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    Sorry for the hiatus guys and gals. Tough week last week. Gave my notice at the sucky job with its sucky hours and no appreciation. Headed back into management ( I did like the break though). Brushing off that resume. Took the week as vacation. last week didn't stick totally to my goals ( mental breakdown requires pizza) but still ate better than if I was not doing this. Went to water aerobics Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
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    Update on sleep challenge: Scaly creature:
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    Thats really cool. I’ve ended up using two apps Duolingo for the lessons and HelloTalk so that I can converse with people who speak Spanish as their first language. I would definitely recommend both.
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    It’s true normally the things we find most difficult to do are the things that we need to be doing.
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    Aah, no, I'm not presenting well. I mean it in the teasing sense of, "Oh God, Cons are some Final Destination-style ish. I'm not careful, and I'mma be cosplaying a pirate because I got amputated! Or a corpse because I died." To be completely frank, it is kind of stressful to be spending time off the mats, but it's a eustress as I've experienced it, you know? I get to be a nerd and into the things that people are into but also bring a unique set of experiences that so many people don't really have. And I get to be around a bunch of people who offer me the same thing. It's genuinely fun to be a part of all that. Unfortunately, I seem to have had the bad timing to experience some distress at the same time that I'm being tongue-in-cheek about a eustress, and so I haven't communicated very well. Sorry for that. That being said, your advice is as sound as ever, and maybe I am being dishonest with myself about what this represents to me. I think in a lot of ways though, a lot of stress was tied to being sick and not training and eating at maintenance and dealing with body image brain weasels and stuff like that. This past week, as I've got back to the grind, even on deload, I've felt better, you know? Yeah. It's bitter work. It's necessary work, though, and a lot of the reason that it sucks has a lot to with us being chronically understaffed due to our budget cuts and a bunch of elderly staff retiring out. Like, I took two days off for the con and recovery. It's taken a week to get even halfway back on track and it'll take another week before I'm back on it. That sucks. Well, I've been a lift angry person before, and it has helped, although it's definitely not great to default to that. To be frank about it, though, the training does help with mitigating the stress, but if I do the stress without doing the training to help mitigate it, well. Because between deloaded handstand work and the treadmill, it's just not enough. Especially when I was jonesing to get on the mats for the reasons listed above.
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    Haha as a software engineer I feel your frustration at them tying themselves in knots with the flexy site! The same happened when I got a group together for the 2016 Urban Ninja... I had to QA-report 2-3 bugs on their site that were preventing me from making the purchase... Anyway, you were looking for a job, you could maybe take over their dev team :p Maybe this is a game that exists everywhere - for us it was "What's the Time Mr Wolf?" where the people creeping up would keep asking that question... and each time the wolf would answer e.g. 3 o'clock and turn round to check no-one was moving. Occasionally the answer would be "DINNERTIME!!!!" and they'd chase the rest of us for the wolf's food. In retrospect, not sure why no-one just sprinted to the wolf in the 2 seconds it took everyone to inquire about the time...! Maybe that's why no-one above the age of 7 played it. Really cool to see all the parkour fun you're having! I was really into it as a teenager (on the screwgravity forums all the time) but didn't really have any opportunity to practise, except for once when I went to Warwick University campus with a couple of friends and got kicked out by security because they thought we were base jumping hahah. We were doing wall runs on some single-storey building. Base jumping is when you parachute off buildings and try not to die too frequently. Excited also for your hip hop class. Maybe I'll pick up some style vicariously from you? Even an awkward dorkface style would be better than my current offering. It's why I like salsa / bachata / merengue - you can fall back onto a drop-down menu of moves at any point you're not feeling so creative.
