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  1. Goal#1: cartwheel, grade D Goal#2: handstand, grade A Goal#3: push-ups, grade B I made a big mistake for this challenge! I tried to add more thing to my already busy routine ( ring training and bouldering). I did not spend as much time as I wanted on my goals and after the first week my right wrist was in trouble. Lesson learned!!! Next challenge!!
  2. Tried the level 1!! Pretty cool!!! Thank you!
  3. Push-ups: 31-30-30-30 Handstand: Frogger, wall handstand, hollow body holds Cartwheel practice Soooooo tired!!!
  4. Hey!! I used to have exactly the same problem! Practice these two excercises helped me a lot!!! http://youtu.be/QqGhsaduZEg Thanks for the support ! I would highly recommend Taking videos especially with HS! It helps you see the differences between what you feel and what you look like. I was very surprised! And quite disappointed at the beginning;)
  5. Pushups: 4x32-25-30-25 Handstand: wall HSx4, hollow body holdsx 3 Cartwheel practice I'm back!!
  6. Push-ups: 4x20 Handstand: wall HS facing out Cartwheel: variation1 I hate being sick! I'm just excercising off the sickness;)
  7. Ahahaha!! Thx! It's still wall handstands for me too!! Clearly!! I need to get stronger on the wall first and need to bail out properly! That was fun though!
  8. The Frogger is what I try to do in the video, even though I don't do a very good job:P It helps getting into the HS with more control. Here is a video:
  9. Thank you! I can't wait to try it! Even though I think I have to spend quite some time on the wall I like to challenge myself when I'm fresh and in the mood. I'm still not 100% yet but I feel much better! I took it very easy today but better than nothing! Push-ups:3x20 Handstand: Frogger x3, hollow body holds Cartwheel variation2 practice
  10. Thank you SO much for the tips!!! Unfortunately I have to take a break from training cause of a bad flu but I can't wait to start again! I don't have anyone who can spot me but I'll try to learn how to bail out. I only train on the wall (facing the wall and facing away from the wall)but I was excited to practice that day and that's the result:P Anyway I'll more as soon as I feel better!! Thank you so much again!!!!
  11. They definitely look better than I expected but there is a lot to work on! Thx for support!
  12. It was a beautiful and productive day!! I also took some vids! Cartwheel practice http://youtu.be/IFIpS5F2llk Frogger Push-ups 6x20
  13. Hey guys! So I finally decided to stick with cartwheels!!! I let the lack of time/ space, my wrist problem and to be honest my fear of failing discourage me but now I don't care. Even if I won't have a cartwheel by the end of the challenge at least I would be closer to get it than if I just give up! I practiced cartwheel yesterday and I'll do it again today, I'll stick with the first variation. On the bright side my handstand and push-ups goals are going great! If tomorrow the weather is nice I might take some vids! Cartwheel: variation1 Push-ups: 3x35 Handstand: HS facing away from the wall practice @Ben congrats on your new record! keep doing them as often as possible, just make sure to practice good form! It makes a big difference in the long run!
  14. Push-ups: 4x25 HS: hollowbody holds, HS against the wall Hey Ben! Thank you for the support! I practice my HS in my terrace but it's not ideal for cartwheel. There is no park where I can actually practice but I could go to the beach. I think my wrist is getting use to it, it's still sore but better. I'll be in Germany for the weekend, I'll decide if I'll continue the cartwheel training or if I'll do something else. Few beers will help the decision;)
  15. Ahahhah! Thank you Lilith, I already do bridge training once or twice a week. I can do an acceptable full bridge but that would be a good reason to working toward a better one. I'll think about it!! Thx again!
  16. I'm working a lot on my handstand trainign lately! I'll post some vids soon!! I'm thinking to change my cartwheel goal with something else because between the lack of space and the fear of hurting myself Im not making any progress. Also I get really tired when I do HS which increases my fear of falling when I try cartwheel. I'll think about a valid alternate first and then I'll see;)
  17. Handstand: wall handstand facing away from the wall Push-ups: 5x30 during all morning (more or less one hour between sets)
  18. yeah I thought it was going to be easier but I was so WRONG! I'll keep trying though and I'm improving with my good side. I had some friends from Germany visiting so I didn't practce but at least my wrist is better
  19. Push-ups: 30-25-30 My wrist is still a bit sore and I think it's from the combination of all my goals plus bouldering. I think it's just overusing and over bending it so much. Thanks for the help and suggestion!
  20. cartwheel: I'm getting better but only on one side! HS: hollow body hold (new record 80 secs), HS-in, HS-out my right wrist is a bit sore from the bending position, I'll give it a rest tomorrow and hope for the best
  21. Thx! I thought I had enough upper body strength but it's difficult to bring my legs up, I think I do something wrong but I'll keep trying!
  22. Cartwheel: I'll stick with the variation#1 for this week and I hope to get better Handstand: hollow body holds Push-ups: 28-25-25-25-25 Perfect way to start the week after resting for 2 days!
  23. Im soooo far from getting a decent cartwheel but thanks for the support;) Day#3 Cartwheel:I didn't practice so much today but it was still something Handstand: HS-out, HS-in, hollow body holds Push-ups: 20-20-20-15
  24. I like challenges with daily plans, it helps to keep you focus especially for buiding new habits/movement/skills. great job so far! keep it up!!
  25. Really great and detailed goals!! and great start! Thank you for the video, I found it very useful!!
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