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  1. I love life - I love the whole world - Boom De Yada - Boom De Yada! :)

  2. Thank you so much for that lovely comment. Its come at just the right time after a long hard day at work (my girls are sitting next to me watching cartoons while I unwind enough to be human again). Some days are so chaotic I barely make it through the day, getting the full days work done is rare around here... and feel I am just not there enough for my girls or my husband or my family and friends or even myself. My husband took that photo and it was a complete accident. I think its an optical illusion... it somehow projects a more energetic, confident, stronger, slimmer version of me. The me I want to be ALL the time. I feel a huge sense of responsibility to be a good role model to my girls - and to be the best I can be for myself. Thats why I am here... and the profile pic is where I am headed!

    I don't think its ever too late to inspire/challenge our kids!

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