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  1. Danke! Still not 100%… but at least now I am on holiday. About to leave on a road trip. But before I do here are a few more Advent days.
  2. I've been hit by a nasty virus… so have been offline. Apologies for the interrupted Advent calendar. It will resume tomorrow!
  3. Day TWELVE: Inspiration for the New Year With the end of the year fast approaching, you may want to sit back with a nice cup of your favorite beverage and let yourself be inspired for 2014 by the following list of tips: http://zenhabits.net/handbook-for-life-52-tips-for-happiness-and-productivity/
  4. When I've done it, I'll share it. In this case, a 20 slide ppt would be called Christmas Boot Camp!
  5. Day ELEVEN: Christmas Card Workout Another great idea is the Christmas Card Workout. For each card you receive with one of the following motifs… you get to do the allocated exercise (feel free to adapt it to your own ability level/preferences): Santa card: 5 burpeesReindeer card: walk up and down 5 flights of stairsChristmas Tree card: 30 second tree pose on each legSnowman card: 30-60 second plankReligious inspired art card: 3 sun salutations Star card: 30 star jumpsCute Cat or Puppie card: 10 squats Since the number of Christmas cards we get these days are a lot less, I suggest you do thi
  6. Day TEN: Snowflakes One of the best activities this time of the year is doing crafts. While the world goes crazy commercial all around you… you can be home getting creative with the simplest of materials. We've been cutting snowflakes and sticking them to our windows. Its a lot of fun to come up with new shapes and looks rather pretty! What you'll need: scissors and plain white paper. Instructions here: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-6-Pointed-Paper-Snowflakes/step1/Replicating-a-Real-Snowflake/
  7. Day NINE: Exceptions are dangerous For today your advent gift is a little piece of wisdom: exceptions are dangerous! Those following this advent calendar may have noticed I am a couple of days behind. The simple truth is that I was too tired on Saturday to post for that day… so I told myself I would do it first thing on Sunday morning. And you know what happened? I didn't… not only didn't I do it but I ended up not posting at all on Sunday either. Which leads to a very important piece of advise. Quoted directly from Leo at zenhabits.net: Leo is talking about a ban, but this same
  8. Day EIGHT: Doctor Who: The Feast of Steven I am not a fan of the Doctor myself, never having watched an episode of the show. Don't worry, I plan to rectify the situation: "watch all available episodes of Doctor Who" is on my todo list for 2014. Anyway, it has not escaped my attention that the Doctor Who Christmas Special episodes have become a bit of a regular tradition for fans of The Doctor. In my research for this advent calendar I learned that the very first Christmas Special actually aired on 25.Dec.1965! Long before the time of the new fancy Doctor Who series. "The Feast of
  9. Thats a great idea. I have some really boring meetings that do have some repetitive themes… I might make one of these myself.
  10. Day SEVEN: Office Christmas Roulette Getting tired of all the Christmas stuff? Turn it into a game… Below is an example. Depending on your own fitness level and what you are likely to encounter you can make your own list. https://tribesports.com/blog/office-christmas-workout-roulette
  11. Day SIX: Whats life without some bad jokes? http://www.whychristmas.com/fun/cracker_jokes.shtml
  12. Day FIVE: Santa Yoga Santa is always jolly despite his extremely long to-do list at this time of year. What is his secret? The answer is simple: Yoga! http://www.sangayoga.org/yoga-with-santa/ (follow the link and keep clicking to turn the pages and read the short Santa Yoga story)
  13. Day FOUR: Reduce Holiday Stress At this time of the year many of us get stressed out… the todo list just keeps getting longer. Here are some tips to help reduce holiday stress. Maybe you find something in there that is helpful to you. http://sbinfocanada.about.com/od/timemanagement/a/holidaystress.htm http://www.yorkregion.com/community-story/1469643-relax-during-holiday-season-stress-expert-says/ Remember to take a few moments to relax an enjoy yourself!
  14. Day THREE: Christmas Star Wars style! Putting up the tree: And caroling: For those not familiar with the song itself: Looking out for Santa's Sleigh: And finally:
  15. Its early days in December… However I think if you keep following those guidelines you will do great! Having a mother who is right on board with being healthy is awesome! Yes, shoveling snow is a great workout. My husband loves shoveling snow… he does it every chance he gets (which is rarely for us, which could be why he enjoys it… that and the quiet time to himself!). Can you listen to some music while shoveling snow? I would imagine that would make it less boring. If you do make a fort it would be awesome to see some pics!
  16. Day TWO: Many of us worry about the over consumption of food during the holiday time. These tips are an interesting take on the topic: Top 5 Fitness Tips for Christmas. For those of us that are put under pressure by our loving family and friends to eat more, our fearless leader posted something a few days ago that has some helpful tips: How to avoid holiday confrontation while living healthy. The best thing is that they don't just apply to Christmas, they work for all the big celebrations involving large consumption of food and drink! Personally when I want to reduce my consumption dur
  17. Thats a wonderful way to celebrate. Not only do you give your coworkers the opportunity to celebrate with their families, you also get to celebrate with your family in a relaxed way! New Thanksmas sounds like an awesome celebration!
  18. My husband and I come from opposite sides of the world (Australia and Portugal) and now live in Germany. We are a secular family and our festive season is a blend of the best of all 3 countries and whatever else we pull in from other cultures. It keeps evolving but some things are always a must. Some of our favorite "must" activities are: Baking St Lucia Bun's which is a Swedish tradition. Baking gingerbread cookies.Baking traditional english christmas cake and pudding (which my husband does in October so it will be ready to eat at Christmas).One advent calendar with small gifts for the whole
  19. DAY ONE: Embracing the festive season World Wide. Learn about a few different festive season traditions from all over the world. I love to learn about how different cultures celebrate! 10 Different Traditions from across the world. Christmas Worldwide. Christmas Traditions Around the World. Do you have any special family traditions you follow or would like to start up? Feel free to share!
  20. Thanks! I should have expected that question posting a text based Christmas Tree on NF! Sorry to disappoint, its not a puzzle… the colored letters just represent ornaments. Would have been an awesome idea though… maybe something for next year.
  21. This challenge we are doing something a little different. Instead of a series of mini-quests for you to do… we have an Advent Calendar. While many of us follow different traditions or have a secular lifestyle, it is impossible to make it through the festive season without being exposed to Christmas traditions in some way or another. This season, lets enjoy one of the most fun traditions and make it our own. Come back everyday to find out what is revealed each day. Click on the number to be taken to a post with a link to the day's small surprise. The Great Druid Advent Calendar Tree! O
  22. I've come a long way in my journey to becoming a fit and organized person. I now know that I have a good chance of being successful when I am done... but there is still a long road ahead of me! With the end of the year fast approaching my quest for this challenge is to make 2013 count. I have a list of things I need to get done and/or would like to get done before the year ends and I also want to adjust to a new weekly/daily schedule. From a fitness point of view I need to cut back a little on the calories consumption and move a little more to get my body feeling the way its meant to feel.
  23. Nice! You got me moving Eve! Thanks!
  24. Chanda

    Druid Lodge!

    No problem. FYI. I am not posting the next mini-quest until I have at least 3 participating druids on the current one! The reaction to this mini-quest clearly shows we Druids need to loosen up a bit...
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