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  1. so for added benefit/encouragement not to miss...im deep enough into my sets now that skipping a day makes the workout even harder the next day...eek!
  2. okay...did a little better with the workouts this past week. and...I made huge progress on my bonus challenge, I got a customer to sign up for a $500/month package... woot...anyways...here's this week's comparison pic...
  3. Ok...took a little bit longer of a break than I intended to, but finally got back to working out today...anyways, to keep track of my progress, and to keep myself accountable, I've decided to post weekly before/after shots...because I want to be able to see a difference at the end of the challenge...here's the first one:
  4. I go back and forth between a couple recipes, but I use EAS 100% Whey Protein as the base, then usually bananas or pumpkin with spices or cocoa powder, sometimes coffee and cocoa powder for a mocha type taste. Update: I did very well having protein shakes and eating my bagged lunch, but I didn't work out the past couple days because I got my workout on the slopes. We got almost 3 feet of snow over the weekend, so there were epic lines to shred. Planning to get back to it today.
  5. Short and sweet! Love it. Also, I heart kettlebells.
  6. Nice! I have some friends who are WWOOFing in Hawaii and NZ at the moment. They are loving it. It's definitely something I want to try sometime soon.
  7. Good job with the water! That's a huge challenge for me. I've figured out that I don't like warm water...I only like to drink it when its really cold. If its not cold, I have to add something to it.
  8. Just keep swimming! I have those half-hearted days as well. Days when I don't even want to get out of bed, and I get angry at my person for wanting to go out and do things. Sometimes those moods last for days. But doing something is always better than doing nothing...
  9. just dropping in to say HI! It's been a long time since my last challenge, but I need to start working on my 30 by 30 quests, so now is as good a time to start as ever!
  10. I'm back! I've been waffling around doing the seasonal thing for the past couple years. I've done a couple challenges in the past, but got away from fitness lately. I'm waaaaay out of shape now so I figured this was as good a time as any to get back into it. My big goal is to be in better shape. 3 Mini Goals: Drink a protein smoothie for breakfast every day. CON +2, CHA +2 Do my daily workout according to this spreadsheet. STR +4 Eat the (healthier) lunch I pack for work instead of buying food there. WIS +2, CON +2Life Goal: Get enough clients in my editing and formatting service, PostPolished.com, to make $1000 per month. This is equal to roughly 7 clients. I currently have 1, with another in the discussion stage. WIS +3 I started yesterday, but the site was down so I couldn't post this thread. It feels good to get moving again. I feel like I have been very lazy for a while now.
  11. Little bit delayed but here we go: 1. Win the bet -- the BF gets here Friday and we'll pick the winner then. I'm hopeful as I've been doing my exercises consistently. 2. Boardslide & 180 -- didn't achieve either one of these, but I did increase the difficulty of my riding significantly, so I still consider this a win. You just can't play in the park on powder days! 3. 140 lbs -- clocked in this morning at 141.6 lbs, which is close but not quite there. 4. Job stuff -- I'm going to Alaska! Woo hoo!
  12. so we've got a little less than a week left in the challenge, and I've got a little more than a week before my six-pack bet ends. here's a photo update to where I am now. I'm going to try to do a core workout everyday until the bet actually happens. I'm probably not going to get the boardslide down, and definitely not the 180. The snow has just been way too nice on my days off to spend them in the park. I have been shredding the double blacks though, so i count that as a win. I notched down to 140.8 but have since bounced back up to 143. Not sure what is going on there, but I blame the day I sat around watching chick flicks and eating twix.
  13. So I've been having a lazy couple of days. I've been especially pissed off at work and I need an attitude adjustment. I don't really know what's going on with me. I think its just that I'm done with this sub-section of my life. I mean, I love snowboarding, but I'm kinda over the whole lifty thing and the being poor all the time. I've continued to apply for real jobs even though I have the Alaska job, because I finally feel ready for a permanent position again. I missed my last ab workout because I'm just tired. It's like I can't catch up no matter how much sleep I get. There's some fresh snow out there today, but I just don't feel like heading out. Maybe I'll go to the library or something.
  14. So I'm feeling better from my spill last week. I stayed off the snow for both of my days off, which is a first for this season. I also clocked in at 140.8 lbs this morning. Woo! And I'm making progress with my abs as well. We had a hot tub party last week to celebrate/relax after the powder days. One of my guy friends was like "Brittany, you are looking very fit right now." Boom. So the only thing really outstanding is the boardslide and 180, and I really don't know if I'm going to get there. I mean, I'm gonna try, but my weekend is shaping up to be another set of powder days which means I probably won't be in the park. And I'm not allowed to hit it on work days so... I also applied for a couple more real jobs, one at Dakine and one at Quirky. We'll see if anything comes from them. I am not very optimistic about random application submissions, as I know first hand how much of an impact knowing someone at the company can make. But both positions sound like something I'd really enjoy, so I'm hopeful that I can at least get to the interview stage. I am the Jedi master of interviewing.
  15. So I tanked pretty hard riding home from work on Friday, and it's put me out of commission for the past few days. I've got whiplash in my neck and extreme soreness in my lower back. I even cracked my coffee thermos in the fall.
