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  1. One of Trader Joe's sauces is paleo. The Puttanesca I think...
  2. Here's the better link: http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/show/segments/view/extreme-diets-explained/ Yeah, all he's espousing is Yet Another Caloric Restriction Diet. Which imo, is harder / more "extreme" than "eat as much as you want, of lots of things". Ok, now he's pissing me off. "take away your calcium" -- false. "low fiber, bad for heart disease" -- check your research mr. doctor... The most frustrating thing to me is everyone's "X is bad for you!" they're falling for the Authority Fallacy, and then wonder why they're still getting a paunch, even though they eat all their low-fat multigrain bread. -- Ah, this is an older show. All the comments on that page are from 5 months ago.
  3. Good n=1 experiment! If you still want to cut the grains, make sure your'e getting enough calories & carbs from other sources. Go wild on the fruit to get enough carbs, and just make sure you're eating to fullness. You might want to calorie-count for a couple weeks. It's surprisingly easy to fall into "starvation mode" if you're not trying to eat enough. In terms of a testosterone boost, check out Mark's Daily Apple and Four Hour Body for tips on what to eat & do to increase production.
  4. Check out a book called Eating Mindfully. I haven't read it (yet), but my therapist fiancee recommends it when people start overthinking & overjudging their eating habits. The real spirit of Paleo isn't "here's a list of things you can & can't eat". It's about finding out what works well for you, over the long term. Like Huntress said, you want to find something you can be happy with for the next 10+ years. If what you're eating isn't making you happy (beyond the moment after you put it in your mouth), it's not sustainable. This is why most people follow the 80/20 guidelines. When I first started, I had a lot of cheating on weekends, or for a week at a time, and I'd feel bad, because I felt like I failed myself. I was being very critical, and holding myself to a too-rigorous standard. The change for me was to stop thinking of it as "I can't have X because of this external rule", and starting thinking of it as "I can eat X, but I choose not to, because I know it doesn't make me feel good". It stops being a restriction you put on yourself, and starts being an internal identity. Eating cake feels good right then, but when you eat mindfully, you notice how quickly the sugar-drive gets satiated, and then you're just eating this too-sweet crap taht will make you feel bad later. Also, adjusting one variable at a time (gluten, etc), and paying close attention to how you feel immediately, an hour later, etc, tells you a lot.
  5. Focus on what works for you. The other thing to do is to think about the components of what you ate, and see if that's what missing. Maybe you're not getting enough salt? Maybe you need some pro-biotics to help get your gut flora up? But ultimately, do what works for you.
  6. I just mean that I end up putting in my Caloric entry the morning after, instead of right after eating. It becomes a problem when I don't remember everything. Week 1 grade: 88%. I took Tues as a rest day, but ran H/S, so that's fine. I skipped Fri, and though I intended to make it up, I didn't. I did that workout today, and I think flipping the order of my ABC's will help, since that way I won't be doing legs right after my long run. However, skipping a workout is 10 points off. Food has been within my framework, and the only problem has been the delayed journaling, so 2 points off.
  7. Weekly Checkin: I've been at about 85% overall. Ive gotten all my food logged, though I'm starting to fall into the "morning after" habit, which is a bad one. That mostly stems from eating late, then going to bed. As long as I don't eat after dinner, i'm fine. Exercise, I took Tuesday as a rest day instead of running, which is fine. I ran with a group on Thurs, so Fri morning, I put off going to the gym for today, which means I have to make that happen... Not a good habit, but technically within my framework. I'll then need to run tomorrow to meet the goals. Always looking for friends on MFP, Fitocracy, and RK, so feel free to hit me up over there to follow along too!
  8. oh I'm sure My problem is that at 7am, I can never tell if it's a 35 or 45, and end up worrying over the 10 lbs...
  9. @squeege yes, you want to note the total weight you moved, including the bar. Most bars are 45lbs in the US, though your gym might also have a 35lbs bar, colloquially known as a "girl bar".
  10. Yeah, keeping the house free of foods is a big thing. My fiancee is gluten-free, and generally dairy-free, so that helps a lot.
  11. It's going very well! I haven't succumbed to any food I don't want to be eating, even when getting a milkshake for the fiancee the other night. I haven't updated here, but I've been logging everything in MFP (which is my big weakness). How's yours going? Don't see a link in your sig...
  12. Melyssa, yeah, I did! Ended up with an amazing company I've now been with for the last 2 years. They let me move to Seattle & telecommute, so I didn't have to worry about job hunting up here. Seattle is pretty cool so far, though I need to get out & into it more. Cait: public is definitely harder if you're in a group that are not like-minded. I slid down to a 80/20 gluten-free state, which isn't bad, but wasn't helping me with my goals, so I'm pushing my standards back up. My program is one I designed myself, using the big basic SS lifts, but split in a BW style. My only gripe with SS was time-on-the-floor, so I changed it up to fit within my timeframe. The 2nd post in this thread is what I'm doing now. I like Fitocracy, the values it assigns, and the large exercise DB they have. The only thing I don't like is their lack of connecting to any other app. They pull form RunKeeper, but that's all. I just learned up this new site through RunKeeper: http://www.weighttraining.com/ They also use a points/leveling system, though they don't couch it in RPG terms. They also hook into RunKeeper, so you can see everything there. So right now I have: MFP < > RunKeeper < WeightTraining, and RunKeeper > Fitocracy. I'm going to stay in Fitocracy mainly because it has a longer history of my lifts in there, so that I can better see my progression. If I were starting fresh, I would seriously consider WT.com; I've just started using it though, so I'm not sure how it'll age.
  13. Idealist, I think the determinant there will be how strong are the rewards? If you don't want to do the workout, will the reward prompt you to do it anyway, or will you just say "eh, oh well?" That's mostly mindset though.
  14. Hi All! There was an open spot on this group, so I jumped in! I've done a couple mudruns (WDx2, Devil Dash, Survivor Mud Run, Tough Mudder), and love trailrunning, hiking, camping. I'm planning on getting into backpacking this year, and just need to pester my friend to teach me. I just moved to Seattle from Boulder, so not being able to literally walk out my door & be on a trail is frustrating, but there's some awesome ones around, and I just need to make a point to get out there.
  15. Hey all! I haven't done a challenge in a couple years, but I'm back! I was a Ranger before, and though I'm pretty strength-heavy, I very much enjoy running, and it's part of my workout. I'm a cheapskate, otherwise I'd be at CF...
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