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  1. Final Grades: Quest 1: A 0 Cheats Quest 2: A- 22:51 (10 seconds off race PR) Quest 3: A 4.5 total inches lost on waist and hips (2.5/2) Quest 4: F No progress
  2. Day 35: The big race. Missed my PR by about 10 seconds -- just didn't have any more. I grade it an A-. Did 22:51 instead of 22:41, but better than 7:30, which is what I thought was possible. Perhaps my costume was the factor -- if so, it was worth it. http://imgur.com/a/zHfDS
  3. Day 31: I completed my last training run this morning -- now I will try to recover over the next few days. 7:30 is definitely within sight. I bought material for my Ranger costume for the Halloween run and I have access to a sewing machine this weekend (and some help). I have found some patterns -- it should be relatively simple -- just making a hooded cloak and vest. Still doing 5 days of CF and very strict paleo. I have already achieved my inches goal, but hope to make even more progress on this.
  4. Day 26: Just took measurements and am down 3" in my waist and hips (goal was 2", so woo-hoo!) -- I can definitely see improvement, but still a little flabby around the belly, so more to do here for sure. I have only lost 1 pound in this challenge, so I am also accomplishing this the way I really want to, as a recomp.
  5. Thanks for the support and idea, Kinder. I have an hour when I get home today before I have to start dinner -- I'm going to work on a plan at lunch to make that hour productive.
  6. Day 22: Still doing the regimen -- pretty easy week. Went out to dinner with family, but was able to order a mixed grill and steamed vegetables. Did a 4 mile run with 3 of them at 7:30 pace average, so I think I can at least get a B in my goal. Still trying to hunt for a Ranger Halloween costume I can run in. My parents converted a video from my mom's birthday party in 1997 and I had to watch myself at about 60 pounds more than I am now -- kind of depressing that I wasted my 20's and early 30's being so out of shape, but reminded me of how far I came and where not to go. Going nowhere with App
  7. Day 14: kept regimen going. Did my sprint for 1600 meters on Saturday to meet 2 runs/week and mini-challenge. Had to go to a potluck yesterday, but made a dessert I could have (paleo apple crumble), and the main dish was kebobs, so it was pretty easy to stay on track. Went looking for halloween costume accessories for race, but came up empty. Weight is 155 (-2 from start). Not much work on my app backend. Really need to do some hours on that this week.
  8. Day 8: conference had lots of healthy choices, but still nice to have my food options for snacks. I did a bodyweight set (100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats -- for time) in my room yesterday and 5k on the treadmill today fairly fast -- started in a jog, but ramped up to a full out sprint with a very fast last mile.
  9. Slow cooking some ribs for meals this week. Also making some beef jerky for homemade Paleo Kits (jerky, nuts, and dried fruit) to take with me to the conference I'm going to tomorrow. Will be tough to workout tomorrow, have to leave at 6:15. Either get up at 4:45 and do a quick WOD like Cindy or do something in my hotel room or gym later (which is tough because of tight schedule before dinner). I think I would have skipped it if I weren't in this challenge.
  10. I really liked YogaX when I tried P90X. Some very hard moves. Keep up the good work!
  11. I just called my mom after reading your goals. Thanks for the reminder on how important that is.
  12. If you can do the no processed foods goal, you can do anything. Would love to know more about what you're eating, and how that's going.
  13. Good idea on the 5 an hour. Great job so far -- keep it up.
  14. I have a lot of respect for anyone doing the challenge with a stop-smoking goal. Not a smoker, but grew up in a family of smokers and saw how hard it was to quit, which nearly all did. Good job getting two A's -- something to build on.
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