  16. Thanks for the encouragement Nyxy. Things have been going especially well, which is why I haven't had a chance to update lately. I've been out riding 4 full days of fresh powder!!! We got 34 inches of snow in about 4 days, pretty evenly spaced, so we have had awesome riding since Sunday! Today was literally the first day that we didn't ski powder. As far as my challenges go, here's my update since I missed it before. 1. Abs -- been doing pretty well with my workouts, missed I think 2 days because I was just so sore and exhausted from skiing 9-11 inches of powder. That shit is hard work! 2. Boardslide/180 -- you don't go in the park on powder days! 3. 140lbs -- down to 142 last I checked. My scale freaked out this morning and initially told me that I was 131, so I moved it and tried again. 4. Jobs -- so far I am definitely going to Alaska, however, I have continued to apply for real jobs. If I got offered one though, I'd have to double check that it would actually be worth it. The Alaska job pays really well and its super cheap to live in the employee housing up there.
  17. I just need a quick rant about what went on today. Generally I love my job at the ski resort: I get to be outside, go snowboarding, and only interact with guests in 5 second conversations. But today. it was snowing for the first time all season (like heavy continuous snow), and it was big wet flakes because it was above freezing. My uniform is supposed to be, but is not actually, waterproof at all. So I'm standing outside for 4 freaking hours this morning sweeping snow off the chairs for people as they load, and bumping the chairs at the same time. Then after lunch I had a couple of downloaders (people who want to ride the lift downhill rather than skiing), which is fine. But when I went over to meet them on their side of the lift, I forgot the broom to sweep the chair. So I used my hand. Some bitchy woman decided that I didn't do a good enough job and felt the need to complain about it to the ticket office. So after being soaked to the bone all day, I then had to endure two of my supervisors coming up to me and asking why I didn't sweep her chair. I mean, I take full responsibility for not having the broom with me, but is that really a complainable offense? Especially when you're just going to get soaked on the ride down anyways because its dumping snow? sorry, that is all.
  18. SO I got the job in Alaska! I will be spending mass amounts of time on a zip line this summer, woo! Skipped my ab workout yesterday because I busted my ass on some ice walking down a few stairs and my lower back was really painful. Did it today to make up for it though! Skiing went better than expected. I even went over the fun box in the terrain park on my skis! I think my roommate and I are going to buy a pair. They have some old demo skis for sale at one of the ski shops for about $60 including bindings. Down to roughly 143 lbs. Had that minor blip to 139, but I was definitely dehydrated (that's what happens when you drink your bodyweight in alcohol over a 6 day period!). I'm trying to be better about Paleo, but it's hard when I have to work with what's in my kitchen because I have no money to buy other food. And when I say none, I mean it, I'll have about $3 left in my checking account after paying all my bills this month.
  19. Big weekly update. 1. Abs -- been doing my workouts regularyly. Went to yoga on Friday, but we didn't do much core work, so I threw in an extra ab session saturday night. 2. Boardslide and 180 -- I've almost landed the boardslide yesterday. I get the slide on the box but then just go sailing off the end of it onto my ass. Off the jump I am consistently landing it, and even managed to land an Indie grab. 3. 140 lbs -- stepped on the scale this morning at 139lbs. Possibly from dehydration so I'm going to keep an eye on it. I'm trying out skiing today for the first time in 12 years, wish me luck!
  20. Glad to be of assistance. I've found a few of those workouts that I can really feel in my core. A couple of the bodyrock workouts I may start attempting in the next few days. This not being allowed in the terrain park while working is really cramping my second goal. I took a black diamond lesson yesterday which was pretty sweet, I learned to do a tripod (picture below, not of me, just of what a tripod is), so I'm feeling pretty BA right now, but I need to spend more time on the boxes. Was at 143.6 just now before my shower! Woo! Also, have an interview to be a zipline guide in Alaska tomorrow. I have a bunch of friends at the ski resort that did it last summer and are going back, sounds freaking awesome!
  21. I'm pretty jealous of you right now. I haven't been out of the country in almost two years, and that is very different for me. For 4-5 years, I missed my one friend's birthday every year because I was never in the country. Also, tango sounds pretty awesome. I ridiculously uncoordinated when I don't have a plank of wood strapped to my feet.
  22. I have a Pinterest board filled with ab workouts (http://pinterest.com/bkeller87/win-the-bet/), so I've been doing a different one everyday so far trying to find one that I like/can actually feel in my core. Thanks for the Paleo suggestions. Its been hard, especially this past week because its been so cold (-13 when I left for work Saturday), and when its that cold, I want something hot for lunch.
  23. Week 1 full update: 1. Six pack bet -- I've been really good with my workouts this week. The only one I didn't do at the right time was yesterday's. I wasn't feeling so hot and skipped it last night, but plugged it in this morning so I didn't fully skip it. I am already starting to feel more definition, just gotta get it showing through now. 2. Boardslide and 180 -- my roommate is landing an Indie grab pretty consistently off the jump, and I am finally consistently landing the jump. I'm also not so afraid of the standard 50/50 on the box anymore. We planned to do a bunch of laps in the park yesterday, but negative degree temperatures (and minor hangovers) prevented it. It was so cold that my Gatorade froze before I had time to drink half of it. 3. 140lbs -- I started the challenge at about 145.5, and I'm down to 144 as of this morning. The Paleo portion is probably going the least well of my goals, it's really hard for me to find Paleo things to bring to work when I don't have a microwave. 4. So I've decided that since I know the pros and cons of real vs funemployment, I'm going to apply to both. The biggest pro to real employment is that I can pay off all my debt faster and maybe even accumulate some savings. The biggest con is that I'll probably hate it for however long I do it. For funemployment, the payoff is slower, but my quality of life is much higher. So I'm going to apply to each type 1:1, i.e. for each funemployment application I submit, I have to put in one for a real job as well. My bf is giving my resume to one of his coworkers who used to be a headhunter, so we'll see if anything comes of that. Now back to the mountain...its a bit warmer today so maybe I'll last through an entire lesson!
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