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  1. Hello guys thanks for the advice. I do have food sensitivities such as milk and wheat and almonds and cashews. I also have minor sensitivities to things like chicken and soy. But I'm not going to stop eating chicken lol. Time management for pretty much daily life with college ang work is going to be tough. Its 2:30 in the morning and I'm awake and I sleep till 2 in the afternoon and then go to work at 3 to midnight. How am I going to do any of this!!
  2. My account goes negative about 300 dollars every paycheck heck every week. And it because I eat out so much. I have a problem. So this challenge I'm going to work on my cooking skills and cook very simple meals for every meal. Breakfast lunch and dinner even If its oatmeal or toast. I've also finally started college again at GCU and working my bachelor's in buisness so I guess in working on wisdom too. And I'm taking medication for depression so that's a big step for me too. Learning to balance college from home and a full time job is going to be tough so if you guys have any advice please comment. Even if its recipes or workouts saving money anything. I need to get my life together.
  3. So I've been eating out everyday still. Almost quit my job. I want to work from home. I'm talking to a counselor from Grand Canyon univeristy. Parents are helping me with my budget. Not eating organic gluten free at all. And I'm playing genshin impact rather than reading.
  4. Not the best. But I do have medication for my skin.
  5. I've been using topical clindamycin on my cheek for months now. It's getting better but I want it to be clear. So I thought of putting only good things in my body to use. Organic and gluten free. Also follow my food sensitivity charts. Another big goal is getting my finances straight. I go negative al the time because I eat out a lot. Its embarrassing. 1. Only eat out once a week 2. Eat as natural as possible. 3. Put money in saving and dont go negative. Random goal. Reading
  6. Donated plasma yesterday. I got dizzy and sick and puked I’m never doing that again
  7. So I applied to wayfair to see if I can work from home. Not sure if I even want too work from home. I probably failed the assessment lol. Also seeing if I can donate plasma today. And do door dash. And pay bills and buy more gluten free dairy free food
  8. Still eating Arby’s I feel like crap. I convinced that all the stuff I’m sensitive too is addicting. Like I WANT TO EAT IT CAUSE I CANT. Also I’m watching nerd fitness YouTube videos are they consistent? Cause I like Steve Kamba think days videos
  9. yes I found oat milk a few weeks ago I love it. It does spoil quickly though lol. It gets sour.,rice milk is good too.
  10. I also have sensitivity to cashews and almonds
  11. Didn’t they they could do that lol
  12. So going over my goals 1. How I react to milk. I start coughing and get a head ache also stomach upset. Same with almonds and almond milk also I think my face turns red and my stomach swells up. Total wheat belly going on lol. wonder if my rosacea spot will clear up if I eliminate all this? 2. was doing good then I had an Arby’s craving and it hasn’t stopped. Ordering door dash is awesome for a hermit crab. 3.oh yeah..... I make a small diner in animal crossing and kicked out a few people for new people. I must buy the card sets and get Julien
  13. yeah I should you know not eat those foods
  14. I’ve also been eating Arby’s...self control guys. It’s rough. Gotta do all the food eliminations. also I downloaded the mint app for budgeting money so far it’s awesome. My account is negative cause I go out and eat when I shouldn’t. might get a credit card
  15. Has food sensitivities that make me sick. and I eat macoroni and ice cream...I feel like I wanna die. I hate my life
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