too lovely. Goal Four - Less Waste I want to have less waste in general but this time I am focusing on food waste. Since we moved in to this house I am yet to do a grocery shop and I am *ahem* treating TH to some pretty random meals as I try to use up the Christmas food including a rather creative mish mash using up some shaved brussell sprouts and chestnuts with cream and falafels. It was more delicious than it sounds. But I want to weigh all the food I throw away from 1st January and ideally throw away less than 2kg of food. I have no idea if this is a lot or not, I plan to monitor it and drop it in future if I need to. New Year, New Roadmap, New Challenge, goooooooooooooooooo!
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    That means I'm stickin' with the Ranger Corps for the full 6 weeks, baby! Challenge Goals and whatnot Kick ass: Train Muay Thai at least twice a week Don't eat like an ass: Log food and water intake on my phone app. Also track weight. Your ass is all over the place: Track chores alongside daily activity and financial transactions on my Bullet Journal
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    Turning back time is a nice thought...I turned 20 the year this song was released, Cher, on the other hand, was 43, I remember thinking then and several times since that I would love to look half as good as she did when I was XX years old... Yeah, that didn't happen...course I also don't make the money she does to be able to afford chefs, trainers, and surgeons to keep her looking like that, so I guess it balances out But I digress, this year is the year I turn 50, I'm not going to say these years have all been a walk in the park, RA, nerve damage and spinal stenosis as the result of a car accident, and not exactly taking the best care of myself for 44 of them didn't help. Wednesday will mark five (5! ) years since I found NF...yes I was one of those "New Year, New You" people but I stuck around, learned some things that worked, and a whole lot of things that DON'T! I've been rather lacking in my goals lately, it shows in my health and the way my clothes are fitting...so without further ado, I give you my first challenge of the new year For those that follow my battle log you know my big goal this year is to lose 50 lbs by the time I turn 50 in 10 months, which is 5 lbs a month (and Saturday the 12th is my first 5k of the year ) Steps to get to this goal are not changing much from prior challenges, I just need to make sure and improve consistency! 1. Get to the gym three times a week, with flexibility for work/extenuating circumstances. In those cases I will go as many times as possible. Either taking walking breaks or walking on the treadmill to get to at least 8,000 steps a day, every day, with running intervals every other day will be part of this and separate from gym time, that time will be used for weights and stuff I'm unable to do at home. 2. Continue to listen to my hunger, not my appetite! Eat real food, plan menus ahead of time to make life easier. Continue to prep breakfast/lunch/snacks for the week and during season 3. Live life, don't stress over it. Continue working towards the three year plan. 4. Drink water, get sleep, reduce cortisol production (I stress a LOT over bullshit I can't control) Just as important but not an actual 'goal' is making sure I check in here Hardcore? Maybe, but half ass-ing it is not working...time to full ass it!
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    As some of you remember from various drops and hints, I'll be travelling to Antarctica in early February for two weeks on a National Geographic cruise. It's going to be AMAZING. A big part of why I want to go is to see as many penguins as I possibly can, so I figured what better way to theme the challenge leading up to my epic adventure. Let's find some penguins!!!