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    Also: I DID IT!!! Had my first 36 hour fast this weekend and surprise, surprise it did not kill me In fact, it didn't even strain me much, I was really surprised. Had a good workout yesterday morning and I don't necessarily feel hungry after those anyway. Had some herbal tea, but apart from that just water for the rest of the day, knowing that if I could last until 8pm I would have the 24 hours in. Then again it would be silly to break the fast at that time, because it would be so easy to go sleep early and have the additional hours in and tadaaa, I did it Even cooked a nice pot roast meal for the family during the fast - making sure there'd be enough left overs for me today - and made my chocolate as well! The hardest thing was not to automatically lick my fingers or nibble some crumbs while cooking, which I am so used to doing. (fyi I do wash my hands after licking my fingers, yes) Apart from that it was fine! This morning I woke up quite early and felt my empty stomach, but not in a bad way, just ... idk different. I got up at 5 am for my meditation (hmmmm, weekend) and did the Blessing of the Energy Centers one to give my body extra love, afterwards had my group meditation and then I had a true feast in choosing what to have for break-fast at 8 am Ended up with 3 baked bananas with some coconut oil and peanut butter, along with some dark bread and tea. Yummmmmmy So I will totally count that for my suck it up action for the day as it did take some willpower and totally freed me up from some fears around the whole thing. My fun thing for today was reading a tiny bit of Petit Nicolas to see how my French lessons on Memrise are paying off. The vocab was way beyond my current course vocab, but I understood a lot anyhow and I adore Petit Nicolas. It was the story about taking a picture of the class at school and how they fetched boxes from the basement to stand on for forming 3 rows and while searching the basement one of the boys finds a bag, pulls it over his head to act ghost and is of course completely black afterwards because it was a coal bag (I guessed the coal, but understood the bag and the black face) and so on... Youngest is doing her English and Latin vocab with some ambition now to stay ahead of me in points on Memrise, double win
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    Me too Made the chocolate and some "monster cookie balls" with oats and peanut butter and they are both really nice I was a clever hobbit and added some gingerbread spice to the chocolate to have the treat of the flavor in a power food combo You like baking as well, don't you? Any recommendations for healthy, yummy things? I got over the fasting crisis by now and treated myself to a new book for inspiration and easier motivation that is called "Feast without Fear" encouraging to first fast and then feast with whatever your heart desires with a good conscience. That sounds like a deal to me Still, she also says, your body might want different things than before which matches my experience and I suspect that my dietary horizon needs some broadening for me to have diverse enough ideas for what I could want to eat - does make any sense?
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    Thanks! We didn't get pics. Are my memories of the event an hallucination? I don't play house flipper, but I do love looking at floor plans or houses with that in mind. We had a blast with Wolfie, took him out for pizza and hung out for another couple of hours. He didn't have a lot of free time, but we had a blast with him.
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    Week 2 Recap: Fitness: go for at least one run per week: 1/1 do one full body bodyweight workout per week: 2/1 Diet: no food with fructose: 6/7 Life: study Chemistry at least one hour per day: 4/7 get an appointment with a therapist: 0/1 Really happy about fitness and diet! Now with the appointment... I still have two people to call, should I not get an appointment I'll still check that because then I've done everything I could so far, maybe I'll get an appointment with them, if I don't I'll have to work something out with my health insurance company about covering costs for "private" therapists (usually not covered by health insurance unless everyone else turns me down) but that will be pretty much out of my hands.
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    Saturday w2d6 Eat - filled both of my water bottles - dinner was distraction free Move - PT exercises: one legged stand Think - completed morning pages - meditated 10 minutes with insight timer - gratitude: only two consults, daylight, leftover pizza
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    Thanks guys. I will tell them about the trip when the holiday is over (it's Martin Luther King Jr Day on Monday, and I actually get the day off from work, huzzah!!!!). Saturday was a pretty low key day at work, so I actually had some time in the afternoon to get some life things done. I returned an amazon package that I've been meaning to send back for a long time. I put the rest of my laundry away. Then I had time to meditate and play pokemon and other such fun, recharging activities. I can't imagine that today will be as calm, but I can hope!
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    THERE'S MY POM-POM GIRL!!! It's always just about waiting, isn't it? Time doesn't heal everything, but in the case of anxiety from new things, waiting and practicing the scary thing are pretty much the only things we can do. Normalcy is somewhere a little ways down the road! And YASS GYM!! I can't wait to get back to feeling strong and healthy again! Ooh, so many good thoughts here, EG!! When I was listening to the meditation and praying afterward, the idea I kept coming back to was leaving everything in God's hands, even the little things that were worrying me, like whether I would get a nice Uber driver in the morning, or whether my brother would remember to get his luggage from the baggage claim after his flight home (he's never flown alone before). It was really hard work, but I kept lassoing my frantic thoughts and muscling them back to that thought: I can trust God to handle the details. He doesn't adopt me into His family and handle all the big things in my life, but throw me to the wolves for the little things. Nothing is too small to warrant His care. He's my Father. And so when I would start to panic about all those whirring things on my list, I would take deep breaths and remind myself, I can trust Him. And it did help a lot. And wow, I love thinking about the close relationship between anxiety and excitement!! At the root of anxiety symptoms is fear, while excitement is a result of confidence that things are going to be okay. Hopefully as I continue to make it a habit to react to my circumstances with trust and peace, I'll start to experience more excitement than fear!! No, these are "real" work hours that are getting logged on a time sheet, so I'm on a normal pay schedule now. I won't get recompensed for the month I had to wait, unfortunately. If I were an established employee at the time of the shutdown, I would have had an arrangement to work some hours the whole time, but I lost time because I was new. So they adjusted my official "start date" to be the other day and I'll get paid a month from then. It kind of stinks; but on the other hand, I'm incredibly thankful that I listened to my parents' advice to stay out of debt and build a savings account during college, because I have enough to keep me going until I get paid. Thank you Shaar!! I am glad too, and I'm glad for the same thing for you!! We're becoming pros at this whole messy transition stuff, aren't we??
