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  1. I'm back in the challenge game after a long time away! My goals this challenge are focused on getting stronger for dance class, transitioning from Whole30 to Paleo and getting cosplay done before August's whirlwind happens! No sweetened caffeine! This means no soda, no sweet tea or sweet coffee drinks. (I already abstain from juice or sweetened flavored waters). Whole30 was a great impetus to get off the Diet Coke habit - now to stick with it. (This does not include ciders, wine, possibly beer depending on my reintroduction gluten tolerance) Dance class @ least 1x/week
  2. 1, Steps average for last week was 4949/day - SO CLOSE. 2. Got in 3 workouts - Ballet, Aikido and the level 1 bodyweight exercise for the academy 3. Tracked the calories! Bonus - just one sugary treat. A tiny but amazing orange cheesecake tart with a dollop of dark chocolate ganache on it. I love local desserts! It's raining today and I have Aikido tonight. Made some great progress in Saturday's class, so I hope to be able to keep it going! No ballet on Wednesday this week - I'm going to try and find a makeup class on Friday.
  3. Depends on the dog. I use this app and run with my corgi, but she's a sprinter, so this kind of stop & start is something she enjoys. Depending on how fast you walk or run, you may end up too energetic for your dog by the time you're at the end of the program. But if they're training along with you - you'll be surprised at how they can keep up. The main problem I've had is trying to get her to sit at intersections - which almost always happens when my run section starts again.
  4. I signed up for the NerdFitness academy!! So excited I've also signed up for a ballet class (I took 11 years of classical ballet training before college) and it is very good to be dancing again. My steps are starting to slip under my average - BOO - time to kick it up and walk/run more. No sugary treat so far this week. Not sure what I want... maybe a donut from our local artisinal donut/biscuit place.
  5. I use Beeminder to keep track of the unofficials, myfitnesspal for calories, fitbit for steps, aria for weight. I like to automate as much as I can so that I don't have to think about the reporting. On a work trip until tomorrow morning, which means steps up and calories up. Boo. Did pretty well at PF Changs last night, but woke up seriously puffy this morning. Next challenge? Sodium and sleep. (need another S!)
  6. I'm still looking for an accountabillibuddy group for this challenge - I don't have a good theme going yet to help me decide. My fellow super-hero and IRL accountabillibuddy is my husband, who just inadvertently backed us into trying intermittent fasting for a few weeks and makes sure I go to Aikido class every week. +1 CHA
  7. Let's see - steps are on target and I've tracked all my food choices last week - the good and the terrible, no-good, very-bad not-so-good. Aikido class was the only official exercise of the week, unfortunately. Lots of unofficial exercise from emptying, cleaning, painting and restocking the sewing/costuming room, however! So I'm 2 of 3 for last week, plus my side quest. This week's delicious sugary treat was a orange blossom chocolate cheesecake tart from my favorite local bakery. It is exactly as awesome as it sounds.
  8. Odin8, I'm using the Zombies Run 5K app - it's like couch 2 5k, but based around the world of the Zombies, Run! app. https://www.zombiesrungame.com/ terosx, I think the lights are likely diffused LEDs that shine from the bottom, with a switch to operate them separately from the body armor glow. LEDs are something I want to play with this year. Gypsyheart, I think last year's steampunk Final Fantasy White Mage is my favorite!
  9. I'm not sure that Helmet from Hotline:Miami is considered sexy - but some of the ones in this video might count. If I'm in town, I have no problems getting to Aikido class twice a week. I want to make sure I still work on my Zombies 5K and/or lift some weights during the week, so that's what the extra 1-2 days are for.
  10. I get stressed, I don't eat right, I don't exercise. Same main quest, slightly revised goals! Main Quest Lose weight and increase strength in order to deal with stress better, look awesome in costumes and perform better in Aikido. 1. Average 5K steps/day over the 6 weeks. This is a 25% increase in my step average for the past 6 months. 2. Exercise at least 4x/week. The following count: Aikido class, Zombies to 5K practice, an actual 5K, weight lifting 3. Track your calories in myfitnesspal - 6 days/week Side Quest Desserts - they make me feel bad and usually aren't that tasty t
  11. Taken directly from my challenge thread - I didn't do too well, but I learned a bunch about how I deal with stress!
  12. Report! (grimly) Main Quest Lose weight and increase strength in order to look awesome in costumes! (and perform better in Aikido, but really, it's all about the costumes) 1. Average 5K steps/day over the 6 weeks. This is a 25% increase in my step average for the past 6 months. I barely skated over this, but I DID IT. (thank you Dragon Con, and your 14k+ step days). 5,723K steps average over 6 weeks. +1 CON 2. Exercise at least 4x/week. The following count: Aikido class, Zombies to 5K practice, an actual 5K, weight lifting Not good. I averaged about 1-3 days/week. This is a C, so no bon
  13. Wow. So that was Dragon Con 2013. I ran into a fellow NFer in the dealer room, walked at least double my goal every day of the Con and had a blast. Sadly, calorie counting fell by the wayside. I gave myself a mini goal of at least having vegetables or a salad every day, but I'm not sure that counteracted the rum, whiskey, etc. Next year, less whiskey, more water.
  14. Week 3 was ok - more vet trips for the cat and work suddenly got much busier. My steps and my workouts have slipped during week 4 - hurt my back in aikido at the end of week 3, then exacerbated it with multiple airplane trips in a 24 hour period. Now I can't actually perform Aikido in tomorrow's class - just going to go and watch. Still on track with my soda drinking (or not drinking, as the case may be!). Calories and meals have gone a bit crazy with the travel and the Dragon Con prep - popcorn for dinner more often than not. Hang in there, everyone!
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