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    Welcome to Salinger's eighteenth challenge and to 2019! Hello everyone, and welcome. We are very shortly going to be entering 2019, and I am kind of ready to say goodbye to 2018 now. Its not been the BEST year of my life, and the last two months have been particularly difficult, what with depression and my funding rejection. I am stepping into 2019 with a lot of things up in the air, as well as money worries & debts. That said, is this not a good time to start afresh and with a better outlook? I have a few goals for the year, but i think I will just focus one month at a time, one challenge at a time. Try to implicate HABITS, that will grow. With that in mind, this month's goals are split into fitness, diet, life: FITNESS Walk/jog 25km throughout January (there will be a medal at the end if I reach this!) Go to the Peak District one day. (a nice hike in the countryside) DIET Partake in Dry January (no alcohol for the month) Eat healthy, nutritious food. (Track food 4 days a week) Drink more water (3 big glasses per day) LIFE Meditate 4 evenings a week (just 15 mins per day) Read more (an hour, 3 days a week is good!) Apply for funding again (send application by 12th January) Promote Etsy shop weekly & keep drawing! Self care. (shower, brush teeth, drink tea, treat yourself to a biscuit, play with Jackson/Jules etc) I think these goals are reachable, but i also must acknowledge that life gets in the way sometimes, especially depression. Im still not OUT of that slump, and some days i may be unable to go to the gym, or eat some vegetables, or read...i will try to listen to my body and mind, and act accordingly. Another thing, is that in a week or so, i will find out if i have been given an interview for a job i applied for in Glasgow. EEEK. That could throw another spanner in the works! Lets say, i get an interview...my anxiety and stress will be heightened. Lets say i get the job...i will have less than a month to move cities/countries. But thats getting ahead of myself. Lets concentrate on what we DO know. I am ready to enter 2019 with a bit more positivity and calmness. I just hope this lasts haha
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    Welcome one and all, to Ye New & Fancy Leaky Tankard: Ranger Guildhall for all of your general inquiries and conversational needs! As has been tradition throughout our storied history (except those dark times when we were Guildhall-less), make yourselves comfortable while we wade our ways through Week Zero in preparation for the start of another 4 Week Challenge cycle and New Years! There's a rack by the door for your cloak and various equipment, enchanted of course - if you require us to stash anything for you, ensure you hang onto your voucher to reclaim your items! Harold the Blacksmith has forged his final sword blade and retired as of last challenge; but worry not for his daughter and former apprentice Charsi is on scene out back for your assorted repair and smithery needs, and you likely noticed Shem the traveling trinket merchant (we had to retract that 'friendly neighborhood...' title due to some reports of surly behavior in challenges past) on your way in... Shem has set up a bazaar across the muddy road out front. Ranger HQ is that beautiful new rampart structure out in the courtyard (stop by to partake of that fresh new fortress smell) should you have questions or need anything of the Guild Leader or Ambassador team, and Innkeeper Bertrand can handle your nutrition, beverage, and entertainment needs! Glad to have you back, Rangers! We're looking forward to seeing all of your challenges and sharing in your adventures again this round.
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    Welcome my pretties, for a new year of challenges! You know, I thought about doing some kind of introductory paragraph, but meh. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please just send me a message or post here. I try to be an open book about things, but am looking to be more interactive, either here or via PMs. I want to explain my thread title this time around. I spend a lot of time in my head, making up stories. Not like anxiety related worst case scenarios - like novels and fiction. Currently, I'm working on a historical romance featuring a heroine named Caroline and my first homebrew D&D DM campaign (get you a girl who can do both). I've tried writing stories within the context of challenges, but I've stopped. I don't know that my stories are for anyone besides me. But this doesn't mean I can't be the hero of my own story. I got a new journal for Christmas (this one if anyone is curious). I'm a little disappointed as it covers 6-months worth of habit tracking and monthly layouts, but then only 3-months worth of daily pages, but if it works, I'll deal. My first challenge is going to be pretty simplistic as I continue to build momentum. It'll also be when I complete my 2019 race planning. January Habit tracking: Update Journal Daily (even on the weekends!). I do great through the week, but I need to focus more on staying on task on the weekends. 64 oz tracked water daily. I've gotten out of this habit and I am thirsty enough to tell. At least 5K steps daily. Same thing, the weekends are the time when I slack. January Fitness Goals: Work out at least 3 x/ week. My husband and I are re-signing up for Yancy Camp, so those workouts will be the goal. I'll also incorporate a Saturday long run (for half training) I'm also planning a few trips to an OCR facility in Maryland, probably with my brother, maybe with my husband. Bonus points for incorporating yoga January Personal Goals: We are working on flexing our Home Maintenance muscles going forward. As such, our monthly goals will always be the same. Note: per the worksheet we are using, this quarter is Dec - Feb, so we are playing catch up a bit: Inspect / Change HVAC filters (note, our system tells us when we need to change these) Clean kitchen sink disposal Clean range hood filters Inspect fire extinguisher Biannual (Jan / Feb goals) Give your house a deep clean Vacuum refrigerator coils Annually (Jan / Feb goals) Regularly check for ice dams and icicles Test your electricity to the extent that you can Tighten any handles, knobs, racks, etc. Check all locks and deadbolts on your doors and windows Check caulking around showers and bathtubs; repair as needed Remove showerheads and clean sediment Deep clean and inspect the basement
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    I have no time to talking.... but though I'm feeling a Little Lost in the woods. 'Tiggers Never get Lost!' so stay in motion.... and remember even if your "short, fat and proud of that".... Exercise puts you in the Mood!
