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  1. Dude, I wish I had your specific version of that problem haha. I'm a super keen baker (desserts! I will make ANYTHING that has oreos in it) and am still developing my steely self-control when it comes to not scoffing the results (particularly in progress - huge fan of raw doughs/batters ehehe).
  2. mmm, stored meats... I eat a mostly vegetarian diet but am not against the odd delicious dose of meat :-D Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. And the tastebuds more sensitive!
  3. Awesome! I'm so tired and lazy right now, can't even bring myself to google it - think the plank record holder is a lady of advanced years, held her plank for nearing 40 minutes! Holy shamoly...
  4. Tuesday - 60 minute barbell class followed by an hour of cardio/interval training. Normal brekkie, ham and egg + salad for lunch, 2 kiwifruit for a snack, normal veg/bean/flaxseed dinner. A couple of dates, an orange and an apple afterwards. Wednesday - 60 minute mix of yoga/tai-chi and pilates followed by 30 minute core class. Oh and I biked to and from the gym. Normal food day. 100 minutes sports cardio in pm (training + a class). Thursday - martial arts class in am, express barbell class followed by core class. Friday - 60 minutes of sports cardio training. Saturday - did some core
  5. Weeekend - 30 minutes bodyweight resistance training on Sat morn, normal breakfast, apple for snack, apple + yoghurt for lunch (again with the suckful lunch!), kiwifruit + coffee for snack, sorta junk dinner (self resolve, what happened to you?) at movie night with friends - slice lasagne + slice pizza + LOTS of salad (got something right ha)... + a few pieces of fudge. Sigh! Sunday - core class, normal breakfast, yoghurt + apple for snack, afternoon coffee + apple, assorted grazing in afternoon (OMG need to get a grip!), chicken drumstick + assorted veg + gravy for dinner. Piece of pumpkin
  6. 30 minute core workout this morning. Normal breakfast. Kiwifruit and apple for a snack. Kiwifruit and apple + shake for lunch (NOT ideal, forgot lunch today). Coffee milk (literally coffee dissolved in a cup of milk lol) for afternoon tea. Step class after work and then a short sprint run. Deliiiicious veg dinner (broccoli, carrot, cauli + cabbage) with sprouts, some baked beans, a boiled egg and flaxseed. Love love. Finished off with a couple of dates and a small apple.
  7. Breakfast - same. Had a small protein shake and a kiwifruit for morning snack. BodyAttack training at home then biked to gym and did 30 minutes of weights and then a 30 minute core class. Biked home. Protein shake, leftover steak and some broccoli with peanut butter for lunch. Followed it up with an orange actually. Might go for a bike ride for fun cos it's such a nice day today :-)
  8. I like to eat a couple of dates at night to stave off the dessert cravings (I used to LIVE for desserts - I worked out specifically so I could chow down on the most epic desserts haha). I usually just have them by themselves but you can also throw a bunch in the food processor with some peanut butter or nutella, some walnuts and flaxseed. Once processed, roll teaspoonfuls into balls and pop in a container in the freezer. Tastes like Snickers bars and just one will do the trick to punch that dessert craving in the neck.
  9. Wednesday - been at a work training thingummy all day so was amping to get to the gym afterwards. Fit in a BodyAttack class before a whole bunch of us went out for dinner. Looking forward to gym tomorrow! Was feeling like I'd lost my mojo but yay, think it's hotting up again :-D Foodwise, today has been pretty good. Tuesday was a bad day of which we will not speak so today was a mental recovery day. Ate my normal delicious oat porridge breakfast. Food was served at our training but thankfully it was pretty healthy. I did eat a couple of macarons though. Moving on. Steeeaaaak for dinner
  10. I shall start this off by getting something annoying off my chest. After 1 month and 3 weeks of clean eating, I lapsed and ate a blasted chocolate bar. Hopefully posting about this will allow me to release the guilt and move on :-p I'm going to keep a loose track of my daily exercise and nutrition here, whoop whoop. We'll start with yesterday because it was intense, and I want to start on a nice positive high lol - 4.5 hours of mixed cardio/resistance training (this is NOT normal for me, I was attending a group fitness workshop!). 1/2 cup quinoa porridge with berries and an apple for bre
  11. I'm a library assistant, library people are awesome! :-D
  12. I've got vibrams without the toes so you can wear normal socks with them :-)
  13. Glad you liked the vid, I get all spine tingly watching it lol. Same here, would love to get the strength up and bust out some of my own moves :-D We'll get there!
  14. Love this, having only recently rediscovered the existence of the third option :-)
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