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    I feel you and I've been there, I go there often actually lol I think it's all just part of being human. Many hugs and camaraderie!
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    *cough*differentfoot*cough* I’ll take the cheerleading, though, thanks! Skipping the run was a good choice, for sure, based on my energy levels this week, which are high and free-flowing! I’m still pretty challenged by the food journaling but met my exercise goal and tacked on an extra run for the mini-challenge! To give some perspective on just how uncomfortable I am with calorie counting, a board games/D&D friend was mentioning on Thursday that she’s tracking her food and maintaining X caloric deficit and it’s going great and she’s seeing some results and likes the program she’s using to track. Yay! I love when friends are happy about healthy changes in their lives! But somehow when she described her X cal deficit, I immediately thought about how impossible it would be to maintain that myself, and I’ve been frequently revisiting for days now the way I felt at about an X/2 deficit when I maintained that for a while, and even that is giving me the stressed anxiety feels. I guess I just need to really take some time to remind myself that it’s okay if staying strong is more important to me than getting small, and just because X is easy for someone else doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me if a much lesser version of X is really hard for me, just that I’m different.
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    You're not back where you started. You conquered one fear and have moved onto conquering the next one. The weaver is a complete mind-fuck; not as bad as the dragons back but it's still up there on the mind-fuckery scale. I agree with @Jarric too, using the parallel bars as practice isn't perfect. The gap between them is too wide and the bars too thin. I've no doubt that you'll conquer this fear, just as you've conquered many others.
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    Gym update: This afternoon and evening kind of sucked. Much stress at work led to the anxiety activating the short-tempered anger, and everything was irritating. Every noise was too loud, every light was too bright, every person too cheerful. Husband wanted to help, but I told him I just needed space until I got this under control. He suggested going to the gym earlier than my scheduled time, since that always makes me feel better. Thinking that maybe not every person is irritating, I agreed and left a half hour earlier than usual. Since my normal workout always helps, I figured more exercises would be more helpful, so I expanded my warm-up a little. I did seated rows, and walking lunges. I did the leg lifts I learned from my knee rehab, I did sit-ups, and several reverse cobras. After this I did my regular workout: 3x5 of assisted pull-ups. 3x5 of OHP, and 1x5 Deadlift. (Warmup sets not included, third set and the deadlift set are technically amrap, but always end up being 5 or 6.) Two fantastic things about the last and heaviest deadlift set: A. I set my feet, stretch my arms so I can roll my shoulder back properly, and mentally set up for the lift, and just as I'm about to lean down and grip the bar, my Pandora station starts playing the intro to Primo Victoria. I had to stop and chuckle at that, and then start over setting everything up. But it was really funny at the time. B. 145 lbs is a new deadlift PR since my knee injury, and a tie with my PR pre injury. I'm choosing to ignore that second part, and celebrating new deadlift PR! (Partial credit to Sabaton.) Quest log updates: 1. Sleep. It’s starting to be annoying that I am so bad at this. But I have learned that anxiety often manifests as insomnia, so at least now I know why I am so bad at sleeping. So, measures will be taken to take power away from the anxiety, which in turn will make it smaller and less insomnia inducing. 1a. I have given myself a bed time and will use meditation techniques I have learned from Headspace to help my brain slow down and go to sleep mode. 1b. Daily meditation and some kind of physical activity will help the brain become stronger against the anxiety and stress Daily update: Tested three of the five loose leaf teas today. Tasty, and no heart burn anywhere in sight. Will observe the sleeping closely, via FitBit, since staring at myself sleeping would be creepy. 2. Schedule my gym workouts in Google Calendar, for three nights per week. This makes it exponentially more likely that I will actually go to the gym. Getting my tired behind into the car and towards the gym building is by far the biggest obstacle for me when it comes to working out regularly. QUEST COMPLETE 3. Request time off for all the dates listed in the Upcoming Events email I received yesterday, so it becomes possible for me to physically be present at the events I am volunteering for. This quest expires and automatically fails on Thursday 10th of January. QUEST COMPLETE 3a. Sign up for all the events. All of them! QUEST COMPLETE 3b. Add all the events to Google Calendar QUEST COMPLETE 4. Declutter and tidy the desk in my dragon cave. Completing this quest unlocks Quest # 8. 