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    Road to Oblivion - Part 1 So I've just written up my 2019 road map, and the first 4 challenges of this year will be working towards my first big and scary goal - running 4 laps of Nuclear Oblivion in May. I'm going to need to be able to gain some serious endurance to keep doing that, both in running and in general fitness for the obstacles, so my physical goals will be based around that. Nutrition - 20XP This goal is split into three parts (hence the high XP). The first one is straight eating better - my Crossfit box posted a list of weekly nutrition habits a couple of years ago which I've unearthed on Facebook, so I'll be running through those. By coincidence (or just because they start with sensible things) I already do their first 3 weekly habits, but if you want to play along at home they are: Drink 1 pint of plain water daily Eat a healthy fat with breakfast Eat cooked vegetables in the evening So I'll be starting straight at habit 4, which is: Eat a raw vegetable at lunch I'll be tackling that in week 1 of the challenge, and then adding an additional habit from their list on each subsequent week. The second part of nutrition is alcohol. Leading up to Christmas I was really stressed and not feeling great, and I attributed that to a lot of year end work stress and general Christmas/ohmyGodIhaven'tboughtanything stress. I started thinking the other week however that maybe the amount I was drinking had its part to play in this too. Well, there's only one way to find out if that is the case, and that's to stop drinking for a bit and see how I feel. The goal for this challenge will be to drink no alcohol at all. That'll start from Week 0 day 2 (because day 1 was New Year's Eve, come on!). The final part of this is to track my mood - just a short sentence each day in my bujo is fine, but I'll only know if the above is working at all if I track it. Obviously there's lots of other factors to consider, and conclusions may be hard to draw, but I want to give it a go. Running - 15XP The goal here is simple (thought not necessarily easy) - run 140 miles this challenge. That includes week zero, and is the exact amount of mileage I should hit if I get all of my runs in. The plan is to run 4 times per week - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday - with the long run either on Saturday or Sunday depending on when I'm climbing or doing other things. Whilst the goal is simply the mileage, I'll put the full running plan in a spoiler for info: Climbing - 10XP I want to work on my climbing and my pullups in general, as these have massive transference to OCR, and I've got two parts to this plan in order to do it: a) Continue with GTG pullups - basically I have my pullup bar in my kitchen door and do one pullup every time I want to enter the kitchen. Minimum 10 per day. This starts week 0. b) Hangboarding - I have bought a hang board with some Christmas money, which will allow me to train hanging off very small edges instead of just a bar. The plan is to do hanging sessions MWF, but never on a day adjacent to a climbing day. As I usually climb every weekend this should mean that I usually do 2 sessions per week, but it could be 1 or 3 depending on how the climbing sessions work out. This starts when the hang board arrives. Budget - 5XP This is a difficult one this month as money and spending are a bit strange after Christmas. I probably wouldn't have a goal at all except that reducing debt and saving money is one of my main goals for the year. The goal here is to simply spend mindfully for the month, and write any comments about my spending in my bujo. This starts week 0. Study - 5XP This is something I have been neglecting, but I really need to continue my qualifications for work. There is a time limit on these, and having missed the initial deadline it's going to be tricky to catch up so I need to put in the work. The goal here is to do 2 pomodoros of study (or 4 hours, if you prefer) per week. Bonus 5XP if I get my next assignment submitted before the end of the challenge. This starts week 0. Forum Cardio - Mobile Edition™ - 5XP I don't spend enough time on here and I miss catching up with people and knowing what's going on. A big reason I don't get on is that I usually only sit in front of a computer at work, and so my lunch break is the only time I have to be here. I don't always get a lunch break, and I use the time to catch up on other things as well when I do so that gives me minimal forum time. The goal therefore is to use my phone to visit the forums every day. Even if I don't post anything just being here and catching up is a start. Well I think that's everything. It's loads of XP so i could do realll well out of this challenge if I ace it. I have to dash, so anything I've missed I'm sure will come up later!
