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  1. If you need a buddy on fitnesspal you can find me lilangie9584
  2. Thanks! Today will actually be my first challenge as I have my weekly date night. When I'm with my boyfriend I make bad food choices. I drink soda (I chug it) I don't want to walk. etc. etc.
  3. 1.4 Goal #1 - Done. Goal #2 - Sunday Goal #3 - Done. Goal #4 - Done.
  4. 1.3 Goal #1 - Done. Goal #2 - Sunday Goal #3 - Done. Goal #4 - Done.
  5. 1.2 Goal #1 - Done. Goal #2 - Sunday Goal #3 - Done. Goal #4 - Done.
  6. 1.1 Goal #1 - I ran half a mile on the treadmill before I emotionally collapsed. I fell off back in January and I'm scared when I go on it. I'm still trying though... Goal #2 - Sunday Goal #3 - Done. Goal #4 - Done.
  7. I understand the sugar content. I wasn't drinking that much soda or coffee until a few years ago. It's been my anxiety crutch. And my work stresses me out so it's been an everyday issue. Even my boyfriend has said I'd rather you drink coffee or soda if it helps manage your stress. But I want healthy coping methods. So tea (some of it still has caffeine) but lacks the sugar. Yes I worked on it last challenge and I was doing very well.
  8. You are?! Nice. Day 1 has been okay. Nothing horrible.
  9. I bought a really like Jasmine Green Tea. I like it. And I also bought his herbal tea that I tried but I haven't figured out the right brewing time. Yes! I have been participating in the Disney runs since 2011. This was supposed to be my last year BUT they just announced the Disney Paris run so now I have to go do that. Thankfully it fits in with my Europe trip. A slight detour but that's okay.
  10. I'm doing the Disneyland Half Marathon too!
  11. Mine are Wirilome - Half Marathon at Disneyland on September 6th and Half Marathon at Disney World on November 7th. (I think this one is called Wine and Dine Half Marathon)
  12. Main Quest: Complete the Coast to Coast Challenge! Goal #1: I am training for my first half marathon which will take place on September 6th at Disneyland. So I have decided to start running more frequently. STR +2, DEX +1 Mondays: 6:30AM for 4 Miles Tuesday: 5:30AM for 4 Miles Wednesday: 5:30AM for 4 Miles Thursday: 5:30AM for 4 Miles Friday: 5:30AM for 4 Miles Saturday: 5:30AM for 4 Miles A >32 B >29 C >25 D >22 F <16 Goal #2: Sunday is increasing my miles. I can run up to 6 miles but I have never pushed myself to go past that. So I must!!! STA +2, DEX +1 June 14 = 7 Miles June 21 = 7 Miles June 28 = 8 Miles July 5 = 8 Miles July 12 = 8 Miles July 19 = 9 Miles A >6 B >5 D >4 F <3 Goal #3: I've decided to stop drinking coffee and soda and begin drinking tea. Problem is that I really, really hate tea. But I figured I would give it a shot. This will have a cheat based system for this goal because I tend to fail when I don't have it. Now I don't have to drink tea if I don't want to. BUT if there is a day that I want a coffee or a soda I will be going for tea. CON +1 Grade Scale: Week 1: 3 cheats Week 2: 2 cheats Week 3: 2 cheats Week 4: 1 cheats Week 5: 1 cheats Week 6: 0 cheats A >33 B > 30 C > 27 D > 24 F <21 Life Goal: Since I will be running a lot I will need to care for my face and my feet. I don't want nasty feet or pimples. So for the next 42 days I will learn to care for my body. This means cleaning my face before bed, brushing my teeth, and putting crème and socks before bed. CON +2, CHA +2 A >38 B >34 C >30 D >26 F <25
  13. I didn't finish the challenge so I won't be leveling up. I will be re-doing this challenge. Along with my 100 days to becoming a shaman. So stay tune.
  14. Congrats!!! Super cool!
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