5. Join the Walk to Mordor 2019 PvP. Then link it in my sig so I can find it easily. QUEST COMPLETE 6. Sign up for Read Harder 2019 6a. Read the recommendations and make my book selection. 6b. Start reading early enough that I can actually finish it this year. 6c. Also, link it in my sig so I can find it easily. 7. Work on my NaNo project every weekend. 1/4 Weekly update 1: Added a couple of peripheral characters. Started research to figure out how to make Quoll Writer's backup go to Box.com, instead of to somewhere on the same computer. 8. Spec out and pick parts for the new computer build. Not available until Quest #4 is complete. 9. Sort out the skincare stuff 9a. Completely geek out on skin care ingredients and learn how they work, and which ones I want. QUEST COMPLETE 9b. Identify brands and products I want to use from here on QUEST COMPLETE 9c. Obtain the products from 9b 9d. Incorporate them into existing daily routines 9e. Obtain small daily journal to use for tracking when new product is added, and any unusual skin reactions Daily update: Oil cleanser obtained. Retinol serum obtained. Vitamin C serum obtained. Daily moisturizer was on the same shelf and 30% off, so has now also been obtained. Hydrating daily toner has been purchased and should arrive tomorrow. Hydrating toner has arrived and has been added to the routine. Left to acquire: Evening serum with either peptides or hyaluronic acids. New to the list: Gentle chemical exfoliant. 10. Activated by completing Quest #2: Go to the gym during my scheduled time. Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday. 10a. Reschedule Friday gym visits for Thursday evenings. Daily update: See above. 11. Activated by completing Quest #3: Attend all scheduled volunteer events. Daily update: First event tomorrow! Took the day off work so I can focus fully on the volunteering. Next event is this upcoming Sunday and Monday. First event went very well. Happiness factor increased by several points. And today's scaly creature:
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    I’ve been trying to relentlessly ask my self...”Is the emotional/physical/mental energy that I’m going to expend on this going to realistically move me toward ANY of my goals? Am I going to get ‘value’ from it commensurate with the effort?” That means i have to have goals That means I have to be aware of what I’m doing (mindfulness) That means I will chose those things that move me toward my goals. It leads to a lot of introspection Great timing moving north too...
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    Sunday update: not going to workout today because I’m hella sore again (I always forget how much leg goes into deadlifts and hang cleans; I think of them as back/arm stuff) BUT the big news of the day is that I went back through my exercise journal and apparently I’ve NEVER done DT for all five rounds (at least not in the last 10 months). I found three entries for that workout and in all of them I gassed out in the fourth round (one of them in the third round) AND my times for the workout were in the 30-32 minute range. This is unbelievable. It means I’ve gotten fitter, because I’m able to do all five rounds, AND faster overall. I am super stoked about this. It’s the best way possible to end week two, with such tangible evidence of improvements. RAWR
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    Day 4-6 I stuck to my eating window all 6 days this week and felt really good about it. I think i'm even getting better at being more intuitive about what I eat, I found myself not always eating all the food I brought to work, so I've been saving it for other days when I am super hungry, which is a nice freedom to have. I did another round of S&S at my new weight set, I want to up the number of reps at the new weight. With the S&S, I've reduced my soju+tuba press progression to once every 3 days, but I"m still making progress. And I definitely see the strength gains. In terms of my side goals: I've fallen off on my meditations for the past few days, I keep leaving it until too late in the day and then I forget before going to bed. So I'm going to try to make it more of a morning habit, or at least during the day on weekends. I am happy to report that I've kept up being tidier this year, so hopefully these habits will stick! Plant update: The dill got so tall (despite daily pruning) that it hit the lights and got burned leaves (which you can kinda see in the photo). Hopefully it learned a good lesson I did a major pruning and the other plants are slowly catching up .
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    Are you forgetting Mr. Paul Hogan? I see you've played knifey-spoony before!
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    Heh... you might be surprised... apparently I am such a good parrot that I speak Russian with a natural Moscovite accent. My tutor, Olga, says that she cannot tell that I am a foreigner... except for the clumsy grammar...
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    Oh, that is a MAJOR win! I'd have been furious at myself and the world for at least a half hour. I am impressed.
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    But, you know. I'm at "work" now, and here we are. :-)