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    Happy 2019! So this is it, the year of doing even crazier things than 2018. I didn't think that was possible, but here we are! I've set out my goals for this year: tl/dr - I'm trying to qualify for the OCR world champs in October. My qualifying race is in May and it's a minimum of 3 laps of a 12km course in a 8.5hr time cap. Technically I've started training for this already, but I'm a little behind where I was hoping to be at this point, mostly in regards to running. And my training has been a little....scattered. I have a weekly training plan but because I'm still in the early stages of this training block, everything feels a bit disjointed. To add to this, in early December I decided that the bootcamp classes I was attending once a week weren't really working for me so I dropped them and I made the jump to CrossFit. Because of the holidays, I've only attended one WOD since I completed to foundation classes. Piece by Piece The meaning behind this came to me while I was running this morning (I can't be the only one that plans their challenges while running, right?). My training for this goal is like a thousand piece jigsaw. Right now, all I've done is empty all the pieces of the puzzle out onto the table and assembled the edges. There is a bit of structure, but it's messy and impossible to see the full picture. But every bit of training I do adds another piece and slowly the picture begins to form. So this challenge is simple, every activity I do is an extra piece added to the puzzle. But that doesn't mean the puzzle will be finished by the end of this challenge, there is still a long way to go for that to happen. Running: 3 times a week Must do the following sessions Easy run Speed or Tempo session Long run Strength: 2 times a week Any of the following Lifting CrossFit WOD bouldering Mobility and Stretching: Stretch every day & PT exercises That's it, nice and simple. The main goal here is consistency.
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    Hey y’all. It’s been a while. I had to take a break from the forums - I literally didn’t have the energy to spare to function properly, let alone maintain an online presence. I was in hardcore damage-control mode just trying to survive the semester and pass my classes. My first semester of grad school was, without exaggeration, the hardest four months of my life so far. Some life details under the cut: tl;dr - life is hard, adulting is hard, grad school is hard, mental illness is hard, I’m medicated now. I wish none of this had happened. So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you. I never want to feel how I felt this semester, ever again. So that’s gonna inform what I do with the time that is given to me, from here on out. SO! I am deciding to be a healthy human, because I know that will help me continue to feel better. How am I gonna do the healthy human thing?? ~ batch cook on weekends! Batch cooking is a lifesaver, truly, and I didn’t do it at all this semester. I need to get back on that, to save both my waistline and my wallet. ~ three physical activities per week! Yoga, darebee, go to the rec center, go for a run, etc. for at least 30 minutes. Theoretically M,W,F mornings, but we’ll have to see what my work schedule looks like. Maybe one can be on the weekend. I think I’ll leave it at that for now. I don’t wanna put too much on my plate. Other exciting things that happened during my radio silence!
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    Happy New Year*, y'all! Lotta changes happened in 2018 - 2 new dance partnerships, 2 new jobs - 1 intra-company and 1 external, new awareness on types of people I want to date, new graduate program in data science, just to name a few. Trying to keep the positive changes rolling into the new year as well - I feel like now that I'm in my late 20's I'm sloooowly getting better at making my answer either "Heck Yes!" or "No thanks" when offered new opportunities (rather than "Eh, I guess?" which was my default kinda sorta yes). Still a lot to learn and tweak in my life, but I'm mostly excited about it. Gonna make this a coffee themed challenge because 1) I love coffee and 2) I got a new french press for Christmas and 3) it lets the title become a pun, and who doesn't love puns? Quick summary for those who don't know me: Data nerd for my day job and working on leveling up my nerdiness (with Competitive ballroom dancer (mainly in Latin) competing with another guy (he dances what would normally be the lady's part) - long-term goal is to win a world championship in our division, short-term goal is to get the new partnership fully up and running Dabble with gymnastics-y strength training in addition to my dance stuff, slowly falling in love with going upside-down (and the strength it builds - there's something viscerally satisfying about doing a handstand push-up, even if it's wall supported) Working through eating for reasons other than hunger or enjoyment - I developed a lot of eating habits in response to boredom and emotional discomfort while growing up and I'm sloooowly working through them Also continually a work in progress on dealing with perfectionism and anxiety (downside of being good at pushing myself into high performance early in life) Challenge Goals - I'm starting a new job 01/07, so I'm focusing on forming / re-forming daily habits this go-around (copying almost directly from my last post of last challenge): Make time for learning and reading daily - I value growing my knowledge and entertaining my mind with imagination highly, but I don't always live my day-to-day life in alignment with