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  1. Love it! Well done on learning something really important about yourself and to be honest about how we humans react to ignoring some of our needs. I too end up over eating when I try to deny myself certain foods... and I too have learned to relax the control over what I eat. Its one of the reasons for my "Fuel" goal, instead of saying no snacking or less deep fried foods or no giant piles of carbs, I am saying eat more vegetables and fruit. Nothing is being eliminated... but by default some will be replaced. Hint for slowing down how you eat: try to eat things that require you to "work".
  2. Nice challenge! Lots of stuff to do and keep track of... but as you are working on the same goals over a year probably realistic. I too am up to round 2 of my year long set of challenges. I look forward to seeing how you go!
  3. What a great idea for learning about your craving triggers! I look forward to seeing how you go... Great first couple of days already!!!
  4. Welcome! Great goals! And allowing yourself a treat now and then is part of living a balanced life. Well done on learning that lesson! I too am doing stuff for my home as part of my challenge. Fellow Flybaby here... although I no longer follow as strictly, I learned a lot about creating my routines and staying consistent and being kind to myself from FlyLady.
  5. Good luck... It does sound like a lot of things to keep track of daily, but if you make it all into a nice routine/ritual it may well work well!
  6. Welcome back to the Druids. Very interesting stuff about the water... never heard about it, but its something I might look into in the future. I did Tai Chi Yang style long form for many years. Stopped when I got pregnant with my first daughter and never restarted... but its something I will do again. Maybe in Autumn. Anyway its nice to have a Tai Chi practitioner around.
  7. Thanks. Those goals have evolved over many years... and will continue to evolve I am sure. For me at least I tend to isolate myself from family and friends when I start running low on energy or am depressed. Ironically its one of the worst things to do under that situation... Which is why I added those to items to my goals as a reminder. The re-numbering is automatic because I formatted that text as a "numbered list". No magic.
  8. Don't worry your secret is safe with me... Welcome to the Druids!
  9. Welcome to the Druids! Great goals. I specially like your Life Quest. And your celebration plans... sound great. I might need to consider some kind of celebration plans for myself. I would recommend you double check what your calorie level should be... 1200-1500 sounds a bit low for the level of exercise you are listing and your height/weight. Main concern is that you end up loosing lean body mass and not fat. Eventually you will plateau and your body goes into starvation mode (it becomes a fat storing machine!). The calculator below is great because you can calculate what your calorie t
  10. Your goals 1 to 4 are similar to mine. We come from different approaches trying to reach the same results... good luck. Stay consistent! Loved the video... not sure I can do half those poses... but soon. I too would love to do a one handed hand stand.
  11. As a fellow desk jokey... I hear you on the flexibility. I to am working on the hamstrings. I was going to comment on your scoring of A, B and then nothing but an F. Thats a bit harsh in my experience... sometimes a C or D is well earned, specially if life throws a curve ball our way. I once was an A or nothing kinda girl myself, now I am a lot kinder on myself and somehow I am actually making more progress and enjoy life a lot more. Anyway, as you are going for the bonus all A, I can see how not having the option to fall back on a C is motivating. Oh look at that... I commented anyway.
  12. Chanda takes a deep breath. She is ready for the next step. Here I am for round 2 of Living the Good Life!!! From the last challenge I confirmed that I need to be kind with myself in order to regain my resilience. I learned that its only by going slowly that I build and maintain solid habits that benefit my life. My main quest remains the same... I just reworded the weight loss part. Main Quest: 42 or “Living the Good Life†I am capable, loving and relaxed. I have daily meaningful contact with my husband and my 2 daughters Looking after my health and appearance is a habit Our home
  13. I am so sorry to read about your loss. It sounds like your grandmother was an amazing woman from your description. Those are characteristics which so many people underestimate these days. You'll do her memory honour by learning from her example.
  14. I've done the 1 raisin mindfulness exercise. I haven't eaten another since... Its just too much hard work to look at/smell/feel/eat a raisin that slowly! And if you've been good and put away the packet of raisins in the kitchen cupboards then walked elsewhere to eat that raisin, there is no way you are getting up for another serving of 1 raisin. Come to think of it I should do that with all my snacks. Now seriously, for the past 4 weeks my family and I have been eating our way through a packet of jelly beans (100g 3.5ounce). Once or twice a week if/when someone remembers we each get 5 jelly
  15. Awesome about the job! The rest will take care of itself...
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