that; I want to start finding time for reading and/or learning (lunch breaks and/or evenings are the likely contenders) Experiment with and apply "How to Have a Good Day" tips - I invested the time to read 300+ pages about better structuring my approach to the workday and the little interactions within it, time to put those into action. Make time to train in the gym - I think I feel better when I exercise before work (more focused and sharper) as long as I've gotten sufficient sleep, so with the change to jobs meaning lunchtime workouts won't be a thing any more, I'm aiming to work out at least 5 mornings a week Do some mobility / stretching daily - I'm an athlete who's training hard, gotta make time to recover from all that training and ensure everything stays functioning well Making time for mindfulness and prayer - I like the mini-Examen that I've been doing in the evenings, and I want to keep doing that (and maybe tack another 1-2 minutes of reviewing my day on to the prayer exercise) but I also want to add some morning mindfulness - unsure yet if this will take the form of a breathing exercise, a rote prayer (i.e. the rosary) or something else, so it'll be more of an experiment Eating appropriate amounts of food to cut body fat - I sometimes feel vain for having this goal, but the reality is I've decided I want to compete at an elite level in an aesthetic sport-art, and as a result, getting myself leaner is part of elevating myself to that elite level; I'll have calorie and macro targets in mind, and just as important as aiming to hit them will be reflecting on what made it harder to hit them a particular day and any times where I'm feeling under or overfed during the week. Based on everything I'm reading about dietary adherence, I'll be aiming to carve out room in my daily calories for a treat, if I want it (treat being a small dessert or a glass of wine). I'll be posting updates on how the daily stuff is going, while also posting periodically about dance stuff, new job fun, training in the gym, and whatever else strikes my fancy. *I know, I'm posting this before 1/1 (and before 12/31 in most of the world, but I'm blaming it on start of week optimism coopting my new year's optimism and having me start thinking with a clean slate early).
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    Time is ticking, I have till November before the big bad 50th birthday is here. I will also be celebrating 5 years on NF. ( ok last year really can't count since I was absent most of it but I like milestone year celebrations) Lots of good things in the last 5 but still striving. I am not going to spend much time on my back ground but if you have any questions just ask, or pm me. I am happy to answer. The he goal is still the same as 5 years ago. Get leaner and stronger. My two titanium hips have been a Godsend. (X Ray pics available if anyone wants to see). I have 9 challenges until my birthday. I will start with super simple goals and add to them as we go along. Nutrition. To be 100% Paleo by the end of this challenge. I have found that carbs are not my friend in the battle of the bulge. I also feel so much better digestive wise leaving grains alone. One problem I LOVE BREAD. I also love to cook. I am already a pretty clean eater. I don't eat much processed food and am pretty good with keeping sugar at bay. My portions need to be watched and my carbs are way to heavy. This goal will evolve each week but to start 1. Clean out the freezer and pantry. No grocery shopping in the month of Jan unless it is fresh produce, milk or eggs. One exception is when chicken breasts go on sale again since I am low. ( I am also cheap as hell too) 2. Post dinner pictures here for accountability. 3. IF on 3 days a week to start. Fitness. My gym membership expired in Dec so I will be shopping for a deal. Until this is in place my goals are 1. BBWW 4 times a week 2. Lift with home gym 3 times a week Lifestyle. This will change week to week. The first week it will mirror the Ranger Mini and I will Relax by doing something daily to pamper myself. This is the year to make my ideas into habits, flab into muscle and my dreams into reality. Ready for a year of adventure and a litlle music along the way?
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    Good news... I finished watching my way through Stargate SG1 during the last challenge and now I have a whole new challenge to watch Atlantis and SGU. So the Stargate memes will continue. Goals: Training: Everything is going fairly well at the moment, so I'm not going to change very much. My lifting template will stay almost the same (I am including the higher rep squats and deadlifts that seemed to work well during the Squatmas challenge). This challenge though, I need to drop a few kgs - I ate like an asshole over Xmas (just like every year) and gained about 4 kgs (I'm assuming some of that is water weight from the higher carbs and will dissappear when I get back into ketosis). So I will be adding a little more conditioning stuff AND working on getting Mrs Blocky and I back into ketosis. *Strength: +1 STR for every PR/rep PR. *Conditioning: +1 CON every 3 hard conditioning sessions. Also +1 CON for every kg lost. Life Stuff: I still need to buckle down and do more Russian study. I used the chaos around Xmas to drop it completely out of my routine. *Language: +1 INT for every 2 hours of study. Mrs Blocky got me an electric unicycle/monowheel for Xmas. I am incredibly non-dextrous and need to practice. *Dexterity: +5 DEX if I can ride it up and down the paths at home without falling off. +1 DEX if I can only make it up the path. +0 DEX if I end up in hospital.
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    Background & Main Quest: Transform My main quest is merely to transform my entire life. Many years of anxiety, depression, sedentariness and avoidance have robbed me of strength, energy, valour, and ambition. I am on a journey to increase my physical and emotional wellbeing and to add valuable activities back into my life. The first step on my journey was when I found lifting in February 2018. It is the first thing I have felt innately motivated to do in many years. It taught me that my actions bring results, and helped me shift from a fixed to a growth mindset. Since then I have cleaned up my eating, included more walking and other movement, quit drinking so much alcohol and caffeine, started meditation, and started writing fiction, which involved overcoming serious anxiety about not being good or creative enough, and not seeing myself as a “writer”. Next steps include: getting stronger, continuing to manage stress better, continuing healthy cooking and eating, fighting anxiety, adding more creative and intellectual work into my daily life, and doing something about my body image and mindset as regards my weight. Side Quest 1: Stop Hating My Figure So I’m about 5’ 5.5” and 143lb, and probably 25% bodyfat or less. Most of the fat is on my, um, lower half. I even have a small amount of ab definition. So losing fat would not be for health. It also wouldn’t be for my spouse, who has given both explicit messages and hints that I should not lose any more fat. It would just be for myself, because some part of me feels like a failure for not having this figure: No, not that one, the other one. I have some bizarre societally-induced fantasy that life really starts when you look slender and willowy in fashionable clothing. I’ve been reading some body positivity books (shoutout to @CourtnieMarie for recommending the first one). But I still feel like the message applies to every one else but not me. Maybe lifting will keep making me leaner in the very long run. But calorie restriction doesn’t seem to be right for me at the moment. I get so damned angry and exhausted when I attempt it. Not to mentioned obsessed with food. And if it’s not even going to make me healthy or turn me into an irresistible fashion elf with a life of wondrous dragon-slaying adventures, what’s it for? I would probably be better off just buying some really flattering clothing and practicing being nice to myself. Also, I want all the strength gainz, all of them. So, yeah…. this year I would like to eat for health and energy and strength, and stop hating on my healthy but unfashionable figure. I would also like to start believing some of that body positive stuff. Maybe I'll try getting leaner at some stage. I can't quite give up the possibility. But it has to go on the back burner for now, because I want to work on strength and not hating myself first. Side Quest 2: Get Intermediately Strong This one is simple, though not easy. My strength is much lower than I would like, especially my pulling strength. I would like to get up to intermediate numbers in 2019. For my size (for 3 reps each), that would be: Bench: 80lb—>110lb (+30) OHP: 60—>70lb (+10… so close!) Pull-up: -65lb—>-15lb (+50) Deadlift 155lb—>190lb (+35) Squat 115lb—>160lb (+45... I am going to fix you, you wobbly little git) Some approximation of a barbell row 65lb—>100lb. (+35)
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    This challenge is focused on enjoyable progress. The new-and-improved SAD protocols seem to be working, so it should go better than the last challenge. Unfortunately I am still not creative enough for a clever theme - sorry. 1. Run comfortably Run every other day at a "comfortable" pace. This is whatever pace feels good and easy at the time, HR be damned. I can add some pick-ups once a week. Start at 30 minutes and add 5 minutes when there are two consecutive runs with no discomfort. 2. Train easy Lift twice a week, with a simple legs/push/pull. A simplified version of what I was doing last fall. Also a physio/grip/core circuit twice a week. 3. Sleep cozy I have blue-light blocking glasses that I will wear from 9pm onwards. No cell phone games in the hour before bed, I'll brew a cup of chamomile tea and read instead. The Healthy Habit Repair Mini-Quest Zero Week Habit: make a sugar-free breakfast (6/5) Week One Habit: floss or use electric toothbrush daily ( /5) Week Two Habit: Week Three Habit: Week Four Habit: I will probably be less active than normal on the forums still, but I'll post a few times a week at least.
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    And so begins the hero's journey. Starting January 1st, for 60 days I will be participating in the Darebee Hero's Journey fitness program, a role-playing program that presents challenges, opportunities, and threats accompanied by exercises that must be completed in order to continue on the journey. This will serve as a prequel to an even greater challenge, Age of Pandora, an immersive post-apocalyptic fitness quest. In addition, I have set some short-term and long-term goals. Short-Term Goals: * complete Roadwork 30 Day running program * complete a Darebee daily dare every morning (goal: at least 50 in a row), as well as an Epic Five workout * be able to complete 50 push-ups in one go * complete the Hero's Journey followed by Age of Pandora * continue Wim Hof breathing, exercises, and cold showers * continue daily prayer/meditation * post to Nerd Fitness and Darebee regularly (at least three days/week) * work on Duolingo daily Long-Term Goals: * finish Educational Leadership Masters degree * train in a martial art * learn how to properly shoot a gun (possibly concealed carry training) * run a Spartan race and/or a long trail race (at least 25k)
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    This is going to be a different challenge for me. Very little in the way of fitness, other than stay on track with my marathon program. It's a new year, so I guess I could be a resolutioner, but most of what I'm working on is intentionally temporary and geared towards said event. Wax on, Wax off. Maybe I should have called it the YearS of Clean. never ending freaking process. But it's a forward process! But we're still at it! We just cleaned out two closets and we're still moving forward. As with most things, I find it easier if I break it down into smaller bits. I will attempt to tackle something different each week. I will decide that week what it's going to be and whether I'm going to have daily goals. #IwantpantstofitlikethatbutIalsolikedonuts The Running man Still running, still crazy. I get it. Mileage is increasing, whether I want it or not, and it's occasionally daunting how much more I'm running. It's akin to ramping up for a PL meet, but in kilometers instead of kilograms. I'm using this to hold myself accountable when i want to not run. Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday or Sunday (I'm allowing a day difference depending on my schedule) Free your mind So working on the meditation in previous challenges has really helped things. My overall stress has dropped, and I'm not necessarily doing it every day, but as needed. I also got a fitbit Ionic for xmas, and it comes with a breathing follow-along. I will be doing this every day just as a quick centering. I am also going to try doing this during a run if I start to get out of breath or lose focus on my cadence or speed. EDIT: Zero Proof Starting on the 2nd, I will be going ALMOST zero alcohol through the marathon. And I got an 18 year scotch for xmas as well, so this is definitely a delayed gratification. EDIT: We have a standing date with my parents every week (Grandpa Grumble needs grimble time) and our usual has been a beer before dinner and however much of a bottle of wine we feel like going through during and after dinner. I will treat this like I did during my 6 week challenge instead. I will have ONE glass of wine with dinner. Because rituals are also important. But it will be a single glass and I have recruited every member of my family to call me to task on this one. Not so sweet Additionally, what with the holidays being the absolute dessert debacle they are, I have consumed entirely too much junk. So I will be tracking my sugar consumption through the challenge until I hit zero added sugar by the end of the challenge. I'm not going to be ridiculous and try to avoid all sugar, but no candy, ice cream, or things that have added or refined sugar. I'll still have PB, even if it has sugar, and things that may already have sugar in them, but most of it is going away. I'm not sure how long this will last, but it will definitely be through the marathon. EDIT: Because apparently I can't leave well enough alone. I am adding more goals. Gotta go fast, but intermittently Right now, making breakfast is a PITA, even meal prepping gets annoying when I have to meal prep both lunch and breakfast. And my go to lately has been Starbucks along with my silly coffee-related sugar drink. To mitigate that bad habit I am going to reinstate intermittent fasting. Every day. Until I either learn better time management with meal prep, or get the wife involved (which is a whole 'nother beast), or I feel comfortable getting breakfast from a coffee shop without getting anything beyond a black coffee (Which right now I am not confident in my impulse control there) Twice a day, every day Final challenge add-on. I will post twice a day. Every day. Once at the am and once at the pm. I tend to skip updates when I have a bad day and only focus on the positive. So to counter this I will be updating twice daily. EDIT: I will be scoring positive or negative starting at zero. for each challenge item. Cleaning: 0 Running: 0 Alcohol: 0 Added Sugar: 0 Intermittent fasting:0 Twice daily posts: 0